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Monday, August 3 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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12:02 AM BBT In the HOHR, Meg, James, Austin, Liz, and Julia are talking about the votes for Da’Vonne and also that Da’Vonne got the last laugh twist.  They start talking about next week.  Austin asks who they think will be HOH next week, and then they begin talking about whether next week will be double eviction. 


12:08 AM BBT Shelli is planning to go back up there after Austin and the twins leave.   She is grilling John about what he’s been told when she is called to the DR.


12:10 AM BBT Clay is telling John that they have not been able to trust the people they have been working with.  Clay says that Vanessa swears to their faces that she is the most loyal person in the house.  John says he’s had to lie to a lot of people to keep “us four” safe. 


12:11 AM BBT John says that Steve thinks that John is going to the end with him, but John is actually okay with Steve going home.  Clay says maybe he is being naïve because Audrey, Jeff, and Vanessa have all let them down.  John says “and me” but Clay tells him that he knows that was unintentional.  [i think John is referring to not telling Clay and Shelli that they were going up]


12:15 AM BBT In the WA, Shelli asks Julia what is going on upstairs and is told that they are talking about how Clay has said that he wants to be the one to go home so that Shelli can stay.  Shelli says that neither of them want to be evicted and that she feels that people who were supposed to be on their side are okay with one of them going home.  Shelli asks who is saying that and Julia says that Clay has said that to Meg, Liz and herself.  Shelli says that she and Clay have put their games on the line and that no one is returning the favor.  People they have tried to help are not sticking up for them.  Julia says they can talk about things, but Shelli is skeptical.  Julia says she feels bad that Shelli feels that way and that she’ll try to help.  


12:22 AM BBT In the HOHR, Meg, James, Austin and Liz are talking about how Shelli and Clay spoke during the nomination ceremony.  Julia comes back into the room and reports on her conversation with Shelli in the WA about Clay going instead of Shelli.  Meg says that Shelli and Clay keep saying people that are close to them are turning their backs on them, but Meg is confused because she doesn’t know who they mean.  Who has been close to them?  They only care about each other.  Julia tells them about how much they did for Austin last week.  Julia felt attacked.


12:31 AM BBT Julia says that it’s going to be easy for her to vote Shelli out.  The twins want to avoid them, but Austin says that will make things worse.  They agree on what they are going to say they have been talking about in order to keep things relatively calm with Shelli and Clay.  Meg points out how Shelli and Clay take credit for helping Austin last week, and simultaneously claim that they had nothing to do with getting Jason out.  The twins go out together because Liz wants to do her hair but doesn’t want to be alone in case she gets cornered like Julia did.


12:34 AM BBT Julia and Liz in the WA with Vanessa.  Julia tells Vanessa that Shelli just attacked her and she tells Vanessa how Shelli feels that everyone is turning their backs on Shelli and Clay.  Liz starts blow-drying her hair and Julia tells Vanessa that Shelli was very aggressive.  Austin comes into the WA and joins the convo.  Vanessa asks if the noms are going to stay the same, and Austin says yes… 90%, but they are saying that the discussion is that they might get a floater out, like Steve.  Vanessa asks if they told him that.  He tells her that Shelli and Clay are saying they were the last to know and that they helped Austin so much. 


12:39 AM BBT Meg and James are the only ones left in the HOHR.  James thinks that he would throw Clay and Vanessa up next time he is HOH.  Meg calls Vanessa a floater in terms of her loyalty.  James says that he doesn’t trust Vanessa.  Just then, Vanessa comes up to “have a party” since they are having one with everyone else.  She wants to know what’s going on because they had a deal about what is going on.  Meg and James say they were going to come tell her.  They were just checking with others about whether there had been any change of heart.  James tells Vanessa that Shelli and Clay had been there telling James that everyone in the house was on board with a floater being put up as a replacement nom.  Vanessa says that everyone would be okay with sending home a floater but she respects his decision if he keeps the noms the same even though she is close to Clay and Shelli, probably more so than Steve.  She asks James if he is considering putting up a floater and James says no, not really.  He’ll sleep on it.


12:44 AM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa asks to clarify information. She says that Clay and Shelli claim they were the last to know, but Vanessa says that is not true.  Meg and James say that’s old news.  Vanessa reiterates that she respects James’ choice between sending home Shelli vs. Steve.  James tells her that she shouldn’t stress this week and Vanessa says she just wanted to crash their party. 


12:56 AM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are in the Ocean BR talking about how Austin has not been talking to them.  Vanessa defends Austin saying that he’s afraid.  She was glad they kept her company in her punishment tasks, but she doesn’t think they are defending her game-wise.  Shelli complains that Austin is very wishy-washy and never gives her information.  James and Steve are talking on the BY couch.  Steve is asking James what Shelli and Clay’s arguments were with respect to him.  James tells him they said it was about not getting more blood on his hands.  Steve says that James already has two people angry with him, so if he sends Steve home that he would still have two angry people in the house with him.  James is asking Steve to reciprocate by keeping James safe if Steve has that opportunity.  Steve is finding it challenging being in the house. 

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00:02 AM BBT Discussion about what they think the next HOH will be (Austin, Liz, Julia, James, and Meg).  Out in the BY Shelli continues to cry telling Johnny Mac that it’s not his fault this week.


00:08 AM BBT The HOH group watch Steve on the spy screen and Austin jokes that Steve has super sonic hearing.  He whispers his name and they laugh saying they'd freak out if he turned around to look at the camera/HOH door.  Talk turns to last night's kiss.  They joke Meg is now in Steve's register.  He was bragging that the number of girls he's kissed is up to 7.


00:10 AM BBT Shelli called to DR.  Johnny apologizes to Clay again and says he's lied to a lot of people to keep the four of them safe and Steve thinks he's going to the end with Johnny Mac but Johnny will not hesitate to let him go.  Up in the HOH we have conversation about Steve's awkwardness.  James asks that the group does not allow Steve to be the one to take him out (James).


00:13 AM BBT James wonders if he should tell them their decision tonight.  Austin isn't sure because it might make things awkward tonight.  James agrees.


00:15 AM BBT  *Flashback Alert*  Feeds switch to the WA and one of the twins is whispering to Shelli.  She asks what they were talking about.  She says they were just discussing which of the two should go home this week (stuttering...deer caught in the headlights look, I don't think she intended for it to come out that way).  Shelli says "You were discussing which of us to go home?"  Shelli doesn't feel like anyone is trying to save her out of their alliance and that everyone is lying to her and Clay right now.  Last week Shelli and Clay fought hard to get them all in the house together.  The twin is sorry she feels that way.  Shelli uses the WC.


00:20 AM BBT Talk in the OBR is about passwords to debit cards and phones, Becky asks the twin that Shelli just drilled if she remembers hers.  She does.  Jackie, Vanessa and Becky continue to chat.  The twin heads into the HNR and then back upstairs to tell the HOH group about the conversation she just had with Shelli.  James tells the group that Clay told Meg and he that the house was ok with Steve going on the block this week.  Meg tells the group that Shelli said the group is turning their back on her and Clay and they all think they're trying to not do that.  The twin tells them what Shelli said about how they "did so much for Austin last week.”


00:26 AM BBT Out in the BY Johnny and Clay continue to chat.  Johnny says when Jeff (correct name) gets out he'll see that he (Johnny) didn't have his back.  Up in the HOH the Shelli and Clay discussion continues.  Liz/Julia (whichever one is wearing the grey shirt tonight) says she went in the HNR to put her socks on and when she came out Shelli was headed into the DR but she never heard her called (she was called about 10-15 minutes in the BY) and she was afraid to get cornered again so she came back up to the HOH.


00:30 AM BBT Johnny says he's getting closer to Austin.  Clay says that's good but Austin will only agree with you, he probably won't back you.  Up in the HOH Austin wonders what to say if they corner him.  The grey t-shirt twin wants to get their story straight about what they were talking about.  Meg says just tell them that they were discussing options.  Austin agrees and says that this will keep things calm tonight and tomorrow they can deal with the fallout.  James agrees.  Austin doesn't want James to take the full brunt of this.  James thanks him.

12:34 AM BBT The twins head down to the WA as a pair so they don't get cornered by Shelli.  The grey shirted twin tells Vanessa how Shelli cornered her and was aggressive with her conversation.  Austin comes down.  Upstairs James and Meg remain.  They wonder how "they" (Clay and Shelli brought it up earlier) knew about the plan to put them up the day they won HOH.  James and Meg played it off like they didn't know what they're talking about and the decision wasn't made that day.  They think Vanessa is the one they can't trust and have to limit the information they share with her.


00:35 AM BBT Austin tells Vanessa she should go up and talk to James.  The conversation is difficult to follow due to a hairdryer.  Meg and James continue to discuss not being able to trust Vanessa.


00:40 AM BBT Vanessa comes up to the HOH and says she's breaking up their party because apparently they had a party with every other person without her and the three agreed to share information with each other.  Meg says they were making no decisions.  Vanessa laughs saying she doesn't want to know specifics she wonders if things are the same.  James says they are. 


00:44 AM BBT Vanessa says the twins told her there was some question as to whether or Clay or Shelli was the last to know about Jason going home last week.  Both assure her that it's not a problem and it's old news.  She says good but she's heard that the story is being twisted around.  James tells her not to stress out and she's not HOH.  Vanessa says she and the girls were having their own party in the OBR.


00:46 AM BBT Austin had a quick conversation with Clay in the HNR and Austin told Clay that James is on the fence now which he wasn't before.  James, Meg and Vanessa comes down from the HOH.  Becky, James, and Jackie in the WA.  James says they were talking about whether he would use the POV tomorrow.  Apparently he and Meg are in a showmance but the only thing she shows him is her goofy personality.


00:48 AM BBT Shelli pulls Vanessa into the OBR saying the group of six needs to talk so everyone knows where her heart is.  Clay says they need to talk to Austin because he was up in the group.  Vanessa tells Shelli that she thinks that James is at least considering putting someone else up.


00:50 AM BBT James meets Steve in the CR and asks to speak with him in the BY briefly. They go out separately and take a seat on the loungers. James wonders if it's too public of a place. James tells Steve that two people came to him and asked him to put him (Steve) up on the block. He's going out on a limb for him this week. Steve doesn't want to know who but he has a guess. They dance around the discussion briefly before James says "...who are two people that need a replacement nominee?" Steve understands. Steve is trusting him and taking him to Jury and he's hoping that Steve will reciprocate this moving forward. He hopes Steve will look out for James if he wins HOH. Steve says “Ok."


00:53 AM BBT In the OBR the conversation between Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continues. Shelli confirms with Clay and Vanessa that she talked to Julia in the WA about the HOH group earlier and what they were talking about.

00:56 AM BBT Clay says he had to ask Austin what was being talked about.  He didn't come up to him with the info.  Out in the BY Steve and James continue to chat.  Steve thanks him for the help because he hasn't gotten a whole lot of it.  Steve wonders if it would be too much to ask what was said.  James says they basically said that he would be a blood-free target this week if he put Steve up.


01:01 AM BBT Conversation continues in the BY between Steve and James.  Earlier in the conversation James had asked Steve for a week of safety for giving him this information.  Steve had agreed.  James reassures Steve that he's good this week.  Back in the OBR Shelli is crying to Vanessa telling her that she's so emotional in this house and it's hard for her.  


01:03 AM BBT James tells Steve that Clay walked out and it was awkward.  Steve agrees.  James tells him he's going to scoot away from him.  Clay runs in and tells Shelli and Vanessa that James and Steve were talking on the couch in the BY.  He wonders if James would spoil the plan.  Vanessa doesn't think so.  She says that Steve might have initiated the conversation.  Clay says James was standing up though so he thinks he (James) initiated the conversation.  Vanessa points out they don't know for sure though.


01:05 AM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that James might be plotting to take one of them down to put Steve up and reap the benefit of their gratefulness for being pulled down (whoever gets pulled off the block). Clay joins Steve and Johnny in the hammock in the BY.


01:08 AM BBT Meg, Austin and James doing nightly ADLs in the WA.  Out in the BY we have general discussion about how long the've been in the house.  Clay leaves the hammock.  Johnny and Steve talk vaguely about winning HOH and picking "sides".  Steve says they're on a side of three.  Steve points out that what Steve this week was never done before.  Johnny agrees and says it was ballsy.


01:12 AM BBT Johnny and Steve continue to chat in the BY hammock.  They agree to be cool until they take out the showmances.  Talk turns to the HOH comp.  In the KT we have idle chit chat between many of the HGs with Liz cleaning the mirrors over the sink/stove.


01:18 AM BBT Steve and Johnny continue to talk in the hammock.  Steve wonders if there's anything he should know.  Johnny says not that he's aware of.  Johnny tells him that James told him that he'll stay off the block if he'll offer him safety and keep him safe next week.  Steve says he got the same deal.  They laugh.  Over in the OBR Clay and Shelli chat.  Shelli wants to talk to "the six of them" to let them know where she stands.  She tried to talk to Liz but they're all hanging out in the KT right now.  Liz wanders in and asks if they want to talk.  Austin, Liz and Shelli head into the HNR.


01:22 AM BBT Steve tells Johnny he hangs out in the CR because then he can't be accused of listening in on conversations.


01:27 AM BBT Meg and Clay in the CR talking.  Clay is asking if he knows what James is discussing.  Meg doesn't think things are changing.  Clay tells him he would change his mind.  Meg doesn't think he will and has tried asking him.  Over in the HNR Austin reassures Shelli that they are still with she and Clay.  He and Liz says that James is trying to see where everyone's head is at.  Austin says that James certainly is on the fence.  Talk turns to how this is the week to take Steve out.


01:32 AM BBT Clay and Meg continue to chat in the CR.  Clay says part of the reason that they agreed to save Austin last week was because he wanted to make it to Jury next week with Liz.  He quickly clarifies that he knows it wasn't much of a reason to send home Jason and Meg agrees.  But he and Shelli really felt Austin's pain because of what they have together.  He continues to tell Meg that saving one of them is the move to make.  Meg knows.  Clay says her look and tone doesn't feel like she believes him.  Meg keeps replying "I know Clay....I know…."


01:35 AM BBT Shelli, Liz and Austin continue to whisper in the HNR.  Austin reassures her that they're still trying to get one of them off the block.  Austin is going to try and talk to James once more in an effort to get Steve on the block.  Austin says next week Steve would be a swing vote and could really cause havoc in the house if it came down to him.  Shelli says that's good.  Austin says it's scaring him now that he realizes it.  Shelli says "I built this Palace and without me..."  Austin and Liz laugh.  Shelli tells them to keep trying and she thanks them.  Conversation over.  Shelli and Liz leave together.  Austin stays behind briefly and says "This is tough.  Liz comes back in and asks what she thinks.


01:38 AM BBT Liz back and Austin asks what she thinks.  She says he's a good actor.  He wonders if his idea might work.  She says it's not their idea this week.  He wonders if it would hurt them more.  She agrees and says they need to stick to the plan.  Austin wonders who they should target if they win HOH next week.  Liz doesn't think James.  Austin says they're in a weird spot.  Over in the CR Meg is crying telling Clay he's talking to the wrong person and there's nothing she can do.  He continues to beg for her help and how they have her back.


01:41 AM BBT Meg tells Clay that last week was messed up.  She's never been blindsided like that before.  Clay says just like they're being blindsided this week.  "Any eye for an eye".  Meg doesn't want to play like that though.  Clay understands that James makes a plan and sticks with it.  Clay wants to be an HOH like that.  Over in the HNR Vanessa comes in and asks if they're ok because they look upset.  They say they're torn.  Austin tells her the idea about getting Steve put up on the block.


01:44 AM BBT In the HNR Vanessa stresses that Steve is close to them and they shouldn't do that.  Liz agrees.  Over in the CR Meg is sorry saying that there's nothing she can do.  Clay asks if that's that then?  Meg thinks so.  She's sorry.  Clay warns her that James' game is in trouble because of this move.  Meg knows.  Clay points out that people will tell them what they want to hear just to keep them happy.  Meg points out that it works both ways and people may be telling him that they want to keep them just to appease them.


01:47 AM BBT Vanessa warns Austin that James hasn't put up another nom yet and stresses that it could be dangerous to be too vocal.  Julia walks into the HNR and Vanessa stresses out thinking they were caught in a conversation by someone before realizing who it is.  Vanessa again stresses that they shouldn't hurt Steve's game because he is an ally.  Vanessa heads out.  Julia asks if they talked to Shelli.  Liz begins to tell her what was said.  Over in the CR Clay continues to beg and talk in circles asking for her to get to James and get him to save one of them.  Clay points out that next week James can't play for HOH and they will be down a person to try and win it.


01:53 AM BBT Clay leaves the CR and grabs Shelli and tells her to come in.  Meg tells her that they've been talking about things.  Over in the HNR Liz points out that Vanessa probably just wants them to go get in James' ear and for them to do the dirty work.  Back in the CR Meg points out that they need to be talking to James and not her.  She has some sway with him but not when it comes to his power.  Clay says they're getting played right now.  Shelli agrees.  Clay says they've been played each week by someone they thought they can trust.  Meg understands but things have happened over the past weeks.  Meg says words haven't really been said to her, but the actions...don't look favorably to them.


01:57 AM BBT Shelli wonders what actions is she talking about.  Meg says last week.  They point out that she's aligning with people up in the HOH and Meg says she's not aligning with anyone.  Clay says they're having discussions though.  Meg says she's not listening to stories though.  Shelli or Clay says James is listening to what Austin is saying.  Meg doesn't agree with that for a moment.  HNR party has broken up and feeds switch to Jackie, Becky and James in the HOH.


02:01 AM BBT Shelli asks Meg if in the conversation upstairs earlier if anyone was defending her.  Meg stutters a bit and says it was just brought up if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for what to do this week.  Meg says last week was brought up again and Shelli laughs.  Meg says no one was intentionally throwing them under the bus about it but it keeps happening.  Clay wonders if they should go talk to James.  Shelli says not right now because people are up there.  Clay says they should kick them out.  Shelli says it's pointless because Meg is telling them that.


02:02 AM BBT HOH feeds switch to Vanessa chatting with Johnny and Steve in the BY near the hammock.  Steve and Johnny are still in the hammock.  We join mid-coversation but Vanessa says it's so annoying feeling left out of things happening in the house.  Steve agrees and says that BB.  Back in the CR Clay and Shelli ask if they should even waste their time talking to James.  She says of course they should try to fight for it.


02:05 AM Johnny and Vanessa head in.  Steve says "Goodnight Doctor McGuire."  Feeds switch back to HOH, idle chit chat about previous comps.  Down in the CR Clay and Shelli continue to rehash the same conversation over and over again in different ways.  Meg understands but...she's sorry.  Up in the HOH James asks Becky if she likes the idea of Clay going home.  Becky says she's neutral.  She describes several things he's good at but he's terrible at most of the comps so he's difficult to read.  Becky points out that Shelli keeps winning/competing in all the comps and showing her cards while she thinks Clay is not showing his.  James thinks Clay was fighting for the last one.


02:11 AM BBT Shelli says that if Austin sat up in the HOH and didn't defend them after they did so much to save him last week then it something...so..."Judas"  There's so much she could say.  Clay says to pull him up to the HOH with James.  Shelli says she doesn't want to make a big scene of it.  Shelli says Austin said something James said and Meg asks her to repeat it and Meg says James did not say that.  Clay or Shelli point out that he's putting ideas into James' head.  Clay wants to talk to Austin with James...but doesn’t.


02:15 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky asks James if he's leaning one way over the other.  James says Shelli wins comps.  Down in the CR Meg begins crying saying that the two of them are looking at her like she's stupid.  Clay says it's not it.  Shelli is sorry but she hears about all these conversations that Meg has heard but she hasn't talked to either of them about what was said which isn't fair but she'll listen to others.  "I mean what the hell am I supposed to think Meg?  I'm on the wall with my most important person!”


02:18 AM BBT In the CR Clay and Shelli continue to badger Meg (I think we can call it that now... - Niteslacker).  She says after the things she's heard and witnessed she can't trust them any more.  Clay agrees and says they can't trust her because they heard about her being in an alliance with Jeff and then Jackie got pulled in as well.  Meg says the only alliance she's been in was with their big group.  Back and forth we go.


02:21 AM BBT Clay wonders if they should speak with James.  Shelli doesn't think so.  Meg says she's going to talk to him one more time.  Clay says the deal the two of them are offering them is infinitely better than what they will have.  Meg agrees and that's why she wants to talk once more.  Clay wants to talk to James once more.  Meg doesn't know what to do.  Clay says there's nothing she can do.  Idle chit chat in the HOH about previous events.


02:25 AM BBT Shelli begins to cry in the CR now saying she's been honest and true so far and at least her mom will be proud of her.  Meg says the picture is being painted so many different ways.  Clay and Shelli wonders what that means because people are the ones painting the picture.  Clay wants to go upstairs and if people are there they will leave.  Shelli is scared as to where this will lead.  They stop at the top of the stairs and Shelli wants to know what Clay will say.


02:28 AM Meanwhile in the HOH Becky is saying Shelli has many layers.  At the top of the stairs Clay says he wants to point out to James that unless Jackie or Meg wins HOH he's on the block.  Shelli cautions him against it.  Clay says they have no game left and they have to.  Shelli says she doesn't think they should run in with emotions.  Clay says he won't but if they don't say something then that's it.  Shelli isn't sure.  Clay says then they can go to bed and try tomorrow.  Shelli points out the only person they can throw under the bus is Becky but she doesn't want to.  Clay agrees.


02:32 AM BBT Clay and Shelli head back down stairs.  Clay says they can't talk in there.  Shelli just wants to lay down.  Other HGs voices can be heard.  She tries to send him into the CBR but he comes back out.  He crawls into bed with Shelli.  Shelli tells Clay about Vanessa's suggestion about putting up a pawn and then enjoying the gratefulness of whomever is pulled down.  Meg comes in and asks if they talked to him.  Shelli says no because they're emotional and she doesn't want to come off as a bi***.


02:34 AM BBT Idle chit chat about HGs, previous comps and events continue in the HOH.  Down in the OBR Johnny wanders in and they ask if Meg? talked to him.  Johnny says she sat down next to him and said the game is weird and she has no idea what has happened.  Clay asks if they asked him about Steve being backdoored.  Johnny says he was never asked.  Johnny is going to go lay down and think a bit.  He leaves and Shelli wonders if they were just lied to because he was clenching his jaw.


02:38 AM BBT Up in the HOH James asks Becky if she trusts Vanessa.  Becky calls her a chameleon and blends into your group if she thinks it will help her.  James agrees.  Down in the OBR Shelli asks Clay if Austin, the twins Vanessa and Steve are in the HNR.  Steve says they were being mean to him by asking him which kiss he wanted to repeat.  He solved the question by leaving the room.  Clay asks what James talked to him about earlier.  Steve says "he just offered to keep me off the block if I kept him off the block".  He realizes they're not happy and Shelli points out that they're not exactly chipper and he leaves the room.

02:40 AM BBT Vanessa comes out and says she was playing child games "in there" (the HNR).  She's about ready for bed she has one more load of laundry to do.  She and Steve walk away (Steve followed her out of HNR) and Shelli says "He knows..." Clay agrees (I believe Shelli is saying Steve knows that they tossed his name out there as a replacement nom).


02:43ish BBT Up in the HOH Becky, Jackie and James discuss the possibility that Audrey was honest about the Sleeper Cell alliance. James points out that Clay kept coming into the room and breaking up the conversation.


02:49 AM BBT James, Becky and Jackie continue to chat idly.  Right now it's about tax rates and the prize money.  Down in the OBR Clay says he doesn't want to talk to anyone because he doesn't deal with fake people.  Clay gets up and turns the lights off after taking his mic off.


 02:51 AM BBT Clay walks out towards the WA.  Vanessa gets next to Shelli and tells her that just like they reminded Audrey that there is so much into life outside the house.  Shelli points out that she feels like people are lying to them about trying to save them.  Vanessa wonders who.  Shelli says Austin and the twins.  HOH feeds switch to Steve and Meg in the HT in the BY.


02:54 AM BBT Vanessa and Shelli discuss conversations had today.  Shelli says the twins said the exact same words to her that Meg told her today.  She wonders if the conversation was even had or was staged.  Clay comes in and BB reminds HGs that the lights must remain on.  Clay gets up and turns the lights on.  Clay then gets called out to put on his mic.  Vanessa says that Meg is in the HT thinking so maybe James will still save her.  


 02:56 AM BBT General game chat in HT between Meg and Steve.  In the the OBR Vanessa gets in her bed and whispers something.  Clay agrees.  Shelli asks what.  Clay says he thinks Steve knows that they put out his name as a replacement nom.  Shelli doesn't think so.  Clay says he does.  Shelli's feet hurt.  Vanessa laughs.  


02:59 AM BBT Vanessa cautions them saying it's dangerous saying you're on board to vote someone out.  Clay says he already did.  Vanessa points out that information could be taken to Steve.  Clay says he did it already, they'll find out tomorrow.  Vanessa heard one other thing today.  She heard that James wants Clay to stay.  Shelli knew that.  Vanessa just heard it today.  Shelli wonders why.  Vanessa isn't sure.  Because she (Shelli) won more HOHs?


03:02 AM BBT Shelli says "he thinks he can get you back on board..." (to Clay).  Clay says something but he took off his mic again.  All four feeds in OBR.  Vanessa says she's here for them and will do whatever they want.


03:03 AM BBT HT feeds return with Steve saying it was fun being beat at his own game about BB knowledge (Jason).  Meg misses him.  Back in the OBR BB gives a generic "You are not allowed to obstruct your microphone" message.  Clay puts on his mic.  Talk is now about Austin.  Guess who walks in...Austin.  Vanessa asks him if he thinks there's anyway James will use the POV.


03:06 AM BBT Shelli says they offered James safety and to be allowed to get put on the block moving forward.  Austin is going to talk to him in the morning.  Shelli says he told James he would come back up tonight.  Austin clarifies that he said he could talk in the morning.  Shelli points out that ceremonies happen quickly sometimes.  Austin will go up if they want him to.  Clay says it's like he's being neutral and they helped save him last week after he came to them begging.  Idle chit chat continues about previous seasons of BB in the HT.


03:10 AM BBT Clay gets up and leaves the bed.  Austin says he'll go up for them.  Clay went out to the BY.  Meg says "we're all a happy family".  "Never" Clay says before going back in.  He says he's going to bed.  Austin wants to talk to James without Jackie and Becky being present.  Shelli says if he waits until the morning then it'll be too late.  Austin agrees and says he'll (James) need time to talk to people.  The HOH door can be heard opening and closing.  Austin is going to use the bathroom.


03:13 AM BBT Austin waits in the WA for James to come out of the WC. James yells to Julia that she could have given him a courtesy flush. Julia yells that she peed. James says whatever. James comes out of the WC and Austin says he talked to them some more. Austin says they're desperate right now and are willing to offer themselves up next week. There's pros and cons to both sides. James agrees and says it's a gamble. Becky comes in and brushes her teeth.


03:17 AM BBT James asks if they really offered themselves up next week just to make it to Jury. Austin says yes. James says "whoa!" Vanessa and Shelli come into the WA. Vanessa back to the darkened OBR and says "Austin was talking to James in the WA with Becky and Jackie present" to Clay and that the conversation stopped when she walked in. Difficult to hear Clay's side of the conversation...because he's not wearing his mic.


03:20 AM BBT Vanessa can't stand most of these people. Clay called out to put on his mic. Vanessa tells him that he's as bad as "them". Clay says he might be worse. I don't think the WA heard it because there was zero reaction. Becky asks Jackie if she's gotten yelled at about her armor yet for anything because she looks like she's done well with it. Jackie says once because she left it outside.


03:23 AM BBT Shelli out of WC and called to DR.  FoTH.  Feeds back and Austin is telling James that they're desperate and threw it out there that that a floater could put them up.  He wanted to bring it to James before he went to bed because it is big.  Shelli putting on makeup on because she was called to DR.  Game chat stops again.  The OBR feeds have been silent with Clay and Vanessa.  Clay gets up and heads into the CBR.  Lights are on.


03:28 AM BBT Meg comes in with a towel wrapped around her.  James asks if she's been scampering around.  She says she was HTing it up and Steve joined her.  James says "figures...Steve!"  Steve into the WC.  Austin wonders if they should go somewhere else because Steve will be in there for 40 minutes.  They ask if he has his beachball.  They talk to him briefly through the door.  Steve out of the WC, he was changing.


03:31 AM BBT Talk in the WA begins again.  James wonders if he'll be the biggest doucebag this this season.  Austin isn't sure.  James says he's probably breaking up America's Sweetheart couple.  Austin isn't sure.  Sometimes Feed watchers don't like the obvious flawless couple (Yes, yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! - Niteslacker)


03:33 AM BBT James points out that this could just be a move because they have nothing else to say or offer.  Austin agrees. James wonders if they should hold another group meeting.  Austin isn't sure.  He says this may not be the move to keep them this week.  Austin says they're conversation was certainly eye opening and said he would take it to James.  Austin says it's a heavy bargaining chip.  James agrees.  James wonders if they can be trusted.


03:36 AM BBT Meg comes into the WA and Austin says she misses everything.  She knows.  Austin tells her they're desperate.  Meg knows.  James points out they just want to get to jury together.  James and Austin agree that they might not agree to go on the block next week especially with Liz, Julia and Austin together.  Meg into the shower.


03:38 AM BBT Clay talks to Becky in the CBR.  Becky  says she believes strongly (75%? Audio difficulties) that he won't change the noms.  She points out that if Shelli and he remain in the house that Shelli will remain a target.  If they stay on the block then Shelli will go probably go home and Clay will have a chance go further in the game and align with someone else (alluding to the fact that he's no longer a pair?)


03:42 AM BBT Austin knows Clay is waiting to talk to him before he goes to bed.  James thinks this would be a good week to take out Meg (with Meg standing right there).  Meg says aww!  James thinks America would love that.  Steve and Clay are at the KT eating.  Steve tells Clay he's been there and knows what it's like not knowing anything or having people not talk to him.  Clay figures he'll be there soon enough.  They ask Meg what she thinks.  Meg shouts "I don't know anything!" and they shoosh her because they know the two are in the KT.  James begins to wave in the mirror "Hi guys!" and gets a "James, Stop that!" from BB.


03:46 AM BBT Meg joins Clay and Steve at the KT table.  Steve wonders why food items have recipes on them.  Meg says so you know what to make with it.  Clay gets up.  Back in the WA Austin and James continue to chat.  James brought up Dan's funeral (BB15) and points out that (sometimes desperate people do desperate things).  James thinks he needs to play the odds and go with his gut.  Clay comes in and begins to brush his teeth.


03:50 AM BBT Austin into the WC.  Clay asks if he's going to use it.  James says he's thinking about it after the information he gave to Austin to give to him.  James seems to be beating around the bush here and says ultimately the decision belongs to the house.  Clay heads into the darkened BRs.  James asks Meg to come talk to him in the BY.  He apologizes to Steve for borrowing her.  She follows him outside and Austin waits a moment before going to the door and mouths to Steve not to worry about anything but he's good.


03:53 AM BBT James tells Meg what Austin just told him about the offer of safety for a week to allow Clay and Shelli to get to Jury together.  Meg wonders why people are playing the game this way.  She says she had a nice conversation with Steve and he's super excited about being safe this week.  Austin explains how it was also suggested that a floater may put them up.  Meg says removing herself from the knowledge of everyone in the house but...playing the game just to make it Jury is ridiculous.  It almost feels cheap or weak to consider it.  James points out that they could win HOH and then put them up.  The three agree.  Clay has been in bed in the darkened OBR for about five minutes.  It does not sound like he talked to Shelly which means it's likely she's in DR still.


03:58 AM BBT Meg tells James to go with his gut.  James agrees.  Austin says it's the 11th hour and they're coming hard right now.  James says the bus has already left the station at this point.  James says "they" talked about floaters but now that Steve knows they kept him in the game they hope he'll keep them safe last week.  Meg points out that it's still a huge 'if' he wins.


04:01 AM BBT *Flashback Alert* Feeds 1 and 2.  James says he's more than likely to keep noms the same.  They worked their tails off to get to this point.  Now he's trying to decide when to tell them.  He kind of wants to tell them now so they'll sleep on it and be calm tomorrow.  Austin says it make make things worse and if he tells them tonight it may make them even more emotional.  Meg agrees.  James points out that it's two people's emotions they have to deal with right now.  Austin says if he gets pulled off to the side he'll tell them James is still thinking because there's a lot to think about.


04:04 AM James tells Meg that he's a good kisser.  Meg keeps saying "Oh my God..."  Austin is heading in.  James points out that he doesn't think they have anything to worry about Steve next week and he'll talk to him once more.  Meg recommends waiting until things calm down before he has that conversation.  James agrees.  He asks Meg about what Steve said about being happy to stay.  Meg says she was shocked because it came out of nowhere.  The three agree that it will be awkward with Steve in Jury if you're there with just him.  Otherwise it won't be so sad.


04:07 AM BBT We have snoring on the darkened OBR feeds.  We have playfulness between Austin and James with Meg in the BY.  Shelli out of DR in the OBR briefly be she walks out of the room.  She heads into the WA and Steve says he's not slept as well as he recently because he's felt so safe.  Shelli asks him to repeat and he does.  "I haven't!" she mumbles before he clarifies.  "Shelli!  I mean...and he points to the BY and mimics using a sword.  She laughs and agrees before walking into the WC.  Steve mumbles "that was rather douchey of me..."  Shelli out of the WC and heads to bed.


04:13 AM BBT Shelli whispering to Clay in bed.  Shelli says that she and Vanessa were looking for the Advil and Vanessa thought it was in the WA so she followed Vanessa and she came across Becky, Jackie, James, Austin chatting.  Shelli says the conversation stopped and then 04:26 AM BBT Meg into the OBR and kneels down beside Clelli's bed.  Meg tells them that she just talked to James and he's got lots of questions and if he had answers he may help them.  They wonder what he has questions about.  Meg says Austin's tone late this evening was different than the one he had earlier and he's curious as to why.  Meg says that Steve mentioned safety to her earlier out of the blue.  Shelli says he did the same thing to her earlier and Shelli told him she wasn't but then he pointed out that she was protecting the castle.  Meg and Clay starts to laugh.  Shelli wonders if that's what Steve was talking about to her.  Meg continues to laugh.she left the room before getting called to DR.  She walked back towards the WA and Jackie was at the HOH stairs and called down the hall "Oh hey Becky!" as if to alert her.  Conversation stopped when she returned.


04:13 AM BBT (Correct time stamp) Meanwhile out in the BY Austin leaves and Meg and James chat.  Both agree that there's more to everything than they're being led to believe.  Meg says Shelli repeatedly said "There's so much I want to tell you..." but she wouldn't.  James points out that he repeatedly asked for solid information to save them and neither of them would give it up.


04:20 AM BBT James and Meg continue to discuss inconsistencies in stories and about how Audrey.  James says it's their fault if they don't want to give them any information.  Back in the OBR Shelli took her mic off so the conversation is even more difficult to hear.  Clay says something about telling them that ruining their honesty/integrity is not worth the money.  Shelli says she wants to spend time in the jury house though.  Clay says whoever has to go home needs to contact Jason because he knows the address of the jury house.  Shelli laughs.


04:23 AM BBT Out in the BY James again points out that if they don't give information then it falls on them.  Meg is going to go talk to Clay and Shelli before she goes to bed.  James wonders why she gets to do all the fun stuff.  Meg says this will set it up better for tomorrow.  Meg needs to pee first.  Back in the darkened OBR Clay continues to whisper to Shelli with her giggling softly.  Difficult to hear.


04:26 AM BBT Meg into the OBR and kneels down beside Clelli's bed.  Meg tells them that she just talked to James and he's got lots of questions and if he had answers he may help them.  They wonder what he has questions about.  Meg says Austin's tone late this evening was different than the one he had earlier and he's curious as to why.  Meg says that Steve mentioned safety to her earlier out of the blue.  Shelli says he did the same thing to her earlier and Shelli told him she wasn't but then he pointed out that she was protecting the castle.  Meg and Clay starts to laugh.  Shelli wonders if that's what Steve was talking about to her.  Meg continues to laugh.


04:30 AM BBT Clay and Shelli head into the WA because they heard the HOH door open and close.  Meg comes in and asks where he is.  They're not sure.  Meg goes into the BY where James is (it was him that came in and out of the HOH door, he's doing laundry).  James grumbles saying they're going to give him juicy information.  She says he needs to listen and ask questions.  BB calls out Meg to put on her mic.  She gets her mic and tells them that James is in the BY and it seems like things are weird and everyone seems like they're covering each others' tracks.


04:37 AM BBT James plays pool in the BY.  In the WA Meg says Austin wasn't on board to put up a floater but now he is.  Shelli seems shocked by this.  They ask for specific information that he has questions about.  Meg says it seems like people are working together and covering each others tracks.  Clay and Shelli agree saying that's what they're trying to say without saying.


04:39 BBT Meg asks who specifically is working together and Clay continues to be vague using words like "they're working together...".  Shelli says they asked people about the plan to backdoor Steve and they were like "Yeah, we're in..." but then Meg is telling them "No, they're not on board at all."  Clay says they've seen this for a while now and they've been trying to point this out to them.  Meg tells them to talk to them but he needs specific information to go on.  James has been working out in the BY killing time.  James walks into the KT and Meg goes to get him.


04:42 AM BBT James meets Meg near the memory wall and James asks if they're ready to give him information.  She's not sure.  He grumbles saying it's a waste of his time.  Meg into the darkened BRs.  James gets some water and meets Clay and Shelli in the WA.  They tell him that Meg says he has some questions.  James says he does feel like they're holding something back.  He passed on $5,000 which is a lot of money.  He needs something solid though because <someone> will be mad that he passed on that money.  James can't go on just a hunch though.  He respects it if they can't tell him, but James says he needs something.  James realizes he may get slashed next week but it is what it is.


04:45 AM BBT Shelli asks if they do share something if it can be kept quiet and not turn into a blow up that the information came from them.  James says people went home because of things they've done and others needs to be held to the same standards and need to be called out.  Shelli wonders if there's something specific that James is worried about tonight.  James says people are being very secretive and using "they".  James says Shelli and Clay has loyalties that he can see and understands that they're staying true to people.


04:49 AM BBT *Flashback Alert! Feeds 3 and 4*  James says if the information is minor then they may want to hold it in.  He's looking for substantial information.  Clay points out there are people that are playing both sides of the house.  James asks "Like a chameleon?" (Becky used this word to describe Vanessa earlier).  Shelli agrees that it is "the chameleon."  James says he understands that the chameleon was likely on their side last week.


04:53 AM BBT Shelli asks if they can go to HOH.  James agrees.  They walk into the HOH and James says that Shelli was scared of Jackie.  Shelli is shocked and wants to know who.  James says he won't say.  Shelli wants to lay everything out on the table.  Clay hopes the soon to be hand conversation stays between them.  Shelli says it will be obvious though.  James says this is a big deal and that he's not forcing them to have the conversation and it's a game move just like he did putting them on the block.


04:57-05:05 AM BBT James, Shelli and Clay continue to dance around each other not giving names.  James wants specifics.  Clay warns James that whoever is burning them this week will probably burn him next.


05:19 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to try and convince James to put Austin up. Shelli says Austin does things just to add theatrics to the show. James agrees and has heard it as well.


05:31 AM BBT Shelli says had to plead to Austin to come talk to James about their willingness to do whatever just as long as they can make it to jury.  She says based on what Meg said to them it sounds like Austin did come talk to him.  James agrees.  Shelli says she feels sick because she is trying to get him split up from Liz before jury which they tried to prevent happening last week.  


05:36 AM BBT Clay reiterates that if James decides to use the veto to save them that they will stay loyal to him and that his deciding to that will not go unnoticed throughout the whole game.  James says he has a good feeling about what to do but he wants to talk to 'her' first.  He laughs and says he feels like she's his secretary.  He's going to have to check with one person first.  James points out that that he can't tell her because he told them (Clay and Shelly) asked him not too.  They agree and say he can tell her and even Jackie.  James is going to go get them.  He asks if they mind he knows it's late.  James leaves the room.


05:43 AM BBT Meg in HOH.  James brings up Jackie in all her knighted glory.  Shelli wishes she didn’t have to say all this again.  James points out that Clay and Shelli’s lives are on the line so they have things to say.  


05:45 AM BBT Shelli starts off the conversation by telling Jackie that whoever said Shelli was afraid of Jackie is laughable.  Jackie is confused and sounds super annoyed.  Shelli says "I have no reason to be afraid of you!"  Jackie agrees, still sounding rather annoyed.  Shelli begins to explain that Austin found out last week he was going to be backdoored.

05:48 AM BBT Shelli says that she's not sure how Austin found out he was going to be backdoored and once he did he persuaded Vanessa whom he was very close with at one point to not put him up.  Shelli says she and Clay did not offer Jason's name as a replacement nom.  Shelli asks if they noticed Austin's eye when he looked at Jason and he took a seat in the nom chair.  She asked if they noticed.  Meg did.  Jackie stays silent, taking it all in.


05:51 AM BBT Shelli explains how she had to plead to Austin to come talk to James even though they helped save him last week.  He's still in the house because they helped him.  They later find out from Meg that Austin was saying he was glad he's not on the block (or at least campaigning to save them) meanwhile he's telling them he was trying.  Brief glimpse of Becky up and walking into the WA.  Back in the HOH Shelli explains Austin and alter ego Judas.  She goes onto explain the extra vote to save Audrey and that he told the two of them about Judas.  Meg and Jackie are curious as to why.  They don't know.


05:56 AM BBT Meg wonders if the twins know about Judas and his shenanigans.  Shelli says they do but she doesn't want this conversation sounding like she's throwing the twins under the bus.  Meg agrees and is glad that she's telling them all this.  Clay brings up the information about Austin trying to split the twins up.  Meg says it's so weird.  Clay says he's not a smart player.  Shelli thinks that he thought he might be the target and that by targeting the other twin it would save him.  Shelli says she thinks Jason thought that.  She asks Meg.  Meg isn't sure and says Jason never did figure out why.


05:58 AM BBT Clay points out that Julia is a huge fan of Austin's and he thinks she might even be ecstatic.  Shelli thinks that's not the right word.  Clay agrees but points out that the backlash won't be as great.


06:02 AM BBT Jackie says a lot of this information is old information to her.  The Judas thing is new to her.  James says all of it is new to him.  James points out that he's concerned if Austin or Steve will be there for them in a few weeks.  He wants to give everyone equal opportunity and to hear their case to keep them.  He hasn't made a decision yet but he just wanted to hear what they had to say.  He's not sure if what he heard about Austin makes him worse than them.


06:05 AM BBT Jackie asked why Jason over Steve because Steve was plan C all along.  Clay says it's because Austin felt wronged by Jason telling him everything.  Jackie totally understood this and fully expected that.  Jackie points out that they could have tried to change he and Vanessa's mind.


06:08 AM BBT Jackie questions why they tried to save him last week when he offered to get out Jason and now they're willing to burn him.  Jackie again points out that Jason went home needlessly last week.  Shelli understands and says she did not have that game plan in mind.  Jackie points out that they did not try to sway her decision and Jackie agrees and feels bad now.  James asks the talk about replacement noms in which James name was brought up.  He asks if that was Austin.  Shelli doesn't say anything.  Jackie assumes it was.  James grumbles.  He tells them they should have said something.  Shelli says he's scary.   


06:16 AM BBT Meg questions why Vanessa didn't try to pin Jason going home on Austin since it was his idea.  Shelli thinks it's because it was just easier just to let what was being said (about Clay and Shelli) continue to be said.  Clay says she was afraid of being backdoored this week.  James knew that.  James says they need to come to a decision on whether it benefits them more to send Austin or one of Clay or Shelli home.  "Cross examination any one?”


06:19 AM BBT James asks to talk to Jackie and Meg.  Clay and Shelli agree and are going to bed.  Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa and goes to get her.  Clay into WC.  Up in the HOH Jackie asks James if he told Shelli someone said Shelli was scared of her.


06:22 AM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa how they offered up the information about Austin.  Up in the HOH Jackie points out that Shelli and Clay might link back up with Vanessa and it would be dangerous.  James and Meg agree.  Jackie points out another target next week is Vanessa if what they say is true because she was clearly at fault.  James wants to weigh the details.  James begins to rehash the things said about Austin.  Jackie points out that they already knew a lot of that information.


06:24 AM BBT Shelli continues to explain how they told them about Austin and such.  She asks if Vanessa is mad at her.  Vanessa says no and she understands their back was against the wall and they had to do what they had to do.  Vanessa wouldn't have done it.  Vanessa feels James already intended to change his mind and is trying to collect as much information as possible.


06:26 AM BBT Up in the HOH they continue to weigh options.  Meg says if they put up Austin the possibility is that Liz and Julia could be pissed off.  Jackie agrees and says right now he's working with them.  James wonders if he should non-chalantly talk to Austin about the rumors he's heard about James throwing a comp that he won.  James wonders if they should call him Judas "Hey Judas...can I talk to you?"  Jackie wonders if Judas is the one cheating on his girlfriend.


06:27 AM BBT Vanessa cautions that Austin will know the information came from them (Clay and Shelli).  Vanessa asks Shelli how she told James she knew the Judas information.  Shelli says he didn't even ask (they did tell him that he told Vanessa…).


06:37 AM BBT Shelli says she shouldn't have said anything and she just should have went home.  Up in the HOH James, Meg and Jackie continue to digest the facts.  James says Vanessa may have pulled the trigger but Austin fed her the lies.  Meg doesn't blame Austin for Jason going up.  Jackie blames Vanessa, Shelli and Clay because they didn't fight it even though they were aligned.


06:38 AM BBT *Flashback Alert Feeds 3-4* James says they have to send one of them home and break up the happy couple.  Jackie agrees and says Shelli needs to go this week.  Jackie recommends talking to them to let them know how close Austin came to going home.  James says Jackie can talk to Austin and James will talk to Judas.  Jackie wonders why Vanessa didn't know about Judas.  Meg starts to say that Vanessa did, but she's not sure.  Down in the darkened OBR Shelli says she's tempted to go tell James never mind and not use the information, she'll just go home.


06:42 AM BBT Shelli wants to go to bed.  She grumbles once she's in bed saying she just wants to sleep.  Shelli whines to Clay that she's upset.  He's impossible to hear over ambient noise in the room without his microphone on for the umpteenth time tonight.  Shelli sniffles a bit.  Up in HOH James brushes his teeth.  Jackie wonders why they held this information in for so long.  James agrees and rehashes how he warned them to speak up and they didn’t.


06:47 AM BBT Jackie points out that Clay and Shelli told her repeatedly that they had no idea she was going to go up and lied to her face.  James has a lightbulb moment and says that they've been working together for a long time apparently.  Jackie agrees.  James says Shelli commented on "We've been working together for a long time now!"  What Audrey said must've been true.  Jackie says everything that they shared just confirms things that they already knew.  Jackie is still concerned for Vanessa winning HOH.  Meg agrees.


06:53 AM BBT James says he'd look like a pansy (not that word) if he changed his nominations. Jackie agrees. Vanessa is up and heads into the WC.


06:55 AM BBT Vanessa out of the WC and washes her hands.  Up in the HOH James wonders if he can give them the power.  Jackie says he kind of did because Clay and Shelli knew that Jackie and Meg stayed behind to act like his little jury.  Meg laughs.  James says he's going to tell them that in his line of work that if you shoot someone you can't take the bullet back.


06:57 AM BBT Meg and Jackie points out that if they (Clay and Shelli) would have sent home Becky last week then they wouldn't be in this position.  Jackie points out that them being more afraid of Vanessa and Austin speaks volumes.  James expects them to have already spoken to Vanessa and if not yet soon.  Jackie says they need to point out that they didn't backdoor her still.  Meg agrees and says they need to tell her that they were listening and not talking bad.


07:00 AM BBT Meg is curious about whether or not Vanessa knows about Judas.  James points out that they said she did.  James gets up and Meg wonders where he went (to the BY to get laundry).  Jackie can't believe she had this conversation in this costume.  Meg says she looks foul herself and it happens.  They continue to wonder where James went.


07:04 AM BBT James comes back upstairs and Meg asks where he went.  James went to get his shoes.  Jackie says "they lied to my face.  This just confirms that Audrey was telling the truth".  Vanessa told Jackie that she needed to tell her something but she had to confirm something first.  It must've been the Judas thing.  It all makes sense now.  


07:07 AM BBT Meg wonders how it benefits Austin's game if everyone knows his secret.  Jackie again points out that clearly it speaks volumes.  Jackie says she feels like an idiot.  She wants to redeem herself especially after last week.  James agrees that this week is redemption.  Jackie says the fact that they tried to get them put Steve up just further proves everything.  Meg agrees.  They say it shows that they're still trying to protect each other until the very end.


07:09 AM BBT Jackie says the conversation that happened in the WA earlier with Austin trying to get James to put Steve up pissed her off and she just wanted to go to bed.  She's glad James pulled her up here.  Jackie hates that they're going home but it's all too much.  Clearly.


07:13 AM BBT James points out that the sun is out.  Meg needs to take a shower.  Jackie can't believe she's wearing her armor for this important move.  


07:14 AM BBT Discussion about what Jason said the title for the season is "Secrets and lies".  Jason points out that Clay and Shelli look similar and they could be brother and sister and that's why they don't kiss a whole lot.  Meg says "Eeeewwww..."  James points out that they look very similar.  Meg says "Ewww again!"  James is tired.  They wonder what they should tell Shelli and Clay.  James wants to take out Vanessa.  Meg is so confused.  She keeps asking "Seriously?!  You're joking!"  James says Vanessa is the snake head and has to go.  Meg and Jackie are so confused.  James laughs and says he's just playing.  Meg and Jackie are going to bed.  James says "Wait wait wait! I need help!  I don't know what I'm going to do!”


07:20 AM BBT James tells Jackie to flip the lights off as she leaves.  Meg heads down to WC.  Jackie and James continue to rehash the discoveries made.  James wonders if they should tell Austin they know.  She's not sure and says they should wait a bit and save it as ammo.  James agrees.  Eventually they can say "Judas...take a seat" and then he'll know.  Jackie asks what to say.  James says if they ask she can tell them or make them wait, he doesn't care.  He's keeping noms the same.  Meg down in the WA brushing her teeth.


07:24 AM BBT They realize that the group has been running together for 3-4 weeks.  Jackie says it's the fourth week this week.  James agrees.  Meg is down in the KT staring up at the HOH.  James sees her on the screen and asks who it is.  Jackie says it's Meg.  Jackie flips the lights out and heads out.  Meg says it's 7:15.  They pause at the memory wall and say "You've caused us a lot of trouble you goblin!"  They head towards the darkened BRs, pausing to change batteries in the SR.


 07:28 AM BBT And just like that we have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds!

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9:51am BBT HG are awake and stirring. Jmac in BY, Becky changing batteries, Steve whispers to himself James would be a fool to put me up but I wouldnt be surprized if Shelli and Clay got him to do it last night...and back under the covers Steve goes.

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9: 25 AM BBT:  Austin out of bed and into the WC.


9: 27 AM BBT: Austin goes into the storage room, replaces batteries, and heads back to bed in the have-not room.


9:35 AM BBT:  FotH come on.  Wake up time? 


9:48 AM BBT: Feeds come on briefly.  Bedrooms still dark.  JMac on the patio. 


9:49 AM BBT:  Feeds on...JMac in BY.  Steve up and in the CBR.  Vanessa goes to the SR; then Becky goes to SR. Steve talks to himself, then quits when Becky comes in (lol). 


9:53 AM BBT:  Steve goes back under covers.  OBR has most HGs still in bed. One of the twins up and in WA doing ADLs.  JMac still chillin on couch in BY.  It's still pretty quiet in the BB house.

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 9:00am BBT: All HG still sleeping.

9:26am BBT: Austin is up and goes to the  WC. comes out of Wc does not wash his hands! Goes to the STR to change his battery then goes back to bed.
9:38am BBT: We are on FOTH as this could be a wake up call.
9:50am BBT: John is sitting in the BY alone just looking at the sky. Steve  is leaving the WA and going back to bed. WE get FOTH again.
9:52am BBT: HG getting up and going to change their batteries then heading back to their beds.
 9:55am BBT: Liz in the WA doing ADL's Vanessa was called to the DR.
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9:56am BBT Liz brushing teeth and back to HNR. Austin awake. As soon as she gets back in the dentist chair, hewraps himself around her. (I think she is only putting up with it because he is starting to rehash last nights convo with James) BB buts in (thank goodness) and tells Austin to put his mic on. It breaks the tension. Liz asks when he thinks veto will be, its 9:46 , he doesnt know and they go back to sleep.

10:05am bbt Shelli, James, and Clay are told to put fresh batteries in .

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10:00am BBT: Liz heads back to bed as she says she is cold. She turns the Light on and ask Austin if he changed his batteries and he tells her yes he was up all night talking to James about the Veto comp. Liz says the  noms need to stay the same. Austin says I know and BB tells him to put his Mic on so he tells Liz goodnight and lays back down.

10:02am BBT: Vanessa out of Dr as John  is called in and she goes to the Wa then heads back to bed.
10:06am BBT: James is up in the HOh rm getting dressed for the veto ceremony that will take place today. BB tells Shelli, James and clay that there are fresh batteries in the STR. 
10:08am BBT: James goes to STr changes his batteries  then goes out to the BY. Shelli and clay change their batteries in the STr, Clay goes back to bed and shelli goes to the  WA and does her ADL"s .
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Austin called to DR

10:16am BBT James dressed and ready outside in BY with Jmac. James talking about his dilemma - should he drop a hammer on a floater or let things stay the same. Jmac just says all decisions will have a certain amount of backlash. Austin comes outside.

10:20am BBT BB" Please raise the awnings. Grass is already hot they comment

Austin raises one side of the BY awnings in half the time Jmac and James take on the other side.

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10:29AM BBT Shelli trying to find a shirt. She is upset about what she has done she says and Clay is trying to comfort her.


10:33AM BBT Shelli tells Clay that if James wasn't going to use the Veto then what was the point of selling someone out.


10:40AM BBT James and Austin talking. James tells Austin that Clay and Shelli told him a lot but that he wants to make sure that they start fresh this week and that there are no grudges. Austin says that there are no grudges.


10:47AM BBT Austin and James continue speaking. They discuss if Austin should be campaigning. James tells Austin to just lay low and they will see how Shelli and Clay act for the last few days that they have in the house. He says they could go on the warpath or they could just enjoy the last few days together.


10:53AM BBT James tells Austin that Clay/Shelli feel Austin owes them for saving him last week. Austin says he owes a lot of people. He says he realizes James did not take the money or the trip to win Veto and make his point.


11:08AM BBT Meg walks into the PBR and Shelli tells her she is upset that James is telling Austin everything that was said and they don't understand why he would do that.

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11:10AM BBT Clay gets riled and says that words will be exchanged with James. Shelli tries to calm him down. Clay says that he has no respect for James and what he is doing.


11:11AM BBT BB calls out Clay for putting on his mic. Clay doesn't move. BB calls him out again and Clay says he isn't talking so he won't put it on. Shelli grabs it for him and Meg says to at least hold it.


11:13AM BBT Vanessa comes in and tells Clay and Shelli that it will be okay. Shelli concerned that James told Austin everything. Vanessa swears on her mother that nothing came from her. Shelli says if James isn't going to use the veto then she doesn't see what the point is in telling Austin what she said.


11:20AM BBT We have Jeff Reels- it's time for the Veto ceremony.

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11:58AM BBT Feeds are back. James did not use the Veto. Shelli and Clay in bed and Shelli crying that they have 4 days left so make them good. Clay says he isn't going to talk to anyone else in the house. Shelli tells him not to burn any bridges in the house.

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12:07PM BBT Clay and Shelli talking. Clay says something about why would you risk a game for someone who has don nothing for you. Shelli says she already did. They snuggle into the pillows and close their eyes.


12:10PM BBT Austin and the twins talk in the BY. Austin saying they should send Clay home. Says that Shelli will win HOH and put up James. Liz and Julia say they are not sure.


12:16PM BBT Becky and John talk in the Cabana room. John tells her that Clay is with them. Becky says he wants them to vote him out and save Shelli.


12:21PM BBT Austin and the twins in the BY. Austin says that Steve has to win this week. Austin says no more BS he has to win it. The girls agree. They decide they are hungry and Austin says he is dizzy. They run into Vanessa who tells them she is having a lot of emotions right now. She is slightly crying.

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12:24PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa about the convo with James. Now Vanessa tells Austin and Liz about the convo she had with Clay/Shelli. Says they woke her up at 5AM crying and told her what they said to James. Vanessa says that they blew up the game. Vanessa says it is a big shame that they let James pull them apart this week.

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12:33PM BBT Vanessa and Austin in the WA. Vanessa is telling Austin that she is so mad! She is angry at Clay/Shelli for selling Austin out. Austin says that they told him not to do that last week and then they did.


12:35PM BBT Vanessa says that Clay/Shelli told James everything. Austin says he will deny. Vanessa says that he can say in his desperate hour he gave them false information to show his loyalty. Vanessa is crying that they blew up their game and messed up the alliance.


12:39PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that the only lie she has told in the house is that she didn't have an alliance with Clay/Shelli. Austin says they should just stick to it.


12:48PM BBT In the WA there is a discussion about where the jury house is. Austin says that it is more likely in Palm springs. Liz volunteers maybe Malibu. James says all the alcohol you want. Liz says they better give them alcohol as they don't give them anything in the house.

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12:49pm BBT James tells Vanessa and twins that he still feels good about his decision. James tells Vanessa he put her shirt on the dryer, she asks about her underwear, he says he saw some...she says as long as he wasn't wearing them like a helmet. He says no no, he isn't a pervert.

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12:55PM BBT Julia and Liz talking about what Clay and Shelli did. They are pissed off that they would do that to them. They agree that they want them both gone. They agree that they feel it is in their best interest to vote Clay out.


12:58PM BBT Liz and Julia continue to talk about how Clay and Shelli are blowing up their game for a relationship that won't even exist in 5 years. Julia tells Liz that she wasn't going to hide from Shelli and then calls Shelli a b*tch. Julia says she is going to make the best decision for them. Austin comes in and says that he is going to say that Clay and Shelli said was said in desperation. Austin says that he is going to tell Clay/Shelli that whoever wants to stay will need to go upstairs and tell James that it was a lit and only said in desperation.

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11:11PM BBT Liz and Julia talk about how production can't tell them apart. They ask James if he has had any other twins in his life. At first he says no and then remembers that he did go to school with a set of twins. Julia tired of being a HN.


1:14PM BBT Vanessa gets Shelli. Shelli asks if they were told. Vanessa says that James told them. Vanessa says that James told them that there was an alliance. Shelli says that she never told him about the alliance.


1:17PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that James is smart and that he is trying to say things that she didn't say. Vanessa tells Shelli that the twins are not angry but more scared. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin is just going to deny deny deny. Shelli says that is smart.


1:19PM BBT Vanessa says that he went to play the veto even though it was suggested that she throw it. She say that she saw it was turned and her timing was not off but just that she didn't account for the way it was turned. We get FOTH. Vanessa going to go tell Austin and the twins that Shelli didn't out the alliance.


1:23PM BBT Vanessa and Shelli go round and round saying the same thing. Shelli says she wants James out more then ever now.


1:24PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that she doesn't want to campaign against Clay but she is the better player for the alliance.


1:31PM BBT Vanessa promises Shelli that she will make sure she stays. BB calls Clay to the DR. Clay wakes up and look around and then puts his head back on the pillow.

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1:36PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that the swing vote is Steve and she can get him to vote how she wants. Vanessa says that she has so much ammo against James that Steve doesn't have to vote how he promised James.


1:41PM BBT Vanessa goes out to the pool and tells Austin and the twins that Shelli didn't out the alliance. Vanessa says that Shelli wants to talk to them and eat sh*t. Austin says that is Shelli willing to go up to HOH and say she lied. Vanessa says she is sure that she would. Now talk turns to Austin not being able to talk about his wrestling name. Vanessa says she yelled at Shelli and Shelli was crying (neither is true). Vanessa says that she feels Clay pressured her to do the talk.


1:48PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that Clay pushed Shelli to lie. She confirms that none of them made deals with James on who to vote out. Austin says that he will vote out Clay if Clay pushed Shelli to lie.

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2:00 Shelli tells Clay that at least they get the half way party. He goes to the DR and she puts her hand on her forehead. In BY the twins argue over who is the bitchier twin. Shelli comes out and says James played a great HOH. He backed her against the wall, he made them feel like there was false hope. She says she let the twins know things as they happened, she had every opportunity to put them up. All the stuff they did to keep Austin here. Last night Meg came to her and said they should talk to James. James told them she was the target, if she wanted to put things out there here is the time.


 2:04pm BBT Austin says he tried to put out a floater but he wouldn't have it. Austin tried for an hour. James told him he wanted to work with him.


2:07pm BBT Austin says he should out the Judas stuff, its already out there. He will say its copyrighted WWE stuff, it got out and now its out there. Austin says its stupid anyway. Shelli says she got played for a fool, nicely done James.


 2:27pm BBT Shelli says not make things harder for her if she stays. she is telling Austin what to say if the others ask about her. Austin says he never knows where they stand on it. We just have to win HOH and then all this goes away.


2:30pm BBT Steve joins Vanessa in the hammock, she says they (the 5 of them) control who goes home this week. Vanessa tells him that James and Clay at the beginning had a F3 together. Vanessa says they shouldn't play James game for him. Clay has a relationship with Jame/Meg/John. Clay also would be easier to beat. Vanessa says she would vote to evict Clay. Steve says wOw. Shelli is more of a threat all the way around and he wants to keep big shield in front of them. Steve says he wants to sit on his choice. But she has a lot of very very good points.


2:42pm BBT Austin wonders what he can say about the Judas thing. FOTH


2:35pm BBT Vanessa says Clay has the best social game, you can tell when Shelli is upset. Vanessa goes over the votes to evict Shelli...Becky, Jackie, Meg and John. Steve says so the vote would 4-5. Vanessa says that's why they have to vote together. Steve is nervous about the swing vote in previous votes. Vanessa says the vote will be fine now.


 2:45pm BBT Steve says so Shelli is campaigning against Clay. Vanessa says not really but Shelli wants to stay. Shelli didnt ask Clay to say those things, she just ran 2400 battles, if she was going home she wouldn't have done that.


2:54pm BBT the twins and Steve joke around, Steve has asked them not to say "Sneaky", one of them is up to 15 times. In the KT: Clay is cooking, Vanessa doing dishes and Austin standing with the Fridge door open. Back outside Steve asks the twins to stop giving him nick names.

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2:58 PM BBT Austin is in the pool and both twins are hanging out nearby.  They talk about how Clay is giving them the evil eye.  They are trying to be cordial, but he is making it difficult.  They want Austin to scout out where Clay is at so they can avoid him.  John is called to the DR.  One of the twins asks if Steve is on board to vote to keep Shelli.  Austin thinks probably.  Austin finds it odd that John is called to the DR so much and wonders if John has been in an alliance with Shelli and Clay from day 1, especially since he cried when they went up on the block. 


3:01 PM BBT Vanessa has been working out on the elliptical and she comes over to Austin and the twins and talks about how James is on such a power trip when he is HOH.  They ask Vanessa if Steve is on board.  She lets them know he is thinking about it, but she thinks that he will come around because he isn’t doing anything else for their alliance, so the least he can do is vote the way they ask him to. 


3:03 PM BBT In the BY, Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Julia affirm that they want to keep Shelli because they have a closer relationship with her vs. Clay.  They talk about next week.  If Shelli wins HOH she would probably target James, but the four of them would probably prefer to go after Jackie. 


3:10 PM BBT In the BY, Vanessa teases Steve about being Clay’s brother after he suggests that John and Clay might be brothers.  With a laugh, Vanessa tells Austin that she is actually Liz and Julia’s older sister that they never told him about.  In the KT, Clay and Shelli are gushing about how good the food is that they are preparing.  More conversations about unknown relationships between BB HGs in the past. 


3:12 PM BBT In the BY, Austin complains about being called to the DR when he is just out of the pool and still wet.  Reclining on loungers next to one another, Steve tells Vanessa that he wants to hang out with her more so bad.  She says they will be able to.  Steve tells Vanessa that James told him after the meeting to tell him how James is watching out for Steve and he trusts Steve.  Vanessa lets Steve know that James is pushing for Steve to go up next week.  Steve is skeptical that James would throw him under the bus because it’s too easy to get him out.  Vanessa says that everyone is on board with getting out a floater.  Steve is offended that he is considered a floater.  She points out that Jackie, James, and Meg see him as a floater.  Vanessa tells him to win HOH if he doesn’t want to be seen as a floater.


3:16 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are in the KT eating the food they prepared.  The conversation continues in the BY with Vanessa telling Steve that the other side of the house wants to know there is a target for next week because they don’t want it to be them.  Julia comes back and there is some banter between them.  Julia notes that she can still the triangle where Shelli walked. 


3:25 PM BBT  In the BY, all five members of the Freaks and Geeks (Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa, and Steve) are chit chatting about where the jury house is and previous jurors. 


3:33 PM BBT The twins are in the KT with Shelli getting their favorite slop recipe ready.  Clay and Shelli head out to the BY couches.  Vanessa and Steve are still sitting on the loungers.  Clay goes to get something near them, but doesn’t speak to them.  He walks past them to join Shelli on the BY couch.  Shelli says “remember when we used to sit out here when we were have-nots and we were so cute?”  Clay chuckles and says they are still cute.  Shelli says “I know.”  Clay talks to Shelli about being in a bad spot.  Shelli is mad because she should have known better than to fall into that trap [of throwing Austin under the bus].  She said too much and made a bad choice.   She blames her lack of judgement on being right off the battlefield. 


3:40 PM BBT  Shelli complains that her cut was so wrong.  Clay tells her that she can’t be right all the time, but she was right about him.  He gives her a kiss and she says he smells like coffee.  Clay remarks that the house is getting a bit old.  They’ve done it…they’ve been here and led the BB life.  He’s had as much scheming as he can take.  They snuggle up on the pillows and are enjoying being outside on this calm-weather day. 


3:45 PM BBT In the Ocean Bedroom, Vanessa, Jackie and Meg are laying down and James is waking up Meg.  Meg is startled.  He tells her to get up!!  She asks what is going on and he tells her that the other side of the house is outside on the couches where they used to hang out with Jason before they took their buddy Jason out. 


3:47 PM BBT Meg gets up and follows James to the Storage Room to talk (under cover of getting some eggs).  James tells Meg that Steve talked game to James.  Steve told him that James, Jackie, Meg and Jason were all brought up as potential replacement noms.  Clay and Shelli both came to Steve that Clay and Shelli both came to Steve to let Steve know that Jason was the target.  James is now feeling validated in his decision to keep Clay and Shelli on the block together and has no remorse at all.  James feels that Steve is on their side.  Meg notes that Steve hates Austin.  James says he just wanted to let Meg know.  As they leave the Storage Room, James says that Jason will be proud.


3:56 PM BBT  Big Brother gives instruction about the awnings near the Hot Tub and Hammock.  Shelli and Clay comply while Steve “contributes emotional support” from the pool.    


4:00 PM BBT Meg, James, Austin, Liz and Julia are in the KT chatting and/or eating.  Clay and Shelli are in the WA brushing their teeth. 


4:01 PM BBT Becky joins the conversation in the KT about something that got hidden by HGs in a prior season and how the house got torn up when everyone tried to find the hidden items.


4:07 PM BBT Some HGs, including Jackie and Vanessa are sleeping in the Ocean BR.  Austin and Liz are out in the BY on a double lounger.  Austin is sharing what he told James about being grateful that James didn’t put him up despite Shelli and Clay’s efforts.  Liz is ticked off that Shelli and Clay did a lot of damage, but Austin thinks they only tried to do damage and that they didn’t actually do damage since James wasn’t fooled.


4:10 PM BBT Julia is in the Hot Tub and Liz and Austin are still chatting on the lounger about Shelli and Clay.  Shelli and Clay are cuddled up in the Ocean BR and trying to sleep.


4:14 PM BBT Clay is talking to Shelli quietly and they talk about family members.  Shelli tells him that he’s saying some weird stuff.  Clay is whispering so softly that his response can’t be heard...the only phrase that comes through is “the opposite of strategic.”  They seem to settle into a nap.


4:16 PM BBT Austin and Liz are holding hands on the lounger.  Liz is examining Austin’s hand. She whispers that she wants to try to talk to Jackie, but it’s hard.  Austin starts whispering a response but gets interrupted by a shout from James.  Meg, John, James and Julia are settled on the BY couches and chatting.  They are startled when they hear a car door slam and then say “we ARE in a parking lot.”  John is quiet while Meg, James and Julia speculate about what it would be like if Zach was in their season. 


4:20 PM BBT Becky joins the conversation on the BY couches and talks about how Zach could NOT hold still.  He didn’t know how to adapt his behaviour for the mood of the house.


4:22 PM BBT Austin is caressing Liz’s arm and telling her they should be celebrating because they are going to make it to jury.  He says to think of the people that didn’t make it.  Liz feels bad about Jason not making it.  They talk about how they are the biggest outcasts and they turned it around and now they have all the power .... if they win, that is.  Austin leans over to kiss Liz’s cheek and then cuddles closer. They are quiet as a plane flies overhead.


4:24 PM BBT Austin says he likes having a few days that they know they are safe and can relax.  They thought they were done when James won HOH, but somehow they turned that around.  Austin says it’s not about winning every week, but about making the right game and social moves, and not playing too many sides of the house or getting caught in lies.


4:26 PM BBT Liz says that she hopes that they don’t go up on the block together.  Austin thinks that if they make it known they are going after a floater, that others might kick the HOH power to them.  Liz asks what Austin thinks HOH will be.  Austin says it might be questions and then lists off all kinds of various possibilities. 


4:31 PM BBT There is conversation between the group at the BY couches and Liz shouting from the lounger.  They talk about Jackie and how difficult a time she has with her costume and how much harder it is versus the germitard that Nicole had to wear.  They start talking about punishments until Steve joins the group with a sandwich and they start talking about food.


4:34 PM BBT The group in the BY note that the port-o-potty is still in the BY.  Becky says it’s the “whack shack” because it’s the only bathroom without a camera.  Others comment that it’s locked.  James says he knows where the key is but they don’t think it’s there anymore.


4:36 PM BBT Liz is still rehashing how Shelli and Clay did Austin dirty last night.  Austin says that’s why he wants to talk to Meg and James and let them know how grateful he is that he didn’t buy into what Shelli and Clay said.  He is going to use it to his advantage to make an even better position with them.  Austin tells Liz that it’s much nicer now that Liz is always there and doesn’t have to switch out all the time. 


4:36 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she and Julia are so different in how they play the game.  She thinks that Julia talks too much and isn’t always smart about what she says.  Julia mentioned to Clay that Austin and Liz had talked to James.  Austin points out that Julia is feeling her way because this is the first time that she gets to be herself.  Liz keeps trying to tell Julia but doesn’t want to come down too heavy on her.   They think that Julia repeats too much but that she doesn’t know better.  Liz is going to talk to her about it.


4:39 PM BBT Liz feels that Austin and her are more vulnerable than Julia and that if Julia messes up it will be Austin or Liz that will pay the price.   


4:43 PM BBT Becky is telling the group on the BY couches about living in Germany and feeling pressured to smoke.  She didn’t smoke for a long time but finally gave in because it was such a common social “event” to go for coffee and a cigarette. 


4:47 PM BBT The group on the BY couches is talking about how much larger the cast is and how earlier casts would be down to 8 people at this point in the game, while they still have 12. 


4:49 PM BBT Steve has a blue raspberry lollipop and Meg gets up to get lollipops for herself and the others.  James jokes about dentists not recommending lollipops.  John says “yes... do not have any fun.” James and Julia are sitting close together and they joke about what their showmance name would be ... Jalia... Jamesia... Jamea... Juliay... Steve says it’s too hard...they are not allowed to showmance.  Becky likes “JJ” as a showmance name for them.


4:53 PM BBT Meg comes back with lollipops.  James and Julia choose colours and Meg takes the remainder.  Meg wants to try the one that James took, and they trade. 


4:56 PM BBT The group on the BY couches are joking about kisses and talking about lollipop flavours.  


4:58 PM BBT Liz and Austin are sitting with their feet in the Hot Tub.  From the BY couch, Steve suggests a kiss.  Liz says “Not unless it’s Truth or Dare, buddy!”  James jokes about him and Johnny Mac kissing.

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5:52pm BBT Austin and James in BY hanging by the hammock. Austin lets James know that he wants to trust James more than he trusts Clelli. A thanks him for believing him and tells him he appreciates it. James says they are on the same team, so James will show his loyalty. Austin brings up the point that true characters show in bad times times more than good times. Lets see how Clay and Shelli act this week.

Both are in thier 30's and say they couldnt do this game when they were in thier 20's . They werent mature enough like now.

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