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Monday, August 3 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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6:40pm BBT Jackie, James, Meg, on BY couch talking about getting Vanessa out next. They all completely believe that Van is shady and manipulative .

Becky comes over and talk turns to Clelli again. James is talking about getting them to name names again and they didnt start spilling the beans until 6am and it was too late and not enough. Becky starts talking about how scared she was to win veto... Becky is taking credit for Steve talking to James. She said she told him he needs a team to back him up and keep him safe. Jmac comes over and they start talking about the outdoor lights that just came on.

6:49pm BBT Vanessa has donned the big yellow gloves and is attempting to find the kitchen sink (i.e. doing dishes)

Liz and Austin are on the hammock austin is pissed at shellitold James about Judas but after talking toJames, Austin is glad that James didnt buy into her selling him out. He also said that shelli told James that the twins dont even like Austin and would be glad to see him gone. Liz "thats dirty" 

Austin told James that Clelli is dead to him, whoever stays is going out the following week when Austin is HOH....

6:57pm BBTLiz calls Shelli a f!@# bitch to Austin. This talk is recinding the talk they had earlier when they all agreed to keep Shelli, Now, they are saying they want to stay with James and keep Clay.

(at this rate the decision will change 3-5times a day until Thursday)

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6:59pm BBT Meg and Jackie in storeroom they are talking Austin/Judas - how weird he is and the act when he wears the top hat. Jackie wants to steal and hide it. they believe austin voted for Jase and he wore the hat. But Meg says he didnt wear the hat this week with Jason. They talk to the camera and tell Jason, "You were so right"  They start picking out veg and stuff to make a salad with

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7:21pm BBT John, Austin, Liz, Julia just chatting in BY hammock area. James, Jackie and Meg cooking in KT


7:30pm BBT John and Julia talk about Johns practice and the HOH comp. Liz takes a very quick shower, Vanessas is longer. Shelli is sitting on the couch in the WA, Becky putting on make up.


7:44pm BBT John and Julia still chatting in BY. Did you know that Halitosis is caused by not flossing?! Dinner is going to be chicken fingers. Shelli climbs in bed next to Clay. Austin plays with the ends of his hair over the stove as he makes slop. Becky also fluffs her hair.


7:55pm BBT John says he's not a foody, he will eat anything but its not a hobby. John has eaten Kangaroo, Ostrich and Alligator. In KT: Becky says someone did an experiment where they microwaved water, let it cool and used it to water a patch of grass, they used unmicrowaved water too. The microwaved water killed the grass. Liz gets excited when Austin tells her the HN food has been replenish

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Julia and Jmac  by hammock bonding. Jmac fills Julia in on stuff that happened when she wasnt here. Julia asks Jmac if he is voting out Clay, He said that is what Clay wants but the house is going for Shelli, (no definite answer) They start talking about the Jeff backdoor week.  He said in all of Clellis arguments yesterday, they never once brought up jmacs name, so that is why he is sad. Julia opens her mouth againtalking about votes and Jmac

questions her and asks "Am I wrong, will Shelli stay?" she answers that she will vote with the house. Jmac tells her to just be honest about it so she doesnt look shady. she agrees.

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8:14pm BBT James listening to music alone in HOH

Julia and Jmac still bonding by hammock - talking about California, music, movies, etc. Liz and steve join the group - Liz keeps calling him "sneeeeky steeeeve"

Steve talks about a dream that he was back in school at Cornell eating Slop. (I didnt know he went to Cornell, I went to Cornell) 

Julia talks about some friends of thiers from Miami that were on the Amazing Race. Jmac says he probably made the paper in Scranton. The twins tell Steve he definitely made his hometown paper.

Meg calls everyone in for dinner. everyone goes in, twins stay out a little longer. Liz fills Julia in on her talk with Austin earlier and what Shelli said about the twins not liking Austin. Austin comes out and the story repeats itself. Julia says the only one she told she was mad at austin to was Vanessa. They figure Van told Shelli. Austin says Clay is pissing him off the way he is acting now. Austin says James is cool with them and working with us, he needs us for next weeks HOH. Julia wants Clay out bad. Austin tells the twins to just say that they want to vote with the house, but that you dont feel comfortable with Clay in the house . Clay wont talk or even look at us. He is mad we didnt fight for them enough.  Liz says we all 3 have to be careful what and how much we say to people from now on. 

8:29pm BBT Steve, van, meg, james, jackie, jmac, all eating at dinner table in silence the sounds of smacking and chewing are off the charts.

and the plate scraping...

8:32pm BBT Julia, Austin, Liz, all agree they are voting out Clay. 

Liz/Austin insisting they need Shelli, she is strong, wins HOH's and wont sell them out. Austin says his showmance with Liz is way more exciting then Clelli...omg. they did just say that. Liz, says Shelli better give him a kiss in Ireland. Julia says, they will bone.

Julia worried that Shelli will sell them out

8:38pm BBT twins still on hammock bashing Clay say he is immature, Austin says he is just young. 

Maybe he will take a day and man up. I will be cordial with him, but thats it. Im not keeping him. As Liz is talking, Julia realizes Jmac and Clay are by the hot tub....

Jmac apologizes to Clay if his gameplay had anything to do withthem going up Clay says its all good, Jmac pledges his loyalty to Clay and Becky. Jmac tells Clay to give it time, things change on a dime in this house. All we need is 1 endurance comp the throw it the other way. Clay says he wants to be with them and steve comes over. Clay insists to Steve that His name came out of his mouth last night. Steve asks him if he heard his name at all. Clay says thats irrelevant. but I am just letting you know. 

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8:48pm BBT Austin and Liz going through vetos, hoh comps, , bobs, studying

Meg, Becky, Steve, Jmac, Clay telling bad jokes by the hottub. "John please go to the diary room"

talk turns to ice cream flavors. Steves favorite is Meg. He has been hooked since their first kiss. "Oh, mylanta" says Meg.

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8:55pm BBT Clay and Van in BR Clay asks if there is any shot in shelli staying. Van says I doubt it, thats what james wants. Van says I doubt it will be unanimous, I am not afraid of James.

Clay mumbles I have to win HOH cause I am a huge target, Van says not really. Van says that she is being left out of every conversation cause she is associated with them. Clay says the power has to change next week. Clay said he and Shelli cant look back on what they did. Now they know. Vanessa and Clay agree twinsaustin are working with James and float with the power. They are just trying to be safe week to week. Clay sounds like he is trying to build bond back with Van. he says they dont have Steve on their side anymore. Van doesnt think Steve believes everything James said. Steve is just as nervous being backdoored. But Steve is not trying to winany HOH comps. CLay says "He will now"

9:07pm BBT twins come into BR and break up Clay Vanessa talk. Clay walks out and Liz whispers to Van "whats his problem?" Vanessa smiles and says he 100% thinks he is staying. He thinks its unanimous. They are going to freak out! Its going to be awesome. Liz is snorting because she has slop in her throat. Julia burps and Liz reminds her she is on national tv... Twins are called to DR together. They think its good bye messages.

Vanessa tells Liz she feels Clay set Shelli up for this. Liz cant believe that Clay thinks they wouldnt vote for Shelli. 

9:14pm BBT all 4 cams on Steve, Jackie, Shelli, Becky, Meg, Jmac have feet in hot tub talking about past seasons of BB.

Vanessa catches Austin in the hammock room and quickly whispers what Clay said earlier and 100% thinks he is staying. Austin blurts "Not happinin" Clay walks by and they leave.

9:22pm BBT Vanessa paints her nails "black licorice and medievil" while Austin styles his hair

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9:54pm BBT Vanessa in hammock and Austin comes over and blubbers the story about how Shelli and Clay selling the pitch that the twins really dont like  you and you have no relationship with Liz... Vanessa said thats weird.

She Tells Austin the bathroom convo about Clay believing he is staying. Austin and Van agree shelli is better for their game.  Van tells Austin he has incredible power with the control of three votes in jury and james cant play HOH. Austin wants to tell James about his vote, Vanessa says dont let him fool you. Van  coaches him on what to say to James and maybe he might flip. Austin says "we control the votes" (no they dont) he wants to lay it out with James and tell them they dont trust Clay and sorry, they have to vote their way. Tomorrow is a good time to talk to James because they say Clay is acting like a jerk tonight.

Clay and Shelli are in bed with the lights out talking about watching past seasons of BB.

and their perception of the house from tv

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9:02 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa tells Clay that Steve is going to blame him over James. She says, she doesn't think Steve will try to win HOH. Vanessa asks Clay if he's talked to Austin? Clay says, no, he doesn't know what to say to him because it will be awkward. Clay asks Vanessa if he said anything to her? Vanessa says, he's pissed. Clay says, so are they. Vanessa says, he will forgive. Clay says, he's not an asset to him.


9:04 PM BBT Vanessa asks Clay if James gave them hope they he may use the Veto? Clay says, yes, & then he didn't. (He said he needed hard proof to change anything.) Clay says, for someone to come in here & preach, he can't keep his word, but he's playing the game hard. Liz & Julia get called to the DR. They are excited to go to the DR together. Julia & Liz go to the WA. Julia asks Liz to see if something is in her eye because it hurts. She has Liz blow in it also. Vanessa says, the two of them together is the funniest thing.


9:06 PM BB Clay leaves the WA. Vanessa is painting her nails purple. Vanessa says, Clay thinks he's staying for sure, & he has no idea. Vanessa says, it's going to be unanimous to get him out. Julia is making weird noises because she has slop in her throat. Liz tells Julia to not burp because she's on national television. Liz says, she's really excited they got called to the DR together. She says, they may want them to get in an I'm prettier fight. Julia runs to get her hoop earrings.


9:09 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she thinks Clay is part of this plan with James from the beginning. Julia comes back to the WA to do her make-up. Vanessa asks Liz where everyone is? Liz says, outside in the jacuzzi. Liz & Julia go to the DR. In the BY, Shelli is messing with her hair while she's sitting by the jacuzzi. Becky, Meg, John, Clay & Steve are also sitting there.


9:13 PM BBT HG's in the BY by the jacuzzi are talking about previous HG's. All the camera views are on the BY. Steve talks about guys running Season 14, except for coaches comps. He says, that applies to HOH's & Veto's. He says, Danielle Murphy may be the only girl to have won an HOH. Becky talks about a girl that had a boyfriend or fiance, but slept with Jessie in one season.


9:16 PM BBT Shelli freaks out how many ants are eating a dead bee. Shelli gets up & asks Clay if he wants some ice cream? Clay says, no, he's full. They both walk away from the jacuzzi. John asks the live feeders to send them an ant eater. Becky talks about Arnold, & John corrects her & says, it's Arthur. In the WA, Clay is brushing his teeth, while Vanessa is still painting her nails.


9:18 PM BBT Jackie comes out of the WA. She has taken her Knight costume off, & is wrapped in a towel. Clay fixes his hair using the mirror by the sink in the WA. Clay walks out of the WA. Austin passes him in the hallway, & walks into the WA. Austin makes noises. He uses the blow dryer & stands by the mirror next to the WC. Jackie wonders what they live feeders are thinking about them. Vanessa asks if she should use another color on her nails? Jackie says, it will mess it up. Vanessa says, she has time.


9:21 PM BBT Austin is blow drying his hair in the mirror by the sink in the WA now, & is making many different faces in the mirror as he does it. Vanessa says, her nails are black licorice looking. Austin says, he'll go with that. Vanessa tells Austin that he hasn't had his nails painted lately. Austin says, his hair gets to greasy & knotted to quickly. He is now using a flat iron on his hair. He has to keep his glasses on so he can see what he's doing.


9:23 PM BBT Jackie is in the HOT side of the shower. Vanessa is watching Austin use the flat iron. Vanessa tells him, she can't believe that works on his hair. Austin says, barely, it's the worst straightener in history. He says, look at the difference in his hair, & how much it curls up. He says, they took away the good ones for this one. Vanessa walks out of the WA.


9:26 PM BBT In the BY, Clay & Shelli are on the double lounger chair. Steve, Becky, Meg & John are still by the jacuzzi. Becky is talking about classes she had in college that she didn't like. Steve says, he was done with General Chemistry. John says, you can have fun with accounting, but then stuff like Enron happens. Steve says, accounting is like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Steve says, people find that a crutch, & doesn't like that so much.


9:28 PM BBT Meg says, she is falling asleep while sitting there. Steve says, once upon a time there was a purple wombat. Becky says, FML (F*** My Life), & she gets up & walks away. Meg gets up to leave next, as she tells Steve they may have started that story. Shelli tells Clay they need to be happy. She says, she feels anger towards James & guilt towards Austin. Clay says, he would love BB to rig the HOH for him to win. He says, he would sit them next to each other on the block. Shelli asks who? Clay says, James & Meg.


9:30 PM BBT Shelli says, this isn't personal, it's just a game. Clay says, then he'll win Veto & get them to sing like a mocking bird, & exploit what they know. Shelli says, they wouldn't, the same story wouldn't happen. Clay is rubbing Shelli's leg. Clay says, he's getting a little claustrophobic anyways. He says, he's too trusting. He says, he trusted the wrong people at first. Shelli asks who? Clay says, Audrey, Jeff & Austin.


9:32 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli they saved the wrong person with Austin. Shelli says, she wonders how things would have been different. Shelli says, Jackie brought up a good point last night about Why Vanessa didn't go up with the back-up plan to backdoor Steve? Shelli says, she totally didn't even think about it until it was too late. Clay says, because he was a number for them. Julia gets called to the DR.


9:34 PM BBT Shelli says, she feels so bad, because Steve is acting different towards them, & she hates it. Clay says, oh, well, nothing they can do about it now. Shelli tells clay she wants to go back to bed. She tells Clay that the camera's were on them all day sleeping in the bed. She says, two angles were probably outside, & two were probably on them. Clay wants to know if shelli was getting signals. Shelli says, she wrote about it in her journal about her battles.


9:36 PM BBT Clay says, he was getting sleepy at 50 when Shelli was doing her battles. Shelli says, she went around the triangle 240 times. She says, no, I can't do the math, I went around the triangle 2,400 times. Clay says, he enjoyed being out there with her the other night. Shelli says, that was so sweet of him to stay out there with her the whole time.


9:38 PM BBBT Shelli compliments Clay about everything he did for her the night of her battles. Clay asks Shelli if she wants to go to the hammock or stay on the double lounger? Shelli tells Clay she likes it better there. She says, the house feels different. She says, Austin isn't out there working out. Clay says, he doesn't like how it changes so much. Clay says, he doesn't like to much change. Shelli says, she doesn't either.


9:42 PM BBT Clay wants to know what Vanessa said to James. He says, he wants to play the game by himself, because thaey can't get close to people. Shelli says, you have to give a little. Shelli tells Vanessa how much Vanessa has down to protect both of them. Clay is questioning if Vanessa has even really helped them. Clay says, he's really over everyone. Shelli says, it's because it's a down moment. Clay says, what about Johnny Mac? Shelli says, that was bad. Clay says, he didn't do that with bad intention. Shelli says, the timing was weird.


9:45 PM BBT Clay says, he trusts Johnny Mac 100%, but then he does something like that. Shelli says, Vanessa has pulled back a little this week, & may have gone to their side just a little bit. Shelli says, you can't totally back someone 100%. She says, you have to have a shield. Shelli says, she knew if one of them came down, she could have been backdoored.


9:47 PM BBT In the CRL, Austin is talking to Liz. Austin says, Clay may have been using Shelli. He says, his true come out, he may have been using his showmance. Julia says, they need to know all the facts, so they can make the right decision. Julia says, Clay may not have done anything. Liz says, they both were a part of it though. They decide to scamper & go back outside, & they leave the CRL. Liz doesn't want to all go out at the same time. She goes to the BY. Austin gets water in his cup, & then goes to the BY. Julia goes to the WC.


9:49 PM BBT In the BY, Steve tells the HG's about getting an extra week off of school for snow before his winter break. Becky says, drunk Becky likes to have fun. Steve tilts his head & laughs. Becky talks about a work experience she had. In the OBR, Clay goes to lay down in bed. You can hear a camera moving to focus on him. He rubs his left eye with his left hand. He switches out the grey pillow he was using for a darker grey one, & bends his right arm under his neck.


9:52 PM BBT. Clay scratches his beard, rubs his left eye some more, & yawns. He gets a big smile on his face when Shelli walks in the OBR. He asks Shelli if she wants to turn off the lights? Shelli says, the lights don't really bother her. She turns the light off & complains as she walks over to the bed. You can hear a camera moving towards her. She fixes her pillows & then lays down.


9:54 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli to tell him something good. Shelli says, at least the hard part is over, & she doesn't know. Clay moves closer to Shelli so he can hold her. They are facing each other. Shelli asks Clay if he thinks he & James can mend their relationship? Clay says, in here? He laughs. Clay asks if they will be friends outside the house? Clay says, yes, with everyone. Clay says, he may pretend to be with James in the house. He says, he will never be with the twins. Shelli asks what about Vanessa? Clay says, he would work with her.


9:56 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that the twins & Austin were thinking they could get backdoored, & they were protecting their game. Clay says, you can't trust anyone, & he should probably stick with Vanessa, Johnny Mac & Becky. Clay says, the twins & Austin will probably target him. He says, it's o.k., because he doesn't see them winning.


9:58 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that he doesn't want to blindside the votes by voting for Clay to stay. Vanessa says, they may give a pity vote to Shelli. Austin is trying to flip the house to get Clay out. Austin says, they need to keep Shelli in the game as a bigger target, because they can gun after her. Vanessa says, there's something weird with what Clay said to her. She things Clay has a deal with James that goes way back. Austin says, that's why they are going to keep Shelli. He says, they have the votes, & they control it.


10:01 PM BBT Austin says, Clay is treating him like crap today, when his back is against the wall. Austin says, he will tell James tomorrow. Austin says, he wants to give Clay 24 hours to turn it around, which he isn't going to do, because he's showing his age right now, finally. Vanessa asks Austin if he's tried to make a deal with them? Vanessa asks who the target will be? Austin says, Shelli, if she stays. Vanessa asks who they put up in the double eviction? Austin says, Shelli. Vanessa says, & Johnny Mac, & Johnny Mac goes home.


10:03 PM BBT Austin says, he would put up Shelli & Jackie to use Jackie as a pawn, & then they vote Jackie out, because they house flipped on the double eviction. Austin says, to tell the other side that they will put Shelli & Johnny Mac up, but they will put up Jackie to save Shelli. Austin says, if they go against him they will piss off the 3 jury votes. We see FOTH.


10:05 PM BBT Austin thinks they will keep their word & go after someone like Steve. Vanessa says, that's bad, because he's on their side. Vanessa says, they control everything, because they are 5 votes with Steve. Austin continues to say that they will put up Shelli & Johnny Mac & they will say Steve is the backdoor, but they are going to try to get Jackie out. Austin says, they could put up Steve & Johnny Mac & say they are going to backdoor Shelli & backdoor Jackie instead.


10:09 PM BBT Austin continues to run down things with Vanessa by the hammock in the BY. Vanessa & Austin are now going to try to run who leaves the house, because they have the numbers to get what they want Austin says, Clay is walking by him glaring at him. Then he says, he's not really even looking at him. (So, what's the truth?) Austin asks if they aren't communicating? Vanessa says, no, Shelli doesn't want Clay to know she apologized. Austin says, so much for that showmance. He says, there goes Barbie's playhouse, & so much for Ireland. Austin says, no they can see which showmance is true love (Really?!) & which one crumbled. He says, Clelli is to much cookie cutter, & his has an edge to it.


10:14 PM BBT In the OBR, Clay says, he's awake. Shelli says, being awake sucks, because there's no where to go now. Clay says, at least they have each other, & they are not by themselves. He says, McCrae was by himself for a couple weeks when Amanda left. Shelli tells Clay to stop tickling her, because he's driving her crazy. He is kissing her cheek. She is squealing because of Clay's whiskers tickling her.


10:17 PM BBT In the WA, Austin is telling Jackie that Shelli & Clay went up to him about them helping him & how they went to bat for them. He says, they were begging him to help. Austin says, he thought he did good, & he went to talk to James. Jackie says, it made them look bad, because they had no idea. Austin says, they (Shelli & Clay) lied, but they  (Austin & the twins) didn't lie.


10:19 PM BBT Austin tells Jackie that Shelli told Austin she forgives him, but she won't forget. He says, Clay hasn't said anything to him. Austin says, Clay is making him feel uncomfortable. He says, who is he supposed to go & blow up? Jackie says, James didn't give up $5,000 & a trip to put up a floater at the end of the day. Austin tells Jackie he has to finish them next week. Austin says, he's not trying to get angry. Jackie says, they said some other stuff to. Austin goes in the WC.


10:21 PM BBT Austin comes out of the WC. Jackie finishes brushing her teeth. Jackie starts to talk, & Austin cuts her off, & starts telling her the story that the held until now to tell them. Jackie says, they told her they had nothing to do with Vanessa's decision. Jackie says, that makes her even more mad. Austin says, it's unreal the lengths they were going to. Austin says, it's not true, it's really not true, & he hopes James is cool with it now.


10:24 PM BBT Austin says, it's the right decision. Jackie says, even Steve says that. Jackie says, Steve told them that Shelli & Clay were throwing their names around last week, so they made the best decision. She goes in the WC.


10:25 PM BBT Jackie comes out of the WC. Austin says, it's over now. Jackie says, they are pulling things from week 1. Austin says, he knows. He says, he's glad that James stuck to this. Austin says, they should all be in jury, unless there is some swerve where America votes to have one less member in jury. Austin says, unless Clay becomes somewhat civil to him, he's not sure he wants to vote for him. Jackie says, Clay doesn't think he's staying, but he is.


10:28 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli was making stuff up because of his Judas stuff. He says, he's not really allowed to talk about it, because of his contract. (He's not in a contract anymore.) Austin says, he wasn't going to talk about it in the house. He tells Meg that Shelli apologized to him. Jackie says, they need to go tell James they were making it up. Meg says, they were trying to pull the whole Steve thing until then. We see FOTH.


10:31 PM BBT Austin keeps complaining about him having to try to save them. BB said that the bedroom lights must stay on a little bit ago when Vanessa went to the OBR with Shelli & Clay. She is talking to them about who she can put up next time. She says, she made an agreement with James that she can't put him up. Shelli says, d*mn. Vanessa says, if they win she's going up. Clay says, for sure.


10:33 PM BBT Shelli & Clay are telling Vanessa that she shouldn't keep her word because James went back on his word to them. (He did NOT go back on his word to Vanessa). Vanessa tells them that she doesn't think two wrongs make a right. She says, she's selective who she gives her word to, & she will keep her word this time. Vanessa says, she's studying to win this HOH. Clay says, he wants to win it. All of them say Steve is not winning.


10:35 PM BBT Clay says, James told him he would target Steve next week. Austin walks through the OBR. He asks to talk to Shelli in the HNR. Vanessa says, this is her day, no one wants to talk to her. Austin tells Shelli he did damage control about the Judas stuff. Austin tells her that everyone thinks she's going this week, but he's not doing that at all. He tells her they have the votes going forward.


10:37 PM BBT In the WA, Meg is talking to Becky & Liz. Jackie is using a dental floss pick on her teeth by the sink. Meg tells them they tried to get Steve to be the nominee until the last minute. Becky asks why they changed at the last minute? The camera switches to the OBR. Vanessa thinks the HOH comp might be the running slide again. Clay says, whoever stays, they need to make sure Austin & them don't put them up. Clay says, he sees whoever stays leaving on double eviction.


10:40 PM BBT Shelli goes back to the OBR, & asks Clay for a few more inches on the bed because he's in the middle of the bed. Shelli says, Austin is telling everyone that they found out about the Judas thing, they know from the tattoo, when he asked him. Clay asks how they even found out. Shelli says, Austin told Julia, & she told Vanessa. Vanessa says, Julia said she could tell them. Vanessa says, she was honest with them in the bathroom that she didn't think he was going to use the Veto.


10:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't have quit in her, but she has integrity boundaries. Shelli says, shame on James for making his deals & not keeping them. Shelli says, she asked Steve if it's happened before. Vanessa says, it has when Ollie was backdoored. Clay says, it was done twice in coaches. Shelli says, Dan is a dirty player. Vanessa says, there are plenty of players that have won without doing that.


10:46 PM BBT Vanessa says, the only thing that would nullify her saving James next week would be if she found credible evidence that he's going talking about him. Shelli says, he's telling everyone she made that up about the Audrey vote. Shelli says, it just makes her look so stupid. (They won't fall for it.) Vanessa tells her to hold that in her back pocket that it's the truth & people know it.


10:47 PM BBT Vanessa asks if Austin seems mad at her? Shelli says, she doesn't know. Vanessa asks if Clay has talked to Austin yet? Clay says, no, he doesn't know what to say. Shelli says, they think he's moping around as a strategy. Clay asks who they are? Shelli says, Meg & them. Clay says, what's the strategy. Vanessa says, she's waiting for BB to call out, Stop using moping as your strategy.


10:49 PM BBT Clay says, Meg isn't as innocent as everyone thinks she is, because she has a lot to do with this. They continue to talk about Meg. Vanessa asks what Meg will do when James is gone? Vanessa says, that would be funny to watch. Clay says, he could say, every guy Meg gets close to gets axed. Clay says, don't come around him. Shelli says, it would be cool if Julie would come on the screen to say the week has been reset, or they all make it to jury. Shelli says, that would be 2 votes against him. Vanessa says, that's why no one will put Austin or the twins up now, because it will be 3 votes against them.


10:52 PM BBT Clay says, they could have started it this week because one of them would't have been in jury, now they will all be in jury. Vanessa says, your f***ed if you get in deep with them. Shelli says, yep. In the BY, Liz is talking to Austin on the hammock. She says, Jackie doesn't even really know Clay. Shelli says, Clay is the all American good looking guy, & they want Shelli to stay because they are winning comps to help them. Austin says, they can't let them know that.


10:53 PM BBT Austin tells Liz what he did with Shelli. He says, Shelli is 100% on board with them now, & everything is fine. Austin says, he's trying to figure out how to tell them to put Johnny Mac as a pawn & get him evicted. Liz says, they can't vote out Steve. Austin says, they will be outed anyway, & they can only play it straight for so long. Austin says, it's going to be tough, it's risky.


10:55 PM BBT In the OBR Vanessa tells Shelli & Clay she is very flexible & double-jointed. She says, she may have been able to go down on the wall, but she doesn't know for sure. She says, anything for bearing her own weight she won't be good. Vanessa says, any other physical comp she's a dog. Shelli thinks the next comp will be the skating one. Vanessa says, she needs to sit on the sidelines, because it's pointless. Shelli says, James can't play in it. Vanessa says, James can play in it, because it's the second one. Vanessa says, there's no way he can beat Clay at that comp.


10:58 PM BBT Clay says, James told him he could have given him a run for his money in the squirrel comp. Clay says, his fat a** could not have done good. He says, he would have been huffing & puffing at 20. Shelli says, she was huffing & puffing at 20. Shelli says, she was thinking that Clay should just get finished, so she could be done. Vanessa says, she should go & see what they are doing. She asks if they want the light off or on? Clay says, off please. Vanessa says, you got it, & leaves the OBR.


10:59 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay she is super tired. The camera view changes to the BY. Vanessa says, John stomach is really hard. She says, it's like a washboard stomach. Vanessa tells Liz she's crashing her party for about 3 minutes only. John & Steve are getting ready to play a game of pool. John says, he's getting a mustache, that's how bad it is. Steve asks if he cares what pool cue he uses? John says, no.

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11:02 PM BBT Vanessa sitting on the Hammock in the BY with Austin and Vanessa.  Vanessa tells Austin that Clay is not planning to talk to them because he doesn’t know what else to say.  Vanessa says we should tell Shelli not to encourage Clay to talk to anyone so that they can cite the fact that Clay is talking to them as a reason for voting Clay out.


11:04 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin and Liz about some of the discussions with Clay and Shelli that illustrate that Clay has no idea.  Julia comes over to sit on a cushion near the hammock and the talk turns briefly to manicures and pedicures.  Liz asks Vanessa to reiterate how she knows about Clay not talking to Austin and the twins, and Vanessa tells them that Clay told her that he didn’t need to talk to them.  Liz gasps at that.  Vanessa goes on to say that Clay was feeling bad about Shelli going out with a unanimous vote, and Vanessa says not to worry because she would keep her promise to vote him out.  Clay told her she didn’t need to keep that promise if it hurts her game.


11:10 PM BBT Steve and John are playing pool in the back yard.  Steve comments about Vanessa talking to Austin and the twins.  Hmmm.  Ok. 


11:13 PM BBT Jackie, Meg, and Becky hanging out in the WA and whispering.  They are wondering about Austin and the twins.  If you came into the game as part of a twist, why would you tell people so soon?  And why is Austin here?  He seems more interested in showmances and he’s a wrestler.  Jackie talks about how Austin seemed to want to recruit her for a wrestling “vampire girl” character.  She thinks Austin is there for the wrong reasons.  Becky says he’s either really dumb or really smart to play for second place.  It may be a ruse to cause people to overlook him.  Meg points out that Vanessa and Austin have never been on the block. 


11:16 PM BBT In the WA, Meg comments to Jackie and Becky that it seems like Shelli might be working more closely with Vanessa, Austin and the twins that they have realized.  Becky says it’s past tense...they don’t work together anymore [with Shelli leaving].  Meg says they need to ask Shelli about it.


11:20 PM BBT Vanessa, Austin and the twins are saying that they need to be happy because they either make the finals or they have fun times in the jury house.  And they get paid, and paid well.  Vanessa says it’s about a thousand a week and we get FotH.


11:24 PM BBT Julia leaves to play a game of pool with Johnny Mac and Steve comes over to take her place near the hammock.  Vanessa shows him her manicure and says that she was “in-squired”.  Steve comments that he is fourth-wheeling, and Vanessa says she is third-wheeling [Austin and Liz laying on the hammock, Vanessa sitting near them, and Steve sitting on the ground].  Vanessa asks Steve if he’s thought about what she told him this morning and he says he still wants to think about it.  Austin and Vanessa both tell Steve that Clay is getting shadier.  Vanessa relays what Clay told her about not having to keep the promise to vote him out.  Austin complains that Clay hates Austin because Austin didn’t do enough to save him.  Liz suggests that Steve consider who is a better person to Steve in the game.  Austin is planning to tell James that he will keep his promise to Clay because he doesn’t feel comfortable with the alternative.  Steve tells them that he hasn’t made any promises about how he will vote.


11:29 PM BBT Steve wants to know how they are planning to communicate their plan.  Austin says that’s what they are talking about, but he wants to tell James because he feels owes James that since James didn’t put him up.  Steve tells them he is on board.  He feels that he hasn’t contributed as much as others in their alliance, so he feels that he can at least help out by voting the way they want.  Vanessa says that she loves his sense of fairness.  Steve says he doesn’t feel he has the right to have any say and she says he does have a right.  Steve replies that he didn’t have a strong feeling either way so he is okay with voting to evict Clay.


11:36 PM BBT Austin and Liz continue lounging on the hammock and discussing things.  Liz is worried about going back on what they told James because they “kind of told him we would vote his way.”  Austin goes through the narrative that he will present to James and they keep discussing it. 


11:45 PM BBT The HGs in the BY are going crazy over a praying mantis they found in the back yard.  They gather around as it settles on one of the free weights.  James says it’s the BB mascot.  Julia is kneeling down looking at it and saying how cute it is while James notes that it has stingers and can attack.

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