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Wednesday, July 29 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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4:30 am- 5:00 am BBT Meg is in the HN room with Shelli and Clay planting seeds to keep Jason in the game and reasons why it would be good for them while Jackie and Jason sit in the BY. Jason wants to stay in the BY as long as possible before the indoor lock down.


5:00 am-5:45 am BBT Meg leaves the HN room and heads out to the BY to let Jason know that she planted seeds and he might be able to stay if he goes to Clay and Shelli to promise them everything for their vote. Meanwhile Clay and Shelli continue the discussion in the HN room. At first Shelli was being swayed by Meg to keep Jason, but then as her and Clay discussed it they decide it is better for their game if they tell Jackie that they will vote to keep Jason. Then when Jackie votes for Jason to stay they will tell Becky to see that Jackie voted for her to leave so then Becky will be on their side.


5:45 am BBT indoor lock down is called and Jason said goodbye to the BY, but he hopes to see it again. 

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11:30-12:00AM BBT: The HGs are drinking and talking general talk about drugs and Megs facial expressions. Austin and Liz toast to Jason leaving Thursday night Austin says "One of the Devils Rejects." Jason talks about dating to Becky and what they want in a man.

12:00-1:00AM BBT: Jason does a dance as he goes to smoke a cigarette, Becky take a puff off his cigarette and says that everyone in Germany smokes. She said she didn't smoke until her last nine months there. Shelli and Clay talk about Becky and John being floaters and they are staying under the radar. Liz throws an orange and says they can play a game. HGs are sitting around the hot-tub talking general talk. They start passing the orange around and who ever has the orange must tell a story about embarrassing dates they have had.

1:00-2:00AM BBT: James and Steve are playing pool while in the kitchen Austin is cooking something to eat. Meg, Jackie and Jason on the backyard couches talking about Clay and Shelli and how he will tell them that this will be an endurance competition this week since we are being locked down at 6AM so they will keep me and I can win HoH then I will put their asses up. Jason says I wish I smarter. Jason and Jackie then say they think Clay likes Meg cause he is always looking at her. Jackie tells Jason that Clay is a party boy and should be with Meg. They then come up with a plan to scare Shelli and Clay into keeping Jason and to tell them that he can win endurance and keep them safe. James comes over and says maybe we can find something to tell them about Becky. Jackie then says she fells bad for trying to get Becky evicted and Jason tells her not to. Jason tells Meg to talk to Shelli and Clay and make them believe that he is her puppet and she can control Jason.

2:00-3:00AM BBT: Talk continues about flipping the vote as Meg and Jason eat Pizza. Shelli and Clay are out in the backyard on the hammock talking about food they like and do not like

3:00-4:00AM BBT: The HGs just sitting around talking and eating no game talk going on

4:00-5:00AM BBT: Meg and Clay talk about why Vanessa put Jason on the block and not Austin. Clay says I am not sure but I am sure Vanessa had her reason but I do not know what the reason is. Meg says everyone thinks you and Shelli had a part of it and Clay tells her no we thought Jackie was going up but Vanessa said no. Clay tells her that he does not know what deals Austin and Vanessa made or what deals Vanessa and Jackie made. Meg says so you are voting out Jason who is more loyal to you then Becky is? Clay says I and keeping Becky cause she played the veto and if I had not won that Veto I would be in Becky's shoes right now. Clay tells Meg they need to have this conversation with Shelli. Meg says I want to but have not had the chance yet. Meg tells Clay that he and Shelli will take the hit for this. Clay then ask if they would vote Jackie out of the house and Meg says yes we would. Clay goes to the Have-Not room to tell Shelli about his conversation with Meg and Meg comes in and ask to talk to Shelli. Meg still going over why they should save Jason and Shelli asking questions as to why they think they are close to Vanessa now cause they never talk to her. Clay and Vanessa trying to think when their target on their backs got bigger than Vanessa's. Meg tells them because they was up in the HoH room with Vanessa the whole time and people think you two were in ob this to put Jason up and not Austin.

5:00-6:00AM BBT: Talk continues between Meg and Shelli and Clay about keeping Jason this week and weather or not Jason will be loyal and not backdoor them. Clay agrees to talk to Vanessa in the morning. Meg leaves saying she is OK with either way but it is better for their game if Jason stays. Shelli and Clay talk about what Meg said and Clay says that it makes sense but will Jason and I leave James and Jackie and Shelli does not think they will. Clay says Meg made some good points about Becky and we know that Jackie is going after Vanessa cause she is not OK with what Vanessa did this week. In the backyard Jason and Meg are repeating themselves on what to say and do to get Shelli and Clay to keep Jason this week. Jason says goodbye to the backyard as they all head in to go to bed just in case he gets voted out and never sees the backyard again.

All HGs in bed sleeping after doing their ADLs .

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 9:18am BBT: Austin is up goes to the WC. He then  washes his hands  then heads back to bed after looking at the memory wall.

 9:50am BBT: All Hg still sleeping all snug in their beds.

9:55am BBT: WE now have FOTH as BB may be waking the HG.

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10:08am BBT: Steve is up in the HNBR  walking around then goes back to bed. Clay gets back in his chair also to go back to sleep. In the OBR James is talking about country music. In the WA is Vanessa and Shelli doing ADL's.

 10:12am BBT: Meg gets called to the DR and  she says Oh BB i have to put make up on first. Vanessa in the WA cutting her toenails while Shelli is doing her make up. Bb tells shelli to put on her mic.

 10:21am BBT: Jackie and Vanessa in the HOH WA doing ADL's BB tells Jackie to put her mic on. Shelli still in the WA doing her makeup.

10:40am BBt: Meg is out of DR and heads to the OBR then to the STR to get a banana. She then goes to the  LVR and eats her banana. Jason comes in and they go to the KT. Jason then goes to the Wa to wash his face.

 10:48am BBT: Jason and meg go back to bed after a brief FOTH. Jason starts singing " Hey Mickey your so fine" and we get Foth for a second.

10:43am BBt: Shelli goes to the HOh rm with Vanessa. Vanessa is doing her make up in the WA. Shelli sits on the couch and covers up drinking her water. Vanessa talking about Liz and how when  Liz thought when Austin was going home she slept up here then as soon as he was staying she has been down there with him. lastnight  she had her legs draped all over him and i thought she did not like him cause she was making fun of him. shelli says i do not think she likes him that much. Vanessa says i do not know. 

10:56am BBt: Vanessa says i do not think we have to worry about Jackie to much cause i talked to Becky and she said that she does not think Jackie will come after us cause Becky talked to her. Shelli says yeah ok but it is obvious that Jackie is working with them but she can say that she is not working with them when she really is. Shelli then says that meg came to Clay and I lastnight to see why we are saving Becky instead of Jason. She was asking why Jason is a bigger threat that Becky is cause Becky plays a big social game and  is in the middle of everyone and Jason is loyal.

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11:01pm BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that the things Becky is good at in comps Clay is also good at. The things Jason is good at none of them are good at. Vanessa says strategically she likes how they are doing it. Vanessa says she is not worried about Austin/Liz. In KT: John is eating and Clay is cooking.


 11:07pm BBT Vanessa and Shelli continue to go over who would be good to keep, side with and look at as future targets. In KT: John and Clay not saying a thing, just cooking and eating.


 11:13am BBT Liz and Austin are awake doing ADL's, Liz gets called to DR, she says "I'm going!" as she hurries to finish her make up. In HOH: Vanessa going over her and Shelli talk to Clay. In KT: John asks Austin if when he is out of the house, does he use the large or jumbo eggs. Austin says he doesnt trust the jumbo eggs, thinks they shoot them full of chemicals or something. He usually eats 5 in the morning and 8 eggs at night.


 11:21am BBT Liz comes out of DR and tells John that they just wanted to tell her they arent switching her today, they arent switching ever. John wants to have an imaginary beach day. Liz says surfs up.


11:25am BBT Liz wants to know when Julia is coming in so she can coordinate ...FOTH....John asks if they have different clothes. Liz says no they like the same things. They are exactly the same but they have their little differences. Liz lives with her older sister and Julia lives at home.


 11:31am BBT Liz/John/Austin talk mixed drinks. In HOH: Vanessa saying to Shelli/Clay..when you said that she said to you.... (same thing she was saying an hour ago)Back in the KT, John and Liz talk about what comps Julia was in and which ones Liz missed.


11:38am BBT John/Liz/Austin talk about sports. In HOH: Clay says make Becky feel good so when Jason goes. Tell her that Clay/Shelli trust Vanessa. Shelli says that last night they said they will make it seem to Meg and Jackie that they are keeping Jason. Shelli says if Jackie knows that ppl are voting for Jason she will to.


11:47am BBT Austin says he likes his beard but isnt attached to it, its great for his wrestling character. He doesn't want his hair cut tho. liz says she doesn't like bangs. They talk about what guys like in a girl vs what girls like in a guy.


11:56am BBT Vanessa says she didnt feel good about it from the beginning. When she was called to DR she said she knows you want me to say A.....FOTH. Back and Shelli/Clay talking about Meg not having anybody.

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 12:00pm BBT: Vanessa, Shelli and clay in the HOh room repeating themselves over and over about getting Becky or Jason out and whop is loyal to who on the other side of the house.

In the KT Austin, Liz and John are talking about shows and animals.
12:08pm BBT: Vanessa telling Clay and Shelli  the same thing about who needs to win HOh tomorrow night and who needs to go on the block and who would throw it. Vanessa says  Austin we do not know what he will do. Clay says i need to talk to him more. Vanessa ask do you think we need to worry about a Hg coming back and shelli and clay say no. Shelli says if Audrey comes back in the house i will  not be happy.
 12:15pm BBT: Shelli and clay talking about going and making slop. In the KY Liz, John and  Austin talking about sexual likes and dislikes. Austin ask what is important to you? john says some places i would never talk about and then  says let me see how to say this appropriately and Austin says ok would you like your partner to do it everyday. Liz says if it is good i want it. 
 12:20pm BBT: Clay and shelli join Austin, Liz and John in the KT and they talk about playing games.
12:25pm BBt: Liz talking about her and Julia having twin outfits to wear for when Julia comes in the house tomorrow night and she can not even talk to her about it and Austin says that's what they are planning and Liz says yeah.
12:35pm BBt: Shelli. Liz. Clay and Austin in the KT eating and just talking general talk. Most Hg still in bed sleeping.
12:40pm BBT: Liz and Austin go to the HOh rm to talk to Vanessa. Liz says she went to the Dr and they told her that her and Julia was not switching today and she says ok why and we get FOTH.
12:43pm BBT: Vanessa, Austin and Liz talking about Jackie and Meg are besties and and James is up Jason Butt all the time and Becky sleeps alone all the time. Becky is someone we can work with and Jackie is dead in the water says Liz. Austin says Jason has not even asked me for a vote and Liz says he has not even asked me for a vote either. 
12:47pm BBt: Austin says Meg is a game player. Liz says yeah she is a game player laughing in the purple room all day. Clay and Shelli in the KT doing dishes and talking about the fiber content  in the tablets they get.
12:50pm BBT: Clay and John playing chess. Austin, Liz and Vanessa in the HOh rm talking about Meg and Jackie being very close and how meg has to latch herself onto someone cause  she can not be alone. Liz says after Jason leaves she will connect herself to Jackie for sure.She will not latch herself to James cause she does not like James like James likes her.
12:58pm BBT: Austin, Liz and Vanessa still talking about others strategies in the house and Liz excited Julia gets to come in tomorrow. Austin is saying he is determined to win tomorrow night
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1:02pm BBT Austin says that John and Becky are sleeping in separate beds in the day time, if  he was John he would be slipping over there, making his move. Liz says she thinks they are just friends. They talk about what will happen when Julia comes in. Austin says he will lie in HOH, saying he would keep ppl safe and then put them  up anyway. Chess game quietly continues.


1:08pm BBT Austin/Liz talk about the fill the container comp. Austin says he would fill his hair, beard and mouth. Liz says do it until they tell you to stop. Liz says one of her handlers will be so sad they didnt get to say good bye to her...FOTH...BB:Liz you are not allowed to talk about production.


1:11pm BBT Austin says Liz isnt his best friend in the house, he says Steve is. JK, Liz says she is mad...JK!! Becky has joined Shelli watching the chess game.


1:16pm BBT Austin says his mom, 2 sisters and his brother watch BB. Vanessa says she doesn't think anyone in her family watch it. Austin says he hasn't watched feeds much, he did for 15 when he had hip surgery. That's how he did the stuff with Rachel. He sent his info to a producers house via his old GF's dad, they loved it. He went to the 2 weeks prior to last BB. He gets told to not talk about production. He says of course BB is mad, he bailed on his deal.


1:21pm BBT The chess game is so quiet that the only thing moving is the camera on the opposite wall.  Shelli says she had a question earlier, she wants to ask questions and learn more about it. Becky agrees. In HOH Austin is describing some wrestling things to Vanessa/Liz.


1:33pm BBT Austin/Liz talk about Da. How she walked around with permanent B*tch face. She did nothing. Thanks to Jason she was/is still talked about. They talk about when jury will start, they think not this week but next. Austin says they do odd numbers. He is giving Liz a foot rub thru the blanket she is covered with. Austin says it could be jury this week. Liz says it cant be tie. Austin says they did do it where America did the vote if it was tie. He thinks it will go to jury where there will be 9 in jury.


1:40pm BBT Liz wishes she could have talked to Julia one more time, Julia will be shocked by this week. The twins don't like Jason. Liz says she hates him..well doesn't hate him live feeders...doesn't like him for ruining the twin twist. Austin says he hates him, in the game. If Jason wants to get together after the show is isn't opposed to that.


1:45pm BBT Liz/Austin join Shelli/Becky/Vanessa by the chess table where John and Clay are still playing. Vanessa whispers something in Shellis ear. Becky says she is never playing Vanessa in chess.


1:55pm BBT Liz goes to KT, then CBR, back to KT. Austin comes down, Liz goes back up stairs to return a ball to its home. Becky is listening to music in HOH. Clay wins the chess game.

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2:00pm BBT: Vanessa playing chess with Clay as shelli, Liz, Austin and John watch. All other Hg still sleeping.

2:08pm BBt: vanessa explaining to Shelli how to play chess and why she made  a certain move as her and clay play chess. All others are quiet.
2:15pm BBT: Vanessa wins the chess game and they are setting it back up  as Vanessa explains to Shelli some of the moves she made. They are all now leaving the chess table as shelli is called to the DR.
 2:20pm BBt: Vanessa and Austin put the hula hoop on the table in the foyer around a sea shell and take a beach ball and play basketball. Becky says that works till we get a stop that. 
 2:22pm BBt: Clay says these pepto bismol tablets are like treats. Shelli ask if he has had the fiber tablets and he says yeah. Becky is eating breakfast as Clay and John sit at the KT bar and clay says one more night till the have nots can eat. Shelli, comes in from the WA and gives him a hug.
 2:28pm BBT: Austin waling in the LVR telling John what workout they are going to do. In the STR Shelli and clay are looking at the food to see what they want to cook tomorrow night when they get to eat.
 2:30pm BBt: Shelli and Clay hiding food in the back of the fridge so  they can have it tomorrow night. Shelli takes potatoes and an avocado and a tomato to the other room to hide  for tomorrow night also. Jackie is up sitting in the floor in the OBR then meg gets up out of bed and looks in the mirror.
2:37pm BBt: Meg sitting in the KT eating, Clay gets coffee and says they make me want to work out. Shelli laying on the LVR couch watching John and Austin work out.
 2:40pm BBt:Vanessa sitting in LVR watching John work out Clay is now working out in the LVR floor Austin is still working out. Shelli was called to the DR. meg goes to the OBR to get clothes and Jason asked who went to Dr and meg tells him Shelli did.
 2:46pm BBT: James ask Meg as she crawls back inn bed with Jason if Becky is in the shower? Meg says yeah why? James says cause i want to take a shower. Meg says i want to take a shower. James ask how long you been up? Meg says not very long. Austin, John and clay still working out in the LVR. 
2:55pm BBT: Austin telling john how to do his squats and tells him good job that's how you do it you got it. BB tells Meg to change her mic for one in the STR and John yells meg has been sweating. James says Sleeping is hard work. meg goes to the STr and comes out and says i got my old one back. James says man i been sleeping so much that  it hurts to sleep now. He then says is that even possible? Everyone is quiet and all you hear is hard breathing from Austin, John and clay as they continue their workout.
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3:00 PM BBT Austin, John & Clay are working out in the LR. Austin says, when he sweats this much he knows he's not hitting what he's supposed to be hitting. He has sweat pouring down him. John is using the couch to stretch his toes, because they are cramping. Austin uses the couch do some squats. (He sure does love the camera time).


3:06 PM BBT In the OBR, Meg & Jason are laying in bed trying to nap. James is laying on the pull-out bed. James says, he's going to go in the DR & cry now, because Meg asked him where his bed was at. Meg laughs. James asks Meg if she wants to tell anymore embarrassing stories? Meg says, no. James says, he had another ready by the pool last night to tell. Meg asks doesn't he get his fill of telling his stories? James says, no, because he has a lot of them.


3:08 PM BBT James is actually laying in the bed Jackie has been sleeping in. James says, he had a dream about buying a Lamborghini last night. Clay comes in the OBR & lays on the pull-out bed. He says, this feels so good. Meg says, Wednesday's are a waste, because they sleep all day. James says, the BY is played out, the house is the same, there's nothing to talk about anymore. Clay says, they've asked all the questions they can ask. James says, he knows everyone's embarrassing stories.


3:11 PM BBT James says, he knows what vehicles everyone drives, what their favorite books are. James says, they can count ceiling tiles. Meg says, they are so lame. James wonders what they are building in the BY. Meg asks if they are still building? James says, yes. Meg says, probably some big a** thing. James asks Clay if he's ready? Clay says, he's as ready as he'll ever be. Meg says, her & Clay will be HOH's this week. Becky comes in the OBR.


3:14 PM BBT Becky says, she went to the hair salon today, & now she's going to the nail salon. Meg says, she went to the diner this morning. Liz comes in the OBR. Meg says, she likes her shirt. Liz says, it's from Forever 21 of all places, & it was cheap as sh*t. James gets called to the DR. Becky says, ewww. She finds the zucchini condom that James filled with lotion yesterday. Meg asks, how is that not thrown out already? James asks who was called to the DR. Meg tells him it's him. He says, Meg cursed him by saying he hasn't been called in their all day. He combs his hair & goes to the DR.


3:18 PM BBT Meg gets up, puts her hair up & eats some Cheez-It's. She walks out of the OBR. Clay is napping on the pull-out bed. He's a HN this week, & BB has the camera on him, so they know he's sleeping where he's not supposed to be.


3:20 PM BBT Meg & Becky are sitting at the DT. Becky is looking at the Memory Wall. She says, in a weird way, James could be Austin's little brother. Liz & John are by the glass table in the KT. Meg asks Liz what she's making? Liz says, condescendingly, what does it smell like? She answers herself, fish tacos. She says, they were awesome last night. Becky says, she loves fish tacos. Meg says, the house is so boring today. John tells Meg, jokingly, she's so boring today.


3:24 PM BBT John asks Meg is she wants a hug, because he's all sweaty? Meg says, no. John says, she can't say he didn't offer. Meg says, she's obsessed with popcorn, as she's stuffing her face with it, & chomping into her microphone. Liz says, she needs a man to open a jar for her, & hands it to John. John opens it, & hands it back to her. Meg sneezes. John blesses her, & tells her not to hold them in, because she will blow up her head. Liz says, she holds hers in. Becky says, she wishes she could hold hers in.


3:26 PM BBT Liz asks John if he's eaten anything since breakfast? John says, he's eaten a banana, yogurt, apple & nuts. Liz gets her food & says, it's so good, so freaking good. She sits down at the glass table & asks if it smells like fish? Meg says, a little bit.


3:28 PM BBT Meg says, there were a lot of the HG's still awake for the lock down. Liz says, what, who was still up? Meg says, her, James, & Jason. She doesn't say anymore names. Becky walks in the KT, & walks back out. She says, every time she dropped the bowl in the KT, she's worried about stepping on something.


3:30 PM BBT Becky finds someone's apple laying around & throws it away. John says, he threw his away earlier. Becky plays around with the hula hoop in KT area. Liz says, the fish taco was delicious. Liz has been singing off & on. Becky sings a little, as she walks to the HNR. Meg tells Jason the camera is looking at them. Becky comes to the OBR. Becky says, she is going to be a squirrel for Halloween. Her & Meg talk about BB sending her costumes for her. Becky asks if she can have the hat from a costume? Jason tells her yes, because it won't fit in his bag anyway.


3:35 PM BBT Meg says, she gets antsy when it comes to flying. Jason says, he's never heard anyone say that in his entire life. Becky says, if it's a business flight, it's o.k. Her & Meg both say the flights to the show were awful. Becky leaves. Jason tells Meg that Jackie is usually upstairs a lot, but she's been living up there. He says, he doesn't know if it means anything. Austin goes in the HNR. Jason says, James is even up. He says, he needs to shower.


3:38 PM BBT Meg is whispering to Jason, but we can't hear them. Meg tells him to not make something like a deal, to make it like it's something they've always talked about. Meg says, they are worried about Jackie, if she's really on their side, especially if Becky is gone.


3:39 PM BBT In the HOHR, Jackie is putting her make-up on in the HOHR WA. Jackie tells Vanessa that she's questioning where she stands in the house. Vanessa says, she should be o.k. Jackie says, she needs to question people to see where she really stands, & what they think, because she didn't do anything wrong. Vanessa tells her, she has every right to. Vanessa tells Jackie if she needs to tell them she's going after Vanessa for her to tell them that. Jackie says, no, she still has her same target.


3:41 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie that Austin made him a smaller target by doing what he did, & they are taking out a bigger target (Jason). She tells Jackie she is not a big target. Jackie says, she just needs to talk to them to ease her mind. Vanessa says, she must be getting her period because she's so hungry. She begins to eat some chips. Jackie looks at the KT from the TV, & asks if that's Austin in a shirt? Vanessa says, yes, he's clothed, & that's weird. Vanessa tells Jackie she will let her know if she hears anything that she may be a target.


3:44 PM BBT Jackie asks if everyone has the same targets for next week? Vanessa says, they should, but everyone wants to wait to see who is HOH. Jackie says, as they should. Vanessa says, Jackie's name hasn't come out of their mouths. (It did on live feeds). Vanessa says, if it does, she will let her know. Jackie says, if it does, shut it down. They talk about eating food. They are eating snacks. Vanessa says, she needs to eat some cooked food, because it's been a while since she has. Jackie says, everyone is eating fish today.


3:46 PM BBT Vanessa says, she feels bad for Jason. Jackie says, she feels if anyone deserves to be there the most, it's him. Jackie says, they are all there for different reasons, & deserve to be there. Vanessa says, watch, they get out of there, & Jason is a millionaire, & not a grocery store stock boy. Vanessa says, he is a very talented young man, & there's a lot in this life for him. Jackie says, he will be good, they all will be. Vanessa gets up to wash her hands in the HOHR WA.


3:48 PM BBT Jackie asks Vanessa if she knows what Austin & the twins are going to do? Vanessa says, she's close to them socially, but not in the game. She says, the twins will do what Austin wants. (Julia does not like Austin, so will she do what he wants?) Vanessa says, Austin is very emotional, so he will do whatever is in the moment. Vanessa says, she's happy to sit back for a week. Vanessa thinks James may be an option. Vanessa says, Austin is on his second wind right now. She says, he's happy just to be there. Vanessa thinks he may go after Steve. Jackie says, she has been told that Steve & Austin seem to be getting close. Vanessa says, what? She says, Austin can't stand Steve, so she would be shocked.


3:51 PM BBT Jackie & Vanessa say that Steve isn't a big threat, but he is, because he's smart. Vanessa says, Steve is another Ian, right in front of you. Jackie says, everyone has their specific agenda, & she respects that. She says, they are there to play their own game. Jackie says, she hates being stuck inside. She says, she has cramps to. Vanessa asks if she's had any coffee yet? Jackie says, no, but she wants to.


3:54 PM BBT Jackie & Vanessa talk about going after a mosquito that's in the house. In the WA, Jason is sitting on the couch, while John is in the HOT side of the shower. Jackie leaves the HOHR, & goes downstairs. She goes in the WA. Jason says, hey honey, what's up? Jackie says, nothing, what are you doing? Jason says, waiting for a shower. Jackie takes her hair down, & says, some of it is falling out. She asks who's underwear is by the trash can? She says, it looks like it was supposed to be thrown away, but it's on the floor. Jason asks if it's women's or men's ? Jackie says, women's. Jason says, foul Mcfoul.


3:59 PM BBT Jackie tells Jason she has cramps. She leaves her hair down with a clip in it, & leaves the WA. John finishes his shower, & is drying off. In the KT, Vanessa looks through the refrigerator & says, she needs some vegetables. James tells her he knows there are onions & tomatoes. He says, there are no green things. Jackie goes in the KT to get something to drink. Vanessa says, her omelet needs something other than ham. Steve comes in & says, he's so glad he brought the hula hoop in before the lock down.


4:01 PM BBT Jackie says, they tried to grab everything, & they stayed up until 6 a.m. She says, she saw a little sun, but it seems to rise there a little later. Steve says, that may because of the high walls. Jackie says, in general it seems to be around 7 a.m. James challenges Steve to a game of chess. James asks Steve if he wants to get spanked again? They start to walk upstairs. James says, spanking accepted. Steve says, he likes to add the sexual connotation to it. James asks if he doesn't like to be white? Steve says, no, because he never has. They sit down to play their game of chess.


4:04 PM BBT Vanessa is making her omelet in the KT. Jackie goes to the WA to brush her hair out. Jackie says, the smell of spit & toothpaste in the sinks makes her want to vomit for days. She says, she doesn't know what to say in her goodbye messages, she says, it's so weird. Jason says, he knows. He says, he's waiting to see how the day goes, & he's biting his tongue on the rest. Jason says, Liz went into his room to tell him the luggage was there. Jason says, he was thinking that he knew it was there since the batteries. He says, Liz is such a passive/aggressive little c*nt. He says, she acts so much better than her sista. (Said in his Massachusetts accent.)


4:08 PM BBT Jackie uses the blow dryer on her hair. Vanessa finishes up her yummy looking omelet, & comes in the WA to sit down. Jackie tells Vanessa the alcohol came last night as soon as she started working out


4:11 PM BBT ***Correction on the 4:04 PM BBT update. It was HE (Jason) that said the last comment about Liz acting so much better than her sista, NOT SHE (Jackie).


4:12 PM BBT As Jason is getting out of the shower he asks what Vanessa is eating? Vanessa says, an omelet that looks more like spaghetti. She tells Jason she sucks at cooking, & then she leaves the WA. In the CBR, Liz & Austin are laying together in their bed. Liz has a red bandana over her eyes. Austin has his eyes open looking at her, with a blue headband in his hair.


4:16 PM BBT Vanessa goes in & out of the HNR. In the CBR. John is sitting up in his bed with  pink bandana on his eyes. Becky is taking a nap in her bed, & doesn't have her eyes covered. Jason brushes his teeth by the sink in the WA. Jackie is fixing her hair. Meg comes in the WA. Meg asks where everyone is at, because she hasn't seen a soul? Jackie says, sleeping. Jackie asks Meg where she was? Meg says, DR. Meg says, she's over it, & she doesn't care, she goes in the WC.


4:19 PM BBT Meg gets ready to get in the shower. She is taking a shower on the HOT side of the shower. Jason goes to the KT to make himself some eggs now. In the CBR, Liz is moving around, as if she's annoyed by how close Austin is to her. Austin moves eve closer to her. He keeps pressing his face up against her back. John gets called to the DR.


4:24 PM BBT James & Steve are still playing their chess game upstairs. Jason continues to cook his eggs in the KT.


4:28 PM BBT Jason finishes cooking his scrambled eggs & toast. Meg is looking for her nice black bra. She asks Jackie if she can keep a look out for it because it's been missing it for a while. She says, it might be stuck in her drawer somewhere. Jason goes to the WA with his food. Meg asks him if he made scrambled eggs? Jason says, he did. Meg uses the blow dryer on her hair, & Jackie uses the flat iron on hers.


4:32 PM BBT Meg wonders just how foul she looks on TV. Jason says, not that foul. He says, she doesn't look foul in the house when she's a mess. Meg says, maybe it won't be as bad on TV. Jackie says, she was always scared to see herself on TAR, but it wasn't that bad. Meg says, she's always put together. Jason says, she was on TAR though, & she couldn't be put together on there. Jackie says, she did her best, but there's no way to look cute with a 40 lb. backpack on.


4:34 PM BBT Jackie tells Jason, if he leaves he will have to watch her. Jason says, he'll have a lot to watch. He says, he has to watch BB Canada, & BB Australia has started, so he has a lot to watch. Meg tells them that the pics on the camera make it look like they are on a TV set in the KT. She says, the colors are different, & it may be made to look like that. Jackie is using 2 hair straighteners at once. Meg says, her baby hair is done in 2 seconds.


4:38 PM BBT Meg says, he hair is so long now. She says, when you are used to a certain length, & it's longer, it's weird. Jason says, he really doesn't notice that much. Meg says, she was asked in the DR if she's going to go back to sleep. Meg says, there's nothing else to do. Jackie tells Meg, there was a chess competition earlier. Meg says, they need to have an early bowling night tonight. She says, she needs that in her life. Jackie cleans out her hair brush.


4:40 PM BBT Jason comes to the WA from getting something to drink. Meg tells him they need to have an early bowling night tonight to keep everyone occupied. Jason says, then they can scatter. Jason says, he feels that it's morning, but he knows it's not. Meg says, it's probably almost 5 PM. Jason says, James is occupying Steve upstairs again.


4:42 PM BBT Jason takes his clothes from the WA to the OBR. Meg takes hers in there as well. Jason says, he got his suitcase, but he doesn't know what he wants to do with it yet. Meg is looking at a shirt in the hallway. Jason says, it looks like a baby doll shirt. Meg puts on some earrings. Jason says, the stress is real.


4:44 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Jason wonders what to do now. He lays on the pull-out bed for a couple minutes. He goes to the KT. In the CBR, Austin & Liz are still in bed. He keeps rubbing her under the covers. Clay gets called to the DR. HG's keep going in & out of the CBR. Austin keeps stirring.


4:47 PM BBT Meg is at the DT. She says, James didn't know what thigh highs were. Jason says, this is the topic of the week. Meg says, James thought thigh highs were what you wear over your face to rob a bank. Meg says, James says thigh highs so funny. James says, thigh highs. Meg says, one word & with his accent. Clay goes to the DT. Jason asks if he's just going to pick his outfit from the table? Clay laughs. James wonders where the bowling pins went? Becky tells him. Meg wants to bowl soon. James says, o.k.


4:51 PM BBT Shelli is sitting at the DT eating popcorn again. Jackie & Steve are also at the table. Jason sneezes. Meg blesses him. Jason thanks her. Becky is making herself something to eat in the KT. Clay looks through his draweer in the CBR. Austin opens his eyes, & now has his arm laying on Liz, above the covers.


4:55 PM BBT Vanessa is in the KT now. Jackie gets called to the DR. Jason says, let's do some bikini shots. Meg says, oh, my, no. James says, bikini shots? Jason asks James what he's thinking? Jason says, bikini shots, long stare (from James). Becky talks about bikini shots. Jason says, a long long time ago they wanted a shirtless pic of him. Meg says, question of the day, how foul do we actually look on camera? James says, they probably look better than they think. Becky & Meg talk about how the camera & photo booth pictures are so good.


4:59 PM BBT Steve tries to do the months of the years on his hands to see which months have 31 days. Shelli tells him he's doing it wrong. (You can do it using your big knuckles). Clay is still getting dressed in the CBR. John is sleeping without being covered. He has his legs bent & his left knee is in the air.


5:03 PM BBT Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. Shelli wants someone to hold the hula hoop downstairs, & they try to get a ball through it from upstairs. meg says, the mics kill that, & they will stop that. Meg says, they still have bowling pins, & can play that. HG's talk about the looks Steve gives. Clay comes out of the WA, only wearing grey sweatpants.


5:07 PM BBT Becky is sitting at the glass table eating, while the other's are sitting at the DT. Meg says, she wants a nanner. Steve asks what a nanner is? Meg tells him, it's a banana. Clay walks back & forth again.


5:10 PM BBT Shelli gets called to the DR. Shelli says, she's not prepared for DR's today. HG's talk about the Veto episode being on TV tonight. Meg says, tomorrow will be the crying episode. Jason says, yes it will. Steve gets up from the DT. Jason says, he's going to tell his mom to change her address. Meg asks if Shelli went to the DR? James says, no, she's in the WA getting ready. James says, Steve is going to tell Vanessa & everybody what's going on, he's such a rat.


5:12 PM BBT James says, he should put up Steve, & say he's nominated him because he's a rat. Steve comes back to the DT. James says, stop being a rat. He says, put on the cheese hat. Steve says, excuse me? James says, they are talking about rats or mice. Becky says, or squirrels. They laugh. The HG's talk about what stuff on the set is still the same from other seasons. Jason tells Steve he doesn't pay that close attention to know if the washer & dryer are the same, but they only use the stuff for 3 months a year. James says, it will be weird if he's still there when they cut the table size down. Jason says, nothing will change this week because Julia will come in. James says, they should just go ahead now & chop the twins. Meg says, James is mean.


5:15 PM BBT James says, Liz already put him on the block once. Jason says, he wanted to tell Liz to go eat a d**k this morning, but didn't. He says, she baited him with the way she told him that his luggage was in the SR. He says, she's such a b*tch. Meg says, grumpy & grumpier grandpa over there. Steve laughs, as he's holding the hula hoop. Steve gets up & is still holding the hula hoop. Meg jokes about proposing a final two deal with her. Jackie, now in the KT, asks if she should leave now? James says, Steve will tell everyone in the house that this happened anyway.


5:21 PM BBT Meg asks how they just sit there & not eat the popcorn all day? Jason says, because he's not a big fan of it. Jason gets up from the DT, & messes with his face in the mirror next to the DT. He walks in the KT. Steve is using the hula hoop as a jump rope. Meg says, chess tryouts. Meg says, they drank all of the soda. She says, not all of them, but all of the good ones. Meg & Steve go upstairs to play chess. Steve tells Meg that he didn't know how to play chess before BB. He says, Vanessa taught him.


5:25 PM BBT Steve tells Meg he's not an expert, & wants to know if Meg still wants to learn. Meg says, she's going to do it. Meg says, he can start explaining if he wants to. Steve tells her he will wait until she's set up, because he has a clear schedule. Steve explains the moves to Meg once she has her white chess pieces set up. He explains it very.


5:31 PM BBT Vanessa is painting her nails in the HOHR. James, Jason & Jackie are all in the OBR. James tells Jackie he's going to look her up when he gets out. Jason says, he'll probably search for his picture from her show where she has no top on. Steve gets called to the DR. James says, oh, he has to read the new card this week for what to do. Jason says, yep. Jason runs down what he's done so far. We see FOTH.


5:36 PM BBT James says, Steve's really excited to. Jason asks if he just went in or out? James says, he just went in & he ripped that door open to. Jason thinks he'll be told for him to be evicted.


5:37 PM BBT They talk about Steve being put up, & they should say he's the rat. James says, they should say, & you know what they get? The rat trap. James says, he wonders what people at home will think if they say something like that. Jason says, Steve scares him. Jackie says, he gives her the heebie jeebies. James says, whoever he's loyal to, he can sit next to his owner. Jason says, that's great, I nominate you because you're the rat, & I nominate you because you're the rats owner. James says, he may get a higher ranking on Jokers & updates from that. Jason says, if the live feeders see Steve as a rat like they do, he's probably at the bottom. He says, if he's America's Player & they still he's a rat, he's in the middle. If they like him, & he's America's Player, he's at the top.


5:42 PM BBT 5:42 PM BBT They continue to talk where the HG's are ranked. James & Jason shout out to Joker's. Jason shouts out to Joker's & Hamsterwatch. They continue to talk about HG ratings some more.


5:44 PM BBT Meg comes in the OBR. She tells Jason to move over on the bed. Jason jokingly tells her to eat a pen*s. Meg tells him to hurry up, because she needs to pretend she is sleeping before Steve comes back from the DR. She says, she was playing chess with him, 7 wants to pretend she's sleeping before he gets back. They goof around some. Meg asks where the hell everyone is? Jason says, he doesn't know. Meg gets up, grabs her microphone. She says, she'll BRB. They throw out some other abbreviations.


5:48 PM BBT Jason says, ugghh, he's so dumb. He doesn't say whom though. He has his eyes closed to try to nap some more. Meg comes back to the bed in the OBR. Jason says, he can hear everyone, & they are all kissing Steve's a**. Meg says, for what? Jason says, for doing what they want. Jason says, after he leaves, he's the only one that can predict what's going on. He tells them to get on Steve's good side so he can tell them what the comps are going to be. Meg says, oh.


5:54 PM BBT Clay gets called to the DR again. Steve goes to the OBT. Meg tells Steve she's rain-checking, but will play later. Steve is slightly jealous of Meg being in a bed. We see FOTH.


5:57 PM BBT Live feeds come back. We can only see the OBR. Steve drops the hula hoop & says, he's stopping. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve tries to find out what happened with Clay in the DR, & then says, he can't ask.


5:59 PM BBT Shelli goes to the HOHR to paint her nails. In the KT, Steve tells John that everyone is sleeping & the patio is closed, so he only has one area of the house to go to now. John tells him to take a nap. Steve says, he slept until like 3:45 PM today. Steve says, he didn't get the magnitude of the lock down there. He says, he understood it, but not the magnitude of it. Clay says, he only has about 30 hours left as a HN. Steve asks what he wants to eat first? Clay says, fish tacos or chicken. He says, he's not a popcorn person anyway normally. Steve says, he probably won't eat popcorn for a year after this. Steve goofs around with John, pretending to trap him with the hula hoop. Clay wants to go & play chess with Johnny Mac. Steve asks if he can be a spectator, & wants to give commentary. Steve says, he was in a stale mate today with James, leaving them both with their kings.


6:05 PM BBT Shelli comes out of the HOHR. She tells them she just painted her nails. Steve asks what color it is? Shelli says, it's called Pink Margarita. Shelli tries to figure out what chess pieces are what as she watches Clay & John play. Steve says, they are a classy cast. Shelli repeats him.



6:08 PM BBT In the WA, Austin brushes out his hair, & is putting it back up in a bun, with the water running. He uses some water to pat his hair down, then puts some on the bun itself. He dries his hands off when he's finished. He grabs his read shirt off the couch, sets it on the sink, sprays some cologne on, leaves the shower bag on the counter, grabs his red shirt, & goes to the CBR.


6:11 PM BBT Becky is awake, with her eyes open, when Austin walks in the CBR. He sits down on the bed, & then lays down, after putting his glasses on the nightstand. The camera gets a close up on the tattoos he has on his back. On the right side he has roses with a dagger through them. On the left side, & middle portion of his back he has something wrapped around another dagger.


6:14 PM BBT Becky turns over & is now laying on her stomach in the CBR. Austin is laying down next to Liz. We get a close up of his arm on Liz, while she is sleeping. In the HOHR, Shelli went in there to tell Vanessa that Steve is so fidgety with everything while he's playing chess. Clay gets called to the DR again. Vanessa says, she asked Steve about the days of the comp. She is having Shelli use nail polish to puts dots on her nails to represent the number of the day. (Isn't that cheating?) Shelli says, it's weird that Clay keeps getting called to the DR. Vanessa starts to tell her about hers. We see FOTH.


6:20 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that they need to start memorizing things now, so they will know them when it gets down to the final 5 or 7. Vanessa says, Steve has an edge on them. She says, they will know more if they study now. Vanessa is having Shelli put more dots on her nails to represent the numbers. Shelli says, Vanessa was downstairs asking about making cards & she hopes the other HG's do not pick up on the dots on her fingers. Vanessa says, if they do, they are Rain man.


6:25 PM BBT Shelli says, she hasn't studied a whole lot, & it's hard to study in the dentist chair. She asks Vanessa if she knows this? Vanessa says, she does now. Shelli says, she wants to try to do this without cheating. She runs down the list. Vanessa figures out that all of Shelli's stuff was on the same day, but then after midnight. Shelli asks her if she wants her to change something on her finger nails? Vanessa says, she can remember that. Shelli finishes going through the days.


6:29 PM BBT Becky comes to the HOHR. She asks if she can come in, or does she want them to finish? Vanessa says, they are just quizzing? Becky tells her to give her one? Vanessa throws out the questions. Shelli says, this is intense. Vanessa says, to remember the HOH days, the BOTB is the following day, & the POV is the day following that. They continue with questions & answers.


6:32 PM BBT Steve & John are still playing their chess game. Camera 1 gets a close-up of the chess board with the name Jonathan Adler on the side of it. Steve is sitting in his chair with his legs up. Camera one gets some other close up shots of things in the area of the chess table.


6:39 PM BBT In the HOHR, They are trying to remember the days of the rewind & photo booth. Becky is using nail polish remover on her nails. Vanessa asks if they want to play quiz. Shelli says, o.k. Shelli says, this is the first time they are going to do a quiz, & then they need to keep doing it. Shelli says, she is so nervous. Becky asks if she would rather do it with them or Julie Chen? They start doing the quizzing.


6:37 PM BBT Shelli & Becky keep getting the answer to the question wrong. They finally get it. Becky says, she knows the information when she's studying in bed herself, but when you apply pressure it's hard. Steve & John are trying to finish their chess game, so it's not a stalemate.


6:39 PM BBT More quizzing is going on in the HOHR. Steve goes in the HOHR. He starts quizzing them. Becky says, they all know more details then she does.


6:43 PM BBT In the KT area, John is using cereal boxes to build a tower. John takes the tower down, & then also uses the protein shake bottles as bases for starting to build again. WE see FOTH. We come back with John continuing to build his tower even higher. He is looking around to see if he has anything to use to help him with his building. He take a drink out of his cup.


6:49 PM BBT John eats some popcorn from the bags on the DT. John sits at the glass table & looks at his masterpiece.


6:54 PM BBT John goes to the CRL, sits on the couch, & props his legs up on the bean bag chair to relax. In the HOHR, Vanessa, Shelli, Becky & Steve are still quizzing.


6:57 PM BBT As the quizzing continues, Becky feels she is going slowly. Vanessa tells her that she's going faster than she is in her head.

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7:00PM BBT: Johnny is in the colorful bedroom by himself just sitting there. 


In the the HoH room Vanessa, Shelli, Steve and Becky are going over the order of all the competitions they have played so far.


7:10PM BBT: The studying for competitions in the HoH is continuing Jason is up and just moving around, Everyone else is still asleep.


7:20PM BBT: Liz is up and in the wash room, and they are still studying in the HoH


7:25PM BBT: Liz is now talking to Johnny in the colorful bedroom, No game talk, just talking about her sister, Liz says "They are double to fun."


7:31PM BBT: Austin walks into the colorful bedroom where Johnny and Liz are Chatting, Up in the HoH they are also chatting, Becky says that the weeks go by really fast in the BB house.  BB17 forever!!!


7:35PM BBT: Liz and Austin are working on Johnny's tower, Clay walks into the the HoH room.


7:40PM BBT:  Austin says Johnny's tower is called The Leaning Tower of Mack and we get the FotH


7:45PM BBT: up in the HoH they are talking and throwing around an orange, and Johnny mack is cleaning up the cereal from his leaning tower of mack falling.


7:50PM BBT: In the HoH they are talking about Chess, Steve says" the man gets all the glory while the woman do all the work" Becky when into the Have-Not room to pack so she can move.


7:55PM BBT: Vanessa wants to sleep so everyone leaves the HoH Austin and Liz are fixing something to eat, And everyone else is asleep in the ocean bedroom. Meg gets up,


8:00PM BBT: Shelli and Meg are now in the HoH and they are talking about Vanessa taking Clay's sunglasses, Because she thought they were hers, Clay says it's a different brand, His are called Knock Arounds, they are good glasses not that expensive. Shelli is talking about sunglasses now.


8:05 Shelli is talking about saliva and how gross it is, Clay says yeah but you let you're dog lick you how is that not gross. And we get the FotH.

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8:18pm BBT In HOH: Vanessa asks Shelli/Clay if they want some alone time? They LOL and say no. If there were no cameras definitely. In CBR John/Steve talk about college and student loans.


8:23pm BBT Steve says he doesn't have a car on campus but he also doesn't leave campus. Steve says he does a lot of theater stuff. Steve tells Liz that Danny BB13's whispers were so quiet you could hear her heart beat over her. (I agree with him!!)


8:30pm BBT BB: Becky, HG you are not allowed to talk about your DR with other HG. Jason says that was weird. Jason is packing, he asks if gray on gray is to gray (he holds up pants and a shirt) says he has a jacket to wear with it. Jackie says she hates this is happening. James says they have to win HOH and get the power.


8:36pm BBT Becky/Shelli/Clay in HOH talk about food. Liz gets called to DR. Becky says it was said so angrily. In WA Liz is putting on make-up. Austin is saying lets all be friendly. Vanessa is at the table eating and Austin says they give them a lot of fish to eat. Vanessa and Austin talk about what comps might be coming up next. He tells her about Kaysar being duped into letting go of the button after he came back in and then being nominated and voted out again.


8:44pm BBT Jackie goes to HOH to get the quac, Becky asks if the salmon is done. Clay says companies dye meat, the salmon is dyed red. BB keeps calling HG to the DR.


8:47pm BBT We keep getting FOTH. Meg tells James that if she wins and stays HOH she is not afraid to do what she wants. She doesn't care anymore. If they are going to play like this she can play like this. If Jason goes home tomorrow she is done.


8:55pm BBT Becky in HOH telling Vanessa/Clay/Shelli that she isn't going to campaign, she knows her votes and doesnt want to panic them. Vanessa asks why she thinks Jackie spends so much time with them (Meg/Jason). Becky says they are her ppl. Jason puts his bags in SR. He tells Meg he is going to fight hard but he doesnt want to scare the MF'rs. Liz/Austin keep getting told to stop talking about production.

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9:00 PM BBT James, Jason & Meg are in the OBR. They are talking about Liz & Austin being in the KT again, & continuously talking about production. James says, Austin eats all the food in the house, & they're going to have to hide food to get any. Jason tells them to hide all the protein powder. Meg says, she wants to microwave a hot dog, but she won't go in the KT with them in there. Jackie comes in the OBR. She whispers to them to find out their opinions of Austin & Liz. She says, he runs their show for sure. She says, that's why he needed to f'n go but no one would listen. We see FOTH.


9:03 PM BBT Liz goes to the OBR to tell them she made salmon if she wanted to just before the FOTH came on. Live feeds come back with HG's in the OBR wondering if whoever wins HOH will go after them. Jackie thinks Austin may go after Steve. Jason says, no, not after he's done what they want this week. Jason says, Vanessa never spends anytime downstairs when she's HOH.


9:06 PM BBT Jackie says, Austin will try to win HOH to save himself, because he wants to save the twins. James says, if you want to light a fire under Austin's a**, get rid of Liz. James says, so many people need to leave...everyone. They laugh.


9:07 PM BBT In the HOHR, Clay tells Shelli, Becky & Vanessa he thinks the HOH comp will be something will luck. Shelli says, something like swinging a mallet. Liz comes to the HOHR, followed by Austin. Becky leaves to go eat something. Shelli asks how Austin & Liz are? Austin says, he's focused on tomorrow, & he wants to win. He says, it would in their face...boom. He says, then they try to come up there, & he will hold court with the top hat on. Shelli says, that would be soo good.


9:09 PM BBT Liz says, she went to tell them that there was extra salmon if they want any. She says, it was literally Meg & Jason in one bed & James & Jackie in another one whispering to each other. Austin says, they are always whispering. Austin thought they tried to campaign to Steve a little bit. Austin says, he doesn't think any of them would be stupid enough to vote for Jason. Liz says, if he gets those votes, Becky needs to remember that. Liz says, they are treating Becky badly. (How?)


9:12 PM BBT HG's in the HOHR are watching the TV. Austin says, they are going in the KT to steal the salmon. Liz asks if Vanessa did her DR? Vanessa says, she doesn't think it was good. Austin tells them that Meg was balling after she did her DR session. Vanessa says, her nails look kind of cool. She tells them they used a bobby pin dipped in nail polish to put the dots on her nails. Sheli says, it looks pretty good.


9:14 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin what's on the sleeve of his shirt? He says, it's baby powder or something. Shelli says, it looks good on him. Liz says, yes, you look good in clothes. Austin says, so I've been told in here. Shelli asks Austin if he's ever taken his ponytail out of his beard? Austin says, yes, but it's supposed to be neat to keep him in character, & that's the best he could do.


9:16 PM BBT Austin says, it's from the Barbarian in Game of Throwns that got killed off. Austin says, he had a slit in his eyebrow also that he wonders if Clay can try. He says, he may not because of the clippers they have there. Liz says, she is almost out of her eyebrow pencil, & it's the worst. Liz says, they had to share of everything in the house to share. Shelli asks if Julia will be able to bring stuff in also? Liz says, yes. Shelli says, she's lucky.


9:18 PM BBT Meg goes to the HOHR. She knocks on the door, walks in, & says, party hardy as she walks in. She talks to clay about Drake. Clay is listening to Vanessa's HOH music on the iPod. Liz asks what Meg put down. Meg says, she doesn't remember everything, but she knows she put Taylor Swift. Clay says, they already had Taylor Swift, so they won't get it again.


9:20 PM BBT Meg says, today is soo boring. Meg tells them it's 9:30 PM. Liz repeats the time, & says, she played chess today. Liz wants to play against Steve, & try to use Vanessa's moves on him. Liz says, she learned chess & checkers in Girl Scout camp. Liz asks if anyone has ever heard of checkers? Shelli says, yes, blondie. They decide they will checkers with the chocolates tonight. They talk about the rules.


9:23 PM BBT Liz tells them she made it to Cadet in Girl Scouts. Shelli says, she made it to Junior. Meg says, she made it to Brownies & that was it. Liz says, she learned to tie knots, & they had to make tee-pee's. Austin says, he ran away from summer camp. Liz says, she had to go to summer camp, it wasn't an option because her mom worked so much. Liz says, she did theater camp. Shelli did also. Meg says, she did summer camp.


9:25 PM BBT Shelli says, she's ready for slop & pickles. Liz asks her if she's over the popcorn yet? Shelli says, she's not over the popcorn because there are so many flavors. She talks about the different kinds of popcorn they've had, & ways they've made the protein shakes.


9:27 PM BBT In the KT, James is making himself some eggs. Becky, Jason, John & Jackie are in the KT also. Steve comes in and says, he's ready to start his day. James offers to play a game with Steve & John. Jason goes to the HOHR. He has the headphones on now, & is eating some candy. Shelli talks about all the goodies.


9:29 PM BBT Liz asks what day is it, 43? Meg says, 42. Liz repeats 42. Meg says, it's going to be August soon, it's so weird, what are we doing? Meg asks Vanessa if she has baby clippers. Vanessa says, she doesn't know what it is, but they are weird. Shelli says, she doesn't understand that or the knife rules. They talk about having to cook with butter knives. Meg says, it might be because they don't want to have to have wound care.


9:31 PM BBT Liz says, the green knife sucks. (It's a ceramic blade knife). The conversation moves on to ice cream. In the KT, James & John are eating. Steve walks through & goes up the spiral staircase. You can hear the noise coming from the HOHR.


9:34 PM BBT In the HOHR, Liz is laying down on a pillow in Austin's lap covered with a light blue blanket. Vanessa is sitting on the other end of the couch. Jason is using a pillow on his back, & is leaning up against the wall next to the HOH bed. Shelli & Clay leave the HOHR. Meg moves to the HOH bed from the seat at the end of the HOH bed. They were watching Becky on the TV using the foam roller in the LR.


9:36 PM BBT Vanessa tells them everything's she's done today. She even painted her finger & toe nails. She also did a face mask. Liz says, she's going to make cookies, & then she needs to take a shower. Meg asks what the smell is? Liz says, it may be cookies. Jason is talking. Vanessa says, he's saying the end of the lines in the song. She says, people have been doing that all day today. Vanessa says, Liz is also a heavy walker, & it's hard to tell which one is coming upstairs.


9:38 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to take ballet classes. Meg tells him he would be good at it, & it's a good mental class. In the KT area, Becky punches a beach ball across the dining room area like it's a volleyball. Shelli is in the KT with John, she is scarfing down popcorn literally, using a spoon to eat it, & holding the bag by her chin when she eats it.


9:41 PM BBT Liz comes to the KT. She asks if everyone is done with the salmon. She says, Meg may want some. She eats some of the salmon & side items straight from the pans, licking her fingers after each bite. Liz turns the oven on to 350 degrees to preheat for the cookies. She is now using a fork to eat salmon from the pan & she is eating rice straight from the pan, & keeps putting her same fork in to take more bites.


9:44 PM BBT Liz finishes the salmon that was on the pan. She says, o.k., & scrapes the pan offin the trash can. Becky has her cat slippers on that she cut the ears off of to make them look like rats. Shelli is sitting at the glass table now eating a full bowl of popcorn. John is walking around eating something from a bowl as well. Austin is washing the big cookie sheet for them to use to make cookies on.


9:46 PM BBT In the HOHR Jason tells Vanessa, Jackie & Meg that his friend Mel told him he would be kicked out the week he got fired. Jason says, she's right. Vanessa says, she did everything today. She says, she looked for hidden meanings in things, & counted random stuff. Jason says, he did that also. She says, she did days today.


9:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, she came in with enough hair product to do her hair twice, & she's already done it once. She says, she already has some roots. She wonders if she should use it again. Jason says, they will give her more in jury. Vanessa asks Jackie if she uses hair dye? Jackie says, no, it's he natural color. Jason asks Meg is she's a brunette? Meg says, she's a really dirty blonde.


9:52 PM BBT Becky & John are in their beds in the CBR. John tells Becky that every time you go to a club he feels you are signing a waiver to get your clothes destroyed. John put his bowl of food down. He picks up a ponytail holder, & asks Becky if it's her? She says, she'll take it. He flings it at her. She picks it up on the floor. Becky says, the boys have been taking things out of Becky's bin, & she's been finding stuff missing.


9:54 PM BBT Becky tells John that Clay was using her face wash, & Austin was using her hair ties & Moroccan oil. She says, she left her shampoo & conditioner in the shower the first week by mistake, & it was gone. She walks out of the CBR. Becky gets called to the DR. Steve & Clay are playing chess. You can hear Shelli in the KT say, there is no more paper towels.


9:56 PM BBT Meg & Jason get called out for talking about their DR sessions with other HG's. In the HOHR, Meg tells Vanessa she is supposed to entertain her. Jackie says, she is going to get her period, & has cramps. Vanessa says, she's going to start anytime. Meg says, she may be starting hers soon as well. Jason says, oh, gosh.


9:58 PM BBT Meg says, she's going to walk somewhere else now. She says, she's going to scamper somewhere else, & leaves the HOHR. Jackie says, she is thinking about when the show is done, & she goes home. Vanessa says, she is going to stay with her dogs & girlfriend in bed for like 3 days. Jackie says, when she got home from TAR, she was in bed for weeks. Vanessa asks why? Jackie says, because she was with Jeff all the time, so it was hard.


10:00 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie what she did after TAR? She says, she went to work. Vanessa talks about how many followers people get from this. Jackie says, she uses her Instagram more than her Twitter. Vanessa says, she struggled to make her one Tweet each time she was HOH. Vanessa says, you learn from this experience. She says, you learn more about yourself.


10:03 PM BBT Vanessa asks if BB is harder than TAR? Jackie says, yes, TAR was fun, this is a roller coaster. Vanessa asks her if she's read the letter from her dad again? Jackie says, yes, she has it in the HOHR. Steve & Clay are still playing chess. Meg & James are watching them. James tells them he was on the chess team in high school.


10:05 PM BBT James wants to know if he can tell Clay a move. Steve says, he'd rather him not, because they are pretty even right now. In the HOHR, Jason says, chess isn't really something that a lot of people want to do, know it's something everything wants to do. Jackie moves from the couch to the HOH bed with Jason. Vanessa asks Jackie & Jason if they play chess. Jason says, he's still trying to figure out the pieces & how they move.


10:07 PM BBT Jason says, his friend, Mel Brady, tried to teach him before he came to BB. Vanessa offers to help him. She says, she taught Audrey & Shelli. Vanessa tells Jason not to give up on staying in the house. Jason says, he really hasn't. Vanessa says, just don't put those words out to the universe. Jason says, he's a realist, & practical. Jason says, he has 2 people to talk to so he can find out if they will do anything to help him or not, then it's time to be a realist again.


10:09 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jason if he leaves tomorrow if he will regret doing it? Jackie answers for him, & says, no. Jason then says, no. He says, because he's such a BB fan he really thought he would be able to make it to jury. He says, you're really nothing unless you make jury. He says, it really kills him with the recruits for the show. He says, they may kill him in the DR, but he can't believe the Tinder people are going to get a jury check, & he won't, & he has to go back to the grocery store.


10:11 PM BBT Jackie asks Jason if he had higher expectations for the game? Jason says, he had real expectations, & knew he wouldn't win. He says, he's loved every minute of it. He says, he had higher expectations for himself, to get to jury, be more social, & he's tried. He says, he's never been challenged in his real life like he has in the house.


10:12 PM BBT Jason says, he wants to leave with some dignity & respect. He says, he's not going to tell what Becky told him the other day, & rat on other people. He says, he's not going to have a Dan Gheesling moment when he leaves. Vanessa tells him he will leave with dignity, but this is his once in a life time moment. She says, for him to keep his head held high. She says, he helped people when he didn't have to.


10:14 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jason that no matter when he leaves, there is so much out there for him. She says, he's made for television, so he should have plenty of things coming his way. He thanks her for that, while he is crying. Vanessa tells him this is a pretty insane goal to make. He says, he didn't really believe it until they brought his key.


10:16 PM BBT Vanessa says, she was a finalist to be an alternate for TAR in 2012. She says, she's been applying to BB, TAR & Survivor ever since. Jason says, he only applied one other time than this year. He asks Vanessa if Steve knows she applied for this show. Vanessa tells Jackie she had to learn how to drive stick shift when she applied for TAR. Jackie says, she did also, but Jeff was able to do it.


10:18 PM BBT Becky is pouring her heart out to Shelli. She wants to know what to say, & what to hold back from the group, because she doesn't want to be a target. Shelli says, She's been watching Clay's conversations. She says, he is very weary of Jackie, & she may be the target. Becky says, she would not personally do that. She says, Jackie has not wronged her. Becky says, she is a wild mustang, & she is strong. Becky says, she is a good target for the group.


10:21 PM BBT Shelli tells Becky that Clay is the only feeling that Jackie is a threat, & he wants her to get out. Shelli says, she feels now that Jackie has a chip on her shoulder for her. Becky says, she is skeptical. Shelli says, she has to keep it in the back of her head about Jackie. Becky says, if they take out James, he's the middle man, & they can suck Meg & Jackie, & that will push out Austin & the twins.


10:23 PM BBT Becky says, Jackie is skeptical because she's scared since Jeff left, & now Jason is supposed to leave. Becky says, if she was to backdoor James she would tell Jackie that she wouldn't understand the target. She says, she think she can do that. Shelli says, Clay thinks the same way about James, like they do about Jackie. She is trying to soften the way Clay was talking to Becky before.


10:25 PM BBT Becky tells Shelli that she felt that Clay was questioning her loyalty to the group, & she didn't understand that. Shelli tells her she's sorry she feels that way. Becky says, the four of them (her, Shelli, Clay & Vanessa) can go far, & they would change the season. She says, they would be the memorable alliance. Becky wants to think about an alliance name for them.


10:27 PM BBT Becky tells Shelli they can be the GENERALS based off the story she told Vanessa. She says, they can control the army.


10:29 PM BBT Becky & Shelli leave the HNR. In the KT. Clay eating. John asks if the DR has told Clay when they are done with being a HN. Clay says, they haven't told them yet. John says, they told them, because that's when the Wackstreet Boys was ending. James & Meg are laying in bed in the OBR. James says, he forgot where he worked at yesterday. Loud noise is coming from the KT, but it's not on the camera views.


10:32 PM BBT James says, it's going to be weird when they leave the BB house & are outside. He says, hearing cars & people talking. He says, just holding your cell phone will be weird. Shelli is in the OBR, but is not on the camera view. James start playing with one of the chains in the OBR. James tells meg that if he ever looses his license he will move to New York.


10:34 PM BBT John goes in the OBR & jumps on the bed James & Meg are on. Clay goes to find his sunglasses in case he falls asleep on the pull-out bed. Meg says, he found his. She says, Vanessa had them by mistake. Clay gets told to please not obstruct his microphone. The bottom of Clay's feet are dirty, & hanging over the edge of the bed. Jackie goes back to the OBR. She puts on her flower crown that was in her HOH basket.


10:37 PM BBT Jackie says, she won't ever cut her hair short? Jackie says, no. Becky finds a shirt & asks who's it is? The think it's Audrey's. Jackie is looking for her TAR maroon bandana. They think Audrey may have taken it. They think Jeff's is still in the house. Meg says, she lost a bra. Shelli tells Jackie to take a good look under the beds. She says, when she's lost something it's been there.


10:39 PM BBT The guys talk about the condoms that are in the room. Meg says, she's a virgin, 150%. They call bullsh*t on that with the stories she was telling last night.


10:40 PM BBT Clay tells Vanessa that meg was trying to make sense everything. Vanessa says, Jackie sold Becky out. Clay asks if one of them should vote for Jason to make sure the swing vote continues? Vanessa says, she's not sure. Clay says, the swing vote left already. Vanessa says, if they get the 4 votes, & they vote the mystery vote, then they will get the 5 & he can stay. Vanessa says, it's too risky. She says, it benefits them for Becky to stay. She says, it's sad, it's terrible.


10:44 PM BBT Clay says, if she can talk to Meg at some point, they need them to target Austin & the twins at some point, because they can't. Austin goes to the HOHR. Vanessa tells him the twinkle toes worked. Austin says, Liz promised him a passionate kiss if he wins HOH. Vanessa tells Clay that he should promise Shelli one if he wins. Clay says, they are both holding out. He says, he's going 97% & she's going 2%. He says, he won't go the other 1%.


10:46 PM BBT Clay says, he doesn't want a peck, he wants a passionate kiss. Austin says, Clay & Shelli are the Jeff & Jordan & they are the Brenchel's. (Really?) Clay asks Austin who he wants to go if he wins HOH next week? Austin says, Jackie for sure. He says, he's scared of him. He says, she doesn't have the numbers to put up any of her people. Austin says, he would sabotage a comp to leave Jackie up. He says, she's a better back door target, because she will be tough on the block.


10:49 PM BBT Austin says, they can get their Meg to help them. Vanessa says, she has a mental image of Austin dumping out the paint.


10:50 PM BBT Austin says, he can pull an Evil Dick to taunt Jackie. He says, he will sit there & do nothing. Austin says, Jackie is an ice princess.


10:52 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has a feeling this is going to be a strong guy comp. Clay says, a guy has to win. Austin asks why James is all of a sudden hanging out with Jason. Clay wonders why James is all of a sudden playing chess with Steve also.


10:53 PM BBT Vanessa asks, what if there's an America's Player, & they swing Steve? Austin says, what do you mean swing Steve? Austin says, Steve would never do that. (Steve has voted the other way). Austin keeps calling the other side of the house minions, & says he was an underdog.


10:54 PM BBT Austin thinks they are going to gear the show towards the underdogs like him. He says, he can't see Jason getting America's Player, but he's funny. Vanessa asks if Austin is going to win tomorrow? Austin says, yes, & he's getting wrestling mode focused. Vanessa says, she was shocked she did well in the last HOH. Austin says, the light was throwing him off.


10:56 PM BBT Austin says, he would have beat James if he had guessed wrong for sure. He says, he would have put Jackie back up with Jason. He says, they may have been back up there at some point.


10:58 PM BBT Austin says, if they have another comp like that they can get them out quickly by elimination. They continue to think of what type HOH comp it can be. In the OBR, Jackie, James, Meg, John, Becky & Jason are hanging out. Becky says, she can't remember her nieces name because she was born right before she left home.


11:01 PM BBT Liz walks in the OBR with an armful of clothes. She has a face mask on her face. James asks if it cleans the pimples away? She says, it cleans her face. James asks if it cleans the pores out? We see FOTH.

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11:04 PM BBT In HOHR, Vanessa, Austin, and Shelli discussing odds of winning both HOH spots while Clay listens to music.  They peg the chances of the other side of the house at 6% chance of winning both HOH spots.  They calculate a 56% chance of winning both spots, and a 38% chance that they each win one.  Shelli talks about how crazy it is that they have won back to back HOHs.  They discuss that James is motivated and might step up.  Austin says that Liz promised him a passionate kiss if he wins, so he is very motivated to win HOH.


11:06 PM BBT James, Meg, Jackie and Jason are chatting in the Ocean Bedroom. Jason is eating an apple and complaining that he can’t get anyone alone to talk to them.  How is he supposed to campaign?  James says he should pull Shelli aside…that’s what Audrey used to do.  James says Shelli was supposed to get Audrey out in her first HOH but she saved her.  Meg says they want to do a group thing tonight…a chess tournament. 


11:12 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin, Vanessa and Shelli talk about tonight’s show, and then talk about using “I see evicted people” as a tag line for their Sixth Sense alliance. They go on to talk about what will show on tomorrow’s show. 


11:20 PM BBT The HOHR group speculate about the HOH comp.  Austin thinks it might be a new competition because of the twin twist.  He thinks they can’t be put at a disadvantage when they are first coming in because they already have a huge target on them.  They think it might be a golf challenge.  Johnny Mac is a golfer.


11:30 PM BBT The HOHR group discuss strategy for nominations and what their narrative will be if they win both HOHs. Vanessa suggests they get James to think Steve is the target and put Becky and Steve up together and tell James that Becky will throw it, but she doesn’t. 


11:40 PM BBT The HOHR group are reliving glory moments when Jason comes up and invites them to bowl. 


11:50 PM BBT In the KT, Liz takes her turn at bowling.  She fans on her first ball, and then scores on her second.


11:52 PM BBT  Clay tells Vanessa and Shelli that Becky was asking what she can talk to John about.  Later, John approached him with much the same question.   


11:55 PM BBT Clay wants to win HOH, and he tells Shelli and Vanessa that he doesn’t want them to win the HOH because it will make them bigger targets.  They should try to win, but it would probably be better if they are not the ones to win it.

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