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  1. yes! my favorite ,too..i also loved how Andy was freaking out because he couldn't control her either!
  2. love the posters bashing on other posters "pot meet kettle" there has not been one poster who didn't bash a houseguest or another poster..
  3. oh you c'mon..you don't like him i'm sorry try as i might ..i can't see anything good about him. i love your descriptions of gm and fatboy ..
  4. ain't it the truth...they are all talking about what a-hole things the hgs did..of course they don't think that any of THEM did anything...i can't stop cracking up at that one!
  5. i really used to love coming here ..and many people are very welcoming..but there are some who nit-pick over everything..it really is simple ..block me if you don't like what i post ..i would prefer not making people angry but i intend to write what i feel ..it is a free country after all
  6. well good ..want to make sure everyone knows what a liar they all are! it's very simple ..don't want to read it ...DON'T it's a free country
  7. gm is saying it was a joke but it was Aaryn being a bitch and then Airhead started to make fun of Candice ..so did Kaitlyn then ..gm told Candice she didn't need Howard to help her that's when Candice said she didn't need Nick and gm went off ..got in Candy's face saying "you want the black to come out in me" all the while Airhead and Kaitlyn were doing their ghetto imitation..gm couldn't tell the truth if it bit her in the face
  8. absolutely correct ..if anyone is obsessed with her it's FATBOY AND RATBOY
  9. the last 3 of this season are not only disgusting but they are all butt ugly!..gm looks ok with make-up but fatboy and ratboy ..are never going to be cute! these 3 are geeks and nerds if they were not so ugly inside they wouldn't be so ugly outside
  10. anyone catch the perv on the feeds tonite? he makes my skin crawl..i bet marilyn just can't wait to get her perverted fatboy back..wasn't it nice of him to do all his laundry so Marilyn didn't have to do it? what a charmer ...YUCK!
  11. i hope gm wins over Ratboy and Fatboy...but damn that girl needs help ..on top of all her problems ..she's dumber than a box of rocks ..how many times is she going to lie about the bed flipping incident? is she so stupid she forgets it was recorded..it wasn't a joke and she knows it! she got in Candices face because her precious Nick was brought up and she was upset because Candice told the dr about her vomiting problem ..she was mad at several hgs because they were trying to help her..the last 3 in the house are simply disgusting!
  12. i was watching it ,too..the three most disgusting people ever ..i had to turn it off they are ALL lying about sexual thigs ( fatboy and ratboy) and about the bed-flipping incident ..and gm is constantly lying about that..she's so jealous of Candice it's pathetic..she has such a fall ahead of her ...no job ..people hate her..and Nick is not her prince charming..she seriously needs therapy
  13. are any of you watching these disgusting freaks on the feeds now?.. Fatboy and Ratboy are two of the biggest perverts in the world..and GM? dumber than a box of rocks
  14. so sad..my prayers are with her and her family and all the other parents dealing with this
  15. i hope so ..then i hope she takes Fatboy and leaves Ratboy in the dust!
  16. i agree and i heard Allison Grodner isn't coming back! maybe we will have fans instead of models ans actors thank you Fatcat ..those were the days true dat!
  17. absolutely ..i hope her parents try and get her help ..it's hard when your kids are adults though ..maybe they have tried to help her..i believe Candice told the dr about her vomiting and that's one reason she keeps calling her a rat..Elissa was trying to get her to eat right ..but you can't help someone unless they help themselves..at this point she needs the money more than anyone left..i just hope she uses it to get help
  18. gm has mentioned having her teeth capped ..teeth going bad is a big side effect

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