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  1. ewww she really does need professional help..for many things ..at this point i would rather see her win than Fatboy or Ratboy..she's going to need it ..with no job ..still living at home and her eating disorder..let's just hope she doesn't spend it on more liposuction or fake hair or more piercings..she already had her nose ixed ..she will probably try to buy some attention from Nick ..poor girl needs therapy ..BAD! EXACTLY.. funny how Elissa gets ragged on for plastic surgery and yet GM and Amanda both are fake! what's this crap that the exterminaters got rid of Aaryn? what a joke that was Elissa!
  2. you don't have to defend your parenting ..some people think it's ok to judge others about things they know NOTHING about ..such as what Elissa would spend the money on ..etc.. of course these people must be perfect parents! lol I seriously doubt Elissa will lose one minute of sleep over anyone's opinion ..she seems to have a good life no matter who likes it or her..i can't wait till she wins AF ..it's gonna tick a lot iof people off and that makes me laugh! do you think the same of Helen? she left 2 real young children ..but no ones judging her ...odd
  3. Rat boy takes credit for everything! he even said he played like Dan ..Dan tweeted how that pissed him off!
  4. he's an idiot for sure..i can't stand the remaining 3 especially Ratboy..so i don't care who wins as long as it's not him!
  5. I AGREE ..he's a delusional p.o.s. i don't want him to win a dime
  6. considering you don't know me or Elissa ..i'll consider the source..have a good day
  7. STFU GM ..your laugh is the MOST annoying noise in the world!
  8. we are left with the 4 worst bottom feeders in the house..the show is trying to edit them nice ..but just one minute on the live feeds and here comes ..filthy trash talk these freaks make my skin crawl
  9. if the bimbo gm would vote out fatboy she could work with mcnasty to take out Ratboy..that would be great
  10. if this bimbo had half a brain she would vote out Fatboy and work with mcnasty to get ratboy out..ratboy winning any money is a tragedy
  11. serves him right, dumdum,, you keep saying that but it';s just not true ...i'll give you that no one in the house now likes her ..but these freaks are crazy stupid ..but if it makes you feel better ..keep dreamin
  12. he's crying or a jury vote..he doesn't have any
  13. i agree , there is no one i want to win but i DON'T want RATBOY to win!
  14. i would like to see a house full of fans ..not actors or models who no nothing about the game..the only houseguests i liked were Helen, Elissa. Candice, jessie i don't know about Howard ..he wasn't in long enough..the rest were either just stupid or stupid and vile! I think we should change bb here to be more like canada or australia...they are much more fun
  15. spenser...get a kleenex...i'm tired of you flicking your boogers everywhere ewwwwwwwww
  16. Bergupnorth,Fred the turtle,Stevea11,Linda60639,Zyinyi,and Taharqa...love your posts!!! can't quote you all just wanted you to know i appreciate your insight..the rest of you i quoted ..same thing..nice to feel i'm not alone ! plus NYROSE!

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