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  1. i'm not buying it either, but let's face it, haters got to have something to hate..i'm a mother and my husband had just as much to do with raising our 2 kids as i did and we raised them to be adults we are very proud of no parent is perfect but we all do the best we can..i'm sure Elissa is a good mom ..i'm certainly not going to judge her parenting ..it's none of my business ..or anyone elses for that matter..show me a PERFECT parent..they don't exist..
  2. can't wait till feeds come back ..hoping Andy's on the block!!
  3. Bob big brother ..whoever as long as it happens ..i'm down with it!! you got it right, nyrose...
  4. he truly is delusional and so ignorant for a teacher..i wouldn't let him teach my dog..can't wait to see him flip out
  5. YUCK! there is not enough alcohol in the world for any woman with an ounce of self respect to ever let him touch her ..he better stick to melons..or Andy ..they're very close and would make a charming couple! LOL! Wouldn't surprise me ..they share everything ..even half a brain!
  6. charming aren't they? these 5 have maybe 2 brain cells between them..limited minds have limited things they can talk about..i want to see them blow a gasket when Elissa wins!
  7. it's typical on here the other houseguests get a free ride because they are snarky, hateful people..it kills me how Elissa gets bashed for leaving her family for 3 months but if she was a man leaving his family for the same reason ..it would be perfectly fine ..double standard much? the bottom line ..some people can't live without bashing someone ..it's a mob mentality..sad but true ..people are jealous of Elissa no matter if they admit it or not ..some people say that i must be jealous because i call the houseguests out on it ..sorry there is no one in there now to be jealous of ..i mean seriously!
  8. i see what you're saying ..sort of a mob mentality i have always hated when the mob gangs up on someone ..makes me see red, you know? these 5 are a sorry lot..i think some of them ARE rotten to the core!
  9. it wasn't almost everyone..but i won't argue about it i find it disturbing that anyone could hate someone for no real reason except they are just hateful people but then to each his own the cast this year was the lowest of the low ..someone needs to fire Allison Grodner i'll just be glad when Elissa wins Americas favorite..a slap in the face to all the low-lifes in the house no one can make people hate unless they are that way normally
  10. ITA! it was also nice to listen to someone they didn't have to bleep every 3 seconds!
  11. i agree with you and Morty..i've said i think it's jealousy also and been made fun of..but it's obvious to me and others that there is no other reason for these morons to hate her so much ..she never did anything horrible to any of them ..especially Andy ..and she kept Judd and GM safe when everyone was pushing her to put them on the block and they repay her by turning on her and bashing her ever since she left..Andy hated that he couldn't control her and he hated the fact that she was onto him..now all he can do is bash her and her family non-stop..i don't think any of them deserve any money just my opinion
  12. Amanda is supposed to be a friend of Allison Grodner..which would explain why Julie more or less treated her with kid gloves..not fair considering Amanda not only said many racist things but she was also a big bully..getting a real kick out of being a biatch..then crying like a baby when the tables were turned and her "man" didn't defend her..talk about a hypocrite! but then all the remaining hgs are hypocrites..
  13. what a man that Spenser is..he just said that if he had a gun when Candice yelled at him he would have shot her..ewww so macho this pervert is actually giving relationship advice to the guys
  14. the rest of them in the house are idiots and all they can do is bash it seems just Elissa i can't help but wonder how much they would be bashing Amanda if mcnasty wasn't still there..considering what a complete bully and Biatch she was ..she got off easy with Julie, too.. can't help but think Allison made sure her "friend " got treated with kid gloves..it's really wrong to make Aaryn be the fall guy for all the racist crap when Amanda and Gm and Fatboy all had a part in it..and Amanda is a bully on top of it all!

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