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  1. I worry for her after her exit. She doesn't seem capable of handling all this rejection. I hope she decides to stay away from the web and doesn't read all the horrible comments.
  2. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the eviction show.... Meg will cry 2.Who do you feel is a lock for F6 at this point ? Becky, John, Jason, Jackie, Meg and Steve 3.Who do you want to be hoh this week? Johnny Mac
  3. I'm not so sure about Vanessa. I don't understand the love for Audrey. I don't understand why she thinks there is a separate side. I think the HOH has gone to her head.
  4. Has it already been discussed that Becky looks like Jennifer Garner? I really like her - hope she goes far in the game.
  5. Any one of the women in the jury house deserve the win over the five flip floppers. Cant stand these 5 losers left in the house.
  6. And boy oh boy is Amanda going to be angry with him when she finds out HE is responsible for Elissa's eviction. That was his big mistake. He is now out of there.
  7. Well said and I agree. I really cant stand the remaining 5.
  8. I know I'm probably alone here, but I enjoyed Amanda. Agree that she was bully-ish, but she was by far the smartest player in the house. She could think circles around everyone else and kept things interesting. I really think these last 5 may be the most boring last 5 in Big Brother history.
  9. I dont think Andy has played a good game. He's played a cowards game. He has hidden behind every single houseguest and has NEVER made a move on his own. He disgusts me. I'm sick of listening to him talk about Elissa now that she is out of the house. Of course he didnt have the guts to say anything he is saying now to her face. Total pathetic coward.
  10. In defense of Amanda, she has played a great game up until now. There isnt anyone in the house smarter than her and she has a strong passion to win. With that said, her downfall were her emotions. I dont really understand her hate for Elissa but its that hate and her desire to control everyone that is costing her the game. I even think she could have managed to stay this week if she had worked on patching things up with Elissa. I'll be sorry to see her go but it is time. Her ugly behavior trumps her game smarts.
  11. So sad I missed all this. Unfortunately, I'm a Time Warner cable customer and I no longer get CBS on my tv. To make matters worse, CBS has denied me access to CBS.com AND HULU - which I pay for and has nothing to do with Time Warner. As a feeder, I can watch the feeds but its no fun without the show. This is a terrible way to treat Big Brother fans. Thanks for letting me vent. I hate CBS right now.
  12. I like Amanda. She is smart and she stirs things up. In general, I like this cast a lot. They are taking the game seriously. I cant remember a cast that turned as often as this cast does. I thought for sure Aaryn would be out this week but it looks like Amanda has convinced everyone to vote for Kaitlin. Amanda is very persuasive.
  13. Howard is still lying. He told Helen that he was NOT in the MC. We all know that's not the truth and so does Helen.
  14. They need to get Aaryn out of there. She is a piece of work.



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