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August 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:50 BB Time All four feeds come back to sleeping HG (give me a break!)

Can faintly hear Will and Janelle singing from the bathroom (lol) sounds like they may have music! Either that or there's a party behind the walls tonight, hard to tell.

Boogie wakes up, goes to bathroom, returns to bed, and immediately goes to sleep

(It could have been his CD I was hearing faintly)

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Will and Janelle speaking in Bathroom, he says she sleeps alot. They begin talking about the designer sweatshirt she gave him to wear. Will begins pitching another business he and Boogie are opening later this year with designer clothing.

Will talking about referencing today for not game purposes, it takes her a minute to catch on.

Janelle has been blonde since she was nineteen. Begin talking about their HS pictures from last Saturday's HoH comp. They don't like their pictures, but like each other's. Will drops the soap in the garbage, says he'll let it ride and blame it on James.

He says this is the week it has to be done or else they are screwed. Janelle will be bummed if Will leaves next week.

He asks Janelle if she could please go to bed a few hours earlier, like at 3am. She says it is of no use.

Will says Diane stole his lip balm, she offers him bunny balm which keeps your lips soft.

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1:15 am BB Time - After FoTH, Will and Janelle quietly playing cards in BY

Will beats Janelle, he says he learns from her at cards and in the game and she gets mad when he uses the same tricks on her.

Janelle asks him to teach her some tricks.

Will wants to know what happens if he beats her. He asks her to take him on her Bahamas trip, but she already promised her mom, but they are having trouble scheduling it. If she wins, he takes her to Aruba.

Will won, she has to take him to the Bahamas.

They play again. He asks what's this game for, Janelle: "I don't know"

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It's 2:20 BBT. Feed 3 was focusing on HOH while Boogie tossed around, untangled the headphones from his body (they look broken), and swapped a few slurrpy kisses with Erika. He left the bed to go to the bathroom while Erika re-dressed herself under the covers. She left the HOH to sleep elsewhere (on Feed 4).

On feeds 1 and 2 we have Will and Janelle, as Will drones on with his strategies of how they must proceed with the game.

Erika gets back out of (her) bed and is off to the bathroom where she dresses in regular clothes and walks to the kitchen. She peaks outside and sees W&J are still outside. Back to (her) bed.

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Will continues to be perfectly honest about how Janelle could win the whole thing if she got to the final two. But he deceives (like he does) by telling her that Boogie would keep her to the F2 if Will were to get eliminated. (Versus their plan to keep Erika to the end if it can't be CT.) [see video]

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Janelle and Will whisper and laugh about the producers running out of material. They didn't know what to say about BB playing up Wills "romancing" the BY camera.

He starts singing then FoTH.

1:36am Back to the game, they are playing for a weekend being shown around either LA or Miami

Will sings again FoTH again

Janelle wins, Will says that was for one day in LA, now they are playing for one day in LA or Miami, then he has to go to bed he is exhausted.

Will starts again with the singing... FoTH

1:54am Back to the game Janelle goes out and they tie on points, no one wins. They play again, quietly, for another day around town.

Will accuses Janelle of changing the rules, but he goes out first anyway. She wins 48 hours being shown around LA by Will.

Will lies down on the couch, very tired. He wants to go to bed, they do some Jedi drilling first.

She says you or I have to win or we're screwed. She asks Will if he promises to win it, her brain is fried

He says he has been trying to win HoH. Says if he won it he would have put up James, Danielle, or Erika

She asks well why did Boogie put me up. He tells her to remember August 22nd and what they talked about

He explains the plan of throwing people off their tracks - the reason Janelle was nominated.

Says he would have put up CG if James was up and Danielle got POV to save James

Will says if WillBoogie get put up, Janelle wins POV and has to save him so they have the only two votes

Will is concerned that Janelle says her brain is fried, She says she's never had this problem before

Will goes through the whole season, who was nominated, POV winner, replacement nominee, who was evicted, what was the vote.

Will says it is Janelle and Will against Erika, Danielle and CG

They run through the possibilities. Janelle says that she hates Erika, wonders if Boogie really likes Erika.

Will explains that Boogie is obsessed with BB, six weeks before the show Erika calls Boogie and starts butt kissing. Boogie starts working her to get help getting on. Will says they are both schmoozing each other to get on and stay on the show. Will says that Boogie has no problem kicking Erika out. Says they will use Erika as a vote to get rid of Dani once James is gone.

Will is asking Janelle to get Erika and Danielle to believe she is going after ChillTown.

Will explains all of the possibilities of the end of the season, says he will leave if he is on the block with Janelle.

Will says its ok even if he and Boogie are on the jury influencing the rest about the "banana bread"

Will keeps telling Janelle if she makes it to the finals that she would beat anyone else hands down.

He says Boogie versus anyone else will lose, except for Will.

Will says even if its Boogie and Will in the final 2, Janelle still gets their piece of the banana bread. He tells her she has a vested interest in helping one of them win if she is on the jury, that she needs to influence someone else.

Janelle says its more money, Will says UH UH, I like banana bread. Will tells her not to tell Boogie, but Will wants to do Amazing Race with her.

Janelle tells Will she thinks Danielle controls George

Will wants Janelle to tell CG that Erika is against him and Danielle wants him gone.

2:45 am They are whispering, Janelle asking for a secret. They play another hand of cards.

They are playing for a prediction. Janelle wins: "I love winning"

He keeps saying he has to go to bed, but they play another hand of cards. Janelle wins again. Will deals, says he can't go to bed on a loss.

(I can though, good night all)

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Will is essentially begging to go to bed (sleep), meaning he leaves Janelle alone.

They move to the bathroom where Will gets a drink.

Janelle teases, saying she wonders if any of her sponsors are watching the show. Will asks if she would be happy with a'normal' lifestyle. She says of course.

Will tells her to ask him three questions (drill) and then he's going to bed.

Janie requests (again) that Will not leave her a mean good-bye message. Will protests with sighs and says "What happened on August 22nd?" (They had a chat). He then says that his fear for Janie is that at critical times she backs off. She responds with "No, I don't" [as many live feeders still hope she creams him by the end of this game]

Will finally manages to pull away to go to bed. They walk to the bedroom together. Janie says she glad about their chats today and Will says, "I bet you are. It's the luckiest talk you've ever had."

3:20 BBT - Will into bed. Janie returns to the bathroom for some ADLs. She goes outside. She comes back in to study the HG pictures for a while.

3:40 - She returns to the bathroom and curls into the couch with her blanket and bible (Feed 1).

Feed 2 is Will in bug room. Feed3 is Boogie in HOH (with broken headphones). Feed 4 is Erika.

That's it for the wee hours.

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4:40am BBT Janelle's lying on the couch and is reading the Bible . . .

Everybody else is still lights out and fast asleep. Chicken George is cutting some major zzz's

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6:58 AM BBT: All 4 feeds showing sleeping houseguests. The sound of Dani grinding her teeth can be heard occasionally. It's a horrible awful sound.

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9:10am BBT

BB playing music to wake up houseguest.. we get FOTH

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9:30am BBT

Boogie is up and downstairs getting clothes. erika wakes up but is not out of bed yet. CG is up. boogie is now in SR looking around.

note: boogie is wearing a shirt that has "boogie" on it with a 0 below his name... hmmmm

CG is now in kitchen with boogie talking small talk.

CG: i dont mind being the designated driver, but in this situation i would like to have a drink

Boogie: ohh you mean in the house? yeah.

CG: yeah, i would like to have a drink (he cant drink cause he is on slop)

CG goes into bathroom area to do morning bathroom things

Boogie is still in kitchen making himself something to eat.

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boogie is talking to... BB? he is all alone in the kitchen and he is saying something about having more booze and he said "you were there for me last night and this morning i am here for you"

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boogie is now outside eating and shuffleing cards.. by himself.

oops i spoke too soon. now Will is outside. Will fills boogie in on what was said between him and janelle. he is telling boogie that janelle is totally down with them and down to "do it" (go after everyone else) janelle said that her only concern is if Will leaves if boogie would still be with her and will told her YES... Will says he is playing his role in the house.

will says he has 0 reservations about her. janelle told him if he wins HOH, she will go into a corner and cry so everyone thinks she is upset about it. FOTH

comes back from FOTH and only boogie is in back yard. all feeds on boogie playing solitare.

George comes outside with some slop. Boogie asks if he is feeling good about tomorrow and CG shrugs and says Yeah.

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10:10am BBT

boogie and CG in backyard talking about this season on BB and what they will say when its all over.

CG: i didnt sleep for 6 or 7 weeks

CG: i won HOH...for one night

Boogie: (pretending to be CG) i wrote on a chalk board what i would do

CG can hardly contain his laughter. boogie lets out a laugh every once and a while but doesnt seem to think it is THAT funny.

Erika has now come outside and joined them on the couch. BB: "erika, please put on your mic" she has to get up and go back inside to get it.

George: its moving day, i have to pack my things

Boogie: she (erika) is familar with that

erika just sits there. camera zooms in on CG's bowl of slop. its confirmed to be dry slop. yuck.

James is now up and sitting with erika, boogie, and CG outside. they start talking about the final show and how the jury asks questions and how the voting goes. CG asks if they tell the final 2 how they are voting and james says no.

everytime CG laughs its so loud on my speakers that i have to turn the volume down. bosses are in so i cant be having such noises come from my office.

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Will says he and Janelle were in the DR for two hours last night. Boogie asks if it was "romantically" and Will says, "Yes, let's just say, I'm playing the part." He said he doesn't think they were taping any of it. Tells Boogie that Janelle is totally down to run the show with either of them and is in for the banana bread (money split). Boogie doesn't want to commit to the split yet, but Will tells him next week they will be committed to it. Boogie is worried about committing to it now and having Danielle find out.

Will asks what Boogie did in the DR. If they voted. Boogie says, I don't know because I don't vote.

Will says he trusts his relationship in the house with Janelle 100%. He has not one doubt about her commitment to fight alongside CT. He says she told him if Will wins HOH, she'll go in the corner and cry. Boogie laughs.

Flames and then George comes out.

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Will is kitchen making cereal and he tells erika that he was sleeping, and then woke up and he was Drunk! he couldnt believe it.

he asked erika why everyone went to sleep so early, she didnt know where everyone, she just went to sleep.

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james, Boogie, and CG are outside talking about relationships. James said that boogie told them that he once took a 230 pound woman home with 2 of her fat friends. boogie said that was just one time.

boogie asks james if he and sara are married and james says, no but he is very happy with sara and she has all his bank account info and any other info that is important.

CG yell out into the yard "hey sara, go to the mall"

now they are talking about text messaging on phones. james says that Sprint always f*cks up his phone and we get FOTH

feeds switch over to Will and Janelle in yellow room they are whispering.

ok, gotta get some work done cause the bosses are here.

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Erika and CG in red room

James and Dani in BY.

neither are strategy talk...

Dani wants them to call Dr. Zachary for her.

CG says he is functioning [on slop] but has little energy.

James and Dani talk about backdooring Janelle.

Dani and James are putting one CT member up and Erika. [if they win hoh, in order to backdoor janie]

James wants to ask Janelle in front of will 'you wanted to put me up the week Dani got off the block huh?"

D: yeah do that. she thinks you're totally on her side doesn't she.

J: I don't know, Janelle isn't dumb. we'd be running this shit if we got rid of CT weeks 3 and 4. So Nak and Ali are gone. Jase would have sunk himself.

D: why did you guys keep saying he was in an alliance with CT, i never got that.

J: he took our info and took it to CT

D: one thing about Jase is I know he's a man of his word. it was a golden word.

J: I was gonna keep him. they promised me if i put up jase theyd put up CT. it was the final straw

J: Alison, Nakomis, Boogie, Will would have been a great beginning 4 boots.

J: so you're not gonna bring it up to the DR?

D: I don't think so. i don't care anymore.


silence as they play cards.

Will and Boogie talking [mid convo]

Apparently Will told Dani last night they wanted to boot James. Dani bawled.

Will reasoned with Dani, and it left unresolved.

W was upset Dani might spill the beans

W and B hope that she said she's having a rough morning.

B: we may not be able to do this without her permission.

W: theres no turning back because if he stays he'll really come after me.

B: I'm 100% commited to it.

CT feels deep down Dani knows that James needs to go.

W feels they need to do damage control.

W: jsut now janelle said she is 100% voting him out.. erika is too right

B: that's what she said.

B: if it comes out 2-2 im gonna be concenerd

W: we'll know in a matter of hours who it was.

W: Janelle is in LOCK. lock! no doubt. If it was Janelle, she'll go. if it was erika, it'll confirm she's a snake.

W: if dani isnt ok with this.. dani will come after us.. and doesnt know we have janelle. we gotta get him out quickly, ggive her some wine. Jani wins hoh erika and dani goes. dani wins and puts jani and erika.

W: if they catch on... this is gonna be bad. if too many people start talking.

B: they wont catch on

W: if you have erika where you think you do and i have janelle where i think i do.. we're locked.

W: i think you g to erika and say, you're voting james out right. and say it to janelle too. tell dani james is safe...and then tell her sorry we had to do a last minute decision. dani wants to fucking tell him and we cant have it.

B: no that's bad.

B: as long as it doesn't get back to your girl, what to we care?

W: yeah i gotta go back down there she said not to be gone long.

Will sees Erika on his way downstairs.

W: i think dani is getting wind of it. you're 100% committed right?

E: yeah. oh yeah.

W: cuz if boogie has to break the tie.. he'd be fucked

E: yeah.

Will continues t find Janie. fills her head with info of James/ Danis alliance

Janie: what were they doing outside

W: just fucking plotting!!!

W saying he wants to take a picture with Janelle today

J: really? you never want to. wow.

W: maybe i do.

CG alone in kitchen preparing slop [[sidenote... today is the first day that i've actually noticed george HAS lost a lot of weight!]]

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the HOH camera has arrived, so it's time for everyone to drop game talk/etc and do some posing for the camera

CG: james, let's take a picture together

James: we took a picture last week(not into it)

CG: nooo, one of us duking it out, you can put me in a headlock

Erika is taking pictures, and James is getting into it now... they go into redroom, but CG is laughing because James is too paranoid to lay on the bed

CG is DYING laughing at the pictures... now Dani/Erika wants a picture of Will being pushed in the redroom... Will says he is superstitious and makes them promise they won't push him in... CG of course tries to push Will in, laughing all the time...

CG: could I get one of me with the two ladies?

Erika: yea!

Dani: yea!

James: ask your wife..

James: Will can I get a picture with you and Boogie, my two executioners?

Will: sure

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Janelle is still asleep, others go to HOH room for pictures...

James/Danielle return to BY to continue their card game, Will/Mike remain in the HOH room, do a little bit of whispered strategizing, Will giving instructions to Mike about talking to Janelle about W/J time in the DR last night... then flames

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Boogie: Will, how many total votes were cast week 5

Will starts going 'round about coming up with an answer, talking outloud... started with x number of people, this many were playing POV, so such and such

Boogie: 3 people have buzzed in already...

Will continues calculating the answer...

James/Dani outside between hands of cards, mention CG sitting in the BY looking depressed

J: has he talked to you about the vote?

D: no, he said before to do what is best for me in the game

J: how about CT?

D: no

J: I would hate to go out like Howie

D: it would be in their best interest not to screw me over

J: they would lose the entire jury if they did that to me

(dealing the next hand of cards)

Dani drops a card, says she needs a new one because James saw it

James says he didn't see the card, but she gets one so he calls her a cheater

CG still sitting other side of the BY, W/M in the kitchen going over BB history, Erika wandering, Janelle must be sleeping

Will outside to check the wash

Will back inside, Erika joins W/M at the table

Will tells Erika she HAS to help him study, if CG wins HOH, CT is going up.

Mike asks another question, Will gets it wrong, Mike says that was the week you were up, if you don't know that...

James tells Dani she can't 'count cards', it's illegal, I always hear in gangster movies people get in trouble for that

Will asks Mike/Erika if they study at night... they say no... Will says they should hook up less and study more! (ed. lol)

J: if I go, you have to go after CT... you have to put them both up, because of Mike's power... it has to expire soon

D: I think it has expired

Will/Mike/Erika going over names of competitions, and now math questions, number of seconds/etc

James comes in to kitchen, M/W/E continue studying, James in fridge answers a question they ask, then goes back outside, tells Dani they are studying with Erika... now Erika goes outside...

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James/Dani finish card game

J: make sure of the votes

D: they told me not to worry

J: sure, for you, you aren't on the block

D: they know, if they do that to me, I will align myself with Janelle

they get up and go inside, where Will/Mike are still studying in kitchen, while Erika sits at the counter

Feed 1 shows a sleeping Janelle, feed 2 the empty couches outside, feed 3/4 W/M/D/E in the kitchen, Will asking Dani if she could hear him singing in the shower last night, Erika/Dani reviewing the camera pics... Mike playing solitaire...

E: I'm going to lay down, I'm exhausted from today's festivities

Dani in bed room while E gets settled in bed, E can't find her pillow, realizes it's under her, Dani says it's like.. Princess in the pea... Dani says she's tired of crying.. if they'd give me some Top Roman(noodles?), or Midol, something to knock me out... I cry all the time, I'm talking about crying now, and I'm about to...

E/D laying in beds, general memories of BB, laughing some

Mike playing solitaire still, gives James reassurance all is fine

Will randomly talking about 50 cent

James joins E/D, E saying she doesn't remember going from tub to bed

J: you don't remember doing a strip tease?

E: I did not... did I?

Will joins them....

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Another random comment by Will: this shirt is so poor quality, I don't know why they bothered making it. It's the equivelent of 6 paper towels

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(sorry, got busy working)

Dani/Erika/James/Will were talking in the bedroom... James was laying on Erika's bed, commented on how comfortable it was, then mentioned he had his box spring/matress on the floor for a while, and the conversation went pg-13 for a while...

Mike can be heard out of the room, complaining something about a key and his blog, comes in the room and asks if they heard that, and when he starts to explain, we get flames...

back from flames, same group in bedroom, discussing how many subscribe to the live feeds, guess is 10,000.... 20,000 max...

CG is cleaning the kitchen, Janelle still hasn't shown for the day

Will thinks it's crazy that BB has them carry one bag into the house, as if that's all they are bringing. His suggestion... don't take anything into the house... first night they go to the backyard, BB drops ALL their belongings over the wall with a giant crane...

3:20 bbt... Janelle is awake!

group talking about going into the house, Mike was worried, Will kept saying he would be in fine... Marci was upset he wasn't an America's Choice to enter the house...

James outside with CG explaining about his sore shoulder, saying the doctor told him it is muscular, but he is wrong! (ed. lol)

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