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August 23 Live Feed Updates


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Janie is putting bleach on Boogie's hair roots.

They are talking about family. Then Boogie talks about James and says that he was told (in the DR, I think) that he (Boogie) has lost his swagger, and Boogie says yes, because he likes James. He says that James is the one guy in the house that he would be friends with on the outside.

Boogie says that James is dangerous in the game and he knows that eventually James would set them up for a big fall.

(Boogie and Janie seem to be really bonding)

Janie asks if James was for getting rid of Howie, and Boogie says that James was not worried about getting rid of Howie--he was more worried about the jury vote. (This is why James threw Howie the vote).

Boogie says that the whole house last week was ready to run her out of the house, and now everyone is being nice to her and trying to be her buddy, because they know she is staying.

Janie agrees.

Janie says that it is upsetting that James has done this to her and Howie.

Boogie says that James is constantly trying to relive last year and get revenge for it because he feels that he was treated poorly by them. Janie says James wasn't treated poorly by her last year!

Janie says that the comps are "whack" and she can't believe she was wrestling with a 30-year-old man for a doll.

Boogie says that he always knew that Kaysar, Janie and James would get on the All-Stars. He wasn't sure about Howie.

As soon as they said America had an extra pick, he knew it was "lock city" for Howie.

Janelle says that before they entered the house, she and Kaysar knew that they would put James into the house to "battle them." Boogie says that they could have put Ivette in to do that. She says no, "Ivette is totally trustworthy!"

Janelle says it was kind of a bad thing to have more than just her and Kaysar, because it made them more of a target. (I think she is talking about Howie being in the house as opposed to James, here--ed).

George has created a horseshoe out of slop and baked it (this may be the clay from earlier--slop clay).

George presents it to Will, who says: Thank you very much. I appreciate very much you giving me a horseshoe made of slop. No one has ever presented me with anything like this before. I don't know how to accurately respond.

They act like it is a wishbone and they are pulling it, and James says the winner gets to go to sequester. Then he says that he assumes that is what their wish would be.

Janie and Will are doing their power walk.

Janie and Will are doing this fantasy thing talking about how Janie and Will become stepbrother and stepsister, and they fall in love, and they are making it like a soap opera.

Janie is afraid his mom will catch them. He pulls her into the room. He pulls her on top of him. He says that he has loved her since he first saw him. She says she feels the same way--has always loved him. He asks if they will keep their relationship secret until they can make it happen? She says yeah, sure.

Will: Now, were you thinking of this little world of yours based on Flowers in the Attic, or is any of this applicable to current situations?

Janelle: I don't know. It could be.

Will: Okay.

(This is their imaginary relationship at college time--they will have to go away to college).

Will says at breakfast, Janie's Dad says that he appreciates how Will is taking care of Janie.

Janie says that her Mom would marry Will's Dad. Will says maybe his Mom would also marry Janie's Dad! They wonder if this has ever happened in real life to people? Their parents marry and they fall in love.

Janie: My mom has been asking, like, you spend a lot of time with Will. You seem really close to him.

Janie says that her mom thinks that maybe she has a crush on Will. Will says that's okay--it's understandable.

(They continue to make this up, including Bobby Fisher the Chess Champion dating Janie, and Posh Spice dating Will. The funny part of this to me is that people think Will and Janie are discussing strategy during these walks! ROFL! --ed)

Talk now is a double date with Posh and Bobby and Janie and Will.

Will: Posh is really hot, and she clearly, and who can blame her, likes me.

Janie: Right.

They continue to make up the story with only a brief break with Will saying he has to tell a real story, and he tells a story about meeting grandparents and not wanting to go on a trip, etc.

Feeds switch to James walking around the house by himself, picking up stuff in the brown room. Then he goes back into the kitchen with George.

George: Hi, Sarah!

James: She ain't watchin'!

George: Yes, she is!

James: I know. She better be.

Feeds switch back to the soap opera team of Janie and Will. Will says that Janie is very good at flirting. She thanks him. She says Will is good at flirting, too, and asks if he thinks so. He says that his job includes talking with people and he talks with her and he can't help but want to flirt with her a little--it's like ying and yang.

She asks if he thinks that her job is flirting?

He says that everyone's job includes flirting.

She says okay.

Will asks James, who came outside, if he wants to walk with them and he says no, he doesn't want to intrude.

Will says he can join them--it's not an exclusive walking club or anything.

Janie also chimes in and invites James, but he refuses.

Dani and Erika are begging for sushi for dinner on Thursday.

Will and Janie stop their walk. Janie goes inside and tells Boogie his hair is looking good.

Erika and Dani are playing pool.

Erika starts dancing and watching herself dance in the two-way mirror.

They have wine, and Erika says that she is a "fun drunk" and she gets crazy.

Dani says she does, too. Erika says they have similar personalities.

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James is on the hammock. He says he wants to go home. Dani asks if he wants to leave--give up the ghost? (Dani seems a little tipsy. She is swinging her pool stick around like a light saber). She goes over to James and asks if he is giving up and he says, "Not yet."

George is having everyone sign his shirt in paint.

Janie says that it is really cute and she hopes Georgie sells it on ebay.

(Earlier, Janie and Boogie were talking, and Janie said that she bought last year's DVD of BB on ebay. Boogie said, "Isn't it sad that we have to do that?")

Erika says that it's too bad that everyone isn't there to sign the shirt. Janie says that BB5 is gone. James says "As of week..4?"

Erika: As of like a month ago.

They are eating. Janie whispers and says she thinks she is ovulating, and Dani says she has PMS. Dani is laughing and giggling with Janie about eating.

George: So, this is the final seven.

James says hello to BB Thailand.

James wrote BB Thailand on people's shirts when they had a convention of some sort.

James asks if there is supposed to be an apostrophe in All-Stars. Janelle says she doesn't know, then says no. (George is the one writing it on the shirt). The shirt is white with a black star in the middle, BB All Stars on top, and then signatures on the bottom.

George asks if Janie's shirt came out, and Janie says no. James says that it looked like a shotgun blast. Janie says it was supposed to look like blood. James says it does. James says he told Will they should have written, "I trusted Chilltown and got all of my friends evicted." Janie says maybe "I trusted Chilltown and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

(James is talking to Janie now, at least in the group. Of course, he wants her vote. And he may have seen the video of the POV comp by now in private--who knows? --ed Catnip).

They are writing with paint and q-tips. Will wrote "Janelle BB6 (heart)'s Will BB 2. James says he thought that Will would make that 2 into a dollar sign or something.

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All feeds on kitchen, Jani, Dani, James,Erika, & CG in there. CG making a shirt.

James says he told Will they should have made a T-Shirt that said "I trusted CT & all I got were my friends evicted. Jan says "I trusted CT & all I got was this lousy T-Shirt".

Will & Boogie come in they said they were doing some good negotiations (MBE for booze?)

CG is getting everyone to sign his T-Shirt (hello E-Bay :lol: )

They get 1 bottle of wine & 2 beers. Dani seems disappointed at only 1 bottle of wine. CT thanks Cory. The 5 drinkers Will, Boogie, Dani, Erika & Jan start dolling up the booze (2 bottles of wine & 2 beers for 5 people)

Boogie says I'm not supposed to talk abouth the DR but I will say that...& FoTH

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They are all eating guacamole that Dani made, and they are gobbling it up. Dani asks why they are eating so much--they are going to be fat!

Someone keeps belching.

Dani says they won't let her in the storeroom. They think the BB people are stocking it or something.

Will says they were cracking up in there. (Earlier, the video was not on the storeroom, but I could hear will saying they had new blood back there, and he was calling her sweetheart--talking to the people behind the glass).

Dani says that there is one more bottle of wine. Will and Boogie say "Bust it out!"

They all seem to be enjoying each other tonight.

Dani: We are all alcoholics. I have never drank so much in my life.

Will: It's going down tonight. This house--crazy kids.

Boogie says that he is negotiating for some white wine, too. He says everyone else likes red. He tells Will, "Your girl likes red!"

Janie pipes up and says that red wine has been giving her a headache lately, though.

(I feel bad that George can't drink or eat; especially since they are having fun and there isn't a lot of tension right now--ed)

They can't find the bottle opener.

Dani: The joke's on us. They took the bottle opener.

They are suggesting places where it might be. It was underneath the shirt.

Will is in the background saying his shirt looks like a three-year-old did it.

Boogie: I'm not supposed to talk about the DR, but I will say that --AND FOTH. (Thanks, Boogie.)

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Boogie takes 1/2 of a bottle of red wine, a huge glass of white wine, & 1 of the beers up to the HoH. He puts the wine bottle in the bathroom vanity (I mean no one said anything to him for doing it. Was it his booze?)

Now they take inventory & notice that Boogie took a lot of the booze. Erika reports that Boogie is in HoH washing out his highlights. Will says "is he starting his own minibar up there?" Will says Cory was awsum but there can be no fights tonight or discussion about anyone (I guess BB has given them booze throughout the nite)

Will say Boogie & him went to the DR & talked to them for awhile & then Cory...& then FoTH

Boogie come out of the HoH in a towel & asks Erika about the bath (I guess they are taking a bath together). They tell Boogie he looks like Owen Wilson becasue of his new blonde locks.

Dani & James go out to play pool. BB zooms in on Dani's 1/2 full glass of wine (I think it was all the way full about 5 minutes ago)

Booger & Erika in the bathtub making out. They are both wearing sunglassess. Erika puts on a baseball cap w/the brim sideways. Boogie puts on some goofy orange hat. They both look ridiculous & are thoroughly tonguing each other (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit)

(My prediction for the rest of the night...Booger & Skeletor get it on in the HoH & unfortunately for us BB leaves the cameras on them--ALL 4 FEEDS :blink:)

(Nite all--I'm out)

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Will says he doesn't like red wine--it gives him a horrible headache because of the sulphites. Someone says "Nerd alert!!"

Will comments that tonight, at exactly 10 pm, he has a feeling that this could be the kind of night that BB does something to them (I couldn't hear what it was). Boogie disagrees, then goes to his HOH shower. Everyone in the kitchen realizes he took a bottle of wine up there with him (the think).

Dani tells someone that they have to try Janie's grilled cheese--she makes a great grilled cheese. Janie is cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. They are all eating and drinking (except for George).

Erika goes up to the HOH room and asks what he is doing in there. He is showering. (Apparently he isn't safe even when he is in the bathroom--ed). He tells her he is washing the highlights out of his hair.

Will (talking with the others) asks if Boogie is starting his own minibar upstairs? They think he had six drinks before he started drinking with them. I think Will said they have had four bottles of wine and six beers with only six people drinking.

James is outside playing pool. Dani goes outside. Dani says "Why would I compare you to Jason?" and we get FOTH.

James is doing a Howie impression, saying "Mommy, I want a Dani doll" and Dani does it, too, saying "I want a crackhead Dani doll!"

Erika is outside now, too.

Dani is playing pool with James, and Erika is out there in her bikini.

James says something about Dani being "busted." (Apparently, they got into trouble about talking about DR sessions). Dani says that she wasn't busted--she didn't say anything--he asked a question and she answered it.

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Erika has gone inside. James says that Boogie's mom is going to get grandkids for her birthday. He has been drinking and will be "mad" if Erika doesn't go up there. Dani says that she better go up there! James says Boogie had "that look in his eye..."

Erika is eating a grilled cheese. She gives James a bite. (She actually ate something! Stop the presses!--ed)

James says that "the others" didn't have his back the whole time he was there. They had a month to have his back, and they didn't.

(This conversation is going on in a normal voice in between talking about pool).

James asks if Dani thinks that Marci and Howie are friends again or if they hate each other? Dani says she doesn't think Marc hated Howie. James says he called him names, but who doesn't do that? He says that he may have called him a bitch a couple of times. He says that he did yell at people upstairs. Dani says he didn't yell at her--he knew better. James says that Marc almost got himself nominated week 4, but Janie wasn't having that, because Marc was his second choice, for all of his "the four, the four talk."

James asks who drank his wine. She asks who he thinks took it--who is double fisted? James says he accused Janie earlier and Dani told him that it wasn't Janelle. He says that he has to assume that everyone is lying to him. Dani says he knows that Dani lies to him all of the time. She says that a great game player knows when he is being lied to. She says James is a great liar, but he never knows when he is being lied to. James says he doesn't lie.

Dani: Yeah, and I'm Korean and my name is Jun. I won $500,000 in the year 2003.

James: I ask a simple question about wine and you are taking game into that? You're an evil, dirty person.

Dani: You're the evil one. You are definitely no Jason.

James: How am I evil? Tell me how I'm evil.

Dani: I don't know. You're just evil.

James: I'm not evil.

Dani: You're a bad, bad boy.

James: No. I just get fed up with this place. Frustrated.

Dani: Why? James, you cannot give up.

James: Danielle, I will not give up.

Now Erika is in Boogie's bathtub, and they are going to bathe together, apparently. She asks him for a drink. (I need one, too, if I have to watch this--ed)

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(OMG. They are totally making out and heading toward more in the bathtub. I can't watch that.---ed)

Outside, James is talking to Dani about Kaysar. He says that no matter what, Kaysar's leaving will be spun as his fault.

Dani says that she won't sit there and be #5 in a 5-person alliance.

James says she was always #1 for him. She says she knows.

James says that hopefully Kaysar is reading this stuff and knows that it's not his fault.

Dani says that she wishes she hadn't made the deal with Howie "on the rope," because he would have gone home instead of Kaysar.

James says that Kaysar would have gone home last week, then. Then he and Dani think that George wouldn't have sent home Kaysar because he is so popular. James says that George is so stupid.

Dani says that she protected George all of this time--even told James not to take out George, for certain reasons.

Dani says that her understanding is that Janie is going after CT and Erika, right?

James: Yep!

Dani says that James needs to not be seen talking to Janie.

Dani says that CT doesn't know where James' alliance is.

James says that they don't even know where Will's alliance is.

Dani says that he needs to listen to her instead of giving excuses.

James says they are telling her this in order to create doubt in her mind.

Dani says that she has no doubt in her mind. One thing about her is that you cannot influence her, and if you think you can, then you are wrong.

Dani says that if James is going to spend time with Janie, he needs to give a report to CT immediately. He says he has done that. He did it yesterday.

James: Why aren't they reporting their conversations?

Dani: They are reporting their conversations!

James: Not to me. There are four people in this alliance.

Dani says she knows, and she never believed in a four-person alliance, ever!

James says that the good thing about this is that there are two two-people alliances, joined together.

Dani says that Kaysar is probably thinking, OMG!

James says that he is probably thinking that James and Dani played him.

Dani says that isn't the case.

James says Kaysar should have played for veto.

Dani says she honestly wanted to keep Kaysar in the game longer.

James says that they shouldn't have put up Diane. They should have put up CT, but they wanted safety. (He isn't including himself in this).

James says that maybe they will get out and--he believes everything Dani says, but---

Dani says they are overthinking stuff, and he agrees.

James: Why would she pick Marc? Why? There is no reason!

Dani: Because Kaysar said he did not want to play for veto!

James: Well, then that's f--ing stupid! You pick him anyways! You have to play if you are picked.

Dani says that in season 6, Michael's ass was on the line, he went to Kaysar, and Kaysar told him that even though he was on the show because of Michael, he wouldn't play for veto.

James says he forgot about that. Good call.

James says that he told Kaysar that Janie sold him out for not picking him. Kaysar told James that he was not right about that, and now James thinks that maybe Kaysar was adamant about not playing and that was why Janie didn't pick him to play.

Dani: I told CT that it was imperative not to let anyone know how they were voting. Keep your mouth shut. You have to admit that was brilliant.

James says she can take credit for anything, "as long as I get through this mess!"

Dani: Oh, James.

(They are half-joking, half-serious as they play pool)

James: So you think picking Marc was just--what?

Dani says she doesn't know.

James says Janie is the one who brought it up in the room with him, that if Kaysar doesn't play, he's safe.

James: I mean, we could have gotten through that week completely unscathed.

Dani: I couldn't have.

James says yes, but the season 6 alliance could have gotten through it unscathed.

Dani says that the season 6 alliance was doo doo.

James says yes, because it was an alliance of 3, not 4.

James talks again about how Janie gave info to Jase, trying to "throw him under the bus." Unless she forgot about Jase/Diane. But it doesn't make sense.

Dani: Do you see why it was imperative for me to say I wasn't doing the show? You see, don't you?

James says that he understands--he's just trying to get stuff straight.

James says he was the mole with Diane/Jase, and then Janie outed him.

James says that Kaysar lied about his nominations.

Dani: Did he lie, or change his mind?

James says he lied.

Dani: Well, you know that you were never part of that alliance, then.

James: I knoooooow. That's the reason for my decision.

James says that Kaysar told him he didn't have a deal with CT, and then he did.

Dani: So you are saying that Kaysar was LYING?

James hesitates then says "Yeah."

Dani says that she told Kaysar that she wished he would play the game by himself.

She was trying to tell him that his own alliance was mad at him because he cut a deal. Howie and Janie came to Dani and told her about the deal. James says he didn't know that until now. He says that Kaysar would tell Janie/Howie the truth and not him, though.

Dani says that Janie did not have Kaysar's back at all.

James: Really? Janelle and Howie came to you?

Dani confirms this. They told Dani that Kaysar had a deal with CT. Dani says she thought she told this to James before.

James: Then week 3, when they all promised me that CT would go up and they didn't, that was the final straw.

James says he and Howie got along better with each other than Kaysar and Janelle, because Howie wasn't playing stupid, because he knew who had to go and who not to trust. James doesn't understand the Diane thing or the CT thing, still.

Dani says that she loves Howie to death.

James says he went out like a bitch, though.

Dani asks if maybe he should have told Howie about how he was going to be voted out? Does he feel bad about it?

He says no. He says that friendship "stops at the door," and after Janie and Howie planned to backdoor him, that's when he shut the door. Dani is silent. He says that is why he won't feel bad about taking out Janie.

Dani says that his best way to go on in the game is to get HOH and take out Janie.

He thinks Janie won't vote for him, though. Dani says that Janie voted for Ivette--she votes for the best player.

James: When Will came downstairs and told me--at first I wasn't going to believe it--until you said "Yep!"

Dani says yes, they were going to backdoor him because he threw the veto to Dani.

Dani says the wine is good.

James says the wine tastes like ass--she must be drunk.

He says this season is so stressful. Dani says that it is, and it was the same during her last season.

James says that they are kinda important tonight--they have 3 cameras on them.

Dani: The thing is, you had it pretty easy because you had people you hated and you knew what the common goal was. Get people out of the house.

Dani says that during her season it wasn't like that. She tried to cause dissention between people and she wasn't the target.

Dani: So, this is a game. I don't feel like I'm gonna make it to the final 2. The only way I'm gonna make it is if freaking Janelle gets out of the house, or if Janelle makes a deal with me.

James: We've done a good job keeping each other safe, haven't we?

Erika agrees.

FOTH and then talk of George.

Dani says that she wouldn't have told George how popular Janie was if she knew he would play like this.

Dani thinks that he wants to protect his family.

James: If that is your concern, don't come on the show.

Dani says Erika told her it was pretty bad for George.

James: I'm telling you, I saw the real chicken George the day I nominated him.

James says they all have monsters--he is just not trying to hide his.

Dani says she is a complete monster.

Two feeds are on the bathtub, where Erika and Mike are drinking wine out the same glass.

Boogie tells her that it is "rare for a hot girl like you to like character guys." (Really modest as usual, Boogie--ed)

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Don't know if anyone is tracking this, but the Boogie and Erika HOH Bathtub show has moved into a new dimension. Boogie has added more hot water and bubble bath gel to the water. Underneath the white bubble surface, Erika could be seen moving her hands up and down Boogie's legs, underneath his swim suit.


Who notes the two of them are consuming a whole bottle of wine...

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(I just turned on the quad feed and Boogie and Erika are making out HOT and heavy. It's embarrassing. They've got feeds on their mouth as they kiss, and feeds on their hands, etc.)

Boogie: Whoooo! BB All-STARS!

James is outside shuffling cards, trying to get George to play with him. He says that he has to stop taking things so seriously. He names off each person and gets to Janie and says that Janie does not need him any longer--she has Dr. Will. George says that's a love match, and James agrees. George says he needs to dry off. James says hello to "those in feeder land" and says that they are probably wondering why he is back again--well, so is he.

Will goes into the HOH bathroom and asks what they are doing. Erika is laughing. Will asks how much they have been drinking.

Boogie: If they knew where my hands have been and where her hands have been--

Will: That's enough! Chill out. Will leaves.

Will, Janie, George, and James are going into the DR. They are going to ask if George can drink, too.

Will says that Boogie has had the equivalent of 10 drinks tonight.

Back in the tub o' Sin, Erika and Boogie are playing with a back massager that has wooden balls on it.

Boogie is saying he is with a hot girl and will "take anything he can get."

Erika climbs on top of Boogie after filling the tub with more water. Boogie says he doesn't want her brother beating him up for this.

Whispers of strategy. Boogie is whispering "She does not like you. She doesn't like us, but she doesn't like you."

Erika looks at the camera, then puts her hand inside Boogie's shorts and he says this is a great bath.

(Now I really am done--ed)

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After they finished the bottle of wine, Boogie was massaging Erika's cheeks above water. Then Will and Janelle interrupt. Soon, Danielle is up there is well as it seems Boogie was hording all the alchohol. After plenty of giggling, Daneille, Will and Janelle leave Erika and Boogie to their business.


Who note they have been taking care of business...

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11:25 BBT

Erika and Boogie finally got out of the bath tub and have moved to the bed....under the covers now, lots of kissing noises (ed note: Boogie has a dry pair of shorts on, Erika is wearing her bathing suit still and the HoH robe). Kissing pauses, Boogie takes a drink of water and Erika jumps out of bed to take off the robe. Jumps back into bed and they are spooning and kissing and who knows what else under the covers!

Still all feeds on Boogie & Erika. No talk of strategy at all going on at the moment.

Boogie and Erika still kissing and talking about are they doing this on national television? Erika looks at the camera and says "hi mom" and starts to giggle. Boogie looks at the camera and tells her that the light isn't on so they aren't being filmed. Boogie asks if they should stop, he can just spoon or do whatever he just wants to be near her. Erika laughs and kisses him some more. Boogie says he is down with whatever, he's just worried about her (her image?), besides, he says there are condoms in there (HoH room I gues?)

Boogie rolls over starts to go to sleep and dutch ovens Erika, tells her she loves it....He does it again and yells again "Dutch Oven Like a Beast!" Erika tells him that he stinks and tells him he better spoon her!

11:45 BBT

Erika and Boogie have decided to go to sleep. Facing away fom each other and all feeds are on them. (please show something else)

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11:30 BBTime

All four feeds same view of HoH Bed, Boogie takes a break to drink some Gatorade. He and Erika spooning, Boogie making comments to camera. Erika giggling, tells him to stop. Some kissing and rubbing going on. They are taking care to keep it all under cover as their heads disappear. He says he can stop, can she. The come from under the cover. Boogie says its hard to control yourself isn

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Erika says they are doing this on national television. Boogie says the red light on the camera is on so they are safe. Guess again. He asks if they should stop before this goes too far; she already knows he is up for anything. They have condoms and everything.

Boogie mentions that Erika's friend is going crazy with this. Erika says Heather knows she already likes him. My bet is the relatinship is real, and Will is right to be worried that he could end third man out.


Who thinks these are two really frustrated houseguests...

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12:24 BBT


Will and Janelle just busted into the HoH room and found Boogie & Erika asleep (feeds follow them....thank you!) Will and Janelle leave, go downstairs, Will says he has to pee and Janie goes into the BY lights a cig and is smoking, presumably waiting for Will to come back.

Will comes back out to the BY and tells Janie that he is going to go to bed early. Janie says she is going to go to bed at 5 'cause she slept till 5. He asks if her schedule is going to screw up her circadian rythm with contests and such this week. He starts to tell her about his internet on-camera love fest yesterday and says she had to be there for it to be funny.

They are now talking about how much alcohol they all had and how much Boogie drank since he seemed totally out of it when they went up to his room and he asked if they had anything to do. Looks like Boogie drank a whole bottle of wine and a few beers as well. Janie wants to play cards, Will says he will play with her. Janie asks if he is really tired and he says yes, but he has to take a shower. They both decide to take showers and then play a few hands of Gin afterwards.

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Goodnight everyone.

All four feeds are on Erika and Mike Boogie in the HoH bed, they are sleeping or at least at rest.

I'll be trying to fill in for Jem the rest of this week, and I'm tired already. Please keep the posts coming, the older I get the slower I type, and with you guys helping I'd never get it finished. Thanks!


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12:25 Will and Janelle come into HoH and turn on the lights, Boogie mumbles something in his sleep. They turn off lights and leave, go into BY. All other HG are asleep.

Will and Janelle talk about a "Miss Kitten" who was really fun. Will yawns says he is going to bed early tonight. Janelle says she will be up until 5am, that she slept until 5pm today.

Both say they are so over the show and can't wait for it to end. Willl says he has so much to do when this is over.

Will speaks about romancing the BY camera and in the DR they said they are doing a segment on it.

They laugh about how Boogie looked when they turned on the light... he said "Bro, don't you have something to do" Will did not understand what he had said.

Janelle wants to play cards but Will is very tired. They decide to take showers first then play a hand or two

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Finally we get 2 of the feeds on somebody else - yay! Janelle and Will came into the HOH room to see whether Erika and Boogie were sleeping and then the feeds followed them back downstairs and into the yard. It sounds like everybody's gone to bed except them and they may have been talking with producers (?) while feeds were on Erika and Boogie . . .

W: That was um fun talking to you. DON'T forget that please.

J: I won't

W: Okay, because it obviously can't be like discussed.

J: Um hum

W: Okay

W: That was cool, that person was cool, who was that?

J: Miss Kitten

W: Yeah, never met her before. She was really funny.

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12:38 BBT

Feed 1

The house is quiet, looks like everyone is asleep except for Will and Janie. Will is already in the shower and Janie has just walked in with her stuff. They are talking about Will catching CG with his Nike socks. Will says he needs a haircut soooo bad and says that Janie can cut it super short if they are still there in a coulple of weeks? Or maybe the end of the show.

Janie went to the toilet, finally comes out and starts to undress to get in the shower. Now they are talking about they had a good talk tonight (great we missed it since we got to watch E&B bath-time) and they are glad they are on the same page. Sounds like they did a DR together as well.

Both in the shower thinking its gross that there is pube hair in the shower drain, they are both looking at it, trying to guess whose it is. (yikes)


12:47 BBT

Still FoTH (gotta run to feed the baby..will check back and update what I can)

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Will says he caught CG stealing his brand new Nike socks today. He asked CG where he got them, CG goes I don't know! Will says if he is there in 2 weeks, he will let Janelle cut his hair super short.

Both are showering in separate stalls. Will repeats that was a good talk they had tonight, wants to know if they are on the same page. Will asks when were you on that same page, she says a few weeks ago.

They had their conversation in the DR, will says they recorded the whole thing and will probably use snippets of it.

There are some gross hairs in the shower drains, they try to id the donor but give up trying.

FoTH for talk about DR, comes back to conversation about how they? hate Janelle, she says she doesn't care it makes her hate them more. Will says "Good".

They begin to sing in the shower and we get FoTH

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More reference to their 'great talk tonight' that we're apparently never going to see :(

W: Hey that was a good talk tonight

J: Yeah, it was

W: I think we kind of established a lot

J: Yeah

W: What were you kind of on the same page

J: Of course I was

W: That was like one of the funniest diary rooms I've ever had. You know they record that whole thing

J: They can't use it though

W: They could do like little snippets from it to be to (funny?) but they couldn't use it as is

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