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Sunday, May 10 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:55PM BBT HG in BY talking about living elsewhere.  Bruno has only ever lived in Ottawa.  Sarah wants to live in New Orleans and likes the idea of living in different places.  Has even looked at immigrating to the U.S.

12:03AM BBT Sarah goes inside.  Bruno and Godfrey playing a ball-tossing game in the BY.  Britt in the Hammock.  Ash/Pili/Zach lounge on the couches watching Bruno and Godfrey play.

12:14AM BBT Sarah grateful not to be locked in the HN room and hoping she and Britt don't have to go back in there for a chunk of time tomorrow. Brittnee wondering if they will get beds.  Sarah notes that when Jon was in solitary confinement, he got to see his family.  Brittnee doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

12:18AM BBT Sarah suggests playing a game of picking a HG picture and pick an actor who would play each of them in their life story.  They pick Freddie Prinze Jr. for Zach.

12:20AM BBT Other picks: Amy Poehler for Willow.  Lucy Liu for Sindy.  Anne Hathaway for Sarah (Sarah protests that Anne is too sophisticated).  Charlize Theoron for Risha. Matt Damon for Kevin.  Joseph Gordan Leavitt for JP.  Johnny would have to play Johnny because there is no one like him.  Matt LeBlanc for Graig.

12:32AM BBT Bruno warning Godfrey about Sarah seeking some type of "threemance"

12:37AM BBT Britt and Sarah discussing Zach and Bruno working together.  Sarah skeptical that Zach wasn't working with Bruno prior to Bruno using the Veto on Zach during the Triple Eviction.  

12:39AM BBT Britt commenting on how Zach has so much influence. Ash

12:40AM BBT Sarah excited to use the veto tomorrow and rehearsing "This ceremony is now complete" and shutting the box. Sarah: "That's such a Big Brother thing" The downside is that Britt will go up. Sarah saying Pili and Ash each gave their word to keep Britt safe.

12:52AM BBT Ash explaining to Britt why she can't put Bruno up.  Godfrey is her target, but she feels she has to put Britt up.

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1:03AM BBT Ash reporting to Zach that Godfrey says he is coming after Zach, and that Sarah saying she is going after Bruno and Godfrey (which they don't believe). "B is gone this week, Sarah's by herself. Debating whether to get Sarah out or Godfrey next week given that Sarah is not a competition threat.  

1:16AM BBT Britt talking to Sarah: "Ideally Godfrey goes this week" [They are thinking small]  Earlier it seemed like they knew because Britt was acting sad for Bruno's benefit and then laughing when Britt and Sarah were alone again, but if they know they have the secret PoV, why are they thinking so small? -APP]

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Sarah on why she voted to save Pili at Triple Eviction

1:46AM BBT After Kevin's speech about going after the girls, Sarah thought that there would be 2 votes for Kevin (Bruno, Zach) , 1 for Pili (Ash), and if she and Godfrey voted for Pili, at least it would keep a girl in the house because Willow would be going anyway. Otherwise, she would just be one vote for Willow.

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2:00AM BBT We have FotH on feeds 1/2.  On 3/4, Britt and Sarah are in the HN room with beds.  They say Zach, Bruno and Ashleigh are lined up to go to the jury, but Godfrey and Pilar aren't yet.  Godfrey tells Bruno everything, so it's just the two of them against the rest of the house.  They say PIlar listens to everything Ashleigh says. They look pleased with themselves, a far cry from this morning when Canada made them Have Nots.  Brittnee leaves the HN room and we can hear other HG but not see them.

2:05AM BBT Brittnee is back in the HN room, saying night to the other HG.  She thinks they're drunk or just high on screwing them over.  They are talking quietly to each other and the alarm sounds for a few seconds then it's off.  Feeds change to the LR where the other 5 HG are all together and having a generally good time.  Godfrey is chasing Pilar around, then Pilar is chasing Godfrey around.

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2:25AM The party is breaking up.  Pilar says GN to Bruno in the WA.  Godfrey pops into the HN Room to say GN to the Have Nots.  It looks like Sarah and Britt are down for the night.  Feeds change to Ash and Pili in the HoH bed discussing the state of affairs and what happens after Brittnee is evicted this week.

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2:55AM Feeds return to the HoH room with the tail end of Pilar talking to her family.  The gab fest continues.  They both think Bruno is a great guy but lost a little respect in the house when he got into Sarah's face.  Ashleigh points out that every eviction is a jury vote and they can't afford for Brittnee to be angry with them.

3:00AM BBT Feeds in the bedroom show Godfrey, Zach and Bruno asleep, but the lights are still on.  Lights are still on in HoH.  I miss the days when BB would start dimming the lights around midnight to push these people into going to sleep.

3:01AM BBT Ash and Pilar decide talking is over and ask BB to turn out the lights.  They take off their mic packs.  Ash tries to clap off the lights.  BB instead tells them to put on their microphones.  They ignore BB and turn over to sleep.

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Posted for Gwenny:


9:04AM BBT: Sarah and Brittnee are up making cinnaslop pancakes for their breakfast. They make coffee and go outside because it's nice outside. As they sit outside Sarah says she really wants to know how Ashleigh is going to justify putting Brittnee on the block and that she's not thinking of jury votes at all. Zach comes outside to lay in the sun and the game talk stops.

10:17AM BBT: Bruno tells Ashleigh in the kitchen that Brittnee told him last night that if was the replacement nominee she'd vote Godfrey out over him. Neither of them believe her and Ashleigh just wants to get this PoV ceremony over with because she just wants to be done with it.

Bruno tells her to not let Sarah and Brittnee sway her after Brittnee goes up to get rid of Godfrey, because they need to get rid of her. Bruno says the girls alliance is stupid and Ashleigh says she never believed in the girls alliance and it was never a thing and that Sarah and Brittnee are stupid for trying to continue it.

Bruno tells Ashleigh to keep Pilar close so that Sarah can't poison her against them. Ashleigh says that Pilar is pretty much doing her own thing at this point, but she's not stupid enough to believe anything Sarah says because she's a liar. Ashleigh says that they've decided to tell Brittnee the day of the eviction that they are voting her out. Ashleigh says they all have a legit reason for wanting Brittnee gone, she put up Zach and Kevin and got rid of Kevin and he was in their alliance.

10:21AM BBT: Ashleigh tells Bruno that Godfrey told her and Pilar that he's throwing all the competitions because he doesn't want to make moves or pick sides. She says that's why she doesn't trust him. Bruno starts talking about the PoV competition again and saying that Godfrey didn't throw that, he wanted to win.

Feeds get cut.

10:39AM BBT: It's an HoH lockdown for the house guests as they get ready for the PoV ceremony to take place.

10:45AM BBT: The feeds have gone down for the PoV ceremony, most likely.

1:21PM BBT: The feeds are back. Brittnee asks Godfrey and Sarah if eggs are considered dairy or poultry. Sarah says it can be considered either, lots of people disagree about what eggs are classified as.

1:22PM BBT: The house guests shout out to all their mothers and the other evicted house guests mothers as well. Ashleigh tells Sarah she love her ceremony outfit. Sarah wonders if Gary and Neda will like her outfit. She takes her slop and goes outside to eat it. Ashleigh and Brittnee say they will join her.

1:24PM BBT: Sarah says that Ashleigh copied Sarah's speech pretty much word for word for putting Brittnee up. Sarah says she almost told Ashleigh that now is the time to start playing for herself and to put her boyfriend on the block to get him out. Sarah says that there is no wiggle room though, because Ashleigh is blinded to logic and reason.

Brittnee says that Ashleigh told her that she is putting her up and hoping she's voted out because her back is against the wall.

Sarah says Ashleigh knows that Bruno and Zach are together and they've been telling her lies about them. Sarah says that everyone knows they have a better shot of winning versus Sarah or Brittnee if they take them. Ashleigh and Pilar won't win against a guy and Zach and Bruno would be guaranteed a win vs. them.

Sarah and Brittnee say they are going to try to keep Brittnee here this week no matter what and that Godfrey should go because he's a threat. They need to harp on the fact that Godfrey has said he won't take Zach and Bruno to the end to get them on their side.

1:50PM BBT: Pilar says that she wants to put up Godfrey and Bruno next week and she wants to keep Sarah. Ashleigh says we could convince Zach to get rid of Godfrey over Sarah next week if we needed to. Pilar says she just wants Bruno gone because she doesn't trust him.

1:53PM BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar say they want to talk to Sarah about working with her to take out Bruno over Zach. Ashleigh doesn't want to see Zach go, but she'd rather him go over her. Pilar says she thinks Sarah would work with them next week to get rid of Bruno.

Pilar says that she wants Bruno gone and will do her best to make it happen, even if she goes home the next week. She cannot stand how fake he is and she knows that he talks bad about the girls behind their backs and she didn't like the way he talked to Sarah. Pilar says that Bruno will evict Pilar to break up Pilar and Ashleigh so that Bruno can work with Ashleigh and Zach since he doesn't have an alliance anymore. Pilar says she just doesn't want Bruno to win the HoH next week so she can take him out.

Ashleigh and Pilar say they do believe what Sarah said about Bruno talking crap about them and wanting them gone. Ashleigh said that at least Sarah acknowledged it. Ashleigh says she likes the game she has played so far and she's happy she formed the diaper alliance and she thinks it's better than what Bruno, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee have been doing. Ashleigh says she's still mad that JP went home on Zach's HoH. Pilar still wants to know why Zach didn't use the veto on him, because they lost a number.

2:22PM BBT: Brittnee tells Ashleigh and Pilar that she/Sarah still want to work with them and she'd have their backs over the boys, because they boys are going to win. Brittnee says it makes the most sense to take the girls to final four and cut the guys now. Ashleigh and Pilar say she is making sense. They start talking about the HoH and PoV competitions for this week. Brittnee tells Pilar she thinks she got all this blood on her hands to benefit Sarah's game.

2:42PM BBT: Ashleigh goes down to the boys and tell them that Sarah won't leave Pilar alone, and she hates that she has to send Brittnee home over Sarah. Godfrey says don't trust anything Brittnee or Sarah say because Sarah will do anything to get Brittnee to stay so she has numbers. Bruno says that Sarah is crazy. Ashleigh says that Brittnee thinks she's feels confident that if there were a tie, Ashleigh would vote to send Godfrey home over her.

2:46PM BBT: Sarah tells Pilar, "Think about it, Godfrey is always with Zach and Bruno and he is not alone, no matter what he says." Sarah says, "Godfrey and Bruno have had each other and have since week one." Pilar says she doesn't trust Bruno and he clearly has Zach now since he used the veto. Sarah says, "Trust me, they are together and will go after the girls, because they want to go together to the end."

Pilar says I need to win the next HoH so bad, to go after them. Sarah says, "One of us does."

Pilar says she doesn't want to disappoint Kevin by not going after big targets. Sarah says, "You have to look out for your own game and go after the big targets." Sarah says, "I'm close to Brittnee, but I'd rather take you, because we have different games."

Sarah says "Brittnee has won a ton of competitions and I haven't and I know people think I told her what to do but that was never the case." Pilar: "It's too early to talk final two-- I want to wait until final five to talk about who I'd take."

Sarah: "Just keep that in your mind when you are thinking about it, who would you rather sit beside?" Sarah says she'd never want to sit beside Bruno, Zach, or Godfrey or Brittnee. Pilar says, "I know she's your best friend, but I don't want to sit beside her because she's won so much stuff." Sarah agrees.

Pilar is concerned that Brittnee would put her up and wants her gone. Sarah says Brittnee would put Pilar up because she thought she was working with Bruno and Godfrey. She says, Bruno screwed us over by saving Zach, because it was supposed to be Zach and Kevin gone. Bruno wanted that and Brittnee did it for him and he ruined it for them. Sarah says Pilar was always a pawn. Sarah tells Pilar that Godfrey wants the couples gone still and will put up Ashleigh and Zach and Pilar as a replacement and that's why Godfrey and Bruno are mad at her because she told Bruno she wasn't going to target Ashleigh and Pilar because she wanted a big male target out. Godfrey is still pissed that she talks to Ashleigh and Pilar.

2:56PM BBT: Sarah tells Pilar that Bruno, Godfrey, Zach and Ashleigh will stick together after this week and will put up Sarah and Pilar because they are on the outside looking in. She says it's best for everyone to take Godfrey out this week and to let the girls work together to take a boy out and that Brittnee for sure will do that.

3:08PM BBT: Sarah tells Ashleigh that Bruno will go after Pilar to break up Ashleigh and Pilar because he wants to take her to Final Two. She says that Zach, Bruno and Godfrey are all tight and will go after all the girls to drag Ashleigh to the final two, but if Ashleigh wants to win, she'll have to cut them and take Pilar herself or Sarah. Sarah says, "We need Brittnee next week to get rid of the boys, we have to have her, otherwise the boys will just go through the remaining girls one by one until there are none left."

Sarah tells Pilar if she wants to vote Brittnee out, then do it, but she will put up Bruno and Zach on the block because of what happened last week. Sarah admits that Bruno was supposed to be the replacement for Pilar on the block so Zach and Bruno would've gone on the double eviction, but he won it and saved Zach and now Brittnee is pissed at them. Sarah say that is proof that Bruno and Zach were working together and that they have each other's back.

3:15PM BBT: Sarah says it's not a guy/girl thing it comes down to competitors who are athletes. Sarah says that she isn't trying to manipulate or be poison or be annoying in the house, she's just used to talking out situations and getting to the bottom of things. Sarah says I won't make fake deals with you guys, but just you know I do believe we have a better chance of getting to the end with each other over the boys.

Pilar and Ashleigh say they don't trust Godfrey or Bruno and Ashleigh tells Sarah that Zach is leaning toward voting out Brittnee, but only because he thinks they are gunning for him. Sarah says, "Even if I won next HoH and put up Zach and Bruno, you two are voting together, so you get to decide who goes. I wouldn't even had any power to break a tie."

Sarah tells Pilar that if Brittnee were to win HoH next week and put up Zach vs. Bruno and Zach comes down she'd go up on the block vs. Bruno knowing they'd vote Bruno out.

3:35PM BBT: Sarah tells Ashleigh just think about what I've said and keep this in your back pocket in case you need it later. Sarah says I can guarantee 100% that I will be gunning for Bruno and Zach next week and you can choose which one you want to send home. Brittnee comes into the bathroom and breaks up the talk.

3:40PM BBT: Pilar tells Ashleigh she's not sending Godfrey home over Brittnee no matter how much Sarah campaigns to her. She sent her boy Kevin home and that's it for her. She says it's a joke that she would even campaign to her.

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More from Gwenn:


4:01PM BBT: Brittnee, Ashleigh, and Pilar try out their British accents on Godfrey's name. They go in the house to get more food.
 Pilar says she knows that Godfrey is playing them, but she doesn't trust Brittnee at all. She says she trusts Zach over Brittnee. She says Brittnee did want her up and gone and Willow was never supposed to go up on the block.
 4:05PM BBT: Zach comes in the kitchen and Ashleigh and Pilar's game talk breaks up. Zach asks the girls where their heads are after having to talk to Sarah. They hear some banging noises and are freaking out wondering what is going on in the house. Pilar tells Zach Sarah was pushing for Godfrey to go but that won't happen. Pilar says that her campaign is that she's not coming after the girls, the same that it's always been. Pilar says that Sarah said she was going after Bruno and she believes that. Zach says, but he's a number for our side right now.
 Zach says don't believe anything Sarah says, she's a liar and Willow was not supposed to go up. Pilar was up only so that Kevin would be evicted. Pilar says she knows and that's why she's not keeping Brittnee.
 Zach wonders if Brittnee and Sarah would be stupid enough to ask Bruno to take Godfrey out right now. Zach thinks Brittnee and Sarah are stupid for campaigning when it's pretty much 100% to be gone. Brittnee comes in and the game talk stops.
 4:15PM BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh go out and tells Godfrey what Sarah said and she begs him to not go after her and Ashleigh to break up the couples alliance. Ashleigh says they never stop campaigning and it's annoying. Pilar says she hopes Godfrey is being honest, because she knows whoever she sends out is a jury vote and she doesn't want to make the wrong one. Godfrey says he's legitimate and he won't target the couples.
 Bruno asks if Brittnee campaigned to her. She says only Sarah and she won't stop talking. Bruno says not to worry about it because the only thing Sarah knows how to do is talk and we've got each other and they are going to sink with each other.
 Bruno tells Pilar to watch out because Sarah is dangerous and she will not let Pilar out of her sight this week and will campaign hard to her. Ashleigh said she'll be stuck like glue. Pilar says it's just annoying and hard to hear and Bruno says she'll just make up stories all week and none of them will be true. Godfrey says don't listen to Sarah, she's a liar. Godfrey says Sarah was close to him before he went on the block and now she's ignoring him because she doesn't need him anymore and she'll do the same to Pilar.
 4:42PM BBT: Ashleigh talks to Zach who is working out and lays out the plan that Sarah said in the bathroom. Zach shuts it down immediately and says Bruno ad Godfrey are on board with them 100% and they are both safe with any of them and to ignore Sarah because she's desperate, insane, and a liar. Ashleigh says she knows that they need to get rid of Brittnee, but she doesn't trust Godfrey or Bruno like Zach does. Zach says he'll talk to them about being more inclusive in the future.
 4:52PM BBT: Ashleigh says she feels bad for putting Brittnee up when she was a Have-Not. She says this whole week is going to be awkward.
 Zach is mad that Sarah would dare try to form the girl alliance again and try to keep Brittnee over a guy. Zach says she's so stupid and there is no way that she'd be able to get me out unless I'm up beside you, because if I'm up beside Bruno he's out. Ashleigh says that Sarah asked why she didn't put Bruno up. Ashleigh is annoyed that Sarah won't stop talking and throwing scenarios at her.
 Zach says Bruno has to go but not for two weeks because Brittnee and Sarah have to go first. He says he trusts Bruno now because he saved him. He tells Ashleigh if she wins she has to put Sarah up and get her out and if she wins the veto again put up Godfrey because he wants Bruno safe.
 Zach says that Sarah is discounting the relationship we have and it's stronger than she thinks it is. Ashleigh says getting rid of Bruno is not good for my game, it's good for her game. Zach says if they win they're going after us still if Bruno is gone. Zach says Sarah sells herself and her ideas well, but she's not going to get her way anymore and now that she's admitted that Brittnee is her greatest companion they are for sure getting rid of her and she's stupid for saying that. Her duo is going to end because she tried to get rid of him and Ashleigh. Zach says he's over Sarah because she'd put them up in a heartbeat. Zach says her ideas are risky and stupid.
 4:58PM BBT: Brittnee tells Ashleigh she didn't ever want Pilar to go home. She wanted Zach and Kevin, and then Willow because she didn't trust her. She said that Bruno is a beast and if she stays she's going for Zach and Bruno, but wants Bruno gone. Ashleigh says that Bruno showed loyalty to Zach not to her. Sarah says, "I guarantee whatever Godfrey is saying is just what Bruno has fed him."
 Ashleigh says that sketches her out how close Godfrey and Bruno are. Brittnee says she hopes that Pilar can forgive her for sending Kevin to jury because he was too good of a player and was strong. She does want to work with Pilar and Ashleigh and get the numbers on their side. Brittnee says that Bruno has a great social game and everyone likes him, but she doesn't trust him anymore after she went on the block. She realized that when she had power or he needs help that he cares about people and that's scary to her. Brittnee wants to work with consistent and loyal people who care. Brittnee says, "If it was us four, I'd be more comfortable than with the guys, because we've had a more eve shot of winning the competitions."
 5:04PM BBT: Sarah, Ashleigh, and Brittnee are comparing notes on Godfrey now. They say he's been saying the same stuff to everyone in the house and that he's not trustworthy and that he's for sure with Godfrey. Bruno comes out and interrupts the game talk.

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5:26PM BBT: Bruno, Brittnee, Zach, and Ashleigh talk about past competitions. Sarah lays on the couch in the backyard and tells Pilar she thinks it will be a double eviction and she'll go up and go to jury. Pilar tells her no, because they are on the same page to get Bruno up and out if that happens.
 5:40PM BBT: Bruno, Zach, and Ashleigh are saying that Sarah is manipulative and using her tears to try get people to feel sorry for her so they'll save Britt. Zach asks, "Why should we keep a duo in the house to come after us together?"
 Bruno: "She's being an immature baby about it and stomping her feet around the house and it's ridiculous." He can't stand how much of a hypocrite she is and she came after us four days ago and now it's shifted and they are on the receiving end and she'll have to deal with it. Bruno says Sarah doesn't have a heart and couldn't care less that she sent out Pilar's boyfriend Kevin to jury.
 Zach just wants to tell Brittnee she's going home and to enjoy her last few days. He doesn't want to keep listening to their game talk. Ashleigh says even if I tell them they're going to keep talking to me about getting rid of Godfrey. Zach says I'm sticking by your side for the entire week then and won't let Sarah talk at all.
 Bruno says, "Make sure you talk for Ashleigh too like Sarah does for Brittnee." Bruno is offended that Brittnee hasn't asked for his vote.
 5:46PM BBT: Bruno keeps saying that Sarah is insane and immature and he can't stand her. He says that Pilar better not budge on this and keep the votes the same so it's 3-1. Ashleigh says Pilar is mad about Kevin and will not change her mind. Bruno says, "She sent home Graig, Willow, and Kevin and almost got Zach and has been on the block five times."
 Zach says if she gets off this she'll win. They can't believe she did this on three weeks worth of slop. Ashleigh says no one is beating her in the end, so we're definitely getting rid of her. Zach says the best part is splitting up Sarah and Brittnee, because he can't stand Sarah. He starts complaining about Sarah lying about who her targets are.

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9:20PM BBT All HGs sitting around the Hot Tub although it is still covered.  Sarah is expounding on what it means to be Goth after Godfrey told her he thought she was Goth when first seeing her.  Ash comes out in her bikini holding a screwdriver (the drink) in her hand and opens the tub and climbs in.  Pili and Britt are prepping to put their feet and legs in while sitting on the side.  Sarah and Godfrey now deep into discussing ear rings and bad outcomes from piercings. Ash tells a horror story about a friend who had a bad experience and how bad it smelled when she would remove the ring from her ear.  The gulys are sitting in a row on the chairs against the wall (looking like the three monkeys See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. DRG) Sarah and Ash still talking about ear rings and stretchers.

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9:25PM BBT Ash moves on to talking about a male friend who got a job at a strip club but not as a stripper. Godfrey heads back to the house after receiving some directions about retrieving some items of clothing.  Sarah implores Ash to chug her drink (she had the vodka left from her HOH basket. DRG) Sarah remarks that she is over heating and Sarah says that is good. Everyone talking at once and Ash appears to be the only one drinking anything. Godfrey has returned and retakes his seat next to Bruno.  They now joke about Sindy having gotten a note telling her that she was guaranteed a spot in the final two. Pili asks if threre are 19 days left and Zach says from Wednesday. Sarah now wonders what day of the week the finale will be and if it will be two hours.  Zach thinks the finale will be longer than two weeks away, closer to three weeks. This Wednesday will be day 56 and there will be at least 72 days. Ash getting her buzz on and is humming to herself while waving her free hand in the air. She chugs down the last of her drink. Zach says they are getting something tomorrow and Sarah wonders what is being shown on the episodes now. Ash is rattling off about names she is called at school like woodchuck, morning wood, etc.

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9:34PM BBT Ash says she thinks she has to get out but slides further down in the tub nearly drowning her mic. Pili asks Godfrey if he started the dryer and he says yes then teases her about pulling out her red thong and white pants.  He elaborates further on what he put in the dryer and what he pulled out of the load before starting the dryer.  Ash climbs out of the tub to sit on the side and says she is going to run a few laps.  Sarah tells her to wait a bit and not to waste the buzz. They guys all get up to head to the kitchen for food.  


Godfrey telling Bruno it is not safe to talk Ash right now and they should wait a bit. The guys hit the kitchen and start prepping a snack. Then talking about time in the house and when they have been getting up and going to bed vs. when the sun sets.


Outside the gals are fading and Pili is going to put her PJs on. Britt hopes it is later than 11:30. (BB still has there clock at least an hour behind the actual time.) 


Inside Zach is getting cookies and milk and Bruno comments about it. 


After standing and talking about her own accent Pili is finally leaving the outside and heading back to the main house twerking as she exits. Sarah and Britt now alone outside.


Guys around the counter in the kitchen chatting as Pili walks by announcing that she is exhausted. 


Sarah and Britt talking about fact that she is going to campaign for Britt to stay but she is not telling lies and other things she said to Godfrey and Bruno earlier.  The guys basically told her to stop telling the girls anything. She repeats that she told them she was not throwing Godfrey under the bus only giving reasons it would be good to keep Britt. Britt states that Bruno has stopped talking any game to her and that he has made up his mind. Now she knows what it is like when you know you are the target, especially after having been the pawn so many times. Godfrey knows it is not beneficial to stay with Bruno now and if she stays she will not have anything to do with him either.  Sarah says she told them you have to think non-emotional only in terms of numbers but she knows that Godfery went right to the guys and told everything she had said.


Inside Bruno is expounding about how the next HOH is always the most important one of the season.  Ashleigh has changed back into shorts and a tank top and joins the boys in the kitchen. 

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6:00PM BBT: Godfrey tells Sarah and Brittnee that the campaigning is not helping their cause because Pilar has come to him and said he hates it. Godfrey asks Brittnee if Ashleigh promised her the tiebreaker vote. Sarah says Ashleigh has said, "Yes" and then "No." Brittnee says it seems like most people want her gone, but also said that Godfrey made good points to stay.

Brittnee and Sarah say it sucks but they are glad he's campaigning to stay. Godfrey says he only trusts Bruno for his vote, but he's not sure about Zach. Brittnee points out it was beneficial to him to get rid of JP since he was so close to Zach. Sarah says Zach is the ring leader and will tell people who to vote for.

Godfrey says he's been trying to get Pilar to stop following Zach's footsteps and to think for herself. Godfrey says he's going to campaign against her and that he's telling everyone she's a great player and has made great moves, but on a personal level he loves her and has nothing against her.

Sarah tells Godfrey the only thing they've been saying is that he's close with Bruno and they agree to not take it to a personal level of campaigning. Sarah says it sucks and she wants both of them to stay so bad. Sarah says that if Godfrey stays he needs to talk to her and Bruno has been trying to keep everyone else away from her. She doesn't get why he's mad at her giving info to people when he gave them the veto. She didn't do that.

Godfrey says Bruno is paranoid. Sarah says it's unfair that he tries to make me feel bad for his terrible game move of saving Zach. She says her first target is Zach, she wants him gone. Godfrey says Bruno would win if I was sitting next to him, I do not want that. Sarah says Bruno gave that alliance a solid alliance of Zach, Ashleigh, Pilar and Bruno. Godfrey says after he used that veto on Zach he saw where he stood. Sarah says she's sure that Bruno would gun after her next week because he's mad at her now.

6:10PM BBT: Godfrey says if he stays he will work with Sarah. He will never work with Bruno or Zach again. He thinks that Bruno would actually throw the HoH next to him and he'd put up Zach vs. Ashleigh. Sarah said she'd hope he do that because it's logical, but she says it's very risky and Bruno might want to be guarantee his safety and get rid of Sarah. Godfrey says he wants to talk to Ashleigh and Pilar to find out where her head is at.

6:13PM BBT: Brittnee says she should've put up Bruno and sent them home. Sarah doesn't get why the girls would not go with them to get rid of the boys when they know we're not going after them. Brittnee says Pilar does think that though, because I sent her boyfriend home and she's mad. Sarah thinks Bruno and Zach have turned the girls against them.

6:16PM BBT: Godfrey goes up to Pilar and starts bashing Sarah saying that Sarah will turn on the girls and get the girls to try to get the guys to turn on them. Godfrey is over Sarah and he promises that he'll never put up Ashleigh and Pilar. He says he can't stand Sarah and doesn't trust her and is putting up Zach and Sarah on the block. He says Sarah is a liar and will lie about him to the girls this week, so he'd rather have Zach who isn't a liar gunning after him than Sarah.

6:19PM BBT: Godfrey says Sarah didn't vote to keep Pilar because she wanted her, but because she thought the guys were going to keep a boy. Godfrey says he told Kevin that he's being voted out along with Pilar to break up the couple alliance. Godfrey says everything that happened that night was Sarah's fault.

6:22PM BBT: Godfrey tells the girls Sarah is the biggest liar in the house and will lie about everything. He says he's with Ashleigh and Pilar now and he can't stand Sarah's game. He hates liars and he doesn't respect that type of game play. Godfrey says that people like that game play, though, and will vote for Sarah over them because she was able to deceive them all. Godfrey says the only chance I have is sitting next to one of you. Godfrey wants a final three deal with Ashleigh and Pilar.

6:28PM BBT: Ashleigh tells Pilar she doesn't want to take Sarah and Brittnee to the end, she also doesn't want to take Godfrey, Bruno, or Zach. Pilar says if she had to take a girl she'd take Sarah.

6:29PM BBT: Godfrey tells Bruno that he told the girls he'd put up Zach/Sarah and if Sarah came off he'd put up Bruno and not the girls. Bruno says awesome, they can say the same thing to the girls and just have Sarah and Zach on the block next week and get rid of Sarah.

6:42PM BBT: Sarah and Brittnee talk about how much they thought Canada hated them but they think that's not true. Sarah says she was miserable but she feels a bit better now. Sarah tells Brittnee that if she wins the next HoH she's putting up Bruno and Zach together so Bruno can't do that again. Sarah and Brittnee say they will only eat with them if they are invited.

6:56PM BBT: Zach, Bruno, and Ashleigh are making a family style dinner for the haves of chicken, rice, and potato wedges.

7:16PM BBT: Brittnee and Godfrey are talking out at the pool with little sound. They are talking about Bobby being evicted before the double eviction. Ashleigh invites Sarah and Brittnee to eat slop with them at their family meal.

7:27PM BBT: Sarah, Godfrey, and Brittnee make fun of Zach saying that Graig was more of a competition threat than he was. Sarah said he's young and a college quarterback, he's way more dangerous. They talk about Risha getting evicted. They got rid of her because she had an air about her that she was better than everyone.


8:01PM BBT: Godfrey shouts out to all the hot mothers out there, while everyone shouts out to their own mothers. Houseguests are still sitting around eating dinner.

8:04PM BBT: For the past half hour or so the houseguests have been reminiscing about the entire show and the various competitions. They are excited to get out and watch the show on TV to see how they were edited.

8:20PM BBT: Bruno tells Sarah that if he wins HoH he's not going after her because it would be a stupid and emotional decision on both of their parts. Godfrey comes out and breaks up their game talk.

8:22PM BBT: Sarah and Godfrey are talking about social constructs and how some people are born without arms or born with extra parts or born in the wrong body and there is no set standard of what makes a human being and what makes someone a certain gender.

Godfrey says we know the norm and that's how construct society and what is expected to be because that's how it usually is, but outliers do not mean they are wrong. Sarah says she loves Godfrey's sentiments that loving everyone is the way to go because deviance from the norm is not bad or wrong, it's just natural. He said good and bad are social constructs just like words like short and tall and big and small. Godfrey said humans made those concepts up in their minds.

8:27PM BBT: Sarah tells Bruno that the reason she was so upset with him was that he used the veto on Zach and brought that alliance closer to him and she was completely on the outs and now one of her allies is leaving.

Sarah tells Godfrey and Bruno that Ashleigh implied to her and Brittnee that she wanted to take Pilar to the final but even if Zach makes it there he'd take her too.

Bruno and Godfrey tell Sarah to stop throwing their names under the bus when campaigning and she says that she's been talking about why it's good to keep her and Brittnee around and telling Ashleigh and Pilar to put up Zach. Ashleigh comes out and game talk stops.

8:32PM BBT: Sarah, Bruno, Godfrey, Ashleigh, and Pilar are watching a spider kill an insect wrap it in a web for later. The spider is creating a web on the wall. They are really enthralled by this.

8:54PM BBT: Godfrey and Brittnee are talking about food and Godfrey curses. Ashleigh and Brittnee are surprised because they say Godfrey rarely curses in front of the girls. He claims he only curses when it comes to food. They are still watching the spider and narrating the actions of the spider.

9:09PM BBT: They're talking about social networking when they get out which devolves into a conversation about sexting. Ashleigh and Pilar say they know girls who have.

Ashleigh says she was looking through her brother's Instagram DMs from a girl who sent him a picture of her "special place" and she was super embarrassed. Sarah asks if there was a filter on it and all the guests laugh. They start talking about different texting apps.

9:23PM BBT: Sarah tells Godfrey all about being Goth and she explains spreaders and gauges in ears. Godfrey says he tried it but wouldn't do it again.

9:35PM BBT: Godfrey makes fun of Pilar not knowing what PoV stood for. He did the laundry for the girls and he makes fun of Ashleigh being drunk in the hot-tub. Ashleigh wants to get out of the hot-tub and go to bed and Sarah tells her to get out and sit for a bit before going to bed to make sure she doesn't waste her buzz. The boys decided to go in to eat potato skins. Bruno tells Godfrey that he's not going to attempt to talk to Sarah about game until after Brittnee is evicted.

9:48PM BBT: Bruno, Godfrey, and Zach say they have to get the next HoH to get rid of Sarah. Bruno says that they are in week eight now and Godfrey can't believe they made it that far.

9:52PM BBT: Ashleigh is definitely drunk and trying to help Godfrey and Bruno clean up from supper but keeps making bigger messes for them. She also manages to cut herself on the edge of the Saran Wrap box and Bruno tells her to have a seat while they clean. Ashleigh complains about how her wrist hurts from the cut.

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9:50PM BBT Stuttering commercial drowing out feeds for a bit here.  


Sarah still relating about her conversations with the others in the house while Ash starts in on the dishes before Godfrey says the drunk girl should not be doing that. Zach comes back outside and tells them the clock says 8:15 but he thinks it is about 10. The clock is wrong as it would still be light at 8:15. He says he will sleep good tonight and Britt asks him how they are thinking about the votes this week.  He says they are all in different spots. She confronts him about his vote and he defers saying he will be honest with her once his mind is made up but it is not made up yet. Britt finds it interesting that folks would see her as more of a target than she is.  Bruno says with Godfrey he sees that he is alone in the house and Sarah points out the the first three closest folks in the house were Godfrey Craig and Bruno.  Britt going on about how Godfrey has avoided blood on his hands and has thrown comps. Bruno says if he keeps Britt she will put him up next week and she retorts and Godfrey would not do that after announcing he was gunning for you?  


Pili and Ash with Bruno and Godfrey in the kitchen talking about the types of comps they have had.


Britt and Sarah pull the cover over the hot tub and start gathering up their gear to head in.  Sarah leaves to let Britt chat with Zach alone.  He asks her who she would put up next and he says only that there are very few people left to choose from.  She says he has not really won comps because he has not had to.  She thinks it comes down to who do you think you can beat? Will Godfrey start pulling it out the last few weeks when he needs to? Her performance has been more cinsistent.  Zach thinks that she is a good player too, and has made some big moves getting big players out in the past.  Zach thinks Godfrey is a wild card in his books but Britt is a known commodity. She wants to know what his hopes are. She says he is a very great player too, not only in comps but socially too. He is in good with everyone in the jury. 


Sarah has made it to the kitchen now where Godfrey and Ash are talking about scars and current injuries they have. 


Zach still getting lobbied by Britt and he is being non-commital but not blowing her off completely.  He says they just have to figure out Godfrey as he is a wild card. She points out he is smart and has been training and has lost 25 lbs. and says he feels faster.  Zach counters that then there is B the killer.


Ash and Pili now in the hammock where Ash is commenting about how shiny her legs look. 


Zach now telling Britt she is a strong player  and no longer a pawn, and she says or I have a lot of blood on my hands. Zach again says he will be straight with her once. . . . (the MerryGoRound stops on Wednesday when they are called for the taping to start. 


Ash and Bruno now starting a ball game as Godfrey and Sarah watch from the couches and Pili remains alone on the hammock.


Britt again explaining away the comps she has won trying to downplay her threat level.  

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10:08PM BBT General chatter and ball game in the BY as Britt and Zach continue to circle the drain with her lobbying effort at the hot tub.  He tells her that he sees her and Sarah combined. She tries to tell him that if she went to F2 with Sarah that she would not win since she has too much blood on her hands and Zach disagrees saying she will be seen as a game player that made moves. Zach goes on to say that they will never be able to read the jury the way they want to and they can't know who will influence the folks in the jury house. They agree that it has been a while since they talked to one another and she says she is open and he replies that they know how fast things change in this game.  He asks will Bruno take me deep and answers his own question, No.  They agree Bruno has played a phenomenal game and it is a little threateneing.  He goes on to say that folks could give Godfrey credit for having managed to stick around for so long when so many wanted him gone.  


Ash starting to make up a song outside about Pili and the boys and Godfrey makes a joke about how he thought he was sleeping in the HOH tonight.  


Lobbying still going on outside. 


Pili and Sarah talking about how they could not keep big secrets about themselves. Godfrey jokes like he could not conceal that he is an attorney.  


Britt telling Zach he has a great social game and has the numbers right now.  


Godfrey talking about having once had a rugby scolarship but it was in New Zealand and he could not go and play due to an injury.  Sarah says he is rocking it now and is going to be an actor. She goes on to say he is so unique and has great expressions.  Pili says he reminds her of Terry Cruz. Ash gets up to dance then climbs on Godfreys lap and gets the giggles.  Now Ash is giving Sarah a lap dance and gyrates her hips over her.  Sarah tells Ash to do the twist and she does, next is the twerk and she performs again, jitterbug follows.


Zach and Britt making no headway outside.


Godfrey now turns Ash upside down catching her by surprise and Sarah says he may be a virgin but he as done a whole lot of 69.  Ash was impressed with his lifting her up like that.  She resumes performing various dance steps. Pili comes out and they start their coordinated dance routine from the 90s. Sarah thinks that Ash has been holding out on them.


Zach now talking about the triple and how he thought he was toast. Britt comments that it was good for Willow to go that way as no one would have put her up and she would not have handled being on the block very well. He wonders who she was truly loyal too and Britt says that she does not know either. Zach was very surprised she put her up and Britt says it was a gut instinct and she was shocked when Willow left. 


Ash still dancing around outside and Godfrey jokes that Sarah is getting turned on.  Sarah says she is leaning back watching Ash trying to figure out what her real profession is.  Pili now up from the hammock and Godfrey saying that she can do a standing split so she gets up and demonstrates. Ash tries to and can almost do it as well.  Godfrey tries with less success.

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10:32PM BBT Outside Zach expounding on the disadvantages of being HOH and having to nominate folks.  Britt agreeing and adding to his comments.  They come to an end of the conversation and get up to head back to the house. He says he does not want to lie to her and she says she just wants him to think about what she said.  Zach meets Bruno on the way in and they agree to play another game of ball. (Jeez do I hate when the dump all the feeds into one room and I don't mute one quick enough. DRG)


Ash still holding court in front of the couches and Godfrey upends her again. Talk turns to dancing in clubs and if a girl has to know the dance of if the guy can just toss her around.  Zach has taken a 1-0 lead in the game.  Ash now trying to pull Pili through her legs on the ground from behind but clearly the grass is not slippery the way a hardwood floor would be and nothing happens. 


Sarah is called to the DR and several remark that they have not heard that at all today.  Zach wins the game and Bruno sits down next to Ash on the couches.  Zach sits in the opposite corner. Godfrey challenges Zach but he declines and he asks Pili who also does not respond.  Finally Bruno gets up and plays with Godfrey who scores on three consecutive tosses to win. 


Bruno next plays Ash who also beats him.  Britt is saying how much she misses beer pong. Zach tells Bruno to just go to the DR and self-evict. They start talking bout a stain on Zach shorts and that leads to talking about OxiClean and folks who used to rep for them like Billy Mays who has since died. 

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10:46PM BBT More talk of Bruno's sad performance tonight then they all speculate about what time it is and can they go to bed yet. Ash was in the kitchen and announces the clock now says 10:39 after making them all guess. (Zach adjusted the clock when he was in there earlier.) 


Good natured chatter and teasing going on as they all seem to have a touch of the giggles. Britt now confirms that they all must be over tired to be acting this way. Sarah still in the DR. Talk turns to Sindy and her fake crying when JP was evicted and then the answers to the comp where they had to guess Sindy's answers to questions about her time in the house. They go on and on about how much she was an actor and what she did when JP left and how she milked her time being the focus of the HOH that followed.  Zach thinks that she and JP must be sucking face right now and others chime in for sure.


They start to wonder what happens in the jury house and they say it is like this but no game issues or talk, but also still no TV or internet or phones. Godfrey starts doing a bad rooster sound and gets grief from the others about it. The others are then challenged to do better. Feeds mercifully cut to FOTH.

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