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Thursday, May 7 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Storage Room (SR)

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Thank you!

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 8:30 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are on and Sarah is changing batteries this morning. Brittnee is up making her bed.

 8:33 am BBT The rooster is crowing and we see Godfrey and Bruno sit up in bed. Sarah is done changing batteries and headed downstairs where Brittnee is in the KT. They speculate they are going to play super early.

 8:37 am BBT Sarah told Brittnee that she is so shocked from last night. They are now talking about Bruno giving Zach the PoV last night. Sarah said that it is so mind boggling that Bruno thinks they control those girls more than Zach controls those girls. Brittnee said that she really doesn’t care. Sarah said that after winning the Veto he is still lying. Brittnee said that it grosses her out and this is not a game of integrity. Sarah said we will see who wins at the end. Britt left the KT and Sarah is chomping on her cereal.

 8:43 am BBT Bruno entered the KT and said good morning to Sarah. Bruno is making himself some cereal and Britt is back in the KT and it looks like she is going to cook something.

 8:45 am BBT Bruno is looking around in the SR and cabinets saying we actually have like no food and Brittnee responded nope. Bruno said that they were building pretty early and Brittnee said yea. Brittnee asked when someone made a shake. Sarah responded Willow did and Zach and Pilar split it.

 8:48 am BBT Sarah was called to the DR. Godfrey is up talking a shower. Pilar is in the other shower. Ashleigh is getting ready to put on her makeup.

 8:52 am BBT Zach made his way to the KT and their talking about last night and the triple eviction. Bruno said they were hammering in the middle of the night. Zach is getting ready to cook some food now.

 8:54 am BBT Bruno wonders what the Jury house is like right now.

 8:57 am BBT Bruno said that he was so comfortable this morning. Zach said it would be nice if it was a Sunday and they could just lay in bed as long as they want until their hunger over powers their need for sleep.

 8:59 am BBT Pilar and Ashleigh are both in the WA putting on their makeup. Ashleigh said what a day! Pilar responded yea I know. Pilar wonders what the date is and Ashleigh thinks it is May 6. Pilar is wondering when her graduation is and gives a shout out to her friend Ailsa about walking across the stage.

 9:00 am BBT Pilar asked Ashleigh what she is going to have for breakfast and they both wonder if the food got restocked.

 9:02 am BBT Brittnee and Godfrey in the SR. Brittnee asked Godfrey how he slept and he said not so bad. Britt told Godfrey it was a crazy day yesterday. Godfrey told Brittnee that she should win more often. She said yesterday’s comp was just one in her favor.

 9:06 am BBT All of the feeds when to FotH

 9:11 am BBT The feeds are back with Brittnee saying that today is going to be crazy and it would be nice to have a night to enjoy. Godfrey said that waiting for him is just anxiety. Brittnee said that she can’t even play in the HOH.

 9:14 am BBT The feeds went back to FotH.

 9:16 am BBT The feeds are back with Pilar in the KT eating cereal and Godfrey sitting at the counter eating what looks like left over pizza. Bruno and Brittnee are in the BR and they are looking for their shirts that were given to them with their names on it because they have to give them to BB. Brittnee is hoping they will give it back to her because she does not know what anyone else will do with her shirt.

 9:20 am BBT Bruno said that he can’t trust Sarah and Brittnee said so now you are trusting Zach and Bruno responded no. Brittnee said that she wanted Willow out and she got her out. Bruno said that she wants him out and if he wins Brittnee does not have to sweat. Brittnee said she sent two people’s closest ally home. Bruno said that he is going to fight for the HOH today and Sarah pissed him off that she has no idea. Brittnee said you guys both pissed each other off. Sarah walked in the room as Bruno left. Sarah feels like Brittnee is mad at her so she is upset. Brittnee said that Bruno is pissed off because Sarah told Brittnee to put him up yesterday. Brittnee said that she is trying to explain that it was him or Willow. Brittnee said that we will have to see after today’s HOH because she sent two peoples ally’s home. Sarah is pissed and it sucks. Brittnee said it is what it is and she is not mad. Sarah said that she is acting different.

 9:25 am BBT Sarah said that she was just upset how it played out and she sees Bruno as a threat. Brittnee said that he does not feel safe with Zach. Sarah said of course not and she is so upset at the situation.

 9:34 am BBT Godfrey and Ashleigh are now in the BR and talk is about how they slept.

 9:35 am BBT Godfrey wonders when the BY is going to be open and Brittnee said it sounds pretty elaborate. They have no idea when they are going to play in the HOH because it is usually after the live eviction. Brittnee said seven people in a house that was built for sixteen.

 9:37 am BBT Godfrey said even if the back yard was open there is not much to do. Godfrey said we are going to have to win. Brittnee said there is absolutely no choice and the ideal situation is for Zach to bring those two girls to the end. Godfrey said especially Ashleigh. Godfrey said that Bruno really screwed them over last night and screwed himself over.

 9:40 am BBT Godfrey hopes none of them win today and the others have way better odds right now. Brittnee said let’s just focus on one of us winning. Godfrey thinks Bruno has something set up with Zach. They are now speculating Bruno’s loyalties and who he is working with. Brittnee left the BR and left Godfrey and Sarah discussing what happened last night and who is loyal to who.

 9:44 am BBT Sarah said that she would have done the rational thing and gone for the threats and she would have put Pilar and Ashleigh up. They speculate now that Zach will put Bruno on the Block if he wins.

 9:47 am BBT Sarah said it doesn’t even matter because she is going to win.

 9:48 am BBT Ashleigh and Pilar are whispering. Ashleigh said that she would go for Sarah and Brittnee first because she knows they would be going after the boys first and then they would be next. Ashleigh said that they need Zach and Bruno to take out Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah in case they can’t. Pilar would put up Sarah and Brittnee. Pilar now said that she would put up Bruno and Sarah and if one wins then she would backdoor Brittnee. Zach walked up and interrupted the conversation. Zach asked what is up and the girls said that they are kicking around options. Zach said that we will talk as a group.

 9:53 am BBT Bruno and Zach are in the KT talking about conversations they had. Zach told Bruno that move that Kevin did worked for his game. Zach said that us four (two couples) were going to get blown up and Kevin knew that Zach was not going to sit back. Zach told Bruno that he talked to the others and had Bruno completely downplayed so they were not going after Bruno. Bruno said he would have taken Kevin out because he had no allegiance with Kevin.

 9:56 am BBT Bruno just threw Sarah and Brittnee under the bus by telling Zach that they were pushing Bruno to get rid of Zach and now Bruno is so happy that he saved Zach last night. Ashleigh walked into the KT and Bruno is saying that Kevin tried to get him on his side. Zach and Bruno agree that Sarah is a huge threat and she has to go.  

 9:59 am BBT Zach said that Willow told him that Sarah had an alliance with Sindy when she came back in the house. Bruno said that Sarah wanted Zach and Ashleigh out for a long time.

 10:00 am BBT Zach, Bruno and Ashleigh are now talking about the PoV comp last night and Bruno said that it is the first time his chip was picked.

 10:02 am BBT Pilar walked in the KT and they are talking about how her eyes look swollen and she responded by saying that is what happens when you cry so much because your guy leaves.

 10:04 am BBT Now the KT group is talking about the reaction in the jury when three people walk in the door.

 10:05 am BBT Now the KT group is talking about Willow leaving and that she was in rough shape.

 10:08 am BBT Up in the BR Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah are talking about trying to get Pilar on their side. Godfrey is going to try and tell her that Kevin wanted him to watch out for her. Brittnee said that Kevin was telling Pilar something when he left, but Pilar wasn’t listening. Sarah is saying what kind of a chance does Bruno think he has with Zach. Brittnee said that she tried to get Zach out and Sarah said we all have been trying. Sarah said that they are all playing for second because everyone else will vote for Zach as the winner.

 10:12 am BBT Brittnee said that Ashleigh was so emotional when the three of her allies were on the block. Sarah thinks that Ashleigh is bummed out that Zach didn’t go home. Godfrey thinks Zach was shocked when Bruno saved him last night.

 10:13 am BBT Brittnee told the BR group that Zach said anyone that took him off the block would be stupid. Brittnee said that they need to pull through and win this HOH. Sarah said I got it. Brittnee said that she needs Pilar to wake up. The three agree that Pilar does not have a bad bone in her body. Sarah called to the DR.

 10:16 am BBT We see Sarah walking in the hall to the DR and when she opened the door we heard her get excited, but the feeds are stuck in the hall and we don’t hear anymore.

 10:17 am BBT The KT group is Zach, Bruno, Ashleigh and Pilar. They are again talking about how Bruno saved Zach last night.

 10:18 am BBT Sarah is out of the DR and stopped at the stairs to listen to the KT group then she continued up the stairs to the BR. Now the BR group is speculating who will take who to the end. They think that Zach thinks he is set up with the girls.

 10:21 am BBT Britt would tell Ashleigh that she did not have a strategy and all she did was ride coattails.

 10:22 am BBT Pilar is called to the DR. Godfrey is talking about a guy making it to the end versus a girl. Sarah is going to get some more water. Godfrey and Brittnee are talking about the jury group and Brittnee said that she had a hand in sending a lot of them home.

 10:25 am BBT Godfrey told Brittnee that she made the two biggest moves in the season. If Bruno would have not pulled this shit Zach would have been sent home too. Brittnee just don’t understand why Bruno saved Zach and Godfrey said because he was afraid of all girls. Brittnee said that girls don’t play nice and they turn against each other all of the time.

 10:28 am BBT Sarah said that Bruno got scared because he was throwing their name around.

 10:29 am BBT The BR group is still rehashing last night. Sarah said when she voted Willow out last night there was gasps from the audience. Pilar walked in the BR and interrupted the conversation.

 10:29 am BBT Pilar thinks it is so early because she thinks it is only 9:15. The BR group is talking about getting new clothes and then Brittnee tells Pilar their thinking about everyone in the jury right now. Pilar wonders what they are doing.

 10:32 am BBT The BR group is talking about Willow and how crushed she probably is. The group hopes that it was probably part of Willow’s strategy to be so sad.

 10:36 am BBT Pilar said that Willow was so upset and no one wanted to put her on the block because she would have been crushed.

 10:37 am BBT Pilar is glad that Willow has Kevin to support her in the jury.

 10:38 am BBT The BR group is now talking about how amazing and silly Kevin is.

 10:39 am BBT Pilar walked down to the KT and they are now talking about Willow and how upset she was. They think that Willow threw the veto comp last night.

 10:40 am BBT Ashleigh was just called to the DR. and the KT group is still talking about Willow and how she threw a lot of comps.

 10:42 am BBT The BR group is Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee. They are talking about studying for the comps that are coming up.

 10:43 am BBT The BR group is speculating what comps are coming up that they have not played yet. Godfrey is going to get him some food and told the girls that they have to be optimistic.

 10:46 am BBT Godfrey said that he does not want Zach to win and Brittnee told him to focus on who you want to win.

 10:47 am BBT Ashleigh, Zach, Pilar and Bruno are in the LR just sitting and lying on the couches.

 10:50 am BBT Zach is hoping that the food will get restocked today.

 10:52 am BBT Godfrey just came out of the DR and Zach made a comment that Godfrey has a straight face. Godfrey responded it was a good DR and just another normal day. The LR group is speculating who will be called to the DR next. Ashleigh said she wishes that they could talk about their DR. Pilar said that her eyes are super swollen still and Ashleigh said that they don’t look that bad.

 10:55 am BBT Zach said that they are building the comp pretty hard and he loves speculating what the comps will be. Brittnee is called to the DR and as she passes the LR group she said what are you all doing. They told her they are just relaxing.

 10:57 am BBT Pilar said that she is ready for this comp anytime now.

 10:58 am BBT Zach said that he can’t believe they only have three weeks left and lets stay here. Now he is talking about how bummed Kevin would be if they went to the jury. 

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11:01am BBT:Ashleigh, Zach and brittnee in the LVR, They are talking about how Godfrey said they was having a triple eviction and they all told him to shut up that it was a lie then they start laughing.

 11:02am BBT:In the BR Bruno, Godfrey and Sarah talking and Sarah crying as Bruno apologizes to Sarah for what he said lastnight to her. He says he feels so bad for the way he talked to her. BB calls Bruno to the DR.

 11:06am BBT: Brittnee comes into the BR and is laughing. Sarah says Bruno just came in and we had a talk and brittnee says what did he say? Godfrey says he apologized and its ok.

11:11am BBT: Sarah and brittnee are leaving the BR and going to the LVR to join the other hg and we get FOTH.

11:54am BBT: Feeds are back and HG sitting in the LVR talking about movies.

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12:03pm BBT: All Hg still sitting in the LVR just talking about Tv shows

 12:31pm BBT:Bruno is in the BR brushing his teeth and the other Hg are in the LVR laying on the couches . No one is talking.

12:33pm BBT: Bruno and zach upstairs talking about the hoh comp and how huge it is to win and how big it is to win the pov.

12:35pm BBT: Bruno says once Sarah goes then we will be ok. Zach says yeah man. Zach says one of the girls will not take out Godfrey and Bruno says no they wont they need him especially Sarah cause she is like the  glue and rallying.

12:38pm BBT: Bruno tells zach that the girls was after him and you know Sarah was pissed cause i totally saved YOU MAN. zACH SAYS YEAH 100 PERCENT.

12:40pm BBT: Brittnee and Sarah in the Bathroom as Sarah takes a shower and brittnee says this is a blessing to my life we are so lucky to been chosen for this.

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8:52PM BBT Sarah and Pili in the HOH talking about how much they miss everyone who has gone. 


Godfrey on the other two feeds working out on the landing and running up and down the stairs.


The ladies talk about who will go next and Sarah thinks it will be her. Pili says that they are now final seven so you can't just send home anyone. It is not about numbers now it is about players. You know who your friends are and how people play the game and who you can beat or not. Now it is not about friends it is about who will take you to the finals or who can help you get to the end. Pili says there are so little numbers that now it is important and we need to stop playing an emotional game. Sarah says it is not emotional for her to be nominated as she has never been after Pili or Ash. She will not put Pili in the middle but will go talk to Ash. Sarah says the people that say they are loyal to you will have to put folks up soon and you can only really be loyal to one person in here. Sarah going on about how she can't win a comp and would never go after the girls. She keeps working to get Pili to see that she is not on the top of any of her relationships. Pili responds by saying that she is now the perfect pawn and will likely go up next week as a pawn or even as a target.  Sarah disagrees and thinks that Zach would put up Bruno and Pili does not get why that would happen if Bruno just saved him with the POV.  She goes on to say that Bruno just today told her that he would put up Zach and Ashleigh and he does not play emotionally and Sarah, you do not have to worry if I win. Initially he was going to nom the two gals but Godfrey told him that if Zach won the POV he would save Ash and they would be screwed.


Godfrey continuing his workout.


Sarah says Bruno is definitely not going to take Zach so now you have to think about who has the most likelihood of winning and maybe one other person. She keeps telling Pili that Ash has two people Pili and Zach (not saying that Pili has only the one.) She goes on to say that Bruno and Godfrey have a final two pact too. Sarah says that she and Britt are scary because they are together but aren't Bruno and Godfrey scary? Pili says last night true colors came out and she is not mad at anyone. She knows that everyone wanted the couples split up, but she knows that Britt wanted the three folks she put on the block out of the house.  Pili wonders why she did not nom someone from the other side and backdoor her target and Sarah says it was to not make more enemies that she had to.  Pili asks if Sarah really wanted her to stay or did she think the boys were voting differently. Sarah tells her that Willow told her everything so she trusted her but if Pili and Willow went then it would have really sucked.  She says she was trying to work with Kevin but he was in an alliance that she would never be part of. 


Downstairs Zach and Bruno stretched out on the couches with Godfrey wandering around between sets of push ups. 


Sarah telling Pili that she tried to get Britt to nom Bruno but Britt never trusted Willow. She thought the guys were voting to keep Kevin and Britt would never trust Willow ever. 


Bruno on the landing now saying he still does not feel right as Godfrey continues calisthenics. Zach and Bruno enter the HOH to grab some snacks from Ash's basket. The gals start talking about the music.


Downstairs Britt asks Godfrey if she and Sarah will be the noms which he confirms and tells her that Sarah is the target since they think Sarah told Britt what to do with the last nominations and they think that she is smart. He says that is what they are telling him and that they might be planning to back door him. He says that he told Sarah the same thing that they are coming for her. He will try and talk to Ash later to get some more intel.  She says she is prould of us Godfrey and heads out.


Upstairs Zach pacing around talking about how sore he is from the comp.


Bruno chatting with Godfrey downstairs about his workout.

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#BBCAN3 8:00PM BBT Pilar hopes she's not a HN this week.  Ashleigh doesn't think there are any, BB would have told them by now.  While Ashleigh and Pilar are making plans to protect Bruno and Zach, Bruno and Zach are makig plans to split up Ashleigh and Pilar.  Then Ashleigh lets Bruno and Zach in on their plan.  

8:30PM BBT Sarah and Brittnee say they came into the house with nothing but will lieave with a lot - they've come far enough to be remembered, Sarah says.  She thinks Zach has a Final 3 with everyone, he's so good at manipulating people.  Brittnee loved that Ashleigh's parents didn't mention Zach in her HoH letter.  Zach tells the live feeders that they all got to spend one minute alone in the DR with BBCAN1 Emmett.  

9:20PM BBT Godfrey confirms Brittnee's suspicion that Ashleigh is putting her and Sarah on the block.  He tells her that Sarah is Ashleigh's target because she walked Brittnee through her HoH during the triple eviction.  Brittnee asks him to let her know if the target shifts to her.  Godfrey says this is what "they" are telling him.  Brittnee says Bruno didn't tell her anything.   

9:30pm BBT Godfrey next goes to Bruno who tells him that Zach is all in for a guy's alliance.  Godfrey says Brittnee was asking who is going home but he told her he didn't know.  Bruno tells Brittnee that he's sure Sarah is going up but he's not sure against whom.  Zach and Bruno say they have to make Godfrey feel unsafe with Ashleigh and Pilar.  Seems they want Godfrey to think there's a guy thing but it's just the two of them.

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9:16PM BBT  Bruno and Godfrey checing stories to see if Sarah is the target and they hope that Zach is serious about the guy thing.


Sarah still talking with Pili and now revealing she had a certain relationship with Kevin and Bruno knew some of this and heard some more yesterday so that is why he was so mad at Sarah. She says that Britt trusted Bruno like she trusted Sarah but she does not trust him any more.  Now Zach and Bruno have something going.  Sarah telling PIli that Kevin knew about the Chop Shop long before Sindy did her big reveal and she tells Pili about Kevin's final three which Kevin had never told Pili. she goes on to lay out all the past alliances and groups that worked together for certain evictions.


Bruno and Zach in the bathroom talking about how hard Sarah is working now to pull Pili in and if two of the guys had gone she would have had Ash and Pili to work with.  They are sure that Sarah is the one that is gunning for them and that Pili wants Britt out so if she is HOH next she will target Britt. If they win the Veto then Sarah goes home and they control their own destiny.  


Sarah still working PIli upstairs as the three guys meet up in the SR as Godfrey is talking about why he had to save Pili over Willow cause Willow would be up in bed with Sarah right now. they are patting themselves on the back saying they are gonna crush this thing now and the gals have no idea about them.  Godfrey is trying to take Bobby's place in the alliance and in terms of being a physical specimen.

When Godfrey leaves Bruno tells Zach that Godfrey is down now and that this is what he has been wanting all along.  Zach says that now they just need to get Ash. They start talking about the endurance HOH they just played and when they decided to drop based on who was left in the comp. Ash comes out of the DR and they both congratulate her on a good job.


Sarah still working Pili upstairs giving her more history about the Chop Shop and JP having told her some parts but not all.  Ash enters the HOH and the three get up to head out.


Bruno and Zach now in the SR talking about what a way to get Willow out and how it was about the only way it would have ever happened.


Pili now telling Ash what Sarah has told her about past alliances (Bless her heart, but Pili's slow brain is getting a bit hard to listen to. DRG)  Sarah now in the bedroom with Pili and Ash going over some of the material she has just spent the last hour telling Pili.

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9:34PM BBT Sarah now pitching Ash about the coming weeks and who she needs to keep to have a chance to win the comps because the end is just comp comp comp. She will put up Godfrey and Bruno but none of the guys remaining in the house will put each other up so if she does happen to win an HOH Ash will be safe another week. Now she is going over ancient history going as far back as Naeha's eviction.


In the kitchen Bruno and Zach still gloating over Bruno winning the veto and saving Zach.  Then speculating about which of the girls they should go after first.  Zack hopes the next HOH is another banger and it will be weird that only 5 will be in the comp.


Sarah still talking 100 kilometers an hour with Ash and PIli going over past moves people made.


Downstairs the guys gloating about the last eviction and how no one in the house knows how the last votes really went down. (The house may be getting empty but the egos of these two can fill it up in a hurry. - DRG) 

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9:41PM BBT Bruno joins Godfrey in the bathroom and is told the hot water is nearly gone.  


Zach wanders in to the bedroom where Pili is still trying to understand what Kevin told her and kept from her about what he knew about the Chop Shop and other deals in the house. 


Bruno and Godfrey proclaiming their undying loyalty to each other yet again and Bruno telling Godfrey that he told him he would come through for you and I did.  


Sarah telling Ash that getting rid of her is not what is best for her game and she knows she will do what is best for her game.  Ash is telling how she reads the house and that Bruno would not go after Zach at least right now.  Ash says she wants Godfrey to go up as she does not know where his head is at. She does not want to nom Britt since she told her she would not. Sarah says she is OK being on the block as long as she is not Ash's target (really Sarah, you are too smart not to remember that Ash does not vote this week.) Sarah goes back to talking about The Purple Cobras. 

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9:49 PM BBT Guys in the bathroom and on the landing talking about how the gals are in the bedroom plotting right now and someone needs to get in there.


Sarah still retelling about Naeha's plan to keep her Johnny and Sarah off the block. Godfrey comes in to ask who wants burgers and leaves to head to the kitchen to start prepping for dinner.


Zach now soaking in the HOH tub. Ash comes in and they start talking about her not having known about the Purple Cobras.


Sarah still trying to help Pili understand what Kevin did and did not tell her and why.


Ash has changed into her bikini and is climbing in the tub with Zach still going on about how she never knew or even heard the name Purple Cobras. She is grilling him about the past and he diverts her to this week and tells her that Sarah needs to go. Ash can't let go of the Purple Cobras. (Zach sounding like the husband who is caught in bed with another woman by his wife. He looks up and tells her there is nothing going on here, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes? - DRG) Zach tells Ash that when Johnny left he said there was an alliance of 6 in the house and Ash says that she never even heard him say that. Ash is telling him what Sarah told the girls and Zach claims that Sarah is insane and he can't believe she is working Pili this hard. (What other choice does she have? - DRG) 

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10:00PM BBT Sarah still trying to help Pili understand and she just keeps saying that she is an idiot and have I even been playing the game (Well, not so much, dear. - DRG) Sarah wants the girls to know that she is 100% forthright and anything she says from now on they can believe totally. 


Zach and Ash still going over what Sarah has just told Ash and who was or was not in the Hexagon that became the pentagon. Zach says the only thing he was ever involved in was The Purple Cobras that JP brought him in to. 


In the bedroom Pili is telling Sarah that she and Ash may be best friends but their targets are different.


Ash telling Zach that she does not trust Godfrey as he is telling the guys there asses are sunshine and then telling the girls the same thing. Zach is adamant that Sarah needs to go this week as she is a major manipulator and she is insane and just trying to work Pili's vote.


Sarah still trying to work Pili's vote. 


Zach still talking about whether Kevin knew about the Chop Shop or not in response to Ash's continued interrogation of him. Zach admits the he Jordan and Kevin were tight and pretty much had the whole house covered, but this is not really relevant now. He tells her Bobby knew about the Purple Cobras and she is more upset that it is another thing that Bobby lied to her about, Zach thinks he needs to win the POV to make sure Sarah stays on the block. Then starts dissing her again about being insane and how she tries to act like she is not a threat in the game when she just put three of us on the block. Sarah explaining that PIli is taken back by some of the info she heard but that does not mean she will go with Sarah all of a sudden.


Feeds switch from the gals to Bruno and Britt in the kitchen where she is saying this is gonna be a battle. Bruno tells her he does not want to go to the end with Zach or Bruno, Zach has half his alliance on the jury right now.  He tells her not to stress as there is nothing they can do right now.He keeps asking her if she is alright. She says that Zach is just so comfortable right now with two girls to protect him. Bruno says if he does not win HOH next he will go home. She is bitter that Zach was about to go home and she is frustrated and thought she and Bruno were on the same page. 


Feeds go back to Sarah and Pili in the bedroom where Pili is explaining her noms in the past and saying she trusts her more than Britt. Zach and Kevin were both threats in different ways but it could have worked out different. Sarah saying she could not get Britt to not trust Bruno. 


Ash and Zach still talking about what Sarah told her a few minutes ago and how they don't believe that Zach is not her target now. Zach is worked up now and pissed off, Ash says she is going up it is OK. She is good at manipulating and her back is against the wall.  He tells her to make a one week deal with Britt for safety next week, mainly as that will ensure Zach is safe next week as he will have the votes to stay.  Ash points out that if the veto is used she will have to name a replacement so either Britt or Godfrey go up and she does not want to promise something she can't deliver. She just wants the noms to stay the same.  He asks how she responded when Ash told her she was going up and she tells him what Sarah said about being OK as long as she was not the target. She did not say anyone was the target but she said she does not trust Godfrey.

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9:29 BBT: Pili is in the HOH with Sarah, Pili asked Sarah if she knew about the chop shop. Sarah explains her version of what she knows and who has done what.

9:35 BBT: Ash joins the girls in the HOH. and we go to a commercial. when we come back, Pili and Ash are in the main bedroom. Pili is talking about the chop shop. Ash is acting surprised. Sarah come in and starts to tell her version again. Sarah says that she would still go after Zach. Sarah come up with telling them about the purple cobras.

9:35 BBT: Ash joins the girls in the HOH. and we go to a commercial. when we come back, Pili and Ash are in the main bedroom. Pili is talking about the chop shop. Ash is acting surprised. Sarah come in and starts to tell her version again. Sarah says that she would still go after Zach. Sarah come up with telling them about the purple cobras.

9:42 BBT: Bruno and Zach are in the kitchen talking about how many hoh's are left, Bruno says there are 4. If we can do a, you - me - you - me, we can do it!! Bruno says willow thinks the guys sent her home, when she finds out she will freak. They then talk about how Pili fell in the comp. and Bruno says the girls have been there to long, he's going for a bath.

9:48 BBT: Bruno is now in the bathroom with Godfrey,. Bruno says if I win, you know what I gotta do, Godfrey says me too. I think I heard them say he, so I'm thinking Zach is a target again after this week. We're back in the main bedroom with Pili, Sarah and Ash. Sarah it talking about the purple cobras again. Godfrey comes in and asks who wants burgers and then leaves again. Sarah continues her story.

9:53 BBT: Bruno and Godfrey are talking about how Zach know the girls can't be trusted and they can because Bruno used the Veto on him. Godfrey grabs some food from the store room and start to prep the kitchen for burgers. Zach is in the HOH bath tub, rocking out to some tunes.

10:01BBT: Ash is in the tub with Zach now, he can't believe she didn't know about the purle cobras. Then he says, Let's talk about this week, Sara and Godfrey, and Sarah has to go. Ash hesitates and says yah. Then they are talking about Sarah lying about how alliances came to be and who was in them. Ash is trying to get it figured out. Ash Said she just found about there was an alliance in the house she didn't know about. Zach asks if Sarah is trying to spin this and Ash says no. Ash said she told Sarah that she and Godfrey will be going up, and Sarah says as long as I'm not the target..

10:09BBT: Zach said Sarah is trying to put a divide in them by pulling her and Pili in, and Zach says yesterday they were putting them on the block. Ash says if Sarah gets POV and comes down, Bruno has to go up. Ash said Sarah told her she wasn't telling them this to cause problems. Zach is going on about Sarah and Ash says it wont change anything.

10:18BBT: Zach is saying he just has to win this POV so she stays on the block. Zach just keeps reinforcing with Ash that Sarah goes. Zach says the other side will have PIli by the end of the week because right now she is throwing him in the dirt. Ash says she is just mad at him right now, that she will not go to their side.

10:25BBT: Ash is saying that Sarah is saying that Zach is not her target. Zach is pissed and saying I was her target for 49 days and now you’re HOH and I'm not her target. Ash tries to get him to calm down by reassuring him that Sarah is going up.

10:32BBT: Sarah went into the HOH and said I just want to make sure you know I wasn't throwing you under the bus. Then she asked if they trust Bruno and Zach says as far as I can throw him. Then she throws Godfrey under the bus saying he will tell anyone what they want to hear. Britt walks in and says OMG, this is very intimate and I feel awkward. Sarah tells Zach that Bruno and Godfrey are gunning after him.

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10:25PM BBT Ash says she does not want Godfrey to go this week as she feels he would work with Pili and her but Zach tells her he is trying to work with Zach and Bruno too. 


Sarah talking about who she would have put up if she had ever won and HOH and how frustrating it was when Britt was HOH and she would not do what Sarah wanted done.  Sarah says that Bruno was always gunning for Zach more than Kevin so that is why it was so weird when he used the veto on Zach. The gals figure they need to go talk with Zach and head out of the bedroom.


Sarah enters the HOH to tell Zach that he was not throwing him under the bus when she spilled her guts a while ago.  she asks if he trusts Bruno and she says he does not know. She points out again that the question now is who can you beat and who can you work with. She would go after Bruno and Godfrey first and telling them Bruno before the comp said he would put up Ash and Zack.  She runs the same spiel she gave Pili and Ash for the last hour and a half.


Pili joined Bruno and Britt in the kitchen where the talk is about food.


Britt enters the HOH now too as Godfrey comes into the kitchen.


Sarah selling Zach on fact that Bruno and Godfrey are gunning for Zach and if she goes up with Godfrey and Bruno wins HOH and takes Godfrey down then it will be a wasted HOH. She admits that Bobby was a huge target of hers and she and Britt are together, but who is more scary the two gals or the two guys?

Zach says he knows Bruno is a really smart guy. 


Downstairs Godfrey telling Pili that Kevin wanted him to protect Pili and keep her as he felt that she was on the block because of him. He tells her that he has her back til the very end and she laughs and asks him how many people he now has a final two with? (Let's see how many are still in the house? DRG) Godfrey swears that he has no one now and she is the only one. He tells her that he never had any deal with Kevin but others assumed he did when Kevin did not use the veto to back door him.

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10:38PM BBT Sarah finally leaving the HOH after announcing she was going at least ten times already. 


Britt rejoined Pili and Godfrey in the kitchen as talk turns to the showmances and Kevin again feeling bad about Pili being on the block. They wonder what they are doing in the jury house right now. Sarah joins them and Godfrey tells them to get their burgers and that he finally cooked.  Sarah wonders if they are cooked all the way through and Britt says she thinks so they look small enough and have been in there for a while.


Upstairs Ash is telling Zach that yes Bruno used the Veto on you but he could be using you for a sheild and he would be the biggest target if Zach was not in the house.  She says she is not saying that everything Sarah says is true, but we need to think outside the box.


Down in the store room Pili with Sarah and Britt ranting about why Kevin did not tell her about the Chop Shop and proclaiming that she is not mad while sounding mad as heck.  Godrey interrupts her rant looking for more food in the freezer and they all head back to the kitchen.


Zach reminding Ash that Sarah just came after them and she says that Bruno says that to her but she still is more afraid of Bruno than Sarah.  He thinks they do not have any reason to believe that Bruno is gunning for him. He tells her that getting rid of Sarah does not turn her into Britt's target, but it leaves big targets in the game for others to take out. She asks if theywill take each other out and he says that yes next week they will take Godfrey out. He tells her that this is a tough HOH as they are down to 7 and they all smell the money now. He says the bottom line is for them and Pili to stay strong. She says that Bruno will take Pili out and he thinks not til others go first. (Tough choice Ash who you gonna protect yourself or Zach? - DRG) He keeps pointing out how Britt and Sarah are targets (meaning threats) as they have won 2 HOHs and done lots of work in the game. She says with resignation that it does not matter as they know what has to happen this week and they just need to get the POV to keep the noms the same.

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10:50PM BBT Zach going on about how good Sarah is in the game and she says that she has said that over and over again and it is super respectable but not good for them. She is a good player and that is why she has to go.  She asks if he wants to start draining the tub as he has a burger waiting for him. He says yes. Pili enters and tells Ash she looks really red and Ash says it is because she is really hot . Zach tells Pili not to think that Kevin was withholding info from her about the Chop Shop and he did not really know about it like Sarah makes it seem.  Pili wonders why she believes all this stuff.  He then explains about the Purple Cobras.  Zach goes on telling her that Kevin never withheld info from her and Sarah is very convincing and trying to sway our minds. Ash gets up and heads to rinse off in the shower.  Pili says that Sarah also said the Godfrey was coming after him too and he does not think that that is true. Zach again tells Pili that she was Kevin's number one. 


Downstairs Sarah whispering to Britt about what she told Zach and Ash and how she told them to put up Bruno and Godfrey. He returns from the SR and game talk stops.  She goes with him looking for lettuce and finds hot dogs.  Godfrey tells her she has to do what she has to do and if she can get off the block then they will have the numbers. Back in the kitchen she asks if he thinks they want tomato. 


Upstairs Zach Ash and Pili still talking about her naivete (she really is a very cute weather vane that points in whichever direction the wind just blew. - DRG) Ash tells Zach he can't pick and choose what to believe from Sarah and he tells Pili that he and Ash also never agreed about whether they could trust Willow. Zach says the three of them just need to stick together and once Sarah is gone Britt is alone in the game.

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10:41BBT: Zach says that Bruno knows that as long as Zach is in the house, people will go after Zach 1st. Sarah is positive that Bruno will take Godfrey to the end. she said she's not trying to throw him under the bus, but be logical. Zach tells Sarah that she is not a target this week (we may have a huge blindside in the works again) Sarah leaves and Zach is talking about Bruno, then Godfrey pops in to tell them the burgers are done. They are now back to Bruno, that he did use the Veto on Zach, but maybe saved him, to use him as a shield.

11:03 BBT: Ash, Zach and Pili are in the HOH bathroom, Pili is upset that she was gullible enough to believe Sarah. Pili feels Bruno saved Zach because he feels safe with him. Pili is confused and said whenever they have conversations, I'm going to come to you guys to find out what's true. Ash just said, Zach just saw me full frontal, after the shower he could see over the curtain. Pili and Ash say they have just made out, but Pili says actually made out. then they say they wouldn't do it in the house (too late Pili) Godfrey walks in the HOH.

11:03 BBT: Ash is telling Godfrey Sarah is her target and she needs a pawn, and you're not going to like this, but....and Godfrey says, I've been a pawn twice, put someone else up. He is saying Britt is the best pawn, she's done it's lots and the reason you did not get put up is because I told her that willow was more dangerous than you. Ash is telling G he is not her target and she swears on it. He says he trusts her, but she is not the one that's going to vote. Godfrey is trying to get her to pick someone else, he tells her he saved her and that shows his loyalty.

11:18 BBT: Godfrey says I trust you, if you put me up, I'll take one for the team. Godfrey tell her that he has no jury votes. So he does trust her. Godfrey is staying he wanted to stay with Ash but she was close to Zach. He does tell her he won't take you to the final. He also says he does believe that Zach and Bruno do want Sarah out. Now the Girls are telling Godfrey about the purple cobras. Godfrey says: Am I the only person who didn't have an alliance?

11:22 BBT: Godfrey tells the girls that Willow was playing both sides, that's why she had to go. He promises he is with them and not with Sarah and Britt. Godfrey says he is going to act surprised when he gets nominated so no one knows he's with them.

11:37 BBT: Britt and Sarah are in the bathroom, Sarah said I think we're doing good, they really want Godfrey out. Britt says that Bruno said it's Sarah they want out. Sarah is rehashing what she did and they will just have to wait and see. Bruno, Sarah and Ash are in the main bedroom, Bruno groans and asks Ash if she's sore, sounds like he's hurting. Sarah and Ash carry clothes to the HOH room and Sarah asks Ash about Bruno Saying that Godfrey is not the target. Ash Assures her he is and Sarah says okay.

11:47 BBT: Bruno asks Sarah how she's feeling and she says her hand hurts, Bruno said it's his neck, and it was just starting to get better. Pili is in the kitchen and says goodnight to Bruno as he walks by. Bruno is now in the HOH bathroom with Ash and she tells him he told Godfrey, but he will act surprised. They have a discussion about how Sarah will say anything she has to, to stay. Pili joins them. They count the votes and who will vote for who. and that it won`t be a tie. They are upset that she threw Kevin under the bus when he`s out of the game already and that shows what kind of person she is.

11:58 BBT: Sarah and Britt are whispering in the main bedroom where one of the boys are asleep (or pretending to be) Sarah is telling Britt about her talk with Ash when she was told she`s going up. They talk about the comp again. Britt says those endurance comps are my weakness. Britt said Bruno had the audacity to tell her "don`t tell Sarah, but I think she`s going up" Ash gets told to fix her mic. Sarah smooches Britt and says she has to go to the bathroom. Bruno Comes in to go to bed, he says he is so sore again.

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