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Monday, May 4 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:08am   BBT  Zach wonders if B will come after him.  Willow says she’d go after Kevin first. 

12:12am BBT  Willow is worried about what happens after she leaves the house.  She’ll have no boyfriend, job, place to live…. Zach is worried if he’s representing his family properly.

12:21am BBT  Zach, Bobby and Willow are talking about how much of a crap shoot this game is.  If one thing had been different the results to date could be so different. 

12:32am BBT  Bobby leaves to get more water.  Willow goes to check on the BR – all asleep but lights still on. 

12:38am BBT  Bobby came up with the secret  veto idea because he found two drawers that were empty and he convinced Sindy that he had found a veto and she believed him. 

12:49am BBT  Zach was just called to the DR.

1:00am BBT  Zach is back from the DR and everyone is settle down for the night.  

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1:56 AM BBT:  Everyone sound asleep again.


1:51 AM BBT:  Sarah goes upstairs to bed, Bruno lays down in the Bath for a few minutes breathing so heavily you would think he had run a mile.  We get FotH for cams 1 and 2, and Bruno being very uncomfortable getting into bed on 3 and 4.


1:42 AM BBT:  Bruno is PUSHING Sarah that she HAS to keep Bobby.  He loves Britt, but its better for their game if Bobby stays and fights with them.  Bruno says she (Sarah) has them (Bobby and Bruno) 1000% if she will keep him and vote out Britt.  Sarah says Bobby has your back, but Britt has mine.  Sarah says let me talk to Willow and Bobby, Bruno says please don't let Britt know, "I love Britt" .  Sarah says Godfrey might be blowing smoke up your ass. Bruno says its ok to for her to talk to Willow after he does the math and realizes he NEEDS her vote to keep Bobby.

1:38 AM BBT:  Bruno is not so sure about Willow, Sarah is not trying to talk him out of not trusting Willow, he is trying to tell Sarah that Bobby is a better person to keep than Brittnee.  Bruno is being very careful about what he says.  Sarah says if they keep Bobby, then Bobby is going to get with Bruno, Bobby, and Godfrey and vote as a block, possibly AGAINST Sarah.  Bruno is saying he (Bobby) is a "sheild" against either of them going home.


1:33 AM BBT:  Sarah is telling Bruno that they have NO chance with the showmances.  I think she is being honest with him.  She says the "girlfirends" (Pili and Ash) are dead loyal to the guys.  Bruno says they "need to start making moves"   Sarah says she is talking "real" to him. 


1:25 AM BBT:  Sarah brings up again the fact that she has heard that Bruno told the show-mances that the girls (Britt, Sarah and Willow) are a threat and they need to vote out Britt.  Bruno was saying no way he didn't say that when we went to FotH.


1:22 AM BBT  Looks like Bruno can't sleep, working out in his head if Bobby goes home how things will work out for him.  Sarah is up now talking to Bruno, he is saying its ok if Bobby goes, but they (Bruno and Sarah) need to stay together.

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 9:00 am BBT Good Morning Canada! We are not sure if the houseguests are awake or what is going on in the BB house right now because the feeds have been on FotH for awhile now.

 9:09 am BBT The feeds are Back! Brittnee is walking into the BY to do some laundry.

 9:11 am BBT Brittnee went to HN room to ask Willow (who is still sleeping) for her sweater and then she went into the main BR and is looking in the drawers for Willow’s sweater. The lights are still off in the BR and HN room. Brittnee went to the KT to make some coffee.

 9:18 am BBT Coffee is now brewing so Brittnee went to sit on the LR couch. She was messing with her hair and now she is just sitting and staring around the room.

 9:22 am BBT Brittnee was called to the DR.

 9:23 am BBT All four feeds show HN room and main BR with lights off and houseguests still sleeping.

 9:26 am BBT The lights are now coming on in the HN room and the main BR! All other houseguests are still asleep though.

 9:30 am BBT No wakeup call yet and houseguests are still sleeping.

 9:32 am BBT Feeds change to HOH room with Kevin sitting up in bed with his eyes closed and Pilar lying there next to him. No words were exchanged and then Kevin laid back down and covered up.

 9:35 am BBT Pilar and Kevin are both sitting up in bed now. A few words are being exchanged, but they do not have their mic’s on so we don’t know what is being said.

 9:38 am BBT Brittnee and Zach are now in the KT talking about Bruno having to get up when the lights were still out. Britt said that she could not sleep. Zach asked if anyone was doing the batteries right now and Britt responded that Bruno is and he should be back down soon. Brittnee said it would be nice to just chill out and get some air.

 9:40 am BBT Brittnee told Zach may the force be with you and said that she don’t watch star wars, but she knows that saying.

 9:43 am BBT Sarah and Godfrey are sitting in the BR. Sarah said that she has done this game for 46 days without Bobby and she don’t need him now. Sarah said that Bruno was telling her in the BY that if they don’t have Bobby they are all going to go 100 percent. Sarah said if we don’t have Bobby then Bruno is going to go. Sarah said if we keep Bobby now he may help us get those people out but then he will kill us in comp and send us out. Godfrey said it has its pro’s and con’s. Godfrey said what Bruno meant is that he will be going. Sarah said yes because he is the next biggest threat. Now they are discussing everything that Bobby has done to them.

 9:46 am BBT Sarah said they are getting down to the nitty gritty and Bobby might save them for one week, but she is not looking to go next week. Sarah said that Bruno screwed them over. Godfrey said that if you get a twist you got to take a chance. Godfrey is not worried about Bruno. Sarah said that the couples can’t keep having that much good luck and Kevin knows that he can’t beat Zach. Sarah has not made up her mind 100 percent. Sarah said it is hard to look at a pro rock climber and Britt and then say sorry Britt. Godfrey said they are in a different position. Sarah said they think she is so smart. Brittnee walked in the room and brought Sarah some tea.

 9:50 am BBT Sarah told Britt that she wants to stay in bed for at least an hour. Britt left the room. Godfrey said that he wants to keep Brittnee because she is a more independent thinker. Sarah said that everyone is trying to go to the end with Ashleigh and Pilar. Sarah said people will tell you what they want when their back is against the wall. Sarah said it is clear where their loyalties lie.

 9:53 am BBT Brittnee walked back in the BR and is looking for something. Godfrey is getting dressed and fixing his bed. Bruno walked into the BR and the discussion is about Sarah’s mask being gone from the pantry.

 9:54 am BBT Bruno and Godfrey left the BR. Sarah is whispering to Brittnee about Bruno and her getting a late DR call and then they had a discussion afterwards. Sarah said that she called Bruno out on specific things and she told Bruno it is a numbers game. When Sarah told Bruno that she was not going to keep Bobby he was about yelling at her. Sarah repeated that Bruno said if they get rid of Bobby this week they are all going home.

 9:58 am BBT Bobby walked in the BR and interrupted Brittnee and Sarah’s conversation. So Sarah played it off and said if they are winning back to back those girls are f’d too. Bobby left the room and discussion continues about the conversation that Sarah just had with Godfrey and she thinks that Godfrey will vote for Brittnee to stay.

 10:02 am BBT Sarah told Britt that she snapped on Bruno and that she is trying to get the votes for her. Sarah told Britt that she said to Godfrey where has Bobby been for the last forty six days. Sarah said that Godfrey said they don’t have to talk again and he is keeping Brittnee.

 10:04 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah’s conversation is now about how they are going to go into comps from now on calm and focused.

 10:05 am BBT Bobby and Bruno are by the HT talking. Bruno said it is going to be a rough one the next couple weeks. Bobby said they did genially believe his veto lie. Bruno said that he (not sure who) is full of shit and that he said he is going after Sarah and Brittnee, but Bruno knows who he is going after.

 10:08 am BBT Back in the BR Britt hopes it is Bobby is going this week. Sarah said that Bruno and Godfrey will be the next targets after Bobby is gone. Brittnee said that she likes to think that is how it will be. They hope that Willow will be the target after Bruno and Godfrey. Sarah said that Zach has thrown Brittnee’s name under the bus since day one.

 10:11 am BBT Brittnee said that Godfrey has a better chance with them than the others. Sarah said if Bruno comes to her again to vote for Bobby then she will lie and tell him okay. They have to tell Willow and the others want Bobby out because they said they can’t wait for the Jury members to see Bobby walk through that door. Britt said that Bruno told her that he would never write her name down.

 10:13 am BBT Sarah said to pretend to still be doing what they want it is a little too late and she is done pretending. Kevin walked in the BR and interrupted the conversation. Kevin has a cold and allergies so he took some medicine.

 10:16 am BBT Kevin left the room and talk is about Britt being stuffed up too and she breath through her mouth. Sarah said that we can do this and when we win we could put up hopefully Zach and Kevin and say to Kevin sorry buddy. Sarah wants to do it old school and have the houseguests come to the HOH room one by one.

 10:18 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are discussing who to put up when they win HOH and what they will say to them. They want to keep Bruno because he will go after them.

 10:20 am BBT Sarah said to sit the four of the couples down and say okay we have to break you up and see how they respond. Britt told Sarah that she is so funny and that she just wants to see them squirm.

 10:22 am BBT Pilar walked in the BR and interrupted the conversation and talk is about who is outside now.

 10:23 am BBT Bobby, Bruno, Godfrey and someone else out lying by the HT in the sun, but no words are being said.

 10:25 am BBT Sarah is telling Pilar about Willow not talking to her and then yesterday she was out by the HT with Zach and Ashleigh when Willow came out and looked surprised that Sarah was there. Sarah is speculating why Willow would be mad and that Willow believes anything anybody tells her.

 10:28 am BBT Brittnee said that she feels emotionally exhausted. Pilar left the room. Sarah told Brittnee that she told Bruno how does he expect her to vote out Brittnee when their backs have been against the wall.

 10:31 am BBT Sarah said she told Bruno and Godfrey that the lines are drawn and they will be going on the block if the other side of the house wins. Sarah said if she was to keep Bobby she will be keeping their numbers strong and not her own.

 10:33 am BBT Ashleigh, Willow and Pilar have now joined the HT group talking about how Bobby should have just took the ten thousand dollars in the vault. Willow said there is less than a month left in the house. Pilar said that there is more people than there is supposed to be for twenty eight days left. The discussion is now about showering and what they are going to wear.

 10:37 am BBT Pilar and Ashleigh went into the house. There is no more conversation going on by the HT.

 10:39 am BBT Ashleigh and Pilar and Brittnee are now in the WA. Pilar walked out and Brittnee told Ashleigh that Bruno is trying so hard to keep Bobby here. Ashleigh said she knows and she has heard everything and that there is a girl’s alliance again. Brittnee said it is so irritating. They both wish for Wednesday to hurry and get here. Brittnee left the room saying she is not surprised at all.

 10:41 am BBT Brittnee walked into the BR and told Kevin and Sarah what Ashleigh just told her about the girls alliance. Kevin said that he knows because right after the ceremony Bruno came to him and threw up Sarah’s name specifically. Sarah is telling Kevin about a discussion with Bruno asking him when have they ever been together. Sarah rehashed the discussion she had with Bruno last night and how he was about yelling at her. Kevin understands that they are going to campaign but they should at least do it in a logical way. Britt said that she told Bruno she knows that he is going to campaign for Bobby.

 10:45 am BBT Kevin apologized to Brittnee and said that he really though Bobby had a veto to use. Sarah said if it was Bruno and Bobby on the block together it would be a complete different story.

 10:46 am BBT Kevin said of course he is going to do whatever he can, but within twenty minutes after the ceremony start doing it. Brittnee said that she gets why he is doing it, but at least he don’t need to lie. Kevin and Brittnee left the room and Willow walked in. Sarah asked Willow to come to her for two seconds please and that she will self evict if she keeps acting like that. Willow did go and give Sarah a hug.

 10:49 am BBT Sarah and Willow are talking about how hard the fake fight is and Willow said that at least Sarah has Brittnee. Sarah said to tell her at least that she loves her and Willow did not say it. Sarah pulled the covers over her head and started crying saying she hates this game. Willow went to comfort her. 

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 11:01am BBT: All Hg are on am outside lock down. Kevin,Zach, Pilar, ashleigh and willow are talking about Naeha and Sindy and how much they showed their colors to early in the game.

11:04am BBT: By the hot tub is Brittnee , Godfrey, Sarah,Bruno and bobby talking about being tired lastnight and Bb tells them to stop talking about production.

11:08am BBT: Most hg talking about the evicted HG and how they would rank them if they went into allstars. Sarah says Naeha is number 1 and then number 2 is Johnny. 3rd is Jordan then 4th is Sindy and then 5th is Graig. then 6th is Risha.

11:15am BBT: Godfrey telling Bruno and brittnee  how eats goat eyeballs and goat head and the brain.He then says that you can eat the goat. brain and it just spreads on bread and you can add ketchup or hot sauce but it is so good. Brittnee says that is so messed up and Bruno says just as you said spread the brain you lost me right there.Brittnee is still laughing and says that is messed up and Godfrey says it is so good man.

11:24am BBT: The lock down is over and Hg are going back into the house to get food to eat and ashleigh wants to finish her hair.

 11:34am BBT: Brittnee , Sarah and bobby are making food ion the KT.

Godfrey, Bruno and Zach by the hot tub talking about bugs on a papaya tree and how they sting. Bruno then tells about  being stung by a bee and how bad it hurts.

 11:43am BBT: The guys at the hot tub are picking up the pillows and blankets and putting them away and saying it is getting cloudy and starting to rain.

 11:46am BBT:  BB tells the HG that the back yard is now off limits as the Hg make their way into the house where brittnee and Sarah are making breakfast burritos.

 11:54am BBT: Bruno, Godfrey and  Bobby laying on LVR couches just general talk. 

Kevin , Pilar and ashleigh in the hoh rm talking about  what options they have. Ashleigh says she feels like the couples are staying together but does not feel that the couples are together. Pilar says yeah yeah yeah. Kevin tells Ashleigh that at 2am sarah got called to the dr and Bruno pulled her out by the pool first and told her that if they get rid of Bobby this week then the couples will be running the house. Ashleigh says no way and Kevin says yeah.

11:58am BBT: Ashleigh says that Bobby is trying so hard to stay this week but he is going at it the wrong way. Pilar says yeah and we have to keep Godfrey close this week.

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12:04pm BBT: Sarah putting breakfast burritos together as brittnee and Zack talk general talk.

12:09pm BBT: All the HG have been put on outside lock down again and have taking their food outside to eat.

 12:17pm BBT: everyone  siting in the BY just general talk and Bobby and Ashleigh talking about the slop off game they played in .

12:37pm BBT: The feeds have been on FOTH for over 15 minutes now as the HG were locked in the back yard.

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9:10 PM BBT Godfrey Bobby and Bruno sitting in the BY talking about the girls and how they want to boys out. Godfrey says not once has one girl said they wanted another girl to go up over one of the guys.  Sarah and Britt walk past and Britt is challenged to try the ball game. She throws twice then the two continue on the the hot tub. Bruno states that Sarah has been a poison right from the beginning. Bobby says he voted for her to go the first week.


Britt and Sara in the hot tub where Sarah is struggling to light a cigarette. Sarah says the "respect" vote for Naeha was really a "fuck you Graig" vote.


Guys talking about what the past plans were and who was supposed to be the back door target in past weeks.  Sarah is satisfied that they will get rid of Bobby because he was in a stupid alliance.  Bruno's biggest downfall was wasting the HOH that he helped Bobby win.  Then when Bruno was HOH he also made a mistake.  


Bruno saying that Sarah has never had to kick someone out of a competition thereby revealing who she was working with.  


Sarah saying that Zach and Kevin have set themselves up in a really good spot with their girlfriends to help them out. Bobby wondering about who has thrown past HOH comps. (Got a mirror dude?? - DRG) 


Sarah announcing she has to stop eating as she has put on five pounds this week. (After being on slop the two prior weeks. DRG) 


Guys talking about how Graig became a bigger target than Bobby.  Then Johnny was one of the cobras but Graig was always the target that week.  


Godfrey spells out where everyone is physically located in the house and how that shows the alliances. They three of them in the BY, Sarah and Britt in the hot tub, the showmances inside and Willow who knows where? Bruno wants to some how get Sarah up on the block, Godfrey says he trusts Kevin more than Sarah and Bruno says maybe they will have to back door Sarah. The showmances want the dudes gone first then they will go after the girls.  The girls in the showmances know the guys are the targets so they are preparing to go over to the girls side when their fellows get evicted.  Guys hoping for some kind of a twist coming soon like Canada voting next week.


Sarah and Britt now heading back into the main BY to "go sit with those idiots for a few minutes." Britt announces that those gnats are out of control then the belches loudly.


Feeds 3 and 4 now in HOH with the showmances talking in the bathroom as Zach is soaking in the tub. They are talking about break ups in general and how "breaks" are sketchy in general and folks should just end it.


Outside they figure that they are right on schedule with evictions if there is going to be a final three this season. They wonder how the voting would work and think that they would have to have Canada vote as a tiebreaker in case of no clear winner from the jury. 

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9:27PM BBT Same convos continuing. Up stairs Ash thinks it should not be so complicated but Zach says that sometimes it is complicated.


Sarah still working on if there is not a double or an instant eviction then how many more weeks would they be in the house. Kevin has joined the group outside as speculation continues. Sarah concludes that there could be a normal three weeks then they would have four left for the last week. It will be 49 days on Wednesday then there are three weeks and a few days til the finale.  


Zach talking about his past relationship again and how jealous and obsessed he was, but then we he broke up he got over it and he was OK.  Pili nor Ash have had a really long term relationships. Pili is so picky when it comes to guys and she won't even dance with someone if she does not feel an instant attraction.  She just does not give any guys a chance. Zach tells her that is why she is single. She says she takes for ever to trust a guy. Ash is not really picky she just needs patience and time to trust some one. Pili gets attached easily and is afraid to get hurt. 


Outside gang now talking about other reality TV shows. Britt says there will have to be a double somewhere though.  Godfrey and Sarah talking about Gordy Shore and the girl who won that was so manipulative and funny and had the thick Cockney accent. Charlotte called people out too. 


Upstairs Zach would love to win an HOH this week. (Get in the queue mate. DRG) Pili has left the room. Ash says she would probably use Britt again as a pawn but Zach would use Sarah instead of Britt cause he does not think Britt would put them up first. Ash finds Bruno running around this week to be really weird its not like his back is against the wall. Zach says they will come after them for sure so Godfrey has to go.  (Commercial playing very choppy making it hard to keep up with other audio. DRG) 


Pili is downstairs with the others now and is giving something that looks like CPR to Kevin who is flat on his back on the grass.


Upstairs the couple talking about options for noms and who would be mad based on who was put up.  Tub draining makes this feed fun to transcribe as well. 


Outside Pili is explaining when in the process of doing CPR you call for the ambulance and the others are giving her a hard time about it.


Zach is asked to please put on his microphone . He is out of the tub now and into the shower to rinse off then change. Ash hands him a towel over the curtain and goes to look for a dryer one.


Pili still talking about administering CPR and if she ever had to rescue someone when she was working as a lifeguard. 


Ash found a dry towel for Zach and leaves the room after delivering it to him to go hit the head.


More lifeguard lessons outside til the commercial once again hits the feed I am getting audio from. Pili saying that if you are on duty you have to be watching and can't be fooling around. Apparently she was a lifeguard at a camp and is describing how they had periods with different activities. 


Ash is in the kitchen now eating ice cream out of the container. Bobby in the HOH with a coffee mug sitting alone on the white couch sorting out the headphones to listen to the music.


Pili still talking about working at the camp when Ash joins the group still eating out of the container.  Pili describing how they would line up to drag their feet on the bottom to look bodies in the water. BB tells her to turn on her microphone.


Upstairs Bobby and Zach decide to do some savory slop and Bobby leaves to head down and get started. 


Ash wonders if they ever did not  find the dummy when they were doing the life saving drill. 


Brief FOTH.


Bobby is shown emptying a slop bucket into the sink saying it was his fault. Ash returns her spoon to the sink then asks Bobby if they are out of slop. He says they will probably refill it.  


Kevin now telling a story about when he was at camp and they were throwing kids up in the air to do flips then enter the water. He slipped on one of them and therefore he did not get enough revolutions before hitting the water.  


Ash says she cannot stop snacking then wonders if BB is putting booze in the SR. BB announces the Pantry is now open and they rush in to find nothing new. Zach in SR now too then goes back to the kitchen leaving Bobby wandering around looking and smelling cans.


Willow comes in looking for batteries and he tells her there are none so she wonders why the announced the pantry was open. He tells her it was for him to put the slop bucket in to be refilled.


BB again announces the pantry is open and Bobby finds the batteries this time.

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10:00PM BBT Outside Britt says she is so tired and wonders if they can go to bed. Bruno tells her no but she wants to try. 


Ash in the pantry getting cereal to snack on this time.



Kevin telling another story outside as Ash joins the gang outside. The other two feeds show the empty bathroom. His story is about a time when bad pea soup made him and his campers sick and everyone who ate the soup puked. Zach now telling a similar story about a time when he ate Pazone and all four of them got sick all night. 


Bobby now joins them outside while Willow is filling ice trays in the kitchen. Bruno comes through on his way to the bathroom. Zach telling more stories from when he was in grade 6. 


Willow wandering around looking for something. Bruno exits the toilet and washes his hands vigorously.

Willow meets him in the bathroom and they both talk about how they really need to win this week. Willow is flossing and says she is getting ready for bed in the next half hour. Bruno heads back out after making some coffee for himself in the kitchen.


Ash now telling a story about when she puked at her graduation even though she was not really drunk the alcohol just did not sit well with her. Zach says that if he pukes then if he has any more alcohol he is dying.  Britt says she can puke and then keep going.  Pili says that if she drinks a lot sometimes she makes herself puke so as not to be so bad the next day. Zach says the worst is when you leave the club and then realize how wasted you are.  He asks the others about the first times they got too wasted.  Bobby and Britt are now playing the ball game. Kevin is called to the DR after BB first said HGs please . . . and nothing followed. HGs now naming favorite alcohols and drinks. Conversation progresses to what gives a really bad hangover like too much sugar when drinking or drinking wine. Feeds freeze then blank out and reboot themselves.

10:17PM BBT  Feeds back to continuation of HGs drunkalogs for a few seconds then the feeds reboot themselves again. (Maybe my puter is getting a hangover?? - DRG) 

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10:22PM BBT HGs now giving instructions how to chug. 


In the bedroom Willow and Sarah now talking about how Willow is dead to the others and at least Sarah has Britt to talk to. Sarah says she will not not have her and if she does then she will win it for the two of them.  She says if they don't get rid of the couples then Zach would likely take her to the end. Sarah asks if it is ok for them to keep Britt.  Willow says she is not playing a solo game anymore and Sarah has her to the end. Sarah thinks that JP found her totally obnoxious.  


Chugging conversation still going on. (Think they want BB to give them booze much??? - DRG) 


Willow and Sarah whispering now about how it would be easier for her to just cut Sarah out of her life now as when this is over Sarah goes back home to Scott.  Sarah says she lives in Calgary. Willow thinks Britt wants to kill her but Sarah says that she is closer to her now. Willow says she can't play the game like this and Sarah agrees that she was thinking the same thing today. (they are pretending to be on the outs with one another to the others.) Sarah says that if she goes and Willow comes right after that she will kill her. Willow slips into her super stealth whispering mode (as bad as Dani Donato ever was. - DRG) She is talking about Kevin Zack and JP having had a final three deal. Sarah talking about how JP threw every comp even the Veto that ended up sending him home. Sarah wants to find Willows ring so bad and they both say that the game fucks with you and they both cried today. Willow did not mean to take Sarah from Britt, and Sarah says she did not. Willow claims she will blow her game up before letting Sarah go then goes into how Scott must hate her. Sarah reassures her that Scott is happy that she has someone in the house to relate to. She could never love anyone more than Scott whom she has known for ten years. Willow is afraid that she will be perceived to be pretending to be something that she is not. Sarah using her very flirty face reassuring her that what they do is nothing more than what the couples are doing. She tells Willow that she only loves her because she is the only one in the house that is not crazy. 


Outside gang still chatting mostly about TV shows now and binge watching. Dawson's Creek, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos. 


Sarah goes back to asking Willow if she is ok with keeping Britt. She is but admits that she has not respect for her and the others show her no respect at all. (Get some new material gal, Rodney Dangerfield owns this stuff. - DRG) Sarah telling her that they just need to have more moments like this one when Pili, Britt and Kevin come busting into the room. Sarah wants them to ask for booze in the DR and he asks her if she would rather have grass for one week or booze for the rest of the season. Sarah would take the pot as it is better for you and they would not  be hung over all the time.  Britt of headed off to the the shower and she needs to shave her pits too.  Sarah says she lost her mind about her period in the DR and they will get back to her. She had cramps earlier but now they are gone again. She asks if Pili is moving out and the reply is that she is just doing laundry. Willow asks about going to bed and what time it is and Britt tells her in a half hour it will be 10. (BB has had there clock an hour behind for the last two days. - DRG) 


General conversation still outside about booking escape experiences.

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10:48PM BBT Willow and Sarah alone again in the bedroom and resume their flirtmance. They will continue to bicker in front of the others but Willow says it makes her really sad.


Outside folks talking about movies then about real life jailbreaks. 


Willow says she wished Sarah loved her as much as she loves Sarah. Shortly after she asks her if she is going to take her to the final 2 and Sarah says yes.  Willow says they really need Sarah to win this HOH and they start talking about who the others would go after and Bobby bursts into the room. He leaves and Willow says she was not going to talk to her at all tonight and then could not do it.  Sarah says she will 100% take Willow to the final two. They start debating about who would vote for which one of them if they made it to the end.  Willow never wants to sit  on the block with Sarah. She starts talking about something she has told the DR many times and their feeds go to FOTH.


Outside Zach is talking about how long it takes to fly to LA from various cities in Canada.  


Bedroom feeds back with Sarah giving Willow a pep talk to build up her self-confidence. She thinks Willow is a fucking amazing phenomenal person.  Willow thinks she is not good with words and tries on Sarah's glasses.  

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