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Saturday September 13 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:01pm Derrick , Victoria and Cody are in the LR. Victoria and Cody are talking about whether or not they DR will call them in tonight. Victoria says no, Cody says yes. Victoria asks if they want to go on a BB adventure.


11:06pm Talk has turned to how bitter the jury is. Cody thinks that Nicole took the blue hat, Derrick says his brush is missing and Victoria says she took her clothes


11:13pm Victoria and Derrick each laying on a couch in the living room. Caleb and Cody have headed upstairs. Cody is listening to music Caleb is telling us about his pictures  and how he has the first HOH of the season and is now the last HOH of the season, he's a beast


11:20pm Derrick joined Caleb and Cody in the HOH. They are talking about how they think  that there will be another twist… a double eviction into the final three. They say its never been done before. Victoria is in the WA downstairs


11:28pm The guys are up in the HOH room talking about the reasons Frankie needs to go again. They are deciding what they need to tell him when they decide to tell him he is going this week. Talk changes to what the next HOH comp has the potential of being saying it isnt likely that Victoria will win any of the comps coming up


11:38pm Cody tells Caleb he isnt getting near his sister. Caleb says you said you'd let me talk to her. Cody says he just changed his mind. Conversation turns to finale night and the number of seats they think their family will be allowed to have and how many tickets they think CBS will pay for


11:43pm Victoria and Derrick meeting in the WA downstairs. They are talking about whether or not Derrick has a final 2 with Caleb. Victoria warns him that she thinks he wants to take Cody because he told her that he thinks he can beat Cody


11:47pm Victoria is telling Derrick that she needs to win and that she thinks she opened up Caleb and Frankies eyes by beating their time today. Caleb and Cody in the HOH room talking about what they want to do with the money if they win


11:55pm Derrick returns to the HOH room. They are discussing the amount of money they will get if they win after taxes. Victoria is in the WA popping zits


12:04am Victoria is in the FR picking her face with tweezers. The guys are up in the HOH room talking about Christine and how she was booed. Derrick says that the fact that she was still here shows that the boos were probably about things she said because if it was him and he felt his marriage was in jeopardy he would say keep the 13k and would go home to fix things.


12:13am Talk in the HOH room is about the jury. They are talking about the questions that will be asked, how long they have to answer, etc. Frankie appears saying crushed it


12:23am The BY is open now and all the guys head outside, they have started a game of 2 on 2 pool Caleb and Cody vs. Derrick and Frankie. They are talking about the order they will probably be called to the DR in Caleb says him and Cody will be last.


12:36am The game continues, Frankie asks if kids watch this, when Derrick says ya Frankie says The live feeds? Derrick says I suppose and they go back to the game, Frankie singing


12:43am Teams have changed now that two games have passed. Now it is Frankie and Cody vs Derrick and Caleb. Cody and Caleb won the last game. Derrick is saying less then 10 days and we'll see our family's.


12:52am Game 4 about to start while they argue about the way that Caleb hit the 8 ball in. Frankie is calling it a trick shot saying that they didn’t call the pocket so they lose because trick shots were against the rules.


1:01am Pool game still going on. Cody is still talking about that blue hat he was wearing for the longest time. He is convinced that Nicole took it to give it back to Hayden.


1:11am Everyone has headed inside Caleb, Cody and Derrick are in the kitchen, Caleb is making quesadillas. Frankie went to the FR to get a duffle bag and heads to the bathroom. He is running water in the sink, leaned over it staring in the mirror.


1:19am Cody ended up making the quesadillas, says he turned the stove up to high and it is smoking that if there was a smoke detector he would have just set it off. Frankie appears to be doing his ADLs before bed while Cody and Caleb eat in the kitchen


1:28am everyone in the kitchen screaming and yelling as Caleb is messing with Victoria, he is doing "Judy chops" now shes laughing and skipping through the house as Caleb waits to get in the DR. Frankie and Derrick sitting in the living room. Victoria goes to the SR to get an apple


1:34am Frankie says good night to everyone then says goodnight to Derrick saying he will see him in the room. Frankie and Cody in the FR Frankie says she is up everyones a** 24/7 but at least it wont be much longer. Cody is getting ready to go shower. Caleb is in DR Frankie is in bed now and Victoria is in the KT  getting ice water


1:40am Victoria heads upstairs opening the HOH bathroom door asking cody  if his bag of clothes is what needs washed. When he says yes she asks if she can throw some stuff in with it and if its ok to just start it.  She heads down to the WA and asks Derrick if he has anything when he says no she is off to start the wash


1:47am Victoria is back in the downstairs bathroom telling derrick that they shouldn’t tell Frankie because he will throw a fit. Then he will change everyone's votes Tuesday night. Derrick tells her they are good. She leaves and he mouths something to the camera.


1:56am Derrick and Cody are talking in the HOH room about Nicole when she came back in and how she wanted to work with Caleb.  Then say that Caleb is playing both sides. Derrick says that in his eyes, its better to take Victoria to the final 3 then Caleb because Caleb has the ability to win the final HOH and she doesn’t. Frankie tells Victoria he has his speech planned but doesn’t want to say it out loud because he doesn’t want it on the feeds yet, he wants it a surprise.


2:08am Frankie and Victoria are talking about the past house guests coming in for the competition. Derrick and Cody in the HOH talking about Caleb vs. Victoria in the final three and which one would guarantee them as the final 2.


2:18am Talk continues in the HOH room. Derrick is trying to convince Cody that Victoria has less of a chance to win anything then  Caleb does. Frankie appears in the HOH room. Climbs in bed with Cody laying on top/ next to him.


2:25 am Frankie kisses Cody's cheek and says good night asking Derrick if he wants the light in the room on or off. Derrick says he can turn it off  Cody and Derrick are heading down to play pool while Victoria listens to music up in the HOH munching on  the basket food


2:35am Victoria still dancing in the HOH. Cody and Derrick  playing pool still going over the same reasons and ways to get to final 2. Cody tells Derrick that he's always been his voice of reason in the game.


2:50am Caleb is out of the DR and playing pool with Cody. Frankie is in bed and Victoria is on the bench in the bathroom  doing something with her compact and her eye, she has us blocked


3:07am  Victoria comes out to fold clothes that were in the dryer laughing as she finds the missing black sock in the dirty bag.Caleb and Cody flexing for the plane that flies by.  Victoria apologizes for forgetting his sock. Cody says he doesn't know how to fold his shirt


3:20am Victoria is running her fingers through Cody's hair as he lays on the couch in the LR  and they talk about the competition and who was blended with who. Caleb is up in the HOH listening to music and brushing his teeth.


3:29am Victoria still playing with Cody's hair  while they talk in the LR. Derrick is in the DR  and Caleb is laying in the bed in the HOH room with the headphones on.


3:34am Derrick is up in the HOH room after a brief Foth they are talking about how if Cody didn’t win, Caleb or Derrick would have, no way Frankie was winning that competition.


3:44am Victoria in the Kitchen. Caleb and Derrick still in the HOH talking about Frankie leaving, Caleb says that he has no problem being the hand that puts him out. Derrick said if it wasn’t this week it would have been next week except next week it could have been Caleb Cody or  Derrick going home.


3:55am Derrick and Caleb still upstairs talking. Right now about who and why they would take them to the final 2 and why they think the jury hates Derrick. Victoria is eating cereal in the BY


4:04am  Derrick and Caleb are still rehashing who they think will vote for who. Caleb thinks he has Donny, Nicole, Victoria (when she leaves) and Derrick or Cody (whichever leaves) says he needs one more and figures it will be Hayden


4:07am Victoria comes into the HOH room and says she is going to bed hugs Caleb and says good night. Derrick says he is going down too. Meets Victoria in the bathroom and tells her they are Golden. Caleb puts his headphones and lays down


4:24am Victoria tells Derrick that Frankie told her earlier today not to worry that she'll only be in the jury for a few days. They are talking about how she needs to pull back a little because they are questioning why he doesn’t say something to her.


4:33am Derrick and Victoria are still in the WA, now they are talking about the final HOH. Cody is out of the DR so they break up the chit chat. Victoria and Cody are talking in the kitchen now Victoria tells  him that her and Derrick are cordial, civil not best friend but not enemies.


4:39am Derrick and Victoria hug before climbing into bed. Cameras go to Cody in the kitchen, Caleb comes out of the room to the balcony and talks to Cody for a moment but heads back to bed. Cody goes into the WA to brush his teeth


4:49am Cody settles in for the night. All the cameras on house guests in  warm beds and dark rooms.

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6:00 AM BBT All HG's are snuggled in their beds, and everything in the BB house is quiet. Frankie uses his left hand to scratch his neck, and then puts his hand over his pink towel that covers his eyes.


6:05 AM BBT Frankie moves around, slightly moving his towel off his eyes. He moves around the throw pillow with his feet, that's at the end of his bed. He is lying on his right side, with his left arm up and over his pillow in the fire room. Derrick and Victoria are sleeping in there as well. Cody is lying on his back, with his left arm over his covers in the rock room. Caleb is in the HoHR in the nest bed.


6:15 AM BBT Frankie moves his left arm down, and his hand is now on his chest. Victoria moves around in her bed in the fire room. Frankie moves his left arm over his chest. Victoria is really restless, and isn't even lying on her pillows. She puts her comforter over herself, and is lying on her right side. She moves around some more, and now has one of her feet hanging outside her comforter.


6:21 AM BBT Derrick gets a holla, while he is still sleeping in the fire room.


6:22 AM BBT We hear, "DAD BOT, holla." Derrick doesn't wake up.


6:37 AM BBT Cody moves around in his bed, and he is lying on his back, with his head turned toward the two beds covered in throw pillows. He moves his head the other direction, and it's now facing the hallway. He uses his left hand to rub his face, puts his left arm outside of his sleeping bag, and turns his head back toward the wall.


6:52 AM BBT Cody moves around a little in his bed.


6:40 AM BBT Cody moves his head again, turning it once again toward the hallway.


6:45 AM BBT Cody readjusts himself, and is lying on his left side with his right arm in between his pillow and a throw pillow. Derrick moves a little bit in his bed in the fire room.


6:56 AM BBT Cody moves again, and is now lying on his back again. He has his right arm on his chest, and his left arm in between the two pillows. Derrick moves around in his bed, and we can see one of his arms on his pillow.


7:15 AM BBT Cody moved and now has his left arm across his chest, and his sleeping bag covering his right arm. He thrusts his sleeping bag off off his arms, and scratches his face while making some noises.


7:44 AM BBT All HG's are sleeping soundly, snug as a bug in a rug.


7:48 AM BBT Frankie moves around in his bed.


7:59 AM BBT Cody turns to his right side facing the wall, and the two beds with the throw pillows. He has his left arm over him. Frankie moves around in his bed, and now has his pink towel moved up to his forehead. He is lying on his stomach with both of his arms under his pillow. Victoria, Derrick, and Caleb are all still sleeping as well.

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#BB16 9:00AM BBT All Houseguest still sleeping.


#BB16 9:02AM BBT Frankie sits up in bed for a second and leaves his room to go to the WC. 


#BB16 9:04AM BBT Frankie leaves the WC, washes his hands, grabs a shirt from the rock room and puts it on, and climbs back into bed.


#BB16 9:27AM BBT Frankie shown sleeping on Cam 1, Derrick and Victoria shown sleeping on Cam 2, Cody shown sleeping on Cam 3 and 4. Caleb not shown on the feeds (assuming he's sleeping in HOHR).


#BB16 9:50AM BBT Houseguest still sleeping in their beds.


#BB16 9:56AM BBT Just got WBRB on feeds. 


#BB16 10:12AM BBT Feeds just returned. BB woke the HG up as the lights are on in the KT and LR. Caleb is downstairs with his headphones on and in the SR. Caleb then leaves SR and heads to WC. Victoria is called to DR. 


#BB16 10:13AM BBT  BB announces "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day" (the rock room lights are still off where Cody is sleeping). Caleb comes out of the WC. Victoria goes into DR. Caleb makes his way upstairs to HOHR and climbs back in bed.


#BB16 10:14AM BBT Victoria comes out of DR and gets back into bed. 


#BB16 10:17AM BBT BB announces again "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." (trying to get Cody's attention). Caleb got his headphones back on in his bed and everyone else in their beds.


#BB16 10:28AM BBT Caleb sleeping in HOHR on Cam 1 and 2; Victoria sleeping in FR on Cam 3; and Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick sleeping in FR on Cam 4. Cody not shown on feeds.


#BB16 10:37AM BBT BB announces once again "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." and repeats two more times in a row. 


#BB16 10:38AM BBT BB announces "Cody, the bedroom lights must remain on."


#BB16 11:05AM BBT Lights are on throughout the house but yet the HG are still sleeping. 


#BB16 11:34AM BBT House is quiet while the final five sleep. 


#BB16 11:55AM BBT Shhh, be very quiet, because the houseguest are still sleeping. 

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1:21PM Cody is now up and goes to the WC.


1:23pm Cody comes out of the WC and washes his hands. He goes to the Backdoor and listens as they are on lockdown this afternoon. He then goes to the STR and changes his batteries.Cody then goes  back to bed.


1:55pm Victoria up and walking through the house.

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 2:23pm Derrick is now up and in the STR hanging his batteries. he then goes to the Kt and sees the BY is locked down with a confused look on his face  he then goes to the LVR putting his mic on and goes back to the Kt saying somethings up.


2:25pm Derrick now at the Backdoor listening and then goes walking circles in the kt while running his hand through his hair. he now goes to the BR and puts on deodorant. He then heads to the STR and gets meds.He now goes to the KT for a drink.


  2:28pm Victoria is back up and goes to the STR. she leaves and goes to the KT wherre derrick is eating a banana and gets a glas and rinses it. She tells Derrick we have been on lockdown the entire day and he says have we? She tells him yes.Victoria then goes to the WA and looks in the mirror.(SHOCKER)  


2:33pm derrick in the LVR sitting thinking with his eyes closed. Victoria now in the KT eating dry cereal.


 2:35pm Victoria goes to the STR and gets a banana the goes back to the KT not saying a word to derrick as she walks by him in the LVR.


 2:36pm Victoria goes back to the BR as derrick goes to the WC. Victoria now back in bed.


 2:40pm Derrick comes out of the WC and washes his hands then blows his nose. He is now brushing his teeth. Everyone else is still in bed sleeping.


  2:46pm Cams were on the hoh rm door then switch suddenly to HG sleeping. We now have foth.


  2:49pm Derrick sitting in LVR alone in silence.


 2:54pm Derrick is walking around the house and keeps looking at the Backdoor. 


2:58pm Victoria is up again getting clothes and going to the WA she stops and give Derrick a hug and says i am gonna go take a shower. She walks through the KT and says look it is 3pm already.

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3:00PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are sitting on the couches in the BY. Derrick says the only way his game can get screwed over is if Victoria wins the next HoH. Cody tells Derrick a conversation he had with Victoria last night about her speech and calling Derrick out. Cody says Victoria is immature, then adds she is sheltered. Derrick says that one of them have to win HoH next week, put Caleb and Victoria up, one of them win veto, then send Caleb packing. Cody agrees. Cody thinks Zach is going to smoke America's Player, then adds Donny could too. Cody says he doesn't want to be in the running for America's Player. 


3:05PM BBT: Cody and Derrick chat about if they've made a promise to bring Caleb to the Final 3. Cody says Caleb wasn't with them at the beginning or middle of the game. They brought Caleb closer to help get rid of Frankie. Derrick says Caleb probably has Victoria, Nicole, and Hayden's vote, and Donny is a coin flip. Derrick says it's scary how similar their minds are. Cody says Derrick was the only person who got to the last one, and got close to Cody in the Veto. 


3:15PM BBT: Cody tells Derrick that he'd worried that the competition will be a puzzle, and that he is not good at puzzles. Derrick says that whatever competitions Cody can't win, he will. Derrick says he will be sick to his stomach if Caleb wins and pisses the money away. It would eat at him for the next 10 years. They plan on exposing the Hitmen when they get to the Final 2. Cody says that when Frankie leaves, he'll give him a good goodbye message. 


3:20PM BBT: Victoria is done her shower and is putting makeup on. BB tells her to put her microphone on, and Caleb says she's talking to someone. He was going to go inside and make a breakfast sandwich. Cody and Derrick talk about how the only way Caleb will make it to the Final 3 is if he wins HoH or Veto. Cody says his family will want to meet Derrick and his family, and nobody else in the game. Derrick says he's never thought that Cody would cross him. Caleb comes out into the BY, and Frankie follows him out too. 


3:30PM BBT: Victoria is blowdrying her hair in the washroom. Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb are sitting on the couches in the BY. Caleb says he got in trouble this morning for the first time. He wore his headphones downstairs without the iPod attached. BB asks the housemates to lower the awnings. Caleb elaborates on what BB said to him about the headphones, and feeds go to a brief WBRB. BB thanks Frankie and Derrick for their cooperation for lowering the awnings. 

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3:35PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick are on the couches outside. Caleb says they all smoked Frankie in the Veto. They fall silent for a while. Derrick thinks today is Sunday. Derrick says: Live Show Wednesday, Izzy Thursday, Luxury competition Friday, POV Saturday, and Today is Photo Booth day. Derrick heads into the house and asks Cody. He says they had Izzy before the Live Show on Tuesday. BB tells them they are one day closer to $500K. 


3:45PM BBT: Cody is outside in the BY. Caleb tells him he will come out to run with him soon. Cody tells him to just catch up. He complains about wanting to run by himself. "Whats a kid got to do to get a good run in here. Don't just run because I'm running". Cody starts running. Frankie, Victoria and Derrick are in the kitchen. Caleb comes outside, takes his shirt off and starts running with Cody. Cody is annoyed because he has to wear his microphone and his shorts don't have pockets to hold his battery pack. Victoria heads out to the BY then goes back inside and says it's steaming hot outside. Cody and Caleb are complaining about the heat. According to Google, it is currently 41 degrees Celsius, and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. [They’re also under an excessive heat warning too]

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4:00pm Derrick in KT eating and Cody and Caleb in BY running as Frankie says it goes so much faster watching if your not running.


4:07pm Cody, Caleb and Frankie in the pool swimming.Derrick and Victoria in the KT talking about winning and  Victoria says that is alot of money.Derrick says regardless of how we look at it we each won 5k.


4:15pm Victoria laying in the LVR on one couch and derrick on the other couch. Cody gets out of the pool and rinses off Frankie is now in the hot tub and Caleb is just walking around the BY.


 4:19pm Frankie tells Cody that he feels he was so frazzled  last week cause he was sleep deprived Cody ask Frankie he has a thing to cover his eyes with right and Frankie says yeah i cant believe my friends sent that. It is my pillow case. Frankie then says i bet my friends are so proud of me.


 4:24pm Frankie and Cody talking about gaining weight in the house and how they will lose it quick when they get out of the house. Cody says i cant wait to call my parents and Frankie says yeah i want to call my mommy and ask how i did  and did i ruin anything. Cody says i know i didn't but my dad will say i curse to much.


  4:28pm Frankie is telling Cody that he cant wait for the red carpet after the show and Cody says what is that how does it work and Frankie says you will come back here in the back yard and it will be like step and repeat and you will go from photographer to photographer there will be about 40 here unless time magazine and all are here then there will be go and like they will be yelling Frankie here and Frankie here and taking pictures then we leave here on a golf cart and go to the after party.


 4:34pm Victoria is going through her clothes  and repacking them and Derrick ask Cody if the pool is in the shade yet and Cody says almost just about. Frankie is folding clothes in the BY.Derrick goes to the HOH rm to see Caleb.Caleb says i am just thinking game dude just thinking.He says there is one way to guarantee us in the final 2 and derrick says how is that and Caleb says  get Frankie out this week and next week you win hoh and put up Victoria and Cody and send Cody out. Derrick says do it man lets do it.


 4:34pm Victoria is going through her clothes  and repacking them and Derrick ask Cody if the pool is in the shade yet and Cody says almost just about. Frankie is folding clothes in the BY.Derrick goes to the HOH rm to see Caleb.Caleb says i am just thinking game dude just thinking.He says there is one way to guarantee us in the final 2 and derrick says how is that and Caleb says  get Frankie out this week and next week you win hoh and put up Victoria and Cody and send Cody out. Derrick says do it man lets do it.


  4:39pm Frankie telling Victoria that all his stuff is almost gone, Body wash and everything he says i crushed it and used it all already.


 4:41pm Caleb and derrick repeating themselves in the HOH rm and derrick says you don't get to the final 2 by being an idiot.


 4:46pm Derrick and Caleb talking about finale night and how they will show then as the jury ask the final questions. derrick says on the final speech you have to stand up and say the speech and i am keeping mine clean you know how i am .


 4:50pm :Frankie, Cody and Victoria talking about stars in the KT and  Frankie talking about his sister again. They then go out to check the laundry .Caleb and derrick still in the HOh rm and Victoria comes in asking what is up and Caleb says nothing just sitting here watching tv and she asked you are watching us and he says yeah.


 4:55pm Frankie and Cody playing pool and talking about laundry. Derrick telling Victoria and Caleb that  production told him  that  the end would probably be on the 19th and  he had to take off till the 26th so he would have a week to get back into society and now if it is later then i wont have a week.

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6:11 PM BBT
Frankie is now defending the button push. He says we all know it would have been pushed and I refuse to take responsibility for it. Derrick says either way it would have been played out the same. Derrick says they would have told us what the twist us even if we hadn't pushed it and it would have played out like normal. Derrick says, "No one will ever convince me that there was no scenario in which they knew for sure that we'd all push it." Derrick says in all likelihood anyone would push it, but there is always going to be one outlier that wouldn't push it.


6:19 PM BBT

Frankie, Victoria, Cody, and Derrick talk about dinner. Frankie wants white fish and Derrick and Cody say absolutely no to fish. Cody says how about tacos? Frankie and Derrick say they'll eat the tacos. Cody says, "No. I'm not going to make tacos now." Derrick says, "You're making tacos, Cody." Cody laughs and says, "Fine, I'm making tacos and then Caleb can talk about all the sodium we're eating and how dangerous it is and then we'll run 100 laps tomorrow and then he'll say how fast his metabolism is and how he can run less."


6:31 PM BBT

They are talking about being in the F4 and going to jury. Caleb thinks if there are only a few days left, he won't go to the jury house and will be put up in a hotel. He just wants to get out and start singing again and doing stuff. He is going to be something outside of this house that will surpass the 500k he wins.


 6:34 PM BBT Frankie is annoyed with Big Brother. He wants them to give them something to do. He's bored and he's tired of the stuff they have.


6:38 PM BBT

Frankie follows Derrick into the fire room. Derrick is changing back into regular clothes. Frankie tells Derrick he is still furious at Caleb for nominating him. He and Cody had a long conversation today that moving forward he is willing to turn on Caleb. He says, "I understand what Caleb did, but no harm to Derrick, but the way it was handled and  me going on the block twice was a slap in the face to me. It was disrespectful. Moving forward, I'm not keeping Caleb safe anymore." Frankie says, "I don't want Cody to feel like I'd turn on him again if I win the veto next week." Derrick says it was a smart move to get Cody's trust in the game. Derrick leaves to go take a shower.


6:42 PM BBT Frankie now playing Sid. Cody is excited to talk to Sid again. Cody asks Sid where he went. Sid says he went on a wonderful adventure and he wondered how much better it would be if he had friends. Sid says hi to Caleb about how he was all alone in his bed dreaming about having friends. It was a really lovely dream and his friends liked him and wanted to do things with him. Sid wants to cook for them. Cody asks him where his friends are. Sid says, "OH, I don't have any friends. They were just in my dream." Cody says he hates Sid, he's the most depressing thing he's ever seen in his life.


6:48 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are in the bathroom talking. Derrick says once the double eviction is over it will be Cody, Derrick, and Caleb in the Final 3 and it will be epic. Caleb says, "Man we just have to get there after Frankie is gone."


6:50 PM BBT Derrick is telling Caleb if he wins 50k in the F2 he's going to pay his house off. They talk about how the after party will be awesome. Derrick says he'll probably drink a little, but he's too old to party like he used to in college. Caleb says, "Frankie's a wreck" as he walks out.


6:53 PM BBT Frankie is trying to get in the DR and he's pissed that they won't let him in. Caleb tells Frankie that he's been annoying the DR lately with requests left and right. He says he honestly thinks no one is in the DR right now, which is why. Frankie says, "What's with them not being here? They used to be here 24/7 to fulfill our requests."


6:55 PM BBT Frankie is mad now that they don't have the backyard because someone is having a party near them and they can hear their music. Frankie says he loves how they used his ears for one of the comps because they talked so much last week about how weird they looked. Frankie is frustrated, he hopes they give them a luxury comp before the end so he can make up the money that got stolen from them by the jury.

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#BB16 7:10PM BBT All 4 feeds on Victoria wandering around the KT.


#BB16 Caleb talking to Frankie about what he wants to buy when he gets out. About the house they built. Cody in the fire room.


#BB16 7:33PM BBT Caleb says that he sees himself opening for a country singer. Says he will take the name Beastmode Cowboy. Says he can see if on the banner.


#BB16 7:36 PM BBT Frankie says he wants his Mom to be waiting outside the house with a manager for him. He says they know all the top managers but no one wanted to sign him yet. Says that being on Broadway wasn't enough.


#BB16 7:43PM BBT Caleb talking about Explore Modeling at the mall really wanted him. How they wanted him to pay them to be part of the agency. Frankie is telling him it is a scam.


#BB16 7:44PM BBT Frankie tells Caleb that he has his BA in acting. Caleb says in theater arts and Frankie says no in acting. Frankie says he is an incredible actor. Frankie says if you go to school you are instantly huge.

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#BB16 8:06PM BBT Cody, Derrick and Caleb general chit chat. They are deciding now what to have for dinner.


#BB16 8:12PM BBT Frankie in the HOH bathroom hitting himself in the chest and now exercising. Watching himself in the mirror. The guys are down in the SR trying to decide what to eat.


#BB16 8:14PM BBT Correction: Frankie is in the HOH bathroom getting his "light" back.


#BB16 8:15PM BBT Frankie doing shout outs to his families. He says he has proven to himself that he can do just about anything. Says that is he walks out of the house he has done an amazing job but that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve and doesn't know that he is going anywhere yet.


#BB16 8:26PM BBT The HG are making dinner. Victoria says that she needs to peel the celery. Caleb talking about that he has had unpeeled baby carrots.

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#BB16 8:28PM BBT Victoria scrubs the celery with the dish/counter sponge. The guys are saying they are going to taste like soap.


#BB16 8:30PM BBT Victoria finishes washing the celery stalks off with soap and the dish sponge. Cody is making potatos.


#BB16 8:36PM BBT Victoria has used the vegi peeler to peel the celery and is now cutting it into small pieces for a salad. Caleb continuing to make pasta. Frankie making a basil sauce for the pasta.

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9:01 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick and Victoria he thinks because of the rewind they'll get Izzy back. Derrick and Victoria say no way.


9:15 PM BBT They all sit down for dinner. Frankie tells Derrick his chicken parm is the best thing he's had in the house this summer. Everyone compliments Cody on his mashed potatoes. Frankie toasts everyone and says "Happy Final Five, again everyone!"


9:19 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria tell them they should have on more Final Five family dinner when they are locked down on Tuesday night. They all agree to have one final huge dinner together. Frankie says we might get the announcement about the finale or the next live show. Victoria says she doesn't think so , because they wouldn't reveal a double eviction. Caleb says they have to be done by the 19th and Derrick says that not technically true, because they were told by production they had to keep their calendar open until September 26th.


9:23 PM BBT They are talking about Thanksgiving is only a few months away. Cody says his absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. He says in New Jersey, Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest party night of the year. Everyone goes out and drinks and gets wasted that night. He says he goes out but doesn't get too drunk because his whole family comes to his house the next day and it's amazing. Frankie says a lot of people hate Thanksgiving and hates spending time with their family. The rest of the house guests say that is incredibly sad. Victoria says she is most looking forward to Halloween .


9:25 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Frankie are complaining about being on lock down until late because there is a huge concert or festival going on tonight outside the studio. Cody says, "It would be nice if we could get some damn brewskies in here." Frankie says, "We've been abandoned by the DR, so we're not getting anything tonight." Victoria said she tried requesting alcohol earlier but no one was around. Derrick says this is how remembers the live feeds at this time. A lot of sitting around, sleeping, and complaining going on. He said when there were 16 people there were people everywhere. Cody says I can't even remember what it was like when 16 people were here


9:29 PM BBT They are all asking Derrick what camera angles are on feeds. Derrick says they will use any camera in the house, even the ones in the walls and behind the mirrors. Derrick says there are over 100 cameras in this house, so they have access to pretty much every area of the house. Derrick says there were times when he watched feeds and the cameras would quickly span the kitchen and it was incredible to watch them switch angles so quickly.


9:37 PM BBT Derrick goes to lay down, because his stomach hurts after eating the tomato sauce. Cody and Frankie do the dishes. Frankie says, "Thanks for helping us do the dishes, Caleb. You literally cooked nothing and ate all the food we made." Cody says, "Derrick made the chicken at least." Cody finds Derrick's plate and asks Derrick if he's done. Derrick says, "No. I'll wash it when I feel better." Cody goes over to the couches and lays on the other one. Derrick throws a blue pillow at Cody and hits him in the face. They play Zach, Donny, Jocasta, and Hayden's shout outs. They make fun of each of them going to jury and losing. They all want Nicole and Christine to do shout outs. Cody makes fun of Nicole's voice and says he can't wait to hear hers if they ever do one.


9:50 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are talking about the college sports they played while Frankie is up in the HoH bathroom. He tried talking to Caleb, but Caleb was only interested in listening to this Brett Eldredge cd.


9:54 PM BBT Frankie goes downstairs and asks Derrick and Cody if they ever talked crap in the house. Derrick and Cody ignore him. Frankie keeps going and makes fun of Derrick's "talking crap" voice. Cody switches the subject and says that Caleb ate half a chicken, he's probably passed out. Frankie says, "That's the only reason I'm down here. He passed out immediately."


9:59 PM BBT Frankie is still trying to figure out when Izzy was in the house. Frankie is on top of Cody trying to push his leg up as far as it can go. Cody tells Frankie to get off him and that he's not that flexible. Cody says, "I think I just tore a muscle." Caleb has the remote and is spying on the houseguests in the living room Victoria, Cody, and Frankie say the DR (production) is the worst because they won't give them alcohol to help pass the time.


10:05 PM BBT Frankie says his groin still hurts from the snowman challenge. He pulled his muscle and it still hurts when he stands in certain positions. Victoria says she pulled a muscle in the last Seed hoh competition and it hurts. Frankie says he's just going to sit in one room for the rest of the season so that the cameras don't have to follow him around anymore. He says that Devin used to sit in the tree house and would stare down scarily at people in the kitchen. Derrick says he used to catch Devin doing it all the time and he would always call him up to talk about his daughter and how he got his back. Frankie said Devin was literally the worst. Derrick said Devin tried to make a F2 on the first night because of their daughters. Derrick said Devin was a schmuck. Frankie says he wants to play a game with the houseguests. Derrick says, "I'd rather just go to bed now."


10:11 PM BBT Frankie is telling Cody about how the highway system works in L.A. He says he got pulled over by a cop and he pulled on to the left hand shoulder and the cop yelled at him. He was so pissed that the cop yelled at him and said he had no clue, but the cop was a jerk. Cody says that's super dangerous and Cops could get hit by doing that. Frankie says he was doing 98 in a 70 on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border. He says he was told he was only supposed to use the left hand lane to pass, not to coast. He got a huge ticket, but only got stuck with the speeding charge. Cody says the cop was just looking to tag you. Derrick says nothing during this whole exchange.


10:16 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody and Frankie that she refuses to drive at night and that when she has a boyfriend she makes him drive her everywhere. She says she's turned down guys who lived too far away for that very reason. She's also turned down guys who lived in boring neighborhoods.


10:21 PM BBT Frankie is in the kitchen cleaning the rest of the dishes. He tells Cody, Derrick, and Victoria what he's doing every often and then tells the live feeders to download his sister's album, "My Everything" on itunes.


10:23 PM BBT Derrick and Cody get called out by Big Brother for sleeping in the living room. Cody says he's going to pull his hat over his eyes so that production doesn't know if he is eyes or opened or closed. Cody and Frankie say they wish they could eat anything they want so they could get fat. Frankie says, "My sister would get so mad if I got fat." Frankie tells Cody maybe they should all just go to bed now. He says, "I can't wait to cut my toenails and put them in your bed." Victoria and Cody say that's disgusting." Frankie says, "Why do I care? Victoria already threw me under the bus with her remark about my messiness." Derrick is still sleeping in the living room so they keep playing his hollas.


10:27 PM BBT Derrick gets called out by production for sleeping in the living room. Cody and Victoria think it's hilarious, because Derrick is ignoring them. He still has his eyes closed but he's moving his feet so they know he's awake. He gets another Holla and Derrick says, "I'm just trying to figure some stuff out, okay?"


10:31 PM BBT Frankie is now sitting in one of the orange ceremony seats. He is trying to figure out the rest of the days and is convinced there is a double eviction coming. Cody and Derrick are ignoring him. Victoria is giggling and the only one talking to him. Frankie is making fun of Caleb snoring. He says he sounds like an autobot and sounded worse than Devin. Victoria tells him he looks like he has a speech rattling around his head she can tell. Victoria tells Cody says when he sleeps he sleeps with his eyes half open. Cody says that is so creepy, are you serious? He is now concerned about how creepy he has looked on the live feeds. Victoria asks Derrick if he's napping. Derrick says, "Nope." Frankie asks Cody to let him go second in the veto. Victoria says "Do you really have a huge speech prepared?" Frankie says, "My speech is going to be funny and it'll be epic." Victoria says, "I have nothing prepared for my speech. You guys said you would help me. Great. I have nothing planned, it will be boring next to his." Derrick gets called out again so he kicks his leg again to show them he's not sleeping.

 10:37 PM BBT Frankie tells Victoria her speech will be adorable as always because she's so cute. Victoria starts coming up with a poem like Zach did. Frankie says, "Roses are red violets are blue if you don't use the veto on me I'll kick you with my shoe". Victoria says, "That's so violent." Frankie says, "Are you freaking me? That's violent? With all the weird stuff that has gone on this year with Caleb's ninja moves and judi chopping everything that's not violent. I bet Caleb gets up at 2 a.m. and just judi chops everything in this house."


10:40 PM BBT Victoria says she wants her speech to be witty, funny, and classy. Frankie says, "That's putting a lot of pressure on me. You want witty, funny, and classy?" He looks deep in thought. Victoria starts randomly giggling. Frankie is confused and she says, "I just can't with these two sleeping." Frankie started making up a rap and got called out. He says they are allowed to rap and they get told no. Frankie wants Victoria to rap and dance for the veto meeting. Victoria starts laughing and says she can't do that. He says she needs to have her boobs out for it. She says, "No way."


10:44 PM BBT Frankie gets called to the DR. Cody and Derrick tell Victoria that Frankie is all up her butt now and it's annoying. Victoria says, "He's gone psycho, but I have the giggles tonight. I'm sorry." Cody wants something fun to do tonight.


10:46 PM BBT Derrick and Cody get called out again by production for sleeping in the living room. Derrick says, "Thanks, cause I forgot." They keep replaying Donny's Hollas to Derrick now. Derrick and Cody are laughing.


10:56 PM BBT Victoria asks Cody if she can play with his hair. He says sure and swings himself around so his head is in her lap. She says he has the softest hair of any male she's met and that his hair is super healthy. He says he uses a special coconut conditioner.


10:57 PM BBT Victoria asks Cody if they are telling Frankie they are voting him out. He says yeah the night before. Victoria says, "really? Caleb told me you guys weren't and that he would find out the night." Cody says, "Caleb talks too much." Victoria says, "Man, get ready for war once Frankie finds out." Cody says, "Get your popcorn ready for sure. "


10:59 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody she's tired of playing with Frankie and Caleb and she's scared of both of them to be honest. She's over Frankie she says.

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