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Sunday September 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:45 AM BBT Frankie and Derrick say they will see the mouse around 2 am.


12:50 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb, and Cody in the Gold button room trying to decipher what the words on the wall mean towards the gold button’s use. Cody says he says the word “Hi” in the words. Frankie keeps hitting the button. Frankie also says they a key word is mirrors and mirror images. Victoria is in the LR living room laying down. Derrick is not show on feeds.


1:00 AM BBT Frankie and Cody are doing pirouettes in the gold button room. victoria from the LR aks/yells to Frankie if she can listen to Ariana upstairs and he says of course, all 3 guys in the GBR [gold button room] yells they love her. Frankie recaps that they are definitely on to something with mirrors/mirror images in the GBR. Frankie says it might relate to a competition but Caleb disagrees.


1:05 AM BBT Frankie is now doing an African dance to Cody's beat with the gold button singing about being outside on Wednesday. After Cody and Frankie looking at their bodies in the GBR mirror they leave and head to the KT. Victoria is in the HOHR listening to music and looking in the mirror.


1:15 AM BBT In the KT, Frankie says that Victoria should be happy she made it this far. Caleb and Frankie mention the 1 veto she won. Frankie, Caleb, and Cody are talking about the images for the questions during the Veto competitions. Victoria is still in the HOHR listening to music and slightly dancing.


1:25 AM BBT Frankie, Cody, and Caleb still talking about the Veto competition. They say the color on the projector during the comp is different than the HG wall. They all say the eyes of each HG was a key component to the comp. Caleb and Frankie say Zach's eyes are what threw them off a lot and Frankie slightly asks production to show Zach in color. Frankie says this week will not top what happens next week due to Jeff and Jordan's proposal, the Veto comp, and the button. Talk in the KT with the 3 guys has turned to the BB schedule. Frankie tells Caleb that the final HoH competition takes place in the LR. Victoria comes downstairs and joins the guys at the dining room table.


1:35 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, and Cody are asking hypothetical questions about the final part of the last HoH competition regarding the jury. The Outdoor lockdown has been lifted and Cody heads outside to the pool table. Caleb joins Cody, Frankie goes to the WA and Victoria is eating cereal out of the box in the KT. Caleb and Cody start playing pool and Victoria is starting to wash clothes.


1:44 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria in the BY are debating whit male artist is on a song with Frankie's sister Ariana. They mostly say Justin Bieber but Michael Jackson and Chris Brown's names are thrown around. Cody and Frankie are playing pool now, Cody goes in the KT to make coffee. Derrick is out of the DR now.


1:56 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria in the KT are asking production to call them to the DR, Derrick says to call Victoria instead of Victoria. Frankie and Cody are talking about how the Veto ceremony will go tomorrow, saying that Victoria has been nominated for a reason that she is the target. Cody, Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie are playing pool in teams. Caleb starts rapping to/about Victoria then says he wishes Ariana Grande was in the house so they can bang it [meaning in listen to her music] Frankie says "What?!" to his comment. Victoria is then called to the DR and all 4 guys yell "Yay". Victoria goes between the WA and FR getting ready for the DR. Frankie says he wants a diamond power of veto.


1:59 AM BBT Caleb asks Frankie and Derrick if it is possible to prepare for an HoH competition. Derrick says no because of the his experience with trying to do so previously.

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2:09am  The guys are in the BY playing pool. They were talking about "The Double D's" and Caleb cracked a joke about Brittany. Frankie and Derrick are on the table, Caleb and Cody appear to be watching at the moment. Victoria is no where to be seen


2:17am The guys agree to the losers of this game going into the pool fully clothed, shoes and all. Victoria is apparently in the DR still. Caleb says no slop pool you have to call it.


2:25am Teams for the games are Derrick/Caleb vs. Frankie/Cody. Frankie and Cody have won the first game, Derrick is confident they will be the dry ones tonight though.


2:37am Caleb and Derrick lose game 2 and have to jump in the pool. Production comes over the speakers and says "There is absolutely no jumping in the pool"  Caleb chase down Frankie and jumps into the pool with him.


2:40am the guys are around the hot tub Caleb says its really hot, Cody says it can't be as Derrick walks straight in. Derrick tells him it is very hot so Cody sticks his feel in and screams and asks how they are in there. Victoria comes out and sticks her feet in and agrees its very hot.


2:48am Frankie is still in the HT, Caleb has went inside to change clothes and dry off. Everyone else is sitting on the patio couchs


2:55am Derrick and Caleb in the WA, Frankie in the BY says quietly that its going to be now in the kitchen, Victoria is in the kitchen  coughing up a storm, she says she choked on her own spit and heads towards the WA


3:00am Frankie is changing in the ER while talking to Caleb about what the button could mean. They have settled on "Reflect on your game" and that past houseguests are coming in to tell them how to win the game from this point. Victoria is sitting in the WA drinking Ice water trying to clear her throat.


3:04 am Derrick looks to the camera in the FR and tells them to watch the kitchen, the Kitchen in about 5 minutes. Victoria and Caleb storm in and start fighting as they explain to Derrick that they are arguing over if Steroids would show up on a drug test. She says it will he says it won't, they corner Frankie and ask him.


3:12am Everyone in the kitchen, they are apparently going to make fish tacos Frankie says he needs about half an hour  for the fish, its still frozen.


3:17am Derrick and Frankie talk in the ER about the mission. Frankie is supposed to signal Derrick with a hand gesture on the face before he "discovers" the mouse. They are waiting for Caleb and Victoria to sit at the table or at least get a distance away from Frankie


3:23am Frankie goes to look for bread and Screams. Derrick runs Victoria and Caleb jump and jump back. Frankie is screaming was that a mouse or rat. Derrick insists it was a rat because it was huge. Caleb wants to chase it out of the house, told them to leave the door open. Frankie asks if they bite.


3:25am Caleb is going in with a broom handle prodding around under the appliances. Says that it has to be there because it cant climb up wood. Victoria is screaming that shes scared Derrick tells her to go in the DR and ask for traps when Cody comes out.


3:29am Derrick is saying that he could be anywhere. Caleb had Victoria get the head lamps and has pulled out the fridge to look under/ behind it. Frankie is yelling to the DR telling Cody to get out of the DR and goes to get cheese cause that’s what they eat. Caleb wants something sticky so Frankie gets honey and tells Victoria to make wax.


3:32am Victoria has a metal plate or pan and has spread honey all over it and is putting gummy bears on top. She is going to melt it all together to sit out as a mouse trap.


3:37am Cody comes out of the DR, Caleb telling him that they saw a rat as he comes into the kitchen. He hesitates to come in and moves to the table. He is currently standing in a chair, says he has the sniper view and hes scared s***less. Caleb went to ask for traps.


3:40am Cody is now standing on a stool at the island. Says he's bugging out. Frankie told him  there has to be more then one and they are living in the walls. He is crouching in the stool bouncing.


3:44am Cody wants to poison the Cheese jumps off the stool and runs to the bathroom and gets the toilet bowl cleaner and runs back. He is standing on two stools. Keeps saying he is bugging out.


3:46am Caleb goes to put the trap Victoria made down on the floor where the rat was last seen and Cody sees something move. Screams was that it as he climbs into the seat of the stool. They have elected Caleb to catch or kill this rat.


3:50am Cody is freaking out says no one is safe. Caleb tells them they’ve been living there how long now and it hasn’t snuck in and bit anyone yet  its not now. He says its not master splinter, Cody suggests maybe he is. Caleb says they will come up with a plan as soon as he gets to finish eating.


3:56am Derrick is making a trap out of a Coffee Cake box and skewer. Caleb is laughing at him and Cody telling them they are not going to  catch him like that. Caleb has deducted from Frankies description, that it is a fat mouse not a rat and mice can get in all kinds of small places.


4:02am Derrick sets his trap and says the mouse will most definitely go for his cheese not the bathroom cheese. Cody is armed with the broom ready to judo chop the box when it falls. Cody is back on top of the stool as they move the fridge again.


4:06am Caleb has pulled the drawer out of the bottom of the stove. All we hear is oh my  god its definitely there. Cody is covering Caleb with the broom and is now sweeping under the stove. They think that could be the mouse's home base. The oven beeps, Fish is done.


4:14am Caleb is altering the Coffee Cake box trap in case they don’t give them traps right away. Cody is washing dishes, Everyone else is eating at the table.


4:21am Frankie telling Cody about when he had a mouse/rat in his house how it jumped out of the drawer at him because it got behind the counters. Cody is shaking his head saying no can't have that as he cooks his quesadilla.


4:27am Victoria whispering to Derrick that she's scared. He said ya I was too she tells him hes supposed to be the man. Not run away but catch it. He says with what my hands? I'm not Crocodile Dundee


4:34 am Derrick, Victoria and Cody sitting around the table as Frankie cleans up. They agree that 5:30 6am will be a good time to go to bed.  Caleb is still in the DR.


4:39am Cody and Frankie playing pool talking about how they are scared of the rat. Derrick and Victoria on the patio couches, she says she's tired but he convinces her to stay up with them. She lays on the couch and he tells her to not fall asleep, she needs to sit up because she'll fall asleep.


4:43am Derrick and Victoria move to the hammock to talk. Cody and Frankie are still at the pool table. And we have yet to see Caleb return from the DR.


4:57am Nothing new to report. Cody says the table is uneven and Derrick is telling Victoria she should be happy shes the last girl in BB16


4:58am Frankie opens up the doors under the sink and screams. Cody jumps up onto a stool as Frankie says it was under the sink. Frankie is on the stool now as Caleb runs out from the DR and Derrick and Victoria run in from the BY. Frankie is saying why me



5:01am  Caleb puts down the head lamp and says ok I have to go finish my DR I told them I heard screaming and had to go they told me ok but come back.


5:05am Cody is standing about a foot away from the sink as he trys to wash his quesadilla skillet. They agree it has to be new to the house


5:11am Victoria runs up to the HOH to catch Cody before he gets in the shower. Derrick tells Frankie that was excellent timing they needed that while they are alone. Now Derrick, Frankie and Victoria are sitting around the table discussing what the HOH competition might be


5:20am The KT crew are talking about the different morphs and what they were named. They are saying names like Twisted sister and ultimate backstabber but not saying who they were.


5:26am Victoria and Frankie still chit chatting at the kitchen table as Derrick comes back and looks inside the cupboard under the sink. He's going to check the SR for D batteries.


5:33am Cody out of the shower and is told to put on his mic. Derrick is explaining a pitchers job on a baseball team. Frankie is checking or switching laundry.


5:37am Frankie sitting in the WA looking towards the KT screaming that this is where he is on patrol from . He is not moving from that spot, hes scared, they can carry him out but hes not going in there again. IT scared him twice already.



5:41am Rat patrol continues as Cody and Frankie play pool. Caleb comes out of the DR.  Frankie says he hopes they are using #BBRatPatrol when posting pictures and talking about it.


5:50 Derrick, Victoria, and Caleb on watch in the kitchen. Frankie and Cody playing pool. Cody comes to the door and says they have to be still stop pacing he can feel it.


5:56am "Rat Patrol" went to the DR together. Cody and Frankie are in the BY playing pool. They don't know that the other three went to DR


6:02am Frankie and Cody come in and press the button in the Countdown room watching the timer speculating the meaning again. They wonder where everyone else is.


6:05am Frankie and Cody are searching the house and cannot find the other 3. Cody says they are hiding they check the beehive and storage room and figure this has to be a joke. Finally  Cody figures out they must be in the DR


6:13am Foth ends and we come back to Frankie, Victoria and Cody hanging out in the living room Derrick and Caleb in the bathroom brushing teeth. Derrick and Victoria are heading to bed.


6:19am Everyone in the FR except Frankie who is in the HOH WA doing his nightly routine. Everyone else in a darkened FR getting into their warm beds settling in for the night

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9:52AM BBT:Feeds back up showing the fire BR and HOH.         

#BB16 9:52AM BBT:Feeds back up showing the fire BR and HOH. No Hg's are up though and I am not surprised after the late night they had.      

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#BB16 10:00AM BBT All HG are sleeping.


#BB16 10:12AM BBT Derrick is in the WC. Victoria is in the WCA and Frankie has been called to the DR.


#BB16 10:16AM BBT Victoria in the WCA saying she is pissed off that they are calling HG to the DR after the night they had. BB has just called Derrick to the DR.


#BB16 10:27AM BBT Victoria putting on make up as she paces in the WCA. Frankie eating as though he has never seen food. Cody still sleeping


#BB16 10:35AM BBT Frankie in the DR. Victoria pours herself some cereal. takes a handful out of the box and leaves the box open on the counter and eats her cereal. Derrick goes back to bed. Victoria helps herself to another bowl of cereal and closes both boxes and puts them away.

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#BB16 10:52AM BBT Frankie talks to Derrick. Their mic is not live at first. Sounds like Frankie asks Derrick if he wants to keep her. Derrick says it's Frankie's game. And Frankie replies "He can't help us". Frankie tells Derrick that he will make up something big and that he feels they are getting locked in early. Cody is now telling Victoria that Frankie just told him the Veto meeting is today.


#BB16 10:55AM BBT Derrick tells Cody that Frankie is not going to use the Veto so they are good.


#BB16 10:9AM BBT Frankie, Caleb and Derrick talking in the BY. Derrick says Victoria is going to hate him but he is going to have to tell her that he has to vote for the person who has worked and deserves to be in the F4.

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#BB16 11:13AM BBT Frankie in the KT getting dressed (yes the KT) He is whining about gel deodorant and how he hates it. He is also complaining that he has no underwear as he outs on a pair.


#BB16 11:21AM BBT Victoria has gotten all dressed up for the Veto meeting. Wearing one of her signature skin tight dresses. She keeps pulling the bottom down as she walks. Frankie finishes up and grabs his makeup.


#BB16 11:23AM BBT BB has just called an ODLD and we go to Jeff's reels.

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12:02-12:06 PM BBT Veto meeting was shown live: "Cody, Victoria you have been nominated for eviction. But I have the power to veto one of those nominations. I would now like you to give each of you the chance to say why I should use the veto to save you. Cody, you go first." 
Cody says, "You know this is an amazing game, I love being a part of it. I would love to come off the block and be safe this week, but honestly looking out at the two replacement nominees, these are two of my best friends in the game and I would not want to see one of them sitting in my spot. Umm, I would love for you to use the veto on me man, but I think you earned it and you put us up here and I only think it's fair that you keep your nominations the same, so I don't expect you to use it on me, but I would greatly appreciate it if you do. Thank you. 
Frankie says, "Victoria now it's your turn to speak".
Victoria stands up and says, "First I want to say congrats, we made top five!" Frankie woos. "And I'm very grateful that I'm the last girl standing. So, thank you guys. Umm you guys are like my older brothers, we're like family. I don't expect you to use the veto on me. You won it fair and square and I'm very happy for you. And I wish me and Cody the best of luck." 
Frankie says, "I've wielded a tremendous amount of power in this game, never more so than this week. But there comes a time in the game where there is too few people and too little power to keep everyone I love and trust. So with a very heavy heart, I choose not to use the power of veto. This veto meeting is adjourned." 
Jeff reels come back immediately.


12:16 PM BBT Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie are talking in the button room about whether or not they can look in the mirror and be happy with what they see and how they've played the game. Frankie says, "That's interesting, so basically, just don't be a dick?" Frankie says, "I think we're having a live show on Wednesday because it's right in the middle of an episode." They say they know the veto meeting was shown on the live feeds. They wonder how the live show will happen on Wednesday. Caleb asks what will happen Thursday? Derrick says, "We'll probably get our punishment on Thursday." Cody says, "No way.' Frankie and Caleb both think it will be two live shows in a row. Frankie says, "It's probably a double eviction and the finale will be the following week.


12:20 PM BBT Caleb, Cody, and Frankie think there is a reason GAME is written on the wall. Derrick says, "I think they just like the wallpaper." He does think the mirror will have something to do with it, but mostly so they could reflect the word Game. Derrick says, "I bet it means that our game will be turned upside down." Caleb says, "Nah, it means if you've had a bad game, it means your game will be turned up." Frankie says, "None of us have had bad games, so it means our games will be ruined.


12:23 PM BBT
They wonder if they are going to show DR sessions in the house. Cody says he hopes not, because that would unfairly affect the outcome of the game. Frankie says, "You guys, it clearly just means the season will speed up so that they can have the finale next week like we originally thought." Derrick says if that's true, it would be like a double eviction, but just one person is evicted after Wednesdays night's last week, because then we'd be down to F3.Derrick says it could be, because we'd be at 91 days. Caleb says, "Big Brother finales are always on a Sunday." Derrick says, "No, that's not true." Frankie says, "No, BB finales are usually on Sundays." Caleb is convinced that finale will be next Sunday. Derrick says, "I don't think so, they would spread it out for more money, because the more episodes they have, the more money they make on commercials." Frankie says, "Maybe it will jut be a live competition on Wednesday for Thursday night's live show."


12:28 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick and Cody he doesn't trust Frankie anymore, because when Derrick said that he doesn't bash people on the DR, Caleb said if he found out anyone was bashing him in their DRs he's going to delete them out of his life and Frankie immediately started stammering and saying, "But, but, sometimes the DR makes you say stuff." Feeds cut for a little bit and when they come back they find out they have the backyard back.

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12:30 pm BBT  Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are in the HOH room talking about Frankie. Caleb says that Frankie wasn't winning like crazy when there were a bunch of people in the house. Derrick says he deserves credit and will probably be invited to play in All Stars.  Derrick says he has won 6 HOH comps, they won't all count in the books, Caleb corrects him and says that he's won 5. Caleb says he was bustin' him last night saying how many of those comps did it take 2 people to win? --also, one of them Derrick game to him. Cody says that he's cocky, but if you reflect on his game, he's not a competition beast. The Zingbot veto was impressive, the double evic veto, and last night. Derrick says he is impressive at puzzles and mazes. Caleb says he hasn't smoked anybody. Cody says he's a realist and he dropped a lot of eggs in Deviled Eggs. If he was on his own he wouldn't have won. He was thrown HOH in week 5. The Zombie Apocalypse was lucky. Caleb says in the last HOH he was close. Derrick says the bottom line is that he won it. Cody says that he doesn't want anyone going into it thinking that Frankie is going to win it. Derrick says that he isn't smoking them.


12:35 pm BBT  Derrick says the bottom line is that he hasn't been busting them in the DR. They are good guys and he knows that from living with them. He doesn't know that about him. If they show a montage of him busting them, does that change anything? If he wins the HOH, then one of them has to win the veto. They say he isn't playing. Derrick says he could be. Caleb says the veto, taying true to last season, will be a game thinker...what do you remember about this game? He says that Derrick and Cody are better at that stuff than him. Derrick says if he beats them then they have to tip their hats to him. Cody says if he beats them then they have to beat him in the final 3. Cody says they just have to hope that Wednesday isn't catastrophic to one of them. Derrick says it could be bringing back the BotB for one week.


12:40 pm BBT  Caleb says that if the BotB is reactivated, Cody knows what he has to do. Derrick says he would have to do something like kick the dominoes over. Caleb says he doesn't think they would do that. Cody thinks it would be predictable. Caleb says he doesn't think sending Christine home was predictable. Derrick says if people were watching the feeds it was. They say that for Victoria, hitting that button could have been a huge game changer...it could save her game. Victoria has been laying down in the Fire BR, but has walked to the KT to get a drink of water. Now she is sitting at the KT table and the guys watched her. The guys have lowered their voices so she doesn't come upstairs. Derrick says he thinks there will be some kind of positive for pushing the button because if they hadn't pressed it he thinks there would have been a reveal where he would have said "Oh my gosh... why didn't we??"


12:48 pm BBT  The guys are just sitting in the HOHR going over possible scenarios for the button. Cody says he's anxious and says he doesn't understand why they had the veto meeting today. Derrick says maybe they have an extra episode this week. Cody says maybe they threw an episode on yesterday. Frankie has entered the room and says that maybe it's less a big deal than we thought. Caleb tells him their theory about bringing back the BotB and Frankie says then we know what would happen. Caleb says that whatever it is, it's set in stone. Cody says he wonders when they will get locked down. Caleb says it's a game. Frankie says that every single win from now on, they are all playing to win. There are only 4 people left. They all have a lot of different strengths, too. Victoria is called to the DR.


12:52 pm BBT  Frankie tells them the BY is open. Frankie says that he forgot to ask for mousetraps. Cody asks if anyone looked to see if the cheese was eaten. Caleb says he even put some in a line and it wasn't eaten. He says he's not sure how their feet are, so he's not sure if it will stick to the surface of the stuff he's put down. Frankie says he thinks it's all related to them cleaning. He also thinks that that wall is connected to the outside. Caleb says it's where the cameras are. Cody says he was sh*tting his pants when he was going to the bathroom. Frankie wonders aloud if they should go to bed. Cody says he will go to the DR and then go to bed. They know photo booth is today, but don't know when. Frankie says it's bizarre that they did the veto LIVE and on a Sunday. Derrick says will this air on Wednesday? They go through when things air.

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12:56 pm BBT  Frankie says that maybe the live feeders were pissed because all they do is sleep on Sundays. Maybe Julie said if you tune in Sunday you will see the veto ceremony 4 days before it airs. Cody says that someone will blog about it, so a lot of people won't get the feeds. Frankie says a lot of people would sign up for it. Derrick says that tonight will be Jeff and Jordan's engagement...it will be a great episode. Frankie says it will be a good 10-15 minutes. Frankie says that for all they know, they aren't in tonight's episode. "Previously on BB, Frankie nominates Cody and Victoria. And now... Jeff and Jordan..." Frankie sees Vic on the HOH tv and says he feels bad. They all break up. Frankie, Cody, and Derrick go downstairs. Caleb stays upstairs to listen to music.


1:02 pm BBT  Victoria is sitting at the island in the KT. She is very quiet. Derrick asks her if she is going to have a nap after this. She says "uh huh." He gives her a side hug tells her he will go with her. Her eyes tear up and she blots them. Frankie tells her not to be so down. She starts to cry outright. He goes over to hug her. Derrick asks her what happened...something in there (the DR). Frankie says "Don't cry. Please don't cry." She smiles at him. He says, "I love you. Nothing is over. Nothing is set in stone. There is this crazy thing on Wednesday and you're a fighter." She tells him it didn't hit him until just now. Derrick goes over and gives her a hug. Frankie comes over from behind and hugs Derrick for a 3 way hug. Derrick asks her why she doesn't go get comfortable.


1:06 pm BBT  Frankie and Derrick are alone in the KT and Frankie says that everyone loved the TA mission. Derrick says he sealed it with a triple DR. Frankie says he wants a triple DR. Cody comes in and Frankie says he can't believe they missed a triple DR. Cody says it doesn't matter because they will have a double DR about something way cooler than rat patrol. Frankie says it will be about ball patrol because they check each others balls.


1:11 pm BBT  Frankie says that we've been part of another BB first. Victoria says it was weird that it was LIVE and that maybe that's why they couldn't talk outside. Victoria says to Frankie "They told you in there that it's going to be LIVE?" Frankie says they told him before and we get FotH. Everyone is gathering in the KT to eat. Cody tells Caleb that there is something he says in the DR that he will be pissed about. He calls him "Caleb" instead of Beast Mode. Caleb tells him they aren't cool anymore. Caleb says he sometimes calls him Guido instead of Cody. Derrick says that can be derogatory. A conversation begins about how the Jersey Shore talked about Guidos all the time. Frankie says his mom was pissed about how people began to think all Italians were like Guidos and the people on Jersey Shore. Cody says, further, his mom was pissed because people thought all people from New Jersey were like the people on Jersey Shore.


1:16 pm BBT  They talk about how it was smart to use Donny and Zach for the hollas. Frankie says he thinks Donny and Zach are in the running for America's Favorite Player. Victoria says she thinks Zach. Caleb says he doesn't think so. Zach only won one competition. Victoria says it doesn't matter. Caleb says competitions don't matter? He says he knows she's a huge fan of the show, but who has won AFP that hasn't won a lot of comps. They all chime in that Jeff didn't win a lot. Cody walks by and says that he thinks both of them (Frankie and Caleb) are going to get smoked. He says "Just because you call yourself Beast Mode Cowboy doesn't mean people love you bro." Caleb says he's American made, baby. Cody says that America is his family. Frankie says there were people with Fruit Loop Dingus dolls in the audience. We got to FotH.


1:23 pm BBT  Caleb thinks people who win are people who win comps, all around good people, and people who America likes. Derrick thinks Donny is more in the running than Zach. They say Elissa won last year and Frank won the year before, Jeff won the year before that. Derrick says that Jeff won both season he was in. Kesha won season 10 with Dan. Frankie says that Donny is definitely still in the running. Derrick says you just don't have a clue... Christine may have said some stuff in the DR, but she didn't expect to walk out to what she did. Aaryn didn't expect to walk out to what she did. She wanted to be a TV host. Caleb said that Aaryn said that's how we talk in the south...nah, we don't talk like that in the south. Victoria said the next day on the Talk, Aaryn blamed it on being from Texas and Julie got really mad.


1:30 pm BBT  Caleb and Cody are joking around with each other. Caleb says that's the difference between eagles and flies. Cody says eagles and hawks... if Caleb's an eagle, then he's a hawk. Cody says Caleb is a gnat. Caleb says Cody is nothing... not even worth the oxygen he's breathing. Cody says Caleb isn't even worth a comeback. Caleb says, "You were a waste of sperm." Cody stands up and says, "That was f'ed up! Dad did you hear that?!" Everyone is laughing and Caleb jumps up and hugs him. Cody says he is going for a run because Derrick said he was putting on some lbs.


1:38 pm BBT  Cody screams that more than one person has called him fat and that Caleb grabbed his stomach fat. Caleb says that he's lying. Cody and Caleb go into the BY. Frankie is washing dishes and says he would like to go the DR to ask for the photobooth. Cody and Caleb start running in the BY. Victoria is eating at the KT island. Frankie goes upstairs and goes to open the door between the 2 HOH rooms. It is stuck and smacks into it with his face. He tells Derrick about it (Derrick is in the HOH bathroom telling him that he's sh*tting his brains out). Frankie brushes his teeth. Derrick says that he was going through all their missions to see if he can come up with a reason to not give them the money and he thinks their golden. He thinks he's really confident they each have $25,000
1:45 pm BBT  Frankie tells Derrick that he believes the only way he is safe is if Derrick wins HOH. He says if Cody wins HOH he's F'ed. He says that's not to say that Derrick wouldn't win the veto and take him, but that's a lot to bank on. Frankie says the person he wants to sit next to the most next to is Cody. Derrick says he is taking him even if he's sitting next to Caleb. Derrick says they each have a good argument for why they should win. Derrick says if the two of them make it to the final 3 with one of them and one of them should win the final HOH, it's going to be tough to beat them. Frankie says they went to the end with the best people. Derrick says it's a blessing and a curse. Frankie says he knows why he sells himself short, but there's no reason to. Derrick says he could have played better, but he could have played worse. Derrick says that Frankie knows he's played a good game and could easily be invited to play All Stars. Frankie says that he just doesn't want to go.
1:50 pm BBT  Derrick says he doesn't know if anyone will beat Caleb in the end. Caleb and Cody in the final 2... phew. He thinks the jury will come down to social because there are a lot of bitter people in the jury. They talk about Caleb. They say he gets irate if people suggest he's not loved, but he has also won 5 comps to fall back on. Derrick says there's a lot of irony in the fact that the 2 of them won the first HOH. Frankie says especially because people say there's the curse of of the first HOH. Derrick asks if Nicole had a heart to heart with him before she left the house. She had one with him and Cody, not sure who else she had one with. (Derrick is in the WC the entire time they are talking). Caleb comes into the room at this point, so their talk ends.)
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5:05 PM BBT Frankie still the only one awake, laying down in the HOH room. He stares about the room for a minute before wrapping his bandana over his eyes and working in the lotion he put on his hands. All HGs are officially horizontal in beds.


5:25 PM BBT: All still sleeping, we get a rustle from Caleb here and there but other than that, no change.


5:45 PM BBT Derrick goes from knees up sleeping to flat on back sleeping.


5:55 PM BBT All sleep all the time. They made sure there was no reason not to watch the show tonight for you east coasters! Enjoy!

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6:00 PM BBT HG's are still sleeping. Frankie is in the nest bed in the HoHR. He has 2 turquoise pillows on the bed with him, and one on the floor, next to the bed. Derrick and Victoria are sleeping in the fire room. Victoria turned over in her bed to get more comfortable.


6:08 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are sleeping in the rock room. Caleb's legs are sticking out of his sleeping bag, and he wakes Cody up with his loud snoring. Cody looks disoriented when he opens his eyes, and turns himself over in his bed. Derrick has moved from lying on his right side, to his back. Victoria has moved herself off her grey pillow, and is lying diagonally now on her bed.


6:18 PM BBT Victoria is moving around in her sleep, and gets called to the DR, twice. Caleb and Cody both stir in their beds, hearing the announcement overhead. Victoria gets up, walks out of the fire room, with no shoes on, and goes to the DR.


6:21 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the DR, and goes to the WA. She walks out of WA, and goes to the KT. She get something out of a bag, and walks back to the fire room. She puts her microphone pack on the night stand, and goes under the blanket in her bed. Derrick is lying in his bed, with his fingers crossed. Frankie is sitting up in the nest bed, eating chips, and still has his cotton in his ears. He is reading the bag, as his eyes are half-closed, and he is chomping on the chips.


6:23 PM BBT Frankie takes a drink out of his big red cup, and continues eating handfulls of Veggie Stix.


6:27 PM BBT Frankie finishes up eating his Veggie Stix, takes another drink from his big red cup, and then cozies up under his thick, tan blanket.


6:29 PM BBT Cam 3 shows a close up of the countdown clock with it displaying 2:23:07:03, and then makes it way all the way across the room. It then does a close up in a mirror, of the clock backwards. Then it goes back to the HoHR.


6:33 PM BBT Frankie switches his sleeping position, from lying on his back, to lying on his stomach. Camera's go back to the rock room, where Caleb has changed his sleeping position, and is now facing Cody. Derrick is still sleeping the same way in his bed, and Victoria now has her head out from under the blanket, and her right arm is over her head.


6:35 PM BBT Derrick jumps, and lifts his head up after he hears the first holla. He gets a second one, and doesn't move. Caleb squirms in his bed when he hears the holla.


6:45 PM BBT HG's are still sleeping. Caleb has no turned onto his stomach.


6:52 PM BBT Cody gets out of bed, and goes in the Beehive. He then walks to the WC.


6:53 PM BBT Cody comes out of the WC, and is making sure his microphone pack is together properly. He untangles his cord, and puts the microphone around his neck, without attaching it to itself. He washes his hands in the WA, and then dries them. He walks out of the WA, and goes to the BY.


6:55 PM BBT Cody takes towels out of the dryer, and moves clothes from the washer into the dryer. He starts the cycle on the dryer. He empties a white trash bag of clothes into the washer, adds detergent, and starts the wash cycle. He then starts folding the towels that are on top of the dryer, and puts them on the table next to it, as he folds them.


7:03 PM BBT Cody is almost finished folding the towels, and we hear, "Please raise the outside awnings." Cody looks toward then, and then finishes up the last two towels. He starts to put the awnings up by himself. Victoria stirred in her bed, and flipped to her stomach. Cody has to stand on his tippy toes, with both of his arms outstretched to get the awnings up. He winces at each one, as he puts them up.


7:07 PM BBT Cody says, he hopes these things don't fall on his head, as he continues to put the awnings up. He gets to the 3rd from the end, and says, "Oh sh*t." He has to stand on something to get it put up correctly. The 2nd to last was easy to put up, and then he finishes, with the last one. He starts to sing, as he walks back across the yard to the pool table. He stretches his arm out a little, and then begins to rack the balls, for a game of pool.


7:11 PM BBT After Cody racks the balls, he goes to the outside refrigerator, and gets something to drink. He breaks the balls, and says, "Oooohhh." He begins a game by himself. After a few moves, he makes a sound of disappointment, but continues to play. He burps, and doesn't excuse himself. Then, he puts chalk on his pool cue. He says, he turned up to a 5 on his activity bracelet. He tries for another shot, and misses, and says, "You suck."


7:14 PM BBT Cody whispers, "D*ck," and continues to clear the table of the pool balls. He says, "Wow," after attempting another shot that doesn't sink the ball. He stops playing, and uses the pool stick to try to fix the middle pocket on the one side of the pool table. He takes the next shot, and sinks the ball, in the .corner pocket. He attempts another one that fails, and he makes a sound of disappointment. Next shot, sinks another ball. Then, he sinks one in the opposite side pocket. He attempts a shot, holding the pool stick high, that fails. Sinks the next shot in a corner pocket, and continues. He burps, without excusing himself. He attempts a corner pocket shot that fails, and his next shot attempt, fails as well. He makes another sound of disappointment. Fails next attempt as well, and says, "Wow." He finally sinks last regular ball, and sinks the 8 ball on the first attempt.


7:19 PM BBT After Cody sinks the 8 ball, the outside lights come on. We see FoTH. One minute later the Live Feeds come back on, and Cody is still in the BY, now playing badminton by himself. The birdie falls, and he says, "Sh*t." He picks it up, and keeps on playing. He hums a little, while hitting the birdie in the air. He has his black sweatpants and maroon beanie hat on, with no socks or shoes. He hits the birdie hard, and says, "What, I could have got there." he goes to pick it up, and continues to play.


7:23 PM BBT Cody hits the birdie on an awning, and uses the racket to hit it off. He places the racquet and birdie on the shelf by the washer and dryer, and goes to the KT. He makes a few trips to the BY, and brings in the folded towels. He sets them on the Dining Room table.


7:25 PM BBT Cody goes to the WC. We hear burping from Victoria while she's sleeping. She flips to lay on her right side, and she is mostly out from under the blanket in the fire room.


7:27 PM BBT Cody comes out of WC. He goes to the sink in the WA to wash his hands, and then he dries them off. He gathers the towels in the WA, smells them, and carries them with him. He takes them to the BY, and puts them on the ground in front of the washer and dryer. Victoria gets up, leaves fire room, and goes to WA, where she sits on the couch. Cody walks back inside the house, and goes to the SR. Victoria burps a few times, and doesn't excuse herself. Cody gathers some things from the baskets on the wall, and then puts them in the refrigerator. Victoria burps again, makes a weird face, and walks up to the HoHR. Cody walks back to the KT, and looks in the cupboards, under the sink.


7:31 PM BBT Victoria lies in bed with Frankie, and then gets Frankie's Veggie Stix, and she tells him that Cody's the only one up, before she starts eating them, and looking at the TV screen. He says, "Alright, maybe I'll eat, and then go back to bed, I can't starve myself, you know." They are both chomping very loudly, while eating the Veggie Stix. Frankie gets out of the nest bed, and puts his jeans on. Victoria tells him, she wants to shower. Cody is warming coffee up in the microwave in a glass cup. He takes it out, and adds creamer and sugar to it. Victoria continues to eat the Veggie Stix, and is smacking her lips and chomping. She asks Frankie what Cody is making in the microwave? He says, he doesn't know, but he's going to go and find out. He tells Victoria, I'll see you in 4 seconds, and then walks out of the HoHR. She says, O.K.


7:34 PM BBT Frankie goes downstairs talking to Cody, but Cody has already gone to the BY, and is swinging on the hammock. Victoria goes to the table in the HoHR, and eats more of Frankie's HOH food. She goes downstairs a minute later, where Frankie is in the KT, eating hummus with pita bread. Victoria takes pita bread and does the same. They are acting like they haven't eaten in a week. We hear, "Victoria, please put on your microphone." She gulps down some of her drink, after she connects her microphone to her shirt. Frankie says, "Wow," and then puts ice in a cup, and fills it with water from the sink. He tells Victoria that he's going to eat some cereal. He asks her if she wants any, and she says yes. He says, "Corn flakes banana." She says, "No, I don't want." He goes to the SR, and she yells to him that the corn flakes are there. He comes back peeling a banana, and tells her they are all disastrous today.


7:39 PM BBT Victoria sees the towels on the Dining Room table, and asks Frankie who folded them. He says, he doesn't know, and she says, Cody. Frankie asks where he is, and she tells him, he's on the hammock by himself. Frankie prepares a bowl of corn flakes, cuts up the banana in the bowl, adds milk, takes a bite, and walks over to the sliding door. He left the box of cereal on the table. Cody says, "Hello, good morning sleepy head." Frankie then goes to the BY, and says, "Hello Cody, do you want some company." Cody asks him, "How was your nap?" He says, "I don't think it's over." Cody says, "Interesting. Victoria is in the shower with a towel on her head. Cody asks Frankie if he did the photo booth? Frankie says, yes. Cody asks who else was up with him, and he says, "Just me." Cody says he ate a banana, and he needs to work out. He says, he's not used to running a whole lot. Frankie talks about how he burns 1,500 calories with what he does 3 days a week, and he goes to the gym 2 other days a week.


7:43 PM BBT They both says how stressful it's been in the house. They are both worried about Wednesday. Frankie says, he's worried about next week, because he can't play. Cody says, how this season has all been different. Cody says, everything has been harder, and there are 2 major competitions left of the summer, and he can't play in one of them. He says, he wants to play in the finales so bad, but he's glad he won this HOH. Cody says, if they didn't push the button, he feels that everything would be going crazy smooth. Cody says, if they would have waited just one day to see if anything would have changed on the screen. Frankie says, they accelerated something though. Frankie says, they finished the Veto episode today, and it's ready to go. Cody says, they did all the DR's. Victoria is out of the shower now, with the towel from her head on her body. We see FoTH.


7:46 PM BBT Live Feeds come back. Frankie thinks there is a live competition on Wednesday, and maybe they get to play the top 5 players in BB history. Cody says, and if we win, that would be epic. Frankie agrees, and says you had to push the button though. Cody says, absolutely. Derrick goes to the WC, and Victoria says, "Good morning to him." Frankie tells Cody what he ate with the hummus and pita. He burbs, and doesn't excuse himself. Derrick comes out of the WC, and washes his hands in the WA, and dries them. Victoria is putting on make-up at the sink, and keeps looking at her butt, from all angles. She asks Derrick if he's going back to sleep, and he says no, and goes to the BY. He joins Frankie and Cody by the hammock. Cody is swinging on the hammock, Frankie is sitting in a lawn chair, and Derrick is lying on the ground. Cody says, he woke up at 7:15 p.m., and wasted the day. Frankie says, he might go back to bed honestly. He says, something's coming, and he wants to be healthy and rested for it. He says he likes it being a mirror image of your game.


7:51 PM BBT Cody asks if they have been asked about that? Frankie says, no. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Frankie telling Derrick his theory of playing the 5 top players in BB history. Derrick says, what if we lose? Frankie says, he doesn't know, but if we win, it would be great. They come up with different scenarios of who would be coming in. Frankie says, Shane or Jeff could be coming in. We see FoTH.


7:53 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Cody saying that while he's on the block $20K could land in his lap. Frankie says, "What, I don't understand." Cody says how Caleb was talking about the $25K, and would be pi$$ed if someone got money, and he was sitting on the block. They start naming Legends of the game. Janelle, Hayden Britney (and they say she's not a legend), Meow Meow, The Brigade plus Britney. Victoria goes in the WC, with her hair extensions in a towel. Frankie says, that Christine kept saying she wanted to be the Britney in the Brigade.


7:56 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the WC, and washes and dries her hands in the WA. She checks all the mirrors to look at herself, with a black robe on. Cody says he doesn't know anyone from before Season 10. He names Evil Dick. Frankie thinks that today's Veto Ceremony was live on TV earlier. Frankie says that today's episode would have the nom's. They think there will be a special episode with Jeff and Jordyn. They think that Wednesday will be a live comp, and then the live eviction show will be Thursday. Frankie says he really wants a legend to come in and play with them, they say there's no way anyone from the Jury will come back in. Derrick says this game is probably regulated by the California Gaming Commission, because it's gambling. He says, piggy backing his thought, there still might be 4 legends coming back in the house. He doesn't believe anyone from the jury will come back. Derrick says he believe the game is regulated by the California Gaming Commission, because it's gambling. Frankie says, he didn't do his final pick-ups until 6:30 PM EST. Derrick says the show doesn't air until 8 PM. He says, is it possible they got it done in time, yes. But, probably not likely.


8:02 PM BBT Cody says there could be a 2 hour Live Special on Thursday. Cody asks why the Veto morning got pushed an entire day ahead, and early morning also. Derrick is talking to Frankie and Cody, but you can't hear him, his microphone wasn't working. His microphone then blasts in your ear, with him talking about the Veto Comp. We see FoTH twice. Live feeds come back, and Victoria goes to the dresser in the hallway, and back to the WA. The 3 HG's in the BY, say if they hadn't pushed the button by today, Caleb may have been offered money when he was called to the button room. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Frankie singing. He says, he can't believe he's awake. Cody sings. "Wide awake." Cody asks him if Victoria went upstairs to wake her up, and he says yes. Cody asks why, and he says to stare at him and eat Veggie Stix. He says she just now believes she going home Thursday. Derrick says he probably needs to drop hints to her. They talk about her crying at the Dining Room table earlier.


8:07 PM BBT Victoria goes back to the fire room, and lays down back in bed, with her right arm on her forehead. The HG's in the BY talk about Victoria needing to go home this week, otherwise they will look bad for taking her to the end, because she's an easy beat. They start talking about how she was doing good in the Veto comp, and says how Caleb would have still taken the money, and Victoria would have won the entire comp. Frankie asks who had the money? Cody says, Zach had the trip, Nicole had the $5K, Victoria took the Veto, and Caleb took the $5K from Nicole, and gave her the Germitard. Cody says the Germitard was first place. He says, he saw Nicole's face that week, and she was livid when he took the money from her. He says, how everyone wanted him on the block that week. Frankie says, all he cared about was Amber. Cody says that was week 3, and it was crazy. He says, week 4 he was HOH, and everyone was grilling him. He says, they do, and they are good in there. Frankie says, they catch on to it after a while. Cody says, I know. We see FoTH.


8:13 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Victoria is putting on lotion in the fire room. Cody asks, if anyone wants to join him on the hammock. Frankie gets up on the hammock with him. Frankie talks about a dream that had Julie in it. Cody says he did also. Derrick is sitting in a fold-up chair now, by the hammock. Victoria walks out of fire room, looking at herself in every mirror along the way to the WA. She goes to the WC. Cody says, he wonders why she (Christine) got booed. Frankie says when Victoria goes out there, she will probably ask Julie why she got booed. They say Victoria is worried about getting booed. Cody says, they all are. Caleb gets up, and goes to the BY.


8:17 PM BBT Victoria is walking around the WA, and goes back in the WC. Frankie says, "Good morning," to Caleb. Cody asks how his nap was? Caleb says, "You call that a nap, how long did we sleep?" Frankie says, "A long time." Caleb says, he calls that sleep. He asks who went to the photo booth, and Frankie says, only him. Victoria comes out of the WC, and has changed clothes to stretchy black pants, and a tight black tank top. She adjusts herself. Frankie says, he really wants to go back to sleep for the night. He says, he can see crazy lunacy happening. Cody says, they confirmed it. He says, Well... We see FoTH.


8:20 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Cody says, "Fine, we won't talk about it anymore." The guys talk about the airplanes flying overhead. Victoria goes to KT, gets her drink, goes to the BY, grabs a pillow, and goes to sit between Caleb and Derrick, who are sitting in the fold-up lawn chairs. Cody says how he took pictures with Misty May, and he saw Kyrie Irving. He says, she was soo excited to get pictures with him, and even Tweeted it. He says, that Kyrie Irving wasn't as enthused. He says, Misty May was literally walking around by herself. He says Kyrie Irving probably gets recognized everywhere he goes. Derrick says, he was on the front page of a magazine. Cody says, that would be sick if LeBron James goes back to Cleveland. He says, can you imagine if that happens, and we find out when we get out of here? He says, we have no way of knowing. Frankie asks if they are going to stay up all night. Cody says, he wants to eat and play some pool. Caleb asks what time it is, and Frankie says around 8 p.m. Caleb says, he wants to be in bed by at least 1 p.m.


8:26 PM BBT Victoria asks what songs were played this morning, and Cody tells her. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody says, "Wait, that's production, music in the morning, well, maybe, I guess." We hear a holla for Derrick from Donny, and Cody says, "He can't wait to see all those jokers." Derrick says, "Holla Donny."


8:28 PM BBT Caleb says how an awning collapsed fell on his face earlier. Cody says, they fixed the 4 of them, and the one that fell on his face. He was saying how a screw was left sticking out of the wall. Frankie says, that's why we were locked out. He says, he thinks it's coming every time they're locked out. He says, he doesn't know what it is, be he knows it's coming. Victoria starts chomping on ice, while sitting on the pillow on the ground. Derrick gets up, stops by the tennis shoes, and says, "Wow, that chlorine took out a lot of the color, holy sh*t." Frankie says, bye, and he says, he'll be back. Cody asks who wants to run a game of pool, and Caleb says he will. Derrick goes to the KT, and says, what up feedsters, Jokers and Hamster Watch, sorry we suck. He says, you know what the deal is, and now we'll be up late tonight. Frankie goes in the house, to the KT sink, and washes his dishes.


8:33 PM BBT Victoria and Cody are folding towels that are in the dryer. He says, "What if we both have to go home, and Julie Chen says, we have a seat for both of you?" She says she doesn't know. Derrick is eating pop tarts at the table. Frankie says, "God, those look good," and he walks out to the BY. Caleb walks in the KT, and asks Derrick how long they've been up. He tells him not long. Cody and Victoria bring in the folded towels from the BY, and put them on the couch in the WA. Derrick says, they had a lot of dirty towels, and Cody says, he keep finding more. Cody asks if they have anymore Pita? Caleb and Victoria says they are out. Cody says he will have a flour tortilla then. Cody goes by the Dining Room table, and changes how the towels are folded. He folds them into sections of 3 now.


8:38 PM BBT Frankie goes into the KT, and tells the HG's that apparently the washer has a trap on it also. Here are razors and an earring that were found. Cody is still refolding the towels at the Dining Room table. Frankie says there is no more detergent, he's going to get some more. Caleb is looking everywhere in the KT for a can opener. Cody says, maybe they cleaned it, or someone keeps taking all of their stuff. Victoria is chomping on a cut up apple, while sitting at the KT table. Caleb is now looking in the SR for the can opener, and still hasn't found it. Cody takes the folded towels to the WA couch, in a couple trips. Caleb leaves the SR, without a can opener in his hand. Derrick goes to the rock room, and grabs a white bag of dirty clothes. He takes them to the BY.


8:43 PM BBT Caleb looks again in the KT for the can opener. He says, "I know I'm not as blind as a bat." Cody says, he wonders if someone is taking their sh*t. Victoria says, maybe it's in that drawer, and points with her pinky. She gets up, and helps Cody and Caleb look. Caleb says, maybe someone though it was broke and threw it away. Victoria and Cody both say no. Derrick looks in the button room at the countdown clock. It says 2:20:52:02, as he leaves the room. They find the can opener. Derrick goes to the LR, and sits on the couch.


8:45 PM BBT Caleb whistles in the KT, as he's getting his tuna fish out of a can. He says, "Hmmm, money." Cody looks at a bowl, while he's eating potato chips at the KT table. Caleb is mixing his tuna fish in a bowl, while Victoria continues to cut and chomp on her apple. Cody goes to the BY. Frankie goes through clothes in the hallway by the WA. Victoria leaves the KT, and walks through the LR. Frankie heads to the BY, and says, "Hmmm, tuna," as he opens the sliding door. Caleb says, "Yeah." Cody goes back to the KT, and washes his hands in the sink. Frankie goes by the sink to wash his hands, and says, now it's definitely gone. Cody says, what? He says, the black head, but he thinks it was a scab. Cody says, it probably was. Frankie says, he's going back to bed. Caleb says, if they don't see him until tomorrow, they know he fell asleep. He tells Victoria, if he doesn't see her until tomorrow, he fell asleep, and he loves her so much.


8:50 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody he ate pop tarts, but he needs to eat eat. Derrick goes to the SR. Cody and Caleb are in the KT. Cody is making himself something to eat now, and says, "Hmmm, smoke it." Cody farts, and doesn't excuse himself, while by the KT table. Caleb tells him, "Take it easy over there." Cody starts to eat his tortilla he made. Caleb is chomping on the food he made, and tells Derrick, "The Zebra Cakes will make you poop your brains out, boy." He says, "Yeah, it's messed up." Cody says, "It's good tuna, you made the tuna very good." Caleb says, "Yeah, it's bangin." He tries to do pirouettes in the KT twice. Derrick goes to the BY, and then goes back in the house. Cody tells Caleb, he can't believe his eyes were on his picture. Cody asks Derrick what he's going to make, and he says, Chicken. Caleb says, "Thanks for telling us, now that we ate tuna." Derrick says, he just thought about it. Caleb says, he'll be smoking this frat boy at some pool anyway.


8:56 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are chomping so much while they are eating. Caleb is talking about serving sizes, while trying to finish eating what's in his mouth. Derrick washes his hands in the KT sink, and then opens the pack of chicken at the table. Victoria walks in the KT, and uses a butter knife to cut more of her apple.


8:58 PM BBT Victoria says ouch when cutting her apple. Frankie is putting cream on his face in the HoHR bathroom. Derrick is finishing up getting everything ready to cook his chicken.


9:01 PM BBT Caleb is talking a fitness model eating anything he wants, and doesn't have to worry about it.


9:02 PM BBT Caleb says he doesn't know if the mouse will get the trap or not, they may never see him again. Cody says, he hopes so, because he wants to catch him.

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9:10PM BBT: Victoria is in the kitchen painting her nails. Cody and Caleb are in the BY playing pool, and Derrick is on the lounger chatting with them. Cody says Frankie would have tried getting him out sooner in the game had things not blown up in his face.


9:15PM BBT: Derrick says anyone could beat Frankie in a mental competition. Derrick says on paper, Frankie has played a good game. Derrick says that if Frankie wins the final HoH, and takes any of them, Frankie would win. They all agree the veto's are huge now. 


9:20PM BBT: Caleb says he'll beat Cody at a game of pool by 3. Cody says no, if I win by 3, you'll jump in the pool with your clothes on. They chat about the button. They hope it's a game in itself, not affecting the game. They hope it's a luxury competition. The feed changes to the button room, with a timer of 2:20:13:14. They still talk about how they hope it doesn't affect long term game.

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9:30PM BBT: Cody and Caleb chat about how they are being watched by millions and millions of people. Caleb says he's always known that at one point he would be a major country star, or an actor or something. 


9:35PM BBT: Cody farts, and Caleb and Derrick crack up laughing. Derrick says that one was brutal. Cody says he may have to check his underwear. Victoria comes out into the BY and sits beside Derrick on the lounger.


9:40PM BBT: Cody heads to the bathroom. Derrick is grilling on the BBQ. Victoria is laying on the lounger. Caleb says that in 13 days, one of our friends is going to become 500K richer.


9:50PM BBT: Cody, Derrick and Caleb sit around the BBQ. Caleb talks about how he remembers how some of the girls threw condom balloons at them in week 2. They chat about how slow the BBQ is cooking their food. They think there is something wrong with it because the last time they used it, it was perfect. Derrick turns off the BBQ, and is now on his hands and knees looking at the tank underneath, trying to figure out what is wrong with it.


9:55PM BBT: Derrick has fixed the BBQ, because they all look over the BBQ and say 'now THATS how it's supposed to work'. Derrick says he can't believe the game comes down to one competition, one game; the veto next week. They all say it's gonna be a hard one. He says they all have their own strengths, they just have to hope the competition plays into their strength. Derrick flips their food on the BBQ. He says it's burning all the stuff off, because it's the first time it's had a good heat.

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10:01pm Victoria is in the KT making food. Derrick, Cody and caleb out in the BY talking about how their instagrams will be when they get out and Cody says he will have to go check with his brother cause he is running my instagram.


10:08pm Caleb and derrick says they are excited to see what the button is as long as it doesn't effect the game. Caleb says 13 days away from half a million.


10:12pm Derrick goes into the KT and ask Victoria what she is doing and she says making tuna. he says we cooked Chicken on the grill and it is amazing. Cody gets called to the DR and derrick says DR'S do you think? Victoria tells him i don't know.


 10:14pm Derrick and Caleb outside eating chicken and Victoria inside  washing her dishes after making tuna.Caleb says he has no idea how many people have been nominated or how many was HOh's  i don't know any of that. Derrick says you got time to start studying right now.


 10:20pm Victoria goes to the BY and sits with Caleb and derrick as they study about who has won hoh and what week and who has been nominated which week.


10:21pm derrick looks at Victoria and says you been nominated 7 times right? She says yeah and Derrick says you are tied with Donny and Nicole was 6 even though she said to you 7 it was only 6.


 10:22pm Derrick says Joey had the worst week she played one hoh comp then she went  home that is rough. 


 10:31pm Victoria is now switching the laundry. Cody is shouting he cant wait to see people.General talk about getting on an airplane. Caleb says if i don't make it to the final 2 i have a good chance of getting Americas player. he then says if now oh well .


 10:35pm Caleb says he cant wait to see all the guys again like Amber Devin and Brittney. Cody says he cant wait to see Joey, Devin, Amber, Brittney and Hayden and that is about it.


 10:37pm Victoria running her fingers through Cody hair and he says i literally haven't washed my hair in 6 days and she says really and he tells her i am joking and she says it doesn't feel like it cause it isn't greasy at all.


 10:40pm Caleb, Cody and Victoria talking about how Christine got booed and Caleb says she might have walked off stage and Victoria says she cant she signed a contract Bb says  you are not allowed to talk about production  then Victoria says no matter what group you re in or who you are with no one deserves to be booed when they leave here. Caleb says she probably deserved it .


 10:45pm All feeds on Frankie in the hoh rm sleeping as you hear BB say Victoria shut it down.


  10:55pm Victoria and Cody and Caleb still in By talking about missing going to party's and miss everything.


 10:56pm Victoria says she thinks the winner of  Bb wont be partying to much cause they have to go on the Talk the next morning and Caleb says everyone goes to the talk and Cody says Nicole says she didn't  she just went to the jury house.

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11:05 PM BBT Caleb, Cody, and Victoria sitting in the BY talking about how long DR sessions seem as the HG in the DR vs. the HGs not in DR. Caleb and Victoria both think that on Wednesday something both good and bad will happen from the gold button. Caleb is saying that BB will set up 5 lanes and at the end of each lane will be a penalty for choosing.


11:10 PM BBT More ideas being thrown out by Caleb as to what will happen on Wednesday such as 5 veterans returning to battle the 5 current HG, if they beat the vets they get a prize and if they lose, the HG get a penalty. Victoria tells Caleb she wants to go to Greece, she was supposed to go this year. Caleb would like to go to Jerusalem to see where Jesus walked.


11:15 PM BBT Derrick is still in the DR, Caleb is getting his head rubbed by Victoria on the BY couch with his eyes closed. Caleb tells Victoria about his dream where he is at the airport going home and a father and son walk up to him excited to see him and Caleb gives the son his cowboy hat. Derrick comes out of the DR and asks the HG outside who washed his dishes.


11:21 PM BBT Caleb tells Victoria in the BY that after BB he is going to make a lot of shirts that say "Beast Mode Cowboy", he will also be dressed up as Beast Mode Cowboy for Halloween. Victoria tells him that isn't a real costume for him to dress up in. Caleb asks who has had a DR session today, he hasn't gone all day and expects to get called next. Victoria is called to the DR instead, Caleb asks Derrick and Cody to play a game of pool.


11:26 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick are playing pool. Derrick is explaining to Cody and Caleb about watching BBAD on TVGN and how he discovered BB when he found BBAD on Showtime one night.


11:31 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb still playing pool, not much talk other than their game. Cody finishes his chips and throws them away inside. Derrick and Caleb start a new game, Caleb starts telling about how his friends only play trick shots at pool halls, Derrick cuts him off by saying he can't wait for Wednesday.


11:38 PM BBT Cody tells Derrick and Caleb, both are starting a new pool game, that he wants to go to sleep at a decent time tonight. Cody says he will get hungry in a little bit and all he will eat is an apple and that's it. Cody asks Derrick every time he swears if it gets bleeped out on TVGN. Derrick says to get the live feeds because they don't censor anything.


11:45 PM BBT Caleb is called to the DR, once he heads inside. Cody and Derrick say that he will be quite because he doesn't have anything to say, he over exaggerates too much. Victoria comes outside and asks Derrick if he changed the setting on the washer, she had the settings on hot water and heavy duty for a normal wash, as well as too many clothes. Derrick says he won't be mad unless his clothes are shrunk.


11:53 PM BBT Victoria is folding Cody and Derrick's clothes. She tells Derrick that one of his shirts has holes in it, Derrick says it was brand new coming into the house. Victoria says that maybe the "rat" made the holes. Cody says that he doesn't like sleeping with Caleb in the FR, he sweats when is in bed with Caleb but as soon as Caleb leaves he gets comfortable. Cody asks Derrick and Victoria who they are most excited to see from the evicted HGs. Derrick says Zach and Victoria says Hayden. Victoria says she can't believe that Christine said that Victoria and Hayden hooked up in the house.


11:58 PM BBT Cody, Derrick, and Victoria are all talking about the negative characteristics of Christine. Christine's hate towards people like Donny and Jocasta. Christine's fake laugh and how she liked to stir the pot in the house.

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