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Wednesday, September 3 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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FLASHBACK Tuesday pm:

10:04 pm BBt Victoria and Nicole in BY on hammock Vic "Frankie asked Christine for a cereal date when they were obstructing their mic" Nicole "what did she say" Vic "she said she wasn't hungry" Vic "I just cant stand all this fakeness" Nicole "I know" Vic "Christine literally laughs all the time" (as you hear Christine in the background laughing)


Nicole "I hope it is a double eviction Thursday"


Nicole and Victoria are talking about Frankie being an actor all the time, Nicole is sad and just wants it to end. Victoria thinks since she got put up the first week it ruined her game for the whole time because it ruined her confidence.


10:12 pm BBT Nicole thinks it is going to start getting bloody after this week because they have to start turning on each other.

Nicole don't know how she survived last week without going home.


10:14 pm BBT Derrick just came to the BY and went to the couch by Cody, Christine and Caleb to sit down.

Victoria tells Nicole she loves him and don't know what she would have done if he wasn't there. Nicole said Derrick is very nice because he cares about peoples feelings.


10:15 pm BBT all house guests on couch in BY general chat while Nicole and Victoria go inside to pee.


10:30 pm BBT Frankie in KT cooking while other houseguests in BY general chat.


10:45 pm BBT Frankie now in BY playing badmitton with Caleb, other house guests on couch watching while Victoria in KT eating.


10:46 pm BBT Frankie to himself "Frankie I am so so proud of you, here is your lawyer and he will be with you durring all of the press interviews"


10:54 pm BBT Christine and Cody on BY couch, Christine is laying her head by Cody and rubbing on his arm and playing with his costume sleve.


11:16 pm BBT Derrick has come to the conclusion that TA is done. Frankie don't think so . Derrick don't want to think it ended because Donny went home, if it is ending he wants to believe that it was scheduled to end. Christine walks in and talk stops.


11:25 pm BBT Cody and Caleb playing pool while Christine and Frankie watch. Cody just beat Caleb in pool. Christine goes to the couch to sit by Derrick and everyone else heads inside.


Christine is telling Derrick about the other night when Frankie confronted her and said she was giving Nicole special treatment and she is being to nice to her. Christine told Frankie that Nicole is her friend and she is a human so she is not going to be mean to her. Christine was so pissed off.


11:30 pm BBT Derrick is resigned to the fact that if he don't win a couple comps he will be sitting in the jury. Derrick said besides the personal things that Frankie does, he is actually playing a great game.


11:40 pm BBT till midnight not much going on general chatting and eating and playing pool.

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#BB16 1:34AM BBT Derrick and Cody talk on the hammock. Derrick feels Frankie would put up Christine if he won HOH. Cody feel Christine would put up Frankie. Derrick says he would rather the hammock won the 500K then Christine.


#BB16 2:11AM BBT Frankie and Caleb talk. Frankie tells Caleb that he feel like Derrick has positioned himself so that everyone takes him to F2. They also discuss whose idea it was to BD him. Caleb tries to explain. Caleb also does a shout out to Amber that if she is watching - he can't wait to see her again and he will take her on a cruise if she is up for it


#BB16 2:38PM BBT Frankie tells Caleb not to throw F5 HOH to Derrick because he will keep Victoria because he knows that it the only person he can beat.


#BB16 3:53AM BBT Derrick alone with the camera calls out to the past Mom HG. Says he is the last parent in the house and hopes he is doing them proud (Helen, Shelley, Elissa)



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#BB16 10:9AM BBT We are back. HG currently switching batteries and then crawling back in bed.


#BB16 10:17AM BBT Derrick pops into FR and tells Christine that heads-up at 11:30-11:45 will be IDLD.


#BB16 10:19AM BBT Derrick and Christine head outside to enjoy the BY while they can. Nicole doing ADLs.


#BB16 10:34AM BBT BB ask the HG to lower the awnings. Christine complains. Derrick tells Christine and Nicole he will do one side if they do the other.


#BB16 10:43AM BBT Nicole and Derrick talking in BY. Nicole tells Derrick that she feels Derrick that everything she tells him gets back to Cody. Derrick tells her that 90% of what she says is wrong and will make her look dumb on camera.


#BB16 10:48AM BBT Nicole upset. She tells Derrick that her feelings are hurt. She says in past seasons people worked with others to get votes. She says that there is no way unless there is a super tight group that won't help others. Derrick tells her that she is wrong. He just doesn't have anyone gunning for him so there is no reason for him to do anything different.

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#BB16 10:52AM BBT Derrick tells Nicole that she has had a chance every week to save herself and that is huge. He tells her that he expects an apology from her after the show that everything she believes is wrong. She doesn't feel Derrick actually talked to Cody about saving Nicole. Derrick says that he did not campaign for her but he did tell the guys the pros of keeping Nicole. He tells Nicole that Victoria will make it to the end of the game because they all feel they can beat her.


#BB16 10:57AM BBT Derrick tells Nicole that he wants his daughter to grow up to be like Nicole. He said he isn't going to lie to her about anything. He wants to win the game but he won't hurt her just to win the game.

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11:00am Nicole says i am so frustrated and if i had just won one comp. Derrick says this is a game and i thought Donny and Hayden had my back and they didn't. Nicole says no he did until Christine and then he was coming after you. Derrick tells her he can not wait to watch this show.


 11:03am Nicole says  i am sorry Derrick and Derrick excepts her apology he says  they are 2 weeks from getting home and watching this show. Derrick says i am not who you think i am  and Nicole says i know i didn't think you was so i had to run it by you.


 11:05am Derrick says he will leave there with a clear conscious. he says Donny had me crying in the other room  and he knew i wasn't lying cause i was truthful with him.


 11:08am derrick says i cant wait for you to see this show Nicole not the whole show just this week.


 11:09am Nicole says i don't know what to think about this anymore and derrick says i do cause i thought you was working with Donny and Hayden and you was.Christine comes to sit with them and derrick gets a holla and we get foth.


 11:11am Bb says Holla and i want the Hg to decide on a meal that will get delivered at 2pm and derrick and Nicole yell wow and we get FOTH again.


11:13am Derrick says i'm am going to cry. Christine ask what Cody said and Derrick says yeah Cody was yelling what he wants and Christine says yeah anything will be good and i am going to wait till 2 to eat and Nicole says yeah i am waiting too. Nicole says  this will be so nice and this will be my second day to eat since i been back.


 11:18am BB says this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass doors and derrick says sure i will go inside as he is excited he gets to eat something today.


 11:28am Victoria says i am super excited. Christine says you should be. Victoria says my friend will be super excited too. Caleb leaves the HOH rm and says HOH peacing out baby. Nicole and derrick in have not rm hugging and smiling. Caleb and Frankie are in the BY  now as Bb has opened it back up.Nicole tells Frankie all his stuff has to be taken out of the have not rm and he says yeah i know.


 11:33am Nicole finds a pink dress  that doesnt belong to anyone in the house now so she says she will take it to jury with her. Cody is still sleeping. Victoria says she will not eat a hamburger but  Derrick says you will eat the fries right and she says yeah i will eat the fires.


11:36am Nicole ask Derrick you sure you are not mad at me and derrick says 100% i am not mad at you. She says i feel like you are upset and he says non i am 100% over it i promise.


11:38am Victoria says  are you happy derrick and derrick says i am pumped. Victoria says you wont even need a quasadilla tonight and derrick says yes i am eating one tonight are you on drugs? 


11:43am Victoria tells Nicole  That she was talking to derrick lastnight that since they never talk one on one anymore  and derrick walks in and talk stops .Derrick is brushing his teeth as the girls stand around  playing with their hair.


11:46am Caleb and Frankie laying in the BY in the sun talking about sweating. Cody is still in bed asleep and derrick, Nicole and Victoria in the WA talking  about getting to sleep in a real bed tonight Derrick is so pumped.They think they are fixing the have not rm up for a luxury comp or maybe a penalty comp.


11:51am Nicole goes to the BY to get clothes out of the dryer and Frankie is putting clothes in the dryer. Caleb has gone inside as he says the burgers they will get today will taste like McDonald burgers and derrick says really and Caleb says that's my opinion though. BB is now closing up the BY and Derrick tells Nicole they are golden at 2pm as they get to eat.


11:53am Victoria goes to the STR and says  Nicole where is your suitcase? Nicole says i already had mine and Victoria goes inside the STr to get hers and says this is so sad.


11:55am Derrick is telling Caleb he is over the rec department at his job but there are several departments.Caleb is talking about them getting a reward and maybe they are going to put that in the have not  rm and derrick says it could be pop balloon and win money or get a penalty one.

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12:02pm Frankie is moving everything from the have not rm to the rock rm  as BB is closing down the have not rm. Cody is still sleeping and the rest of the Hg are sitting in the LVR talking about movies and comps. Caleb ask how do you think other Hg are going to see our season and derrick says i wouldn't say this is the best season but funnier season.


12:05pm derrick says we are defiantly going to have people that like us and people that hate us and Caleb says i know i will have people hate me like the animal activist. Derrick says yeah but we will all have people that don't like us.


12:09pm Caleb and derrick talking about having Twitter and instagram when they get home derrick says he had his Facebook deactivated before he came in. Derrick says their Twitter are probably blowing up right now. 


12:14pm Frankie and Caleb talking about a double evict and Nicole says i don't think it will be. Derrick says is it 2pm yet? Nicole laughs and says i know me too i am so hungry.


 12:17pm Everyone is sitting around talking about different  restaurants and Frankie goes to the dr real quick and request a latte and Christine says did you just really request Starbucks and we get foth.


12:23pm Victoria and Nicole in WA waiting for Christine to leave as all the guys have gone to the HOh rm to chill. Nicole says i am scared to walk out tomorrow and Victoria says what no way don't be scared. Why you scared>? Nicole says i don't know maybe i am embarrassed that i am walking out again.


12:26pm Victoria tells Nicole that she doesn't think Cody wants Christine in this house. Nicole says really he don't? Victoria says he was telling me lastnight. And i know from the stories that she told him that she was doing all this to you.Victoria tells  that Cody  was upset that Christine was being nice to you and Nicole says Cody said that and Victoria says yeah and Nicole says well he was the one always kissing my butt.


  12:32pm In the HOH rm All 4 men are talking about and endurance comp and then Frankie says what do we do if it is a double evict tomorrow do we go to a room real quick and decide what to do and they all agree that Victoria and Christine go up.


 12:36pm derrick says we get Christine out and keep Victoria she loves us and she is a vote for us cause she has voted  how we wanted her to all season and i don't think we need to be mean to Christine but she needs to go simple .Frankie and Caleb agree. Frankie says us three need to win every comp now and Caleb agrees with him.


 12:42pm Caleb and Frankie telling derrick that if it is a maze comp then they can crush Christine in it. In the WA Victoria is whispering to Nicole about Christine talking bad about people and that she doesn't want derrick to leave this game and that whoever goes up against derrick on the block is going home.


  12:52pm Most hg going back to sleep and resting. Nicole changing clothes and fixing her hair up in a messy bun.

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#BB16 1:03PM BBT Nicole and Victoria stare at the memory wall and study. Derrick comes out of HOH and asks the time. Nicole tells him. he heads back into HOH.


#BB16 1:11PM BBT Derrick comes down to the KT and Victoria asks him if she should memorize the eviction votes as well. She and Derrick goes over them. They are not all unanimous.

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#BB16 1:25PM BBT Victoria moves over to the LR sofa to study with Nicole.


#BB16 1:27PM BBT Victoria goes to change clothes. Nicole tried to get into the SR so she could get an avocado ready for 2PM. Can't get in Victoria, Derrick and Nicole all in the KT. Nicole helping them study.


#BB16 1:44PM BBT We are back and the HG are eating  In N Out burgers. Unsure what Victoria and Frankie are eating. It is on a bun but they both do not eat beef.


#BB16 1:56PM BBT The HG still eating. Several of them have had a few. Frankie said that he enjoyed his. He preferred the monster burger over the cheeseburger he ate. (So he did not have a grilled cheese). Victoria confirms that she had a burger that had cheese only no beef.

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#BB16 2:07PM BBT Christine is complaining that her stomach already hurts. Derrick says already? Christine says that the patties touched the bread so the gluten is affecting her. She had two burgers and fries. The Hg finish and start to put away the rest of the food.


#BB16 2:11PM BBT Caleb and Cody putting away the food. Victoria has crawled in bed next to Nicole. She tells Nicole that she never eats fast food because her body can not handle grease nor can she eat it anyways. Christine and Derrick sit at the table. Frankie is gone from the KT.


#BB16 2:13PM BT Derrick starts to help put away the food. Frankie has come back into the KT and then heads up to HOH. Victoria is telling Nicole that certain animals are kosher. She says cows are kosher. She can have kosher chicken but not Nicole's chicken. She explains what makes it kosher.


#BB16 2:15PM BBT Victoria says that kosher chickens have no illness. Nicole asks if they have illness what happens to them. Victoria say that they give them to people like Nicole. VIctoria says they never kill them they just give them to the general public. Victoria says she is the least of the most religious. She said she can choose how religious she wants to be.


#BB16 2:22PM BBT Derrick asks Caleb if he can rake a shower in the HOH room. Caleb says yes. Cam shows HOH bathroom and Frankie is drawing himself a bath. But before he gets in he starts doing some stretches. He asks Derrick if he is showering. Derrick says yes. Frankie yells "Yeah - slumber party!"

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#BB16 2:29PM BBT Frankie is in the HOH tub, Caleb is sitting chatting with him while Derrick chats from the shower. Cody comes in to the fire room. Cody says he and Christine just finished cleaning up. He says that he is not doing the dishes. Says he is tired of doing them.


#BB16 2:34PM BBT Christine in lying on one of the HN beds. Cody comes in. Says she is going to take the blankets. Christine says it's so weird that their HN room is going to close.


#BB16 2:36PM BBT Caleb and Derrick are talking jobs. Derrick says that Frankie thinks he is a cop. They laugh.


#BB16 2:38PM BBT Frankie comes out of the bathroom. He makes a comment about Christine that cant be heard. He says that she is clouding his light. he says that if she does something to stab him in the back then he will say something like "If the world didn't already know you are a cheater, they certainly do now."  He says that he has his light back now and has positive energy.


#BB16 2:49PM BBT Caleb says that there is some blood in the toilet. Frankie and Caleb both check their backside to see if it is them. Both say it's not them. Frankie flushes the toilet and Caleb sings so we get FOTH.

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#BB16 2:52PM BBT In the KT Christine is cleaning. Cody comes in and teases Nicole that all of the dishes in the sink are her's. She laughs. They name off what Victoria ate last night and say they are sure the dishes are Nicole's (jokingly)


#BB16 2:56PM BBT Frankie and Caleb talk. Caleb wants to go to acting school when he gets out.. Frankie tells him he should come to NY and stay with him and go to a conservatory. Caleb says that he has one already paid for in Nashville. Frankie says he should go there.

#BB16 2:59PM BBT Frankie comes down into the kitchen where Christine has just finished sweeping. He flosses his teeth. He sniffs the air and says he loves a clean kitchen. Says he spent half of yesterday cleaning. Frankie puts his used floss on the counter. Cody picks it up with a fork and throws it in the trash.

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6:05 PM BBT We are still on Jeff's Highlight Reels.


6:44 PM BBT We are still enjoying Jeff's Highlight Reels.


6:58 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and the HG's are saying it smells like paint. They have remodeled a room for Solitary Confinement. Derrick says, there has to be more than 24 hours of solitary, for them to totally remodel a room. They were on lock down in the HoHR, and they had music playing. Frankie and Nicole are talking in the KT, saying there could be a DE and a wall. Caleb joins in the convo in the KT, and the Derrick goes in also. Christine is blowing her nose in the WA, and stands in the hallway to hear what's being said in the KT. She brushes her hair, and says they've never changed anything about it. Frankie says they did something to the room for them to be in the HoHR for 3 hours.


7:02 PM BBT Victoria gets told to change her microphone with one in the SR. Caleb talks in the Larry the Cable Guys voice, as Frankie is making a white fish salad. Everyone starts cracking up with how Caleb is talking. We hear a holla for Derrick. Caleb and Cody say they want brewskie. They are going to the DR to ask for beer.


7:05 PM BBT HG's are all figuring out what they want to eat. Frankie starts singing. Caleb and Cody come out of the DR, talking in weird voices, saying they asked for beer for several days now. Caleb says the person in the DR said O.K., and he will put the request in. All HG's are in the KT.


7:07 PM BBT Frankie and Dino the Dinosaur (Cody) are acting crazy in the KT. Cody has a pillow in his costume, and Caleb is going after him acting crazy. Frankie is limping around, and trying to act like he's mentally handicapped.


7:09 PM BBT Cody talks in his weird voice to Nicole, and says, he's Dino the dinosaur, and he's there to play with everybody. Nicole tells him he's the cutest dinosaur she's ever seen. He gets up from the Dining Room table, where he was sitting next to Nicole Victoria is at the KT table, sitting by herself, and Nicole is the only one at the Dining Room table.


7:12 PM BBT Derrick, Cody and Caleb all go to the SR. We see FoTH on camera 3 for a few moments. Cody walks by Frankie calling him Sid. Derrick is sitting in an orange chair in the LR, by himself, eating some chocolate candy. Nicole tells Cody, his Dino was sad. Christine was saying he's a sad dinosaur.


7:14 PM BBT Caleb sits on a couch in the LR, with Derrick. Victoria is by the dressers in the hallway. Caleb says that they locked them upstairs for 3 hours with nothing to eat. Caleb asks if the show is on somewhere right now, and Derrick tells him, yes. We see Highlight Reels, and then FoTH, and then cams come back. FoTH keeps going on and off on Cam 3. Christine is in the KT with Frankie, and asks, "What are they building out there?" Frankie asks, "Do you think there is a comp tomorrow?" Caleb says tomorrow will be locked down to. Caleb also said that they didn't do DR's today. Derrick says that they may not get the alcohol tonight, because there is a comp tomorrow. Caleb says they have requested it for 3 days now, and haven't gotten it. Nicole goes to request it also.


7:19 PM BBT Christine was complaining to Frankie that people were cruel to her for being human, and being nice to Nicole. Nicole says she's slap happy because she can eat now. Derrick asks for the comforter for the other bed in the fire room. Victoria tells him, it's in the rock room. Victoria and Nicole go to the fire room. Frankie was sitting at the Dining Room table eating, and moves to the KT table. Christine moves by Frankie. He tells her that Nicole coming back in the house really threw him for a loop. He says he felt that it made their relationship worse. Nicole and Victoria are talking about what clothes to wear on the Live Show.


7:22 PM BBT Victoria is complaining to Nicole that they took all of her clothes, that she has planned to wear when she leaves the show, and meet Julie. Nicole asks Victoria if she has her suitcase packed yet? She says not yet, and she needs her clothes, because she doesn't have anything that matches. Frankie is walking around the KT, with his blue jeans sagging. Derrick is lying on the couch in the LR, with Christine sitting at the end. Caleb and Cody are sitting on the other couch. Christine heard some noises, and Caleb goes to SR to see if it's booze. He went in the SR, and comes out with alcohol.


7:26 PM BBT Nicole jumps up and says, "Let's go and get drunk." We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Nicole, Cody and Caleb in the KT. Cody is opening a wine bottle, and Nicole was hugging him. Frankie walks in the KT, and Nicole says, "Hi Sid." Nicole asks Victoria if she wants some wine? She says, she doesn't know. Cody gives Nicole a glass of white wine. Caleb belches, and doesn't excuse himself. Caleb says they will drink some of the wine also, because they only got a few beers. Nicole says, she'll probably tell the guys how much she loves them tonight. Christine says, she's so excited, and so did Cody. Derrick tells Nicole to drink the whole bottle, and she says, she will get jacked if she does. Christine says she might have some. Christine burps, doesn't excuse herself, and then uses her fingers to smell her own burp.


7:31 PM BBT Victoria goes in the KT to have some wine also. Christine says that she wants to make some decaf coffee, but doesn't know how to brew any less than 12 cups. Victoria tells her just to make it, because no one drinks it anyway. Victoria and Nicole go back in the fire room to pick out clothes. Victoria says even her handler was saying how small her clothes were. Victoria gets called to the DR. Nicole and Victoria have a toast in the fire room with their white wine. Victoria says, she loves that. Victoria gets called to the DR again, but the speakers are not working in the fire room, so she hasn't heard the two calls for her to go to the DR. She gets called to the DR again, and speakers still not working in the fire room. Nicole walks out of the fire room, and tells Victoria she needs her to sit on her suitcase, so she can close it. Derrick tells Victoria that they've called her 3 times to the DR, so she goes in to the DR.


7:34 PM BBT Nicole sings, "Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke." Then she says, this is so sad, I love the BB house, I don't want to leave, I belong here. Victoria goes back to the fire room and tells Nicole that she had to take her medicine, because she wasn't down there at 5 p.m. We see FoTH for a few moments. Live Feeds come back with Nicole singing, and looking for her other shoe. Cody, Frankie and Christine are in the KT. Cody and Frankie are talking in Sid and Dino voices about drinking the beer.


7:37 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody he's like a big heffalump. Cody asks, "What's that?" Frankie says, "A big elephant." Cody belches and doesn't excuse himself. Cody and Frankie go in the LR with Caleb and Derrick. Cody belches again, and doesn't excuse himself again. Victori and Nicole are in the fire room. Nicole is searching her clothes, looking for her other shoe still, and Victoria is studying for the comp.


7:40 PM BBT Victoria tells Nicole that she's a mess. Nicole asks, "With clothes?" She says, yes. Nicole tells her she doesn't like to fold them. She says she probably should, and Victoria says, they're going to go through it anyway, there's no point. Nicole asks Victoria to help her not get mouthy tonight. Victoria asks her some questions about the order of things. Cody belches, and doesn't excuse himself again, and Christine says, she loves the smell of beer, but doesn't like the taste. Cody tells her, that's ridiculous.


7:44 PM BBT HG's in the LR are talking about movies and yoked actors. Nicole is still searching the fire room for her stuff, while Victoria is studying.


7:48 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria are in WA. Derrick is making cookies in the KT, and then he goes back to the LR, where Nicole is sitting on a couch. Christine, Frankie and Cody are on the other couch, and Derrick sits down on an orange chair. Victoria is putting her hair in a sock bun in the WA.


7:52 PM BBT HG's in the LR are talking about what phones they have, and want to get when they leave the house. Some are still talking about movies. Victoria is now using a flat iron on her hair strands that are hanging down, on the sides of her head. After she does that, she puts the sides up in bobby pins.


7:55 PM BBT Frankie asks Cody if he wants a fish taco, and he says maybe later. Caleb complains that he had a bone in the taco he ate the one time. Victoria goes to the LR, and asks where he had a bone? He tells her when it was. All HG's are now in the LR. They are all getting along, and having general chit-chat. Victoria is starting to sing, from drinking her wine. Christine is laughing at her. Frankie is holding a fake red flower. Caleb and Cody have their legs propped up on the coffee table, with Nicole sitting on the couch with them. Christine has her legs propped up on the opposite couch, with Frankie and Victoria sitting on that couch with her. Derrick is sitting in an orange chair, with his legs going over the arms of both orange chairs.


8:00 PM BBT HG's are being very loud, and are hard to understand. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back 2 minutes later with Christine and Nicole laughing. Cody is talking about Devin calling him upstairs, and Joey wanting to start an all girl alliance. He says, he says, o.k. and bye. He says he went back downstairs. Nicole says she thought that Joey had a good social game, and then on Day 2, she says, she had to break away. Christine is laughing uncontrollably, and stops on a dime, and starts back up about Joey. Derrick and Frankie go in the KT, to check on the cookies. Derrick gets a, "Derrick, Holla at your bad self." He says he needs to have Caleb buzz his hair tomorrow. HG's in the LR talk about when Joey turned into Alex.


8:05 PM BBT Nicole says how much she loved Alex, and so does Cody. Christine says, she hated him. Derrick gets another Holla. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Caleb talking in Larry the Caleb Guys voice, and we see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back with Victoria talking about a Kosher wine, and how good it is. She says they have it at holidays. Caleb sits up on the couch, and starts talking and acting like a baby. Victoria asks Nicole if she's feeling her wine, and she says, a little bit. She tells Victoria it's her first glass. Christine says, she expected more out of her, and she screams, "I'm going slow." Cody gives her a high-5, and starts to sing. We see FoTH very quickly. Live Feeds come back with Victoria being all giggly.


8:09 PM BBT Cody says he wonders what Zach is doing in the jury house. Nicole tells them how big the BY is, and how they made their own course to run around. Frankie and Derrick go back to the LR, with the cookies. Frankie is eating them like a hog, smacking his lips, and chomping freshly baked soft cookies. He drinks milk with the cookies. He says he has a Hershey Store and and MandM's Store on his street. Everyone says how amazing it is. We get, "D Bomb...H-O-L-L-A," in a yelling voice. Derrick talks about a chocolate store by where he lives. The HG's go around and start naming different types of MandM's. We hear, "Derrick, someone, say holla."


8:14 PM BBT HG's talk about the In and Out Burger that they had earlier today. Victoria is singing FLA/GA Line. FoTH gets flashed on the cams. Nicole asks Victoria if she's going to have more wine with her, and she says, she doesn't know. Victoria starts singing, and we see FoTH again, for a few moments. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying they have until 6 p.m. tomorrow night for the comp. Derrick says they will be sleeping all day anyway. Caleb starts singing, and we see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back on with Christine telling Cody to take his clothes off. Then she says, she's just kidding. Caleb goes to the LR, and is laughing up a storm. He says, he went to pour some coffee, and it looked like water, and he forgot to put the coffee grounds in the holder. So, he's starting the coffee pot over again. Everyone in LR is laughing.


8:19 PM BBT Frankie says that he hasn't had a drink in so long, that he will get tipsy really quick. Nicole was saying that the wine is really strong. She says that the wine has a higher alcohol content. She says she has sex eyes, and Frankie and Cody agree. Nicole says she wants to say pick-up lines for Cody with his dinosaur costume. Derrick says, "In case you didn't notice, I'm a dinosaur, and I don't have much time left, so let's get cracking." Everyone responds to that one. Cody says that implies he's going to die. Derrick says, yes, but it may get you laid. Frankie lays down on the couch in between Victoria and Christine, and lays his head on a pillow, on Christine's lap. Victoria says her activity tracker is at a 5, so is Frankie's. Christine's is at a 3. Caleb is in the KT standing by himself, waiting on the coffee to finish. He says it's 8:24 p.m.


8:25 PM BBT Frankie says that "Hang 10" means that you have 10 toes hanging off the surf board. Frankie is shaking his activity tracker continuously. Caleb comes out of the SR. Christine tells Nicole that she has Hayden back in the jury house. She says, he's probably over her. Christine says that Zach likes Nicole also. She says, she was his last resort. Caleb thinks that Hayden will want Nicole back as soon as she gets back to the jury. She says, she should of went in for the kiss after the HOH comp, when she came back. Cody says, she should of made eye contact. Cody demonstrates to Nicole how she was looking, and how Hayden was looking. Frankie tells them to practice kissing, so that she's good when she sees Hayden. Derrick gets another Holla. Nicole asks if she's going to have to compete with Zach, for hang out time. Frankie says, everyone is fighting over Donny for hang out time in the jury house now.


8:30 PM BBT HG's talk about IQ's. Nicole says that 130 is Genius, and 160 is Albert Einstein. Caleb says normal is 90 - 110. Donny has an IQ of 127. Donny's brother's IQ is 142. Caleb says if you score perfect on the ASVAB for the military, that they make you retake it. We see FoTH for a few moments. All the HG's talk about Hayden and Nicole possibly getting together. Nicole says she's going to pass her board when she gets home. Caleb says he's going to be a paramedic, above a nurse. Cody says, that's an RN.


8:36 PM BBT Derrick says that EMT's do a lot of hours. Caleb says Paramedics are above EMT's. He says, they are basically field doctors, and they write Rx's. Everyone tells him that and EMT is the same as a Paramedic. Nicole gives a wink. Nicole says that Narcan basically reverses pain meds, but brings back all the pain back at once. Derrick says, why don't cops carry that all the time? She says, sometimes it can be dangerous to use it. Caleb wants to know what the highest level of EMT is. Derrick says, it's EMTC for Cardiac. Nicole says she wants to do something with kids now. She says, it's sad, but someone has to take care of them. Frankie sings and we see FoTH twice.


8:41 PM BBT Live Feeds come back. Caleb is talking big about being an EMT, and being able to pass the class in the snap of his fingers. Frankie sings again, and we see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Caleb still talking about EMT's. Derrick is telling him the truth, about real EMT's. Frankie and Nicole are saying what happened between them is in the past.


8:43 PM BBT Derrick says one of his friends has a helmet, from being an EMT, and it's literally melted from being so close to the fires. They start talking about fire movies. Caleb asks if they seen the Christian movie, about a fire man named Caleb, and it's called Fire Proof. Frankie says he knows someone who plays lead in Chicago Fire. Nicole and Victoria say they need to eat. Victoria says, she's super tips, and needs to eat now. Nicole says they need to put on a show. She stood up, and spilled a little bit of her wine. Caleb says, Nicole, you've already started the show. Frankie says Nicole can be the show, and she says, no. Frankie says she is drunk. Caleb asks Nicole if she's going to practice her tongue action before leaving the house. Nicole says, no. Frankie says he will practice with her, and then Christine says she will practice with her. Nicole asks everyone what they think about tongue. They say it's better with tongue.


8:48 PM BBT Frankie is practicing his tongue on his hand and to the air. Caleb tells Frankie to kiss Nicole and show her how to do it. Nicole says she doesn't have that much tongue experience. Caleb tells then to go to the SR or the HoHR and practicing kissing. Frankie says, what if TVGN started out that way. Nicole says that would be the highlight of the season, and she'll think about it. Caleb tells Nicole to massage his tongue, while he massages hers. Caleb says he likes when a girl sucks his whole tongue in her mouth. Frankie says that's hot, and Cody says, no way. Cody says, if a girls tongue goes in his mouth more than 1/4 of an inch, he tells her to back off. Caleb says he waits to see if a girl will use tongue or not. Christine says, how can you not kiss without tongue? She is going crazy. Caleb says he uses as much tongue as the girl does. He doesn't want to over power her.


8:51 PM BBT Derrick is lying in a bed in the fire room, and Victoria walks in, and says, she needs to pack. He tells her, she has stuff everywhere. Cody gets called to the DR. Christine says, guys like girls sucking on their thing, that's why they like to have the girl suck their whole tongue in their mouths. Caleb says, it's not something you do all the time. Caleb says, it's kind of hot. He says, he's literally made out for 4 to 5 hours. Frankie says he dated a boy that was younger, and it was literally 90 minutes from start to finish, and it was exhausting. Caleb says, he feels he's the opposite. He says, he can't take B.J.'s for more than 3 minutes, but he can go for a long time having sex. He says he has guy friends that can't even get off while having a B.J., and he doesn't understand that. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Caleb says, that he asked his doctor about this also.


8:56 PM BBT Nicole says she rated Hayden as a 9 and Cody as a 10. Christine says, you made him feel bad, and Nicole says, yes, that was her strategy the whole time. Caleb is telling Nicole how they can spoon, and they will fit together perfectly. Nicole says, the HG's were probably not expecting them to get together, but Hayden is so cute. Frankie talks about puzzle pieces being intertwined. Caleb says, opposites attract. She says he's loud, and she's more quiet. She says, she can be loud once in a while. Derrick tells Victoria that he doesn't know how she's going to get everything in her bags. She says they took 90% of her clothes. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back, and Derrick says, with all your props. She says, they are already packed, and we see FoTH again.

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7:00 PM BBT Feeds are back. All HGs are in the KT. Derrick is talking about horrible music coming from the HN room. The HGs are pretty sure the HN room has been being remodelled for the last 3 hours.


7:09 PM BBT Cody has a pillow in his dinosaur costume again he's walking around like a T-rex all the other HG's are laughing. 


7:26 PM BBT Nicole and Vic are in the FR picking out outfits. All other Hg's are in the LV. They think they hear something in the storage room. Caleb goes and checks, and their request for alcohol has been filled. They have received 4 beers and a bottle of wine. We get Foth



7:28 PM BBT Nicole, Caleb and Cody are in the KT. Cody is trying to open the bottle of wine. Frankie joins them in the KT. Nicole pours herself a cup of wine. She says its going to take quite a bit of booze since she ate so much today. They guys tell her she has the entire bottle of wine to herself since no one else is drinking. Nicole says "I'm probably going to tell you all I love you tonight." They're now trying to convince Vic to join in. 


7:31 PM BBT Vic grabs a cup and pours herself some wine as well. Nicole says "Vic and I are going to take our wine and go figure out what we're going to wear tomorrow" Nicole and Vic head back into the FR. Nicole asks vic if they can have a toast. Nicole goes on to tell her how happy and thankful she is to have vic in the house the last few weeks, and without her she couldn't have done it. 


7:42 PM BBT Nicole has her suitcase packed she's trying to squish everything in it. She asks Vic to come sit on her suitcase so she can Zip it up. 


7:44 PM BBT Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Chrstine and Derrick are sitting in the LR talking about Kimbo slice. Victoria comes out of the FR and joins the living room crew. Derrick goes into the ST and comes out with 2 packs of cookies. He heads to the KT to start making them.


7:50 PM BBT All HGs are in the living room chit chatting about different movies.

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#BB16 9:06PM BBT Frankie and Caleb talk about concerts. Frankie says that to see Madonna in the front row costs 4-5K a seat. He says that Madonna is the top grossing artist ever.


#BB16 9:11PM BBT In the FBR - Victoria is packing. She shows Christine some Victoria Secret underwear. Says that she gets a free pair every month. In the KT Frankie tells Nicole that you can see everyone's goodbye message after they leave.


#BB16 9:19PM BBT Victoria practices her eviction speech with Derrick. In the KT the HG still talking about concerts and how they are going to go to concerts and visit each other.


#BB16 9:29PM BBT Frankie talks about his sister and how on a trip to WDW they were rushed by fans and Disney security had to use trash cans to push the crowd away. Frankie said they didn't have enough security to protect his sister. He then says how he was always backstage for her at concerts.


#BB16 9:31PM BBT Frankie keeps trying to get Nicole to kiss him. Says he wants to teach Nicole how to kiss. Nicole keeps telling him no. The HG are encouraging it and laughing. Nicole pushes him away.

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#BB16 9:42PM BBT Cody is bugging Nicole if Hayden likes him and if he talked about him in jury. Nicole laughing saying they didn't talk about Cody.


#BB16 9:46PM BBT To impress his fellow HG. Frankie takes a water bottle and shows them how far he can put it in his mouth. Cody is creeped out.


#BB16 9:55PM BBT The HG talk abut where they are from. General chatter. Caleb wants to sing and the others tell him to stop.

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#BB16 10:07PM BBT Really nothing going on. Just a bunch of joking around and laughing.


#BB16 10:11pM BBT Frankie doing a character. Says he made a nose for Derrick's playdoh man. He is talking with a lisp and slow.


#BB16 10:14PM BBT BB having fun with the "Holla" to Derrick. The HG are joining in. They have shouted it about 20 times. Derrick is getting annoyed.


#BB16 10:23PM BBT Derrick continues to play with the play doh. Nicole and Caleb play "martial arts". Everyone just chatting and being silly.


#BB16 10:27PM BBT Derrick and Cody head to HOH. They decide to study for HOH questions. Derrick going over the number of times each HG has been nominated.

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#BB16 10:31PM BBT Derrick, Cody and Caleb talk in HOH. He says he feels Christine should go before Frankie. Says Frankie wants Christine gone more then anything else. Says that they need to put up Frankie and get him out.


#BB16 10:35 PM BBT The 3 guys continue to compare who would win HOH and who should go up. They go round and round. They want Christine out next.


#BB16 10:40PM BBT Christine arrives in HOH and the game talk stops and turns to talk about soap. Victoria and Nicole head to HOH.

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#BB16 10:46PM BBT Frankie goes to feed the fish. Nicole says they are starving. Frankie hates that the fish "John Eric" eats everything.


#BB16 10:51PM BBT Cody is showering downstairs. Frankie goes down to the WCA and chats with Cody while he showers. Frankie says he feels very confident about tomorrow.

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11:04 PM BBT Cody putting his dinosaur costume back on in the WA, Frankie tells Cody that he is going to be stressed out before and after the HoH competition tomorrow. Nicole, Christine, and Caleb in the HOHR trying to figure out what date the finale is going to be on.


11:10 PM BBT Victoria is in the WA alone doing her makeup/looking in the mirror. Frankie and Cody join Christine, Caleb, and Nicole in the HOHR. Caleb farts loudly towards Frankie who is sitting on the couch with him, causing the HG to discuss farting. Nicole says she gave someone pink eye by farting on a pillow.


11:15 PM BBT Victoria still looking in the mirror in the WA. Derrick hasn't been shown on feeds. Nicole was auctioning off Cody in the HOHR, Frankie bought him for $7500 then jumped on him.


11:19 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie are complimenting Cody's looks. Nicole wants to auction Cody for real outside of the house. Caleb jumps in and says he was auctioned for real once to a woman, he said they just went out for dinner once.


11:22 PM BBT Nicole leaves the HOHR and goes to the KT, Victoria joins her and asks if anything is happening upstairs. Nicole says no and tells Victoria that she wanted to talk to Caleb but its too late now and there is nothing for her to do at this point. Nicole says that Caleb put up Victoria against Nicole for a reason. Derrick is still in the DR. Talk in the HOHR with Frankie and Christine is about spas.


11:27 PM BBT Frankie and Christine are talking about going to Disneyland after BB is over. Frankie tells Christine he can get her in for free. Victoria is in the FR, whispering and counting on her fingers. Nicole comes in and comments on how long Derrick has been in the DR. Victoria starts talking about her DR sessions getting a warning from production. Frankie and Christine in the HOHR say she is the worst at talking about DR. A holla calls for Derrick indicating to the HG that he is out of the DR.


11:31 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick join Nicole and Victoria in the FR. Caleb asks Nicole if she is going to bed, she says kind of, Caleb says he is tired. Derrick says he might make a quesadilla and Victoria starts yelling that she wants to make him one. All 4 of them go to the KT. Derrick tells Caleb that he can't wait to have a drink with the production crew. Caleb walks into SR followed by Nicole who asks him if she is a threat to his game. Caleb tells her that she can't beat him at anything. Nicole asks why does he want her out then and Caleb says the house would go after him if he didn't get her out.


11:36 All HG have congregated in the KT. Victoria and Derrick are talking about different cheeses. Christine says what time it is prompting most HG to sing "It's 5'o clock in the morning.", causing a few brief FOTH. When they finally return, Cody and Nicole were dancing and Frankie was laughing to himself in the SR.


11:42 PM BBT Nicole leaves the KT telling Victoria to join her after she makes Derrick his food in the FR so they can talk and giggle for her last night in the house. Nicole tells Cody goodnight and goes to the FR and says "This sucks" a couple times to herself. Cody and Caleb talk in the KT about what time they are going to bed saying they don't want to be tired for the HoH comp(s) tomorrow. Cody asks what he is going to wear and Cody says for him it doesn't matter.


11:47 PM BBT Cody and Christine are playing around by the ER. Derrick and Caleb are sitting and talking at the dining table. Caleb tells Derrick about his brief talk with Nicole about why she is the his target this week.


11:52 PM BBT Victoria, Frankie, and Derrick eating in the KT with Caleb. Cody and Christine talking about her conversation with Frankie earlier in the KT. Christine says Frankie asked her if she was mad at him she says yes because he yelled at her for being nice to a person. Christine tells Cody that Frankie is scared of Cody, Derrick, and Caleb and has no choice but to be loyal to them.


11:57 PM BBT Frankie, Christine, Derrick, Caleb, and Victoria are all silent in the KT. Someone sneezes and they all say "bless you" and go back to silence. Cody and Nicole in the FR, Nicole is talking about making it this far in the game. Nicole says she didn't think talking to Caleb would help. Caleb tells the HG in the KT that Cody is putting the on the moves in the dinosaur suit. Cody tells Nicole that Caleb was close to putting Frankie up as a replacement for Christine. Nicole says she should have talked to him before the Veto ceremony but Cody says it wouldn't have mattered saying he would have punked out anyway, that he was scared of nominating Frankie. Frankie suddenly walks into the FR and interrupts their conversation.

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