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Thursday, August 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:10 AM BBT Everyone is sitting in the LR waiting to be scared again. Nicole says the DR asked how she would feel if they scared her all night so now they think it could happen all night. Caleb is hoping it is for a luxury comp. Nicole and Frankie think it is for HOH. We keep getting fish here and there.


12:20 AM BBT No change in the last few mins. They are still planning the next comp and waiting. Zach playfully flirts with Vic and the other HGs come up with 'ship' names for them like Zictoria and Vach.


12:35 AM BBT We had fish again for a while and what I have learned is that during fish, the HGs are receiving news that a zombie outbreak has started. They are being told the outbreak is spreading through their hometowns. They HGs are trying to remember and keep track of all the cities bb tells them. We get fish again.


12:40 AM BBT During this period of fish they were told a little about the Zombies themselves. They were told the heart rate of the zombies is a small 97, they have rotting flesh, and a taste for brains. At the end of it all they said BB made a joke about evicted HGs not having a brain.


12:50 AM BBT This time during fish BB started listing items. Items like Amber's sweater, Slop rations, Machete, Bunny slippers, baseball bat, pink hair dye, activity trackers, HOH keys. Caleb is angry and says he is not going to memorize this stuff.


12:57 AM BBT The HGs have formulated a plan for future messages. They agree to have each of them remember part of the list then put them together after. We get fish again.

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1:00 AM BBT  When we come back the HGs say the message was an update about those who are infected. Zach in the last 12 hours there have been 546 cases and 40% of the live feeders are infected now. I am not infected yet are any of you?


1:05 AM BBT Donny is finally up and Zach suggests just not talking about the other messages just in case he didn't hear them.


1:10AM BBT We get fish and come back with a message about HGs starting to eat each other's brains. They are contemplating laying down to listen to the rest of the messages. After the last one they thought it was over, now they think it will go on for hours.


1:20 AM BBT Christine and Nicole are writing the messages in the arm of the couches with their fingers to help remember. Zach is playing solo Jenga game. Caleb is trying to coach him. Donny looks very angry and is not saying a word to anyone.


1:25 AM BBT We have fish again. When we come back. Zach is repeating the message. They were told to get in their showmances while they can because it could be their last chance. They were told they should stab the zombies in the back because the HGs are good at that.


1:40 AM BBT Frankie is sitting at the KT while the rest of the HGs are sitting around the living room waiting for more messages about the outbreak. Everyone is trying to get Nicole and Cody to kiss. Nicole keeps rejecting Cody. We get fish, but I think that is because they are singing, not for a message.


1:50 AM BBT  Frankie, Caleb, and Christine have moved upstairs to Jedi train. They are going over each message. Caleb keeps thinking there are messages where there were not any. We get fish again. When we come back Christine leaves and Frankie helps Caleb train.



1:58 AM BBT All house guests are in separate areas of the house training their memories. Expect this to be the way the rest of the evening goes.

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#BB16 9:00AM BBT All HG dreaming away...


#BB16 9:21AM BBT Just tossing and turning on the feeds. Everyone still in bed.


#BB16 9:37AM BBT No wake up call yet. HG just dreaming of winning HOH tonight.


#BB16 9:56AM BBT Still sleeping...

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#BB16 1:59AM BBT (Flashback) Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, and Christine are in HOH room talking about the upcoming HOH comp. Derrick then leaves and says he's heading to bed. Zach, Nichole, Cody, and Victoria in LR. 
#BB16 2:00AM BBT (Flashback) Derrick makes a pit stop to the LR and joins everyone going over time's of what happened over the past couple hours.
#BB16 2:05AM BBT (Flashback) Derrick and Victoria are in their own bed talking. Victoria asks Derrick if "they" (BB) asked him about what happened in the rock room about three weeks ago. Derrick asked her who and she said "I can't say". Victoria gets yelled at by BB for talking about her DR sessions. She tells him to remind him and then goes back to saying "Did they ask you about that" and get's yelled at again by BB.
#BB16 2:07AM BBT (Flashback) Victoria leaves the BR and goes to WR. Nicole is sitting in there chatting with Cody who is showering. Zach is in the WC talking to everyone while using the WC.
#BB16 2:10AM BBT (Flashback) Christine is called to DR. Zach comes out of the WC and then tells Victoria to use the WC upstairs.
#BB16 2:11AM BBT (Flashback) Frankie is doing pushups in the HOH room. Caleb is laying down in the birds nest in HOH room talking about the HOH comp.
#BB16 2:13AM BBT (Flashback) Frankie heads downstairs and goes to WR. Frankie and Nicole brush their teeth in the WR. 


#BB16 2:15AM BBT (Flashback) Nicole is picking on Zach telling him to say what he wants to say and not beat around the bush; to be a straight shooter.


#BB16 2:17AM BBT (Flashback) Nicole rubs lotion on Cody's back for him. Frankie and Zach head upstairs to the HOH room. Cody climbs in his bed and lays down. 


#BB16 2:19AM BBT (Flashback) Cody cuddles with Nicole in the rock room making small talk. Victoria is talking to Derrick in his bed (laying right next to him) talking about Nicole.


#BB16 2:23AM BBT (Flashback) Christine comes out of DR. Derrick and Victoria continue talking about Nicole. Victoria brings up an all guy alliance. Derrick tells her if there is an all guys alliance then all the girls are screwed. However he mentions that if there was an all guy alliance then why where they trying to send Donny home. Nicole is only going home because she keeps running her mouth. Derrick says thats the truth and she's going home.
#BB16 2:25AM BBT (Flashback) Victoria gets off of Derricks bed and climbs into her bed. 
#BB16 2:27AM BBT (Flashback) Christine joins Nicole and Cody and lays down next to them in the rock room. Zach and Caleb talking in the HOH room. Caleb tells Zach that the HOH tomorrow is huge.
#BB16 2:30AM BBT (Flashback) Cody massaging Nicoles back. Christine climbs into the bed chit chatting to Cody and Nicole. Zach and Caleb still talking in the HOH room. 
#BB16 2:31AM BBT (Flashback) Frankie comes out of the HOH WC and joins Caleb and Zach. 
#BB16 2:33AM BBT (Flashback) Zach leaves HOH room and heads to the HN room
#BB16 2:36AM BBT (Flashback) Christine, Nicole, and Cody all in their own bed trying to wind down. Cody still massaging Nicole's back on and off. Caleb told Frankie in HOH room that he's going to try to get sleep. Frankie told Caleb that he's going to do his nightly exercises and goes to WC in HOH room. 
#BB16 2:39AM BBT (Flashback) Frankie shuts off the HOH BR lights and climbs into the birds nest next to Caleb. 
#BB16 2:43AM BBT (Flashback) All HG are in bed and the BB house is quiet
#BB16 2:47AM BBT (Flashback) Victoria heads out of her room and goes to WC. Frankie gets up from the birds nest and goes to WC. Both go back to their bed afterwards.
#BB16 2:54AM BBT (Flashback) HG are in bed trying to fall asleep. Cody and Nicole keep opening and closing their eyes. Caleb and Frankie appear to be out already as they aren't moving around.  
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#BB16   10:49AM BBT Vic is in the WA doing ADLs. Donny walks in and is doing the same.


#BB16   10:51AM BBT Feeds 1/2 are in HOHR where Frankie and Caleb are still sound asleep in the nest bed.


#BB16   10:53AM BBT Donny and Vic in the WA talking about the information BB told them last night, with the slop, bunny slippers and what not.


#BB16   11:08AM BBT Donny is in the KT filling up a bottle of water. In the FR it looks like Vic's gone back to bed.

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12:32pm We are still on Jeff's reels.


 1:11pm HG are leaving the HOH rm  and going to the KT to make food and to get their activity trackers.


 1:16pm Donny says after he eats his fish he will sift some slop for Caleb. Frankie is in the HOH rm singing and packing up his stuff to move back downstairs. He looks at the camera and says moving out of the hoh rm again to hopefully move right back in again later.


1:23pm Caleb is cooking slop, Derrick walking around eating a banana as he says he just asked for the clippers so he can do haircuts before the second lock down. Nicole is doing her makeup in the WA as Zach brushes his teeth. Christine is in bed in the rock br.


1:26pm Frankie is going to bed in the fire br while Victoria is looking in the mirror  at her clothes she just put on. Frankie, Derrick and Victoria have been called to the STR. Nicole in WA talking to Derrick and zach as she says I would rather go out of this house with others looking like fools and not me.Derrick and zach keep quiet. 


 1:33pm Derrick is fixing to cut Zachs hair. Donny and Caleb cooking slop and trying not to scorch it. Victoria is washing her  shirt in the sink.Nicole still doing makeup.Cody, Christine and Frankie are in bed taking a nap.


  1:39pm Nicole is reviewing lastnights Zombie things to Donny so he might win HOh tonight.


  1:49pm Donny and Nicole  still whispering about tonight's comp and what it might be  and derrick still cutting Zachs hair in the WA as Victoria does her makeup .


1:55pm Caleb joins Donny and Nicole and they start playing with the jenga blocks and all talk stops. 

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#BB16 2:08PM BBT Caleb works on Zach's hair. Donny sitting in the LR.


#BB16 2:15 PM BBT Donny and Derrick talking. Derrick whispering so hard to hear. They are discussing HOH comp. Derrick thinks they are going to have to put the info in chronological order.


#BB16 2:24PM BBT Caleb is trimming his hair. Donny is walking around the KT table.


#BB16 2:30PM BBT Zach come out of DR and says there is nothing they can give him. Someone asks him what is wrong. he says his ear drum is broken and has been for 7 years and he has ringing in his ears.


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1:12 PM BBT: Cody and Frankie are in the HOH room. As Cody leaves, Christine comes in. Donny, Derrick, and Zach are in the kitchen. 


1:14 PM BBT: We get a short FoTH.


1:16 PM BBT:  Frankie is packing his things up in the HOH room.


1:19 PM BBT: We get another short FoTH.


1:20 PM BBT: Zach heading upstairs. He and Christine left stuff in the HOH room but the door is locked. Derrick tells them BB will put their stuff into the storage room. Caleb is cooking slop while Donny finishes eating.


1:23 PM BBT: Zach and Nicole in the BA doing ADLs. Christine went to take a nap.


1:26 PM BBT: Frankie and Victoria are in the fire room. Frankie settles down for a nap. Derrick joins Zach and Nicole in the BA.


1:33 PM BBT:: Zach, Victoria, Nicole, Derrick, and Caleb in the BA. Donny walking back in forth in the LR alone.


1:35 PM BBT:: Zach is in the BA getting his hair cut by Derrick.


1:40 PM BBT: Nicole is in the LR telling Donny about the competition clues.


1:41 PM BBT: Victoria joins them and lays on the couch.


1:48 PM BBT: Victoria leaves and goes into the BA to sit on the couch and watches Derrick do Zach's hair.


2:01 PM BBT: Victoria is plucking her eyebrows and Derrick is finishing up Zach's hair. Caleb is watching Donny play Jenga in the LR.


2:03 PM BBT: Caleb is taking over for Derrick with Zach's hair.

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#BB16 2:44PM BBT Zach asks Nicole a question about info. Nicole says "why would I tell you? I don't want you to win".


#BB16 2:48PM BT Zach bugging Nicole at the KT counter. She tells him that he doesn't have his vote. He asks what he sis to her. She tells him that she doesn't like him and he doesn't like her. He achieved his goal. She says she is actually really happy.


#BB16 255PM BBT Zach continues to bug Nicole. Talk turns to outside the house. Zach says he is filtering in the house. He is worse outside the house.

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4:02 PM BBT As we see Jeff Schroeder's highlight reels with Jocasta as his guest, lets play some trivia: What is the style of white shell necklace that Shane wore all through BB14?


4:09 PM BBT You're right Angela, the answer is Puka. Great job! Now for another one: What was the name of BB6 April's dog


4:18 PM BBT You're right Meg, the answer is Pepperoni! You guys are great!!! How many cold blooded pets (not fish) have there been in the BB House? Name them.


4:30 PM BBT Phillip, you were partially correct! The answer is: Four, 2 lizards (Godzilla and Rodan) and 2 turtles (Cuff and Link). Let's have a discussion question now: Who do you think will be evicted tonight? Do you think the BOB twist will still be in play, and who would you like to see as the next HOH?


4:46 PM BBT Here is another Trivia question: In the BB1 Race To Paris competition, the HG rode a stationary bike to rack up a certain amount of miles in a fixed amount of time, riding in shifts day and night. Who was riding the bike when they crossed the finish line?

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7:04 PM BBT The feeds return.  Donny is unpacking his bags.  Caleb is saying that he is meant for physical competitions. He can’t believe he went out alone so early in the competition. “That was a sucky competition.”


7:10 PM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting around the LR talking about the competition. Derrick says it was pretty cool but he thought it was going to be cooler. Cody admits he completely guessed on two of the questions. Caleb jokes that he almost won it.


7:17 PM BBT All the HGs minus Frankie (who is in the DR) are sitting in the LR. Zach jokes with Cody that there are only two girls left to cuddle with. They assume they won’t be getting the BY back until Sunday because of the BotB.


7:23 PM BBT Caleb is talking about his question from Julie about the field trip outside the house. Christine says “Thanks Julie, I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t do anything all week.”


7:27 PM BBT Cody is coming out of the WC and meets with Derrick in the WA. Derrick tells him that he is safe with him this week. He also tells him that he has to tell him some stuff later. It was stuff he didn’t want to say earlier because he didn’t want him mad for the competition. It has something to do with Nicole.


7:31 PM BBT Cody, Derrick and Caleb are in the WA talking about the upcoming nominations.  They agree that someone needs to go up with Donny and throw the comp. Caleb says he volunteered himself on the block twice already. He would prefer it not be him again.


7:35 PM BBT Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Caleb are in the WA. They are trying to figure out how to get everyone minus Victoria and Donny into the HoH to hash out the nominations. They are hoping that Donny will go straight to bed like always. Derrick will tell Victoria that she is definitely safe and to go to bed and relax. He will say he needs to talk to the rest of the house because four of them are going up.


7:37 PM BBT Zach has joined the guys in the WA. He volunteers to go up with Donny and throw the comp. He is just nervous because he will only need three votes to go home. Frankie volunteers to be the one to nominate them and thus be dethroned. He doesn’t care about staying HoH this week.


7:39 PM BBT Victoria walks up to the WA and sees all the guys talking. Derrick tells her that it has been thoroughly discussed and she is absolutely safe this week. Neither Frankie nor he will put her on the block. Victoria “Really, you mean it?” They assure her they mean it.


7:42 PM BBT Caleb is now left alone in the WA with Victoria. She asks him if her being safe this week was really what they were all just talking about. He says it was right before she walked up and that’s why they decided to go ahead and tell her. She has been up enough. Victoria says she appreciates it. It means a lot.


7:44 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick are discussing who is going to stay HoH this week. The other will be dethroned by putting up Donny and Zach, with Zach throwing it.  Frankie has volunteered to be dethroned but asks Derrick if that is what he wants or does he want to do it so he can play HoH next week. Derrick says he will agree to be dethroned because he would prefer to play HoH next week. They agree to talk about it later.


7:48 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are now alone in the Fire BR. He tells her that he won’t put her on the block but he would really like it for her to play in the POV. He is preparing for her to be willingly absent for the big meeting later in the HoH so they can plot who the other nominees will be. Victoria hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.


7:50 PM BBT Derrick is now alone in the Fire BR. He speaks directly to the camera. “This is for the boys in blue. Gotta be careful though. Too many HoHs are you are dead meat. They’ll get rid of you next week.”


7:53 PM BBT Derrick speaks to the cameras again. He promises us fireworks later when they meet to discuss the nominees. He says no one besides Zach is going to be willing to volunteer to go up.

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8:00 PM BBT Not much is going on in the BB house. They are mostly talking about food. Caleb can’t believe they have gone through all the food so fast when five of them are on slop. BB has been giving them less.


8:15 PM BBT Christine and Donny are talking about a shower incident the other day. Christine was in the shower. BB thought it was Frankie in there jacking off. BB sent Donny up there to take the towel down.  It wasn’t until he went into the bathroom when they realized it was Christine instead of Frankie. Frankie “Don’t they see me? I don’t hide anything.”


8:23 PM BBT Cody gets called out by BB for falling asleep on the couch. He goes to lie down. The rest of the HGs are sitting in the LR. Christine says she wonders if they are going to get to see Zingbot this Saturday. They think he will definitely make fun of Caleb and his bunny slippers. Christine wants to see Baby Zingbot.


8:28 PM BBT The HGs are talking about how strange it is with so few people in the house. Sharing a bathroom with a full house was awful. Just this morning Cody was in the WC and knowing he didn’t change the vacant sign, he was holding the door closed with his hand. Derrick went in there and didn’t knock. When he pulled the door open, the doorknob broke in Cody’s hand.


8:45 AM BBT Derrick is out of the DR and is eating a snack at the KT table. Donny is sitting at the KT counter. Frankie grabs Christine’s arm and drags her to the WC so they can bounce up and down and giggle for no apparent reason at all. Christine is nervous about a possible upcoming Zingbot competition because they look so hard.


8:54 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick head into the beehive room. They agree that they need to let Donny know he is going up and that will make it tough this week. Derrick says next week is endurance. He thinks Frankie would be better suited for an endurance competition. Because of that, Derrick needs to stay HoH. Derrick says he trusts Frankie to perform his best to keep Derrick safe next week. He is placing all his trust in Frankie.



8:57 PM BBT Frankie agrees with Derrick. Frankie will nominate Zach and Donny. Zach is going to throw it. Frankie is dethroned so he can compete next week in the endurance competition. Derrick stays HoH. They are going to tell the HGs that this was all determined by a game of rock/paper/scissors.

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9:05 PM BBT  Derrick says they are the Final 8 now. Frankie says there will be some hairy decisions that need to be made now and if they don't like it, then they shouldn't have f'ing lost to him. That's his mantra. Derrick said they want to do the mission this week. They want to get the $20 grand plus their $12,000 stipend. Frankie thinks it's a double evic next week, BotB with 5 jury members vs. 5 house members. Winner from both teams will be the new HOHs.


9:12 PM BBT Derrick says it's not good for them to go up to Cody and say that they are putting him up. Instead, they'll be in a group and talk about it. Derrick says that Frankie is better at endurance comps and he wants him up there for him. He says this will be an easy week for Frankie and they just need to make sure Donny stays up there. Derrick says he wants to try to put another 5 grand in his pocket. He says Donny had an alliance and they took it apart.


9:15 PM BBT  Derrick says that he will get to see a picture of Ariana this time. Frankie says he hopes they will send a recent picture of his daughter this time. Derrick says even if it's not one of what she looks like right now, at least one of what she looked like when he left. The one he got last time was when she was really little. He decides he's going to go ask for the specific one he's thinking of in the DR. Donny tells him that Caleb is in the DR.


9:21 PM BBT  Derrick, Frankie, and Christine are now in the LR setting up the Jenga game. Cody and Victoria are laying down in the Earth BR. Frankie says he wants to call them the "Awesome 8." Christine thought Nicole was going to say something bad about her today. Derrick tells Christine that her ears had to be ringing all day because Nicole was talking about her. He also tells them that Nicole told him the people he thinks he's trusting may not be as loyal as he thinks. Donny comes over to watch the Jenga game.


9:32 PM BBT  Christine accuses Derrick of being a saboteur because he keeps trying to sabotage the Jenga game. Victoria has gotten out of bed and joined the Jenga crew in the LR. Caleb comes out of the DR and sits down with everyone. Derrick knocks the tower over and yells F me. Frankie tells Derrick he is the saboteur because he knocks the tower over. They set the Jenga tower back up again. Caleb tells Christine and Frankie they've been working together so long they do the same things (playing Jenga). She says it was called "The Blond Bombshells."


9:38 PM BBT  Christine says this tower is more stable now that Derrick didn't try to sabotage them. Caleb says he would do anything to have a Monster or sugar free Red Bull. Frankie whispers something in Christine's ear and the yboth laugh. Frankie says, "At this point, I'm just not sure of my strategy going into this week." Christine asks if that's what he said in there. Derrick says he doesn't want to hear anymore about him being the Saboteur. 


9:46 PM BBT  Frankie isn't moving his face at all while talking and he's trying to remove a Jenga block and the tower comes crashing down. Christine repeats what she heard Frankie say earlier, "Then you shouldn't have lost to me." Caleb says that he's sure they are making us look pretty good. They are talking about how they haven't gotten to see themselves in almost any clips. Derrick is laying on the floor and talking about how he can't believe the LR table is $995. He says that it's a nice table, the real deal, but that $1000 is a mortgage.


9:50 PM BBT  Cody is asleep in the Earth BR. Christine, Caleb, Victoria, Derrick, and Donny are sitting in complete silence in the LR. Frankie has disappeared from the feeds. Donny is called to the DR.


9:56 PM BBT  Frankie has returned. He lays down on top of Christine on the couch. Derrick is talking about Frank (BB14). They are saying they are sure he will be back for an All Star Season. Derrick says he was "got by Dan." Christine says she wishes she was "got by Dan." Caleb says "wait till Beast Mode gets you." Derrick says "too soon. We're still playing." He shrugs. Derrick continues to imitate Frank. Frankie asks how many seconds it will be after Nicole enters the jury house before she makes out with Hayden. Derrick says they will talk crap about everyone for a few days. Frankie says it won't be days before her tongue is down his throat. Derrick says Hayden will not be happy to hear she was backdoored by Christine. Christine says BB was just waiting for an HOH to be backdoored. Derrick says "Let's not make it a trend, Frankie." Frankie says, "Ditto."


9:58 PM BBT  They talk about how Nicole got a lot of applause. Derrick says that he thinks they all will because they've all been there for awhile at this point. Caleb says the only way he will find out is when he goes out in first or second place. Everyone laughs. He tells them not to laugh too hard. Derrick says, "Well, I know who my target is this week." Caleb starts throwing a Folger's lid around and Derrick throws it back. BB says, "Derrick, Caleb. Stop that." 


10:02 PM BBT  Derrick says he hopes this week's veto is an incentive. Although he doesn't want to end up dressed as a carrot Caleb says it's better than shaving his head. Frankie says a glitter-tard or a rainbow-tard are 2 things he would happily sport. Caleb says he would go for $5000 again. Derrick says Easy Cowboy, he could use money, too. Christine says she's rolling in money at home. Frankie says if he gets dethroned, would someone choose him to play in the POV.


10:08 PM BBT They ask Caleb how he feels that he only has 2 hours left before he can eat. He dances around. He does "a sick 'L' kick" according to Frankie. Caleb says he used to be a break dancer and Frankie says, "I know, you used to be everything." Caleb continues to show some moves. Christine had made a piano out of the Jenga blocks and Caleb pretended to play it, completely destroying it.


10:13 PM BBT Christine says how great it would be if they had Apple TV. Caleb goes into the SR and says, "Holy Moly." He comes out and says we have Apple TV and puts an apple in front of the TV (hahaha). Then he tells everyone that they have some beer and wine. Everyone is excited. Frankie and Christine go to wake Cody up. Derrick asks if Caleb and Victoria are going to be the first showmance of the season. He says the real twist of the season is that he's gay. Cody says that he can't believe that Christine didn't get a question. She says that she's hated by all of America. Frankie says it was kind of a big week.


10:19 PM BBT  Donny pulls Derrick into the beehive. He says there aren't many people in the house. Derrick says there's nothing positive about winning this HOH. He says he doesn't want him up with Victoria. He says he doesn't want him in a backdoor situation either. Derrick says if I don't put you up, no problem. But if I don't, and they win POV. It's you and Victoria on the sideline. Donny says if he does go up, then he hopes one of his alliance would save him. Derrick says that he thinks people will say to put Donny and Victoria together. Derrick says he doesn't want to do that. He says that he has his word that isn't happening.


10:22 PM BBT  Derrick says that he's not his or Frankie's target. They just have to put find a way to do it that doesn't look suspicious. Derrick says if he or Frankie come down, they want him to be a vote for them. Derrick says there's got to be a way to do it. Donny says if he's up with Beast Mode Cowboy. Derrick says he might be able to convince them to put Zach up. Derrick says that worst case scenario would be Victoria. Derrick says they are thinking about keeping her off the block completely because there's only 2 people available if someone wins the POV. Derrick says he wants this to be a comfortable week. He says they have to do this other thing (TA mission).


10:27 PM BBT  Derrick says they are one of the most longstanding alliances in the house (TA)...they've been together since week 2, week 3. He asks him if he'd rather be on the block or off. Donny says he would love to stay off altogether. He could even get picked for veto. He says some strong people could go up and say that Victoria is the target. He says, what if Zach wins the POV and they say they want 'you' (Donny) up? It will put a huge target on my back. He says that Frankie isn't going to put Caleb up. Derrick says he will talk with Frankie because he has the gift of gab. Derrick puts this forward: Hypothetically, Derrick puts Donny up, Donny wins BotB, Derrick comes down as HOH, they are both voters, Donny can't be put up as replacement nom. Derrick tells Donny it's six of one, half dozen of the other...you can have 2 chances to save yourself or roll the dice and maybe have no chances to save yourself. Donny says if you tell me I have the numbers to save myself, I trust you.


10:33 PM BBT  Donny says it would be great to have a good week before a double elimination because if Caleb or Christine are HOH, he knows he's not safe. Derrick says that Frankie and him have to protect themselves too in case they come back down. Donny says that he can always say that Donny has been up there 4 times...it's someone else's turn. Derrick says that he doesn't have a specific target this week. Derrick says that he was saying in his "Doctor's Office" (DR) visit that there aren't any enemies here. Donny says that he would hate to go home before Victoria. Derrick says the only reason she is here is because she has gone up with people who have won with/for her. Donny says he would rather lose to Beast Mode. He hasn't watched BB before, but he's a competitor.


10:38 PM BBT  Derrick says he has to find a way to keep him here without making it obvious. Donny says to put Donny, Zach, Cody, Caleb up...compete hard with one common goal --to get Victoria out of the house. Donny suggests running that by the guys. He would feel comfortable knowing that he was working with the 3 guys with a united goal. Meanwhile, Caleb has been holding court in the Earth BR talking with Christine, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria. He is talking about his brothers, stepsister, and stepmom.


10:45 PM BBT  Zach and Derrick are now in the beehive. Zach asks what if it's not a comp that can be thrown. Derrick says that he told Vic that he said that 3 of the 4 guys are going on the block. He told Zach that he wants him to express his opinion tonight. He told him he won't put him on the block without his consent. He said they will draw straws if no one will agree. He says "You got to do what's good for Zach." Derrick says that you were great after our talk. He says that he needs him. He says that they've got 2 people left to get out. Zach says he's not worried about being backdoored. Derrick wants them all to get in a room, work it out. Zach thinks Christine should be on the other side if he's on the block. Derrick says that he needs to spin his best game upstairs.


10:50 PM BBT  Derrick told Victoria she was safe in front of everyone, so she won't come upstairs. Zach says if he and Donny are on one side, and Cody and Caleb are on the other and he and Donny win, the plan is F'ed. Derrick says that tonight is the night to voice his concerns. He says that's what he's been preaching to everyone. Derrick and Zach continue to hash ideas out. 


10:55 PM BBT  Derrick and Zach are still in the beehive. Caleb is telling inspiring stories to the HG in the Earth BR.

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11:10 PM BBT Caleb is telling a story in the rock room while the other two feeds are on the DR doors. HOH is coming soon so get ready.


11:15 PM BBT HOH room time! Frankie sings the lead in song as he does weekly and up we go. Caleb calls for Nicole, which sends Frankie off calling for all the evicted HGs.


11:20 PM BBT Frankie got recent pictures of his sister and her CD. He also got pants, emergen-c, chocolate almond milk, and his letter is from his sister. Derrick got his hat from his college spring training, his daughter's blanket, a letter from his wife, pictures of his daughter, wife and siblings. There are lots of cereal boxes and vitamin water in the baskets as well.


11:30 PM BBT Derrick also got two shirts. Frankie got sushi and Derrick got sweet potato fries. Victoria spends extra time with Derrick looking at his photos while everyone else fawns over Ariana and her CD. Caleb now says he recognizes her and sings her song at the camera.


11:35 PM BBT Forgot to mention, Derrick got a Daughtry CD.


11:50 PM BBT Everyone takes turns listening to Ariana, while Derrick talks about his family and how much his daughter looks like him and nothing like his wife. Zach and Cody start to talk about throwing the BOB comp. Zach says he doesn't want to throw it and wants to win. Caleb feels like someone froze his turkey on purpose and is none too happy about it.

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**********Frankie and Derrick's HOH letters**********


#BB16 Frankie's HOH Letter: Frankie, We are so so so ridiculously proud of you, and your actions this past week. We all cried hysterically, when you won that BOB competition all on your own. I was literally on the floor, I just wanted to hug you so badly. I'm writing you this from first rehearsal, your little sister is opening the VMA's. I wish you could be my date, but you'd probably take longer getting ready than I would anyway. It took amazing guts to come clean, and tell everybody the truth like that. Sending all the light I possibly can. I have so much, I can't wait to tell you, prepare yourself. Keep going, we are so proud. I love you with all my heart, and I miss you, Ariana


#BB16 Derrick's HOH letter: Hey babe, If you are reading this letting, this means you are HOH again, woohoo, and of course I am so proud of you. I hope you enjoy your basket full of goodies, and the pictures of us to keep you motivated. Tenley is growing and changing by the day, but, rest assured, I am documenting everything for you. Pictures, videos, I've got it all covered. She has her 18 month well visit, and she weighed 23.5 lbs., and was 32 inches tall. She's becoming super independent, and wants to do everything herself, shocker. She is strong-willed, and knows exactly what she wants, LOL. It's the Donlin blood in her, what can I say? Right now, her most popular word is, No. So, as you can imagine, that's been a lot of fun. She has definitely decided that Mason is her favorite, and she can say, Mason now. She follows him wherever he goes, and she gets soo excited, when he comes in her room with me in the morning to wake her up. I think Tenley and Rocky will always have a love/hate relationship, since Rocky is still in denial, he is not our only baby anymore, and that it's not his world we are living in. Your precious Tenley does a great job of instigating Rocky as well, so that relationship is a work in progress. Rocky and Mason miss you to, but I can assure you, that they don't miss sharing the bed, and are loving having your entire side of the bed at night. I feel bad for you, when you do come home, because I feel like they might protest having to share again. I have to admit, being away from you, and not having any contact with you at all, is a lot harder than I even imagined; and I truly miss everything about you, even the annoying things you do that drive me nuts. But, I am thankful, Tenley is a constant reminder of you, for me, aside from the fact that she is a mini identical twin, she keeps me going, and keeps me busy and focused, which is a huge blessing. I think you are lucky to have such a great group of people to be in the house with experiencing all this with, and I can not wait to meet them all, when this is all over. I want you to keep doing an amazing job, like you have been. I want you to stay focused, and know that Tenley and I are thinking of you, and keeping you in our prayers every day. We love you more than anything, babe. See you soon, XO, Jana and Tenley

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