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BB16 Fantasy-If I Could...


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I was thinking last night of how to halt this travesty of justice in this year's BB. I enjoyed the first while with the antics of Caleb and Devin in the Bomb Squad, figuring the other side would eventually band together, win an hoh and make a game of it against the B.S. That didn't happen and eventually went so far as to vote Hayden out too.


Now Donny and Nicole are on the block together.

Frankie seems to be a complete tool, since he made his big reveal.

Derrick is smart, yes, but like a robot.

Zach is great, mean to some people, but probably won't beat Derrick in the end or whatever.

I thought Victoria woke up after Zach told her about the BS alliance etc, but no.

Christine isn't playing nice either.

Cody pisses me off, flirting with everybody, then voting them out.

Caleb is getting better but is the enemy. 


I was thinking last night how sweet it would be to have had Danielle Donato(evil Dick's daughter, BB winner), come in the day after Hayden's eviction. Or maybe during that night's final HOH which Nicole and Christine won.

If Danielle had watched all of the live feed updates and full season etc, she would know what's going on. I would, as BB fantasy boss, get her to work with Nicole and Donny only(talk with the other people but give them no game help, unless Vic would listen and switch).


She would be a new houseguest, be eligible for other HOH's, veto, to vote, but not BOB maybe. She could be in there for a 2-3 week time period and then be gone. She would not be able to go to the end.

-Something to turn this house around. It might not work, but it would be fun to see.


Or if a week before Hayden's eviction, before he was nominated or anything, bring in John Pardy, BBCAN2's winner. He was a partier, like Zach is. Have him work with Nicole's side too, like Danielle would. Shake that house up.


There are many others I could switch in too but they are 2 of my faves that stick out. Danielle wouldn't take any s**t and John would liven up the house. As long as he has booze.:0


In your BB16 fantasy, what would you do? Would you bring somebody in? Who would it be?



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Guest 6Borders

Well, my BB fantasies would be:

1.  Never to ever see any past HG return in any capacity!!

2.  Never to see any contestant from any other "reality" show on BB or vice versa

3.  To see on camera everyone put their chip in before drawing players for POV

4.  The have Grodner & Co. list the comps in order for the live feeders so we know they are legit

5.  No revolving door and players being able to get back in

6.  Get rid of Have/Have Not and silly costumes

7.  MORE comps so they have something to do and keep us entertained (even if they are silly

comps for luxury items or perks)

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Guest 6Borders

My fantasy BB game would be a house full of Dan's, Janelle's and Derricks.

I like that even better!

Maybe have them all play for about 4 weeks with no eliminations but they build up non elimination

points with lots of comps, so we'd get to see lots of hardcore BB play and strategy from the get-go,

or they all play all season for points to the F2!

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I would like to see people who aren't there to become famous. No singers, actors, wanna be somethings. And no models. The HGs don't need to look good in tiny swimwear. They should just love the game and want to play hard.


Definately agree..


No rerun of prior years players, No prior reality show contestants, No one blood related to, married to,  or fluffing any prior reality show contestant,  and no one who's applied for, submitted tapes to or auditioned for any other reality show..


I want regular people, example, Christine and / or Derrick, not model wanna-bes looking to use this as a steping stone..

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I would like to see a mini big brother with players that are all there for the money. To set things up, BB will put 16 players in two different houses with feeds. The players will have like a mini tryout or meet and greet for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, The public votes for 4 girls and 4 guys from each house to play in the real game. 16 players go into the house. Evictions are every 3 days. 5 - 7 people make jury. 


I would like to see the whole house have to perform events until the final 6 or so to earn food and the events should be something they actually have to work at. If you do that, people will get tired of the people who do not perform and vote them out.  


When I watched BB Australia, the house got a food budget. If they wanted to increase their food budget, they had to perform in the food comps. Otherwise, they got like beans and rice. I also liked the ideal where a player could win special power to nullify another players vote. BB America should steal a few ideals from the other BB's and stop pampering these players. 

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