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Thursday, August 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:05 AM BBT Hayden and Frankie are now in HN room talking. Hayden says that tomorrow will be exciting. Frankie says yep it will be a hell of a show. Frankie says he thinks that Julie will do a fake out and say by a vote of 8-0 Jocasta is safe and shock Zach. Frankie says he thinks that everyone is still on board. Zach is hard to see go but he says it needs to be done.


12:15 AM BBT Jocasta is holding nightly prayer with Derrick in the hive room. Hayden and Frankie are now talking about pillows. After prayer is over Derrick asks if she has talked to people in the house. She says that Frankie said she has his vote and so does Vic. Jocasta says she just feels iffy. Derrick says it is the game we love to hate. Caleb says that he plans to walk into the party when he gets out and just tell girls to shut up and kiss him.


12:30 AM BBT Nicole and Jocasta head up to hoh and Jocasta asks if the votes are split what will be done. Nicole says 100 percent she is sending Zach home. Nicole does not want Jocasta to go at all. Nicole kind of wants to be the one to send him packing. She laughs about all the things she could be saying. Downstairs in the WA, Frankie and Derrick are talking about the vote. Frankie says now everyone questioning Christine makes sense. Jocasta comes in and breaks up the talk.


12:45 AM BBT Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Christine are talking about the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Cody is team Juan Pablo. They discuss his homosexual slurs. Frankie says he doesn't think he meant them that way. He then goes on to say that the Gay bachelor would not work because the guys would all sleep together all the time. They talk about The Amazing Race and Caleb says he tried out for it and they didn't accept him cause his partner was not his blood brother. He said production then called him and said he needs to choose now survivor or BB and he picked BB. He said production told him okay survivor next time then. He starts talking about the killing a pig with a stick story and we get fish for it.


12:55  AM BBT The LR crew is just talking about other CBS reality shows and we get fish every time they talk about any sort of production for BB or otherwise. Caleb says he plans to call up survivor the second he gets out and tell them to put him on it. Derrick maintains a level head and says they might want to wait a couple seasons to let BB simmer first.

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6:05 AM BBT All is quiet in the house as a couple of the HG's are stirring, and adjusting their blankets.


6:16 AM BBT As the lights in the house are still dim, Christine goes into the WC, then washed her hands in the WA. She walks into the KT, and goes back into the WC. After a few minutes, she washes her hands again in the WA. Then she goes back and snuggles in bed in the rock room.


6:36 AM BBT Victoria is stirring in the HOH BR, while Zach and Caleb are stirring in the rock room.


7:05 AM BBT Victoria and Christine are restless in their beds, but they are still asleep.


7:08 AM BBT Caleb is stirring in his bed as he too is still off in dreamland.


7:15 AM BBT As the HG's are still tucked away and nestled in their beds, a loud humming noise fills the room in the HOH BR.


7:57 BBT Victoria is restless in the HOH BR still sleeping, then Nicole stirred a little.:45 AM BBT All HG's have been tossing and turning, and are still asleep.


8:07 AM BBT Zach was stirring in the rock room, and puts his right arm over his forehead.


8:19 AM BBT Zach changes positions and puts his sleeping bag over his head. Then, Victoria moves a little making a few noises.

8:40 AM BBT Zach moves in his bed again, taking his sleeping bag off his face.


8:55 AM BBT Cody wakes up and walks from the ice room to the WC. After he washes his hands in the WA, he looks at what is on the tall table in the KT. Once he gets back to the ice room, he settles back into bed.

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 9:23am All HG still sleeping.


9:35am WE now have FOTH maybe a wake up call 


 9:55am Donny is in the KT washing a bowl Victoria is  making something in the KT not sure if it is coffee or slop.All other hg still sleeping.


10:21am We are now on Jeff's reels as the HG prepare for tonights live double eviction.

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Posted Xander:

3:08AM BBT: All HGs are sleeping in the BB house.

3:13AM BBT: Derrick got out of bed long enough to go to the bathroom, gave himself a quick look in the mirror at the bathroom area, and has already crawled back into bed.

3:55AM BBT: Everything is still quiet. A few HGs are tossing and turning but all are still in bed and seem to be asleep.

4:07AM BBT: Zach is up and made a quick trip to the bathroom and gave a look in the mirror while washing his hands in the bathroom area. He has a big and stressful day ahead of him today!!

4:14AM BBT: Zach is still up roaming the BB house. He stopped by the kitchen to grab a drink of water and gave quick but definite glance toward the memory wall as he made his way back and has now gotten back into bed.

4:4:02AM BBT: Since all HGs are still sleeping and there isn't much going on, how many of you Morty fans think today is Zach's last day in the BB house? Or is it Jocasta's last day?

4:58AM BBT: Ever since Zach got up to go to the bathroom and get a drink, it seems he has had trouble going back to sleep. He is tossing/turning, rubbing his eyes and hands through his hair. Tonight's vote has to be weighing on him pretty heavy. All other HGs are sound asleep.

5:04AM BBT: It looks as if Zach has given up on going back to sleep at the moment. He is laying on his back with his right arm covering his eyes but still twiddling his fingers together. He definitely looks like a man deep in thought. Finally he rolled back over and buried his face in the pillows and giving sleep another chance.

5:44AM BBT: All HGs are asleep in the house. It looks as if Zach was finally able to fall back asleep. For those up and starting their day, how many think the HG(s) evicted tonight will be first member(s) of the jury?

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12:31pmChristine and hayden in KT making food. Nolce in WA doing her hair and derrick shaving. 


 12:35pm Victoria and Hayden are talking about drinking and Victoria says she had 4 celebrations and Hayden says 4 celebrations as in 4 glasses of wine? she says yeah  then ask if her parents will see that and Donny says no they pull out all the bad stuff.


 12:42pm Derrick and Zach in STR and Zach says i will be pissed if i leave today bro and derrick says you aren't going. Zach says ok should i talk to Victoria now or later bro? Derrick says wait till closer to time and zach says ok ok .


  12:45pm Zach in WA with Victoria says you are gonna keep me right? She says yeah and he says it will help you cause if i am here you will be safe. She says no one wants you gone and he says don't lie to me i know better. Victoria leaves the WA and zach is looking in the mirror.


 12:47pm Derrick tells how he shovels snow all night when it snows  so it doesn't pile up to high. Zach in now sitting in the LVR  alone deep in thought.

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12:50pm General talk in the KT with Donny, Derrick, Christine and Hayden about driving and defrosting windows and cold nights. Zach still sitting in LVR alone.


12:55pm we now have FOTH again as Victoria was called to the DR.


1:00pm Derrick as Zach if he is going to wear athletic wear and he says no i am wearing this and derrick says no athletic wear  and zach says no then gets up and leaves the rm. Donny comes and sits on couch opposite of derrick  and derrick yawns. In the KT Hayden is talking about having instagram and talking about doing a mustache contest on there.


 1:04pm Derrick says it is getting close Donny and Donny says yeah it is getting real. Derrick looks at his activity tracker and says these might come into play tonight cause BB was Quick to get them in this morning to get the data off them.


 1:112pm Hayden called to the DR Nicole and Derrick going to the WA and Donny is there shaving. Zach is laying on the couch in the LVR alone.Derrick showing Nicole and Donny  that past HG have carved their names in the bathroom door  and it has been painted over.


 1:16pm Victoria telling derrick in the beehive rm that zach threatened her that  if she doesn't vote to keep him that he will be after her next. Derrick says zach has the biggest target on him. Derrick tells her to now worry about anything and don't say anything today just look pretty i got you.


1:20pm Nicole and Christine looking at a bottle of wine in the KT. Nicole ask Donny if he knows what boons farm is and he says no and she says way back in the day and we get foth


1:24pm Derrick and zach talking about having camera time this week  and derrick says that Victoria will get some since she was attached to Adam for 2 days.


 1:25pm Zach now in the WA cleaning his ears then goes back to the LVR. Donny, Christine, Donny, Hayden and Victoria in the KT just general talk going on.


1:33pm Jacosta is now up in the KT cooking. Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Christine talking about bi polar people and we get FOTH.


1:42pm Christine goes to the LVR and ask Zach how he is doing, he says i am doing ok could be better. He says i just want to make sure i stay. He yells your going home screw you people and Christine and derrick laugh. he then says that this day is dragging.

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 1:51pm Jacosta and Victoria in the WA, Jacosta is curling her hair.She ask Victoria if she is voting for her and Victoria says yes then Jacosta smiles.


  1:56pm Zach, Christine, Derrick, Nicole, Donny, and Hayden in LVR talking general talk and just waiting around for time to finish getting ready for tonight  live show. Jacosta and Victoria in the WA doing their hair and all other HG in bed sleeping.

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#BB16 2:06PM BBT Christine and Zach in the SR celebrating. Christine talking about hos she has caught Nicole in so many lies this week. Zach says he is pissed and he hates both Nicole and Hayden.


#BB16 2:20PM BBT Zach and Derrick in the LR. Derrick telling Zach not to worry - he isn't going home. He would tell him if he was. (The same thing he told Jocasta last night)


#BB16 2:25PM BBT Hayden getting his hair cut but Nicole. In the LR, Christine talks about that her husband drinks a lot and when she is home she controls it.


#BB16 2:30 BBT Zach in LR talking about finale date being Sept. 16th. He says BB told them not to plan on anything until after Sept. 25th. Zach says that's because there is 2 weeks for them to calm down after the finale and resume their life.


#BB16 2:44PM BBT Frankie says he needs his hair dye and then we hear a production leak. Someone named Rich and the we get FOTH.

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#BB16 2:51PM BBT Frankie in the KT telling Victoria his pans for the afternoon. He is going to wash his face, dye his hair, shave his face, wash his face and then rinse his face but not until he makes coffee. They then discuss what accent he will use tonight for the live show. He is considering doing Frank.

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 12:56 AM BBT Zach wakes up and goes into the LR with Frankie, Christine, Caleb and Derrick. They were talking about movies they’ve seen. Everyone was listening as Zach was practicing his speech for the live show. They were saying how Victoria was dancing during the half way party. Then they talk about how fast Thursday’s go by, and especially how fast this past week has gone by. Cody and Hayden are talking about Frankie trying to change things up in the house.


1:00 AM BBT Frankie leaves the LR to go and wash his face. Christine, Zach, Caleb and Derrick were pondering when the Zing Bot may enter the house. They were also talking about the other comps left for the game. Hayden told Cody that he will talk to Christine in the morning about how she is going to vote this week. They agree that it’s hard to be around her anymore because she keeps twisting things that are said.


1:02 AM BBT Cody and Hayden stop talking, as they try to go to sleep for the night. While the HG’s in the LR are contemplating what Julie may say on the live show, and how many members will be in the jury. They agree that there have been many changes already this season. Zach says they are playing Big Sister.


1:05 AM BBT Frankie goes back in the LR, while the HG’s are said that there have really only been 2 twists in the game so far. They said they were the BOB and the activity bracelets. They agree that there needs to be more twists in the game.


1:07 AM BBT Caleb said he thinks he’ll be asked another question this week either about his shaved head or Adam and Eve, since he has gotten questions the past two weeks. They talk about Caleb possibly just throwing away the banana that Caleb put in her bag, before she left


1:09 AM BBT Christine said that a banana is a weird food to be repulsed by. Derrick said he couldn’t remember his cat’s name, then remembers that it’s Sophie. Zach describes a dream that he had about a comp in the BB house, where he beats Amber to win. Christine said she would like to go in a bounce house.


1:12 AM BBT The HG’s in the LR are the only one’s still awake. They start talking about how weird déjà vu is. Derrick went into the KT to wash off his dish. Frankie said he remembers studying déjà vu in Psych 101 in college, and that it was a cool class. Caleb said he took 2 years of psychology at his school. Christine said she took it for one year in High School. They start discussing the different parts of the brain.


1:15 AM BBT Zach said that girls use both sides of the brain. Caleb said that the right side controls the left side of your brain, and vice versa. Frankie said that artistic people use more of the right side of the brain. Zach said that girls can multi-task while guys can’t. Frankie, Christine and Caleb don’t agree with that. Christine blows her nose while sprawled out on the couch.


1:16 AM BBT Derrick goes into the LR to say goodnight and gives Christine a hug. Hayden walks out of ice room, going through the LR, and into the WA. Christine said she’s going to brush her teeth, and Frankie said he has to go pee.  Caleb said, “Wow!” Derrick gives high-fives all around.


1:17 AM BBT Caleb to Derrick while he is looking up at the ceiling, “Big ole microphone ain’t it? Looks like the kind that Bob Barker walks around with.” Derrick said he doesn’t know what it’s for, since they walk around with their mics on. Zach said to pick up extra sound. Derrick said, “That’s a legit mic. That thing hears an f’n mouse fart.” Caleb said it hears an ant fart. They all laugh, and Derrick walks away over by the silver chain saw that’s on a tree stump in the LR.


1:18 AM BBT Frankie comes out of WC, and Hayden goes into WC. Frankie washed his hands in the WA, and then used the blow dryer to dry the sleeve of the hoodie he is wearing. Christine is brushing her teeth in the WA. Hayden comes out of WC, and washes his hands in the WA also. Frankie told him he has gotten everything he owns wet. Hayden walks out of WA.


At the same time, Caleb said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Derrick said, “It’s gonna be glorious.” Caleb to Zach, “I’ll tell you some more news, when we lay down like we are going to bed. A lot of new stuff.” Caleb walks over by Derrick, and Derrick said it probably took about 30 cans of paint to cover the chain saw. He thinks they used some type of rhino bed liner material, and spray painted it silver.


1:19 AM BBT Zach said, “I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Thursday, this week flew by.” Caleb said, “Huh?” Zach repeated his statement. Derrick said, “Not a bad thing,” Zach said, “No, it’s a great thing. Cuz, that just means we’re that much closer to getting the f*ck out of here.” Caleb said, “Yeah.”  Zach said he can’t wait until he walks into his house and surprise his parents. Caleb said he can’t wait to get on the plane back home, and Zach agreed.


Derrick said what would be sweeter and even better is being one of the f2, and having your family in the audience. Zach said he doesn’t want his parents there. Derrick shockingly said, “Really? Really? What’s the reason behind that?” Zach said he doesn’t think they need to be there. Caleb said he would love for his family to be there. Zach asked if everyone’s families are always there. He asked if Hayden’s (Moss) family was there. Hayden (Voss) walks by and said, “My family was there.” They ask if Ian’s family was there.


1:20 AM BBT Christine laughs at Frankie while she’s putting her retainers in her mouth in the WA. He jokingly told her never to do that again, because she looks like a monster. Christine says goodnight to Frankie, as he walks out of WA. Derrick and Frankie come back into WA, and Derrick tells Frankie that he needs to be in the BR for a while, because of what Caleb just told Zach in the LR. Christine said he better not tell him they were planning on voting him out. Frankie walks out of WA.


At the same time, Caleb said if he’s the f2 all of his family will be there. He said, “They are going to be spending money on some tickets.” He said he will be up there in his suit or tux giving his speech.


1:21 AM BBT Derrick and Christine talk in the WA about how good Nicole is playing the game. He told Christine how loyal Nicole, Hayden and Donny are to each other. Christine said that Nicole is soo smart. More talk continued about who told who what.


As they are talking, Frankie walked into the LR, and signaled for Zach and Caleb to go with him into Beehive.


1:22 AM BBT As they walk into the Beehive and sit down, Frankie told Caleb to close the door. He told Zach, “No freaking out.” Frankie told him that Nicole and Hayden have been working together to get him out. He told him they are blindsiding them tomorrow, because they think it’s going to be a unanimous vote to send him home. Frankie said it’s going to be at least 6-2. Caleb said that Hayden & Nicole were trying to get Cody, Frankie, Christine and Derrick to go against each other, by telling them the same stories.


1:23 AM BBT They continue to talk about who will be left and voting what way in the Beehive.


1:24 AM BBT Frankie told Zach to not worry about anything. Zach asked when all this happened. Frankie told him during the past 4 hours while he was sleeping. He said it will take 4 hours to tell him everything.


1:25 AM BBT Derrick told Christine that a time will come that they have to play against each other, but they have the numbers now. They finish their conversation on Derrick walks out of the WA. Christine goes into WC.


1:26 AM BBT Derrick enters the Beehive and joins in the conversation. He starts to explain the story of them pitting them against each other.


1:27 AM BBT Caleb told him that’s why they had to change their comp thing to B, A, because Hayden knows about A, B. Then continue to talk about winning HoH, and Zach asked why they are trying to get him out.


1:28 AM BBT Frankie said that when he stays tomorrow, it will be there 6 against the other 3. Derrick said he thinks it will be a single HoH, with one comp, and Hayden can NOT win because one of them will go home.


At this time, Christine comes out of the WC, blows her nose in the WA, and then washes her hands. She heads through the LR, grabbing her red cup, and goes in the rock room to settle into bed.


1:29 AM BBT Frankie is paranoid that some is going to go into the Beehive. Zach asked if they need to worry about Christine. They told him no that her and Cody hashed it out today. They said that Christine hates Nicole now, because she’s been throwing her under the bus to Cody. Derrick said Christine has no where to go, so she has to stay with them now.


1:30 AM BBT Caleb told him to look pretty and win the HoH. Derrick and Caleb said they had plans, and they blew up. Derrick said Donny hangs around with Hayden a lot.


1:31 AM BBT They said the line will be drawn tomorrow, and explains how they will play it off.


1:32 AM BBT Frankie said this is the best thing that could happen, they are locked down. Derrick said this is the reason he has been kissing Victoria’s a$$, and he’s going to keep doing it tomorrow. He said he’s going to tell Victoria to trust him.


1:34 AM BBT Caleb said they have to be careful of what they say to people. Zach thanks them all. Derrick said they already got Amber out, and told Zach to act nervous upstairs tomorrow. Then Frankie said, “Just be Zach.” Zach left Beehive to go and brush his teeth.


1:35 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie and Derrick continue to talk about the comps tomorrow, and who they think he will put up, if he wins.

Zach goes into the ice room to get his toothbrush, and then goes in WC.


1:37 AM BBT Derrick said if it’s still 2 HoH’s they would have to put alliance members on the block. That they are going to have to tell Zach to throw it, to leave the solid HoH, so one of them don’t get voted out. Derrick even said he would pretend not to know an answer, and hope he would be taken off, if he’s on the block, and has to play in the BOB. Derrick said, “I love you, bye,” and leaves the Beehive.


1:39 AM BBT Frankie told Caleb that he’s always right because he doesn’t over complicated things. Caleb said he thinks about things before he even says them. Frankie told him, that he thinks his training allows him to ignore extraneous information. Caleb said he pays attention to the things that matter, and matter most. Frankie said he thinks he pays attention to everything.


1:40 AM BBT Caleb said, that with 5 weeks left, your number is important, it’s the only thing that can save you, not yourself. He said that’s why they would keep Zach, because they know where he is, and have absolutely no idea where Jocasta is. He asked, why get rid of a number, rather than get rid of a maybe number. Frankie said that next week when one of them are HoH he will sit down with Hayden and Cody to question him. He said he will tell him that he’s been running his mouth a lot. He knows he’s a loose cannon, but he’s loyal. Frankie said he’s still afraid of Christine.


1:41 AM BBT Frankie said they need to all talk it out and have dialogues. That them running around freaking out is not helpful. Caleb said one of them has to throw the comp if it’s 2 HoH’s. Frankie thinks it’s one because they were constructing in the HoH annex last night, and locked Nicole out of the HoH BR. He said it might be Pandora’s Box.


1:42 AM BBT Caleb said when it’s a single HoH, and they say, “Good night houseguests,” he’s going to look at Hayden and say, “Good Luck.” He said he’s going to let go with one hand and tap his activity bracelet, that he’ll be turnt up, and for them to wake him up when it’s over.


1:43 AM BBT Frankie told Caleb he loves him so much, and Caleb concurred. They leave the Beehive.


1:44 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb walk into the WA, and Zach comes out of the WC. Frankie asked him what he’s doing, and he told him that he was flushing again. Frankie asked why, because it’s so wasteful. Zach washed his hands in the WA, while talking to Caleb about messing with their activity trackers. Caleb retold Zach what he’ll do in tomorrow’s comp. Caleb kept the conversation going, and acting macho.


1:45 AM BBT Derrick walked into the WA, as Frankie comes out of WC. Frankie sat on couch next to Zach, w/o washing his hands. Derrick went into the WC, and washed his hands in the WA. Caleb went into WC. The other 3 were whispering, and it went to fish.


1:47 AM BBT Feeds come back with Caleb washing his hands in the WA, and Derrick, Zach and Frankie discussing what they will say to Hayden tomorrow.


1:49 AM BBT The talking continues while Caleb goes back in the WC, and comes out to wash hands in the WA. All this time, Zach has been brushing his teeth.


1:51 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie and Derrick leave the WA, while Zach continues brushing his teeth.


1:52 AM BBT Frankie goes back to the WA to talk more with Zach, and Zach sits down on couch. Frankie explained more of what happened during the time he was sleeping, to change the votes.


1:53 AM BBT Frankie told Zach that they never really lost Christine. He said that she told him that she would vote out Caleb if she could. Zach said Nicole and Hayden are smart. Frankie said Nicole and Donny are smart, and they used Hayden.


1:54 AM BBT Frankie told Zach he wants to tell him the rest of the story locked in the HoH, and tell HG’s they can’t come in.


1:55 AM BBT Frankie told Zach not to worry, because he’s not going anywhere.


1:56 AM BBT Zach sat back down on WA couch with Frankie, still holding his toothbrush in his hand. He continues to talk to Frankie to get more information, and said, “Wow, my mind is blown.”


1:57 AM BBT Frankie said they still have to get through tomorrow, telling Zach to be himself. Zach said he’ll pretend that he doesn’t know anything. Frankie said that Caleb has to keep his mouth shut, because he runs it a lot. Zach asked if it’s a double evict should it be Hayden then? Frankie said, Donny before Hayden, because without Donny, Nicole and Hayden are blind.


1:58 AM BBT Frankie to Zach to f’n win something, because they need him now more than ever. He told him he’s not a vote, he’s a competitor. He told Zach to go over the information before and after, by himself, not with Donny in the backyard.


1:59 AM BBT Frankie said that Nicole is going to be hard to beat at those, but Christine can beat her obviously. He said they chose the better of the two, and Zach agreed. He said Devin chose the better of the two. Frankie said Christine is hurt and pi$$ed. He also said Cody is really hurt when he thought he was involved.


2:00 AM BBT Zach said, “Wow, so they know more than we think.” Frankie said, “Donny believed every word that Devin said to him, and Devin told Donny everything. So, yes, Donny knows everything, and has been playing us all. So, anything that you’ve said to him.” Zach said, “I haven’t said anything to him.” Frankie said, “I don’t believe you.” Zach said, “I really haven’t, I really haven’t.” Frankie asked, “You haven’t thrown any of us under the bus?” Zach said, “No, no.” Frankie said, “But you are super close to him, and doesn’t think that he would vote you out. Why the f*ck would you think that, if you haven’t had some sort of deal, or speaking word?” Zach said, “Because he tells me he’s alone in this game, I’m the only person he trusts. Obviously I’m a f’n idiot, obviously I’m a f’n idiot. But to be honest to you, I have not told him anything. And thinking about that, when Derrick was like yo, anything that you said to Donny that he’s been telling people, I was like, thank God I didn’t tell him anything. I literally was the first thing, thank God I didn’t open up to him.” Frankie said, “It was very suspicious to me that you thought he would vote to keep you.” He thought Zach made a f2 deal with Donny every time he said that.


2:01 AM BBT Zach told Frankie, “I tell you everything, you know that.” Frankie said, “I know.” Zach said, “You are my best chance at getting $50,000.” Frankie said, “I know, but honestly without Derrick and Cody, this could have gone very badly.” Zach said he needs to pack his stuff. Frankie said he shouldn’t, even though he has to.


2:02 AM BBT Zach said, “This is crazy.” Frankie said, “Because, They are not smart enough, they don’t have enough game to make a public move. They’re all about conniving and back-stabbing, and slowly working. They don’t have any game to blow something big overnight. But, that’s what I’m saying, I don’t want to give them the opportunity either. That’s why I was like, we don’t have to talk about it anymore it’s done. We all know, we’re all on the same page, everyone go to sleep, everyone evict Jocasta, everyone win an HoH.” Zach said. “We’re golden.” Then he breathed a sigh of relief, hugged Frankie, and said, “You and I are bawling. Thank you so much, thank God you are the smartest f’n person in this world, thank God!” Zach stood back up, and said, “I love you, I love you!” Frankie snickered as Zach walked out of the WA, and blew him a kiss, carrying his toothbrush in his hand.


2:03 AM BBT Frankie went into the WC.


At the same time, Zach got in bed in the rock room.


2:05 AM BBT Frankie came out of WC, grabbed his glass from the couch in the WA, and went to the sink to wash his hands. He then put his cotton in his ears, looked in the mirrors, and did his nightly ritual of releasing his tension.


2:06 AM BBT Frankie leaves the WA, pauses in the LR, and then proceeds into the ice room.


2:07 AM BBT Frankie is in the ice room getting ready for bed, then decides to go to the rock room to chat with Zach and Caleb.


At the same time, Derrick to the WC, came out, washed his hands, stopped by the rock room to say goodnight, and then went into the fire room.


2:09 AM BBT Zach gives a group hug to Frankie and Caleb, and thanks them for having his back. Frankie leaves, walked to the WA, and then to the ice room. He settles into bed for the night.

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3:03 PM BBT Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria, Derrick, and Christine are lounging in the LR. Christine said she's getting tired now. Zach is eating in the KT, and Frankie is going to wash his face. We see fish.


3:06 PM BBT Feeds come up for a moment, and then go back to fish.


3:08 PM BBT Feeds come back up. Zach is practicing speech for tonight in the Beehive. Derrick tells Frankie and Hayden that his moustache is by far, the thickest it's ever been.


3:11 PM BBT Donny, Cody, Derrick, and Christine talking in the LR about the ice cubes from the freezer. Donny whistles a little. Christine comments about the amount of men that dance on Victoria.


3:13 PM BBT Hayden comments to Victoria in the KT, that he's never heard her complain about being on slop. She told him she's not a complainer. Idle chit chat is going on with everyone else.


3:16 PM BBT Zach and Frankie talking in the Beehive, and Frankie tells him he has to sh*t really bad. He goes into the KT, and starts talking in his British accent.


3:19 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talking about a movie in the LR, describing scenes. While Hayden asks Frankie who sings the song he was singing. He said who it was, and Hayden told him to keep it that way, they laugh.


3:20 PM BBT Zach asked Victoria why there's a tampon in the KT. Frankie said they are good for cooking. Zach and Victoria get grossed out. Feeds got to fish, and immediately to Jeff's highlight reel.


3:35 PM BBT Jeff has Amber as his guest this week on his highlights.


3:45 PM BBT Preempted by football 4 2nite's BBUSA? B careful of intrusive ads on so-called live stream sites. Check mortystv.com/bb 4 latest info.


3:51 PM BBT Overnight Frankie and Caleb mentioned that there had been construction in the HOH Annex, and Nicole was locked out. Any ideas what this could be?

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7:09 PM BBT The feeds have returned. In the KT we have Nicole, Frankie, Derrick, Zach and Christine. Nicole is in the KT arguing with everyone. She says you trust people until they are proven untrustworthy. Frankie says right. She says she is sorry for putting a little bit of trust into Frankie. She tells him to stop staring her down. Caleb says he heard from everyone but her that Hayden was targeting him. She accuses Christine of claiming her and Hayden were a showmance power couple since week two. Zach asks her if she is really sure that everything she has said is true.


7:15 PM BBT Zach accuses Nicole of throwing everyone under the bus and now that the heat is on her, she says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Caleb tells her that she needs to move on with it. "He says she says just throws everyone for loops." Caleb says they were a power couple and now he is gone. Zach "Hey Nicole, you want to start an alliance? I want to be in an alliance with you because you make up lies about everyone."


7:17 PM BBT Nicole tells Christine that she put him (Zach) on the block for the both of them, not just herself. Zach is saying her name and making big gestures. She tells him that she doesn't like him, isn't going to pretend to like him, to quit dancing around her saying her name. She tells him to leave her alone. She walks away crying. Christine meets her in the beehive.


7:19 PM BBT Nicole asks Christine why this happened. Christine is playing the victim. She says she was told they were going to make her the replacement veto nominee. Christine says "They played me." Nicole is crying hard and you can barely understand her. Christine says she was so sick the past few days thinking her best friend was playing against her. Nicole tells her that the one person who had her back the most was the one she just sent out the door. Nicole informs her about the alliance between her, Hayden, and Cody.


7:23 PM BBT Nicole says she needs to start making up crap because that is what everyone does. Christine says there are some serious schemers in the house. Nicole says they shouldn't talk the rest of the game. She doesn't know what happened. Everyone is freaking lying. She doesn't know what to do. She is still in shock and that is why she is running her mouth. She says she is like a firecracker tonight because she isn't going to keep her mouth shut.


7:27 PM BBT Nicole tells Christine that she needs to not take anything serious that she hears because she was being controlled. They filled her head with things to pin them against each other. Christine agrees with her.


7:34 PM BBT Christine has apologized to Nicole. Nicole accepts and says she doesn't want to see any of the others right now. Meanwhile in the fire BR we have Frankie, Cody, Zach and Derrick. Frankie jokes "Derrick, Cody and I all still want to be final two." Zach "Basically, I'm f**ked. I'm f**ked."


7:37 PM BBT In the beehive Christine and Nicole are still talking about how the guys pinned them against each other. Caleb bursts into the fire room where the Detonators minus Christine are talking and yells "Beastmode!" He tells them if BB doesn't have a picture for him he is going to have a fit. He will demand to see the executive producer. WBRB.


7:43 PMM BBT Caleb has left the Fire BR. Zach says to Frankie and Cody that he feels like they no longer trust him now. Frankie says we trust you or you wouldn't be here. Zach wants details on how this all came about.


7:47 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach then he gets in a habit and starts ranting. Zach says why would I say something about Cody? Frankie tells him "You did." Frankie says the paranoia that Zach has starts rips within them. Frankie says Christine just took a machete to the throats of everyone in there. "She's the hero now. That's why we don't trust her."


7:50 AM BBT Caleb rejoins Cody, Zach and Frankie in the Fire BR. He agrees with Frankie. Christine went straight to Nicole after she left the KT. He says Christine is playing both sides of the house. If they (Hayden/Nicole) had won HoH she would have gone to them. If we win HoH she will go with us. He says it speaks volumes that she asked for a meeting with Nicole. He tells them that not everything Nicole said was false and they need to wrap their heads around that. She was dead serious and look where Christine is now. She's not with us.


7:55 PM BBT Derrick joins the guys in the Fire BR. He says it sounds like there are a hundred guys in the BY and they are beasting it. The conversation goes to the ball pit veto comp.


7:58 PM BBT Caleb tells the guys that he is glad he won tonight because he is proving that Beastmode is not an idiot. Apparently he is good at math too. He isn't just a strong animal.

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8:01 PM BBT Frankie leaves the room. Cody tells Zach that he runs his mouth all the time. Derrick says that Frankie and Christine were working with them (Hayden and Nicole) all week and they keep using the information that Zach gives them. Cody is basically telling him to shut up.


8:03 PM BBT Cody tells Zach that he has been talking to him. In turn Zach has been going straight to Frankie and telling him everything Cody says while Frankie is working with the other side. Derrick says he knows that true because Nicole is saying things that Cody told Zach in confidence.


8:05 PM BBT The conversation in the fire BR abruptly changes because Christine and Frankie walk in. They guys leave one at a time. Feeds 3/4 change to Caleb and Frankie in the Have-Not room. Frankie says Nicole apologized to him for throwing him under the bus. Frankie says he wants to know what has Caleb concerned. Caleb says he doesn't think everything Hayden said in his speech and what Nicole said in the KT was untrue. It did pop a bubble within him. People are now looking at Frankie and Nicole as the same. Frankie says who is. He says everyone but you and her.


8:10 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that things appear fishy to the others. Hayden decides to throw two people under the bus and who does he choose? Frankie and Christine. He says then Nicole says the exact same thing in the KT after the eviction. There has to be some truth there. Frankie says he just said what he needed to say because he was corned and couldn't do anything else.


8:15 PM BBT Caleb, Christine, Cody and Donny are in the KT. Caleb says he thinks it will be an endurance competition and the last two standing will be the new HoHs. The feeds switch to Donny and Derrick in the rock BR. Donny wants to know why no one told him what was going down so he could vote with everybody. Derrick says he thought Frankie did plus Donny doesn't vote because someone tells him to. He says that he thought it would be an insult to Donny that anyone would think they could influence his vote.


8:19 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick that he knows he is a target in the house. Derrick says he is a target because he is a beast. Donny says he is terribly outnumbered now. Derrick says "They aren't loyal to each other...gotta win HoH buddy." Cody joins them.


8:20 PM BBT Derrick says Donny has five wins in seven weeks, three POVs, one BotB, and an HoH. He is a beast in this house. Donny says the oldest guy has never won Big Brother. Derrick "You are on the right track." Donny "My body can't keep it up."


8:33 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick are in the LR. Derrick says if he won HoH he would put up Victoria and Nicole. Victoria already said she would throw it so Nicole goes home. He says they have the numbers in spades. He says Caleb should be so proud because they have had this going from day one. The only reason the others in the alliance went was because they chose to get rid of them because they weren't trustworthy.


8:40 PM BBT Frankie and Zach have joined Caleb and Derrick in the LR. Zach says he is the best singer in the house. Derrick says "Sorry bro but you can't sing." Caleb says when he and Frankie are in the house, there's no way. Derrick says that maybe Zach had a couple good notes, but then says nevermind.


8:47 PM BBT In the KT Zach says it is crazy that they have all made it to Day 56. Frankie and Caleb are also in the KT. Caleb is trying to dance ballet style. Frankie says he is doing good but he needs to pick a spot and make sure his head keeps coming back to that spot when he spins. Caleb tries again and Frankie says he got it.


8:50 AM BBT Earlier, Derrick talked about how Donny is a beast in the house in competitions. Now Frankie is in the KT calling Donny the veto king. Caleb says he jumped in head first looking for freaking chickens. "And I couldn't find any of them."


8:56 PM BBT Caleb and Christine are in the KT talking about the HoH competition. Caleb admits that for some of the questions he was just giving his best guess.



And a special thank you to BBLuver and Cassondra for their assistance with the updates tonight for TFU. With two and sometimes three different intense conversations going at once...there is no way it could have been covered by one person. Teamwork to the supreme.

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And a special thank you to BBLuver and Cassondra for their assistance with the updates tonight for TFU. With two and sometimes three different intense conversations going at once...there is no way it could have been covered by one person. Teamwork to the supreme.



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8:04 PM BBT Nicole told Frankie she didn't realize what was going on and it's just a game in the WA. She said she doesn't want it to be awkward. She goes into the WC, and Frankie leaves. Nicole comes out of the WC, doesn't wash her hands, and leaves.


8:06 BBT Zach and Frankie go into the SR. Frankie told Zach that Nicole apologized. Zach said, "F*uck Nicole, I hate her."Frankie asked what should he do, and Zach said he knows he's just trying to save himself. They leave the SR.


8:06 PM BBT Zach and Derrick go into Beehive. Zach told Derrick that he did tell them about Los Tres Amigos. Derrick told Zach he will never burn Zach. Either he will burn him, and look like an asshole, or they will go to the end together. Derrick said he's had Zach's back from week 1. Zach asked if Frankie really tried to send him home. Derrick said he didn't tell him that, he was going on what Nicole told him.


8:07 PM BBT Derrick said that Nicole and Hayden kept asking them if they were in an alliance with them. He said that Hayden knew he was going home, so he told the truth. Derrick said he would take the information that Hayden and Nicole told them, store it, and use it. Derrick told Zach he will stick with him through the rest of the game. More talk about alliances continues.


8:10 PM BBT Derrick goes into KT, and Christine said she feels that everyone is avoiding her. He asked her what she said to Nicole, and she said she wants to think about it. He wants her to tell everyone so it doesn't have to be repeated 9 times. Derrick goes to LR, and lays on couch.


8:11 PM BBT Cams go to Zach sitting in Beehive by himself. Then, Christine is in WA with Cody. She tells him she feels super awkward, that there's no place to go. He says, it's super awkward, and it's going to get more awkward. Then Zach pulls Cody into Beehive.


8:11 PM BBT Cody tells Zach she's done, she's out (Christine). Zach said, "F*ck Frankie, F*ck Frankie." Cody said that Christine just told Nicole everything, and Nicole came up to him questioning him. Cody said Nicole got called to the DR.


8:12 PM BBT Cody said he wants to tell Zach everything that happened this week. Zach said that Frankie already told him, so he will see if it's the same story. Frankie walks in Beehive, and said that Caleb told him he's getting grouped in with Christine, and he doesn't want that to happen.


8:13 PM BBT Cody told Frankie that Christine just told Nicole everything. All 3 of the boys in the Beehive say they don't know what's going on. Frankie asked Cody if he's pissed at him, he says no. He leaves to put powder in his slop.


8:14 PM EST Zach told Frankie he doesn't know what's going on, and he's being pulled in a hundred different directions. Zach said they need to do whatever Beast Mode Cowboy says, he's the king of the castle now. Frankie said that Caleb told him just to never talk to them again. Zach said, you want to listen to Beast Mode Cowboy. Frankie said he needs to stop talking to people. Zach said if he says to slit Frankie's throat, he'll have to think about it, but other than that he will listen. Frankie said there are only 9 people left.


8:16 PM BBT Zach keeps telling Frankie he's f*cked. Frankie said that he doesn't want Caleb to mad at him, and he told him he is mad at him. Zach repeated the same thing a couple times. Production said, "Zach, stop that." Zach tells Frankie that he didn't say anything he was told from Frankie. Production said, "Zach, no climbing." Frankie told him to get down.


8:18 PM BBT Christine goes in the Beehive and says she feels like she's being avoided like the black plague. Frankie said they just got outed on National Television. Zach said he was so out of the loop this week. Then, all of this comes out, none of the stories match up, he doesn't know who to believe. He said he needs to morph his game to what suits him best. He said we are a 6 person alliance with 9 people in the house. He said sh*ts going to go down. He said they all made it to the jury house.


8:21 PM BBT Zach describes what's going to happen with 2 HOH's still happening. He says he wants to be pulled in the Beehive if he needs to know something. He said they are going to see a different Zach, because his game has to change. Frankie says, lets go eat, I'm starving. Frankie leaves the Beehive.


8:23 PM BBT Zach told Christine that people are pi$$ed at her because she went right to Nicole. Zach said again that was out of the loop this week because he didn't know what was going on. Christine said she feels like she got played this week, but doesn't want to name names. Zach told her they can't be associated with each other, but they will talk. They both leave the Beehive.


8:25 PM BBT Zach sings as he goes into the KT. Cam goes to ice room, where Cody is talking to Zach, about everyone scrambling. Cody said he was pi$$ed as f*ck for people wanting him up against Zach. He said that Hayden asked him about his F3 deal. He said he was told that he and Zach would be the F2. Cody said he told him that Cody was jealous of his and Zach's friendship. Zach said that Hayden kept saying that Cody hates him, while they slept in the HoH all week.


8:27 PM BBT Cody said that Hayden was going around all week trying to get him on the block. He said he asked Christine about it, and she told him that he would be on the block against Zach. Cody said he doesn't have a story to tell anyone, because he hasn't told any stories. He said he called them out for everything he heard.

8:29 PM BBT Zach told Cody they are lying, but he told them about Los Tres Amigos. Cody told him he can't act like he's not with them. Cody said that Frankie is paranoid about everything Zach said this week. He said that Frankie thought Zach and Christine would be played again him and Derrick. Zach said that he was approached by  for a Frankie for a F3 deal with him and Christine.


8:33 PM BBT Feeds come back from fish with Derrick telling Cody in the LR he can't sing. Cam goes to Zach in the KT also singing. Cody goes into the KT also, they have general chit chat about Hayden doing what Frankie does. Zach said he didn't think anything that Hayden did was funny. Frankie said he is going to make Frankie says he's sorry.


8:35 PM BBT Cam shows Christine laying down in the WA, and she said her stomach doesn't feel good. Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Christine & Victoria are in KT talking about Monsters. Then Caleb says he hopes there's a Slop Pass in his basket, so he'll be done and can eat everything.

9:39 PM BBT Christine, Derrick and Cody are in ice room. Christine said she talked to Nicole because she was crying, and she felt bad. They tell Christine they have her back, and not to worry about anything.


8:42 PM BBT Derrick tells Christine to keep talking to everyone that they are good. Christine leave the ice room, and Victoria comes in. Derrick tells Victoria that Hayden and Nicole were trying to reel her in. Derrick tells Victoria that no matter who wins HOH, they have to put Victoria up, so she'll throw the comp, and we remain as HOH, to evict who we want out.


8:45 PM BBT Zach goes in the ice room. The conversation continues about how Hayden acted on the show. Cody said he loves the fact that Nicole hates him. Frankie goes in the ice room, and looks in the closet. They continue discussing when the HOH comp is going to be. They don't want to change their clothes or shower, in case they get called.


8:46 PM BBT Derrick said he's not going to eat or drink a lot, because he doesn't want to pi$$ himself on National TV. Nicole enters the ice room with Hayden's suitcase. She asked everyone where all of Hayden's things are. They start helping her to put the stuff in the suitcase.


8:48 PM BBT Victoria tries to protect Hayden's cowboy hat to pack it. Nicole wants to keep Hayden's sweatshirt, so Cody took it out of his suitcase for her to keep to wear it around the house.


8:50 PM BBT Everyone except Zach leaves the ice room with Hayden's suitcase. Nicole said they are going to take this, so we need to get everything put in it. Cody said if they find anything else, they can put in the SR for him.

8:51 PM BBT Cody, Derrick and Zach go in the SR. Cody aid he honestly w

ants to send home Christine. Derrick said, don't it. Cody said since Christine is feeding all this information to Nicole, so he wants her out. They were talking about one of them was supposed to go on the block next to Zach, to take away one of their votes. Nicole comes in SR with Hayden's shoes to put in his suitcase. Derrick and Cody leave. Zach said, "So, Nicole, about that showmance." Nicole said, "Zach." He told her the offer is still there. Cody told Nicole that Hayden will come back in two weeks.


8:54 PM BBT Caleb told Victoria and Christine in the KT that he almost won Veto Comp, and was explaining how. Nicole and Derrick in the LR, and Derrick told her that Hayden said Massachusetts Bro to him, because he lives so close. Nicole leaves the LR, and Christine enters and sits on the couch opposite Derrick.


8:56 PM BBT Derrick yells to the KT that he (Caleb) definitely said, "Go sit next to your boyfriend," to Nicole when he put her on the block. Derrick leaves the LR, and Christine is still sitting on the couch listening to what's going on.


8:58 BBT In the KT, Nicole apologizes to Caleb, and vice versa. Caleb said he knew who his target was, so putting Hayden up next to her, he knew he would go home. Derrick said that 2 people didn't want her there. She said she knows who it is. She said she doesn't hold it against them at all. Caleb said she knows one of them, because she told him he was hers. Nicole said, no, Zach wasn't one of them. Derrick is sweeping up a mess in the KT. Caleb jokingly called Derrick a d*ck. Nicole said she wonders what Mariah thought of that move.

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8:56 PM BBT  Zach and Nicole in the SR. He says "So how about that showmance?" He follows her out... "Too soon?" She leaves and heads back to the have-not room and is packing Hayden's stuff. Cody tells her to just leave everything because he's coming back in 2 weeks. Nicole says he probably is.


8:59 PM BBT  Cody and Zach in the Have -Not BR whispering. Zach is unpacking his bag making it hard to hear as he is moving plastic bags and unzipping. Zach says he has been conflicted Frankie or Cody, Frankie or Cody, but now he knows. Cody says but now he's in the perfect situation to play both sides. Zach says, but now he knows.


9:02 PM BBT  Cody says that if Frankie wins HOH he will be one of the 2 to go on the block. Meanwhile, Derrick is meeting with Vic in the Earth BR. He asks her if he has steered her wrong up to this point. Cody and Zach are done talking and Feed 3/4 switches to Caleb and Christine in the LR. Caleb is talking about wanting to keep his pictures as long as an HOH gets to keep them.


9:05 PM BBT  Caleb feels like there is an endurance comp coming and is asked how pissed he would be if he ends up missing out on it. Zach is following Nicole around the house. He follows her to the SR, into the KT. Vic is laying down in the Earth BR. Derrick, Nicole, Caleb, and Christine are discussing when they think HOH will be. Think it will be tonight because there won't be time for all the other comps otherwise.


9:08 PM BBT  Derrick pulls Nicole into the beehive and tells her he didn't think they had the numbers and that he was right. She says that Hayden told her she could trust Frankie and she wishes she hadn't. She says she will never trust him again. He told her that HE TOLD HER RIGHT BEFORE that he didn't feel good about it because he knew it. He says that Hayden knew it... he threw Frankie and Christine under the bus because he knew who did it. She says she hopes Hayden got to see her be pissed afterwards.


9:11 PM BBT  She says that they broke Hayden's heart. She says that she won't put him up, though. He tells her that she needs to lock it down moving forward (not blow up at everyone so much). He says that she needs to fight and win and make deals with people. She tells him that people don't hold to their deals. She uses him and Cody as an example, saying that they didn't keep to their alliance...she says, "We could have gone so far."


9:15 PM BBT  Zach says "Do you know who I'm really feeling now... Nicole"  Frankie and Caleb laugh. He asks if they think he's ruined his chances. Meanwhile, Derrick and Nicole are still talking. She says that she knows he's here to win and even if Hayden was here she would take him because she knows exactly why he's here. He says he's never lied to anybody, he has to play the game.


9:19 PM BBT  Derrick tells Nicole that people will be looking past her, but she has to fight. He says she might want him to put her on the block.


9:20 PM BBT  We have Jeff's highlights, so it's more than likely time for the HOH comp!!

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10:21P bbt Caleb in the house by himself-Patio door locked and blocked with a board outside.  BB asked Caleb to shut the sliding glass door.  He is eating slop and talking to the cameras about his favorite topic-HIMSELF-Sorry cant watch   UGH ! !

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10:15 PM BBT  We have Caleb live from from the BB KT. He is fixing his slop, with a little bit of soy sauce. He is wearing his overalls, one strap down. He tells all of us to add him on FB... Caleb Reynolds. He would love to be all our friends. Not just some of us... all of us.


10:20 PM BBT  Caleb looks into a camera and says, "What are you lookin' at?" He's chillin' like a villian, all alone in the house. He can go wherever he wants. The beehive and say "What up?" He can go into the KT, or the LR and say, "What up?" He is the HOH and this is his house. He is Beast Mode Cowboy.


10:23 PM BBT  It's been a struggle for Beast Mode Cowboy. He has been to war. He's grown up with 4 older brothers with a single mom. He's had to sing for food. --and Beast Mode Cowboy has some vocals... he wasn't on the voice for nothing. He loves his fans. If you love him, shout him out at #beastmodecowboy. If your single, he wants to marry a good Christian girl with a good credit score (just kidding). A girl who loves family.


10:25 PM BBT He wants a good country girl who likes hunting and fishing. He may not seem like a country boy with all his tattoos, but look at his boots. They're cracked! This experience has been amazing, best experience ever. Besides his deployment in Iraq. But at the end of the day, this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. And he can't wait to read a letter from his mom. She's been the apple of his eye for the past 26 years.


10:28 PM BBT  His mom is the strongest woman he has ever seen. She's powerful. She's God loving, trustworthy and honorable. FotH and Commercial


10:28 PM BBT We have Cody and Zach in the Fire BR. Cody says, "Nicole would put me up with Frankie. Zach says, "Who do you think Christine would put up?" NICOLE and CHRISTINE have won HOH...


10:35 PM BBT  Frankie is now in the Fire BR with the boys and they are speculating who will be put up. The feeds flash to Nicole in the WA with Derrick. Derrick asks Nicole to call him up to the HOH room so it doesn't look like he's going up to kiss her a**. Frankie comes in to congratulate her.


10:30 PM BBT  The feeds return. In the Fire BR, Frankie tells Vic she was so close. Then he tells he he will see her on the block. Meanwhile, Zach and Nicole are walking out of the WA together arm in arm. He asks to talk to her later.


10:43 PM BBT  Donny tells Nicole that they are going to run out of pictures for Nicole because she has won so many HOH comps. Frankie tells her they are tied now. She congratulates Donny on his POV. Nicole tells Zach that if he writes her a love poem like he wrote for the ceremony earlier, maybe she won't put him up.


10:45 PM BBT  Zach starts a poem on the spot:

Roses are red, violets are blue.

You glasses are cute, just like you.

Ever since day one, I've had a huge crush. Cuz you're the best.

And the way I prove it, is cuz I have no hair on my chest

I'd go on one knee right now and tell you I want to be with you forever,

but instead I decided to write you a love letter

This letter is waiting on my desk at home

Nicole, we can go to Germany or we can go to Rome.

If you were to be my showmance

38 days from now, I can call you Mrs. Rance.

But I'm not done just yet

Nicole I would do anything for you

But not just yet

You're the HOH

and I don't want to be on the block

but if you do, I won't flock

I'm with you till my BB life is over

Nicole you're not a pushover

Nicole you're so beautiful and everything about you is perfect.

Right now as I'm speaking you make me nervous.

That gorgeous smile and laugh

All I want to do is ??

Roses are red violets are blue

My co*k is really hard because of you.


10:50 PM BBT   Derrick, Cody, and Zach in the WA. Derrick tells them that they may get put on the block, but that he isn't going to tell either of the HOHs to put them up. He doesn't want to hear that either of them throw his name out there, either. Meanwhile, Frankie and Christine are talking in the Fire BR. He wants to know if she covered for him. She says YES. They hug.


10:55 PM BBT   Cody says he wants to see a picture of Tim. He wants to see him and wonders if this guy will beat him up when he gets out of the house. Meanwhile, Vic is telling Zach not to talk crap about her.

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Caleb's Letter: Caleb, I’m so proud of you I pray you are okay. This is so exciting. Stay focused and stay true to yourself. Don’t lose yourself in the mix. I’m praying for you. Stay humble and don’t boast too much. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I love you and will see you soon. Love Mom.

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11:05 PM BBT Caleb discusses his plans to offer his biggest fan a hunt with his brothers after he gets out. Christine says she doesn't want to sleep in the HN room tonight. Caleb immediately says that her one night doesn't compare to his one more week on slop.


11:15 PM BBT The living room discussion is about the hoh comp. They were given what seems to be acronyms and they had to decipher them themselves and pick the right answer which is a number. They move onto sleeping arrangements and talk of past double evictions.


11:30 PM BBT Time for Caleb's HOH basket! He got a shirt, a letter from his mom,  and some photos of his parents and brothers. They are holding all of his food until he is off slop. He is frustrated because he felt like cameras were not on him while he read his letter. He tried to go to DR but was denied. He is called to DR a minute or two later.


11:40 PM BBT Donny is talking about how out of breath he was after veto. Derrick says he was worried about him. Donny says he was worried he could barely talk to Julie. Frankie does an impression of Joe from last year's double eviction. Frankie asks Nicole what hyperventilating is. She describes it in medical jargon. Zach mentions wanting to go to sleep and he tells BB to hurry up with the HOH room. It looks like an early night for the hamsters.


11:45 PM BBT Christine and Nicole move to the hive room and immediately agree not to backdoor each other. Frankie comes in and tells Nicole that he flipped and it was because she wanted to back door him last week. He then tells her that the side of the house he is working with cut him. They are done with him and he was told they are done with Christine as well. He says that they should put the four of the guys up so it is guaranteed one of them will go home. Nicole is nervous he will flip again. Frankie says he knows but he has stuck by Christine since day one. He says he made a mistake and let him make it up to her.


11:55 PM BBT Frankie exits, and Christine says that they can't put them all up right now. Nicole agrees and tells Christine that Cody doesn't have her back at all. Christine says she knows. Meanwhile, in the living room Cody says that Christine is playing everyone and she makes him nervous. In the hive room, Christine wants to put up Donny, Nicole wants to put up Victoria and they agree that one of them will put up Zach and the other will put up Caleb.

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