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Tuesday, August 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Thank you!

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12:09am BBT: Nicole asks Cody to cuddle but he was eating. So as a 2nd choice, she cuddles with Hayden in the rock room.

12:10am BBT: Zach and Frankie playing pool, no game talk. Derrick/Christine on hammock, Derrick saying Zach played them against each other.Derrick says you thought we had a Final 3 deal with him, but when we vote him out on Thursday, you'll see how much of a Final 3 deal we had. Christine says exactly and laughs. Derrick also claimed Zach never talked bad about Christine to him, but did to Frankie and Cody and Derrick guesses Zach assumed Cody would tell him.

12:21am BBT: Zach talking with Frankie and wondering if there are even any other alliances in the house. He says it with a laugh.

12:25am BBT: Zach saying his eviction poem again out loud. In the bg, Derrick hears and says "Yeah, he's definitely gonna blow up".

12:25am BBT Derrick to Christine- If I had to put money on it, he (Zach) is not going out quietly Less...

Derrick tells Christine he was oblivious to Christine/Frankie thinking they had a Final 3, so he understands why they felt left out

Christine tells Derrick about her plan to split the votes 4-4. Derrick says that Nicole would be pissed if that happened

Derrick tells Christine that the "Los Tres Amigos" was made up on the spot by Zach and that him and Cody joined out of spite

Derrick to Christine: When I vote him (Zach) out on Thursday you'll see how much of a Final 3 deal I had with him.

12:35am BBT: Derrick gives hypothetical, "If i win HOH, who do we nominate?" to Christine.Chris says Donny/Victoria. Derrick says if Donn wins POV. Chris says backdoor Caleb

Christine says that Donny would be voted out. Derrick asks "Do we really want Caleb out because he thinks we're in an alliance?"

12:39 BBT: Some more whispering about nominees and who is evicted next. Derrick says something "Worst case scenario Jocasta goes home.If we win POV, Caleb or (someone else) goes home"

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12:45am BBT: Christine just said she knows Hayden is voting Jocasta out and Victoria might too. Derrick and Christine talking about splitting votes

12:50am BBT Jocasta and Derrick are in the BH room doing their nightly prayers ( wish there were more talking in tongues -Cotizzle)

Cody and Hayden playing pool in the back yard

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12:05 AM BBT Pretty quiet night. Frankie and Zach are playing pool with few words between them. Small talk is going on in the KT about the fitness bracelets they are wearing. Christine gets excited because hers vibrated. Hayden and Nicole lay down in bed and...apparently sleep. Caleb is in bed.

12:15 AM BBT Derrick and Christine are whispering on the hammock about Zach. Christine confirms she is on board to send Zach packing. He says that Zach is just too erratic. Derrick is mad because Zach told Christine and Frankie about having a side alliance. They worry about him blowing them up before he leaves so they contemplate splitting the vote. Derrick says that Nicole will be mad at them if they do that. Derrick says they may just have to hope he is too blindsided to say anything.

12:25 AM BBT Zach and Frankie are talking while playing pool now. Zach says he is surprised Jocasta is not campaigning. He says that he is trying not to make it obvious he is staying. He gets excited about the possibility of double eviction and loosing Donny in the same day. He practices his eviction speech a couple times, it has changed in the last couple of days. This is all going on while Derrick and Christine figure out the best way to evict him without him throwing a tantrum on the way out.

12:35 AM BBT Derrick and Christine decide they can rally back if Zach decides to blow them up. They are still worried but not enough to keep him. Zach can be heard in the background rehearsing the same speech. Derrick and Christine have moved on to figure out how to win the comps during double evict should one happen. Derrick asks if he wins HOH who should he put up. Christine says she would put up Donny and Victoria. Derrick says what if Donny wins POV. Christine says her plan is to backdoor Caleb. Derrick talks her right out of that and into going after Donny. He tells her Caleb won't go after them till the three outsiders are gone.

12:45 AM BBT Frankie comes over to the hammock and breaks up the talk about double eviction. Frankie says that on the way out the door he plans to tell Zach that Caleb and Hayden flipped and voted him out. He plans to do this to keep a subdued Zach walking out the door. When he walks away Christine says that she doesn't think his plan will work. Christine says that she thinks that if the vote is split Nicole will be happy because she will personally send Zach home. Derrick says that is perfect and to talk to Nicole about it.

12:55 AM BBT Hayden and Nicole are back up and outside now. All four feeds are on Cody and Zach playing pool while Hayden watches and makes noise. Nicole walks by and says good night. Jocasta also says her good nights and takes Derrick inside for their nightly prayer. Zach gets called to DR and Frankie recites Zach's eviction speech.

Zach's planned speech

Roses are red, violets are blue; Everyone here is great, I love each and every one of you.
You've all touched my heart, and for that I'm so grateful; maybe I'll even change my ways, and not be so hateful.
The jury's in our site, we're on the right track; viewers at home please hashtag #zachattack.
House guests I'm begging you, please give me another chance; if you want to follow me on twitter or instagram, my screen name is RancyPants.
Your decision tonight is crucial, the wrong choice may cost ya; so when you walk into that diary room, please vote Jocasta.

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1:03am BBT: Christine to Frankie: "If someone tries to backdoor one of us, we have the votes (long pause)...at least I know I do.....

Frankie: "I really think all he (Zach) wants is to be the first member of the jury so that he can vote for me".

Frankie points out if Zach blows up the Detonators they can point out he put Christine On the block

1:21am BBT: Derrick, Frankie, Caleb in hammock talking about how many double evictions they will have and rehashing how many Double evictions were in previous seasons.

1:37am BBT: Frankie tells Caleb and Derrick " I plan on doing a weekly youtube video when I get outta here".

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1:05 AM BBT Frankie and Christine have a hammock date to talk about the Zach blindside. Christine and Frankie discuss the fact that Caleb, Hayden (not so much), Victoria, and Jocasta will be blindsided. Christine is so nervous but she thinks they will bounce back from it if Zach freaks out.

1:15 AM BBT Caleb is back up and outside now. He has joined Christine and Frankie on the hammock. They debate about whether or not the vote will be unanimous. Derrick joins them and they recap it for him. They all agree that they don't think Donny will vote to keep him and they say Victoria hates Zach.

1:25 AM BBT Caleb is mad at Zach because Zach keeps eating in front of him. Frankie and Derrick try to pump him up by saying that even though he is on slop he won and he is safe. They talk about double evictions and possible buybacks (someone coming back). Caleb starts talking about himself and that he cannot wait to see who has tried to talk to him. From ex-girlfriends to friends.

1:35 AM BBT Derrick is talking about Dan's care package he got and opened on his YouTube channel. Derrick says that he does weekly videos. Immediately Frankie says that's so cool and that he should do that. Frankie makes a plan to make weekly videos when he gets out. (I cannot stop laughing). They all get up to play pool in teams with Cody.

1:45 AM BBT Half our feeds show sleeping HGs and the other half are playing pool or watching pool. Zach does laundry.

1:55 AM BBT Derrick gets called to DR. Hayden eats cinnamon slop. The rest of the awake HGs are playing pool or watching pool being played. Nothing new going on at all.

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2:36am Frankie and Zach start a game of pool in BY. Caleb/Derrick/Christine/Cody in KT.

2:39am Cody and Derrick have disappeared to bed. Christine says she's heading off to bed as well. Cody says he's just going to sit in the KT in his own farts while she heads off to her comfy bed in the rock room.

2:41am Zach says he had a long conversation with Christine about their Trust Circle, hyping her up a little bit and talking about putting up Cody and Derrick. Zach says they're in the best spot they can be in. Frankie says if this week is what we expect it to be it's like...over. Zach asks Frankie if he would want to be in a better spot than they're in right now. Frankie says he would not change a thing [as he plots to dump Zack. Poor, dumb Zach - bblurkerplus]

2:43am Zach is plotting how the final three will play out when they get rid of Christine. Frankie wins pool and Zach says he has to go manage the clothes.

2:45am Zach talking about how he and Cody and Derrick talk about final scenarios.

2:46am Derrick and Cody talking in the hall by WA, concerned about if Christine and Caleb can hear them. They move to the KT.

2:47am Cody and Derrick talking low. Derrick forgot his mic. BB tells Derrick to get his mic - he gets up and retrieves it from the WA.

2:48am Derrick and Cody figuring out the lies Frankie has told them, using the Tres Amigos story that Christine spilled as proof Frankie is lying because she got it from her. Christine heard BB's warning to Derrick and decides to come out and see what's up. She gets out of bed and returns to KT, breaking up Cody/Derrick game talk. All cameras got to BY pool game with Zach/Frankie.

2:52am Two cameras back to KT. Christine is whispering something to Cody about Victoria, and WBRB.

I'm out -

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(Looking back to 4:40am)Zach/Frankie finally headed to bed, leaving Derrick/Cody still playing pool and talking strategy.

Derrick tells Cody "someone is always around us, they always share info with us, so they are now scared to get rid of us, since we are a treasure trove of information.

They agree that they don't trust Christine and Frankie 100%. Derrick feels Christine isn't sharing everything with them.

Derrick:If they think they are playing us, that's ok, because we know it. It's becoming apparent that you/I are friends.

They feel Nicole/Christine are still playing each other. They try to sort out all the conversations that have been shared with them, who said what to who, and who was being truthful, and who was telling half truths. In the process, they get confused(and I do also), come to the conclusion they can only trust each other.

4:43am bbt Frankie comes back out, and they start talking about how Zach's game play is why he needs to go home this week. Frankie feels the vote should be unanimous, and after Julie announces it, Frankie will tell Zach to leave with dignity, don't blow up on everyone. Discussion turns to them talking to the rest of the house on Tuesday to confirm everyone votes the same.

(so, at this point, the tied has turned to vote out Zach on Thursday)

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4:43am bbt Frankie goes back inside, Derrick/Cody go back to strategy discussion, trying to figure out the Nicole/Hayden/Donny alliance, who is running it and who is being carried.

Derrick says he questioned Hayden about next week, and Hayden keeps saying "I don't know where I'm at". Derrick says that means Hayden is protecting his alliance with Nicole/Donny.

Cody says Hayden has been playing both sides of the fence more than anyone. Derrick says Hayden tried to pull Victoria in close to him, but Derrick says he has been spending time with Victoria to solidify things with her.

4:52am bbt Frankie sticks his head out the door for a second, causing Derrick/Cody to talk how nervous Frankie is, worried that Der/Cody are alone.

Derrick tells Cody to be careful with Christine, saying she is playing hard, the female version of Frankie.

4:57am bbt Derrick tells Cody that if they do stick with idea of sending Zach home, they need to be the ones to tell Caleb, before Frankie gets the chance to tell Caleb.

Then they worry the rest of the house is playing them, so they have to be careful about what they say regarding who is getting voted out this week. "Do you think Frankie already told Caleb we are voting Zach out? Maybe so".

5:02am bbt Derrick:Frankie wants Donny out, but he wants us to do it. Christine is trying to be mastermind, have both sides attack each other, then she'll side with the surviving side. Here's the thing, we need to chip away at both sides. Hayden showed his cards to me, regarding Donny. So did Nicole.

Cody:All these alliances are a joke. The Rationale? I hope they don't ask me about any except this one. They all came to us. They can't say I initiated any of it. That's why Frankie is paranoid, because he tried to start one with Nicole and Hayden.

Derrick:Right now, we are both pawns. They may come after us eventually, but right now, we aren't their targets. If Hayden wins and wants to target Frankie, we are team Rationale all the way. If Frankie wins and comes to us, wanting to backdoor Hayden... that's fine.

Derrick: Did you see Dan/Memphis's season...You've got to be patient. I'm like the older version of you.

Cody: The only thing that worries me, is people that are trusting you, we are putting out of the house.

5:10am bbt Talk turns to if Caleb questions more about voting Amber out, they will be able to backtrack and put the blame on Frankie.

(They continue playing pool, bonding, talking about HGs, and confirming their loyalty to F2 until after 6am, when they head inside to the WA.)

6:05am bbt Derrick/Cody look at the inside of the bathroom door, seeing where former HGs have carved their names into the door, and where BB has spackled over it. Cody works on carving the nickname Derrick gave him(Calzone?) in the door.

6:15am bbt Derrick/Cody are finally headed to bed, and all the lights are out/all HGs are asleep for another short night in the BB house.

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8:30am bbt Still waiting for someone to wake up...

9:46am bbt Feeds cut to WBRB.. it's wake up call time in the BB house!

10:00am bbt Feeds are up for the day, HGs are doing their morning routine

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9:44 am bbt: Still sleeping

9:47 am bbt: We'll be right back! Probably a wake up call

10:03 am bbt: Donny in the kitchen eating a poptart. Frankie and Victoria in the storage room.

10:04 am bbt: Christine in bathroom brushing teeth. Hayden joins her.

10:06 am bbt: Christine now doing hair and make up. Donny is waiting for his turn at the sink.

10:09 am bbt: WBRB

10:10 am bbt: Donny brushing teeth. Jocasta heads into bathroom area.

10:15 am bbt: Donny and Hayden in backyard talking about Free Bird. Victoria called to DR.

10:21 am bbt: WBRB

10:29 am bbt: Hayden goes inside to eat.

10:32 am bbt: Donny in BY exercising alone

10:35 am bbt: Hayden comes outside and sits on the couch.

10:39 am bbt: Donny and Hayden out down the on-ings

10:46 am bbt: Hayden goes inside and Donny is relaxing on the couch.

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10:00am Hg are yelling best morning in the BB house and Hayden says those were the songs we were talking about yesterday then Donny says they was paying attention.

10:02am Frankie in BY saying he is trying to warm up then says i am going back to bed before they realize i am awake.

10:03am Donny is sitting outside eating his pop tarts, Christine in the WA brushing her teeth.Frankie goes back to bed.

10:10am Victoria is making herself some slop in the KT. Hayden is just walking around the house, Jacosta is in the WA.

10:14am Hayden in BY telling Donny he loved the music this morning and Donny says you are a freak on a leash. Donny says they need to play Bon Jovi or Freebirds and Hayden says Freebirds is awesome and Donny says that is what they will play when i leave here.

10:40am Donny and hayden putting the awnings down and Nicole is getting ready to do her blog and get the camera later today.

10:45am Nicole and Hayden talking about the music that was played this morning and Hayden says this morning was hard work and i like hard metal.

10:52am Nicole telling Hayden that she has dreams about him every night and Hayden says they are steamy dreams and she says no they are not and he says you told me they was and She says no i didn't they ain't steamy.

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10:00am bbt - We see house guests up and moving around. Donny in the kitchen getting his morning poptart, Frankie and Chistine out in the BY thawing out from the Have Not room, Hayden, Victoria and Nicole doing ADLs.

10:02am bbt - Backyard - Frankie tells Chris that he was up til 5am and that Cody & Derrick were up til 6am, playing pool. Chris gets called to the DR. Frankie says he's going back to bed before they figure out that he's up.

10:11am bbt - Jocosta sitting alone in the bathroom. She appears to be crying.

10:13am bbt - Backyard - Donny and Hayden talking about this morning's wake-up music and concerts that they've seen. Donny starts his morning elliptical workout.

10:20am bbt - Hayden asks Donny, "So, what's Jocosta thinking?" Donny quickly looks toward the back door and we get fish.

10:23am bbt - When feeds return Donny says, "Don't you think his buddies will let him know before that?" Hayden says "I don't know, I mean I don't want to say anything to Frankie and have Frankie run to Zach and blow up. Donny asks if Hayden had a chance to talk to Caleb. Hayden says it's hard to change Caleb's mind.

10:27am bbt - Hayden heads inside and starts making some type of slop concoction.

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11:01am Nicole is now in the WA downstairs as BB prepares her room for her blog. Victoria walking around in a towel.Donny and Hayden in the BY just general talk as Hayden eats his slop.Everyone else is in bed sleeping.

11:17am Hayden and Donny talking about jacosta and Victoria being on the block more than anyone and how they have played in more competitions than anyone and Hayden says they call them floaters Donny says yeah they ain't floaters.

11:20am Donny says it is funny how things play out cause i was the number one target that first week.

11:24am Victoria is cutting the collar off a yellow shirt, Donny and Hayden still in the BY talking about voting Zach out and Hayden says have you heard Zach's speech and Donny says no. Hayden says it is going to be good and might be one of the best in BB history.

11:28am Donny says Frankie is getting paranoid and Hayden says yeah he is when Christine had the POV and we was all taking turns talking to her in the hammock you couldn't be there no more than 5 minutes and there was Frankie.

11:33am Victoria ask Hayden if they can talk and he says yeah and she goes to make them ice coffee before they talk.

11:43am Victoria goes to the WA where Hayden is taking a shower and tells him she wakes up with lots of energy then an hour later she is tired.

11:47am Victoria tells Hayden he is brushing his hair to rough so she gives him a lesson on brushing his hair from the bottom up and he says thanks mom for teaching me this stuff.

11:49am Hayden and Victoria going to the KT to talk and Hayden says Victoria do you have any clean underwear i can wear and she says funny Hayden funny.

11:52am Christine comes out of the DR and ask who all is awake and Victoria says me Hayden, Donny and Nicole but she is upstairs blogging.

12:07pm Victoria is plucking hairs out of Hayden nose for him after he asked her how to get then out of his nose.

12:12pm Victoria now plucking Haydens eyebrows as he sings i am a man doing girl stuff and BB tells him please stop singing.

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12:22pm Nicole is now out of the HOh rm and has the camera taking pictures.

12:35pm Nicole still taking pictures of herself, Victoria, Hayden, Christine and Donny as everyone else is still sleeping.

12:49pm Nicole still taking Pictures, just alot of laughing going on at the pictures. Donny in BY alone eating.

12:56pm Hayden is going to go have his picture taken with the sleeping people.Victoria is getting a cut up t shirt on Donny still in the BY alone. Zach is now awake and ask if he needs to get up to see his shreds and Nicole says yeah we don't have much time so you better hurry up.

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1:15pm hayden, Caleb and Donny sitting in KT as Caleb talks about an old girl friend who chewed redman. And she is as hot as Amber.

1:25pm Victoria talking to Hayden and she says ok you say i am a princess so when a girl goes on a date she likes to look her best and then half way through the date you go to the bathroom and check your face. So if you go on a date and want to look your best then why wouldn't you on here with 9 million people looking at you.So just because i look in the mirror i am a princess? am i proving my self?Hayden says no because she spend most of your time in the mirror.

1:33pm Caleb and Donny talking to Nicole on the BY couch about doing her blog and tweets , She is worried about it and Donny tells her it is fine it is done and over with. Victoria and Hayden near the pool talking about Victoria acting like a princess and looking in all the mirrors.

1:42pm Nicole and Christine talking about her blogging ans she feels it was bad. Nicole says we have missed the summer we have been in this house 47 days.

1:53pm Nicole and Christine still talking about her blogging and about zach she says now that he called a fruit loop dingus she feels very uncomfortable with him.

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2:00 PM BBT Christine and Nicole's conversation ends and Hayden and Victoria's conversation ends. Everyone goes their separate ways.

2:05 PM BBT Victoria grabs a pickle and heads back out to the BY. Christine sits down with her. Victoria tells her this game is going to get dirty so fast. Christine tells her it's already halfway through the game, so it's not really that fast. Christine asks Vic if she knows who people are voting out. She says Jocasta staying in the house is good because she will always be someone to put on the block. Keeping Zach is good because he will always be a target.

2:10 PM BBT Christine and Victoria discuss that Hayden says Zach isn't coming after him so he isn't sure he would vote him out of the game. They say they think he's voting out Jocasta [he's not --Morty!] Christine thinks that Donny would vote out Jocasta, and Victoria is surprised because she thinks Donny is working with her. Christine says he's not. She asks who he's working with and Christine says, "Nobody." She also says Jocasta doesn't talk game to anyone and it's biting her in the butt because no one wants her here because she can't help anyone.

2:15 PM BBT Victoria says that even though Zach has a big target on his back, there are others with targets, too. She mouths "Caleb," and then says they can still get Jocasta out, too. Christine agrees. Christine says Caleb is a scary one, too because he makes up lies and rambles. Christine tells Vic about how Zach tries to make final 3 deals with everyone in the house. Christine tells Vic that she still thinks there's an all guy alliance.

2:18 PM BBT Christine tells Victoria that Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Hayden say that they don't want Zach out. She says, "Doesn't that look weird? Vic says that they have to turn them on one of their own. Christine says she would like to get Zach out because he put her on the block. Meanwhile, Donny, Hayden, Caleb, and Nicole are engaging in a conversation about music on the BY patio.

2:23 PM BBT Christine tells Vic not to tell anyone how she's voting. Meanwhile, Hayden is telling the BY patio group about his band and how to look them up on YouTube. To look it up, search "Teenagechild."

2:30 PM BBT Victoria and Christine are talking about how Caleb didn't go for the veto in the POV where he took the money. They agree it was ridiculous. They both go inside for some food.

2:35 PM BBT Donny, Nicole, and Hayden are talking her dad's job. Donny says her dad's job is a really hard one. He builds roads. He leaves the house at 2 a.m. and gets home around 10 p.m. and commutes 2 hours to get there. She says he will sometimes come home and tell her he likes a certain song and it surprises her.

2:40 PM BBT Donny says they need to recruit Caleb. He has a speech prepared. He's won 2 comps that Donny hasn't competed in, but all 4 comps Donny has competed in he's beat him fair and square. Let's call it even. Donny says he's a likable person. Hayden says that the problem is that he's loyal to the first people he was working with, even though he doesn't necessarily like them. Nicole asks him not to mention her name. Donny finally decides not to talk to him.

2:50 PM BBT Donny, Hayden, Nicole are reviewing what happened each day they have been in the house, preparing for the next HOH comp. Hayden says that Victoria is a good person to have in the house and that the only person who wants to get rid of her is Caleb. He also says that he is one of Zach's targets.

2:55 PM BBT Hayden says he was talking to Zach the other night and he asked who he would put up. He said Jocasta and Victoria. Zach said, "Jocasta won't be here." Hayden said, "Oh yeah." OOPS. Meanwhile, Christine and Victoria have been chatting in the KT while they've been eating. It's more of the same discussion that was going on in the BY earlier. Donny says they will be OK if he or Hayden win, if Cody wins, if Jocasta or Victoria win...and then he says there's not a high chance of that happening. Then they go back to reviewing.

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#BB16 3:08PM BBT In the KT there is a discussion about the furnishings being from IKEA. Christine says that you can buy the same dishes at the 99 cent store.

#BB16 3:19PM BBT Nicole in the BY talking about what she blogged.

#BB16 3:29PM BBT Donny discusses eating something from the fridge but doesn't know when it was made. Derrick tells him that Amber made it last week. Christine says if you cook something long enough, you can eat it. She will even eat moldy bread.

#BB16 3:58PM BBT Cody and Hayden discuss the HOH camera pics from today. He said most of them are of HG sleeping.

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#BB16 4:27PM BBT In the BY there is talk about pets.

#BB16 4:43PM BBT Frankie is showering outside. All feeds on him.

#BB16 4:49PM BBT Frankie and Vic discuss voting Zach out. Frankie says that they are friends but that he has to do for what's best for his game.

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5:03 PM BBT In the BY Caleb is talking to Nicole and Hayden about his college and all the ways that people tried to cheat and get busted. He was never a cheater himself because the penalties are so steep. In the Fire BR Victoria is talking to Derrick. She says no one is talking to her because they think she has Zach's back. Derrick says it is too early for everyone to start talking about Zach going home.

5:07 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that he is voting Zach out. He doesn't care that Christine is telling her otherwise. He says Christine is making it up because she wants to appear she is closer to Victoria. He says Christine is talking to everybody. Derrick says it should be 5-3 Thursday. If it's 6-2 then she knows it was Christine who lied to her face.

5:11 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick in the Fire BR why he is so set on voting out Zach. He says because Jocasta never did anything to him. He tells her that there is this myth that they are targeting women. He says it will proven false on Thursday when Jocasta stays and Zach walks out.

5:13 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that Christine wants Victoria to talk to all the guys to find out how they are voting. He tells her that Christine is using her to do her dirty work for her. He tells Victoria that she has to be careful because no everyone is genuine with her. They may act like her friend until she does what they need. Then they will dump her.

5:17 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that if the entire house decides to keep Zach, then they have no choice. They can't vote against the house. "No one is talking about it right now, but tonight and tomorrow they won't be able to shut up about it." He tells her if that anyone asks where her head is at, just say that she doesn't know.

5:21 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that everyone calls her a princess because she is always wearing makeup and stuff. She says it's normal for women to wear makeup and to look nice when they are going out in public. They don't go out in public looking like they just rolled out of bed. In the house, they are always in the public. She says the camera is on them 360 degrees. That is why she is always looking in the mirror. To make sure that she is looking nice for the cameras. These things do not make her a princess.

5:27 PM BBT Frankie and Christine are laying down in the HoH room. Frankie tells her that Zach looks up to him, or is in love with him...he can't tell. Frankie says he is going to hug Zach on the way out and tell him "You owe me a vote."

5:30 PM BBT Christine asks when they need to talk to Nicole and Hayden. Frankie says they need to wait until they confirm with Derrick and Caleb. Frankie says BB told him he can do his hair. He is hoping that when on IDLD they will let him wash his hair in the HoH bathroom. He can't talk a cold shower indoors because of his disorder. Outside is okay, but not inside. He will put in a request later.

5:33 PM BBT Christine tells Frankie about her conversation with Victoria earlier. Victoria told her she can't believe how dirty the game has gotten so fast. Christine says "We are halfway through this game and she is just now figuring this out."

5:46 PM BBT Christine and Nicole are in the HoH. Christine tells her that Frankie said not to talk to Nicole yet. When he talks to her, she has to act surprised. In the Fire BR, Frankie goes to talk to Derrick but it is quickly interrupted by Caleb who has just woken up.

6:01 PM BBT Not much going on in the house at the moment. Most of the HGs are awake and there are several conversations going on at once. All of it is general chit chat.

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4:55 pm bbt: Donny, Derrick, Christine, Zach, Nicole and Hayden are talking in the BY. Jocasta and Victoria are in the kitchen. Frankie is tanning. Jocasta joins Zach and the others.

5:02 pm bbt: Victoria and Derrick go into the bedroom to talk. Vic is whispering about Frankie and Zach.

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6:06 PM BBT Frankie, Cody, and Derrick are in the WA. They decide to stick together and play dumb about the Detonators if Zach calls them out on it on the way out the door. They plan on acting like he just made that up to stir the pot.

6:15 PM BBT Caleb, Donny, Christine and Nicole are walking laps in the BY. Victoria, Jocasta and Derrick are in the KT. Hayden is sitting with Cody on the lounge.

6:25 PM BBT Jocasta sticks her finger in Hayden's ear. He jumps like it is a bug in his ear. He spills his tea all over his pants. He acts all mad and throws a towel around in jest. Then he runs inside like an upset 5 year old girl. Cody "Hayden pi$$ed his pants. Hayden pi$$ed his pants."

6:28 PM BBT Hayden to all those in the BY laughing at him and his tea soiled shorts "You all are not nice and I don't like any of you."

6:30 PM BBT Hayden goes to the Have-Not room to change. Frankie is in there. Hayden shows Frankie how to change into new underwear without taking off the old underwear first. Frankie starts singing "Hayden has a new trick." Hayden sings "Hayden has a new trick, and it rhymes with D*ck."

6:43 PM BBT Nicole and Cody are sitting on the lounge. Cody tells her that the guys told him they trust him but he doesn't believe them anymore. He says that Hayden is committed to vote out Zach. Victoria will go with the house. He says that Christine is trying to nail him down to saying he is going to vote out Zach too. He says it's too early to tell her that and it will probably only get back to Zach anyway.

6:54 PM BBT Hayden, Cody, and Frankie are running in the BY. They are all wearing red shorts. Donny and Caleb are sitting at the patio watching them. Jocasta, Victoria, and Derrick are hanging out in the KT.

6:58 PM BBT Frankie takes a break from running and leans over Christine and Nicole at the lounge. He is breathing hard from running but plays it up as if he is orgasmic. They aren't impressed.

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