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Sunday July 20 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:22 am Frankie, Cody, Zach (in Nest) and Christine in the HOH. Cody says for the millionth time, if Amber goes up we (motioning to guys) are going up. Frankie says no, he has Amber under control.

12:24 am Frankie then muses "what if we got Caleb and Amber out in a double eviction?" Cody says that would be amazing. Frankie says there's no double eviction this week. Cody would rather Caleb go to jury and Amber go out before jury. Frankie says they could manipulate Caleb to get amber out or make caleb sympathetic on the jury by making up a story that Amber came on to Cody.

12:27 am Frankie says Amber is playing the worst game ever.

12:29 am Frankie says his role in the game has become keeping people that have no fucking clue what they're doing from making really stupid mistakes. He's Mr. damage control. Frankie says that Brit, Amber, and Jocasta have a three person alliance that he calls The Witches of Eastwick. Cody says Donnie is the Jack Nicholson character in that party.

12:32 Frankie said Caleb freaked out because he forgot that Amber was from Germany and he came to Zach and begged him to trade the German vacation to him so Caleb could take Amber to Germany.

12:34 am Cody thinks Brit may be at 1000 goals downstairs - actually it's 897. He heads downstairs to check and coincidentally get his butt-kicks, and all cameras change to BY.

12:36 am Hayden takes Nicole's brat and puts it by his crotch and says "this is what I have to deal with all the time. It's a serious problem." Caleb grabs both the bean bags, strikes a pose from Johnny Dangerously, and says, well, this is what I have to deal with.

12:39 am Brit complaining about how bad her foot hurts. She says she's had 6 advils [too many - BBLP] everyone goes "oooh" in a not good way, and someone says "BB16 - Overdose" in an announcer voice.

12:40 am Caleb complaining that he's the only one from the competition that didn't get called to the DR today [Perhaps Amy's tired of hearing him whine about Amber, too? - BBLP]

12:45 am Caleb is called to the DR.

12:46 back in HoH, Frankie is talking about how great his grandpa is. He paid Frankie's tuition completely, and he still works, even at 90 years old and after surviving three bouts with Cancer - Stomach, then Colon, and now Stomach again.

12:52 am More personal Frankie stories with Christine in HoH, general chatting in BY.

1:00 am The Big Brother Houseguests are [suddenly] playing a game [???] that's secret until next TV Episode", so we get Jeff Highlights.

1:23am Feeds are back with no evidence of a secret game having been played. Maybe they were just fixing Brit's broken goal better because she's only at 936 now. [i'm out - BBLurkerPlus]

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12:00 AM BBT: Frankie seems to be doing his Clarabelle personality to distract Brit. He made coffee. Small chit chat otherwise.

12:15 AM BBT: Cody and Clara-I mean Frank head inside and Cody asks why Frank threw him under the bus. Frank has no idea what he's talking about. Cody says that Amber is saying he is the reason Frank put her up. Frank says no he said that Amber mentioned in front of Cody that she did not mind being put up.

12:25 AM BBT: Cody and Frank have moved up to HOH with Zach to talk about Amber. Cody agrees that he will talk to her and calm her down and hopefully cut ties with the other side of the house. Cody is worried about Amber winning HOH next week and the guys going up. Frank says he has Caleb and Amber under control. Christine has now joined them as well.

12:35 AM BBT: They agree not to talk to people about how they decide to put up people anymore. Cody tells Frank that he talked to Hayden about putting Donny up and he agreed to do damage control. They talk about the veto comp and how good Frank was at hosting and how Caleb wanted to trade Zach the money for the vacation because Amber is from Germany and he could take her to her home.

12:45 AM BBT: Cody gets the butt kicker call. Brit is at 900 goals now. Brit breaks the goal post, but Hayden fixes it. Upstairs in hoh Frank and Christine say that they need for Jocasta and Vic to go up so they can backdoor someone later. They move on to talk about how annoying Brit is. Frank says her whole goal is to get sympathy. Christine says that is so annoying because her life is not that bad. Christine talks about her life and how poor she was when she grew up but her life was still fun. Christine says Brit cannot talk about how sad her life is again or Christine will blow up.

1:00 AM BBT Frank and Christine are talking about their lives back home and what they have been through. Frank is grateful because his grandparents paid for his school. He says he understands the immaturity that Vic has because he went to school with them. He talks about his mom a big and Christine just keeps saying wow and that's amazing after each sentence. Cody gets called for his butt kicking. An IDLD is called and Brit is not impressed. We get fish and then Jeff's highlights.

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2:40 BBT We find Hayden, Nic, Christine, Britt, and Derrick hanging out on the patio in the BY. Britt is taking a break from kicking goals. Zach and Frankie are playing pool. Derrick is talking about watching the live feeds. Nicole says she rewound and watched Dan's funeral several times. Some of the HG didn't know you could do that. They are talking about how they are on Day 31.

2:50 BBT Derrick is talking about when he was grilling and Victoria was bothering him because she kept asking if her burger was touching the cheese. Victoria comes outside to see how many kicks Britt has made so far. She says 1000... only 400 to go. They make fun of how she's kicking and she says, "Am I not good." and they all laugh. Hayden says, "Well, we've been meaning to talk to you about that." She says she doesn't even know why she's doing this. Derrick asks her why and she says because she's going to be walking out the door. He tells her she doesn't know that. She asks who's going to be put up against her and he tells her she will have to talk to Cody about that. She says that everyone in the house is super close. He says that he knows she will keep going because she's not a quitter and that she doesn't know what can happen between now and eviction.

3:00 BBT They have a discussion about what Derrick will do if his daughter isn't good at something she tries, like singing or a sport (since he was being honest with Britt about her soccer skills). Britt asks him if there's anything she does that he thinks she's good at. He says she's very good at being condescending. He also thinks she's a great cook. The conversation turns to how young this cast is. They say that Ian was 21 but half this cast is close to that age. They say even the older people look young: Hayden (21) , Nicole (22) , Victoria (22) , Zach (23), Cody (23), Christine (23). Derrick says he will be 31 soon. Britt is 29, Frankie is 28, Jocasta is 33 and Donny is 42.

3:05 AM BBT Derrick is talking about how expensive it is having a child. His daughter is on a really expensive formula [the one he mentions by name is REALLY expensive]. His daughter has sensitive, sensitive skin. He says they are having one more and then they are done. He's telling everyone how expensive it is --child care, diapers, etc. He tells Hayden not to get old. That he could make $20 last forever when he was in college, but now it's bills, mortgage, etc. He loves his life, but life was easier back when. Nicole tells Derrick not to scare him. --Derrick says she doesn't want you to not want the things I'm telling you about! Hayden says that he's had to work for everything his whole life. He pays rent, bills, etc. He still lives like a college student to a degree, but it's not like he doesn't pay for things.

3:10 AM BBT Everyone is eating in the BY (at 3 o'clock in the morning). Frankie and Christine talk about Andy. Derrick chimes in and says that Andy played a decent game, but it was technically a floating game. He did make some moves in the end, but he play them both pretty well. Zach says he's the definition of a floater, though. Derrick disagrees. Christine says that GM was, Derrick agrees. --Christine interrupts herself and says Spencer was the ultimate floater. Frankie says he was a pawn every week and they may as well have called the finale "The Floaters." Derrick talks about how Andy crushed his finale speech by admitting to all his backstabbing and all the people he was responsible for getting out of the game. Derrick talks about Andy's BY interview and Christine says, "It's here?" Derrick says, "Yeah... it's called the BY interview."

3:18 AM BBT Derrick says last season was a tough season to watch. He pauses and says that the fans are probably saying that about this season. Everyone says NO WAY, Nuh Uh, Bull Crap!! Derrick said that you know they were just sitting there last year saying "we're f*cking awesome, we're great!" [they were!] They talk about what great TV they've put on, POVs, Pao in her Spanx, the Veto being used every time, Devin's seven personalities. Derrick gets up and says that he's headed to bed, gives everyone hugs. Hayden is showing off a pair of his shorts by posing very exaggeratingly. Zach asks him where he got them. Hayden tells him he asks him that every time he wears them. Frankie tells Hayden he has a career in go-go dancing if he wants it. Hayden says he does. An announcement comes across that says, "Brittany, you have 17 hours to go." She tells Zach that she is done until 5 AM BBT. She wants to get some sleep. She is allowed to sleep outside tonight, and she says has always wanted to camp out, so she's going to do it.

#BB16 3:25 AM BBT Zach tells Nicole that she's working her German-tard and asks her to put on a show. She says maybe tomorrow. Zach tells Frankie to teach her a German dance. Frankie speaks in German and says that means, "I want anal sex." and "I don't have a condom," and, "I only have cronar." Frankie explains that he was in play where he had to say these lines. He teaches them to Nicole one word at a time. Everyone is laughing hysterically.

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9:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on sleeping HGs. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the BY. Cody and Donny are sitting outside watching Brittany as she kicks her soccer ball. She says she woke up about 8. Donny is called to the DR. He brings out something that is supposed to help her, but I can't tell what it is. Cody asks her if he ankle hurts. She says everything hurts including her legs and hips. Donny says "You said you tried everything, have you tried backwards?" Brittany "Yep, I just wear myself out because I miss it every time."

9:05 AM BBT Brittany's goal counter reads 1075.

9:10 AM BBT Brittany to Donny "Can you believe my daughter is as stubborn as I am?" Donny says yes and that she is quite the competitor. Donny cringes when Brittany misses a goal. He tells her that he hates watching that ball go by. Brittany is now wearing Donny's tennis shoes. Her feet are swollen and the longer shoe gives her a little bit of space between her foot and the ball.

9:16 AM BBT Brittany reaches 1100 goals. Brittany is now dropping the ball on the ground and kicking it with the top of her foot when it bounces up. That is the only part of her foot that isn't hurting. Brittany asks Donny to tell a story but before he can really get into it, she realizes it is after 9 already and she is at risk of not making her 2400 goals. Donny says she did about 100 over the last hour.

9:25AM BBT the whistle blows again and Cody goes for his penalty kicks. Brittany is hurting from head to toe. Donny is just watching her and Brittany is missing about one out of 4 or 5 shots since she keeps trying to find new, less painful techniques. She doesn't think she is going to make it.

9:40 AM BBT Donny is trying to give Brittany some hope. He tells her that maybe after so many hours they could starts fetching the ball for her. Brittany says she doubts it. The goal clock is on 1175.

9:47 AM BBT Goal clock reaches 1200. Brittany says "halfway" and gets a drink and resumes kicking. She does another kick that was particularly painful. Donny "This is my least favorite episode."

9:51 AM BBT Brittany asks Donny for advice. Brittany is starting to think that it really doesn't matter if she just stops. She isn't going to be staying anyway. The penalty for not finishing won't really matter if she is going home Thursday anyway. Should she keep kicking for the next ten hours because of pride or just stop? Donny says pride is a good thing. She keeps kicking for now.

10:00 AM BBT Brittany has reached 1238 kicks. She is at risk of not making her 2400 goals in 24 hours. She is beginning to debate the point and if this is really worth it. She expects she is going home Thursday anyway. After another missed kick she says "That's it. I give up." Donny encourages her to just take a little break. She lays down on the blue mat and rests her head one of the bean bag chairs. She says her feet hurt so badly she isn't even going to be able to wear heels when she walks out the door. Cody doesn't have anyone he can put that she could rally the votes over.

10:05 AM BBT Donny is trying to talk Brittany out of quitting. She doesn't know for sure she is going home. HGs may change their mind. However, quitting might even hurt it when it comes to the votes. They might say she isn't trying hard enough to stay. Donny "you know your body, but you don't know your fate." She asks him to get her a yogurt.

10:10 AM BBT Donny has brought Brittany some yogurt and a banana. The whistle blows for more penalty kicks for Cody. Feeds 1 and 2 are still on the darkened HoH room. Donny says that maybe when enough people wake up they can lay people out around the goal so that the ball can't travel as far when she misses. Cody sleeps through the whistle so BB gives him another whistle. He comes down from the HoH room, does his ten kicks, and then goes back up to bed. No sooner does Cody lay back down that BB calls for more penalty kicks. BB tells Brittany that she has ten hours to go. She is trying to do the math, calculating how long it took her to get halfway minus the five hours she slept.

10:17 AM BBT Amber wakes up and joins Donny and Brittany outside. Brittany's break is over and she resumes kicking. She misses her first 2 out of 3 kicks. WBRB

10:30 AM BBT We have been on WBRB for almost 15 minutes. Probably their wake up call.

10:35 AM BBT Frankie and Christine have joined Donny and Brittany outside. Brittany is on 1258 goals. BB tells them to retrieve their activity trackers from the SR. BB also reminds them that bedroom lights must remain on during the day. The lights in the Fire BR and HoH room were still off.

10:42 AM BBT Cody comes outside. He asks them "Did it just go off?" They tell him that no, they didn't hear anything. He says that he doesn't know I he is hearing things or not. They tell him that maybe it was just in his room. Cody "F it, I'm just going to do it. This is ridiculous."

10:45 AM BBT Cody goes back inside after his penalty kick without a whistle. He tells Frankie that he thinks he just did them because he is hearing things. BB blows the whistle again. Meanwhile, Brittany is telling Donny, Christine, and Amber that this might all be worth it if it was for money or something. It is just for pride now and that just frustrates her. Brittany says it feels like she is breaking another bone every time she kicks. Donny says she took some Advil at eight so she can take another at twelve. She sits down to re-wrap her foot. She has 1290 goals.

10:52 AM BBT Brittany to her best friend outside the house "Thanks Amber for talking me into doing this freaking show. I'm loving you right now girlfriend." Amber asks her what she thinks her friend is thinking right now. Brittany says her friend is thinking that she is going home right now.

10:56 AM BBT Most of the HGs are still in or have gone back to bed. Amber and Donny remain outside with Brittany. Brittany is being harassed by a bug. She has her tennis shoe in her hand and is trying to hit it. Brittany has reached1300 goals. She knows that at this pass she needs seven more hours and has nine hours to do it.

11:05 AM BBT 1337 goals. The blue ball is showing some wear and tear. There are cracks in it and you can see that the ball was pink before it was blue. She says she doesn't care what BB says, she is keeping that ball afterwards. Donny starts playing a game within a game with her. If she gets twenty in a row he will run a lap around the pool for her. Brittany gets to 18 kicks. "Donny may have to start running." Donny "I hope I do." She misses on attempt 19 and has to start over.

11:14 PM BBT Amber goes inside and Brittany asks her for a large glass of ice and another yogurt. BB tells her that she has nine hours to go. Donny says he is going to run around the pool anyway to motivate her. She starts to pick up the pace again because she plans to take a break at 1400 goals to change and eat something. They are now counting down for her to 1400 goals.

11:23 AM BBT Brittany has reached 1400 goals. She is taking a five minute break. She says that her first 200 this morning was much worse than her second 200 because of Donny getting her Advil and his pep talk. She comes right back outside again and says she wants to do some more. She will kick another 50 and maybe then take a break. Her bug is back.

11:28 AM BBT Brittany tells Donny that 2 years ago she had surgery on both of her feet and already suffers from arthritis. She had doubts about her ability to do this competition from the beginning. Donny can hear some of production laughing behind the wall. Brittany "You better not be laughing at me." Brittany is getting to where she is just as good with her left leg as she is with her right. Now that her mood has increased a bit and has her bearded cheerleader, she is kicking more accurately.

11:34 AM BBT BB blows the whistle for another set of penalty kicks. Brittany tells Donny she missed her son's birthday. Brittany to Cody "They haven't called you as much as I thought." Cody "Really, I feel like I've been called so much." Cody says when Brittany went to bed, they called him almost non-stop. She said she didn't hear it. He said that's good because she needed the rest.

11:35 AM BBT Cody gets to back to back whistle blows. Brittany can't help herself but laugh because she had just commented that she thought he would have been called more than he has. She says she may have started something. She apologizes to Cody and Cody says he is glad to see her laughing and smiling.

11:45 AM BBT Brittany says if she ends up staying she will be the luckiest BB player in history. Donny says that she will have deserved it. She just wants to make it to jury. That was her short term goal. Donny says there were five evictions last year and everyone after that went to jury. She makes a bad kick and has to retrieve the ball. Donny laughs and apologizes. Brittany says "If you can't laugh about it" She is almost at 500 since she woke up. She admits the first 230 was very rough and inconsistent. Donny says she has been at 80-85% lately. She is at 1495 goals.

11:49 AM BBT Brittany reaches 1500 goals. She is hoping this will be the reason they will not have a Have-Not this week. Donny says that there has to be some kind of surprise at the end. Brittany is taking a break to eat her yogurt.

11:54 AM BBT Brittany says she would have rather had the penalty kick but she appreciates this challenge more. She never would have challenged herself like this. Cody is in bed in the HoH room. He gets called for more penalty kicks. Donny has gone inside to make a sandwich. He is going to refill Brittany's ice and grab her a bag of chips. Cody finishes his kicks and lays down on the grass near her. He tells her it is amazing she has 1500. She says she had fully given up but Donny had talked her out of it.

11:59 AM BBT BB "Have you changed your batteries?" Cody "No." Donny "We don't even know what day it is." Brittany says it is Donny's shoes that have helped her get this far. Donny "You are going to do it. You are going to get the next 100 in less than 45 minutes." Cody reminds her at one point last night she got 250 in under an hour. Donny "She was a lot younger last night though. These days are weeks."

12:03 PM BBT It's noon in the BB house. Brittany has done 1501 goals and is in good spirits now that she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She has eight hours to get 900 more goals. Cody was kept awake for the better part of the night so he can get kicked in the rear by a size 16 shoe. Cody gets called for more penalty kicks. "I hate this." Most of the HGs are in bed still with the lights on. Hayden rises with the latest whistle and heads in the SR to put on his tracker. Another set of penalty kicks for Cody almost as soon as he finishes the previous set. It almost appears that BB is using Cody to cheer on Brittany because she is laughing at him when he gets called.

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12:10 PM BBT Cody gets another whistle. Hayden joins the HGs outside. He congratulates Brittany on her kicks and to Cody "This is what I've been waiting for. That is the best thing ever. Good job guys." Brittany's break is over and she vows she will do another 200 before she takes another break. After 20 in a row without missing Donny is going to 10 jumping jacks for her. Brittany puts some weights behind the net because once in a while the ball goes under it and she has farther to retrieve it.

12:14 PM BBT BB tells Brittany she has eight hours to go. She is trying to find the sweet spot on the net where the net is tightest. This causes the ball to come mostly straight back to her. Correction, the weights are to tighten up the net, not to prevent the ball from going through.

12:20 PM BBT Penalty Kick!! Cody does his kicks and goes to lay back down under the "funeral tent". It's a canopy set up in the BY with a cot under it. Brittany is quickly approaching 1600 goals. She is 3 away from Donny doing jumping jacks.

12:24 PM BBT Brittany gets her 20 goals in a row so Donny gets up to do his 10 jumping jacks. "That about wrecked me right there." Brittany "No more jumping jacks then." BB helps her celebrating by giving Cody 3 penalty kicks in a row, which comes out to 30 kicks in the rear with a size 16 shoe.

12:27 PM BBT Cody starts to head back to bed so BB gives him another whistle for 10 more penalty kicks. "Holy f*ing mother of f*ck." He goes back inside and as soon as he starts to close the sliding glass doors BB whistles again. Cody hits the railing for the spiral steps that lead up the HoH room. Donny asks Brittany what she has named the ball. She says she hasn't named it but maybe she should. Maybe they would bond better if she named it. Donny recommends Blue and Brittany likes it. "Come on blue, I have faith in you." BB calls out to Nicole because she is up and not in her unitard yet. Brittany reaches 1600 goals.

12:30 AM BBT Christine is awake and joins Nicole in the WA. "I was outside with her for a little bit but she was complaining so much that I went back to bed. I'm over it." [Essentially she is complaining about Brittany's complaining and only one of them has grounds to complain if you ask me--Goldylucks]

12:34 PM BBT Penalty Kick!! Brittany "He's been coming down every couple of minutes now." Jocasta is up and doing some laundry.

12:37 PM BBT Brittany tells Jocasta "If you had been out at about 9 o'clock, Satan was winning. I was giving up but Donny talked me out of it." Jocasta "He can't win because you are already saved." Donny is called into the DR.

12:45 AM BBT Jocasta, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine are all up now doing their ADLs. Brittany has been awake and kicking almost non-stop for five hours. Brittany has rearranged the weights behind the net to take up some of the slack. When the net is tight the ball rolls back farther to her. Now, she has the net so tight that the ball practically rolls all the way back to her without her having to chase it down. She has 1678 goals.

12:52 PM BBT Brittany runs some hypotheticals with Jocasta. She says it would be nice to hear BB say Brittany, you got 2400 goals in 24 hours, you are safe this week. Or you got 2400 in 24 hours, you get $2400.00. She said she would leave on Thursday with a smile on her face. She says it would be nice if America got to vote and kept her but kicked out a boy, particularly Zach. Jocasta "that would be crazy."

12:56 PM BBT Brittany takes a break from her kicking to declare war on two June bugs. She is armed with a throw pillow and she isn't afraid to use it. After a few swings, she resumes kicking and has reached 1700 goals. 700 more to go.

1:02 PM BBT Donny is out of the DR. Since there was no more ice in the house he brings her out some frozen grapes to keep her water cool. She is glad he is there to keep her pepped up because the sun is out and it is slowing her down. Jocasta says they have never had something so strenuous like this before on BB.

1:06 PM BBT Donny is sitting behind the net, trying to tighten it up and fix a soft spot where a hole is forming. Brittany gives it a strong kick and the ball literally bounced off Donny's head. She apologizes to him but he says it's fine. Kick away. It felt good. Jocasta is talking to Brittany about Nicole. They still don't understand why she took the veto knowing that Victoria was behind her and would without any doubt take it from her. Jocasta says Nicole said she didn't want to be a target by taking a luxury prize. Jocasta says that would have made perfect sense if that was her excuse from the get go. It took her hours to come up with that reasoning.

1:12 PM BBT Brittany sees a lady bug. She says it makes her think of her Grandfather. When he passed away she says she saw them everywhere. They would fall on her, be in her car. She says that may be her Grandfather's way to say to keep it up. Ladybugs make her think of him and Hummingbirds make her thing of her Grandmother.

1:17 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole are in the WA. Victoria says going into the POV with a positive attitude changed everything. Nicole admits the rest of the house thinks she is stupid for not taking the vacation. Brittany says she thinks when she is done she will lose toenails on both of the big toes. She has seven hours to go and she thanks BB for the reminder.

1:24 PM BBT Brittany is fast approaching 1800 goals. She will take a break then. She is going to take 10 minutes then go 200 break 200 break 200. She says it's not because she's tired, She just feels broken. In the WA Victoria says she doesn't understand why people are saying she doesn't deserve to be there. Why does anyone deserve to be there? Nicole is getting some laundry together.


1:41 PM BBT Feeds are still on WBRB. Right before it went to FotH Brittany ways saying there was a second hole forming in the net. Maybe BB is fixing it. The feeds return and the weights Brittany had keeping the net tight are moved away. I do believe BB worked on the net. Brittany moves the weights back into place keeping the net nice and tight. The tighter it is, the farther the ball rolls back to her when she makes a good kick.

1:52 PM BBT Brittany is really starting to feel the pain in her feet. She says you would think she was going for half a million dollars. Brittany takes a chance and hits the ball off her knee instead of her foot. To her, Donny's and Jocasta's amazement, she gets credit for the kicks. However, after two goals that way, she misses the next two.

1:57 PM BBT Brittany has gone back to using her foot. Using her knee did feel better but she missed as many goals as she got. The only tried and true, yet very painful way, is to keep using her feet. Her feet are wrapped in gauze and she is wearing Donny's shoes.

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12:22 BB time An announcement was just made. Brittany! 8 hours to go! Britt asks whether she can do 850 in 8 hours and Donny says, Sure you can! You haven't missed one in a while, 8 or 9 in a row now. Donny is off to fill up his water bottle and check the time. He has been very encouraging to her. he has promised to do jumping jacks if she hits 20 in a row.He has finally finished eating a LARGE bag of chips extremely loudly.

Cody is laying in the BY with his legs on a bean bag waiting to be called for another penalty kick. He had two in the past 5 minutes but not any since then.

The rest of the house is sleeping.

(and on that note my feeds froze ans went black screen AGAIN)

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1:53 pm Brit is now hitting in with her knees/shins on a bounce to spare her aching feet, but accuracy is so/so. She missed 1/3 and says, exasperated "Oh my fucking lord." Jocasta is nowhere in sight to remind Brit she was saved. 1826.

1:56 pm Brit says she'd much rather be in labor, "this shit's real - for fucking nothing." Jocasta is still nowhere nearby to hear her potty mouth. Donny and Christine are being supportive of her effort.

1:58 pm All cameras are still on backyard, which is annoying. Brit tosses off an "Oh my fuck" [which is the R-rated version of "Oh my gravy" from the Amazing Race cowboys - BBLP]

1:59 pm Brit is asking Christine if she thinks the live-feeders are watching [against our will - all the cameras are forcing this-BBLP] and Christene says yes.

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2:03 pm Brit asks if everybody's still sleeping. Christine says yeaap. [now we know why all cameras are on BY -BBLP]

2:05 pm Brit has done about 30 in 10 minutes, well ahead of the pace needed to complete challenge. Another "Oh my FUCK" passes Brit's filth-stained lips. 1855.

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2:10 pm Christine tries to give Brit hope by saying she thinks it will be an 11 person jury and a double eviction this week. Brit calls that amazing and she'd LOVE to go to Jury instead of straight home. 1870. Feeds are back in the house.

2:12 pm Hayden still angling for a kiss with Nicole in the fire room. Nicole says not on national television, and besides, what if it went super bad. Hayden asks for confirmation that she's saying there's no sexual tension whatsoever. Nicole says no. Hayden says riiiight. Nicole says how do you know what feel? Nicole then admits that she's not completely against it, but talking about it makes it worse. [Hayden has no game in the Nicole game within a game - BBLP]

2:14 pm Nicole says she hasn't kissed in a long time. Hayden says he hasn't kissed in like, 6 hours. Nicole takes the bait and says "were you making out with Victoria?!" Hayden says noooo. 1886

2:15 pm Some of the other houseguests are now on the couches in the background and Jocasta is on the elliptical.

2:18 pm Brit misses a shot and uses the time behind the net getting the ball to tighten the net again for better bounce back. 1893 - it looks like she'll hit 1900 right when she has 6 hours to go shortly.

2:21 pm Brit hits 1900 with 6 hours and 1 minute left to get the remaining 500 goals.

2:25 pm ADLs on the indoor cameras in the KT and WA. Brit still kicking in the BY - 1915.

2:27 pm BB asks Jocasta, Donny, Christine to lower the outside awnings. 1919.

2:29 pm BB calls Brit with 6 hours to go. 1929 [i'm out for now BBLP]

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2:06 PM BBT Brittany is particularly frustrated. When she changes techniques she just wastes energy because she misses more. Christine and Donny are with her now. Christine says she thought Cody would be getting more kicks than he has gotten. Brittany says there is no way she can do 600 more kicks. She'll make it to 2300 and not be able to finish. In the Fire BR Hayden tells Nicole that it is particularly hard on Brittany because she sucks so bad at kicking the ball. She is breaking toes inside her shoes because she tries to kick it so hard. She needs to just barely pass it through. If it were given to someone else, it wouldn't have taken nearly as long.

2:10 PM BBT The June bug buzzes her again. She grabs a shoe to go to war again. She grabs the soccer ball and throws it. She nails the June bug. Donny says she should get extra points for that one. In the fire BR Hayden is flirting with Nicole. How can she snuggle with him and not kiss him. She says on National Television, No. She says that would definitely make the cut and she is not looking for air time here. He says "No sexual tension at all?" She says No.

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3:10 PM BBT Brittany stops to redo her bandage. She is at 2012 kicks. She is now kicking with her back to the net and using the back of her foot. Donny congratulates her on doing over a thousand shots since 8:30 this morning. Donny says this backwards kick of hers is almost 100%. He tells Zach that she has almost lost a toenail. She says she has blood blisters under them too.

3:15 PM Cody is talking about his penalty kicks so BB gives him another whistle. Donny stands behind him and just smiles and giggles. Cody "I feel like I am punishing myself. Sorry mom." Cody says he wants to put up Caleb so bad. He says he is only in the predicament because he only cares about himself. "Keeping Caleb here I am risking my game the most. If I keep her here, I am risking everyone's else's. I am risking my game for everybody else." He says his decision is to hurt his game for the alliance. Christine says an alliance is a good thing but he has to play his own game. If he puts Caleb up she will totally support him. He worries what Caleb would say if he did that.

3:24 PM BBT Brittany is coming close 2100 shots. Donny is going to put his feet in the pool. Brittany is still kicking the ball from behind with the back of her foot. Cody is whispering to Christine. He says he may kick everyone out of his room tonight. He is HoH and he is sleeping on just a small portion of the bed. He tells her that Caleb is screwing up his game. BB "Brittany, five hours to go." Donny "You got that. 350 in five hours." Brittany "339."

3:29 PM BBT Brittany has tried using her left leg to backwards kick the ball but she isn't nearly as consistent. She goes back to using her right foot. Cody is still whispering to Christine. He says it will probably come back to bite him not getting rid of Caleb this week. He is going to not nominate Caleb and then Caleb is going to get him out the door the next week.

3:35 PM BBT Brittany tries a volleyball serve with the soccer ball and it goes wide. Donny "Brittany, what was that?" She says she figured she would try since there is nothing soccer about kicking the ball backwards. Donny has fetched her the first aid kit. She is going to replace some bandaids on the her next break. She stops at 2100 goals.

3:40 PM BBT Cody and Christine are still sitting at the patio. He says maybe it will be okay if he gets rid of Brittany and trusts in his alliance to keep him safe. The photo booth is open. Nicole says she isn't doing anymore photos because there is only so much you can do with a sausage and beer stein.

3:51 PM BBT Hayden says he is going to give her a Dan Gheesling motivational speech. "Brittany, you have been out here since 8 o'clock last night. Did anyone think you can do it? Even you didn't think you can do. I had my doubts. And you are almost at 2200 points. Now look at you. Every shot is going in. Every single shot. You have until 8 o'clock tonight. You don't need it. Cause you are a fighter. You haven't gone inside. You haven't broken the rules. You are going to be a winner. Because that is what you do Brittany. You win and you never give up." Brittany says "Amen, I am going to go for the 2400 and not even stop at 2200. Who needs toenails? I haven't peed since 9AM. I probably said the F word 47 times." Donny "More than that." Brittany "I probably cried 12 times." Donny "More than that." Brittany "You are skating on thin ice Donny."

3:58 PM BBT Caleb comes outside in his open denim shirt. He said he knew it was her favorite so he came out to cheer her on. She said he can't distract her. He says all he needs is some pom poms. Penalty Kick. Brittany "Yeah, about time he gets his ass kicked." Frankie yells that he has been waiting for this and him doing it shirtless is his dream come true. Frankie stands behind him cheering the whole time. Cody asks if anyone wants a kick just for fun. Several say yes but it isn't allowed. Frankie runs up to it and says hurry, just once before they (BB) finds out.

4:06 PM BBT Nicole is in the WA trying to clean off her suit. She spilled her apple juice on it. Frankie thought BB gave Cody 5 hours off last night. Cody disagrees and is talking about them calling him three times in a row while he was trying to go to lay down. BB "Penalty Kick". Cody has put two and two together that anytime he even mentions it they call him.

4:10 PM BBT Jocasta is giving Brittany a pep talk pulpit style. God will give her back what was taken from her. God will restore her because she is being diligent and strong.

4:15 PM BBT Jocasta gives Brittany a pulpit style pep talk. When you think you are alone and no one is around, this is nothing. When you feel down, this is nothing. Amber backs it up with scripture reading from Timothy I chapter 3. Jocasta follows that with a psalm and Amber again with James I.

4:26 PM BBT BB "Brittany, four hours to go." They tell her that she is going to have two hours to spare. Christine cheers for her and Brittany thanks her. WBRB as Brittany starts to sing Jennifer Lopez.

4:34 PM BBT 2293 goals. The girls are still reading to Brittany from the bible. At 4:35 she reaches 2300 goals and gets a big cheer from everyone in the yard. She has only 100 to go. Frankie says the food will be ready in 25 minutes. Brittany says she is going to hop into the pool right afterwards. Jocasta says she is going to put fresh sheets on her bed so when she lays down it will be heaven. Brittany says she is going to ask for a beer or a bottle of wine.

4:37 PM The house starts cheering for Brittany in unison. "Lets go Brittany clap clap, clap clap clap Lets go Brittany clap clap, clap, clap clap" "Gimme a B....Gimme and R...." etc. Frankie starts cheering for her to kick her blue balls into his net. This is really entertaining. I encourage anyone to flashback. The camera doesn't matter, it's the same on all four.

4:43 PM BBT Frankie is singing about Big Brother Blue Balls and has everyone clapping along with him. WBRB.

4:45 PM BBT Brittany is at 2333 and decides to take a break. She hasn't peed since this morning and want to put on her bathing suit. As soon as she hits 2400 she is jumping in the pool. Jocasta says she is going to get another cheer prepared for her. Frankie says Fish is for Dinner. He quotes Finding Nemo "Fish are friends, not food." BB doesn't call him out on it.

4:47 PM BBT Frankie, Zach, and Cody are all talking about having blue balls right now. Frankie says his are more blue and more swollen that Brittany's soccer ball. BB reminds them that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms.

4:50 PM BBT Penalty Kick. Cody "Come on. You completely took a dive." Frankie sounds like he is getting a little too much enjoyment with it. He tells Cody that he may have to stop. Frankie "See you in the Jack Shack."

4:54 PM BBT Frankie says this is probably why no one is a Have-Not this week. If she was a Have-Not Brittany would be dead right now. Cody would be dead right now. He would be dead because he basically got up with Cody each time he did. [No he didn't, just saying--Goldylucks]

4:55 PM BBT Brittany resumes kicking her ball and tells the HGs that she has huge blood blisters and has a toenail hanging off. She has 2335 goals. She says it would be great if BB told her in congratulation of her 2400 kicks she gets to replace herself on the block with someone of her choice. Zach "Who would you pick, me?" Brittany "I wouldn't pick you Zach."

4:58 PM BBT Penalty Kick! The kick apparatus is not as strong as it used to be and now needs stabilized by a third party unless he can reach behind and hold it up. As soon as he lays back down BB calls for another penalty kick. Cody walks away massaging his bottom. He goes to lay down again.

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5:09 PM BBT Brittany has 15 goals to go. Cody goes to gather everyone out of the house to help her count down her last few kicks. You can hear someone screaming for Nicole to wake up. Ten to go.

5:10 PM BBT The house is lines up by the goal post. She has 6 to go. Lots of whoops and hollers. They sing "Let's Go Brittany, Let's Go clap clap." Repeat. 2397, 2398, 2399. One more to go. The whole house is screaming. She lines up for her last kick. She hits is backwards in the center of the goal. The whole house swarms her. They grab her and start singing "In the pool, in the pool, in the pool." Amber takes her microphone off her and Brittany jumps in the pool. Frankie "and with that, fish is served."

5:14 PM The house has gone wild for Brittany, she has jumped into the pool. She says that was the hardest thing that she has ever done. The feeds go to WBRB. When the feeds return, Brittany appears to be off camera.

5:17 PM BBT Cody is talking to Derrick and Donny about how sore she is going to be a few day. He talks about how he still has five hours to go. He says she slept for about five hours and got a good amount of sleep. He kept getting woken up every time he tried to laid down. Penalty Kick. It doesn't sound like he is downplaying her situation but up-playing his own. Donny reminds them that when she started at 8:30 this morning she was only at 1000. Brittany is seen in the house wrapped in a towel.

5:24 PM BBT Penalty kick. Frankie says he will gladly rub him down afterwards if he needs. Cody says that no, he would not like that. Most of the HGs are inside eating now. Derrick, Cody, and Amber are still sitting outside.

5:32 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Amber are still sitting outside. Cody says he feels like he has no control and everything is out of his hands. Derrick is just glad he gets to play HoH next week. They think that there won't be anymore dual HoHs. There will only be 10 people to choose 4 nominees from. Most of the HGs are in the KT and listening to Hayden talking about tattoos.

5:39 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the KT. Brittany is still off camera. Amber, Derrick, and Cody are in the yard and Amber is telling Cody that Brittany is not trustworthy. Brittany was just talking to her about him last night. Cody goes inside to get a bite to eat. BB has other plans. Penalty Kick!

5:47 PM BBT Derrick, Donny, and Amber are outside sitting . Amber gives shout out to our competitors who shall remain nameless. We have been in out of WBRB for the last 7 or 8 minutes. Christine is in the hammock and Caleb is sitting next to her. When the feeds returned Christine says she doesn't want to be associated as being with "her" but I don't know who she is talking about.

5:52 PM BBT All four cameras on Caleb and Christine at the hammock. He tells her that the rest of the alliance wants Amber gone because they don't trust her. She is starting to align herself with the other side of the house too much. They don't trust her to put the alliance first. They both were so looking forward to seeing Victoria gone.

5:55 PM BBT Off camera Cody, Derrick, and someone else is yelling to Caleb that he ate a fly. Caleb denies it and says this is Big Brother not Survivor, why would he eat a fly? Cody "I saw it Jockstrap." Derrick replies calling Cody a John Travolta look alike.

6:00 PM BBT All four feeds are still on Caleb and Christine. They both hope that Victoria goes before jury. They don't understand why no one else is going after Victoria except that she is a vote they can manipulate. Christine says she could support Brittany staying in the house if they can get Brittany to not go after her.

Can anyone cover? I really need to take off.

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6:17PM BBT - Derrick, Amber and a few other HG's are in the BY on the couches discussing social media. Christine is in the hammock and Caleb is sitting on a ball, they are discussing the vote. Caleb is giving the cons of voting to keep Brittany. Victoria and Frankie are in the HOH room discussing a spoon she put on someone's plate and how "she" (not sure who) refused to wash the spoon. Victoria is tired of being picked on by the other HG's. Frankie reminds Victoria that Jacosta, Amber and Britt are all BFF's. They were going to vote Victoria out. Now that she's won veto, they'll have to move their votes to possibly one of their own. Victoria says she knows Cody is angry that she won POV. Frankie says he is upset because he has to put up a replacement nom, not at Victoria. Victoria knows she's not wanted in the house; Frankie counters he wants her there, so does Hayden, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Nicole, Donny. That's half the house. He tells her that Victoria is friendly with they guys; the 3 girls want the guys out. So if you're friends with the guys, you're their enemy.

6:23PM BBT - Victoria says everyone is using the fact that she cried the first week she was there against her. They call her princess, which is annoying. She hears them say they don't know why she's there. She's doesn't have to tell anyone why she is there. If other HG's do, that's their choice. Frankie says if people are going to whine and cry about things at home, then they should've stayed there. Victoria agrees. She adds that whole point of being fake is for no one to know you're being fake. Frankie says no one deserves the money, you work for the money. It's the actions in the house that make you earn it. Not your personal life, how many kids you have. Victoria says Britt was telling everyone she was more deserving than Vic of winning. Until Vic won POV.

6:26PM BBT - Back to the BY, Christine thinks if Amber votes with the house this week, she doesn't have to worry about anything. Caleb agrees, and says he's told her that. Amber is paranoid. She doesn't want it to be just Christine and Amber in the alliance, because she's afraid the guys are going to try and get her out. Amber also feels Brittany deserves to be there more than half the guys in the house so she won't vote her out. Amber has been talking to the other side of the house way too much and the guys see her as a flip flopper not being loyal to them. She is worrying about herself, not her alliance which doesn't look good. Caleb says he warned Amber she could go home next week and she needs to lay low.

6:30PM BBT - Caleb leaves the conversation to join the pool table, telling Zach he's going to beat him. He suggests Christine try talking to Amber again, trying to calm her down. Amber, Derrick, Britt, Nicole, Jacosta and Hayden are all on the BY couches joking and laughing with the pool players. Back up in HOH, Frankie and Victoria are talking about how manipulative Brittany is. Hayden and Nicole hate Britt, Vic says. Vic says as long as Amber and Jacosta are in the house, they'll make her life miserable. She can't stand Amber. Then Vic can put them up next week, Frankie encourages. Frankie says they don't like her because she goes against them and doesn't bend to what they want. Vic says they think she's stupid and doesn't know the game. She does know the game. She has never felt like an outcast before. It sucks.

6:35PM BBT - Frankie says Britt told him recently she'd put up Christine and Nicole if she was HOH. Vic comments "What about the guys?" and Frankie says Britt has to go. We get WBRB.

6:37PM Feeds are back. Cody's kick butt "alarm" goes off, and Frankie comments how loud it is. Vic says it was not as loud in their room. Vic goes back recounting the times people (mostly Britt) have commented on her crying. She's done with that and hasn't cried in a long time. And WBRB.

6:40PM BBT - Feeds are back. Frankie thinks next week will be double eviction week. He thinks HOH this week will be an endurance comp. Vic is hoping for that too - she figures she'll be strong at that one and win. Cody comes in for a shower. Once he is in the bathroom, Vic comments that she's never had anyone not like her. Frankie says he's not used to it either but people come from all walks of life. Everyone likes Frankie, Vic says. He's not sure she's right but thanks her. Vic thinks it's funny people talk about others and then 5 minutes later they're besties. She is not going to give up. Frankie tells her she's good, go win HOH this week. He tells her she's safe this week - calm down.

6:43PM BBT - Checking on the BY, just general chit chat about New England. Britt appears to be heading inside and the rest fall into silence. Up in HOH, Vic says she didn't feel Britt went into the competition working with her as a partner. Vic mutters that she is so nice to her, Frankie says to smile as she votes to evict Britt. Tell her how she feels in her goodbye message. Vic says that her mom will be excited that she can pull herself off the block. Frankie is proud of her and reminds her that she also pulled herself off BoTB the first time. Vic says there was no way she could've thrown that competition (the most recent BoTB) and she stayed on the board longer than Britt. Funny how people say they are a bigger competitor but Britt ended up with no moves first.

6:47PM BBT - Amber comes into the HOH room. Vic asks her if they are good, Amber says yes. BB asks the outside group to raise the awnings. Amber comments on how quiet Vic has been today; she's just tired. They discuss the naps they took today. Frankie leaves the HOH room and joins Cody in the HOH bathroom and brushes his teeth while Cody is doing his hair. In the BY, Zach is arguing with Caleb over a play he made that Caleb didn't count. Caleb suggests playing again. Zach says they could do this all night. Caleb shows Zach the correct way to rack the pool balls.

6:52PM BBT - Cody lays on the HOH beside Amber. General chit chat about late night DR sessions and how tired they are. Frankie is staring at the fish - he loves them. They are his favorite people. Cody, Amber and Vic discuss the upcoming HOH competition. Cody thinks it won't be endurance. Frankie says he think it is endurance. Discussion moves to Amber's sister being a soccer player. Amber can't play but loves to watch. Victoria gets bored with the conversation and leaves while Cody discusses the sports he's played growing up and what his brother played.

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7:05PMBBT Amber and Cody talk alone in the HoH. Amber is hoping that if Brittany stays she will be able to move past the nominations and work with them. Cody agrees. They are going back and forth about things in the house and what has been said to one another. Amber doesn't think they should be putting one another up as pawns as there are so many others in the game. Cody feels frustrated with the way this week is playing out.

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7:15PMBBT Brittany and Jocasta are laying down in the fire room. Frankie and Caleb are in the BY playing pool. Caleb leans into Frankie and quietly complains that "I wish she would just shut up." Frankie agrees "Me too. Me too. She is walking around here like the bride of F'in Frankenstein" Amber and Cody continue their convo in the HoH.

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7:30PMBBT Christine, Hayden and Donny are chatting in the BY. Christine thinks they should ask for Drano to deal with the drain problem. Caleb and Zach talk some game in the LR. Sounds like Brittany has rubbed a few of the guys the wrong way by saying they run the house. Caleb tells Zach that she needs to shut up. Frankie comes in and lays down on Caleb, they have a cuddle. Derrick has joined Cody and Amber in the HoH. Amber is debating what to do with Brittany.

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7:37PMBBT Nicole is leading the charge in the BY. Donny and Christine are following them. Nic announces "You have to do what I do!" Then starts singing "C'mon ride the train, you ride it.." and we get WBRB. In the HoH, Caleb is now talking with Amber, Derrick and Cody. Victoria has now made her way upstairs and the conversation stops.Whistle blows "PENALTY KICK!" Cody rolls his eyes and heads downstairs, Amber follows. He takes 10 "kicks"

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7:42PMBBT "Penalty kick!" and Cody heads back downstairs again!

7:48PMBBT Cody and Victoria are chatting about others in the house. Victoria thinks Jocasta doesn't like her. "Penalty Kick!" Cody groans and gets up. Frankie sits and watches "Oh I declare! Can you just take that up to my apartment when you are done?" Cody finished. BB announces he has one more minute to go. He has to do another penalty kick and as he is doing it, gets a cramp, Frankie rubbed his butt. "Penalty Kick!" but this time BB counted it down for Cody. Nicole and Christine whisper to Frankie "Is there anything going on?" Frankie tells them about Amber wanting to keep Brittany but it would put a target on her back. They worry about Caleb and what he may do if put on the block.

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7:56PMBBT Donny is talking to Hayden and Zach. He is working, campaigning his game and trying to work out and alliance with Hayden and Zach, he is hoping to pull in Cody. They are talking about Amber a lot and how good she is in competitions and how much she clings to whoever is HoH. Donny seems like he is turning against Derrick. He is concerned about Derrick kissing butt in the HoH. Zach adds that in the final, he is voting for the person who is his friend, whoever he has a personal relationship with.

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8:05PMBBT Hammock chat with Donny, Zach and Hayden continues. Donny feels that Devin's damage of telling lies about him live on in the house. Hayden and Zach tell him they trust him, more than others. Donny adds he has some skills. The others agree that Donny has proven himself many times. They are not looking past this week and feel there is a possibility Donny is going on the block.

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8:22PMBBT Cody is twirling his sock monkey as they try to remember what ESPN stands for (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network). Cody and Amber think the "SP" stands for Sports. They wonder if we are bored and were expecting more drama (yes we were), Derrick mentions that the biggest fight was Nicole and Brittany over a blanket. Derrick adds there are no showmances, Amber mentions Victoria and Hayden had a "thing". Derrick says "Ya he got a bowjob!" Frankie giggles "A BOWjob... that's hot!"

8:30PMBBT KT talk between Donny, Hayden, Victoria and Nicole talk about clothes. Victoria feels she doesn't have enough. The guys mention she has more than all the guys combined "Except for Caleb!" The talk turns to pickles, stews, what they eat at home.

8:32PMBBT The HoH crew is down to Caleb, Cody and Amber. Caleb is glaring at Amber on the bed with Cody. Glaring! Amber actually turns to him and says "I forgot you were here Caleb." He says nothing. Sitting on the couch, arms crossed, glaring. Cody and Amber are chatting about fast food restaurants and Caleb is just staring at them. He says nothing.

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8:39PMBBT LD is over. Nicole and Zach are alone in the hammock. He says this convo is staying between them. He asks Nicole who she would put up. She says Amber is bad for her game. She would put up girls. There is no boy who is on her mind right now. She asks Zach who his target is. She asks him what he thinks about Donny. He avoids the question by saying Amber is his target. They agree that Amber manipulates and causes problems in the house. Zach says he would put up Victoria next to Amber. Nicole complains that her hat is so itchy. Nicole asks who Cody is putting up. Zach says he knows but isn't happy about it and is trying to get him to change it. Zach says the only person he really wants out is Amber.

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8:47PMBBT Nicole mentions that whoever gets close to Brittany goes home. Joey, went home. Then she got close to Pao and Pao left. Britt got secretly closer to Devin and Devin went home. She wonders who is next.

8:50PMBBT Christine walks into the LR. Derrick says she looks refreshed. She stops and turns towards Derrick and Cody. Whispers "Who's in there?" They whisper back "Brittany and Jocasta" She looks ticked "Ok I am not going in there!" Cody runs down where everyone else is in the house. She leaves and the guys continue talking.

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