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Sunday July 20 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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9:00PMBBT Zach and Nicole spilled Apple Juice in the hammock. Nicole is on a solo mission to clean it up. Caleb pulled Amber into the hive to talk game. In the HoH room, Frankie tells Cody, Zach and Derrick about Amber buzzing around the house. Cody says "She told me that I have no idea what she did to save Donny week 1. HE WON THE VETO!" and they all laugh. Cody adds that she feels she had a hand in sending Devin home. Frankie reminds them that they had to beg for her vote to send him home. Zach wants to talk to Cody alone. Derrick and Frankie say that looks bad.

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9:06PMBBT Zach is praising Donny and how much he likes him! He told the guys almost word for word what Donny said in the BY. Cody starts to go down the list of who would and would not benefit his game by going home. Zach is really pushing for Donny to stay, Derrick is really throwing Donny under that Big Ol' BB Bus! Christine is on her way up to the HoH with Nicole. Nicole is wet from the apple juice and she can't change. Convo stops because the girls are in the HoH now. Caleb and Amber are in the hive still. Amber is frustrated that there is nothing they can do to get Zach out of the house. She is upset because he will make it to jury rather than someone who is good and deserves it. Caleb is talking to her. He reassures her that Zach will mouth off and make people mad, he won't last that long. Amber reminds Caleb that she has kept quiet about his and the guys game, Caleb reminds her that he is not in the loop anymore.

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9:17PMBBT HoH talk is about getting Caleb out! Zach is campaigning for Caleb to go up and get out! Cody feels that putting Caleb up only benefits his game because he is the only one Caleb is going after. Christine pipes up that they have to backdoor Caleb. Nicole adds that she has to vote for Caleb to leave to protect Cody. Zach asks if anyone is really scared of Brittany coming after them, they all pipe up! (She has to win first) Cody is going through the room "I know you will be pissed off and she will be pissed off..." Zach adds that Brittany is going after him. Derrick says "Throw Caleb on the block and he goes home and if Brittany wins, 4 of us go on the block and then someone else has to win" Now they are thinking 2-3 weeks ahead in the game (that never works). And we have gone full circle, Zach says Caleb should go on the block.

9:23PMBBT Frankie is in the HoH for all this and is silent! Zach says "We only know what is going on in our own heads! We can swear we aren't in an alliance or that we know someone's moves but no one actually knows what anyone else is thinking." He defends Donny to Christine. She snarkily says "Oh and you know Donny so well!" He asks her if she talks to Donny, she says Yes and they talked game. He says "Do you care to share with the room?" She says "No I will talk to you about it later." Zach says "UhHuh, ok"

9:25PMBBT Amber is in the HoH now. She says they need a punching bag in the house. Frankie says he has sequined boxing gloves at home. It is all small talk. Caleb is outside with Hayden and Donny explaining why you can't roll a cue ball under a pool cue that is resting across the table.

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11:30 pm Brit is in the fire room massaging her feet, feeling sorry for herself. She sends Victoria away when she comes to check on her.

11:35 pm Frankie, Hayden, Christine, Zach dogging on Brit in/near the hammock. Frankie said all her complaining was stupid. If it was him, he would have just been tanning and not doing the kicking and just not play in the veto next week because she won't be here anyway. Christine says "Did she know that?" [That not playing the Veto was the penalty for not getting to 2400] Frankie looks at Christine like, "duh!"

11:40 pm Nicole going to bed so she doesn't get in trouble. Victoria going to bed, too. Both in fire room. Brit leaves to go to WA with Jocasta. Brit is planning to soak her dogs in Epsom salt.

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9:30 PM BBT Amber is in the HOH telling Cody and Christine that she has been told Zach wants to send her home next week. Caleb, Zach, Donny and Hayden in the BY talking about pool tricks and bad jokes.

9:33 PM BBT Cody is talking about going to bed early. Cody is stroking Ambers elbow. Derrick and Zach in the BY, Derrick is continuing to try to convince Zach to back off trying to get Cody to backdoor Caleb. Zach is still fighting to get Caleb up there and getting him voted out. No one except Cody is even listening to him.

9:39 PM BBT Frankie is trying to tell Amber they are all in an alliance together, and they are protecting each other. She says if that's true why is Zach talking bad about me. Frankie says nothing bad is going to happen. Amber: "Ya, that's because I'm going to win HOH, or Christine" Frankie: "That makes me feel uncomfortable because we are supposed to all be together, and you want only you or Christine to win"

9:43 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick now talking in the BY, Caleb is telling Derrick about their (Amber and Caleb) conversation in the Beehive room. Zach, Donny and Nicole in the BY couches, Nicole telling the others that Hayden stunk and needs to put on some deodorant. Nicole: "he warned me he stuck, but if you knew that, why wouldn't you do something about it"

9:47 PM BBT Zach and Nicole alone on the BY couches talking about who they trust (no names except the Detonators + Nicole) Zach is saying everyone thinks they know for a fact what everyone else is thinking, and they don't. Zach: "Christine said that Donny is coming after her, and yet she says that Donny talks game to her everyday" Zach: "Someone is lying, if Christine is Donny's target, then he isn't talking game to her"

9:52 PM BBT Zach is telling Nicole the only reason Brittney is on the block is because Cody didn't have anyone else to put up. Zach says Cody trusts Brittney, but he did what was good for the alliance. Zach says Cody needs to start doing right for himself.

9:56 PM BBT Vic and Hayden in the double lounger in the BY plucking her eyebrows. Zach is still venting to Christine. He is explaining that it was good for Frankie for Britt to go up. Derrick wanders over to the couches, telling Zach his being loud enough to for others to hear. Zach: "so, I am not saying anything other people can't hear" Zach: "maybe I shouldn't have said anything upstairs, but I am going to protect who I want to, and vote out who he wants to"

10:00 PM BBT Hayden tries plucking his eyebrows and is moaning and whining about, he plucks 2 hairs and quits. Frankie comes outside and jumps on Zach (things got pretty heated between them upstairs). Donny comes out and game talk stops

10:04 PM BBT Vic is telling Hayden that Britt is vicious, and she hates her, and asks Hayden if he will vote her out, Hayden says he will. Zach and Frankie in the storage room re-hashing the Caleb vs. Donny going up as the replacement nomination. Zach: "I'm just trying to do what is best for Cody: Frankie: "No, you are doing what is best for you" Zach says well maybe I shouldn't voice my opinion. Zach: "If you guys say Brittney is going to put up all boys, they why does Christine say Brittney is going to put her up?" Frankie is telling Zach to calm down, and "turn off his crazy switch"

10:10 PM BBT Caleb discussing the last girl he was talking to before coming to BB had it all together and made 6 figures, but she drinks 3/4 nights a week and he can't handle that. He wants to take a girl out, open the door for her, smack her in the butt and say "What?? You're my girlfriend, sit down and shut up" Christine: "OMG, if you were to say that to me...."

10:12 PPM BBT Derrick in the BY with Donny saying he thinks they are both good. Donny: "I don't want to be up there on a Thursday night, I've never had to do that". Amber and Frankie in the KT cooking, Amber: "What did I say that was so wrong upstairs? "Frankie says absolutely nothing" Amber says Zach is just acting like he is 12 years old, and she doesn't want to hear her name anymore.

10:17 PM BBT No game talk, Frankie, Donny, Hayden, Derrick, Nicole in the BY at the couches talking about fish and fishing. Caleb, Zach, Vic, Amber and Cody in the HOH talking about cars. Cody goes downstairs to find something to eat, he goes to the BY and Frankie gives him the last of his fish salad.

10:21 PM BBT Vic takes Cody in the Beehive room. Vic tells Cody that Caleb told her he didn't want the Veto during the comp. She thinks it's weird that he (Caleb) feels so safe that he didn't want it, and she wonders who he has made deals with.

10:22 PM BBT Cody says he feels like he can't put Caleb up because Caleb will go home, and Brittney will stay. Vitoria wants Britt to go home so bad. Cody says he is really angry at Caleb for taking the money instead of the Veto. Vic says Caleb is not a treat in competitions.

10:26 PM BBT Cody says he is thinking about putting up Donny because that would insure that Britt goes home. Vic says she thinks Amber, Jocasta, Britt and Donny are definitely working together. Cody: "please don't repeat any of that"

10:31 PM BBT Derrick, Christine and Frankie at the pool loungers talking about Cody saying he is never going to listen Zach. "Christine: "I hope not" Frankie says he tried to talk to Zach in the SR, and he said Amber saw him go in there so she ran in there with them and they couldn't talk. Frankie: "Amber is a lunatic"

10:35 PM BBT Nicole in the Ice room telling Hayden what Zach has been saying. Nicole: "Zach called us all selfish, and we are going to turn on each other anyway, why not now?" Hayden: "well it would be good if Caleb went up" Nicole: "Zach says he is just sick of Christine saying she knows everything" Hayden: "Well, I am too." Vic and Cody still in the Beehive saying the same thing over and over and counting votes if Donny goes on the block against Britt.

10:42 PM BBT Cody and Vic still in the Beehive, Cody is telling Vic it was a mistake to have nominated her and she can trust him with anything she has to say and he will never repeat it.

10:44 PM BBT Hayden and Derrick in the LR alone talking about how everyone hates Amber, and they think she knows it. Derrick brings up the Zach blowup upstairs in the HOH, Hayden says he already knows. Hayden goes to the kitchen. Caleb, Zach, Christine, Frankie all talking about when they last had sex

10:49 PM BBT Nicole now thinks Zach is in the BB house for some other reason than to win. She thinks he is there just to start trouble and maybe get $50,000 when he gets out if he stirs up enough trouble.

10:52 PM BBT Vic still has Cody trapped in the Beehive both of them saying the same thing over and over.

10:55 PM BBT Amber, Derrick and Nicole on the LR couches. Just gen chit chat about their families, Nicole says she left notes for all over her family members before she left.

11:01 PM BBT We had fish for about 5 minutes. Derrick, Hayden, Cody in the HOH taking about Zach again. They now think its all about Amber. Nicole, Vic, Christine, Amber and Frankie in the kitchen. Nicole is eating a banana she has covered in peanut butter.

11:03 PM BBT Cody is telling the guys that if Vic figured out that Caleb feels safe that he must be in an alliance. Cody: "and if Victoria figured it out, they everybody knows" Hayden is talking about Cody putting up Caleb because its going to look bad if he gets away with the way he acted during Veto. Cody and Derrick think if they put up Caleb, he will go home and they want Britt out.

11:07 PM BBT Nicole, Vic and Christine at the table talking about Bananas. Christine accuses Nicole of eating all the banana and Christine says she need the potassium in the bananas. (Christine has alot of food issues). Frankie goes up the HOH with the rest of the guys.

11:08 PM BBT Cody shuts it all down and says "you don't have to convince me, I am not putting Caleb up, Zach just went off and it's no big deal. Vic is complaining about Jocasta and Britt and Amber are going to mean to her all day tomorrow.

11:15 PM BBT Derrick, Cody and Hayden still in the HOH talking about Zach. Cody is now talking about cutting his ties to Zach. Frankie and Christine are on the hammock talking about who? Say it with me ZACH!!

11:19 PM BBT Amber comes outside to tell Frankie and Christine goodnight. Amber tells them she is down shaving her arms. Christine says you shave everything? She says yep, every single hair. Amber offers for Vic to come sleep with her if she wants (Nicole and Vic are in the double lounger). Caleb and Zach are playing pool and Jocasta is doing laundry.

11:24 PM BBT Amber and Jocasta come up to the HOH to pray. Hayden leaves before they all pray.

11:26 PM BBT Vic has gone over to Frankie and Christine to complain about how Britt has treated her and how scared she is that it's going to get worse tomorrow. All three are making fun of Brittney.

11:34 PM BBT Britt is awake in the Fire room, rubbing her feet. She looks like she is in alot of pain. The BY crew are making fun of Britt for kicking all those balls even though she is not going to be here to play in any more comps.

11:37 PM BBT Christine and Zach are making up for getting aggressive with each other in the HOH. Jocasta comes into the Fire room and tells Britt she has 4 conversation with her when Britt was asleep. (Apparently Britt was talking in her sleep about the TV being gone from the room) Nicole and Vic are going to sleep. Britt and Jocasta are leaving the room.

11:41 PM BBT Zach is actually talking about asking Cody to put HIM on the block. Hayden says he wants no part of this conversation. Zach says he doesn't want to win the $500k because he's a d*ck, and it would just make him worse.

11:45 PM BBT Zach is upstairs in the HOH telling them his idea of him going up on the block. Zach: "we can pretend to have a big fight" Zach says he will make a final 2 deal with Donny and get in good with Donny.

11:49 PM BBT Zach says "DUDE put me up, I'm bored." Brittney and Jocasta come up to the HOH to take a bath and soak her feet. Zach leaves and Derrick and Cody start laughing. Zach comes back downstairs to the BY. Derrick repeats Nicole's idea that Zach might be a plant by BB to cause problems in the house.

11:54 PM BBT Vic comes back outside to get more assurance from Zach, Christine, and Frankie that she is not going home because she just saw Britt go upstairs. They tell her its just because of her feet.

11:59 PM BBT Derrick is laying on the couch to wait for Brittney to come out of the bathroom so she can't talk to Cody. Derrick says he will carry her downstairs to get rid of her. Cody says he is not going through with Zach's plan. The group in the BY are Brittney bashing (and Jocasta, and Amber) saying they are mean girls.

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