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Tuesday, March 25 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT: Sabrina, Rachelle, and Neda are in the HOH room having a conversation. They are talking about relationships. They talk about arguing and small homes. They are talking about being married in five years, and how that is a really wrong time. Rachelle’s boyfriend has never experienced going away to school. They have the same group of friends and one social group. She thinks they would both be really good friends even if they broke up. Sabrina thinks that is so weird. Rachelle is always with his friends.

Her relationship with her ex only last a few months. He was weird, awful, and he sucks according to Rachelle. She also says that he looks like her brother, not her actual brother, but like a male version of her.

They wern’t dating dating or boyfriend/girlfriend. She said there was nothing there between them. It was dull and there was little conversation. He was obsessed with her and wanted to hang out with her friends all of the time. They would go on dates, but not talk about anything or kiss. Then they progressed to a point where they just drank and sex before she decided she had to end it. All four feeds are on this conversation, so there is nothing better to change to.

Rachelle doesn’t like PDA, but sometimes they will hold hands and kiss once in awhile. Neda chimes in and says that she hates when she sees people full of kissing in public places and buses. Rachelle talks about a fight she had with her ex at the bar and her friend Daniel. He met a girl on Tinder. She comes to the bar, and Rachelle’s ex said she was hot when she asked him if he thought the girl was attractive. She wouldn’t open the door when he tried to come over later. Her friend Ellie also had a bad fight with her boyfriend [Rachelle is 20 years old, the same age I am and I cannot relate to any of her life experiences at all. She seems so juvenile.]

12:07AM BBT: Rachelle continues her stories about being drunk at the bar. Rachelle asks Sabrina how long it told her boyfriend to tell her he loved her. She says she was 13 year old.

Before Rachelle went to University, her boyfriend told her that he loved he which he wasn’t supposed to. They were breaking up because she was leaving the next day. That day she woke up and she found a map of all of the places they’d been along with Starbucks. Neda says that it was disgusting, but so cute, and she asks where Rachelle found him. Rachelle then starts into a story about how she kissed a guy because he had cancer. Neda and Sabrina asked Rachelle if he was lying, but she said he was telling the truth. [This is so boring. I wish we could get the feeds onto the rest of the HG’s].

Back to the map story. It was a map of Canada, not images, and he mapped out the road trips they’d been on. He marked all of the Starbucks on the map in Victoria because Rachelle loves it. They get admonished for using brand names.

She tells about how she had to move into college with her dad instead of her mom because was getting chemo. She doesn’t get along with her dad and she was a wreck. She briefly mentions her friend Ellie. They then talk about bunnies being exterminated because they were taking over the city (Victoria, I think). He boyfriend who created the map would write a letter to her everyday. She didn’t write letters back, but responded via phone.

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12:14AM BBT: Neda decides to go to sleep, but tells Sabrina and Rachelle to continue talking. Rachelle tells a story about a cell phone falling into the water, I think. She was calm about it but her boyfriend freaked. He also took her to the revolving restaurant and she yelled at him because she thought she was going to get nauseous. Neda says that it moves so slowly that you can’t feel it, and Rachelle insists she gets nauseous easily. She can’t go on boats.

Sabrina asks her if he is affectionate and hugs her. Rachelle asks if she means in front of people, Sabrina says no. Rachelle says yes to private, but in front of others she doesn’t like it.

Sabrina asks how old Rachelle is and when her birthday is. Rachelle says she is 20 and will turn 20 on April 30th. Rachelle says she is a Taurus and Sabrina says that’s why they get along. Rachelle says that her boyfriend is an Aries and asks if it is good. Sabrina says yes, and that her sign is most compatible with Leo, but Aries is a close second. [These girls seem to have the Zodiac signs and dates memorized and place a lot of emphasis on them.]

12:20AM BBT: Rachelle says that she was in the principals office everyday. My feeds froze and I have to refresh, but it seems like they are going to bed. Rachelle seems to need to find her pajamas, and makes a comment about it being weird that someone is watching to see when to turn the lights off. This triggers a warning from BB to stop talking about production. They go into the bathroom and say something about Adel, but it was whispered and I didn’t get it. Rachelle takes off her hot dog suit, gets in her pink nightie, and hops into bed. Rachelle is so embarrassed that she is on tv in the suit and all that can be seen is her eyes. Rachelle says that at least Heather can show her hair. Sabrina remarks that Rachelle looks better in the hot dog suit than Heather does in normal clothes. Rachelle asks why Heather was making slop cookies all day and Sabrina says it is because she is weird.

After that, Sabrina bids Rachelle good night, leaves the HOH room and walks down the stairs and into the Half-Not Room. Once she climbs into bed, the lights dim and we are on night vision. After Sabrina leaves Neda “wakes up” and start talking about nothing in particular. They talk about how the HOH bed is a dream bed, and they remark that it is too cold in the room. They then say good night to each other and cease talking. Both close their eyes and go to sleep.

12:28AM BBT: All of the HG’s shown on the four camera feeds appear to be sleeping. Neda and Rachelle appear to be sleeping (or trying to), but the lights are still on. We get a brief “Hush” screen on all four feeds, and when they come back the lights are back on in the Half-Not room and the awake HG’s are talking about it being hot in the room (in contrast to the HOH room, which is apparently cold). [it makes sense that the Half-Not room is hotter, since the ceiling is much, much lower, which gives heat less space to rise. Just my unprofessional observation!]

12:32AM BBT: Heather gets up out of bed in the Half-Not Room and goes up the stairs into the bathroom. The feeds switch back to the Half-Not room where Sabrina is looking around the room.

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12:35AM BBT: The camera feed goes back to the stairs where we see Heather returning from the bathroom. She goes back to the Half-Not Room and gets back into bed. By this time it appears that the lights have dimmed in the HOH room, but aren’t on night vision mode. The Half-Not lights have also dimmed too, but again aren’t off completely.

12:42AM BBT: We have a brief “Hush” moment, and we come back with different feeds. This time the main bedroom is included (along with the HOH and Half-Not rooms) to show all HG’s in bed), and all rooms are completely dark with night vision. Someone gets up, I think Arlie, and Sabrina has a brief word with someone, but no activity otherwise. Someone is snoring.

12:51AM BBT: Quad cam show that everyone is in bed and appears to be sleeping, or trying to be at least. With that said, I am going to call it a night. My hands are sore from all of the typing today!

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9:00AM BBT: All HG's are sleeping.

9:16AM BBT: Lights are on in the BR's. Sabrina and Jon are up but no audio.

9:21AM BBT: Sabrina and Kenny in the pantry. Sabrina is telling Jon that she was just outside and Jon was upset and asking why did Ika go up over and over again? Then asks why didn't you tell me about the fact you made a deal with Ro to keep her safe for 3 wks? Sabrina tells Kenny that she told him it isn't real. Kenny: Good because it isn't real, she made it up. They then discuss the fact that they can't trust Neda at all.

9:23AM BBT: Kenny come out of the pantry and tells Andrew about Jon being upset that Ika went up. They both then agree that Jon is making it so obvious that he is with Ika.

9:29AM BBT: Having a difficult time with the feeds this morning now they are only showing sleeping HG's even though they are all up. No amount of shutting down and restarting the feeds will help.

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9:40AM BBT: All feeds still on sleeping HG's even though they are awake. Judging by the comments in the comment sections I am not the only one having this issue. Hopefully we will get the feeds back soon.

9:53AM BBT: Camera 3 and 4 are back up. It's Allison, Arlie, Kenny, Andrew in the LR discussing humming birds, bowel movement, and Ro's new hot dog dress.

9:56AM BBT: Up stairs in the WA Heather and Ika are doing ADL's. Little to no chatter bewteen the two.

9:58AM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah are at the HT. Sabrina is telling Sarah about how Jon was upset about Ika going up. She also told her that he thinks he is on the bottom of the alliance. Sarah if he doesn't trust me I will first try to fix it but if he still doesn't trust me it will just make it easier when I have to stab him in the back when it's time for us to get rid of him. They both agree that Jon is really paranoid right now.

10:02AM BBT: Ika is talking with Kenny in the red corner. Ika asks him why he wants to get rid of her. She says she doesn't want to fake the funk with him right now. Kenny: But you have faked the funk with me the whole game so what makes this conversation with you any different. Ika: Ok maybe I have but you know who Paul was going after. Kenny: Me. Ika: No it was Andrew. She then tries to make a deal w/ him to not come after with him but she can't make that promise for Andrew. She tells him her first target is Sabrina and makes the point that she could of gotten rid of him last week but didn't. She also tells him if she stays she will be the #1 target. Kenny: I can't promise anything right now I need to think about it. She tells him that she loves Jon and would never put him up. Kenny says: It very obvious that you and Jon are talking. Ika: I promise Jon loves you and when we talk it is about me wanting to get rid of Andrew. Lets just call it a 2 wk. truce.

10:15AM BBT: Still only two camera's working properly. Ika and Kenny talking in the red corner. Ika talking in circles about making deals for her not to come after him, how great Jon is, and how she wants to get rid of Andrew. Kenny is just agreeing and saying very few words. 10:22AM BBT: The convo between Kenny and Ika is now over. Ika just asked Kenny if he could just tell her if he is not going to vote to keep her. He said ok since this is the first time in the game that she is actually been real with him. He also says don't think I didn't know the whole time. She agrees.

10:26AM Camera's 1 and 2 are now working they have Sabrina and Ro in the HOH WA talking about Ika and talking with Kenny. Ro is saying she is campaigning to stay. Sabrina thinks she is just selling other people to stir stuff up. She tells Ro not to worry she just has to try. #10:30AM BBT: Jon and Sarah at the HT. Jon is asking Sarah were you told anything about the reason Ika went up? Sarah:No but I didn't ask. Jon: I didn't know about the 3 wk deal. When I asked Sabrina about it she said Oh she told you good. I just don't understand why of if am part of this alliance why was I not told. Sarah: I just am not sure that the deal is real and maybe Ro convinced Sabrina that it really was a deal that was made. Jon: Last night the amount of paranoia that was going through my head is not healthy. Last night was the first night I really broke down in this game. I feel bad that I was so upset with Kenny. Sarah: I am leaning toward trusting Kenny because I think that Kenny didn't make the deal or maybe he just just told her that to get her to put Ika up. Jon says he feels that he can trust Kenny too. Jon farts and Sarah says it's so bad she can taste it and they go inside.

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10;39AM BBT Kenny and Arlie in storage room talking strategy. Heather manages to eavesdrop and hear part of their conversation. Kenny and Arlie talking about getting rid of John. Putting Allison and Jon up if they win HOH. While Heather was listening one of them said that they would keep her around for a while because she is not a threat.

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10:42AM BBT: Jon and Neda in the BR. Jon and Neda agree they hate everyone in the house. Jon: Arlie is a lot smarter than they give him credit for. Jon: tells Neda that Arlie is going to come to her about something. She gets upset and tells him to just tell her. He says Arlie and him have been talking and Arlie is trying to form a little something with her involved and Adel also. Neda: I love Adel. Arlie has seen every single episode of this show and counted every single thing in the house I guarantee it. They both agree Andrew winning HOH would be the worst thing ever. Neda tells him that the girls alliance was called the stupids. Jon loves the name. Neda is telling him how the girls are being so sneaky with her they tried to tell her that they wanted to have a girls night but they spent the whole time questioning her about who in the game she would hang out with outside the house and if she trusted Heather.

10:53AM BBT: Adel then joins Neda and Jon in the BR they are going over Kyle and the mistakes he made in the game and why he went home. Heather has now joined them and now it's just general chit chat.

10:57AM BBT: Arlie and Sarah in the BY talking about how Ro was the one person that they didn't want to win last week but Sabrina got her to put up Ika and and now she can't play in the HOH last week. Arlie says they can use Sabrina for the next month and then get rid of her. Ro thinks Sabrina is her best friend in the house that's funny. Sarah tells him that the worst case Andrew and Kenny win HOH and put Adel and Jon on the block. Talk then goes on about how they think Neda is a superfan and she is just hiding it. Arlie says best case is Allison going home next week. Sarah do you think Jon and Adel would do that? Arlie: yes they won't have a choice. Sarah: I don't want anyone to suspect how close we are. Arlie: you are my number 1 in this game.

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12:40pm BBT: Appears that the HGs are on HOH bedroom lockdown. We had FOTH and when feeds came back on they were all going up to the HOH bedroom. Just general chat now. Heather off in her own world listening to music and dancing.

1:20pm BBT: Jon and Sabrina in HOH washroom area. Talking about Ika. Sabrina says Ika doesn't like her. John says it doesn't matter, Ika's going this week. Sabrina says Adel freaks her out. He treats her like a dummy. Now talking about scenarios depending on who wins HOH. Jon said he trusts Kenny. ---(No!) Sabrina says Kenny has Jon's back 100%. Sabrina says Allison want to get her out. Jon reiterated that Ika is gone this week, says hopefully it's a double next week and we go on from there. Jon says if he wins HOH he will consult with 1st 5 about who to put up. Sabrina asks if there is a possibility that he'd put her up and he said definitely not.

1:41pm BBT: Sabrina Rochelle in HOH bedroom. LD over. Talking about Ika. Sabrina says she keeps giving her dirty looks. She's angry about the way Ika is treating her. RO says she (RO) was misunderstood about whether or not there was a "deal" with Kenny regarding the decision to get Ika out. They are worried about there being a "Canada Votes" and they vote to keep Ika. Playing out scenarios if that happens. Who would be replacement nominee? Ro says Arlie. Sabrina tries t convince her she should put up Adel instead. RO still thinks it should be Arlie.

1:57pm BBT: Jon in HOH with Sabrina and Rochelle now. Sabrina compliments Jon's clothes and tells him he is the hottest guy in the house. Jon leaves. Rochelle says he looks so good. Sabrina says to Rochelle - I don't want you to talk to Adel or even look at him. Now Neda in HOH bedroom with them. Talking about Ika. Ika asked her if there was any chance there was a way that she could stay. Neda says she told her no. Talking about possible "Canada Votes" again. Neda thinks they'd save Heather. They are talking about a double eviction and speculating it will be this week.

2:10pm BBT: Rochelle, Sabrina and Allison in HOH bedroom. Allison saying Ika spoke to her about trying to stay. Talking about Adel's power - would he use it for Ika and agree that he would not. They are still talking about Adel's power being that he gets to put up replacement nominee. RO asks if Allison would go after her. Allison assures her she is not going after her. Allison speculating about Adel's power and whether it lasts three weeks or not. Allison says he would have to go up on the block for three weeks then.---(?)

2:25pm BBT: Allison, Ro and Sabrina in HOH bedroom still. Allison says sometimes she doesn't think she is cut out for this game. Sabrina wants Adel and Heather gone now. Allison says no one want them on the jury. Neda comes into the room. She is speculating about Adel's power. Sabrina speculating that Adel has not been telling the truth about his power.-----(Finally!) However, as he swore on his holy book they believe him.

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9:06 PM BBT In the kitchen with Arlie, Rachelle, Sabrina, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie, Allison, Neda, Andrew. Conversing around
the kitchen table. Sarah just had a rare steak and Arlie says he wants to drink the blood off her plate. Sarah says she
would want Big Brother to give them cake mixes every week. And Kenny says he is thankful they don`t.

Heather and Jon in the bathroom, Heather says; they mentionned Count your blessing, count your eggs.'
Jon asks how do you feel about the game. Heather says she is coasting. Heather;'Adel is a nice guy, but I don`t trust
Neda. So far things I have said to Adel have never come back to me.' 'I heard a conversation today between Kenny and Andrew
Heather and Neda are just coasting, and we can use them as pawns.' 'Sabrina came to me today and said she wanted a fresh start.
but I don`t trust her.'

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9:06 PM BBT
Heather and Jon in the bathroom, Heather says;'Kenny came to me and made a deal, I don`t put him up and he votes out Ika.'

Jon walks to the bedroom singing to himself;'I don`t like anyone.'

Sarah, Arlie, Andrew, Allison, Kenny at the kitchen table;'I wonder if they will tell us the prize today?'

Jon, Rachelle, Sabrina in the HOH. Jon to Sabrina;'Is Allison making you nervous as a game player?' Sabrina;'I think
Andrew is angry with me.' Jon to Rachelle;'What`s wrong wienner?' Sabrina;'She used mouthwas and has a cold sore in
her mouth.

Sabrina says she is now nervous that Jon has asked her about Andrew and Allison. Jon;'I don`t think Andrew would come
after you.'
Rachelle;'Who else didn`t get call in the DR?' Jon;'You and Neda.' Sabrina;'Watch if Adel wins again, then he would have
2 powers.

Sabrina and Allison in the bathroom. Sabrina tells Allison that Heather came to her and wants to start over.

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9:06 PM BBT
Sabrina and Allison in the bathroom. Sabrina asks;'Are you sure your not coming after me?' Allison;'I`ve never said
one bad thing about you.' Sabrina;'So you think people are trying to pin us against one another?' Allison;'Yes'
Sabrina;'Adel is so mean to me, have you noticed it ?'

Sabrina to Allison;'I like your hat, I love Panda bears.' Allison;'It`s a koala bear. Koala bears are grey and black.
Panda`s are black and white.' Sabrina;'Oh Ok.'

Rachelle to Allison;'If Heather wins HOH , do you think she would put up Sabrina?' Allison;'Yes Sabrina and you.'
Rachelle;'Really?, everyone loves Sabrina so I would go home. Omg if I go home when Heather is HOH.'

Rachelle;'This whole thing today was really weird. Do you think we`ll find out today.' Allison;'I hope so cause I can`t
sleep with not knowing.'

Heather comes in and hugs Allison, but not Rachelle. Kenny, Sarah in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Kenny asks
Allison to use acne medicine all over his back.

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9:40 PM BBT Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Sarah in the bathroom. Sarah says they found hidden sweets today, chocolat covered raisins.
Kenny had hid them. Allison to Kenny;'Why would you hide food?' Kenny;'Cause all the sweets we get are eaten and gone
the next day,. cookies, frozen treats, chocolat everything gone. Actually we didn`t have to hide them this week cause Sabrina
is on slop.'


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8:45PM BBT: Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle, Sabrina, and Allison (I believe) are in the bathroom having a conversation about popsicles. There are others I think, but outside of the camera. Kenny accuses Sarah of taking them, she says she didn’t take or hide them. He says that he wanted some and now all of them are gone. Kenny is flossing his teeth and Sarah is in front of the mirror. Sabrina chimes in and said that they hid the chocolate and popsicles and everything else.

Sabrina starts talking about how much she hates Adel. She talks about an incident after she woke up. Adel accused her of knowing everything. Sabrina says her eyes might roll out in front of her. She threatens to beat him up and throw stuff. Someone admonishes Sabrina for talking like that. She says she is just kidding.

8:49PM BBT: Talk turns to events surrounding Marsha and the 2 million votes (as she calls them, instead of points). They go through a very brief rundown of the events that have happened since Friday, culminating in this event today that took place which apparently had something to do with raisins?

8:51PM BBT: We get the Hush screen on all four feeds.

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11:45PM BBT: Feeds are back! There isn’t much happening. Rachelle is trying to put on her hotdog suit in the bedroom. Adel and Ika are talking out by the pool. Ika says that someone is trying to do some damage control. This girl’s name is being brought up by Andrew. Adel says that people are scared to say Jon’s name, but they say Neda’s, and I think they are saying his name for nomination.

Allison was asked by Adel why everyone was mad at him in the bathroom. I have the audio paused, but Rachelle is dancing in the bathroom.

Everyone is going to put Neda up next week, and Neda thinks that Ika has made her an easy target. Ika: “Neda is fucked next week.” Ika says she was sent into the backyard and saw the 5k and the letters. Adel says the cameras zoomed in on the cameras and her kicks, and her “Fuck you’s!” Adel says she was doing drop kicks and was mocking people. Adel says if they are still up when everyone goes to bed, that Ika should put on Andrew’s jacket and scarf and do impersonations saying: “I’m Cooking With Andrew!”

Ika says that she knows that it sucks for him, Neda, and Jon. She says that shit just got real. Adel refutes that saying that he has his religion and health among other things. Ika says that viewers probably wonder why he only hangs out with fucked up people. Ika says it would be so awesome for him to win. Adel mentions something about Ika coming over a mountain with a Big Mac meal and Adel wanted to go for it.

Ika says that she will have people pray for him at home.

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11:47PM BBT: Feeds back and Rachelle is out of the hot dog suit, but Jon has it on and is dancing around in it like a mad man. Outside by the pool Adel and Ika are talking. He continues serving as the pre-eviction escort like he did with Paul. They are laughing and having a good time talking some about things that have happened in the house and some about the outside world. Jon making the rounds of the house in the hot dog suit. Arlie is cleaning out a slop bucket at the kitchen sink. Sarah now encouraging Jon to head into the DR in his outfit to which he has added a pair of reddish orange shades. (And BB in answer to your earlier question of many hours, No I cannot keep a secret my fingers appreciated the time off you gave them this evening. DRG)

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