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  1. 11:11PM BBT: Andrew and Sarah are talking by the hot tub. Andrew says he is doomed and only have four days left, so it looks like he is leaving the house. Andrew talks about how much it sucks to nominated by your own country and how he doesn't know if he will get over it. Sarah says that he will in a few days after he leaves. Andrew says his friends might cut him out for this, and Sarah says no they won't, otherwise they will face the wrath of "Officer Mumsy". Andrew wants cigarettes and wonders what questions Arisa will ask him. Heather apparently thinks she will ask Andrew if he really picks his nose that much.
  2. 2:10AM BBT: Since 1:30 Ika cooked fish and ate it while she and Adel talked. Nothing interesting was said; mostly it was a rehash about her getting picked and her choice between the letters and $5k. Adel is in bed, and Ika’s just done the same. All four feeds show HG’s in bed in night vision. Good night…if anyone is reading.
  3. 1:19AM BBT: Ika says that she is so glad that she didn’t take take the letters and give them to the HG’s. She is happy she didn’t do that because she wouldn’t have got 5k, and they would have taken the letters and evicted her two days later. She took the money because she was going home anyways. Adel says she did good because she won HOH, Veto, 5k, and was never on slop.The rest of the HG’s are sleeping it seems. 1:23AM BBT: Ika tells Adel to play his cards better than she did. Adel says it’s impossible for him to come out final three or four. Ika says if he goes to final two, he will win, because no one would have had a harder battle. Ika says that if that happens BB Canada 15 will remember him. Adel says that he just wants to visit jury, because he says that one person goes back. Ika says that his side will get in power, that the others can’t win everything. They debate on going to bed or not. Adel says no, stay up tonight because nothing happens on Wednesdays. He says they need to go to bed early tomorrow night because of the eviction on Thursday. Ika refuses to eat Andrew’s food because he seasons his food with his boogers. Adel wants to be teamed up with Kenny, Andrew, and Sabrina during a HN competition to put them all on slop.They go into the kitchen. Adel speculates that BB will sometimes sink something into the pool and that the first HG who sees it will win something. 1:30AM BBT: They are in the kitchen cooking, talking about eating all of the food (steak, shrimp, fish, etc.) They are talking about Ika’s friends, and how they will want to meet Adel. Nothing important or interesting. I think I am going to leave it here. They are going to be up for a long time and I need a break.
  4. 1:05AM BBT: Adel wants to put slop on Kenny and Andrew on slop. They both want to see Sabrina on slop. Ika thinks she would self-evict if she had to do week 2 on slop. They talk more about letters and Ika says that she wants Canada to know what she was thinking. Sabrina said that spider monkey/Adel had to the best picture. They are just talking about Ika’s post-eviction activities. She reiterates that she wanted to be on the show because she wanted to find a real and true connection. Before Adel, she didn’t think she had a connection with anyone. She says now that she met him she is okay with leaving. 1:14AM BBT: Still just random talking…They say that Paul would have sold her out in a minute. They say they will be up all night. They joke about Paul’s untrustworthiness and that Paul pretended to be stupid.
  5. 12:54AM BBT: They just chat about Ika’s weave and Adel jokes about it weighing 15 lbs. Ika wishes that they had started out as close as they ended up. Ika and Adel joke about being celebrities, and Ika says that he isn’t even on the D-List. Ika is glad to go out the way she is and says she wants to get her speech ready. She hopes she doesn’t cry and only wants to hug Adel…more weave jokes and social media speculations. She doesn’t care if they Topaz her. Brendon saved her life and gave her a family. He changed his whole life for her and she is very grateful to him. Adel wants to take Ika’s kids to the mall. Rachelle and Sabrina are talking in the HOH room. I’m not sure about what. [i’d rather watch Ika and Adel instead.] 12:58AM BBT: Ika says they will see that Adel is so loyal and that people will see that, and they won’t pick him off next week because he has the card. The week after that he can tell them he lied. Ika says to never underestimate himself and say he can win. Ika keeps giving Adel motivational pep talks and telling him that he needs to tell himself to win. Ika wants to sit at home and see him sail to the Final Two. Ika wants him to think week to week throughout the rest of the game…don’t make long term deals. [ika seems to think she knows how to play the game] 1:00AM BBT: They are scared that Arlie is always with Kenny and Sarah and they think he might have a secret aliance. Ika says that it doesn’t matter just as long as he doesn’t Adel up. Adel thinks that only Sabrina put him up, but Ika thinks that Andrew would reign her in because he controls her.
  6. 12:49AM BBT: Ika and Adel are back to talking in the backyard and Adel tells Ika about his conversation with Heather. Adel said that he told to Heather to not let Sabrina or Heather bother her. He tries to remember what she said. Heather said that you can’t control what Ika says, and Adel said to her that he is stuck here in the house anyways because of the power. The next 9 days people will get over it and the dust will settle from Ika’s eviction, and things will hopefully be better. 12:51AM BBT: The Hush screen is up briefly, and when they pop back up Ika and Adel are talking about welding and Edmonton. He became a welder because he wasn’t good at academics; his father was a welder too. They talk about employment in Alberta and unions. He is talking about Grade 12 and how he started to learn welding.
  7. 12:35AM BBT: Nothing is going on…just bathroom activities. Ika and Adel’s conversation broke up after she was called to the DR. Rachelle gained nine pounds, they talk about yoga. Adel and Heather seem to be talking game, but they are inaudible to me. Adel says the may not win the game, but they can both be champions for their cities. Adel seems to be strategizing with Heather, and tells her to be careful of that witch Sabrina. Sabrina says that no one is going to give Ika and hugs before she leaves after the eviction. Adel is out in the backyard talking at the portraits and Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about music.
  8. 12:20AM BBT: Adel asks if Allison wins HOH, what will happen? Adel says not Jon. Ika is less sure, and Adel says that when they were all drunk Jon and Allison kissed on the lips and said “Final Three…Newfoundland Power.” Allison will put up Heather and Neda according to Adel. Adel is talking about what to do if the girls threaten him. He will pull his card out and say it works for three weeks instead. Adel says he is worried that Neda will spill the beans about his power, but Ika says if Neda is on the block she won’t spill. Heather would put up Sabrina and Rachelle if she wins. Adel is talking about how he told some girls (I think Heather and Allison?) that he would be the pawns along with them. Adel says he will tell Kenny if Sarah wins HOH and puts him up he will use his power and Kenny will go up on the block. Adel says he hopes things will work out in his favor. Ika says it will if he can get Kenny out, in combo with his power. Hopefully sights will turn to Andrew and Allison. Ika says that there are three girls who look to Andrew for protection. 12:28AM BBT: Ika asks what Kyle said when he left. Kyle praised Adel. Ika thinks it was sweet, Adel says he loved Kyle the most and hated Sabrina the most. His hatred of Sabrina started when she pulled the religious crap with him and tried to him look bad, when he really is the one who loves it the most. Ika says it is because she is too competitive with everything. Ika says she thought Sabrina was nice, but quickly figured her out [Not quickly enough, apparently.] They start drafting Ika’s eviction speech. Adel says she has 30 seconds and uses it up completely…thank everyone and make sure to say Brendon’s name. Ika says that she is looking forward to Thursday and she will pack tomorrow so she can just spend Thursday getting ready and taking her time getting ready. Ika is going to get Twitter and Instagram and try to contact Adel’s family.
  9. 12:07AM BBT: Ika and Adel agree that he should play with their minds. Adel said something to Neda about his power, and they worry she will tell Jon. Even if she does tell, Adel will just say he needed to do it to try and test people’s trust. Ika says that Adel needs Neda and he can’t alienate her. Kenny and Sarah are the plan, and he will tell Andrew that he won’t put him up and wouldn’t backdoor him because he wants to give Andrew a chance. Adel will caution him that if either Sabrina or himself wins veto and take Kenny off, he is toast because he will be forced to put up Andrew as a replacement, and Adel would say that he wants him to not be backdoored. Arlie comes out and Adel asks if they are going to bed, and Arlie says nope, they haven’t finished DR’s. Arlie walks away. Adel says that if he wins, he could blindside his alliance and put Arlie up. Ika quickly kills this plan and says Neda and Jon would lose faith in him, and that he would go the following week. He needs to go after Kenny. Adel seems very idealistic and wants to blackmail others. They are talking about HG’s, but are just pointing at pics rather than using names, so I am not sure who they are referring to. Conversation turns to Andrew and his arrogance and how he might say he will win everything, but he really won’t. Ika says that she didn’t know everyone was watching her kick the letter. Adel says he hopes they make it look like a classy incident so she can go home and have everything be okay with her there. 12:15AM BBT: He talks about pulling out his card, saying that he lied, and said that the card lasts for three weeks and guarantees him jury. They count votes and say that no one can be in question in a vote to evict Kenny, Ika says he will need to be a tie breaker. Ika says that if Kenny goes, his game will be way better. They talk about no one wanting to see Andrew in the HOH room. Ika says if he wins he will be set, and further solidify his plans to nominate Sarah with Kenny. Adel says he will tell Andrew that Adel’s alliance wants them to backdoor him, but he won’t do it because of geographic ties. He will threaten Andrew with his HOH and power to make him not use the veto in order to save Kenny. He will tell Arlie, Jon, Neda, and Heather that Kenny runs the house and he needs to leave…that he is doing it for them because he is safe.
  10. 11:59PM BBT: Jon finds her in the HOH room, gives her back her suit, and says he doesn’t want to go to bed. He says he just wants to make funny faces. He goes into the bedroom and starts making fun of Andrew. Jon keeps wandering around and goes back in the HOH room. Rachelle says she has a DR session. Switching back to the pool with Ika and Adel, they are talking game and future strategies for Adel’s game play. She points at her picture on the wall and says: “This bitch is going home on Thursday!” Adel says that the best bet is that Kenny or Andrew or Sarah wins HOH because they won’t fuck with her. Ika says that it’s his best bet to have those three or Allison win. [How?] He says that he is not safe with Heather. He says that he is golden, and Ika says that he is safe with Neda too. If he wins and he wants to be in an alliance with Jon, Arlie, Heather, and Neda, he needs to just put up anyone else. Adel says that Kenny is touchable even those others don’t. Ika apparently said he was the mastermind and it’s making people look at him differently. He thinks that others are looking differently. Ika thinks that Rachelle might vote to keep Kenny, but that Sabrina might be able to convince her to vote him out. Ika thinks that once Kenny is gone, Adel is golden. Ika says that Sabrina said that she would never vote out Andrew, so Adel begins to think differently about putting up Andrew. He decides if he wins HOH he will put up Kenny and Sarah because he likes Allison. Ika says that Andrew controls Sabrina, so he needs to watch out for that.
  11. 11:52PM BBT: Adel mentions that she is crazy and that “sisters are crazy”. Talk turns to Ika’s boyfriend, or significant other, perhaps. Adel says that if she would ask him to propose he would. Ika says that she didn’t know that she would find real people here, and says she hopes she didn’t embarrass her kids. Ika won $5,000. Adel says her kicks and reaction was so funny that they will edit it to make her look hilarious. Switching to the storage room, Arlie and Jon are in the middle of game talk. They are saying that Adel might go up, but that it will be fine because he will just save himself. They are saying it depends on the next few weeks and that the HOH’s are important. They quickly insult Andrew. They leave and sit on the couch in the living. Jon is wearing the hot dog suit. He asks where RoRo (Rachelle) is, because she has to come wear it. Heather is now sitting by herself on the couch and Jon goes upstairs trying to find Rachelle, she is apparently in the DR.
  12. 11:45PM BBT: Feeds are back! There isn’t much happening. Rachelle is trying to put on her hotdog suit in the bedroom. Adel and Ika are talking out by the pool. Ika says that someone is trying to do some damage control. This girl’s name is being brought up by Andrew. Adel says that people are scared to say Jon’s name, but they say Neda’s, and I think they are saying his name for nomination. Allison was asked by Adel why everyone was mad at him in the bathroom. I have the audio paused, but Rachelle is dancing in the bathroom. Everyone is going to put Neda up next week, and Neda thinks that Ika has made her an easy target. Ika: “Neda is fucked next week.” Ika says she was sent into the backyard and saw the 5k and the letters. Adel says the cameras zoomed in on the cameras and her kicks, and her “Fuck you’s!” Adel says she was doing drop kicks and was mocking people. Adel says if they are still up when everyone goes to bed, that Ika should put on Andrew’s jacket and scarf and do impersonations saying: “I’m Cooking With Andrew!” Ika says that she knows that it sucks for him, Neda, and Jon. She says that shit just got real. Adel refutes that saying that he has his religion and health among other things. Ika says that viewers probably wonder why he only hangs out with fucked up people. Ika says it would be so awesome for him to win. Adel mentions something about Ika coming over a mountain with a Big Mac meal and Adel wanted to go for it. Ika says that she will have people pray for him at home.
  13. 8:45PM BBT: Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle, Sabrina, and Allison (I believe) are in the bathroom having a conversation about popsicles. There are others I think, but outside of the camera. Kenny accuses Sarah of taking them, she says she didn’t take or hide them. He says that he wanted some and now all of them are gone. Kenny is flossing his teeth and Sarah is in front of the mirror. Sabrina chimes in and said that they hid the chocolate and popsicles and everything else. Sabrina starts talking about how much she hates Adel. She talks about an incident after she woke up. Adel accused her of knowing everything. Sabrina says her eyes might roll out in front of her. She threatens to beat him up and throw stuff. Someone admonishes Sabrina for talking like that. She says she is just kidding. 8:49PM BBT: Talk turns to events surrounding Marsha and the 2 million votes (as she calls them, instead of points). They go through a very brief rundown of the events that have happened since Friday, culminating in this event today that took place which apparently had something to do with raisins? 8:51PM BBT: We get the Hush screen on all four feeds.
  14. 12:35AM BBT: The camera feed goes back to the stairs where we see Heather returning from the bathroom. She goes back to the Half-Not Room and gets back into bed. By this time it appears that the lights have dimmed in the HOH room, but aren’t on night vision mode. The Half-Not lights have also dimmed too, but again aren’t off completely. 12:42AM BBT: We have a brief “Hush” moment, and we come back with different feeds. This time the main bedroom is included (along with the HOH and Half-Not rooms) to show all HG’s in bed), and all rooms are completely dark with night vision. Someone gets up, I think Arlie, and Sabrina has a brief word with someone, but no activity otherwise. Someone is snoring. 12:51AM BBT: Quad cam show that everyone is in bed and appears to be sleeping, or trying to be at least. With that said, I am going to call it a night. My hands are sore from all of the typing today!
  15. 12:14AM BBT: Neda decides to go to sleep, but tells Sabrina and Rachelle to continue talking. Rachelle tells a story about a cell phone falling into the water, I think. She was calm about it but her boyfriend freaked. He also took her to the revolving restaurant and she yelled at him because she thought she was going to get nauseous. Neda says that it moves so slowly that you can’t feel it, and Rachelle insists she gets nauseous easily. She can’t go on boats. Sabrina asks her if he is affectionate and hugs her. Rachelle asks if she means in front of people, Sabrina says no. Rachelle says yes to private, but in front of others she doesn’t like it. Sabrina asks how old Rachelle is and when her birthday is. Rachelle says she is 20 and will turn 20 on April 30th. Rachelle says she is a Taurus and Sabrina says that’s why they get along. Rachelle says that her boyfriend is an Aries and asks if it is good. Sabrina says yes, and that her sign is most compatible with Leo, but Aries is a close second. [These girls seem to have the Zodiac signs and dates memorized and place a lot of emphasis on them.] 12:20AM BBT: Rachelle says that she was in the principals office everyday. My feeds froze and I have to refresh, but it seems like they are going to bed. Rachelle seems to need to find her pajamas, and makes a comment about it being weird that someone is watching to see when to turn the lights off. This triggers a warning from BB to stop talking about production. They go into the bathroom and say something about Adel, but it was whispered and I didn’t get it. Rachelle takes off her hot dog suit, gets in her pink nightie, and hops into bed. Rachelle is so embarrassed that she is on tv in the suit and all that can be seen is her eyes. Rachelle says that at least Heather can show her hair. Sabrina remarks that Rachelle looks better in the hot dog suit than Heather does in normal clothes. Rachelle asks why Heather was making slop cookies all day and Sabrina says it is because she is weird. After that, Sabrina bids Rachelle good night, leaves the HOH room and walks down the stairs and into the Half-Not Room. Once she climbs into bed, the lights dim and we are on night vision. After Sabrina leaves Neda “wakes up” and start talking about nothing in particular. They talk about how the HOH bed is a dream bed, and they remark that it is too cold in the room. They then say good night to each other and cease talking. Both close their eyes and go to sleep. 12:28AM BBT: All of the HG’s shown on the four camera feeds appear to be sleeping. Neda and Rachelle appear to be sleeping (or trying to), but the lights are still on. We get a brief “Hush” screen on all four feeds, and when they come back the lights are back on in the Half-Not room and the awake HG’s are talking about it being hot in the room (in contrast to the HOH room, which is apparently cold). [it makes sense that the Half-Not room is hotter, since the ceiling is much, much lower, which gives heat less space to rise. Just my unprofessional observation!] 12:32AM BBT: Heather gets up out of bed in the Half-Not Room and goes up the stairs into the bathroom. The feeds switch back to the Half-Not room where Sabrina is looking around the room.

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