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Tuesday, September 17 Live Feed Updates


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12:15 AM BBT The voice of BB comes on and says one more day closer to $500,000. Gm screams and goes back to making her bed. Andy has made his bed and is discussing board games with Spencer. They all seem to be tired but are waiting for a decent hour to go to bed so they aren’t bored all day tomorrow. 1 seems to be the popular time.

12:25 AM BBT Andy and Spencer beg production to call on a house guest from another season. We get FoTH for a few minutes so I can only assume BB is obliging their request.

12:40 AM BBT the final 3 are playing some more BS before bed. No real talk going on just playing cards.

12:55 AM BBT BS continues Spencer is down to two cards. You can tell Andy is tired cause he thinks it is hilarious. He will not stop laughing. Spencer is ready for the game to be over.

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1:05 AM BBT Andy and Spencer are brushing teeth in preparation for bed. GM is getting in the shower before bed.

1:30 AM BBT Andy is in bed Spencer is headed for bed. GM is the last awake. With that I retreat till the AM for wake up call.

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1:30am-1:38am bbt GM sat quietly in the hammock playing solitaire

1:38am-1:56am bbt GM laid in the hammock, silently thinking about... the final HOH? winning BB? Nick?

1:56am bbt GM goes inside, waking Andy long enough to ask her if she's going to bed. By 2:00am, she is under her blanket and all is quiet in the BB house.

7:00am bbt All are asleep, and I don't expect that to change any time soon this morning...

8:00am bbt still sleeping...

(I have a dentist appointment in this next hour, but I doubt the HGs are going to surprise us and do anything this morning)

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9:35am BBT: All hg still sleeping. Does that suprise you?

9:40am BBt: Spencer is up and went to the bathroom then went to the StR and changed his batteries and then back to bed to sleep some more.

9:42am BBT: Andy is now up and goes to the bathroom he then rinses his hands and heads back to bed

9:52am BBT: Andy is now up again and back in the bathroom.

9:58am BBT: Andy now out of the bathroom rinses his hands and heads back to bed again. Gm and Spencer still sleeping.

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#BB15 11:03 AM BBT The three Hg are lying on the grass outside. They are on lock down they say. Andy says about 11:30 he is going back to bed until about 4PM. They discuss what they want to take from the house when they go home.

#BB15 11:17 AM BBT The HG have managed to stay in the vertical position and are bashing prev HG and comps. They are talking about if the wrap party will be in the BY.

#BB15 11:18 AM BBT Andy says that they were told the BY will be closed this morning for the remainder of the game. We get quick FOTH. The HG were told there was good news this morning but they said that there wasn't any.

#BB15 11:36 AM BBT BB calls for an ILD and the HG say good bye to the BY. Spencer strips to his boxers and jumps in the pool. They say goodbye and go inside. They watch out the back door until the cover comes down.

#BB15 11:39 AM BBT BB announces to the HG that the pool needs cleaning. Andy tells the other HG he will see them about 3:30 PM. Gina and Andy crawl in bed and Spencer goes to shower.

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#BB15 1:06 PM BBT The F3 are catching some zzzzz.

#BB15 1:32 PM BBT Nothing new to report. HG haven't even rolled over.

#BB15 1:36 PM BBT Breaking news - Gina has woken up and is out of bed brushing her hair.

#BB15 1:38 PM BBT All 3 HG are up! Spencer getting dressed and Gina doing ADLs.

#BB15 1:43 PM BBT Seems as thought they are going to have a HOH LD according to the HG but not confirmed.

#BB15 1:48 PM BBT HG complaining about McCrae eating their snacks and taking Andy's gummy bears.

#BB15 1:54 PM BBT F3 talking about comps. Gina says she is still upset that McCrae threw a comp to Amanda. Says that people shouldn't throw comps. Now Gina complaining about Howard throwing the milk at Aaryn's face.

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2:05pm BBT: we are now on trivia as the Hg are on HOH ld.

2:10pm BBTL Ld is over Hg head back down stairs and Andy goes to the shower and yells get out of the shower flies. Gm and Spencer are in the kt.

2:12pm BBT: All Hg going back to bed and Gm and Andy bashing other Hg that have already left.

2:28pm BBT: all Hg back in bed sleeping (shocker)

2:52pm BBT: Hg still sleeping in their beds.

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5:01pm BBT - The HG are talking about the VETO that Judd won about how well they did in that challenge. Then they talk about other veto's that they played as well.

5:04pm BBT - Andy brings up that he got talked to about the Candice crab by production then we got FOTH.

5:07pm BBT - HG are quiet in the LR. Spencer is laying on one couch, GM is sitting on one of the eviction chairs, and Andy is laying on the other couch.

5:13pm BBT - HG keep going between different subjects about this seasons players, then they get quiet, then talk continues. Heard Candice, Amanda, and McRae name's numerous times within the last five minutes and then it gets quiet. Just in deep thought in LR.

5:15pm BBT - Such discussions is just this new. Spencer said when Aaryn left she went out of the house with class. Andy agree'ed. GM said "Someone is having a party." as they heard something in the house and they think someone is having fun in the HOH room.

5:20pm BBT - Spencer thought GM got her stitches out today, and GM said she'll probably get them out later on, then we got FOTH.

5:23pm BBT - Feeds come back on and the HG are talking about past HG as well as past competitions and then the feeds go back to FOTH.

5:27pm BBT - The final 3 are now in the HOHR [HOHR lockdown?!]

5:28pm BBT - Andy asks BB/Production to play some fun music. Then I get FOTH

5:35pm BBT - Still got FOTH

5:45pm BBT - Nothing new to report as I still got the FOTH on the feeds.

5:58pm BBT - Nothing new to report as it's been FOTH for the last 30 minutes now.

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6:35 pm BBT Feeds are back. Andy and Spencer go to SR, Gina Marie comes running. They go in and scream, but there is nothing special. GM offers to make a Chex Mix snack, Andy and Spencer are not felling it. They take their stomach pills and leave the SR. Go to LR and sitting there bashing Amanda, and making up songs. Lots of FoTH

Throwing around McCrae's juggling balls. They want to play Sorry or Uno. Spencer said the game that is great as a kid but gets on your last nerve when you are an adult in Hungry Hungry Hippo. Talking about different games they played as kids, and Freddie getting Operation one year

Complaining that the balls smell. They joke McCrae kept them in his underwear. They throw the balls at Andy and he calls them bigots. They then talk about Amanda was attracted to Nick at first, but since she couln't get anywhere with him, she moved on to McCrae when he was HoH. More bashing.

Spencer surprised they didn't get a luxury comp to watch something , a movie or new TV show. They all agree they got those most seasons.

More FoTH sprinkled in. Bashing Amanda some more, and talking about her not being a good sport about the tanning booth.

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6:35PMBBT Feeds are back! They are all in the SR.

6:38PMBBT Sounds like GM saw the doctor or medic? Unsure which one. Andy says he would date him. GM Heard he hates him. Spencer corrects her. They are talking about games. Sorry, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Uno.

6:49PMBBT Spencer and Andy talk about what other HG's DR sessions would have been like, Spencer does his nightly Elisabeth Shue request. GM is making the Chex Mix in the KT. Andy keeps saying "Janelle to the DR."

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6:49PMBBT Spencer and Andy talk about what other HG's DR sessions would have been like, Spencer does his nightly Elisabeth Shue request. GM is making the Chex Mix in the KT. Andy keeps saying "Janelle to the DR."

6:55PMBBT Andy wonders how they got the wall paper and the fabric on the couch to match? Spencer says they probably had it done custom. Gm is still in the KT. Spencer is lying on one couch, Andy is on another.

7:00PMBBT GM eats at the counter. Spencer asks why she doesn't eat in the LR, she says she doesn't at home so she wouldn't there. Spencer has the balls again and is back lying on the couch.

7:05PMBBT GM is finished eating. She says her room at home is a mess. Tells them that she is constipated then continues her story about her room and how messy it is, she has stuff everywhere because she never completely moved back in. She is now talking about her Mom took out one wall to take it from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. Giving us the whole lay out.

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8:00PMBBT Coffee worked! GM says the game has gotta go quick 'cause now she has to go to the bathroom! Yet, they are finishing the game first.

8:05PMBBT Game is done! GM is running to try to clear her colon! She turns the water in the sink on (and I am personally grateful for that!) Spencer and Andy are still in the KT.

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8:10PMBBT Andy and Spencer check out the SR. They are hoping for another game to play but there isn't one there. Andy says he can not wait to get out of the house. GM is done in the WC. Nope, she wipes off her pants and goes back into the WC for round 2! The guys have dealt another hand of BullSh** and are yelling out to GM to get out there.

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8:31PMBBT They are painting little dinosaurs. Spencer asks GM what Freddy watches on tv. He likes Pawnstars and Hardcore Pawn and CSI. Spencer mentions Elisabeth Shue again. Spencer says he is looking forward to meeting GM's Freddy.

8:38PMBBT Painting party in the KT! Small talk, silent pauses, the occasional curse word as they work on their masterpieces. Spencer says he needs a break, GM says "Already?"

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