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Saturday, September 14 Live Feed Updates


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11:05 PM BBT GM beats Andy easily at checkers and they move on to tic tac toe. GM beats Andy by going slow and thinking out each move. Spencer has agreed to play BS so we have now moved to the dining room table.

11:25 PM BBT Still just a bunch of BS going on in the house. GM won the first game.

11:35 PM BBT BS is over with and Andy is brushing his teeth for bed. Spencer says Ef it I will too. GM was talking about staying up but now that she will be the only one up I don't know if that is still her plan.

11:45 PM BBT before bed the boys agree the Jury is bitter this year. Andy is nervous about the second part of HOH because he does not want to be the loser leaving his fate with the other two. They agree GM has a strong case to win. Spencer says nothing has changed he will take Andy. Spencer says he has no case to win. Andy says he doesn't think he does either.

11:55 PM BBT Small talk about the Jury and HOH. Gm gets out of the shower and Andy is officially ready for bed. Spencer crawls into bed and reads his letter.

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9:02 am BBT HG are snug in their beds.

9:30 am BBT Guess what? .....nothing is happening as the HG are sleeping.

10:00 am BBT zzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz

10:30 am BBT GM keeps thrashing around in bed. No one is out of bed.

10:30 am BBT As I hit the enter button we get FOTH.

10: 58 am BBT Andy and Spencer sitting in LR. Spencer saying he is not sorry it was just something that happened. they go on to talk tic tac toe. GM is talking from the KT. Spencer is going to ask DR how they can get laundry done. (they are on LD)

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11:13 AM Andy, Gina Marie, and Spencer are sitting around the LR talking. Spencer wishes BB wouldn't turn the lights as soon as one person gets up. Sometimes he likes to sit in a dark room. Andy says he played a different game the first half of this season of BB than he did the second.

11:18 AM BBT Our remaining three are in the LR talking about former HGs. They laugh that Judd thought Nick was Dan's cousin and Helen claiming God told her Judd was MVP. Spencer and Andy talk about how much hanky panky McCrae is probably getting in the jury house. Spencer "No sneaking around now I bet." They mention that Judd was very good at NOT talking about jury house. He must have been threatened.

11:30 AM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. They get a couple reminders not to talk about production. They are hoping that today is the last day that they will need Neosporin. Andy "BB, what else are we supposed to do?? Give us something!!" Boredom has set in.

11:41 AM BBT The three HG are sitting in the LR. They think McCrae's downfall was not relating to anyone in the house but Amanda. They can't think of a single conversation that he had with Candice and Jessie. Andy knows that even though she was always nice to him, he knew she was a B***h.

11:45 AM BBT Spencer and Gina Marie are talking about the next part of the HOH contest. They hope it will be today. Gina Marie said her arms didn't hurt yesterday but they sure do today.

11:51 AM Andy mentions that he shared a bed with Candice at first. He misses those days. He has realized that Candice was only in the house for six weeks and was a have not for three of them. Spencer "Couldn't have happened to a nicer person." Andy is glad that Spencer and Gina Marie got to experience being a HN so they know how cruel Aaryn was for putting him on it two weeks in a row.

11:56 AM BBT The HG have determined they haven't had a Have Not since after week nine. Andy says "we are already boring and then you get HN and all you want to do is sleep. Have fun live feeders." [but the mid week slop freak out almost makes it worth it-Goldylucks]

12:02 PM BBT Andy is talking about how bad some of them were at competitions. He said Howard looked like a power house but sucked. Judd flipped his inner tube like 99 times. Andy says his feet stink today. Spencer "So I guess it's a good thing you are rubbing them all over the furniture."

12:09 PM BBT Gina Marie has gone to lay down leaving Spencer and Andy alone in the LR. Spencer is going to shower soon. Just general chit chat.

12:13 PM BBT Some Elissa bashing going on. Andy says if she gives him a smart a$$ question if he gets to final two that he will tell her he doesn't care, doesn't want her vote, and would be offended if he got it. He tells Spencer that if he makes it, he will get his butt ripped on National TV in front of his family. He says particularly by Elissa because he "Spencered" her and by Helen.

12:16 PM Andy mentions that the before and after competition and spider competition were "Judd friendly". They didn't include anything that Judd would have missed while he was in jury. Spencer "This is the slowest Fing week ever and after the comps it is going to be scary." Spencer says he wants to put Andy's mind at ease. If he wins he's taking Andy. "No doubt."

12:21 PM BBT Andy jokes that after he leaves the BB house he isn't going back to Chicago. He's going to LA to be a big time actor. Spencer says he wants to hug his neighbor's neck. He says Jessie is the one who has the most unrealistic expectations about life after the game.

12:24 PM BBT Gina Marie is asleep. Andy goes to bed as well. Spencer is going to take a shower. Andy tells Spencer to wake him if he gets super bored.

12:26 PM BBT Spencer has decided to go back to bed instead of taking that shower. All 3 HGs are back in bed.

1:02 PM BBT Everyone is still napping

1:28 PM BBT Gina Marie and Spencer are still napping. Andy goes to the WC and then back to bed.

1:37 PM BBT It's Spencer's turn to visit the WC. After finishing he goes straight back to bed. All HGs are horizontal again.

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4:06pm BBT:Gm making something from coke bottles at the kittchen counter. Spencer walking around snacking and Andy in the bathroom.

4:12pm BBT: Gm made a bug sprayer out of coke bottles and is now putting on coveralls and Judds bandana so she can be an exterminator. Andy and Spencer sit on the living rm couch and andy says they are locking rooms and we cant go in the have not rm or the hoh rm and we cant go outside it is like we are in prison.

4:15pm BBT: Gm comes out of the color rm being an exterminator and Spencer says i love it Gm as he laughs then Andy laughs and says do a Judd and Gm starts walking and acting like Judd.

4:19pm BBT: Gm is still dressed as an Exterminator and is acting like she is spraying for roaches now she is hunting for her key that the Guys have hid from her and she finds it in Candices picture on the memeory wall.

4:30pm BBt: Spencer and Andy talking about doing a memorial walk like they do on Survivor and maybe they can put flowers on everyone that left there already. Andy then says he thinks their families have already planned to be there and bought their tickets .

4:43pm BBT: More Hg bashing going on in the Living rm.'

4:48pm BBT: Gm says she is taking a lunch break and making herself a cup of coffee still dressed as an exterminator (looks more like a Ghostbuster) .

4:55pm BBt: Gm and Andy now in Kt snacking and Spencer is in the bathroom. Andy now reading the popcorn box and says he doesnt understand it. Gm takes it and reads it. Spencer comes in and says cardsa arent shuffles yet and Andy says no we was trying to figure out the popcorn cuz a table spoon of unpopped is like 225 calories and a cup of popped is only 25 calories so i dont get it. Spencer is shuffling the cards and Gm says what ya wanna play and he says BS. They all go to the table and the dealing begins for a game of BS.

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5:12pm BBT: All three HG are still playing BS and laughing as Gm smacks the Skittles sheis eating.

5:24pm BBT: All three Hg in Kt eating and drinking coke and talking about the other Hg again and we get foth.

5:26pm BBT: Spencer in cockpit and Gm comes in and Spencer says it is hard to imagine that Mccrae and Amanda had sex in here. Andy walks in and says that it is a long day and going to be a long week in here.

5:44pm BBT: All Hg in cockpit talking about who might be there on finale night and Spencer says if it is only 3 people then i want my mom my dad and Marylin and we get foth.

5:54pm BBt: Nothing new going on Hg are waiting on the comp to go on tonight and Spencer says it might not be till tomorrow. Gm is in the STr going through cabnits.

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6:04PM BBT: GM is packing her things in the colorful room. (for someone with no clothes, she has a lot to go in that suitcase)
Andy and Spencer are in the lounge. Small talk about movies, actors, tv. Not much happening.

6:20PM BBT: They are all in the lounge. They talked about Andy going to the celebration when Obama won. They all find it weird that they haven't talked politics in months. GM says she can't just vote. She needs as much info as possible.
They are now discussing the part 2. GM says if nothing happens by 9PM she is going to work out like run or something in the house. She is annoyed with just sitting around all day. They are figuring out the time each comp started.

6:23PM BBT: Spencer says "All those people we aren't allowed to talk about are pretty cool. Like when we are crude and have jokes, they joke back which is pretty cool" (And that explains A LOT about the behind the scenes this season!)

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6:30PM BBT: They are talking about TV. GM is trying to remember TV shows from the early 80's. She is jogging her memory out loud, rambling. Every few lines, Spencer pipes up and tries to help out. Andy is quiet.

6:37PM BBT: They have all asked BB to play something. They have all asked for them to do something. We get BB saying "No!" Andy says "OK what ever A-hole!" They start making fun of production and now Andy is snacking on gummies which he says are a little too chewy. (Duh! they are gummies!)

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6:40PM BBT: Spencer hates Julianne Moore. GinaMarie hates Diane Lane. They all like Geena Davis. They talk about movies again. Andy tells them about a friend who is a comedian. And we go back to impersonating Candice and talking about HG. Andy goes to pee. He doesn't turn on the water so we hear it! He washes (rinses) his hands and now he is popping blackheads. GM gets told to "Stop that!" She was looking at her stitches. BB asks Andy "Did you wash your hands?" Andy freaks out. "YES I DID!" Spencer asks if he picked his nose Andy says "No but I picked a zit." (and didn't wash his hands after that!)

6:51PM BBT: They say Amanda had the best Zing. BB says "ZZZZZZZZZZZING!" GM yells "YEAH!!!!" they all laugh. Andy says his zing was an attack. Spencer says his was just hateful. (Isn't that the point) they start humming "Another one bites the dust" and we get a FotH!

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7:00PM BBT: The talk turns to sex. GM is too jealous of a person to have a 3some. Spencer says he is so bad at sex, he wouldn't want to be humiliated. Andy is pretty quiet. Spencer says anything can work out as long as there are no emotions involved. Spencer asks if there are any fantasies they wanted to do. GM says "No, just have Nick screw my brains out." they all laugh. Camera 1 has gone FotH. The other 3 are on the lounge.

7:08PM BBT: They are talking about the HN room. Andy wonders if it was the worst or not compared to other seasons. GM says it is the worst. "Did you see what it did to my hip? Gave me a coronary!" Andy says "Ummm a coronary is a heart thing." She says "I don't know but my hip is all screwed up!" Talk turns to the finale night. We get a brief FotH. They are now wondering who got called out the most all season by BB. They think it was GM (I think it was Andy) GM says Kaitlin was! BB: "HG I said STOP IT!"

7:15PM BBT: We have trivia!

7:16PM BBT: BB music is playing but we can see the HG changing their clothes! Looks like it is comp time! Andy and GM are in the Colorful room, Soencer is in the chair room. Socks are getting put on, running shoes are lacing up. GM has put on a hoodie and is going through her drawers.

7:19PM BBT: GM is getting pretty, putting on makeup. Andy is ready to go, he just brushed his luscious locks of hair. Spencer is going to the bathroom (yup, we hear it!). GM has her brown hat on and looks like they are ready to rumble!

7:22PM BBT: They are wandering around... pumping themselves up for the comp. GM was stretching on the KT floor (no idea why as she can't compete).

7:25PM BBT Andy and Spencer both say "Good luck my friend". Andy yells out "Alright we are ready!" GM wishes them both luck.

7:28PM BBT We can hear humming and hear camera movements but we see trivia on the feeds. Part 2 of the HoH comp is about to get underway!

7:31PM BBT Trivia with BB music. Comp is on!

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Feeds are back . . . Spencer says that he's depressed . . . sounds like Andy won part 2

The comp was like a rock climbing wall. They had to take a picture of an evicted HG and climb up the wall one at a time and put them in the order of eviction. Spencer and Andy both say it was the hardest comp so far. GM (with her broken toe, stitches, etc.) wishes BB would let her in the back yard to climb the wall just once before they take it down.

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10:05 PM BBT feeds have switched from trivia to fish. Hopefully that means the competition is almost done.

10:20 PM BBT We are back. Andy is talking a mile a minute. Andy and Spencer were suspended in the air having to find HG names in the sand and having to put them in order of when they were evicted.

10:25PM BBT Spencer says he is going to be so sore tomorrow he won’t get out of bed. GM is jealous and just wants to go up one time. Andy has won. Spencer said he knew Andy won when he saw his time so it is confirmed.

10:30 PM BBT Andy's adrenaline is still going haywire and he is talking so fast it is hard to keep up. They all agree they are starving and want GM's chicken parm. Andy keeps repeating he was acting like a baby during the comp because he couldn't find Candice.

10:40 PM BBT GM says she hates that Andy likes Candice. It gives her the heebie geebies (sp) when he says her name. Andy says she acts like she hates Amanda more. GM says not Amanda went out with class and didn't yell at her on live tv.

10:55 PM BBT Andy is taking a shower while Spencer talks to GM about part 3 of the Hoh comp and gives her tips.

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11:05 PM BBT Chicken Parm is out of the oven and Andy is out of the shower time to eat.

11:15 PM BBT More talk at the table about how hard the comp was and how the boys will feel sore tomorrow. Andy regrets not using the rock climbing wall in his gym.

11:35-11:45 PM BBT Small talk around the table about movies and how much tickets are and what movies they like. GM talks about dine in theaters and how the price of the ticket includes food. They move on to discussing why you shouldn’t bring a first date to the movies.

11:55 PM BBT Andy and GM talk in the KT about taking each other to the final two. Andy says there is nothing Spencer can say to change his mind. They start celebrating the fact that both of them will walk away with money.

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