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Monday, September 9 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT so the plan being hatched is to have Andy tell Mccrae that he and GM will throw hoh to him so he is guaranteed final 3. They want to tell him that the only way GM will go with the plan is if he uses veto on her now. (I would love a show of hands for who thinks will work.)

12:10 AM BBT Judd is headed to bed. Andy walked around and grabbed some of his things then heads into the KT to get a nectarine. GM is still doing her nails. Spencer is getting pizza. Mccrae feels tired all of a sudden. Spencer heads up to HOH with Mccrae. Spencer tells Mccrae that GM likes to make deals and that maybe they can make a deal with her to throw HOH (nice lead in into the plan...not)

12:30 AM BBT Spencer is making sure Mccrae will take him if he gets into the final three. Mccrae thinks that both he and Andy will take him. Mccrae swears up and down he would even take him to final two. Spencer says he is only fighting for runner up against everyone.

12:40 AM BBT Andy and GM are at the HT going over the plan to tell Mccrae to use the veto on her. She is going over the plan with him and making suggestions. She agrees to try it. They move on to Judd and how he is trying to get Andy put up over him.

12:50 AM BBT Andy told the plan to Mccrae to use his veto on GM. Mccrae heard it and in and to put it in a pc way, Mccrae said eff her, she is the reason Amanda is gone so she can go ef herself. Andy said it may work she is good to her word. Mccrae says he knows but the same reason she is scared to go against judd is the same reason he is. They keep subtly pushing the idea and he keeps saying it's crazy

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1:05AM BBT Andy leaves and Mccrae says eff that. It's desperate if that way a game move on Andy's part. Spence doesn't think it is and says there is a pay off in doing it but he understands the apprehension. Andy comes back upstairs and says that He has no reason not believe GM and that she just swore on everything. Mccrae says it's too crazy and he wont do it.

1:20 AM BBT Well what Spencer didn't want to happen happened. Judd goes into the BYD and GM spills the beans to him about the plan to have Mccrae use the veto on GM. Spencer didn't care for Judd to know to not get his hopes up. Upstairs Mccrae is still talking about how dumb that move would be and Andy keeps trying to push it. I think the more Andy pushes the more Mccrae knows it’s a bad idea for him.

1:30-1:40 AM BBT Mccrae gets ready to go tell GM he is not doing her plan. He plans to scare her by saying he doesn't know if he plans to vote to keep her. He want's to scare her into cutting some deals. They say this time they are not sad to see Judd go and will not cry when he leaves because of the way he is acting. Downstairs GM is in the KT making a snack.

1:50 AM BBT GM and Mccrae are sitting in the BYD now and GM is offering to throw the HOH if he uses veto on her. He says it’s a great deal but he doesn't want to look stupid. It isn't that he doesn't trust her, he doesn't trust the boys. She says you won it. She continues to say she will do whatever he wants next week but will understand no matter what he does.

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2:05 AM BBT Spencer and Andy assure each other they would never betray each other while laughing about how their plan did not work. GM and Mccrae are talking about other deals that are possible. GM says she can’t have more deals with more people because she doesn't want to not make good with anybody. She also says she won’t make a deal with Andy because she knows she cannot win against him.

2:20 AM BBT Andy and Spencer finish their love fest and are about to go downstairs, when GM comes upstairs and says it went well and he is considering it (I think he just humored her) Mccrae comes in and they stop talking about the plan. He doesn't stay long and they continue rehashing things.

2:30 AM BBT GM finishes hashing out the plan and is now going to go to bed, not before she tells Judd everything that Spencer told her not tell him.

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(going to go back and check the house from 2:30am forward last night)

2:30am bbt Spencer/Andy only ones awake now, in HOH Spencer congratulates Andy on his game play, how he could bust into any room and people would include him in their game talk, while they would decide to go to bed if Spencer walked in. Spencer tells Andy if he gives a shout out to Staten Island in his final 2 speech, he'll be certain to get GMs vote.

Spencer feels if he is in final 3 with McCrae/GM, either of them would take Spencer to F2. Spencer feels McCrae would take Andy over Spencer to F2(laying the groundwork for Andy to vote out GM if McCrae wins HOH next week and Andy wins POV, putting SPencer/GM on the block and Andy the only vote).

2:36am bbt Spencer asks Andy about the 3 AM alliance and how long it lasted. Andy says only a few weeks, Amanda started it by telling Andy that she had pulled Aaryn in, so how could Andy say no? Spencer gives Andy credit for breaking up the moving company.

2:27am bbt Judd gets up, causing GM to get up and tell him what he should say to Spencer/Andy about the McCrae/POV idea

2:40am bbt Spencer/Andy still reviewing the season in HOH, Judd wanders thru kitchen, passes McCrae who is awake. McCrae tells Judd it's 2:40, and Judd heads back to bed.

2:46am bbt McCrae has joined Spencer/Andy in HOH, discussing how much they never could trust Helen. Spencer says Helen always talked about her game in terms of being in the final 2. Andy says, when there were people like Helen/Amanda out in the foreground making moves for us, why should we stick our neck out and mess up our game? (making a good case for F2 speech in answer to the jury question of being a floater?)

2:52am bbt Andy asks McCrae about his talk with GM(and the idea of him using the POV on her). They all agree it would be a dumb move on McCrae's part, even though he does trust them. They agree they have great odds of all making it to the final 3. Andy asks if they are leaning towards voting out Judd? Andy would prefer keeping him in the dark about the vote. McCrae says not having cigarettes will make him all the more anxious, so Spencer says give the guy some, there's only 10 days left and it will make Judd so much easier to live with the next few days.

3:00am bbt Spencer/Andy/McCrae still in HOH, Andy snacking on Spencer's HOH food, all still rehashing moments in the season.

3:05am bbt Andy heads to kitchen for more snacks, comes back and they discuss Howard's stray vote the week Nick left.

3:18am bbt Spencer/Andy/McCrae are still in HOH discussing the season. Spencer feels the Moving Company being outed caused the others to allign quickly. Andy laughingly points out the house was scared of the 3 person alliance of Spencer/Howard/Candice. Judd is awake again, roaming the house, then heads outside to patio, somehow has a cigarette to smoke.

3:20am bbt Spencer asks McCrae when the Moving Company formed? McCrae says day 2, causing Andy to get upset cause he was hoping to see it happen on the feeds when he goes back to watch.

3:22am Judd heads back inside to the kitchen, Spencer points out seeing him on the HOH screen. Judd joins them in HOH and they continue reminiscing about the season.

3:31am bbt HOH talk is about Howard. McCrae says Spencer was right about Howard, he should have been on Road Rules, divide up into 2 sides and just go at each other each day.

3:34am bbt HOH talk turns to Candice. Andy says part of his plan became "when in doubt, blame Candice". Spencer says if Howard/Candice had kept their mouth shut and just smiled/laughed, instead of scrabbling and getting nervous about the votes, they would have been ok. Andy can't imagine what it would have been like trying to talk strategy with Candice if she had won HOH.

3:41am bbt Judd leaves HOH, heads to kitchen, Spencer/McCrae/Andy still talking about the season/HGs. By 3:45am, Judd is back in the HOH with the guys.

3:48am bbt Andy asks McCrae if it was obvious to the cameras when him/Amanda were having sex in the house. He doesn't think so(but yes, it was). McCrae says she took advantage of him every time. He says if he could do the season over, he would do 'without that stuff'. Spencer questions him, and McCrae says he was referring to the extra curricular activities in the house.

3:57am bbt McCrae's turn to go to the kitchen for snack, the others take the time to discuss GM's attempt to get McCrae to use the POV on her(don't expect that to happen).

4:00am bbt McCrae is back in the HOH with the guys. By 4:10, they are playing F/M/Kill with the female HGs. When McCrae selects Elissa as a choice of 'kill', McCrae jokes they are going to use that in their final 2 speech against him.

4:15am bbt Judd is frustrated there have been so many puzzles. "Next we are going to have to solve a puzzle to use the bathroom!" Talk turns to the racist events in the house, black/white-fish-gate...

4:24am bbt Andy heads downstairs, preps for bed, and is in bed by 4:35. Spencer/McCrae/Judd are still in HOH discussing which BB season had the best looking females. (All of this HOH conversation has been extremely boring!)

4:58am bbt Judd heads downstairs to bed, leaving McCrae/Spencer to discuss game a little. Spencer says Andy has kept him safe in the game, McCrae wants to know if they have "anything", or if GM/Andy have any deal? Spencer doesn't think so, saying he can't beat Andy in the F2, he is the most dangerous for anyone to take to F2. McCrae says he's worried about getting cut at F4. McCrae says GM is willing to make a deal after the POV ceremony. They agree Andy wants to take GM over Judd into next week, and that it's probably for their best as well. McCrae's only fear is if GM/Andy have a deal.

5:20am bbt Spencer/McCrae head downstairs, get ready for bed, and all is dark/quiet in the house by 5:40. Spencer is listening to music still in dark HOH room until 5:50am, when feeds switch to sleeping HGs downstairs.

7:15am bbt Everyone is sleeping...

8:20am bbt Nothing has changed... they are still sleeping....

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#BB!5 9:24 AM BBT Judd and Gina getting ready for the day. Spencer called to DR.

#BB15 9:34 AM BBT Judd goes to HOH and talks to Spencer. Spencer tells him he has nothing to worry about. Says that Andy is keeping Judd and he is the tie breaker in case anything happens. He says Gina is going home.

#BB15 9:42 AM BBT Judd and Spencer continue the talk. Spencer assures him he is fine. Judd asks him to let him know if something changes.

#BB15 9:58 AM BBT Gina does laundry. HG snoozing again.

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10:08am BBT: judd is up and ask Gm if she is feeling ok as she is laying in bed trying to sleep and she says yeah my arm just hurts but its ok and she closes her eyes again.BB calls Mccrae to the Dr.

10:14am BBT: Judd is outside lowering the awnings for BB and Mccrae has gone to the Dr and Spencser is now up in the Kt making a bowl of cereal. Andy is still sleeping and Gm is resting in her bed.

10:48am BBT:been on FOTH for 30 minutes now

10:52am BBT: Judd and Spencer in HOh rm talking and Spencer says its all good man and Judd is talking about talking to mccrae later. Spencer says how close are Andy and Gm and Judd says i dont know pretty close i guess.Gm comes in and says good speech Judd and Judd says sorry. Judd says i aint going to campagne against you Gm but i know i wont get ciggaretts no more. Judd ask if Andy is mad and Gm says i dont think so.Andy joins the HOH rm now and Judd says i am sorry i made tyou uncomfortable Andy and Andy says its ok it was a good speech.

10:55am BBT:The Exterminators are all in HOH and Judd says we all had a chnce and it is what it is. Judd says i dont think i look to bad on tv and Andy says you wasnt mean you just said what he done. Judd says yeah.

10:57am BBT: Mccrae is back in bed going back to sleep. The POV ceremony took place and Mccrae removed himself and Judd was put up as a replacement Nominee.

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11:04am BBT: Judd is called to the Dr.He says he doesnt want to go right now and SZpencer says they want the dude of the hour while he is hot. he leaves hoh and GM takes a deep breath and andy says he hates that Mccrae won that veto.Andy says it sucks that he won and Judd has to go i would rather he stay here and mccrae leave this week.

11:09am BBT: spencer says i wonder what mccrae is thinking and Gm says he isnt he is sleeping and Spencer says i bet he isnt sleeping.

11:17am BBT: Spencer and Gm tsalking about how Mccrae has 3 pov's and 2 hoh's now and Spencer says he is worried that next week he and Andy will be on the block together.

11:21am BBT: Gm called to the Dr and Spencer goes to the bathroom as Judd sits in HOh rm thinking.

11:25am BBt: Judd and Spencer in HOh talking and Judd says he will have to fight hard for that hoh thursday night and he tells Spencer that if they are going to get rid of me just let me know ok and Spencer says dude your good.Judd says all i want to do in front of you and Andy is make nice with mccrae and i dont want any kind of awkwardness and i dont want to fight.

11:30am BBT: Judd goes downstairs and walks around the Kt Mccrae is sleeping and Spencer is laying in his bed. Gm is in the Dr.

11:36am BBT: Spencer is now being called to the DR Gm comes out of Dr and says guess what is in the STR our luggage and Judd says oh crap might be an eviction wednesday and then says it might be tomorrow night and GM says no i aint packing till wednesday night

11:38am BBT: Judd goes to color rm and tells Andy that the luggage is in the STR and Andy says already? Judd says dont they usually put them in the day before and Andy says that weird. He says i think its unfair if there is an eviction for wednesday cuz that wouldnt be fair not to tell us.

11:40am BBT: Gm comes in color rm and Her and Judd and Andy are talking about how weird it is the luggage is already in the STR.GM says i dont think there is anything to it i think they are just putting it there and i aint packing till wednesday cuz i still have to do my hair and clean my clothes.Judd says i am going to ask in DR.

11:43am BBT: Gm and Judd go out to the BY and Gm says she has to get her clothes out and is thinking about laying out for a little color maybe.

11:46am BBT: Gm goes back in the house and gets a drink of her coke then Judd comes in and Gm says i am going to go lay down what are you going to do and he says probably lay down in a bit but right now i am gonna wonder around

11:55am BBT:Gm , Andy and mccrae in bed sleeping Spencer is still in the Dr and Judd is sitting in the bathroom WA alone .

11:56am BBt: Spencer comes out of Dr and Judd tells him that their luggage is in STR and says isnt that weird and Spencer says yeah that is weird. Judd says but the By is still open so thats weird.Spencer heads up to HOh rm saying thats weird dude. He now takes his mic and shirt off and gets in bed for a nap.

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#BB15 12:24 PM BBT Spencer comes out of DR and heads to his old bed downstairs. Possibly getting ready in HOH for his blog.

#BB15 12:30 PM BBT Judd wakes up Gina. He says something isn't right. First the bags and now Spencer. Judd says he asked about packing and wasn't given a straight answer. They wonder if there is a Pandora's Box.

#BB!5 12:38 PM BBT Judd and Andy talk. Judd trying to solidify with Andy that he is staying.

#BB15 12:40 PM BBT An ILD has been called and Spencer is in HOH. Andy going up to see if can get into HOH room. Andy announces that it's locked. He is pacing.

#BB!5 12:49 PM BBT Andy pacing the floor. So excited and nervous with what might be happening. McCrae still in bed.

#BB!5 12:51 PM BBT Andy and Gina talking. Gina says that she needs to shave. Andy asks her legs? and she replies her privates (insert another word here). They then discuss other things and Gina throws in some Candice bashing.

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1:02pm BBT: Mccrae still in bed sleeping as Gm and judd and Andy are pacing around waiting for Spencer to come out of the HOH rm or for something else to happen.

1:03pm BBt: Andy goes to the phone in the living rm and says here Gm this is for you and she says tell em i aint here and he says here Judd its for you and Judd answers and says oh hi Nick and Gm crawls to the phone on the floor laughing and andy says well he wanted you first and laughs.

1:07pm BBT: Gm is working out in the living rm and Mccrae is now up and going to other rm with other hg, Andy in living rm now and Judd is pacing the house while Spencer is stil locked in HOH rm. BB tells Mccrae to please put on his mic so he drags his feet through the house to get it.

1:18pm BBT: Everyone sitting in living rm except mccrae he is in Kt making food and Spencer who is locked in hoh rm. they are all wondering whatis going on that they dont have the By anymore or if they are having an eviction tomorrow. Gm says i dont know why they put our luggage in there so early.

1:21pm BBt: Hg are now talking about the first night of BB and where they was all sitting and judd says i remember that nick was on the couch cuz he looked mad when i spilled champaign on him when i was pouring it and eveyone staerts laughing.Mccrae has gone to his bed to eat his lunch now and read the bible.

1:30pm BBT: Andy yells for Mccrae to come sit in the living rm with them and mccrae says no i just want to try to sleep and Andy says hashtag mad and mccrae says hashtag mad. then Gm asked about playing checkers and andy says lets play cards and Gm says no i have to keep my ears clear and andy says playing cards wont keep your ears clear and we get foth.

1:37pm BBT: BB calls Spencer to the Dr and Judd says he is probably just doing his blog and Gm says it is always on tuesday and if he is doing it now it makes no sence.they all wait for spencer to head to the Dr so they can ask him what he was doing.

1:47pm BBT: Andy is at the hoh door asking spencer what is going on and Spencer says i am in here with rachel riley and Bb says Andy knock it off. Andy goes back down and Judd says can you get in and Andy says no it was locked.

1:51pm BBt: andy, Judd and Gm still waiting for spencwer to come down from the HOh rm and are speculating what is going on then cameras start moving in all directions and pointing at doors and they get paranoid.mccrae is in bed sleeping again.

1:56pm BBT: cameras on hoh door and Spencer comes out and andy asked if it was the blog and he says yeah isnt that normally on sunday and Andy and Gm says no it is normally on tuesday and Gm says thats weird and Judd says well we got out suitcases now and then talk turns to the ants in the Kt.

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#BB15 2:32 PM BBT Gina is packing her bags. Spencer and Andy talking about one of the HOH comps.

#BB15 2:36 PM BBT The BY has opened and Judd/Andy say nothing was done. Andy says he got all dressed up for no reason.

#BB15 2:46 PM BBT Andy and Judd talk in the BY about blindsides etc. Andy thinks the jury is bitter.

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5:05 PM BBT Judd is napping. McCrae, Spencer, Andy, and Gina Marie are enjoying a nice evening in the backyard. Just general chit chat.

5:10 PM BBT In the BY McCrae and Gina Marie are talking about Elissa again. They didn't like it that every time they were preparing for the live show she just HAD to go to the DR. McCrae implies she had a need for preferential treatment. Spencer goes upstairs to talk to Andy. They are discussing that Gina Marie has a good chance of winning the 1st part of the final HOH but that both he and Andy have a good chance of beating her on part 2. Spencer tells Andy that all Gina Marie will have to say at finals is say that she is the only person that had the balls to nominate and get rid of Amanda. Andy says he can take credit for flipping but Spencer says flipping is not as valuable.

5:15 PM BBT Spencer and Andy are in the HOHR. Spencer says that he is playing for runner up now. Andy gets Spencer to admit that Judd needs to go this week. They agree that he needs to be told in advance, probably tomorrow. Spencer does not think Judd will be a bitter jury member. He will appreciate swapping 10th for 5th.

5:20 PM BBT In the BY McCrae and Gina Marie are talking. They both think they have little chance of winning if they take Andy to the final two. Gina Marie is worried about her stitches but will be a fighter in the comps regardless. They tell each other that they are better off taking each other to finals than Spencer or Andy.

5:25 PM BBT In the HOHR Andy is telling Spencer that both Gina Marie and Judd have been good to him and he hates that he has to choose. Spencer tells Andy that Andy will definitely beat him in the end. Andy just hopes McCrae doesn't make it to final three. They then go back to discussing how they can beat Gina Marie in the final HOH.

5:30 PM BBT McCrae and Gina Marie are talking about how they can pump each other and support each other in the final HOH. Meanwhile in the HOH Spencer and Andy are trying to determine who would McCrae take with and who he would be willing to use the veto on.

5:35 PM BBT Gina Marie and McCrae are talking about their previous competitions in the BY. Spencer an d Andy are talking about how they can't let McCrae win everything or he deserves to win the whole thing. Spencer anticipates a quick week. They are speculating when BB will air their competitions.

5:40 PM BBT Elissa trash talking in the BY between Gina Marie and McCrae. They don't like that she refused to share any information about herself such as her anniversary, her birthday, her age, etc. Upstairs Andy and Spencer are going over the dates again. They are not in agreement on some of the earlier days.

5:45 PM BBT Wash, rinse, repeat in the BY about Elissa. In the HOH Spencer says he wants Andy to win the big prize because he has saved Spencer's butt several times. Andy just can't believe they only have nine days left and that they have an eviction tomorrow.

5:50 PM BBT Spencer and Andy in the HOHR. They like Gina Marie so much more now. They think she is starting to really dislike Aaryn and has been giving the boys kisses on the cheek lately. In the KT Gina Marie and McCrae use the bread knife to cut a cord from a competition in half. They call it something to remember each other by.

5:55 PM BBT Spencer and Andy are debating how and when they are going to tell Judd he is leaving. Andy is thinking about yanking him into a room during a commercial break. Neither of them want his to be blindsided. They still can't believe it's all over in 9 days and Spencer is stressing out that he can't play in the next HOH. Andy heads downstairs leaving Spencer to listen to music. Gina Marie is walking out of the SR with armloads of papertowels. Judd is in the BY smoking and pacing.

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6:10PM BBT Spencer is napping in the HoHR. GM, McCrae and Andy are in the BY. McCrae is wondering about tomorrow. He thinks it will be Q and A comp. Andy says he is in fear that they are going to play "that stupid bb theme for 2 hours" Andy and GM are now talking about the "80's play list". They miss it. McCrae agrees. They don't like country. It is a lot of "I like this, I don't like that." talk.

6:20PM BBT Andy and McCrae are talking about the jury house. They think it sounds awesome. They wonder if everyone is getting along and if there is a cameraman all the time there. They both want to just see it. We get a brief FotH.

6:30PM BBT The talk turns to former HG. McCrae feels bad for putting Candice and Jessie on the block week one. They both think that she could have still been in the house if she had just stayed calm. McCrae says her attitude pissed him off. Andy says "I do think she was here to meet a boyfriend."
In the color room, GM tells Judd where everyone is in the house. She heads to the SR.

6:35PM BBT GM is cleaning. She pulls out some furniture in the chair room and there is still confetti back there. Judd comes out and asks what she is doing. She says trying to get some stuff up before she has to vacuum tomorrow. He walks away. (do these boys ever clean anything?) She has made her way through the LR to the KT.
In the BY, the talk is back to Elissa again... yes again.

6:40PM BBT GM joins the boys out back and asks if Judd came out, Andy says "Yes he did. He is hiding. JUDD! Come out!" She laughs and tells them that Judd pointed out to her some arrows that are painted in glow in the dark paint and we get FotH. (udd was in the WC) Feeds come back. McCrae starts talking about production and we get another FotH.

6:45PM BBT Spencer has rolled over in bed.
Judd is outside with the BY "We hate Elissa" crew and again it is all about how awful Elissa is and how she has the "Brenchel Army". McCrae says that he needs the McCrae army and people with super clickers who can vote and vote over and over again. GM wants to know how to do that. GM tells Judd (who is yawning) to go back to bed, he says he is not sleepy (as he is yawning) Andy tells GM that he gave the pair of socks to Elissa. GM gave Elissa her pink tank top. GM says her socks were from the dollar store.

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6:50PM BBT The talk is about how different the BY is from last season. Judd thinks the awnings are new this year (they have them every year) and Andy points out the couch seems new (all furniture is new every year) McCrae says they had to get a new hammock because Ian probably broke the one last year from swinging on it. Judd is now talking flights to get home. He has to connect. They all think it is faster going home. "West to East is faster!" McCrae says it is the wind streams. (it is jet stream but he is right) We now get FotH.

6:55PM BBT McCrae just announced he walked out of the shower naked today. (We will be looking for that for you all. If it is on the feeds, we will find it) Spencer is now awake.

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7:35PM BBT McCrae and Andy are talking about who they would hang out with outside the house and who they liked the most.
In the KT, Judd hugs GM and says if he is the one to go he will be rooting for her. He asks her to keep it between them, she agrees and thanks him. GM asks "What was that?" Judd says "Him screaming." in reference to Spencer. Spencer walks out of the SR singing. FotH.

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7:42PM BBT Everything old is new again. We have had a rest from HG bashing and now it is back! The boys are in the BY discussing comps they wish they had played in and complaining about how Helen was mad at Spencer winning the vacation. Andy says she was mad McCrae won the $5K! Spencer wanders into the house to check on the defrosting meat. GM is washing dishes and asking Spencer how to cook the chicken. He tells her about the BY comps talk.

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7:50PM BBT McCrae and Spencer talk in the BY. Spencer says "Hell at this point I would take Freddie Kruger to the final 2 if I could win!" They discuss a speech that Judd made today. It made them all uncomfortable. McCrae wonders if it was his version of a dead man walking speech.
Judd is working Andy for his vote in the colorful room. He says to Andy "Hey, I want me and you at the end." They whisper some more and Judd heads out to the BY and asks what winters are like where Spencer is from. Then they ask McCrae about MN winters. Spencer asks if it is tundra. (it's not) McCrae says it is plains and coniferous forests.

7:55PM BBT Spencer says the only thing more stressful than BB would be war. We get FotH.

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8:03PM BBT Judd and McCrae talk in the BY. Sounds like McCrae has told Judd he has his back and Judd is worried about them being seen alone together for too long so he heads inside (a little Andy thinking there!). He heads up to the HoHR. Andy is in the shower. Spencer is listening to music in the HoHR. Andy said there were ants in the HoHR bathroom. (Maybe y'all should clean something?) Judd asks Spencer if they are going to tell GM. Spencer says he can't. He isn't allowed. Judd asks how much he has to worry, Spencer says "Zero, Bro!" Judd doesn't sound convinced.

8:11PM BBT Judd and Spencer are talking about McCrae in the HoHR. Judd says he is a wreak! Spencer says they won't get alcohol tonight. Spencer says he has been on the block 7 times. Judd doesn't know how he did it. McCrae is outside whispering to himself. Sounds like he is going over comps and history of the season.

8:15PM BBT HoHR talk is about GM and how sweet she is. Andy is in the KT now with GM, looks like rice-a-roni is done. McCrae is still in the BY alone.

8:20PM BBT Spencer is talking to Judd about game. Spencer says he needs to go take a #2. Judd puts the headphones on. Spencer does not turn on water or mask the sound. We can see Judd but hear Spencer having his movement.
Andy and McCrae in the BY talking about Judd and how they wish they could tell him but, they can't. Andy thinks it is 10PM. McCrae says no. Andy thinks he gets less and less sleep each night but, can not sleep.

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8:25PM BBT Production talk. FotH. Wrap party talk. FotH. More wrap party talk. FotH. Spencer is still talking to Judd in the HoHR. McCrae and Andy in the BY. Andy says Judd is just freaking out. Andy says he is gonna go to bed early tonight. BB has told them they need to get up early tomorrow. Andy says they give too much credit to Judd. He is not a mastermind, just a hot head. They wonder if there will be a live audience tomorrow for the show and if it will be shown Tues or Wed on TV.

8:30PM BBT Many times tonight the HG have said "Slutever", This is a reference to Elissa when she left the house she said "Whatever" to Judd when she was leaving. Judd has said it often tonight.
Spencer was called to the DR. GM is setting the table. McCrae is talking about his exGF, Carissa. All 4 feeds go to GM in the KT.

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8:36PM BBT GM bellows "HEY GUYS! HEY YO!" Whistles, "HEY SPENCE! ANDY!" Andy goes inside and asks if she needs help. GM says "No, it is almost done." They have chicken, porkchops, rice-a-roni and she made potatoes. Judd asks GM where her plate is, she says she ate before. Now the porkchops need 10 more minutes.
Judd says "We love you Elissa... Whatever." He says it was a heartfelt whatever. GM laughs. She says "Elissa was running around like a chicken with no head. She didn't know what to do."

8:43PM BBT The HG are eating, waiting oon the porkchops. GM talks about home and how she is looking forward to Halloween. Last year they didn't have one because of Hurricane Sandy. They are talking about how awesome their final 5 is and it is the best one ever. Andy is called to DR.

8:47PM BBT GM starts talking about an ex. He was a marine engineer and we get FotH.

8:50PM BBT GM is loving being the woman of the BB house. Every night when they eat, she watches, asks how they like everything and her face lights up. She smiles as they slurp and chew.
GM asks Spencer about metal detectors. He makes reference to terrorism and he would use titanium or something to get past them.
McCrae heads up to the HoHR to listen to music and GM rehashes her potato recipe for dinner. She says that Nick would be able to eat this meal.

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8:55PM BBT GM is called to DR. Judd says he needs a tranquilizer and we get a 90 sec FotH.
Spencer, Judd and Andy are eating still, they are talking about the fish and how Spencer forgets to feed them. Spencer is basking in the glory that they are almost at the end. He sings that he is going to go pee. Again, we can hear him but don't see (I am sick of his bodily functions this evening). Judd and Andy talk about movies and how often they go to the theater. Andy asks him about bible study and how often he goes to that. Judd says he is slacking in it.

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