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Monday, September 9 Live Feed Updates


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09:04 PM BBT McCrae continues to listen to music in the HoH. He appears to be staring off into space (maybe the spy screen). Meanwhile down in the KT Spencer and Judd are talking about Helen and how she had HoHitis. Spencer asks if he has HoHitis. Andy points out this late in the season it's easy to avoid having it...not that he's trying to defend Helen.

09:07 PM BBT Spencer talks about what he put in his blog and we get a brief bit of FoTH. Feeds back and Spencer and Andy are talking about how Candice went off on him. Andy says that was one of the best things that happened to him. Judd wanders back in from peeing (and yes we got to listen to it) and agrees. Spencer says he had just woken up from a nap outside and still had his sunglasses on and heard Candice say "Spencer will you come outside for a moment?" Spencer says he knew was up and went back outside with his glasses on so people couldn't see his reaction. Judd says he knew he was mad. Spencer says he probably would have pulled out a shotgun and shot her. The three have a laugh.

09:11 PM BBT Judd says "For you AfterDarkers I'm on the block with GinaMarie because of this guy right here (as he points to Spencer). They wonder what camera is on them. They look to the camera mounted above the memory wall and say it's focused on the HoH. It spins around and Judd repeats his speech. Andy says he got a Pandora's Box and the camera spins away. GinaMarie out of DR. It was medic time. Her favorite time of the day according to Spencer. She got a couple more ace bandages in army colors. Spencer asks to see one and the feeds switch to McCrae listening to music in HoH. Judd called to DR. FoTH.

09:17 PM BBT Feeds still on McCrae listening to music in the HoH. Loud sounds can be heard coming from elsewhere in the house. Spencer walks in and asks what song he's on. Spencer sings "I'm on a plane!" Spencer says he's tired of being down there. McCrae agrees. Spencer is nervous about tomorrow because he can't play. He's afraid he's get fu****. McCrae says he's in a good spot. Andy comes up. McCrae says he's tired of listening to Judd. Andy agrees. One of them says he's begging and tomorrow will be difficult. Andy doesn't want to be left alone with him tomorrow.

09:24 PM BBT Judd joins the HoH group. He walks in laughing, saying he was scratching his ear on the door. That's the best door for scratching your ear on. They all laugh and talk turns to how Elissa liked to scratch her ear on that door all the time and how she'll win America's Player. They are all disgusted by this. GinaMarie joins the HoH group. Brief period of FoTH as they talk about Spencer's family. Feeds back and the conversation has turned to how to pronounce the word caramel.

09:29 PM BBT GinaMarie is attempting to do origami again. Judd asks what everyone's favorite Jodi moment was in the house last season. Andy says his favorite Jodi moment was when she had a funeral after being locked in solitary confinement and then tricked Danielle into thinking she was done with her. Judd is confused before finally saying Dan did that. Andy and Spencer say it was Jodi.

09:33 PM BBT Talk in the HoH has turned to their most favorite episode of BB ever being the double eviction in which Danielle Donato and Jeff were evicted on the same episode. They wonder if that's normal to have multiple double evictions. They know BBCA did and Judd points out that they had an instant eviction. GinaMarie turns up her origami project (Andy predicted she would do this a few minutes ago).

09:39 PM BBT Talk has been about the Beverly Hillbillies TV show. GinaMarie is surprised when she says "I finally it!" She completed the cicada. Andy praises her. Someone questions if that's Elissa's cup. GinaMarie says it is and she left it so it's ours now. Spencer points out that one of the two of them in the room will win big money.

RT @KAllen6389: @mortystv GM just made a cicada origami thingy. Hope she doesn't get a paper cut!!!!!! -- She's very proud of herself!

09:43 PM BBT McCrae has finished listening to the Nirvana CD. Judd wanders downstairs to get some floss. Someone can be heard taking a pee. Judd heads back upstairs.

09:50 PM BBT We've had movie talk for the past 5 minutes or so. Spencer says he doesn't like movies that have rape scenes in them. They're a bit gruesome and uncomfortable. Everyone agrees.

09:56 PM BBT Horror movie talk continues in the HoH. Andy liked House of Wax. GinaMarie wanders downstairs and gets herself something to eat. She sits down at the KT counter to eat.

09:59 PM BBT Spencer starts to tell a joke...regrets starting the joke...and then tells the joke... "What does Rock Hudson and Lynn Bias have in common...they both got a hold of some bad crack." (Rock Hudson had aids...) Spencer says he doesn't mean that. It's just a joke. Andy groans. Spencer makes Andy OK it so it'll be OK. Andy says it's OK. GinaMarie joins the HoH and movie talks again.

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10:08 PM BBT Movie talk has fallen by the wayside. They start doing jokes. GinaMarie tells Andy to pick up his phone (mic transceiver) and she runs through a couple of cheesy and cleanish jokes. Spencer and McCrae agree that they are bad at telling jokes. Talk turns back to movies.

10:17 PM BBT Talk turns to TV shows. Spencer likes Pimp My Ride. Judd and GinaMarie likes Storage Wars. Spencer has a funny Storage Wars story and asks what time it is. AfterDark is still on. He never really says why he wont tell the story right now.

10:20 PM BBT Talk turns to different Bible stories briefly and then turns back to movies. BB announces that the SR is now available. They hope it's alcohol. GinaMarie asks Spencer to take the trash down because there are ants in it.

10:23 PM BBT There is alcohol in the SR. There is a bottle of wine and a couple of beers. Judd just wants to get sleepy. McCrae, Andy and GinaMarie are alright with the wine. McCrae says someone should go put a request in for more now. Spencer says considering what tomorrow is he's surprised that they're getting alcohol tonight. Spencer heads into the WC.

10:27 PM BBT Apparently there are more than 2 beers because Spencer heads outside and sits down to drink one. Judd comes out to join Spencer and (jokingly) asks if there's anything new. Judd says he's kidding because he's been with him most of the day. Judd hopes he's not being annoying. Spencer says he's not. McCrae, Andy and GinaMarie come outside and movie talk resumes.

10:30 PM BBT Talk turns to Elissa and how she claimed that everyone was playing with her ball that she brought in from a competition. Someone opened her drawer and she had three balls in there which means she was collecting them from everyone because BB wouldn't have let her bring in more than one. GinaMarie says that Elissa complained that someone had thrown confetti from the balloon popping luxury comp in her bags. McCrae says he pointed out to her that balloons were everyone and people were just popping balloons until Amanda told him that she did it. McCrae says he was upset with her for doing that. Elissa also claimed that people were going through her bags which would be like the kiss of death for anyone in the BB house so he thought she was mistaken.

10:34 PM BBT Talk turns to previous seasons of BB. Casey (BB 11) was the rapping voice of OTEV one season. Talk turns back to music and the songs they want to hear still before they leave the house.

10:41 PM BBT We continue to talk about the different kinds of music they want to hear. Andy says some songs are fun guilty pleasure. Judd is smoking and questions McCrae about different kinds of cigarettes he's smoked. GinaMarie picks up three cigarettes and Judd cautions her to not break them because they're like gold.

10:46 PM BBT Spencer heads in to get another beer. GinaMarie follows him in. Music talk continues in the BY. Spencer comes back out and says that GinaMarie asked him to relay the message that she if anyone needs her she's going to take a poop. Awkward silence for a moment. Talk turns to sports. McCrae likes college basketball. Spencer says college sports is always better because of the motivation. McCrae agrees.

10:50 PM BBT Judd can't believe GinaMarie stuck the cigarette up her nose. They all laugh. BB calls out GinaMarie for not having her mic on. Spencer laughs and says she's taking a poop. They wonder who she would be talking to. Talk turns to what it's going to be like watching the shows from home.

10:57 PM BBT McCrae to wonder if they had the feeds on him when he got out of the shower earlier. McCrae says it was so weird that he just walked out and looked up and saw himself naked and realized what he did. McCrae says it's going to be weird to get out of the house and break the conditioning that's happened to them while they've been in the house (wear a mic, don't walk around naked because you don't want it to be seen on TV). Talk turns back to wake up music in the morning. McCrae says he sometimes wants to walk into DR before going to bed and ask them to play a specific song. Spencer says he's tried that and it don't work. Andy says it has worked for him.

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11:01 PM BBT Judd wanders in to see what time it is. Andy and Spencer agree that it's crazy there's only 8 days left in the house. Andy says GinaMarie is the last one standing between them and the end. Spencer points out that all GinaMarie has to do is say "I had the balls to put Amanda and McCrae on the block together and got Amanda out. If that makes you happy, vote for me to win." and she could. Judd comes back out and says it's just barely 11pm.

11:08 PM BBT Talk turns to previous competitions. Candice claimed she had a photographic memory and yet she changed two of the items around that were in the photograph. Spencer says "She said 'But I have a photographic memory!' and I wanted to say b**** I have a photograph!" (I have to admit that I laughed out loud at that one - NiteSlacker). Someone can be heard coughing behind the scenes in production and Spencer calls out that they need to take a cough drop.

11:13 PM BBT Talk in the BY between Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Judd about why the recording schedule changed, what it could mean when things will actually air.

11:15 PM BBT GinaMarie is out of the shower in HoH. Silence in the BY for the moment.

11:18 PM BBT idle chit chat. GinaMarie is blow drying her hair in the WA. In the BY Judd questions whether they've talked any game (McCrae walked in to use the WC) today. Spencer and Andy say no. Andy says it's hard being on the block. McCrae back outside.

RT @_Disgustipated_: @mortystv cant believe im asking this but does anyone have a screenshot?! #BB15 -- I assume you're asking about McCrae getting out of the shower naked. There are screen grabs in Morty's NSFW gallery (http://www.mortystv.com/bb/)%C2'>

11:24 PM BBT GinaMarie continues to blow dry her hair. Talk in the BY is about previous competitions. One of them says during the first PoV they had like 10 people lined up to watch (production staff). Spencer says in the first HoH he was cheering on everyone because he knew that one of them would be winning. Andy laughs and says every time he passed by Spencer and he was cheered on he was thinking to himself /Who is this guy? I don't even remember his name!/

11:27 PM BBT Judd wonders how he looks on the show. Andy thinks he's been seen as very endearing. Judd wants to know what that means again. McCrae laughs and says Judd gets more angry when the feeds are off (during competitions) and ceremonies.

11:33 PM BBT Judd questions whether it will be a surprise who will get voted out on Tues. Andy says he was explicitly told by DR not to say...FoTH. Feeds back after a bit and Spencer and Andy are inside getting something to eat out of the kitchen. Spencer says Andy's comment sent shock waves through Judd's body. Andy says he'll work on him. Spencer says he's bound to find out.

11:40 PM BBT GinaMarie is inside patching up her knee on her bed in the colorful room. Out in the BY we have Judd quizzing Andy about the days things happened in the BB house. Judd admits he doesn't know any of the answers but he'll try to help out.

11:45 PM BBT Trivia training continues in the BY with Judd, Spencer and Andy participating. McCrae makes something to eat and passes by GinaMarie. GinaMarie says she's going to grab her sweatshirt up in the HoH and join the guys outside. Andy heads in to make himself something to eat and starts quizzing GinaMarie as she mingles in the KT.

RT @CarleeMarie: @mortystv I appreciate the post u did 2day. I'm disgusted by these 5.I believe @CBSBigBrother should donate $ 2 charity&evict them all

11:49 PM BBT Spencer begins to try and guess the recording/airing episode in the BY while Andy and GinaMarie continue to quiz each other in the KT. McCrae takes his dirty plate inside and Judd starts talking to Spencer. Spencer says he likes Judd's speech. Judd says he feels bad about it but he meant everything he said.

11:52 PM BBT GinaMarie and Andy heads outside. McCrae starts to go outside but walks back in to get a pack of cigarettes. McCrae heads outside.

11:53 PM BBT Judd is going to ask for a Pepcid. Andy and GinaMarie think they are going to bed in about an hour or so. Spencer says he doesn't want to be around Andy any more and gets up to go make himself a chicken sandwich. McCrae can be heard playing pool by himself. Andy lays back on the couch in the BY and closes his eyes.

11:57 PM BBT Andy gets up and says he's still hungry. He asks McCrae what kind of sandwich he made. McCrae made a pork steak sandwich. GinaMarie chewing on her nails as she stares off in the BY.

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It's eviction Tuesday! Tuesday? You ask. Yes. The Wednesday eviction will be taped on Tuesday. We expect that once the HG is evicted, the feeds will be off to keep the details secret until Wednesday's broadcast. We'll be watching and posting here:

Tuesday, September 10 Live Feed Updates

And we invite you to watch and post too. Very often when the feeds are supposed to be off, the go on, and leak secret information, so if you see the blue trivia screen, keep watching, you may see something cool.

If you get bored looking at trivia, I'll be in the chat room around 10PM EDT or 7PM BBT, we can all bitch about this season together.

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