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Thursday, September 5 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Water Closet (WC)
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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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12:05 AM BBT Feeds back. Idle chit chat about pets/animals outside the house in the chair room. Feeds split apart and we also have Elissa and GinaMarie talking hair up in the HoH.

12:08 AM BBT Amanda wonders what Elissa and GinaMarie are talking about upstairs. Judd thinks hair dye (ding ding ding). Amanda asks if Judd apologized to Elissa. Judd says she won't look at him. Amanda says "You told a mom to fudge off". Andy says Judd is on the hit list on the mom circuit.

12:15 AM BBT Elissa is stretching out in the HoH with GinaMarie helping. Down in the chair room we have idle chit chat about Candice.

12:23 AM BBT Elissa comes down from the HoH and whispers to Judd. They duck into the doorway of the cockpit room. Judd is sorry but he had to do it that way because he was afraid she would simply laugh it off if he did it any other way. Elissa says she was scared because she's never had anyone talk to her like that before. Judd again says he's sorry but they have to keep this up so people think she's mad at him. Judd says he'll never do it again. They quickly break apart. Judd heads upstairs but GinaMarie is blow drying her hair. Judd walks back down. Andy walks upstairs and asks to pee in her bathroom.

12:29 AM BBT Amanda wants to go upstairs but GinaMarie is still up there. Elissa is down in the chair room and Amanda asks what she's doing up there. Meanwhile up in the HoH GinaMarie is telling Andy and Spencer (Spencer wandered up about 3-5 minutes ago) what she and Elissa talked about earlier. Going over how McCrae needs to go next and how she's upset with Judd. GinaMarie tells Judd she defended him.

12:35 AM BBT The plan for The Exterminators tomorrow is that if Elissa wins HoH they'll tell her that McCrae voted out Amanda and wants to form a guys alliance and they don't want to. If McCrae wins HoH they'll tell him that Elissa voted Amanda out and that was the plan the entire time. Meanwhile down in the chair room we have idle chit chat.

12:48 AM BBT Spencer recommends breaking the party up and heading down. Amanda, McCrae and Elissa have been talking down in the chair room about the hockey arena that Elissa and her husband owns and how she stripped the high end kitchen appliances out of it (that was used for concessions) and put it in her own. GinaMarie comes down and tells them that their hotel room is ready.

12:58 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat for the past 10 minutes or so. Amanda and McCrae are moving in upstairs into the HoH for the night. They are going to take a shower. McCrae is nervous about something and Amanda starts to give him attitude about it saying she knows what to say if she does go home tomorrow. McCrae says he's nervous that they're trying to set each other up. They turn the shower on and take their microphones off. Feeds leave the HoH and move down to Spencer laying on his bed talking to Andy. Andy wonders if they're having sex yet. Spencer says they're probably getting him clean and ready for it.

01:04 AM BBT Andy and Judd are at the KT table chatting randomly. GinaMarie is in the KT wandering around. Spencer is laying in his bed and Amanda and McCrae are up in the shower in the HoH.

01:12 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae are out of the shower in the HoH bathroom. Down in the KT the rest of the HGs are gathered around the table playing rummy with GinaMarie teaching Andy how to play.

01:24 AM BBT Rummy continues in the KT. Amanda and McCrae are sitting at the table in the HoH and McCrae is cutting into what appears to be cheese. BB calls the two of them out to put on their mics. Down in the KT they laugh and say "Ewww...BB." Spencer says they've already done it and they're getting ready for round two.

01:30 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae are snacking at the table in the HoH watching them play rummy in the KT. Amanda says she can't wait to see GinaMarie's face tomorrow when she stays. Down in the KT Andy won the first game of Rummy. Elissa won the second game and she says she's heading to bed for the night.

01:34 AM BBT McCrae is nervous about the vote tomorrow. Amanda doesn't understand why. McCrae questions Andy's loyalty. Amanda doesn't understand that either. Andy has been loyal up until this point...why wouldn't he be loyal now.

01:38 AM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda says GinaMarie is disgusting and she can't leave the game because of her. McCrae says ultimately tomorrow is going to be a blindside no matter what happens. Amanda agrees.

01:49 AM BBT Spencer, GinaMarie, Judd and Andy continue to play cards in the kitchen. Currently they are playing Bull****. McCrae is reading the bible in the HoH bed and occasionally recites scripture. Amanda is watching the spy screen and laughs saying she loves Andy. McCrae agrees saying he hopes Andy wins America's Player. They both agree that he's funny. Talk in the HoH turns to how many days are left and Amanda is scared to go to jury with all the girls because they do their nails everyday. "Why do they do their nails so much?!"

RT @NeeCeeBoo82: Looks like its back to @mortystv for some BB15 live feed updates until I fall asleep! #AmandaVsGM freakin hilarious! -- We will be here until the HGs are horizontal in darkened rooms tonight!

01:55 AM BBT McCrae once again states he's nervous about the vote tomorrow. He says if she goes they could claim that McCrae voted to send Amanda home. Amanda hopes that GinaMarie goes home second if there was a double eviction. McCrae agrees but fears that he could go home as well. Amanda understands. McCrae says if she stays he'll want to laugh in GinaMarie's face "Wasted HoH week!" Amanda says Judd cannot win HoH tomorrow.

02:00 AM BBT Amanda hates GinaMarie and how crazy she acted during their argument tonight. McCrae points out that it was during After Dark. Amanda is shocked. The entire thing?! They heard everything? My yeast infection and all?! She says there is a delay. McCrae laughs and says whatever. Meanwhile the card game breaks up downstairs and Amanda questions where they are going. She starts to get nervous because they are all heading into the cockpit. She wonders if they should go downstairs to brush their teeth. McCrae says his toothbrush is upstairs. Meanwhile downstairs Andy heads into the WA to brush his teeth while the other three go into the cockpit.

02:05 AM BBT Down in the cockpit they begin to whisper about the vote tomorrow and the fact that Andy gave Amanda his shirt to guarantee that he's voting to keep Amanda. Judd says that's a $20 shirt. GinaMarie laughs and says shirts are replaceable. All four feeds switch to the cockpit because Amanda keeps pressing McCrae about his recent DRs.

02:12 AM BBT Down in the cockpit they're talking about injuries growing up. Meanwhile up in the HoH Amanda asks McCrae what he'll do with the half a million if he wins. McCrae says he'd give his parents most of it because they helped him with school and never asked for any of it back. He also wants to get himself a new car so he can deliver pizzas more efficiently. Amanda laughs and asks if he's going to move to Florida with her. He says he never said that. Amanda says he's supposed to take her on vacation as well. McCrae says he never said that either. McCrae heads down to get a glass of water.

02:25 AM BBT McCrae flips off the lights in the HoH room. Down in the cockpit a whisper session has begun. Andy says if it's a single eviction and McCrae wins HoH they'll have to tell him that Elissa told them everything about the plan to vote out Spencer and he can't trust her. If Elissa wins they'll tell her that McCrae wants to start a guy's alliance. They rehash the plan for tomorrow if it's a double saying there will be little time to think and they'll just tell Amanda or McCrae (whichever wins HoH) that the other person voted Amanda out and they can't be trusted.

02:37 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to talk in the HoH about a band that McCrae likes called "Why?". Down in the cockpit they continue to repeat the plan for tomorrow and agree they need to head to bed in increments as to not appear obvious. Judd is first to go.

02:40 AM BBT Up in the HoH McCrae once again questions Andy's loyalty. Once again Amanda says it would be too early for him to turn on them. Amanda says when she or GinaMarie are gone the house will be super boring. Down in the cockpit Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie continue to whisper. Spencer mentions that if it is a double eviction and the two of them somehow end up in a tie breaker round for questions would Andy be willing to throw it to him so he could put those two up (McCrae and Elissa?) and then Andy would be eligible to play for the next HoH. Spencer's thinking is that Andy would have a better shot at winning an endurance or a memory/flashback quiz. Andy agrees.

02:49 AM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda and McCrae continue to talk while laying in bed in the darkened room. Down in the cockpit the last three decide they are heading to bed now. Spencer heads into the WA and begins to brush his teeth.

03:00 AM BBT We have horizontal HGs in a darkened colorful room with nothing being said. Meanwhile up in the HoH Amanda and McCrae continue to talk while in bed. Amanda is complaining that GinaMarie told everyone on National TV (is BB AfterDark considered National TV?) that she has a cocaine problem and a yeast infection. McCrae points out that everything GinaMarie said was all said by Amanda at one point or another. Amanda says that "we all go through our little drug phases" (Uh...no 'we all' don't - NiteSlacker). McCrae says she said she had a cocaine problem before. Amanda said no she didn't. McCrae said she did. Amanda says she may have been a little dramatic then when she was talking about it. McCrae points out that that is why you have to watch what you say when talking in the house (ding ding ding ding!)

03:10 AM BBT Just prior to the start of the conversation about what GinaMarie said, (02:58 AM BBT) Amanda states she wants to carry McCrae around in her purse like a Chihuahua and she wants to stuff him inside her lady parts like a coat smuggler.

RT @muffin126: @mortystv Why are they in the HOH and not GM something happen B#BB15 -- GinaMarie gave up the HoH room to the two of them tonight. She is down sleeping in her own bed once more.

03:16 AM BBT We have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds. But...knowing how difficult it is for Amanda to fall asleep we'll continue to watch for a bit and include any WC visits that may occur downstairs.

03:20 AM BBT McCrae lets out a large fart in the HoH room and Amanda cries out that it is gross. McCrae agrees. Amanda questions what he ate. He said it was her cooking and that it came from her. Amanda cries saying she can taste it. McCrae says he can't sleep. Amanda tells him to shut up.

03:42 AM BBT McCrae stirs and Amanda wakes up. McCrae says he can't sleep. He's worried about tomorrow. Amanda asks "No matter what happens you still love me?" and McCrae replies yeah. All remains quiet downstairs.

RT @Tammielee66: @mortystv where can i read the argument? I looked through all your tweets -- If you're talking about the GinaMarie and Amanda argument you can go to our BB15 update page and scroll down to 09:25 PM to get the details! Here's the site in case you don't know: http://www.mortystv.com/bb/

04:05 AM BBT All remains quiet in the BB house with McCrae occasionally shifting restlessly in bed.

04:32 AM BBT All remains quiet in the BB house at this time.

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5:16am bbt Judd got up to visit the WC, then heads... 5:20am bbt back to bed.

6:16am bbt Judd is up and on the move again, this time BB keeps all 4 cams on the bedrooms until... at 6:26am bbt We find Judd sitting alone in the cockpit. He heads to the kitchen, and comes back to the cockpit with a snack. It's 6:30am bbt and Judd is having an early morning snack alone in the cockpit. By 6:36, he is finishes, cleans up, and heads back to bed by 6:42am.

7:30am bbt Everyone is asleep this morning in the BB house, but tonight's live double eviction episode should be amazing!

8:15am bbt HGs are still saving up their energy for tonight's live show.

8:30am bbt If you aren't watching the feeds, don't worry, I am and you aren't missing anything(no surprise)

8:45am bbt No change... every still sleeping...

9:00am bbt We are still waiting for BB to wake the HGs and start preparing for tonight's live double eviction show.

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#BB!5 9:49 AM BBT Elissa in the KT. Amanda gets up and wraps a sheet around her. Mccrae gets up with her. They go down tot he KT and get a banana. They both go back to HOH and crawl back in bed. Banana is on the nightstand.

BB!5 9:07 AM BBT All HG sleeping away.

#BB15 9:10 AM BBT We have FOTH - maybe wake up music?

#BB!5 9:29 AM BBT We are back. HG back in bed and lights are on. BB tells HG that there are fresh batteries available.

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#BB15 10:7 AM BBT Judd and Elissa doing ADLs. Mccrae and Amanda still in bed in HOH.

#BB15 10:09 AM BBT We have FOTH and when we return Spencer is up and Judd is heading to HOH room. Possible HOH lock down starting soon.

#BB15 10:12 AM BBT All HG are in HOH - we have trivia. HOH LD has begun.

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12:34pm BBT: we are still on trivia

12:36pm BBT: feeds are back with Elissa and Amanda brushing their teeth in the WA. Spencer and Mccrae are in bed in the chair rm.

12:40pm BBT: Elisa in Kt getting a drink Amanda walks in and Bb comes on and says HG pleae clean the bathroom today and Gm laying in bed says she isnt doing that again and goes back to sleep.Amanda in chair rm getting clothes.

12:45pm BBTL Elissa still in Kt cutting an apple now and Amanda in chair rm packing her stuff. everyone else in bed sleeping.

12:51pm BBT: Elissa doing yogo in Kt area. Amanda in WA doing her hair.

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1:12pm BBT: Elissa still doing yoga. Gm, Andy and Judd asleep in color rm and Mccrae aand Spencer asleep in chair rm.

1:22pm BBT: Amanda in Wa curling her hair for tonights show and Elissa running and stretching. general talk about doing yoga with amanda and Elissa.

1:29pm BBT: Elissa tells amanda she is going to just take a shower since she didnt find any razors in the STR she says she needs refills for her razor.

1:36pm BBT: Andy is now up getting dressed and putting his mic on and heades to the KT as Amanda walks in also and then heads to the bathroom.Elissa still in the shower as all other hg are still sleeping.

1:39pm BBT: Andy comes out of bathroom and Elissa says oh my gosh it is so hard to shave in the shower and Andy says i know girl and then Andy goes back to bed and tells judd the time.

1:44pm BBT: Judd up as BB has called him to the DR. Elissa out of shower and Andy now up again going to the Bathroom again. Elissa going to rm to get clothes. Judd is now out of DR and going to the bathroom as Gm is being called to the DR.Elissa goes back to Wa and tells Judd and Andy she is so ready to get this over with as Double evicrions are so stressfull.

1:53pm BBT: Amanda and mccrae and Spencer sleeping in chair rm. Gm in bathroom stretching. Elissa comes in and Gm says they said to clean the barhroom ansd i just cleaned it two days ago. Elissa says i will clean the mirrors in a few minutes.

1:57pm BBt: Spencer now up getting clothes as Elissa is in Wa doing makeup. Gm in color rm sitting on bed. Mccrae and Amanda still sleeping. Andy and Judd back in bed also.

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2:25 pm

Spencer stretched out on the LR couch catching a nap

GM sitting on the bed she slept in last nite.... plucking her eyebrows

ohhhh Spencer has his eyes open... now they're closed.

No one else in site except someone's feet in the bed opposite from GM.

(have NO idea where everyone else is)

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#BB15 2:05 PM BBT Spencer showering and Elissa applying lotion. Gina is stretching.

#BB15 2:17 PM BBT Gina is putting on makeup. Judd slowly waking up. Andy gen chit chat with Gina.

#BB15 2:28 PM BBT Gina is still putting on makeup. Spencer lying down on one of the LR sofas.

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#BB15 2:40 PM BBT Judd and Elissa in the WA. Whispering. Difficult to hear. Elissa whispers McCrae and Gina Marie. Judd says as long as it's not me and walks out.

#BB15 2:54 PM BBT Spencer is moving his bags to the SR. McCrae is brushing his teeth. Andy tells Spencer how to play the majority rules game for HOH.

#BB15 2:58 PM BBT Judd, McCrae and andy in the BR. Talking about how bad E is at question comps. Judd says if they can't win against her then they don't deserve it.

#BB15 3:05 PM BBT McCrae tells Spencer that he brought it up to Amanda if he voted her out and she got upset. They are laughing. Andy says he doesn't know why because she seems so low key. Amanda shaving her legs in the bathroom sink.

#BB15 3:09 PM BBT We have trivia.

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7:05PM BBT The HG are rehashing the HoH competition and how heavy the grass was. They think the balls with clown shoes would have been easier. The HoH is going to happen later on tonight. Andy thinks around 9. Judd just says "I don't want to sound arrogant but I am so glad Elissa is gone." Andy says "I hope America sees how awful she was!" Spencer says when Elissa wins the $25K he will pull his pants down and poop on stage.

7:09PM BBT They are in the bedroom area, debating when the HoH will happen and what they thought the audience's reaction was when Elissa left. Andy and GM are whispering in the color room. They are talking about how crappy Elissa looked when she left and when she said "Whatever." Andy is gushing again. "OMG Elissa isn't in this house!" Judd says she was actin weird out of no where.

7:12PM BBT McCrae just sniffed the dog bones. Judd and Andy have made their way through the house to gloat about their victory. McCrae is not saying much. GM was just called to DR. She was doing dishes. McCrae just whispered to GM, "Let's just bury the hatchet." She replies "Nothing against you. Now everyone is playing for themselves." Andy wants to play cards. Judd and McCrae say they can't sit down. Spencer yells "Everyone know what time it is?" They all say "What?" Spencer says "Time to pack that b-words sh**" They found pills in Elissa's bag. Spencer says they are B-Pills, she wasn't taking it.

7:18PM BBT The boys are going through Elissa's things. They say they don't want to pack it but McCrae is going through the drawers, getting her things together. Judd is now going through it. Spencer is making rude comments. Spencer now says someone from production should pack Elissa's things. FotH.

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7:24PM BBT The boys talk about the comp again, how much they don't like Elissa, how McCrae should be proud for winning HoH on the 500th episode. Spencer is mouthing off that they got the B out. Judd says the people who watch the feeds know and don't like Elissa because she "has the personality of a F'in fish!" They are complaining about the America's player and they think they all deserve it over Elissa. Now they are on to Amanda.

7:29PM BBT GM is still in the DR. The boys are going on about Elissa again. Spencer has called her a B a few dozen times. He keeps yelling "F-you B! F-you!" Andy yells she is an idiot. Now they are imitating her.

7:32PM BBT The Elissa bashing continues (it is becoming nauseating). The speculate what they would have done if Elissa had a special power. Andy said he would have punched her in the throat. Spencer says he was not sexually attracted to Elissa what so ever and mentions how she never got him hard. They all agree. They are now on to Helen and wonder how Helen could have a convo with Elissa.

7:37PM BBT The boys are relentless in their bash session. McCrae says they don't have to hold back about Amanda and they aren't. Then they revert back to Elissa.

7:41PM BBT GM is out of DR. Andy is really bashing Elissa still. GM says she needs to pack Elissa's stuff. They have all mentioned wanting to put headcheese in Elissa's bag.
Judd wonders if they are going to get a smaller table.

7:44PM BBT GM is packing Elissa's things. The boys are playing cards at the kitchen table.

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7:58PM BBT The card game is done. GM calls McCrae over the couch to tell him how she preferred talking to him over Amanda and how Amanda was always picking a fight and now is comparing her relationship with Nick to Amanda and McCrae. She says Amanda was always attached to his hip and it was annoying. Gm says she wasn't scared of Amanda.

8:02PM BBT And the talk is back to how horrid Elissa is/was. Spencer says he couldn't stand her F'in face. They wonder if Elissa is going to walk out of jury.

8:05PM BBT GM is gloating about how she got 2 of the biggest players out during her HoH's. GM sends Spencer to go look for Elissa's stuff that could be hanging around.

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8:11PM BBT Small talk about the comp coming up. GM is still packing Elissa's things. She is folding things up. Andy is out of DR.

8:15PM BBT And we are back to Elissa bashing. It is the same one liners and comments they have all made before. FotH.

8:18PM BBT Feeds back! McCrae is headed into the DR. The HG are whispering and giggling. They are thrilled that McCrae can not play. He is the next target. The Exterminators are bashing McCrae as well now. Andy is eating his pizza. Spencer is now going on about Amanda. GM says she now has to clean up after Amanda. They are talking about their roles and how they all played their parts perfectly.

8:23PM BBT GM is gloating about how Judd is in the game and Helen and Elissa are not. GM says it is karma. Andy is imitating Elissa and how she is devoid of emotion. GM is almost done packing.

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8:28PM BBT At the Memory wall Andy pretends to kick Elissa's picture. Spencer says he is going to go in at night and slap his penis on her face. GM is just zipping up bags and tying the bags. Andy is explaining about how Helen and Amanda were masterminds. GM is walking through the house laughing because Elissa did her hair last night.

8:32PM BBT GM tells everyone to stand up because the "deceased is leaving" they all pick up a bag and put it around the trash can in the SR. They then pick up Spencer's things and bring them back into the chair room. They are laughing and high fiving. Andy says he did a happy dance in the chair room after Judd won the veto. GM holds up Amanda's monistat and asks if she will need it then says "No, McCrae might because he is the p**sy" they laugh.

8:37PM BBT Gm tells the boys about her goodbye message to Amanda. They laugh. When Judd won the veto Andy hugged GM and said "I love you and you are not going anywhere!" They laugh again. Andy says Amanda made him swear to God and he feels bad about it. GM says it doesn't count. Andy "F U zingbot for calling me a floater!"

8:41PM BBT GM just called Amanda a slut. They are talking about how many dishes Amanda would go through in a day and how she would say "I am not doing dishes this week." GM is now doing the dishes as they all watch.

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10:00 PM BBT: On BBAD, we saw Andy walking around kinda sniffling. Now there is fish and we hear BB call Andy to the DR.

10:03 PM BBT Andy comes out of the DR and he seems to be the only one in the house.

10:05 PM BBT There is nothing to report. Andy is in the kitchen putting dishes up and no other houseguests have been seen.

(Ed: Backyard looks closed off)

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