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Saturday, August 24 Live Feed Updates


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10:07PM BBT GM has a whoopie cushion. Aaryn got hot pink glo sticks. They got booze! Beers and some wine. Aaryn wants to play ring toss with them. Amanda says "You can tell Judd is back, we get 8 more beers than before!" GM comes into the KT and says that Spencer is a rat for telling others she was hiding behind the couch.

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10:11PM BBT McCrae and Amanda go into the lounge to talk about game, Andy comes in and says that GM is the swing vote. McCrae and Amanda are whispering, very difficult to hear everything.
Elissa is up! Andy is talking to her in the KT, Andy tells her that they have said if he goes up they will vote him out because no one else will put him up. GM has a party hat on as she walks around the house. Judd is now whispering to Elissa about GM's possible vote. Elissa says "OMG this is such a nightmare" Judd is trying to explain more and Amanda and McCrae walk through. As they go outside Elissa whispers "They are so obnoxious" Judd says he can't stand them. Andy comes in to plead his case AGAIN! "I swear. I SWEAR!"

10:19PM BBT Amanda is making a deal with Spencer. She says that Aaryn has to go because McCrae and Amanda just make her stronger. Amanda says that when she walked into the KT Judd and Elissa were quiet "they were real close so you know they were talking." Spencer walks into the house and shows his other face, telling Elissa he is tired of bullsh*t, she laughs. Spencer "She is saying the same old shit" Spencer and Judd are talking in the lounge. Spencer is really good at lying.

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10:28PM BBT Amanda is BSing. She has told her minions what she wants them to think and sent them into the house to spread the venom. She and McCrae in the BY going through scenarios. "Spencer is a great liar but Andy is loyal!" She wants GM to go on the block and is encouraging GM to be annoying with the party favors they got from BB tonight.
Amanda goes inside to get her gazoo. Elissa is now in the lounge and Andy tells her that if she puts up GM, Aaryn will for sure go home and if Andy or Judd win HoH then GM or Amanda will go home.
GM is now outside "Oh how the tables have turned!" but then asks McCrae if he wants to play.

10:34PM BBT Amanda is leading Aaryn and GM through the house with the gazoos. Amanda thinks Elissa is in bed but she is in the lounge with Spencer, Andy and Judd. Elissa says she hates "them" so much. They drank all the wine on Elissa. Andy is trying to get Elissa to agree 100% to the deal of putting GM up on Monday. Judd tells Elissa that she has to smooth things over with Amanda. Elissa told them that Amanda said to put Andy up because it was better for her game.

10:40PM BBT Spencer is high fiving the lounge crew. He says it is time for Aaryn to go home. Her roulette HOH win should have been his. Andy says one of them (McManda) have to go up and one go home for sure next week. Elissa says they are filthy. Judd says "I gotta go wash my sheets" Andy says "OMG I am being portrayed as the Shelley!" They all giggle. Andy says he is charming in his DR sessions. BB" Andy, Spencer, HG! You are not allowed to talk about production!" Andy says "And thank you for the specific shout out when we are ALL doing it!"

10:44PM BBT Just to point out, Amanda and Elissa have shown all their cards to Spencer tonight and in the same convos have told him what a "good liar" he is.
Judd, Andy in the Elissa convo have agreed. McCrae agreed in the Amanda convo.
Judd just listed off who will go next week and the week after. Spencer is just sitting there listening. (He doesn't even have to take notes. He just has to say the opposite of what Amanda says to him) Spencer says he is sick of the Amanda boyfriend stories. Elissa says "She has slept with everyone in the United States." They are now talking about the pregnancy story again.

10:48PM BBT In the BY Amanda is telling Aaryn that GM is their target this week and she will be going home. Amanda tells her to work with Spencer. Amanda: "The only one we don't want to win HoH this week is Judd, anyone else we are fine with" Aaryn says "It was gonna be hard to go against GM but, after the way she has been acting, it's not too hard now."

10:51PM BBT Andy says that Amanda's stories and how uncomfortable they make everyone. Spencer says Amanda is "sleep with material not marriage material" they agree she says it to try to raise her status. Judd says "And then she would freak out when Candice or someone told a story like that." Elissa says that her heart is happy and she doesn't need material things. She has her family. Andy says he just has to leave the room when those come up.

10:54PM BBT Elissa says that her husband works hard for what they have and she has had to work 4 jobs before. Andy says "The biggest red flag for her is she came in and had a boyfriend." Elissa says "Not only that but that she was pregnant, and then tell everyone that!" Judd says "Now she is saying you are bringing up her personal business" Elissa: "But she can bring up my husband??" Andy says the personal attacks are ridiculous especially what GM said to Candice about her mom not wanting her. "That just crossed the line"

10:58PM BBT They say Amanda stayed up in the HoH the first night with McCrae. Spencer says "Judd aren't you glad you didn't win that HoH?" Judd and Andy laugh.
Aaryn and Amanda have turned their party hats into cone bras hanging out by the hot tub.

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11:05 PM BBT: Aaryn and Mccranda are in the HT discussing Amanda's POV win. In the airplane room Elissa, Andy, and Spencer are complaining about Mcranda coming off the block. Amanda seems to have said something that upset Elissa. Spencer and Andy say this week we will get her allies and next week we will put them both up. Andy says he would do it in a heartbeat.

11:20PM BBT: Judd by the HT says that for the first week he hated Mccranda now he doesn't care, he even respects them. She says that nothing she is doing is anything but a game move. She says everyine should take her to F2 because everyone hates her. In the airport room Elissa continues on about something hurtful that was said about her husband and her family. Andy tells her to relax and she stops talking about it for now.

11:30 PM BBT Aaryn is telling Judd some of his bunny comments are hurting her and GM. He says he was kidding. Aaryn says she gets that its so he doesn't go on the block but Elissa wanted to work with her hrs ago and hates her now so that is how fast she can flip flop. Judd is trying to diffuse rumors that he is working with Elissa.

11:40 PM BBT In the airport room, Elissa, Andy, and Spencer are going over the zings and whether or not they thought they were funny. They are using their zings to decide what America thinks of them. Elissa mentions that America thinks she is trying to be like her sister. Spencer starts kissing up and telling her how great she is doing and how awesome she is.

11:55PM BBT: Small chit chat all over the house. The same crew in the airplane room discussing getting their hair cut. Mcranda and Judd discussing the froyo competition.

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