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Saturday, August 24 Live Feed Updates


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Aaryn tell McManda that whoever saves her this week, she will be loyal to til the end. They tell her she's safe this week and she'll see where their loyalty lies. Aaryn asks who'd she have to worry being on the block with and they say Andy.

Then, in the chair bedroom, McCrae tells Spencer he doesn't want Spencer to go on the block. Spencer asks if he'd keep him and McCrae says yes.

Upstairs, Elissa is in the shower and Aaryn and GM try to talk to her, but say they'll come back when she's done. GM then whispers to Aaryn that she tried her hardest and Aaryn says she doesn't even want to think about it and walks away.


People congratulating Amanda in the bathroom downstairs. Andy is worried he'll be put on the block and Amanda says that won't happen.

Aaryn and Amanda alone in the bathroom. Amanda says Aaryn is safe this week, even if she's up against Andy. Aaryn says she will never, ever, ever do anything again Amanda and Amanda says she'll talk to McCrae and how she has a sales pitch ready for Aaryn to stay. Amanda says she is after Elissa this week.

Amanda says that all 4 of 3AM need to stay and will win for the rest of the game.

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Andy joins Amanda and Aaryn in the bathroom. Andy's worried about who Elissa will nominate and they hope for Spencer or GM.

Aaryn tells Amanda that Elissa will now try to befriend her (amanda) and Amanda says Elissa can eat her a**hole.

Andy tells Amanda to tell Elissa that if she puts Andy up, that McManda will vote him out and Aaryn will stay.

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Judd joins Elissa in the HOH. She's crying and Judd mentions that Andy is with them (McManda) and Aaryn will still go this week.


Aaryn joins them in HOH and asks what Elissa is going to do and if she'll put GM up. Elissa says she doesn't know yet and what will Aaryn do next week if she stays, will she target Elissa. Aaryn pauses and says she doesn't really want to say anything b/c she doesn't want it to come back to hurt her game and says if Elissa puts someone up against Aaryn that she can stay against that she will not go against Elissa next week. Elissa says Amanda will make Aaryn go after Elissa b/c they're friends and Aaryn says no, she's just not going to be a bitch to Amanda.

Aaryn says if Elissa helps her stay safe this week, she'll help her next week.


Aaryn asks Judd and he wonders who would go up against Aaryn to keep her to stay. Aaryn leaves and Judd then heads downstairs, as well.

(Within seconds to switch feeds) Aaryn is in the downstairs bathroom telling Amanda everything. Amanda says to tell Elissa that Aaryn will work with her if she puts GM up and Aaryn says she's trying.

Amanda says she'll make damn sure that Aaryn stays over anyone, even Andy, but Aaryn better not do weird sh*t.

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1:14pm BBT: Still on trivia

1:15pm BBT: Feeds are back and Amanda is walking around with the Veto in her neck.

1:17pm BBt: Aaryn and Ginamarie are wearing birthday hats in the KT and mccrae is wearing a birthday hat in the chair rm blowing on a hermonica.Back in the KT Ginamarie is going through a party bag. Spencer is in bed

1:18pm BBT: Judd is walking around and goes to chair rm and then walks out singing baby baby zing bot. Ginamarie and Andy in HOH with Elissa and Ginamarie complaining that she got hurt by falling and Amanda got ahead of her. Amanda and mccrae in color rm talking to Aaryn saying that Ginamarie is going home and we just have to keep our cool.

1:25pm BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn no more talking and making deals with Elissa you hear me and aaryn says i was just doing that lastnight. Aaryn says i mean i swear to go whoever goes this week is ok as long as it isnt me cuz i am so scared. Amanda leaves and goes to the KT where Judd is to get a drink.

1:27pm BBt:Ginamarie and Elissa in the hoh bathroom talking as Elissa is taking a shower cant hear alot with water running except Ginamarie saying she worked her butt off.Aaryn has now joined the hoh bathroom.Aaryn says i will come up later i guess Elissa and Elissa says yeah ok .

1:29pm BBT: Amanda in WA talking to Judd and she tells him that if she wins hoh next week and Ginamarie is still here she is putting up Ginamarie and Elissa up and Judd says yeah. Ginamarie is now in Wa and says congrats Amanda.

1:32pm BBT: Aary n and Amanda talking and aaryn says she will now try to work with you since you cant go on the block and Amanda says i hate her and i will come after her.In the chair rm Mccrae and Spencer were talking and Andy walks in and talk stops then Ginamarie walks in and her and mccrae are playing with toys from their party bags.

1:34pm BBT: Amanda telling Andy and aaryn that there will be seven people after this week and it is only 6 playing in hoh. Aaryn says she is going to go see elissa now and amanda says she better watch herself i will murder her in her sleep she better watch out for me. Andy says i went up there and with Ginamarie and she asked me to leave and Amanda says oh yeah.

1:36pm BBT: Ginamarie is putting the cake in the freezer cuz it is to hot to eat right now after being outside in the sun.Amanda is in shower. In chair rm Spencer says that Ginamarie was at 70 when Amanda had to start over and Ginamarie said yeah man i was hussling . Andy walking from room to room and conversation to conversation.Spencer and Judd says there was no shade in the BY and Mccrae says yeah with that canopy up it was like fire in there.

1:40pm BBT:Andy and aaryn in lounge rm and Andy says i dont think there is any way she will put up Judd and Aaryn says would she put up Ginamarie and andy says no i dont think so and Spencer came in and they stop talking and spencer says that was an endurance and Spencer says that Amanda is calling her in the bathroom.

1:43pm BBT:Elissa telling Judd that she doesnt know what she is going to do and Judd says if i go up then i know i will go home and aaryn says next week i dont know what i am going to do but if you put someone up that helps me stay then next week i wont target you but i wont say who i will target cuz i dont want it to get back to them.

1:47pm BBT:aaaryn says i am so scared of going home and i want to stay i dont want to go home. elissa says i dont know what i am going to do Aaaryn and Aaryn says that Amanda told her that she was going home and elissa says no when she was in the shower but if you keep me safe i wont target you. Judd says who would they vote out though besides me?Aaryn says i dont know are you voting me out too? Judd says no but who would they vote out over you Ginamarie? aaryn says no thats a vote toward me.

1: 50 pm BBT:In the Lounge rm Ginamarie joins Andy Mccrae and Spencer and Judd walks in and says see ya later and Ginamarie says what was that? Spencer says i dont know and he and andy go to see him. Spencer and Judd now in KT and Spencer says dude your face is so red you need to cool down some and Spencer says did you hear me yell at production that Judd couldnt breath and we get foth.

1:55pm BBT:Judd goes to lounge rm and ask Ginamarie and Spencer and Mccrae if they are ok and in the Wa Andy walks in and says if i go on the block i wont go home right? and Aaryn yells and says i dont want to go home i want to stay i am so mad i dont want to go home.

1:56pm BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that Ginamarie will be a vote to keep you here right? Aaryn says yeah and Amanda says over Andy and aaryn says i dont know.Andy walks back in and talk stops.

1:57pm BBT:Andy says i voted out my best friend and i was mad that zinbot called me a floater today. aaryn now in shower and andy leaves again.

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2:00 PM BBT Amanda is talking to Andy in the WA. Amanda wants to make a fake alliance consisting of Elissa, Andy, Gina Marie, Spencer, and Judd. Andy says he wants to talk to Elissa but she won't buy that. He says she will do whatever she wants and put him up or Spencer. The point of the fake alliance will be to get Gina Marie to agree to be a pawn and get rid of her.

2:04 PM BBT Amanda has brought the fake alliance plan to Spencer and Judd. Amanda says it will give Elissa the impression that she has the votes to get rid of Aaryn. In truth "whoever goes up against Aaryn will be going home." With the fake alliance, Gina Marie goes up since she is a guaranteed vote for her, and then Gina Marie goes home. Spencer and Judd aren't comfortable with this. Spencer "There is a plan in the universe. I'm not sure this is it."

2:08 PM BBT Amanda is really pushing the fake alliance on Judd. She tells him that Elissa will listen to him. Spencer "She won't listen to me, she hates my guts." Judd may be considering it (or he may just be entertaining Amanda) but tells her that he needs to figure out exactly what he wants to say to Elissa about it. Amanda tells Judd "She loves you." Meanwhile Andy is the color BR talking to McCrae. Andy reminds him that Amanda would be out of the house multiple times if it wasn't for him. McCrae agrees with him. Andy is freaking out because he does think he has a good chance of being the replacement nominee.

2:12 PM BBT Gina Marie goes up to talk to Elissa in the HOH room. Gina Marie is complaining that everyone is downstairs talking and leaving her out of it. Elissa tells her "You have to win HOH next week." Gina Marie tells her that she will have to agree to work with Aaryn if she stays. Elissa "Amanda is the sluttiest unathletic person." Elissa tells her that if she puts up Gina Marie or Spencer then they will go home and Aaryn will stay. Gina Marie vents that Aaryn has abandoned her.

2:16 PM BBT Elissa informs Gina Marie that Amanda has already told her that Gina Marie needs to go up. Gina Marie promises not to tell anyone. Elissa tells Gina Marie that she is not option as a replacement nominee. Gina Marie promises her loyalty if she continues to have her back. Gina Marie is upset that Aaryn is playing behind her back even though Gina Marie has been so good to her. Elissa pushes her "So, I have your back to get rid of her?" Gina Marie "Yeah, if this is how she is going to play with me then, yeah." Elissa urges Gina Marie to start separating herself from Aaryn.

2:20 PM BBT Gina Marie calls Andy a floater who only does what the house wants. Elissa "No, he does what Amanda wants." Gina Marie "Andy's with them?" Elissa "Obviously." Gina Marie "She's got an entire army."

2:24 PM BBT Gina Marie and Elissa are Amanda and Aaryn bashing in the HOHR. Meanwhile Spencer, Judd, McCrae, and Andy are in the cockpit. They are trying to figure out what Elissa's next move will be. Judd expects he or Andy will be the replacement nominee. Andy "Elissa will not respond well to being threatened." Judd "I'm not in the position to threaten anyone." McCrae just wants to laugh in Elissa's face.

2:28 PM BBT Gina Marie has a mouth full of pop rocks and is drinking soda trying to get a big reaction. She puts the microphone up to her mouth and we can hear the sizzling. She jokes she wants to blow up like a magician. Andy is planning to go upstairs to pick Elissa's brain.

2:30 PM BBT Elissa and Spencer are in the KT. The party and cake was for Zingbot's birthday.

2:36 PM BBT McCrae and Judd are now alone in the cockpit. McCrae is telling Judd what happened in his absence. McCrae tells him that Elissa doesn't care about the show at all and it's like a giant screw you to them that do. Spencer is going upstairs to talk to Elissa.

2:29 PM BBT Spencer does not get his chance to talk to Elissa alone. Andy pops in. Meanwhile Amanda is the HN room talking to Aaryn. Amanda wants her to get back at Elissa by rubbing it in her face that she has been working with Amanda and McCrae and that she has Gina Marie's vote too. Amanda tells Aaryn to say "Nice try Elissa, maybe next week." Amanda hopes this will cause her to put Gina Marie up as the replacement nom.

2:44 PM BBT Amanda is pushing hard for Aaryn to start a fight with Elissa. She wants Aaryn to start this fight to make it clear that she will never work with Elissa and that Gina Marie hates her and won't either. This might make Elissa nominate Gina Marie. Meanwhile in the HOHR Andy has left and Spencer gets his alone time with Elissa.

2:48 PM BBT Elissa and Spencer are in the HOHR. Elissa asks him what he thinks of Amanda and McCrae. He tells her that they would cut his head off in a second. They've kept the blood off their hands by nominating him. Elissa gets him to promise that whomever she puts he votes to get rid of Aaryn. He asks her who she is putting up. She says she has someone in mind. "There is only one person that they (Amanda and McCrae) would try to save more than Aaryn."

2:51 PM BBT Elissa tells Spencer that they have been using him the entire time. Spencer says "They've never needed me." He asks her what she would do. Elissa tells Spencer "They are going to pick us off one by one." Spencer keeps trying to get Elissa to tell him who the replacement is. Elissa keeps trying to get him to say who he would want to see up. Neither are talking. Spencer does mention that Gina Marie will likely be a vote to keep Aaryn.

2:57 PM BBT Elissa asks Spencer if he trusts Andy. Spencer tells her that he talk game with Andy and doesn't know where his allegiance lies. He tells her that Andy would probably turn on Amanda and McCrae because he surely doesn't think they will continue to protect him. Spencer tells her that if she is thinking of putting up Andy he will vote to evict Aaryn.

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3:02pm BBt: Amanda and mccrae in lounge rm talking to Aaryn saying that Elissa doesnt want to take you to final three and just tell her that Ginamarie is coming after you and start a fight about it so that she will put up Ginamarie. aaryn says i dont know and amanda cuts her off and says aaryn this is to get you farther. Aaryn walks out of lounge rm and Andy walks in and says if i go home i wont be happy and Amanda says you wont go home.

3:05pm BBT: Aaryn burst into the HOh rm and tells Elissa a lie about Ginamarie and leaves the rm and Elissa says oh i dont know i dont know if i trust her.

3:07pm BBT: aaryn now in color rm talking to Ginamarie saying i am afraid that Elissa is goig to put you up against me i just went up there and she said if she put Ginamarie up then she wont keep you. Aaryn says if she thinks you are going to keep me then she will put you up.

3:09pm BBT: Aaryn tells her that Amanda does not like you and she will evict you if you go on the block and Ginamarie says forget Amanda i aint scared of her.Aaryn says to Judd i went up to hoh and told Elissa that if you think Ginamarie is going to work with you next week then you are wrong and then i walked out.

3:11pm BBT:In HOH rm Spencer is still talking to Elissa and Elissa says this sucks and spencer says good thing is you have till monday to think about it but i know people will be throwing my name out there but i aint going to worry about it and if you hear anything just tell me and i hope you just make a good decision.In the KT amanda and Mccrae are walking around . In the lounge Aaryn is sitting alone.

3:14pm BBT: Elissa tells Spencer that mccrae and Amanda are strong together. Spencer says if Andy is up there he will stay this week. spencer leaves and Elissa follows him to Kt to take her dishes down.

3:15pm BBt: Ginamarie heading to hoh rm to get nail clippers. Spencer and Mccrae are talking about the cake and how big it was and spencer says man they could have gotten a smaller cake.Elissa is washing her dishes. and now making a salad with ranch dressing. Amanda talking about her allergies being so bad and Judd says mine too but they arent usually this bad this early but they are bad this time.

3:19pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in kt Amanda says after this there is only one person that doesnt play in the veto.Mccrae says yeah. Mccrae says are we going to bed or what and Amanda says yeah as she pours a drink. mccrae says i will be back and Amanda says no i am coming to you.

3:21pm BBT: Amanda asking what Elissa said to him and he said she wouldnt tell me who she was putting up and that i am safe and she wont put me up and all she said was about Ginamarie. he says that Elissa said she wasnt going to waste an hOh on him leaving this week. And that she was just in love with Ginamarie .

3:24pm BBT: Andy comes in and Spencer tells him what Elissa said and andy gets nervous.In color rm Judd and Ginamarie are going to sleep. In chair rm Spencer is now laying down for a nap and mccrae and Amanda are drinking drinks and eating. andy says he needs to go talk to Elissa but is scared to he ask who is with her now and Spencer says nobody but she said she will come down later. aaryn says i am so mad.

3:27pm BBT: Andy goes to lounge rm and cries and Spencer comes in and talks to him and Andy says Judd is friends with everyone though.

3:33pm BBT:Mccrae goes to the DR and Andy and Spencer in lounge rm talking and andy says if i go up i will tell her i wont work with her next week. Spencer says if you go up you dont have to pack your bags cuz you know me Amanda and Mcfrae will keep you here.

3:36pm BBT: andy says i am not here to be an adam i am the reason that Amanda is still here and that you are still here and mccrae is still here and if i get backdoored i will die i want this money so bad and if elissa takes me out i will die.

3:40pm BBT: Spencer says dude we got to figure out how to keep you safe. Andy says i think Amanda is really dangerous and spencer starts whispering that Mccrae told me that the only way for him to stay is for him to take out Amanda so everyone knows he is here to play and andy says ok. Spencer says mccrae is more loyal to me and you than he is to her. andy says ok .

3:43pm BBT: andy telling Spencer about the 3AM alliance and how he and Mccrae talked about it wasnt gonna work but it kept them safe for a little bit. Spencer says i will keep my distance from you so they wont think we have a side.

3:45pm BBT: Aaryn has gotten up and gone in to talk to Ginamarie and says we have to tell her she needs people and Ginamarie says we have to tewll her that we will put up Amanda and mccrae, Aaryn says yeah but if she puts you up i will go home she knows you are a vote for you. aaryn says obviously Amanda is not looking out for me so i am trying to figure out what is best for me. Ginamarie says she dont so we got to get Elissa not to put me up there and Aaryn says whoever i go up against is bad.

3:50pm BBT: Andy leaves the lounge rm and Spencer leaves behind him Amanda in Wa doing her hair. Aaryn and Ginamarie in color rm repeating themselves.Andy in Wa now with amanda and says i hope my two months of loyalty is good if i go up and amanda says it is.

3:53pm BBT: Aaryn comes in Wa telling amanda and Andy what her and Ginamarie had a talk about and Andy says Spencer just came to me and said that Elissa said she wouldnt put up Him or Ginamarie and she wont put Judd up so that leaves me. Andy says oh how did that happen?

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4:00 PM BBT Andy is crying in the cockpit again. Amanda is with him. Amanda is hugging him. She tells him that he is perfectly safe. She and McCrae will be loyal to him like he has been to them since day 1. The BY is open.

4:02 PM BBT Andy gets reassurances that he is safe it put up as replacement by both Amanda and McCrae. Meanwhile in the color BR Spencer warns Aaryn not to start campaigning until the replacement goes up. "You don't want to burn any bridges before you have to." Andy is pacing the BY.

4:06 PM BBT Amanda, McCrae, and Andy are in the BY. Amanda wants to know who has already squealed her plan to get Gina Marie nominated. Amanda suspects that it's Judd. "Judd and Gina Marie cannot win HoH next week."

4:12 PM BBT McCrae and Spencer are in the BY. McCrae tells him there is no way Andy is leaving. Spencer says Elissa was trying to recruit him but if he wins HOH next week he is going to have short term memory problems. McCrae "It's so scary to talk to Judd. I don't know where he's at." Spencer "He holds his cards really close."

4:15 PM BBT Aaryn is talking to Amanda in the chair BR. She regrets going upstairs and throwing Gina Marie under the bus. They all believe that Elissa already knows it was a ploy to get Gina Marie nominated. Aaryn "Going up there just made me look stupid." Aaryn has realized that she can't count on Judd to keep her. Aaryn "McCrae would rather have Andy here over me." Amanda "I don't know."

4:20 PM BBT In the BY Andy is talking to McCrae and Spencer. Andy "I will be so fired up if I go up.' McCrae says the next comp will be questions or a crap shoot. Andy "So I'll be the second to go out." Andy wants to know if he is going to be going out so he can give the most scathing speech ever. Meanwhile Aaryn is still talking to Amanda in the chair BR. She says she feels miserable because they POV competition was so hot.

4:23 PM BBT Aaryn is really concerned. She knows she doesn't have McCrae's vote if Andy is put up. She doesn't know where Judd and Spencer stand. Meanwhile Andy tells McCrae and Spencer that if he is blindsided and doesn't get his chance to burn Elissa on television then he will not give them his jury vote. Spencer is called to the DR.

4:26 PM BBT Amanda goes up into the HOHR with Elissa. Elissa says she is dumb if she thinks Aaryn is working with her. Elissa tells her that she is not going to put Gina Marie up and Amanda is stupid if she thinks Aaryn would. Amanda "I don't appreciate that." Elissa "Well, you need to know." Amanda claims she doesn't want Gina Marie nominated. Elissa "I hope Aaryn stays and I hope she takes you out." Amanda "Good."

4:30 PM BBT Amanda and Elissa are having a controlled argument in the HOHR. Elissa tells Amanda that everything Aaryn says is a lie. Elissa "You are the only one in this house that can tell Andy what to do. I put McCrae up so you would tell everyone to vote Aaryn out." Amanda "I'm not trying to work against you in this house." Elissa "How are you not working against me." Amanda is making it clear she is not happy about Andy going up. Elissa tells her that it is clear where her loyalty lies. Amanda said it happened because she put McCrae up. Amanda threatens her that if Andy goes up then the entire house will be gunning for her next week. Elissa says it's okay because she'll win the veto. Amanda storms out.

4:36 PM BBT I can hardly keep up with Amanda's scheming. She is in the BY with Andy and McCrae. She wants everyone to make Elissa believe that Andy is going home when actually it will be Aaryn. Andy calls it "brilliant." Elissa comes out and confronts Amanda.

4:38 PM BBT The Amanda staged fight resumes. Elissa comes outside and confronts Amanda in front of Andy. "Are you telling him (Andy) that you are trying to get him nominated and keeping Aaryn?" Amanda says she is and Andy storms inside saying he can't listen to this right now." Elissa tells Amanda she will enjoy watching Aaryn take her out next week. Elissa follows Andy into the cockpit. Part 2 of the staged event, Andy goes inside and cries to Elissa. Andy begs that Elissa not put him up. Elissa tells him that Amanda will not vote him out. Andy tells Elissa that if he goes up he will go and she loses his vote. Elissa walks out and then walks back in. She asks him directly if he is faking this because she knows he is working with them. He denies it. She isn't buying it.

4:47 PM BBT Amanda and Spencer go into the SR. She informs Spencer on the "fake it and make it look like Andy will get evicted" scheme. She is trying hard to get everyone involved in keeping Andy off the block. Spencer says very little and they both leave. Elissa goes up into the HOHR. Amanda goes into the BR and talks to Aaryn. Amanda says she doesn't care if the replacement is Gina Marie, Spencer, or Judd. She is going to keep pushing to make sure Andy is not put up.

4:56 PM BBT Things are quieting down in the BB house. McCrae and Spencer are in the BY. McCrae "Everyone was going to flip this on us this week. That was totally the plan." Spencer tells him that if McCrae and Amanda were up together he would vote to keep McCrae. They talk about how good Gina Marie was doing and how she dropped the ball and almost caught back up to Amanda. They talk about how hot it was outside and how that made the competition so hard. Spencer says he predicted last week that once the first power couple was split they would start going after each other.

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#BB15 5:06 PM BBT Elissa in HOH reading her bible. Amanda curled up in bed. McCrae, Judd and Spencer in the BY. General chit chat. Andy comes out and is very concerned about going up.

#BB15 5:17 PM BBT Aaryn and Amanda talking. Amanda says if Andy goes up, then she will vote him out. Aaryn says Spencer voted against her before and Andy put her up.

#BB15 5:31 PM BBT General chit chat in the BY. Andy sleeping. Amanda and Elissa not on cams.

#BB15 5:34 PM BBT Talk in the BY. McCrae says he prayed to the BB Gods and they answered him. Aaryn asked if they answered out loud and he smiled and said no.

#BB15 5:40 PM BBT Aaryn goes inside and McCrae asks Spencer if he was convincing about getting into it with Andy. Spencer says it was.

#BB15 5:45 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda on the BY talking. McCrae tells her that he told Andy was safe but that Amanda would want to keep Aaryn. Amanda gets upset. Amanda says she can't believe she won. McCrae says that Judd is so scared of Amanda.

#BB15 5:51 PM BBT Amanda telling McCrae that E shouldn't have put him up. Says that E was cheering on Gina in the POV. Aaryn making mac and cheese.

#BB15 5:56 PM BBT Aaryn talks to McCrae and Amanda in the BY. Amanda says everyone always blames her for everything. Amanda tells Aaryn that she has to be best friends with Gina. Says Aaryn no longer has to be friends with Elissa.

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6:02PM BBT Judd brought toilet paper to the WC. Elissa has changed to her clothes to do some yoga. Aaryn is making Mac and Cheese and was just called to the DR. Spencer is having a nap.

6:06PM BBT Aaryn and GM are whispering in the HN room. Aaryn is pushing for Andy to go on the block. Aaryn told GM to not say anything, she doesn't want them to be seen as "flipfloppers". Judd and McCrae are small talking in the BY.

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6:15PM BBT Aaryn, Judd and McCrae are in the BY talking about the Veto comp. They felt Spencer's zing was mean. Aaryn doesn't think Spencer is obese, he is just "big". Aaryn is glad she got to be there for OTEV and Zingbot. Judd thinks it is a final three rather than a final 2 "Survivor style" and he doesn't like it. Amanda is napping, Spencer is snoring.

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6:32PM BBT The BY is talking about Snookie from Jersey Shore and Judd knows how tall she is, that she is adopted and other details... McCrae says "It's weird you know so much about her." Judd says "Ya the twist is that I am her biological brother".
Elissa is done her work out. GM has her feet in the HT. GM asks Aaryn where the nail polish remover is, "I know you drank half of it but, there should be another bottle!" Aaryn says "Don't give away my secrets! That is how I tolerate this place!" We have FotH.

6:38PM BBT McCrae is now in the bed with Amanda. Andy is whispering over them saying he isn't going to talk to them much this week.
GM is in the BY telling a story about her mom and asks if anyone has put a 9volt battery to her mouth, everyone says no. She tells them about her mom buying a tazzer app and playing a prank on her. Andy has now joined GM, Aaryn and Elissa hanging out at the hot tub.

6:42PM BBT GM is telling the hottubbers about her 7 year stint as a photo lab technician. She loved it and they weren't allowed to print anything sexually explicit or guns or bombs. They would have to report that. She always took pride in her jobs. Amanda went to the DR, 90 seconds later she is back. She is now whispering Zing jokes to McCrae "What do GinaMarie and Elissa have in common? They are both made of plastic... ZING!" She says she is now going to call Elissa "Ding Bot". FotH.

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6:47PM BBT GM ad Elissa are whispering in the KT. GM is making tea for herself and Aaryn. They are complaining about Aaryn. Elissa says "We can put LOTS of sugar in her tea, maybe some olive oil?" GM laughs. Amanda joins them and Elissa says she is a little jealous that she didn't win the zingbot comp but "Hey, Amanda finally won something!"
In the BY Aaryn and Andy are talking about Elissa and the veto. They think Elissa is going to put up GinaMarie. Aaryn says "I am not going home and I am not letting you go home." They are panicked.

6:52PM BBT McCrae "What do Rachel Reilly and Baby Zingbot have in common? They are both related to annoying robots." Amanda is eating while sitting in bed with McCrae.
Aaryn is still talking with Andy in the BY. They want Elissa to put up GM. They are rehashing Judd being sent out and coming back. Andy "It was our biggest move and it was for nothing!" Aaryn says she can't fault Elissa for doing what is best for her own game.

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7:00PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are "worried" about what Elissa is thinking.
GM, Aaryn and Andy are outside discussing what Elissa might do when Amanda uses the veto.
Elissa is listening to Judd in the KT complain about Amanda. Elissa whispers "She is like really psychotic!" Judd has gone for a shower.

7:05PM BBT GM told a story about taking a survey in the Toronto airport and getting a $5 TimCard! (Canadians will appreciate this!) Elissa and Judd whisper some more in the WA before he gets in the shower. Elissa is now in the KT, she starts giggling as she walks out to the BY. Spencer is still napping, McCrae is in bed with Amanda.

7:08PM BBT Elissa walks into the chair room and says to McCrae "OMG this is the best day ever!" Amanda and McCrae are all happy, "Ya best ever!" She says "Someone else is going home, you gotta be happy about that!" They agree. She continues "At this point does it really matter who goes home?" And she walks out of the room. She goes into the WA to Judd to tell him how Amanda looked angry when she said that. Judd is smiling as she tells her story. Elissa is laughing hysterically. "Just keep saying that....We just saved you!" And laughs harder.

7:13PM BBT Elissa is now telling GM about what she said to Amanda and McCrae. Elissa is still laughing. She tells GM "You should just tell her that you let her win!" GM: "Ya I am gonna tease her tonight!" Elissa: "We have to say it at different times." They agree to use the veto win to mess with Amanda's head (And there is the RR coming out in Elissa!)

7:18PM BBT McCrae is at the fridge, Judd walks up next to him and whispers "I could have gone a little longer today but, I didn't" McCrae looks confused. He says something about Aaryn and holding out. Aaryn walks in and they decide to go outside for a smoke.

7:25PM BBT Judd and McCrae are smoking. GM, Elissa and Aaryn are sitting with their feet in the hot tub. Small talk everywhere.

7:27PM BBT GM thinks Zingbot is a rocket not a robot. McCrae says that baby zingbot has only one arm. GM says "It's his good arm!" She is laughing.
Zingbot woke them up yelling "Wake up losers!" Elissa says she would take that over the music 5 days a week. McCrae heads back in the house.

7:30PM BBT McCrae is in the chair room with Amanda. He tells her that Elissa says she gave Amanda the veto. Amanda laughs and says "Ya sure."

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7:37PM BBT Amanda, McCrae and Elissa are debating the VETO. Amanda says she won fair. She is pissed that Elissa says she threw it to her. "Just go away, whatever, that is hilarious... YOU lose with grace." Elissa starts talking, Amanda cuts her off "AHH. AHH. AHH" Elissa says "I hit the target like 10 times." Amanda says "Whatever!" Elissa leaves and now Amanda is ranting about the competition and how she "kicked everyone's ass" and then says "sorry I have been throwing competitions til now!" She gets up to tell Aaryn and calls Elissa "A sore loser!" (Well, she should know what that is all about.)

7:41PM BBT Amanda is losing her mind! She is yelling through the house "F*CK OFF ELISSA!!! No one gives a fuck what you say! Ok so you have GinaMarie this week and next week when you can't play, little bitchy Elissa you don't have NOBODY any more! Rachel must be so proud! McCranda is here to stay! Hey guess what zingbot and Elissa have in common? They are both made of plastic! ZING!" and only Spencer and McCrae heard it. Amanda is now whining to McCrae and Aaryn and Spencer about Elissa.

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7:49PM BBT Elissa, Judd and Andy are in the HOHR. Elissa is telling them what happened and she is laughing about Amanda saying she was plastic. Elissa "She is really mad because we said we threw the competition. They are laughing. McCrae, Aaryn and Spencer are in the chair room whispering. Amanda is now in the hammock with GM and Amanda is hoping that Andy goes up so he can go home.

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7:54PM BBT Elissa says Amanda has been running the game since week 1. Andy is silent, Judd agrees. Elissa says "Everyone has handed this girl the game" Andy is pleading his case to Elissa to not go on the block. Elissa and Judd are thinking of offering $5000 to GM or Aaryn. Elissa says "We are giving them the game!" Andy is crying, sobbing. "Andy we are losing the game!"
GM is laughing at the story of Elissa throwing the competition as Amanda tells it. GM says she would never throw anything.

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8:02PM BBT Elissa whispers to Andy in the lounge that he is probably going on the block. He says "I shook on it and I meant it!" and he is teary eyed again. She leaves and goes up to the HoHR and tells Judd what just happened. She says she has talked to Spencer and GM and they said they would do what Elissa wanted. Judd is heading down to the KT. Aaryn, Amanda, GM are vote counting in the BY. Everyone is saying Aaryn is safe and Andy would be going home.

8:08PM BBT Andy is moping around the house. Amanda is talking to Aaryn in the chair room. Aaryn says something isn't adding up. Elissa wouldn't put Andy up unless she had the votes to keep him. Elissa walked by, looked at Aaryn and Aaryn got all defensive. "What?" Elissa: "Huh?" Aaryn: "Why are you looking at me like that?" Elissa: "I don't know what you are talking about?" she walks outside.
GM Is now outside talking to Judd quietly until Elissa walks out. Elissa tells GM about Aaryn snapping at her.

8:14PM BBT Now everyone is mad at Elissa (well except Judd) there is a lot of back talking and name calling going on. McCrae is mad. Aaryn and Andy are sulky. GM is playing it on both sides and we got a brief FotH.
Feeds are back, BY talk: Judd says Aaryn is the reason he was ousted and GM says Aaryn didn't have a choice. Andy is crying again because he is in the " world's shittiest situation!"
Aaryn and Amanda in the chair room are whispering about Elissa.

8:19PM BBT Judd is smoking, looks like a crooner chilling in the BY, taking the drama in.
Aaryn is pleading her case to Spencer. She thinks everyone is betraying her and asks Spencer if he is working with McCrae. Aaryn "Does McCrae want me out?" Spencer says no.
Amanda is rehashing the Elissa confrontation in the BY. Amanda keeps saying Elissa is such a sore loser.

8:22PM BBT Aaryn is in bed, everyone is taking turns going to her to ask what is up? She has talked to Spencer, Andy and now McCrae.
Andy is now whispering to Spencer that he thinks he is going home. Spencer says he has nothing to worry about (and said the same thing to Aaryn)
Amanda and GM are telling Judd about the Elissa thing. Amanda says "Elissa doesn't have to be here, she has a huge rock, boats... plural, she doesn't deserve to be here!"
(I am thinking with all this chaos, Jessie would be proud!)

8:26PM BBT "Elissa doesn't have anyone." This has been said by Andy in the lounge and Amanda and GM in the BY. Amanda says how depressed Aaryn is, she feels so betrayed that GM is now always hanging out with Elissa.
Amanda is now telling Judd how last week Elissa threatened to walk from the jury if she was evicted. GM is now saying how Elissa didn't want to sit "with certain people". Amanda says that Elissa is trying to make it look like she is working with "certain people".

8:30PM BBT Aaryn walks outside and asks GM about her vote. GM "I haven't talked to anyone about my vote!" Amanda takes the opportunity to get to both of them.
Spencer and Andy are Elissa bashing in the lounge. Spencer "You are in a game where a lot of lies are going on." Spencer wants to know where GM is at with him. Andy says week 3 she wanted Spencer to not eat her chicken because she didn't trust him. McCrae comes in and says there is a problem with the grill. Spencer goes out to fix it.

8:34PM BBT Aaryn and Andy in the color room discussing the votes. Aaryn thinks Judd and Spencer are going to vote for her to leave and Elissa thinks that she can flip McCrae or GM's vote. Aaryn: "No one will show their cards because they are afraid to go up!"
Andy and Aaryn agree to not campaign against each other. Andy: "I hope something happens tomorrow to change it. She is the world's most stupid robot and no one is gonna change this!"
In the BY, Amanda says she doesn't know what Jessie's problem is with her. FotH.

8:38PM BBT GM says she doesn't believe everything anything anyone says because she would go "straight jacket crazy!". Elissa walks outside and says "This is the best day ever!" Judd asks if she got a shower in, she says yes. She is now sitting on the BY couch with Elissa and GM. They are discussing dinner. GM wants Rice-a-roni.

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8:40PM BBT Elissa and GM headed to the hammock, as they sit down Elissa says "I wonder what it is like to find out you are pregnant in the BB casting process?" (Amanda told this story about herself the other night) and we get FotH. Feeds, FotH, Feeds, FotH for 3 minutes. Amanda is heading over to the hammock. She asks why she wasn't invited. Elissa "Because you were being so nasty!" Elissa asks for alone time. "You walk around here like you own the place!" Amanda says "You walk around with a satanic smile and everything... I really appreciate you throwing the veto." Amanda then asks if they were talking about her... FOTH!

8:46PM BBT GM is now in the house with Amanda. She says Elissa is "F**kin' looney bro!" McCrae, Amanda and GM are now bashing Elissa. GM is now in the WC yelling about the toilet seat being up. GM comes out and says "I don't want this psycho following me around... geeeezzzz" Amanda said "I told you" GM is now eating.
Andy is on the BY couch. Aaryn is in the hottub. Elissa is in the hammock. Spencer is at the grill.

8:51PM BBT Judd and GM are talking (well she is chewing and talking) in the SR. Judd says he has a better chance of winning comps against Andy over Aaryn. GM says "Well we will see how the week goes but let's just wait til Monday and talk after that!"

Amanda has her feet in the hot tub, Aaryn is sitting in the tub.

8:55PM BBT Elissa walks by the hot tub. Judd asks if she fell asleep, she says "Ya, I am just do relaxed, that comp was so much fun and now I am tired." She goes inside, McCrae says "F**kin' nut job!"

8:59PM BBT Whispers are flying! Elissa went to bed, Andy went up there to talk to her. She feels like they are all handing McManda the game. "She came on the show, pregnant, tells America..." FotH for 30 seconds. Andy says "I feel so betrayed today!" Elissa says she doesn't like be subjected to psychotic people. Andy says he is irritated with her but won't get into a conflict with her. He does not want to go home.

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9:15PM BBT Andy and Spencer are talking scenarios, what they can do for the votes. Amanda came in, gave her 2 cents worth and left. We lost the feeds for a minute due to no signal. The BY talk is small talk for the most part. No one tells GM what to do, Judd is cooking... kinda. Someone cracked their chip in the salsa. Elissa was in bed the last time we saw her.

9:18PM BBT GM just told Aaryn and Amanda about Elissa telling them about Amanda's pregnancy story. We get FotH. When the feeds come back, Amanda is yelling "EVERYBODY KNOWS! OMG She has a 78 yr old husband and I was like 3 days pregnant." Aaryn says "Well she says she will never go home if she is on the block because she is Rachel's sister." Judd asks who was pregnant, Amanda starts to tell him the story and we get another FotH. Amanda says "Her f**king face is pumped full of collagen." The rant against Elissa continues.

9:26PM BBT Elissa is in bed. The HG are in the BY and the nastiness against Elissa has been flying for a while. (If they get booze, it could get really bad) Judd is called to the DR, he tells them he is finishing his smoke first. All 4 cameras are in the BY. Andy has gone inside.

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9:32PM BBT GM is eating tortilla chips in the BY. Amanda has double dipped a few times. GM sneezed, it looked like it went everywhere. Spencer has come outside to eat. Judd is washing dishes.

9:38PM BBT Small talk in the BY while they eat, smoke, regroup for more "I hate Elissa" talk.

9:40PM BBT Amanda is imitating the Ms Swan character from MadTV. We get no signal on the feeds.

9:43PM BBT Feeds are back. Small talk going on.

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9:49PM BBT Amanda has gone to lie down. McCrae goes in to see her. She is wondering who is going to do what. McCrae leaves, Amanda looks like she is going to cry.
Andy and Spencer are talking about the slop and the food choices that America gave them, the zingbot today and how mean he was, especially to Andy.

9:55PM BBT McCrae goes back into the chair room, Amanda tells him she needs Aaryn in the game for at least 2 more weeks.
In the BY Andy asks Judd and Spencer if they know what GM is going to do. He is unsure if she would go with the house or stay loyal to Aaryn.

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10:00PM BBT Aaryn is in the chair room talking to McCrae and Amanda. Amanda says to Aaryn "I know 100% that if GM goes on the block, you will stay. If it is Spencer, I don't know." Aaryn doesn't know why not, Amanda says "He is a VERY good liar!" Aaryn says she wants to rest for 10 minutes and not think about it.
In the BY, Andy says he doesn't want to talk to Elissa but he has to. (then Aaryn says the same thing in the chair room)

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