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Saturday, August 24 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Haven't seen any updates, so I'm posting what I saw from memory. So, Elissa is not as dumb as they think she is. She talked to Aaryn about working together and backdooring Amanda. She said they would never think that Elissa and Aaryn can work together. It's not high school and they need to get their heads in the game. Aaryn naturally agreed, because she knows that it's either Amanda or Aaryn going out next week. Elissa thinks she can get the votes to get Amanda out over Aaryn if McCrae wins veto and takes himself down. I *think* Elissa and Judd are working together as I caught her telling him not to tell them. (Not sure what it was about). All of that was in the last 20 minutes before BBaD ended. No live feed updates since then.

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(time for some Flash back? I'll try to watch and summarize)

10:45pm bbt FLASHBACK MOMENT! GAME CHANGING CONVERSATION: Aaryn emerges from her shell, joins Elissa in HOH.

Elissa: Is there any way you could put every thing aside and we work together? No one would think we would work together. You and I need to fight for the veto. I want to take you off the block and put Amanda up, and vote her out. Do you think you can?
Aaryn: I will try my hardest, I'm on board 100%

Elissa; We have to get her out, she has caused everything, I think she tries to get us to hate each other.

Elissa goes on to tell Elissa that she wants to work with her and Judd. Doesn't want Aaryn to tell GM, because Elissa hasn't told her. Elissa says she wanted Amanda and McCrae on the block all along. Aaryn gets confirmation that it's ok for GM to use the POV on Aaryn if GM were to win it.

Elissa: If we don't get Amanda or McCrae out, they are going to win the game.

Aaryn asks what if the POV doesn't get used? Elissa seems to forget that McCrae(and Amanda) will be playing, instead saying we will win it and it will be used. Elissa wants Aaryn to pretend they aren't getting along, wants Amanda to feel safe so she won't try as hard. (Some how, Elissa has missed the flaw in her plan, what if Amanda wins POV and removes McCrae from the block?)

10:55pm bbt

Aaryn: we can do this!

Elissa: I'm fired up!

10:58pm bbt Aaryn leaves HOH(with a new bounce to her step) and goes to the DR. Elissa stays in HOH and starts doing her toe nails. Everyone else is chatting about nothing in the chair room.

11:11pm bbt Aaryn is out of DR, joins everyone in chair room. Elissa still doing her nails in HOH.

11:12pm bbt Aaryn leaves the chair room, motioning for GM to follow her to the color room. Aaryn explains to GM the plan proposed to her by Elissa. GM gets excited, Aaryn tells GM she can't tell anyone. GM says Amanda is acting upset towards GM, likely because Amanda wanted GM on the block instead of McCrae.

11:17pm bbt Aaryn/GM go to check on alcohol, then join everyone in chair room. Spencer/Andy head to WA. Spencer tells Andy that Elissa's master plan is to keep Amanda happy, and get everyone to vote out McCrae. Aaryn joins Andy/Spencer, so talk turns to nothing again. Back in the chair room, Amanda/McCrae are snuggling while GM/Spencer are wrestle.

11:22pm bbt Aaryn goes to the SR, followed by Andy. Aaryn asks Andy if he plans to throw the POV? Andy says Elissa told him to keep noms the same if he wins, but Elissa may want to put someone else up. Andy leaves the SR, Aaryn is full of nervous energy, looking for food to eat.

11:27pm bbt Andy/GM/Aaryn head to color room to get ready for bed. They are worried BB may be doing a late night Have Not comp tonight still.

11:29pm-12:10am bbt FISH - DRAWING FOR THE POV PLAYERS

12:10am bbt Back from FISH, Amanda/McCrae are showering, Judd/Andy/GM/Spencer/Aaryn in cockpit

Aaryn tells them something is happening that is good for everyone in this room. Spencer understands, but is upset that he isn't playing for POV. Aaryn says she is stressed. Spencer says not to freak out, he doesn't have anyone in the house. Aaryn wasn't sure if he would take her off the block(Aaryn drew HG choice chip). Spencer again says he isn't upset with her, but he's been on the block for 5 weeks and no one is talking game with him.

12:12am bbt GM/Aaryn leave and head to color room, Judd says he's confused why Spencer is upset? Spencer says he's disposable. If he doesn't get to play, he may not get to stay. Judd asks what he should do in the POV, Spencer says try to win it! Aaryn tells GM she is now worried that Spencer won't vote for her to stay, she's upset she drew HG Choice.

12:14am bbt GM/Aaryn meet up with Elissa, tell her that Spencer is upset. Elissa tells Aaryn that she's staying and she(Amanda) is going home.

12:17-12:20am bbt FISH

12:21am bbt Aaryn is back in the SR looking for food, goes to kitchen to cook. Spencer/Andy/Judd still in cockpit whispering. McCrae/Amanda joins the guys, discuss when they are going to sleep(no time soon I'm guessing). Amanda asks if Elissa didn't look happy when she pulled her chip? Spencer is upset that he wasn't selected to host.

12:22am bbt Amanda leaves cockpit, joins Aaryn/GM/Elissa in kitchen. Amanda asks Elissa about pulling her chip, did she not want her to play?

Elissa; no, why wouldn't I want you to play?

12:23am bbt Amanda leaves the kitchen, Elissa/GM/Aaryn discuss if the POV comp will be late tonight, in the morning, or later Saturday? Aaryn heads to DR to ask. Back in cockpit, Judd says his head is messed up, he's never going to be the same after this game, his psycho will never feel the same. GM/Elissa discuss Aaryn, Elissa saying at times she is so likable.

12:26am bbt Amanda goes thru kitchen to cockpit, tell the guys that GM/Elissa stopped talking when she went thru, 100% they were talking game. Amanda heads back thru kitchen to WA. Andy tells the guys Amanda is John Nash from Beautiful Minds with Russell Crowe, because of all her conspiracy theories.

12:27am bbt FLASHBACK MOMENT! Back in the kitchen, Elissa is whispering to GM about Amanda
Elissa; I started to see it last week, but I never was around her

Amanda walks back in to the kitchen. Elissa takes a drink, GM gets up from bar.

Amanda: You guys are talking game, and every time I walk over you stop talking!

Elissa starts to laugh and spits out what she was drinking.

Amanda: Why don't you just talk in front of me, so you don't look shady as f#$%?

GM: I ain't shady as s$&%

Amanda: You're the shadiest mfer in here

GM: Am I? You think so? Elissa clean this up, you spit all over here!

Elissa: I'm just laughing because every time you come thru here, you stare at me!

Amanda: Because you stop talking!

The guys have heard the commotion and left the cockpit. GM/Elissa try to joke it off, GM nervously cleaning off the counter now.

Amanda: This is where I'm confused, Gina Marie, two days ago, I was defending Elissa to Aaryn, and you made me stop defending her, and now she's your best friend?

GM: First of all, waaaaaaait a second first of all...I want you to know, I've enjoyed working out with her, weeks ago...

Amanda: That's your tune today

GM: Why you wanna start a fight with me?

Elissa tries to stop the impending fight, again telling Elissa why she was laughing. GM/Amanda keep loudly discussing how each other have talked trash about Elissa, Elissa keeps smiling. GM tells Amanda she can't make her look bad. McCrae heads Amanda out of the room, GM keeps telling Amanda if she wants to be a big girl, come over here! Andy/Judd/Spencer/Aaryn all retreated back to the cockpit

12:32am bbt Judd checks on GM/Elissa in the kitchen, then checks on McCrae/Amanda in the chair room. Elissa/GM join Andy/Spencer/Aaryn in the cockpit. GM retells the fight that just occurred with Amanda, saying everything bad she has said is already on the table.

12:35am bbt McCrae is telling Amanda(again) that she can't go off on people like that. Spencer/Elissa playfully joke about her not selecting him to host the POV comp. Judd tells Amanda/McCrae how weird it is to leave this house.

12:37am bbt Aaryn has joined Amanda/McCrae. Amanda is sharing with Aaryn how bothered she is that GM would befriend Elissa. Aaryn says BB told her they can go to sleep if they want, BB will just wake them up if they need to.

12:41am bbt GM joins the chair room group of Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Aaryn/Judd. GM says they were not talking about Amanda, just was weird how Amanda kept walking thru and they would stop the conversation they were having. Aaryn/Judd get up to leave, and BB sends us to FISH for a minute.

12:42am bbt Amanda asks Elissa if they can talk in HOH room. Others are in kitchen checking on food in the oven.

Amanda tells Elissa how Aaryn has been talking about Elissa and trying to get her out for weeks, but now Aaryn is with Elissa all the time. Elissa is listening, hands propping her head up, looking disinterested as Amanda continues talking. Elissa again says she was drinking her drink and laughs it off. Amanda says it's driving her nuts how Aaryn is acting.

Amanda: Now that you are HOH, she's bringing you toilet paper and having conversations with you. Maybe I'm just jealous, but it worries me that you don't see it.

Elissa; I don't even care, I mean I know how this game is, it's not like.. you don't have anything, I mean, you haven't told me anything I don't already know.

Amanda: I'm scared, I don't know if you hold the Helen thing against me. You were the target, and now I feel like maybe I'm going home because I was protecting you. I hope you are being honest with me, if you are planning to put me up, I hope you'll let me know, so I can enjoy my last few days with McCrae(her voice starts to crack).

Elissa: We haven't even played veto yet! I haven't really thought about it.

12:47am bbt Amanda says everyone wants her out. If she was up versus McCrae, she would go home. Elissa breaks into laughter. The more Amanda tries to express her concern, the more it sends Elissa into a giggle-fest.

12:50am bbt McCrae/Andy/Judd are in color room talking, Amanda crying to Elissa. Aaryn comes in color room, tells McCrae that Amanda/Elissa are yelling at each other(their voices were loud, but they weren't fighting).

McCrae: are you two screaming at each other? That's what Aaryn said.

Amanda: No, she's just starting stuff... Elissa, just know that all the times you were on the block, I've saved you. If you want to get rid of me because of the Helen thing, ok, but I was the one who told you about it. It was everyone. I was the only one that told you the truth, I can only be honest with you.

Elissa: I know, I appreciate that, for sure.... I think I'm gonna go to bed, cause I don't know when this comp is going to be... but I didn't even think about...

Amanda starts to get up, looking at Elissa, causing Elissa to laugh again.

Amanda tries to make a case for having protected Elissa once more, before her/McCrae head back downstairs.

12:54am bbt McCrae/Amanda go to cockpit. He asks if she was yelling at Elissa? Amanda says no, it's just her voice.

1:00am bbt Amanda/McCrae in WA, brushing teeth and talking about Elissa conversation still, Amanda bothered that Elissa was laughing. Everyone else(except Elissa in HOH) are in color room, who are having random conversation. Amanda/McCrae head to memory wall and study faces.

1:05am bbt Elissa/Aaryn meet in chair room, Elissa retells her conversation with Amanda. Elissa walks to kitchen, passing Amanda at memory wall, and Elissa bursts into laughter again.

Amanda: Your laugh is just so cryptic! I didn't laugh when you were worried last week.

Elissa: I don't know why you are worried.

Amanda: Because McCrae is on the block!

Amanda/McCrae head to chair room, joining Aaryn and turn the light off. Aaryn says she won't be mad if either of them win POV. Amanda says best case for them is Amanda wins. Aaryn says just being on block is hard. Amanda mentions being back doored, certain that is Elissa's plan.

1:10am bbt Aaryn tells Amanda that GM/Elissa were talking about Aaryn. Amanda asks who Aaryn thinks Elissa's target is?

Aaryn: I thought it was me... But if she's laughing at you, then maybe it's you now. It sounded like you were yelling.

Amanda: No we weren't, we were just talking.

Aaryn: Why would she say all she did at nominations, if I'm not the target? That doesn't make any sense. So if McCrae comes down, you and I will be up? I guess there's equal reason to get rid of both of us. If you and me are up, I would assume I'm going home, because I don't have allies in the house, that's why I was trying to get Judd on my side.

Amanda: I need to win the veto, that's my best bet.

1:16am bbt Aaryn/McCrae/Amanda try to sleep, Spencer/GM/Andy are in color room, Judd heads to HOH to ask Elissa about using the POV if he wins it, or what he's supposed to say to Andy. He decides it's best if he just goes back and says Elissa was asleep. Elissa starts to ask questions about days/comps, Judd questions if they would do a comp about that, since he wasn't here for some of it. He heads back downstairs.

1:20am bbt Judd/Andy in the cockpit, Judd says he thinks it's best if he doesn't use it. Judd says as long as Andy/Spencer aren't the replacement vote... Andy thinks the worse case is if Amanda wins, cause she would take McCrae off, then one of 'us' would have to go up. Judd realizes 'we' would be in danger, so what's best is for 'me, you and Spencer' is to make sure Amanda doesn't win.

1:24am bbt Spencer checks in with Amanda/McCrae, getting updated from Amanda about Elissa/GM talking game. GM joins Judd/Andy in cockpit, agreeing they can't let Amanda win. Spencer/Andy/GM head to brush teeth, Judd stops at memory wall to study faces.

1:30am bbt Judd explains to GM about studying faces at the memory wall. Aaryn is at WA sink, Spencer is sitting behind Aaryn, studying her backside.

1:32am bbt Aaryn/GM/Judd are at memory wall studying faces. GM thinks Howard's would be easy to guess, because 'dude he is black'.

1:40am bbt Aaryn/Spencer talking in cockpit, everyone else is in bed. Aaryn realized McCrae will be a wildcard if Amanda leaves. Spencer doesn't trust McCrae, but they both feel they can trust Andy.

1:50am bbt Aaryn/Spencer head to bed... (and so do I... good night!)

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11:PM BBT In Chair Room everyone but Aaryn and Elissa are chatting. Spencer says he holds the record for being on the block for the entire state of Arkansas. Talking about what parts of Tennessee are dangerous. Aaryn comes in, Judd asking how her shower was. Very generic conversation. Elissa is in HoH bathroom doing nails and soaking feet in tub.

11:12PM BBT Aaryn and GinaMarie in colorful room talking about the deal she just made with Elissa. GinaMarie seems to tear up and they hug. They pinky swear to keep it quiet from the house. GinaMarie said that Amanda is mad at her because Amanda feels GM should be on the block, not McCrae. GM said that Helen was looking out for those two even as she left the house. Aaryn said the only flaw is if Amanda wins. She will surely go home if Amanda wins PoV. GinaMarie stressing to Aaryn that she has a head and a heart and NEEDS to start playing this game for herself and stop letting people tell her what to do. Warning her she needs to break from Amanda because Amanda always tries to tell her what to do. HG's wanting alcohol but Amanda said They don't give us booze before Veto. Talk then turns towards Skinny Gurl brand of alcohol and that Bethenny Frankel created the line.

11:19PM BBT Spencer and Andy in the WA. Spencer told Andy that Elissa's plan is NOT to use the Veto but to get everyone to vote out McCrae. Andy's eyes widen and he exclaims in a whisper....Jesus! Spencer replies with yeah, I know. Aaryn walks in so talk chances to whether they will have a Have/Have Not comp.

11:25PM BBT HAHA! We are all 4 feeds on Chair Room and we can hear Judd ask McCrae if he showered today. McCrae shakes no, Judd says Yesterday? Again, McCrae shakes no. Judd asks, the day before? McCrae stops, ponders and shakes head yes.

(Observation Time - Aaryn is acting a bit too less happy than she was before. I would question that if I were in the house....and NOT an idiot - Phortune)

12:10AM BBT OK, I guess they just picked players for the VETO competition. (Aaryn got HG choice and picked Judd. Amanda's chip got picked to play by Elissa. McCrae selected GM's chip. Andy was picked to host and from future talks it appears it will be a middle of the night veto which in the past has been the photomash (my guess no evidence other than the dark - Phortune)

We just got back from FotH since 11:30PM BBT and a miracle has happened!!! McCrae and Amanda are taking a shower!!!. Aaryn, Spencer, Judd, GM and Andy in the lounge room. We come in mid-argument to hear Spencer say: "Nobody in this house has an allegiance to me and I don't have an f-ing allegiance to nobody." Aaryn said she didn't think he would use the Veto on her. Spencer points out the she never asked him about it. Spencer says: "it's cool, I just want you to know, I have been on the block five weeks in a row. Nobody says shit to me. All they say is 'We want the person you are up against out more than you' and that ain't F-ing friendship, that's not allies that is not f-ing anything. I make my own f-ing decisions, I have been like that from day 1 I walked in this GD house." Aaryn started to talk but Spencer cut her off. Said he is not mad at her (she did not pick him for HG choice in the Veto selection). She walks out and GM follows.

Judd asks why he is mad. Because she didn't pick him to play? Spencer says no, he just wanted to play period. He feels he is disposable and he could be out the door if he goes up. Spencer is at his limit with being the pawn and having no control in this game. Andy says he has nothing to worry about. (sure Andy, sure)

Aaryn walks out and GM follows.

12:12AM BBT GM and Aaryn in the colorful room. GM in reference to Amanda: "She is only looking out for herself. F that bitch, I told you that weeks ago." Aaryn really upset, saying F HG choice, that the last thing she needs is to cause waves and lose votes. GM is bashing Amanda. Aaryn said no one can know Judd will take me off!. Elisa walks in, no one can know. They all say yeah, no one can know. Elissa said that Judd will keep her, Spencer will keep her and GM will keep her. Aaryn said yeah, but now Spencer is mad at me for not picking him. GM upset that Amanda and McCrae are mad that Aaryn picked Judd to play for her. GM said you are on the block too! Elissa confirming: "She is going home Aaryn, she is going home, I swear! I am going to fight as hard as I can."

(I love this. I love this! This will make for a VERY exciting week in the BB house...finally!!!)

12:15AM BBT We have Andy once again pledging loyalty to even the ants in the house! I don't want you two (Judd/Spencer this time) going ANYWHERE! Saying he thinks Elissa needs to just shut up and let Amanda/McCrae and Aaryn/GM just duke it out. Judd playing it SO cool. He says he is nervous. Says no one is really talking game to him since he got back. FotH

12:20AM BBT Feeds are back. Andy, Spencer and Judd still in the lounge. Andy reiterates WE need to stick together. Says he has been working with Amanda and McCrae since the beginning and is just now seeing they will rip you apart and throw you to the wolves! Judd says yeah, look what happened to me. It could happen to you or you. And with Andy's borrowed sense of timing, McCrae walks in. Dead stop to conversation.

Amanda walks in, in a towel. Spencer talks about going to bed. When asked if McCrae was pumped or pissed he said pissed. When asked why he said it just seemed that when Elissa picked Amanda's chip she was upset. Game talk has ended in the Lounge.

12:25AM BBT Aaryn, Elisa and GM in KT pondering when the VETO will be. Aaryn goes into DR to ask. GM and Elissa whispering about Aaryn with Elissa apologizing about putting Aaryn up. Elissa genuinely seems to want to work with these two. Aaryn and Elissa drinking tea and Coke. Amanda walks up and away. Whispering continues. Then stops. Amanda walks in and says you are always talking game and stop talking when I walk up, you are shady. Amanda seems to be genuinely upset at the thought of anyone but her talking game. GM getting heated, Amanda getting heated. Elissa trying to calm the waters. Shouting back and forth. GM totally shouting Amanda down. McCrae walks up and pulls Amanda away. Shouting continues from KT to Chair Room.

12:30AM BBT McCrae talking Amanda down. Same thing as usual. It doesn't matter, no point in arguing, that was stupid. Most of the other HG's in the lounge rehashing the argument.

12:38AM BBT Aaryn has put on her depressed face for McCrae and Amanda. Judd is also in the chair room with them. Amanda asked why she picked Judd. Aaryn said she needs to mend bridges. Amanda asked why she didn't pick Andy. Aaryn said she didn't know what he would do. Amanda said the same was true with Judd. She doesn't know what he would do either. Aaryn reiterates she needs to mend bridges. GM and Andy walk in, GM asks Amanda if they are cool. Aaryn walks away. Amanda and Gm play nice. Amanda goes to KT to ask Elissa to go to HoH, and starts trashing GM. (hence my play nice comment)

Elissa's only reaction to the barrage of GM trashing coming from Amanda is a smile and that Amanda is not telling her anything new. Amanda says she feels like now she is going home because she protected Elissa. Amanda asks for Elissa to not put her up but if she is planning it to let her know so she can -tears start- spend my last days with McCrae. Elissa says she honestly hasn't even thought about it. Elissa asks who would want Amanda out over McCrae. Amanda says EVERYBODY! Elissa bursts into laughter. Amanda asks why she is laughing. Elissa says you have good relationships with everyone. Amanda says the fact that you won't even tell me if you will or won't put me up scares me. Elissa will not give an answer.

Amanda says Elissa wants Amanda, McCrae and Spencer gone. Elissa said I never wanted Spencer to go! (lol) Amanda said you sat in the cockpit and said multiple times last week you wanted Spencer out. Elissa laughs again and said yeah, against Helen I did. Amanda said so you WOULD want me out? Elissa said no.

12:50AM BBT Talk still continues with Elissa and Amanda. Amanda stressing that Elissa NEEDS to tell her if she has any plans of putting Amanda up. Amanda cries again and Elissa is stifling laughter and covering her mouth with her hand. You can see a smile. McCrae comes in says Aaryn said Amanda and Elissa were screaming at each other. Amanda sobbing a bit, saying she feels it is going to happen. She just wants to know. Amanda says I saved you, I was always on your side even when it put me in danger. I told you about Helen! I gave you that courtesy so you could spend time bonding with Helen. Elissa is un-phased. She says she wants to go to bed. She is effectively kicking them out. And she starts to laugh again and apologized for it. Amanda and Elissa hug.

Meanwhile in the colorful room.... Judd, McCrae Andy talking about what Elissa will do if the veto is used. Judd is really playing it cool and acting nervous that Elissa might put him up. McCrae saying just last week GM and Aaryn were hardcore trying to get Elissa out. Judd said that Helen was more dangerous anyway. GM and Aaryn enter and Aaryn did say that Amanda and Elissa are upstairs screaming at each other. Which is why McCrae was upstairs a few lines ago. GM doing crunches on the floor and Spencer just walked in.

Conversation turns to when this veto will take place. Aaryn said that DR told her they CAN go to sleep but that they WILL be woken up for the competition.

1:00AM BBT Amanda told McCrae that she was crying to Elissa and Elissa just kept laughing at her. They are brushing their teeth in the WA. Then McCrae and Amanda move chairs toward the memory wall and just starie in silence. They sit there for several minutes and Amanda says let's go to bed. McCrae calls Elissa an f-ing bitch. He says he hopes Amanda kills it and he will f-ing laugh. They ask Aaryn if they can turn off the light and they do. Aaryn says if either of you win veto she will not be mad. Amanda said best case scenario is if I win.

1:05AM BBT Elissa telling Aaryn that Amanda was up there crying and Elissa couldn't keep a straight face. That we need to keep Amanda feeling safe. That conversation was very bried and no one was around. They briefly talk about if the veto comp will be the memory wall (picturemash). They both think it will be. Elissa asks Aaryn if she has that one, Aaryn says yes, I know the faces. Elissa leaves the room.

1:10AM BBT Andy, GM, Spencer and Judd rehashing the night Jessie went insane. Talking about her eavesdropping and how Jessie jumped into Spencer's bed.

1:15AM BBT Elissa and Judd in HoHR talking about whether they trust Andy. They both decide to wait until after the veto to say anything. Judd will tell the others Elissa was sleeping so they don't ask him anything. They are quickly figuring out the days. Elissa says she definitely wants to work with GM and Aaryn. Judd says the only person who cannot win veto is Amanda. He leaves and tells Andy he accidentally woke Elissa up. Andy was waiting in the KT. They go into the lounge room. Judd says he thinks the best thing for his game is to win and not use it. Andy says McCrae told him not to use it. Judd asks why? Andy says not sure. Judd says as long as I don't go up or you or Spencer we are fine. They discuss what to do if there are punishments or rewards. Andy wants money but is afraid Elissa will put him up. Judd is doing a great job!

1:0AM BBT 3and several people are studying the memory wall. Covering up different parts of the faces and studying eyes, mouths and noses.

1:37AM BBT Judd, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae/Amanda all laying in bed resting for the Veto comp.

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(Could someone quickly confirm if BB:AD counts for this?)

(I live in Pacific Time Zone, so times should match BB time...)

1:40 - Elissa and GM in the HOHR discussing depressing moments in their lives. GM mentions when Nick got evicted.

1:44 - GM says to Elissa that she has friends back at home just like Elissa, Helen & Aaryn. Except her "Aaryn" friends are her club friends, meaning they don't hang out.

1:45 - GM eats some cranberries.

1:46 - Andy, Spencer, Aaryn, MC and Amanda lounging in the bedrooms. Amanda eats one of Andy's nectarines, but according to Aaryn it's "rawten". (Rotten)

1:47 - Elissa telling GM that she is special and that she really liked her, but when she started hanging out with Aaryn, she changed as a person. GM says Helen said she was special too.

1:52 - Elissa says to GM, and I quote, "You should be proud that you have a quirky, amazing personality." GM says, "This 15 min conversation we're having, you've said nicer things to me than Aaryn EVER has to me." GM says Aaryn is SO stubborn, that if she picked up an orange water bottle and said it was blue, it was blue. There's no convincing her.

1:54 - BB telling Andy and Spencer to "STOP THAT!" (Lol...)

1:56 - Elissa telling GM she's beautiful. Like 10 times.

1:58 - Elissa states that Aaryn's negative energy is too overwhelming and that she's never met someone so "Ugh!"

2:00 - GM says that the way she is in the BB House is the way she is at home. (I believe her.) GM regrets that Helen got evicted. Elissa says she wishes it was them two plus Helen at the end.

2:02 - GM tells Elissa, "In my goodbye message to Helen I told her, "You'll always be my Korean Snooki.""

(At this point I feel GM and Elissa should get married. There are so many compliments going back and forth that I can't even...)

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8:15AM BBT: Andy got up earlier to use the bathroom, but everyone is still sleeping. Amanda and McCrae are doing some tossing and turning.

8:56AM BBT: Spencer is up and changed his batteries. He returns to the chair room and whispers to McCrae that it's 8:57 and the music should be coming on soon. Spencer goes back to bed.

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9:14 am BBT HG still sleeping, there is some moving around and blanket adjusting but no one getting up yet.

9:18 am BBT Elissa gets up, turns water on and uses the WC, washes hands and goes back to bed. Spencer cracks his knuckles.

9:42 am BBT HG still sleeping. (Well in still in bed, with the amount of movement they arent all asleep.)

10:00 am BBT so far no wake up call, they are all sleeping

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