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Saturday, August 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
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Dining Table (DT)
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Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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***Can some one do a flashback/rewind for last night? Thank you!!***

8:24 am BBT We have FOTH

8:50 am BBT Helen and GinaMarie laying on the LR couches. Amanda, Mc and Aaryn change their batteries. They must have danced to the music, GinaMarie says she is out of breath, that it was awesome.

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Guest 6Borders


***Can some one do a flashback/rewind for last night? Thank you!!***

8:24 am BBT We have FOTH

What times do you need Dade?

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Guest 6Borders

8:47am BB Time: Feeds are up and Helen and GM are talking in the living room. Helen was saying she thought she was going to pee her pants she was so exciting. Helen is relating songs...says anything by Bon Jovi...and it was "amazing".

They are semi-singing but BB hollers at them to put on their batteries instead of stop signing.

BB tells Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae to change their batteries.

GM and Helen say they are sweating. Helen says it was unbelievable...they gave them 5 songs. Helen wishes they would play an hour of music like that everyday {we don't Helen, we get enought FOTH as it is -6Borders}

Helen says it was so awesome and she feels like she just had sex or something. GM remarks it was better than sex.

They remark again they are sweating (I guess they were dancing).

Aaryn comes down and GM tells her she has an idea (but unfortunately I didn't hear what she said).

GM says she is out of breath. She is lying on the couch looking like she just ran a marathon and swam about 5 miles.

GM says that's the first song she ever danced to her her studio when she was 10 years old.

Aaryn and GM are discussing songs/dances (which are used in pageants I think)

Aaryn doesn't want to go back upstairs because she says she will just get called back down.

8:53am BB Time FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

8:54am BB Time: Feeds are back and GM is saying AWESOME! Aaryn is in the storeroom putting food in the 'fridge.

Looks like Elissa is stirring in the Have Not Room and GM takes her things (or someone's) to the HOH bathroom.

Elissa is up heading for the storeroom, passes GM but no pleasantries are exchanged.

Helen and GM are doing ADL's in the common bathroom. GM says her skin was like a mask yesterday (from the comp).

GM tells Aaryn she brought her makeup up (to the hoh room) so she could keep Aaryn entertained.

Elissa is also in the kitchen (but it seems they could all be invisible from each other)

GM asks Aaryn if she is going to eat first and she says yes,but she's going to get some clothes. GM is going upstairs to do her makeup and will meet her up there.

9:02am BB Time: All cameras are currently on GM and Elissa, doing make up and ALD's

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9:01 am BBT GinaMarie doing her make up in HOH, Elissa brushing her teeth. Aaryn having a banana and grapes for breakfast, Helen asks Elissa if she is ready for this. Elissa says yes, Helen starts jogging.


What times do you need Dade?

10:40 pm BBT until they went to bed, we had no coverage last night.

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8:50AM BBT Ginamarie & Helen are awake in the LR

GinaMarie laying on the couch

Helen & GinaMarie are laughing & talking about about the wake up music "Vanilla Ice song" "Nothing can stop us now" "your body is a wonderland"

They are sweating {??} Sounds like they gave them 5 songs. GinaMarie rocks out to this every morning.

Helen feels like she just had sex {no visuals needed} & she needs a shower.

Aaryn, Amanda & McCrae are being told to change their batteries.

GinaMarie to Aaryn: "I have an idea...you drop down your battery & I'll throw one up to you"

Aaryn just came down & changed her battery. She doesn't want to go back upstairs because she knows she is going to be called back down in a few min. {for DR??}

Aaryn & GinaMarie now talking about "Ice Ice Baby"

FOTH for a few min

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Guest 6Borders

9:05am BB Time: Helen is jogging thru the house and talking with Aaryn (I think). She jogs past Elissa and says something that sounds like stay positive and Elissa murmured something like 'yeah um".


What times do you need Dade?

OK, I'll go ahead and try to do that instead of morning updates since you seem to have plenty of ppl

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(TY TY TY bord)

9:12 am BBT Aaryn finds Clowny hung in the HOH shower, she goes outside the HOH room and yells that who ever hung Clowny is going up as a replacement nom!!! They think Andy did it, he better sleep with one eye open. Aaryn says she will put headcheese in his bed.

9:16 am BBT Aaryn says it kind of funny. GinaMarie says they should a run by water flouring. (Aaryn throw water on him and GM will toss flour on him)

9:23 am BBT Aaryn/GinaMarie in HOH. They dis Rachel. She used to be Aaryns fave player but not any more. Why wouldn't Elissa tell Rachel's age. GinaMarie doing crunches.

9:35 am BBT Clowny has been rescued from the shower and is recovering in bed. Aaryn says Elissa wants to set an example for her son then why did she hang out with Candice. Why wouldnt she hang out with them (Aaryn and GM).

9:42 am BBT the Candice and Elissa comments go back and forth in HOH. They are doing their make up/hair. Mean while down stairs Elissa did her hair and has moved on to make up. (yup, its that exciting)

9:50 am BBT still doing makeup/hair. FOTH

9:55 am BBT Amanda awake, she is wearing the camo coveralls from the frog comp. (HNR is cold) Elissa jogging, asks Helen how many laps she does, Helen says about 30 minutes or so.

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OK, I'll go ahead and try to do that instead of morning updates since you seem to have plenty of ppl

Do worry about details, I was up until 3AM with a programmer trying to fix our chat room, and I didn't hear anything exciting on the feeds, but I was distracted, just listen for any important game moves. And Thanks!!!

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10:05AM BBT Helen is blowdrying her hair in the WA. Aaryn is curling her hair in the HoH bathroom.

10:15AM BBT Amanda, GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking about music and the wake up music they get played for them every morning. Aaryn gets called to the DR. Amanda complains she looks like a homeless person everytime they call her to the DR. Aaryn leaves, Amanda and GM are discussing whether or not to stay up there together or not because it could cause an issue. GM heads down stairs. Helen is in the KT.

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10:25AM BBT GinaMarie walks through the KT and sees what Elissa is wearing, storms into the HoHR and freaks because BB took all her clothes away and one of the dresses is exactly like the one Elissa has on. Amanda and GM are now complaining about all the things Elissa gets away with. She had hairdye and scissors and can wear whatever she wants to. GM says "Oh she is sooo classy but she wears shorter shorts than I do!" We get a brief FotH and the ElissaBash continues in the HoHR

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10:35AM BBT GinaMarie is talking about the theater classes she took, "Shakespeare, Petrofsky... Shakespeare, no wait" Amanda says "Aleksandr Petrovsky? He is a dancer!" (No He is actually Mikhail Baryshnikov's character on Sex and the city) And with that we are now on FotH.

10:40AM BBT It's trivia, so they are probably getting instructions for the Veto competition.

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11:00 am BBT Helen tells Andy that if she has POV then he can take a prize but if she doesnt have POV then for him to take it. In HOH Aaryn says it will be like 14 hrs before they get to play. Andy comes to HOH, he says he should drop last, ppl wont be up for an hour, what if ppl go over and he wins.

11:02 pm BBT Aaryn says she doesnt think it will be the hour thing. Amanda tells him if you are going to throw POV until after the target is down. In cockpit Helen/Elissa discussing "What ifs" and some jedi training.

11:09 am BBT Amanda is host, Andy is playing in comp. All HG wonder what kind of comp it will be. Andy says this is the first week he has been stressed.

11:14 am BBT Aaryn says to Andy and Amanda "well Helen you taught us to vote with the house and this is what the house wanted"

11:18 am BBT Andy/Aaryn/Amanda/Spencer talk about how bad the food is the Have Nots have, Amanda is going to starve. Its general chat.

11:25 am BBT Helen talks to Mc. sounds like Spencer is also playing. (Helen whispering, can only hear about 4th word) Helens says she would vote to keep Mc. but she cant think that far ahead. Mc tells her she's got this.

11:30 am BBT Amanda will be pissed if there is a guest host. In cockpit Helen tells Elissa she hopes the comp is soon (we get a quick flash of Trivia, I was thinking WOW what a premonition) feeds back. they are going over letters. C=ceremony, F=floaters, H=HOH or H/HN

11:37 am BBT HOH is talking about what if the FCC has loosened their restrictions and all the F bombs are no longer beeped out. Aaryns says she think that when Jessie had her melt down she poured 3/4 of the jug of chocolate milk down the drain. That Jessie made all this food and left it sit out, she was going after the HNs.

11:40 am BBT Aaryn says that Dusty Rose's daughter was her dance coach. They start talking about movies.

11:47 am BBT Aaryn tells us its Day 58. In KT, Amanda tells Elissa its a shitty situation, them (Elissa and Helen) are stronger then them. She says maybe Spencer is the target, but she doubts it.

11: 50 am BBT Amanda says she would keep Elissa over Helen 100% swear on her life. She wants Elissa to win POV.

11:55 am BBT HOH talking about HG that were voted out. In KT Amanda telling Elissa that she really has to fight for POV, not to let Spencer get it. That Helen and Elissa are 2 ppl and after this week it will only take 2 votes. Amanda tells her to stop campaigning for both of them to stay and campaign for herself. The odds are in her favor.

****I am done for the day, I have a Birthday party to go to for a 7 year old. See you all later****

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12:02 PM BBT In the KT Amanda tells Elissa that she hopes Elissa wins POV and then wins the next HoH. Elissa says that Aaryn is going to have to go soon or she is going to win the whole thing. Amanda tells her that she and McCrae always wanted Elissa here and have not been stupid flip floppers.

12:12 PM BBT Amanda is telling Elissa that Helen will be hard core campaigning against her. She tells Elissa how Helen went up to HoH and cried last night about how she can’t save Elissa anymore. Amanda tells Elissa that even if Helen leaves, Elissa is safe next week.

12:22 PM BBT Amanda tells Elissa “I’m always loyal to people who are loyal to me.” Meanwhile in the HoHR Aaryn is talking to Andy. She is nervous that Gina Marie was included in the final 5 deal. Aaryn says if Gina Marie gets upset about anything she will expose them. Aaryn “Then you and I will be on the block together.”

12:32 PM BBT In the HoH Aaryn and Spencer are talking about they have to kill this next veto. Aaryn says she admits she has not done well in these veto comps and is due for something that she is good at. Aaryn wants to win it so bad because people are pushing her to put up Gina Marie if the veto is used. Spencer “Oh my God I have to win it today.” Aaryn to Spencer “With me, you, Andy, and Gina Marie we have a good chance. We’ve won way more stuff.” Spencer says Elissa will break down and suck and Helen is the only of the nominees that has a chance of winning.

12:37 PM BBT Elissa is called in the DR. Andy joins Amanda in the KT. Amanda tells him about her conversation with Elissa. “I told her if she doesn’t win HoH then she is going home so fight hard for it.”

12:45 PM BBT In the HoH Aaryn and Spencer are discussing how things are going to play out after either Elissa or Helen is gone. Of course Amanda and McCrae are together and Aaryn and Gina Marie are together. Aaryn says Gina Marie is a loose cannon but at least she is a loose cannon that isn’t against her.

1:00 PM BBT In the KT Andy and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells him about an ex boyfriend starts to cry. Andy hugs her and tells her that she found someone so much better. Meanwhile in the HoHR Aaryn and Spencer are talking. Aaryn is telling him that she is much more scared of "them" than she is of Amanda and McCrae.

1:07 PM BBT Amanda says that living in Southern Florida warps you because it's such a money hungry area that you are pushed to get involved in with people of wealth. Amanda says her Mom (a Jewish mother) always told her to marry someone with money. Amanda says it's more important to be close to someone and grow together. Meanwhile Aaryn is telling Spencer that his family is going to be so proud of him for getting so far in the game.

1:12 PM BBT Helen has joined Amanda and Andy in the KT. They are talking about the meltdowns that they have had because they miss their family. In the HOHR Aaryn and Spencer are talking about how his family probably reacted to her winning HoH again. Aaryn expects that his family hates her and thought she was going to nominate him again.

1:17 PM BBT Amanda is called to the DR. Elissa, Helen, and Andy are talking about what they were doing when the planes hit the World Trade Centers. Helen's parents live close to the Pentagon. Helen also remembers she was at school when the Challenger exploded.

1:22 PM BBT Elissa has gone into the BR to stretch. In the KT Helen tells Andy that she is losing weight and her clothes fit differently because of the slop diet. "Even if I stay this week I won't be here next week. I'll be just a sliver of myself." They are talking about how long they have been in the house and how things early in game seem to be forever ago. Helen thinks the lock on the SR door is broken. The light is green but the door still won't open.

1:30 PM BBT Amanda goes in to lay down with McCrae. Spencer is also in there and they are telling the came in the room to be quiet. Helen is alone in the KT cooking.

1:45 PM BBT Amanda is fussing at McCrae that he is sleeping so much that he's sweaty. She is trying to talk him into getting up. McCrae won't get up for her.

1:50 PM BBT Gina Marie is talking to Helen in the KT. She says the reason her stomach hurts is that her period has started. That's makes three times since she came into the house. Gina Marie says she keeps getting it because she is so emotional. She tells Helen that she is proud of herself because she thought of Nick outside and didn't fall apart.

1:55 PM BBT Helen to Gina Marie "Aaryn said I'm not the target this week. Is that true?" Gina Marie says that is true, Helen is not the target. Helen thanks her says we'll talk later and see what happens.

2:00 PM BBT in the BR Elissa, Amanda, Spencer, and Andy are talking about Have-Not week and how they didn't get anything to work with this week. Amanda wishes they could eat the Ramen again.

2:08 PM BBT Helen and Gina Marie are talking about what they would or would not eat if they had a food challenge. Gina Marie would have problems if they had to eat something that had of flies on it. Helen asks her if she would eat a worm. Gina Marie said she could if the knew the worm was dead and she could just swallow it. If it was alive she would worry about it living inside of her.

2:12 PM BBT in the KT Helen says the slop balls are done but not as crispy. She tells Gina Marie that she will probably never want to eat oatmeal again in her life. She'll buy it for her kids but won't eat it. Meanwhile Spencer tells Elissa that he has mastered the grill of the house but Elissa thinks he said he mastered all the girls of the house.

2:16 PM BBT In the KT Gina Marie, Helen, Aaryn, and Andy are talking about the Have Not foods this week. Gina Marie "How can you eat peppers, that's not normal. People don't eat like that." Helen says she burned her mouth after just one bite of the habanero. Helen says "It better not be OTEV today. She can't deal with it today." Gina Marie doesn't understand so Helen explains that comp to her.

2:20 PM BBT in the BR Amanda, Spencer, and Elissa are discussing who they think had the biggest melt down this season. Spencer says Helen and Gina Marie. They talk about Gina Marie's Day 21 cockroach meltdown. Elissa jokes "at all of yous cockaroaches."

2:23 PM BBT In the KT Aaryn tells Helen and Gina Marie that her real ID gets turned down more often than her fake ID ever has. She says she has the information on her fake ID memorized but not her real ID because it was back when she was in her first dorm. She said her fake ID is perfect and they would all think it was her.

2:26 PM BBT In the BR Amanda and Elissa are again talking about not being able to eat the head cheese and habaneros. Elissa reminds her that she can eat olives and pickles. Amanda forgot about the pickles and gets up to get one.

2:29 PM BBT In the KT Amanda is explaining to Gina Marie that club soda and seltzer water are the same thing. Gina Marie doesn't understand. Amanda explains it like people calling soft drinks sodas or cokes. It all depends on where you are.

2:31 PM BBT Amanda is fussing that the chocolate milk is gone and there isn't any in the SR. Gina Marie says she hates it and that it's like drinking gasoline. Amanda "Well, I like that gasoline so I'm going to go ask for some."

2:35 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. They HGs are pretty much just passing the time waiting for the veto comp to start. We have two cameras dedicated to watching Helen search through her hair looking for some grays to pull out.

2:41 PM BBT We have two cameras on Elissa alone in the KT and two cameras in the HN room of Gina Marie and Helen laying down trying to take a nap.

2:52 PM BBT It's almost three in the afternoon in the BB house and Elissa is the only one vertical. After checking out several rooms and not finding anyone awake she goes into the chair BR to read the bible.

2:58 PM BBT Everyone in the house is asleep except for Elissa. You can tell she is bored stiff. She reads the bible, stretches a little, stares at the wall, goes back to reading. Wash, rinse, repeat. [Please BB, throw a mouse in the house or something.--Goldylucks]

3:01 PM BBT Helen wakes up and goes into the cockpit. It just happens that Elissa is on the other side of the house and doesn't see her. Elissa walks by the door "Oh, you're in there." Aaryn has gotten up also and is soaking her feet in the tub. We get a close up of clownie.

3:06 PM BBT Elissa joins Helen I the cockpit. Helen goes to shut the door. Helen says that they are going to have to promise safety again if she wins the POV. Elissa "she can't play this next week." Helen "Spencer is alone. If he wins it we can promise him safety and backdoor someone. There's always a way." They agree it isn't even worth thinking about until someone wins this veto.

3:09 PM BBT Elissa tells Helen that Aaryn informed Elissa she is the target and Helen is the pawn. Helen says that Aaryn told her the same thing. Helen says BB woke them up at 8:30 just to stir them before the veto. Helen "We just got to win this dang veto and get Spencer on the block. I can't believe I pulled his chip. So ridiculous." Elissa leaves Helen to go lay down for a bit.

3:15 PM BBT BB "McCrae, shut it down." Whatever he is doing is off camera. Helen is washing the green frog in the sink in the bathroom. Aaryn is shaving her legs in the HoH bath.

3:20 PM BBT The painted decorations are coming off the green frog and Helen is determined to remove every last bit of it. Aaryn is putting on lotion. They are the only two on camera.

3:37 PM BBT McCrae has joined Helen in the cockpit. They are trying to come up with a BB phrase that starts with every letter for the alphabet B-blood on hands, blind side, etc.

3:44 PM Helen thinks the upcoming POV will be about what you are willing to sacrifice. Helen says she will probably end up having to cut her hair. She says Elissa will be willing to give up everything to win it. McCrae "I don't believe that for a second."

3:50 PM BBT In the cockpit Helen is telling McCrae that she might be able to get Gina Marie on board to back door Amanda. "She's getting pretty annoyed with Amanda....don't say anything...because I need Amanda's vote."

3:52 PM BBT in the cockpit Helen and McCrae are talking about how hard it will be to get rid of Aaryn. Helen says that Aaryn is probably playing both Amanda and her and that Amanda needs to be careful what she says to her. McCrae tells her that it's a big concern of his right now. McCrae tells Helen that he thinks Elissa is more loyal to Amanda now. Helen "She's more loyal to me."

3:56 PM BBT Helen says it would not be a good idea to get rid of Elissa this week because next week is probably endurance and Elissa should be really good at that and they have her vote. McCrae said he really wants people in the house that love the game.

3:57 PM BBT Helen tells McCrae that Elissa is playing with extra pressure because she is Rachel's sister. McCrae says her record is so awful she needs to remember that being bad at competitions may actually get her further in the game. She wouldn't have lasted this long if she was a strong player.

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4:05pm BBT: Helen and Mccrae still in cockpit talking about elissa and Mccrae says he feels like she treats people like garbbage and it feels like she is on a high horse and treats us like peseansts.helen says yeah she doesnt treat me like that but maybe its because i am a mom.

4:07pm BBT: Mccrae says when you come in this place you cant be yourself. and we arent here to act like be yourself the best you can be and Helen says yeah this is a life goal and i dont think Elissa wants the tital like we do.

4:15pm BBT:Helen says that when she leaves this house she will go back to her life taking her kids to school and picking them up. mccrae says yeah yeah as he drinks his coffee. Helen says that some of these people that have been on this show would never gome together but this show brings them together and makes them friends.

4:27pm BBT: Spencer is now up and in the WA washing hands then goes to the cockpit where mccrae and Helen are talking.Andy is now getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

4:30pm BBT: Helen , Mccrae and Spencer in cockpit saying that the pov comp might mbe a morph comp tonight. Andy now comes in cockpit and says he was sleeping good and just woke up.

4:43pm BBT: Spencer is laying in the cockpit and Mccrae comes back in and ask him if he is going to eat. Spencer says i might eat a turkey sandwich in a bit. Helen is in the KT making slop.

4:51pm BBT: helen in KT making slop muffins and Mccrae walking around house and goes back to Cockpit.Andy asking who all is upstairs? Spencer says i think Amanda and Elissa are in the have not rm sleping and Aaryn is upstairs.BB comes on and says" HG remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good old days" and the hg laugh.

4:57pm BBT: Mccrae, Spencer , Andy and elissa in cockpit talking about music and Elissa gets up and leaves and goes to the Wa were helen is at washing her hands and face and they whisper softly to each other about what Bb said earlier. Helen tells Elissa not to be nervous.

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5:03pm BBT: Andy and Spencer and Mccrae in cockpit talking about dreams . Helen and Elissa in LVR and Helen says this zit on her forhead is litteraly giving her a headache. Elissa says put concealer on it. Helen says she has none and Elissa says i have some.

5:10pm BBT: helen is in the KT and asking Elissa how to make icing for the muffins.elissa says i will make it and Helen tells her to have fun with being in the house and just think of this as a game it is just a game.

5:17pm BBT: In cockpit there is general talk about the last night of the bb game and seeing behind the scenes. Helen and Elissa in kt making icing .

5:23pm BBt: Ginamarie is now up and putting makeup on in the color rm. Still general talk in the cockpit as helen eats her slop.

5:26pm BBT: Ginamarie is now working out in color rm and Helen, Elissa and Spencer, Andy and mccrae are talking about last seasons bb when they had coaches and who would have made a good coach if they had brought back coaches this year. Spencer says it is to late and we dont need coaches.

5:38pm BBt: Ginamarie is now sitting at the kitchen table studying the memory wall.Spencer is in kt making food. andy Helen and elissa and Mccrae are in the cockpit still general talk and we get foth

5:45pm BBT: Mccrae talking about matt hoffman dressing as britney one year. elissa ask what he does and mccrae says he is a web desighner or something like that. amanda has now joined the cockpit and tells mccrae i miss you so bad and Elissa ask her if she is having seperation anxiaty. amanda says yeah.

5:52pm BBT: Helen is taking candy that Amanda made to Spencer she says it taste like butterscotch and spencer says it taste like carmel. andy says it is good

5:57pm BBt: Ginamarie still looking at memeory wall and Aaryn and Amanda in chair rm whispering about Spencer being a target but she wants Elissa to go just as bad. In the cockpit they are still just talking general talk.

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6:01pm BBT: Spencer says i dont know what kind of set they are building out there but it is going to be bad ass.Andy and Ginamarie and Aaryn in Kt. Andy is looking in the fridge and Amanda comes in and runs into Mcrae and says did you miss me all day and he says yeah.

6:06pm BBt: Aaryn and Andy in hoh rm talking about spencer saying that he doesnt want Elissa to self evict if Helen wins the veto cuz that would mean next week he will go home. Amanda is now being called to the dr as she is the host for the veto comp. Hg are hoping this is the time for the veto comp now.

6:09pm BBT: aaaryn tells Andy that if elissa comes down she is not telling Helen that she is going home. Aaryn says i feel like everyone is for themselves planning for the jury votes. Aaryn says i will say what i need to Helen in my goodbyes.

6:11pm BBT: The feeds just went to trivia so they should be getting the pov comp. underway.

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