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Friday, August 16 Live Feed Updates


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12:05AM BBT: Aaryn and McCrae head down stairs into the kitchen and they wonder if it's just game. McCrae thinks it could be because she's that good. Back up in the HoH Spencer, Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, and GinaMarie continue to console Helen. Helen wonders if she needs a day to calm down because she's mad. GinaMarie says no she doesn't because she's in the house with a bunch of peasants and she's too good to even be here. Spencer agrees that she's probably having a bad day. GinaMarie uses colorful language that ultimately says no way.

12:10AM BBT: McCrae says he regrets keeping her around now. Aaryn understands and isn't mad. McCrae starts comparing Elissa to DR. Will (Oh geeze...) because of the target he had going in and how fast his target shrunk. Aaryn says DR. Will was respectable and she's not. McCrae agrees and they both say that he knew what he was doing compared to her.

12:13AM BBT: The party in the HoH has broken up with a majority of the house coming downstairs. Amanda, McCrae and Spencer discussing Elissa just outside the lounge room. Amanda says she feels no sympathy for her really. It's so hard to fake it. McCrae is worried that if Helen goes home this week that Elissa will find some hidden strength and win an endurance competition next week if it happens. Amanda says she predicted this would happen. McCrae and Spencer walk into the lounge room.

12:17AM BBT: Amanda joins them in the lounge room. Amanda hopes Elissa walks so they'll have a chance to win America's choice. They all agree. Amanda says she doesn't have any sympathy for Helen, does that make her a bad person? They laugh as well. They agree to head back upstairs. Talk turns to how Amanda and McCrae tore Aaryn a new rear end about how awful her game was. Amanda says "How did this conversation turn into you? It's all about the HoH!" Talk turns to what they would do if Elissa walked. McCrae says it would probably become America's vote.

12:25AM BBT: Amanda says once they made it to jury she wasn't nearly as stressed about the game she just wanted to be a part of the game and not watching from home. She says she'll judge the final two based on game play and not whether someone stole their curler. Andy laughs and says he's sorry! Amanda says "I won't drop it Andy!" jokingly.

12:33AM BBT: Idle chit chat up in the HoH. Jessie apparently had a sex dream about Spencer. This news makes him happy. Talk turns to who won the most competitions in a single season. They agree that Janelle has the record with 6 competition wins (For the record, Janelle had 9 competition wins in Season seven and Danielle had seven in Season 8). Aaryn says "Janelle call me..."

12:39AM BBT: Aaryn returns the conversation back to what is the record number of competition wins in a single season. Amanda says they just covered this! Aaryn says they have to entertain her with this because she's HoH and she has to make nominations still. McCrae offers to go to DR. Aaryn asks someone to come over the speaker and to tell her. Amanda says it's Janelle with 6 competition wins. Aaryn wonders if she's shaking in her space boots (Yes...she said space boots).

12:43AM BBT: McCrae and GinaMarie down in the kitchen whispering. McCrae just wanted to touch base with her. He knows how she hates people throwing competitions but he didn't want Helen's blood on his hands. GinaMarie understands and they shake hands. GinaMarie says if you can win, then you need to win. McCrae says she's a competitor (GinaMarie). GinaMarie heads upstairs and he heads towards DR. Back in the HoH Helen is leading the Elissa conversation once more.

12:45AM BBT: McCrae back into HoH and says they said they'll get back to him. Helen says she doesn't think they've had two mothers on the same season (She knows this trivia...but she didn't remember how Willie was removed from the game last season because of his altercation with Chef Joe- NiteSlacker). They discuss it for a few minutes and ultimately agree that this is the first time they've had two moms with young kids on the same season.

12:58AM BBT: We've had idle chit chat and laughs in the HoH, no serious conversations or bashing for that matter.

1:02AM BBT: Amanda is heading down to DR. Aaryn asks her to ask about the largest number of competition wins. Amanda says "It was 6! Don't you feel proud, you win!" Aaryn tells her to ask anyway and she should feel privileged being in the same room with her.

1:05AM BBT: Amanda down to DR. Feeds switch to a sleeping Elissa. Back in the HoH the Elissa conversation begins again. They try to figure out how many step-children she has and whether or not they live with her. Amanda comes in and says she's going to rock their world with the knowledge she's about to drop on them. FotH. Janelle has won four HoHs and 5 PoVs. They agree that's impressive. Amanda doesn't think they're not getting any more alcohol and we get FotH.

1:11AM BBT: Intermittent FotH because the HGs continue to talk about production.

1:15AM BBT: Idle chit chat continues in the HoH. (Regarding my 1:05AM BBT: update, I realize I tossed in an extra word. Amanda doesn't think the HGs will be getting anymore alcohol tonight).

1:26AM BBT: Intermittent FotH. Brief glimpse of HoH and some of the HGs are saying goodnight. FotH. Feeds back and McCrae and Helen are in bathroom area whispering. Up in the HoH Aaryn mentions they got in trouble over the speakers and we get more FotH. Feeds back and Helen and McCrae continue to whisper. They wonder who she is going to put up. Elissa for sure. Helen says Spencer has to go. McCrae doesn't think she'd put Spencer up but instead would put up someone that would vote for Elissa. Helen says it would be her at that point.

1:32AM BBT: Intermittent FotH continues. Amanda wonders why she was the only one that had to do a DR and we get more FotH.

1:43AM BBT: Idle chit chat regarding what the PoV competition could be this week. Amanda down in kitchen making a pizza and some bagels. Andy is going to bed.

1:48AM BBT: Aaryn, Spencer and McCrae up in the HoH. McCrae warns Spencer that Helen is throwing him under the bus to try and get him to go up the block. Intermittent FotH continues.

Meanwhile down in the bathroom area Helen and Andy are chatting. Andy is going to go to bed. Helen needs to do a DR and she asks GinaMarie if she has any facial cleanser she can use real quick. FotH. Andy and Helen now talking about Elissa. Andy says he's almost certain Elissa is going up but he doesn't know who else will go up next to her. Andy again says he's going to bed. Helen agrees. GinaMarie back with her bag. FotH. GinaMarie adds concealer for Helen.

1:58AM BBT: Intermittent FotH continues. (I think they're talking about production and people in production). Amanda wonders in her drunken stupor tonight how many things is she going to regret saying. Spencer says "The racial stuff...you just said the are word." Amanda replies "Not that, I'm talking game stuff" and we get more FotH. Feeds back and GinaMarie opens the stove and a large plume of smoke/steam comes out from it and GinaMarie says "Uhhhh..." FotH. Feeds back and talk in the HoH has turned to how nice it'll be to get Helen out.

2:04AM BBT: Feeds back and GinaMarie and Helen are talking in the kitchen. Helen is going to talk to Elissa tomorrow. General flirty horseplay between Amanda and McCrae in the HoH with Aaryn and Spencer laughing as they watch. FotH.

2:08AM BBT: Feeds back but not for long. GinaMarie doing dishes in the kitchen. Aaryn is walking around wearing her blanket. General silliness and more FotH. GinaMarie calls out that the pizza is done. More FotH.

2:13AM BBT: Feeds back. Spencer heading downstairs to get himself some pizza. Amanda wonders what Aaryn and McCrae thinks about the final 5 she suggested with GinaMarie in the room. They think it's OK but GinaMarie is going to be nominated first and she's going to be like "What the fudge?" (Not fudge). Intermittent FotH continues. Spencer is back upstairs. GinaMarie continues to do dishes down in the kitchen.

2:22AM BBT: Chat in the HoH is about what Aaryn should say in her nomination speech to Elissa. General Elissa bashing begins.

2:30AM BBT: Intermittent FotH continues. Spencer said he was telling a Jeremy story and FotH once more.

2:33AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae are heading down to the lounge room. GinaMarie and Helen are cleaning the oven. Spencer in bathroom area brushing his teeth. McCrae says he's getting tired and he begins brushing his teeth as well.

2:40AM BBT: Spencer into bed in the chair room. Andy is woken up and can hear the sounds from the kitchen. He debates on saying something to them. Helen and GinaMarie comes in saying they had to clean it because the pizza burned a bit. Andy appreciates the oven cleaning but not at this time of night he jokes. Meanwhile Amanda and McCrae are cuddling in the lounge room. McCrae ate too much. Amanda doesn't want to lay there if they're going to sleep, she'd rather go to bed. McCrae isn't sleeping, he's talking. Amanda is horny. McCrae can't help that. Elsewhere in the house Aaryn is cleaning up her HoH room.

2:44AM BBT: Aaryn into the bathroom area. Helen is doing nightly ADLs. She apologizes for being a Debbie Downer. Aaryn understands and says they'll talk tomorrow. Back in the lounge room Amanda and McCrae decide to go to bed. Spencer is excited to hear this because they'll be turning off the lights in the house soon. Spencer says he was thinking about getting up and cleaning out the microwave and the refrigerator.

2:47AM BBT: Aaryn and GinaMarie have turned the lights out in the HoH. Brief FotH and GinaMarie is running downstairs to get her hat. The lights begin to click out around the house and Aaryn and GinaMarie see it on the spy screen. They head out onto the balcony to look at the lights in the house and the lights start come back on. They run back into their room. Spencer grumbles from his bed in the chair room and Andy groans that he's been trying to sleep for an hour now.

2:54AM BBT: GinaMarie telling Aaryn Elissa and Helen had all the power (MVP) for weeks and they didn't have to do anything to win. Now they're going to have to work to stay (I'm fairly certain this is what the conversation was about...GinaMarie is talking ninety to nothing and it feels like she's everywhere). Aaryn says "Psssst. Thanks for boarding BB Bunnies airline and enjoy the flight home!" GinaMarie says she feels bad for Amanda and Aaryn says she thought about giving it to Amanda but after about 10 seconds she thought Amanda didn't deserve it. GinaMarie says McCrae apologized to her but he didn't throw the competition to Amanda. GinaMarie wonders why nobody is upset with Spencer and what he did during the veto competition.

3:00AM BBT: Talk for the past five minutes between GinaMarie and Aaryn has been about who Spencer would put up. Aaryn worries that GinaMarie or herself could go home. Next Thurs is GinaMarie's Birthday and she wants to win HoH. Aaryn says she better because they might go home. Aaryn says she worries "they" want to keep Spencer over them. Every time she brings Spencer up they tend to ignore it.

3:08AM BBT: Talk is winding down in the HoH. Aaryn points out that GinaMarie beat Helen in the HoH tonight and that was impressive. GinaMarie agrees. They decide they're going to sleep. We'll stick with the house for an extra twenty minutes or so just to make sure. Aaryn wonders what if tomorrows competition is the shot glass challenge. GinaMarie says she'll drink them, she's got this.

3:13AM BBT: Talk turns to what happened with Elissa today. Aaryn saw she looked stressed out today while she was curling her hair and she asked if she was OK and she never responded. Aaryn asked if she heard her and asked her again. Elissa again didn't respond. McCrae later told her that he and Amanda had put the condom with the banana that was in their bed on Elissa's dresser and Elissa thought that Aaryn and GinaMarie had done it. Elissa was wondering if she should go to DR to complain that they are being inappropriate. GinaMarie questions if it's true Elissa wasn't in the pre-sequester hotel with them. Aaryn said she didn't and she was with Rachel. GinaMarie questions how and Aaryn says she is exempt and we get FotH.

3:19AM BBT: Aaryn and GinaMarie are now quoting Napoleon Dynamite. Spencer can be getting a drink.

3:21AM BBT: All four feeds now on Spencer as he gets into bed.

3:27AM BBT: All four feeds remain on the chair room. We're going to go ahead and call it a night, it's unlikely Aaryn and GinaMarie will have any game changing chat tonight.

We're going to go ahead and call it a night, it's unlikely Aaryn and GinaMarie will have any game changing chat tonight. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat).%C2'>

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715am bbt All the HGs are still sleeping this morning

8:00am bbt Spencer is up, heads to the WA, then back to bed...

8:20am bbt everyone is still sleeping...

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9:00 am BBT we have FOTH

9:04 am BBT HG are awake and moving around. Aaryn going back to bed, GinaMarie crawling back under the covers., Spencer pulled the blanket back over his head.

9:13 am BBT 1 cam on a broken open melon next to the microwave. 1 cam on spy cam showing upstairs hallway. 1 cam on Spencer sleeping. 1 cam on rainbow room. Cam on melon shakes it head no then zooms in on a half eaten pizza on the KT island. Amanda called to DR.

9:17 am BBT Cam changes off pizza to a wine cork on the KT floor then to 2 empty wine bottles on the counter. Helen getting ready for indoor jog...and she's off.

9:38 am BBT Round and round Helen goes, where she'll stop, nobody knows. Other cams on spy cam and sleeping Aaryn.

9:41 am BBT Aaryn called to DR. Helen asks her if its HN time, she says she doesnt think so, they agree its early yet.

9:44 am BBT That was a fast DR, Aaryn goes back to bed, Helen continues to jog. Amanda called to DR.

9:49 am BBT Helen has stopped jogging and does some jumping jacks, gets some water. Amanda is in and out of DR, Mc called to DR.

9:55 am BBT All is quiet except for Helen showering.

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9:03 BBT It looks like Elissa, GM, Amanda, Spencer, Helen and Andy are wide awake. It seems like they may have been given really good wake up music.

I take it back. GM and Spencer are awake but still in bed. Aaryn is up too.

9:07 BBT It looks like everyone but Elissa and Helen are going back to bed.

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9:13 BBT The feed to the HoH room inexplicably change to a halved melon in the kitchen. (In other words, not much is going on.)

Now we're on to leftover pizza in the kitchen. Amanda gets called to the DR. (I think)

9:17 BBT Now we are on to the wine corks and the empties on the counter. (I'm thinking production is unimpressed with the messy.)

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10:01AM BBT - Helen is putting on makeup. Aaryn is called to the DR. She groans in bed rolls over, asking if she has to be ready. She gets up and loudly clomps downstairs and heads to the DR.

10:03AM BBT - Aaryn is just as quickly back out of the DR and heads back to the HOH room to get ready. She begins her ADL's. Helen is in the rainbow room, getting dressed.

10:22AM BBT - Aaryn is in the DR, no signs of life from anyone else.

10:37AM BBT - Aaryn out of DR and back in HOH; GM called to DR.

10:50AM - Aaryn is sitting on the bed in HOH, staring around. GM in the DR; no other signs of life.

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11:00am BBT:Aaryn laying in hoh bed looking around, most HG still in bed sleeping.

11:19am BBT: Amanda is now up and in the KT making herself a cup of coffee and then heads to the bathroom.

11:21am BBt: Amanda heads upstairs with her coffe and drops it. she cleans the mess off the steps and goes to HOH rm.She is now talking to Aaryn and says i didnt realize till lastnight that i have becomes closer to you in this house than anyone and you are like my little sister. Aaryn says i have a speech ready want to hear? Amanda says Spencer has to leave next week no matter what. Aaryn says he will win hoh next week and amanda says no he isnt going to win next week cuz it will be endurance next week and he isnt good at that and he has to go next week.

11:25am BBt: Amanda saying that spencer thinks he is aligned with Mccrae and Andy and he isnt. and my fear is that Ginamarie will tell Spencer that we made this final five. aaryn says i will talk to her about it and she wont say anything. Amanda says it seems real and i am fine with taking her to the final five.helen is now in WA brushing her hair.

11:32am BBT: Aaryn complaining about Elissa and how she took her this far and she turned her back on us. Amanda says you tell her that you bite the hands that feed you and here is your chance to walk. Aaryn says it doesnt matter what i say i wont get her jury vote anyways. Amanda says if Elissa leaves jury house then amaerica would vote and that would be best anyways.

11:35am BBt:Amanda says i am planing to take you to the final 3 and aaryn says you take me and i will take you. Aaryn says we have made the moves in this house and made all the desicions together. Amanda says yeah take Andy to final 4 but i knew this week Helen needed to go and next week Spencer will need to be gone then that leaves Ginamarie and Elissa then it comes down to who the better player is Ginamarie or Elissa. Aaryn says Ginamarie and smiles.

11:47am BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that when anyone left this house and gone to jury they knew i wasnt aligned with them and i was honest with them and told them they was going and Jessie asked me if she was leaving and i told her that she is probably going to the jury house i did not lie to her.

11:48am BBt: Helen has cleaned the Kt and is now taking trash to the STR. Amanda still in HOH rm She says oh i am sorry cameras am i not interesting enough for you? Aaryn comes out of bathroom and she says Spencer is very smart and he has a very good social game now but i know who spencer is now and i have seen the very nasty Spencer. Aaryn says i know i wanted him to go this week. amanda says Helen needs to go this week and Aaryn says i know thats why your here to keep me in line here.

11:51am BBT: Amanda says another thing that makes me mad is mccrae said that he couldnt have done what you did and backdoored Judd and i was like really in a double eviction it had to be done so that makes me think would Mccrae have taken Judd over me to final two? Amanda then says that Andy will need to go too soon he is good at this game but that doesnt leave here in this rm ok ? Aaryn says yeah but now i cant talk to Helen i have to avoid her.

11:57am BBT: Aaryn and Elissa still talking in Hoh rm about Kaitlin and her story she told Elissa but wouldnt tell anyone else she didnt want it to get out and Amanda says she didnt want the live feeders to google it so she kept crap secret.Helen is still cleaning the KT everyone else still in bed sleeping.

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12:03pm BBT:Amanda says people are not getting people out that they love if that was the case Andy would have been gone already. People are taking people out they dont trust.Aaryn says at this point if me Ginamarie or Spencer are in final 2 then i wont win the money. Amanda says dont sell yourself short but it will be us in the final two. Amanda says i think Judd may give you his vote and Candice for me then jessie would give you your vote. Helen would and Elissa walks in the rm and stops the talk.

12:06pm BBT: Elissa says Aaryn i wanted you to know that yesterday i wasnt upset with you or Ginamarie and i really wanted to win and i wanted to go see my little boy since i dont get to see him for his first day of 3rd grade and when i am upset i wasnt trying to start a fight with anyone i was just wanting to be alone cuz when i am upset i want to be by myself and clear my mind and didnt want to sit in the living rm it had nothing to do with you and ginamarie.

12:14pm BBT: elissa is still talking to Aaryn about wanting a yoga mat and i feel like i get less things because i am rachels sister.Aaryn says yeah we dont get what we want. what are we suposed to do if we run out of makeup wait till we win hoh? Elissa says yeah i know but i wanted you to know i wasnt mas at you are trying to make you feel bad i just wanted to be by myself.Aaryn says so you will know before you hear from someone else i want spencer to go home i need him to leave so i need him not to play for pov and i need to backdoor him.

12:17pm BBT::Elissa says am i going up and Aaryn says if you do you wont go anywheres i promise you you wont go anywheres.

12:24pm BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda what Elissa said and they she told elissa she wants to Backdoor Spencer. She says it is going to be a weird three days if i win the veto and keep noms the same.Amanda says yeah if you win. Aaryn says i want to win 9 comps like janelle did.

12:29pm BBt::helen just finshes eating a beagel and bacon and egg sandwich after eating a banana and now is eating a bowl of fruit loops and tells Elissa she has a funny feeling she is going on slop today. elissa says why? helen says i dont know it is just a feeling.

12:33pm BBt:Elissa is making a fruit tray and Andy walks through they ask him if he wants eggs and he says i dont know yet. Amanda and aaryn in hoh practicing voice changing and amanda has her say it from her stomach. Aaryn says welcome to the have have not compitition and amanda says that wasnt it so aaryn repearts it again and Amanda says that was perfect there was no scratch in it its perfect.

12:37pm BBT: helen now joins the hoh rm and Aaryn tells her that amanda is giving her Voice lessons so her voice wont scratch when she does the comp later. She is doing the different voices and Helen says yeah that is different and that sounds better. Aaryn says amanda told me i need to get a voice coach and she is right i do.

12:46pm BBT: aaryn doing the voice lessons for Andy now and amanda telling her she is still cracking now and that she needs to keep practicing.Elissa in Kt making eggs with veggies in them for Breakfast.

12:51pm BBt: aaryn says she is not doing the voice lessons anymore. Andy says aaryn might not get ti host since there are eight people in the house. aaryn says maybe one person will have to sit out and me host. Andy says maybe this is a house food comp and we all play. helen says if so we all will get alchol.Elissa in the Kt eating her breakfast , Mccrae and Spencer and Ginamarie are still in bed sleeping.

12:57pm BBT: Aaryn still in HOh doing voice lessons as amanda coaches her and helen and andy laughing. In kt elissa is still eating and we get foth.

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1:00PM BBT - Amanda, Andy and Helen in HOH discussing Elissa winning America's Player. Amanda is convinced Elissa will win America's Player due to Rachel's popularity; Helen isn't so sure. Amanda tells Helen likely Aaryn will put Helen up against Elissa so Helen can't be a vote for Elissa. If Elissa comes off the block, Amanda thinks her plan is to BD Spencer. Andy and Amanda both claim Aaryn doesn't talk game to them much.

1:02PM BBT - Helen and Amanda discuss who Spencer put up against each other in the HOH comp. Aaryn comes in; GM didn't take nicely to Spencer putting her up against McCrae in the comp. Amanda mentions how badly she sucks at everything.

1:05PM BBT - Talk turns to Amanda's drama class and we get FoTH.

1:07PM BBT - When we come back, it's about Amanda detailing us on where she went wrong in last night's comp and this is why she sucks so much. Helen recounts where she went wrong on the HOH competition last night.

1:09PM BBT - Elissa downstairs cleaning on the other cams. Andy comments in the HOH that he wants to get the Have/Have Not competition over with. Andy doesn't want to sleep on an airplane bed. Aaryn tells Andy to eat while he can, in case. Helen's already eaten. They discuss a gross food competition. Aaryn would rather eat gross food then go home. Amanda says she will probably host the veto and not play since she's played every veto. Andy says he's only been drawn once; signs point to him not being drawn.

1:11PM BBT - They find "Nick's" hat, Aaryn comments on taking it to GM. Andy mentions Spencer threatened to hide it and GM freaked. Aaryn mutters that it's not even Nick's hat, Amanda confirms it's McCrae's. Andy asks Aaryn if it was awesome to see Candice leave in the same outfit as her stuffed animal. Aaryn says she is going to go to jury and be terrorized. There needs to be an hour long show after BB called Jury House, they decide.

1:13PM - Aaryn wonders what will happen if Pandora's Box brings a juror back in the game? She's definitely going to open the box if there is one. Andy says it's never been that big of a game changer.

1:18PM BBT Andy and Amanda leave the room. Helen tells Aaryn she would never use the veto on Elissa if Aaryn didn't want her to. She asks Aaryn what she would do if Elissa won veto and came off; who would go up against Helen? Aaryn says Spencer. Aaryn says that everyone knows and she'll reiterate it that she wants Spencer gone. He lies to everyone, he's dangerous and she's getting nervous because she thinks there are people working together and secret alliances. Things that Aaryn says gets around the house and back to Aaryn. Helen says she tries to paint Aaryn in a positive light. Aaryn says Elissa is good at the social game, she came up and apologized and it was really good. Helen doesn't want to risk her own game for Elissa.

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1:20pm BBt: Helen tells aaryn that she knew that this day was going to come some day. Aaryn says we kept elissa safe for three weeks and to have someone ignore me for that much then how can you bite the hand of someone that has kept you off the block for three weeks? helen says i know what you are saying.Aaryn says then if spencer goes home then i have you and Elissa both against me.helen says yeah then you have 2 and hoh against you i understand. Aaryn says i want spencer to go this week but there are people here that doesnt want him to go home this week. Helen says that is scary and if he ends up at the end of this game i am going to be sick. Aaryn says i know and helen i want you to win veto this week i really want you to win and if you win and spencer goes up and he and elissa are up there yall vote how you want.

1:25pm BBT:Ginamarie and amanda in WA whispering and Amanda says i told helen and elissa both that the plan is to backdoor Aaryn next week. ginamarie says oh ok.

1:30pm BBT:helen saying she would rather Spencer leave this week and Aaryn gets called to dr. helen says damit as Aaryn leaves the rm.

1:35pm BBT: Everyone getting dressed or setting in LVR waiting for the have not comp to begin.

1:40pm BBT: Amanda saying in LVR that she never gets songs so if BB wants to play some for her and Mccrae , Andy and spencer laugh at her.

1:50pm BBT:trivia has started

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4:47 PM BBT We still have trivia while the HG play in the Have/Have-Not competition.

5:50 PM BBT Feeds are back. Many of the HG are covered in blue paint and some are covered in mud.

5:54 PM BBT Whatever it is the HG are covered in, it isn't just rinsing off in the shower and it's thick. Spencer is physically scraping it off his legs in the shower.

6:00 PM BBT The HGs are given Habaneros and Head Cheese. Amanda said she is going to starve this week so she is definitely a Have-Not. Helen says she doesn't want anything that starts with head which means she may be a HN or just stating an opinion. Elissa says "We have nothing to work with" which means she may also be a HN but she does help others on their HN weeks with cooking so it is not confirmed. McCrae is discussing how they can cook it so he as well may be a HN.

6:08 PM BBT Helen is telling Andy that the goo is not coming off and it's stuck in her hair. Amanda says she can smell the head cheese all the way in the BR. Spencer is dumping the head cheese and habaneros in the trash can. Andy says "At least the habaneros are pretty". Andy is worried the goo may ruin their shirts. Andy just announced to the HG that the "NOMINATIONS TODAY" sign is up.

6:13 PM BBT Andy is telling Amanda that she got screwed this week with food. Andy is a HAVE. Andy "Helen is an optimist and even she is unhappy." Helen is a HAVE-NOT. Andy says Spencer helped him and Aaryn win so Spencer, Aaryn, and Andy are HAVES. Amanda is freaked out the food was displayed on the table attached to heads. Andy "Gina Marie is not happy." Gina Marie is a HAVE-NOT.

6:20 PM BBT Amanda has been called into the DR. Gina Marie will be a Have-Not for her birthday. McCrae put the head statues next to the bed as a prank. Amanda comes in and gags. She says they didn't wash it first and the smell is horrible. She is very close to throwing up. She yells at McCrae that she just took her medication and can't throw up.

6:25 PM BBT Aaryn is called to the DR. She says she can't go right now unless it's for her Adderall. Amanda is walking around with her nose plugged. She said she likes cheese but that is not cheese. "It's toe cheese and they put it on afreaking mannequin head."

6:30 PM BBT Helen approaches McCrae in the SR. She tells him that he will have to keep her safe this week. FotH.

6:30PM BBT It is official, the Have-Nots are Elissa, Helen, Amanda, and Gina Marie. Aaryn played with the boys.

6:37 PM BBT Aaryn tells Andy that nominations are in fifteen minutes. Andy says he will throw Aaryn the POV if he can as long as Helen and Elissa are not in the running still to win it. Aaryn is rehearsing her nomination speech. She says she will tell them she is nominating a power duo (Helen and Elissa) because she has her own power duo to look out for plus Gina Marie.

6:42 PM BBT Aaryn tells Andy "I hope McCrae doesn't screw this up." Andy "He won't. He's smarter than that." Aaryn "But he is looking out for himself." Andy assures Aaryn that he has her back. Andy tells Aaryn "I know that like you could help me get to the end of the game."

6:47 PM BBT McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, and Andy are the cockpit. They are worried that Helen may throw the veto to Elissa. Andy is worried that if he wins POV and doesn't use it then his loyalty to Helen and Elissa will be in question. Amanda tells him that he still has to work for it. He says that he will.

6:51 PM BBT Spencer says this will be his sixth nomination making it a tie for the most nominations in BB history. Amanda says she can still smell the head cheese and that it's in her brain. Trivia.

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6:40 BBT GinaMarie, Amanda, Helen & Elissa are Have nots

Aaryn & Andy talking in the HOHR.

Aaryn: Helen doesn't understand why I'm putting her up & why Amanda & McCrae are not being put up.Aaryn telling him her nomination speech to Elissa & Helen is going to be something about you are a power duo & she has her own power duo that she needs to look out for {Aaryn & Ginamarie} She needs to look aftr what is best for them & if the roles were reversed she believes GinaMarie & Aaryn would be nominated Andy says "totally"

Andy says he loves that everyone in the house doesn't think they are together. Amanda & McCrae knows we are all together {F4} but they dont know that "we are together" & he would cut them loose before Aaryn

She also told him not to say anything but Amanda told her earlier that anyone who takes Andy to the F2 will lose.

Andy disagrees (of course) He says we played polar opposite games so you can argue it either way.

Aaryn is concerned that Mcrea will "EF" things up because he cant keep his mouth shut & afraid he will tell Helen that shes the target. "He's bad at keeping secrets"

Andy says he won't say anything. He's smarter than that.

Aaryn: I know he's smart but I also know he's looking out for himself. {umm this is the BB house}

7:20 BBT...Trivia....must be nominations

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7:16pm BBT: We are on trivia as the hg are doing the nomination ceremony.

7:45pm BBt: feeds are back and elissa and Helen have been nominated. Helen says we just have to make sure one of us comes off the block.

7:46pm BBT: In the chair rm Amanda and Mcrae, Spencer and any talking about the table not being smaller yet and mccrae says maybe tomorrow after the veto it will be. ginamarie in HOH talking to Aarin and saying how she finds nicks hat in the dark.In cockpit is helen and andy now.helen telling andy what Aaryn said earlier about her and elissa being on the block and if helen comes off then elissa leaves but if elissa comes off then Spencer leaves.

7:54pm BBT: Andy tells Helen he will see what he can do this week cuz Spencer is dangerous. helen says she thinks you Spencer and Mccrae are working together but dont tell anybody ok? Andy says ok but i will never trust Spencer again.

#Bb15 7:

7:57pm BBT: Mccrae has just joined Helen and andy in the cockpit. Helen is now repeating what she just told andy.in the HOH rm Aaryn and ginamarie are talking about thursday being Ginamaries birthday and she is on slop for her birthday. aaryn says that isnt fair they let Mccrae have a cake. Ginamarie says well was he ha have that week? aaryn says yeah. amanda came in and tells then that Helen is down stairs crying.

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8:03pm BBT: Amanda says to Aaryn and Ginamarie that if anyone breaks her trust then they are gone and next week elissa will still be here and will be alone. Amanda says if she has a glimmer of your name in her mind i will get right on it.Ginamarie says these teams for have nots are killing us. I am sorry amanda you did good but this is killing us.

8:05pm BBT: Aaryn , ginamarie and Amanda are now going to the Kt to make food for aaryn she says she is hungry. elissa is in KT making slop muffins for all the have nots.

8:11pm BBT: Amanda and Ginamarie in str looking at the headcheese and amanda says it is like sausages so it might not be that bad and Ginamarie says i aint eating it it is all fat and i am not eating pig brains and noses. amanda laughs at her and they leave the str.

8:16pm BBT: Helen telling Elissa and Aaryn that headcheese is made of pork tounge and pork snouts and pork hooves. mccrae says i think i am going to cook some up. amanda says not tonight then says you mean tonight? he says yeah. Amanda says we eat pork and this is like a pork delicacy.

8:33pm BBT: In the cockpit amanda and maccrae and Andy and spencer are talking about how to fix the headcheese on the grill. amanda says what if we make slopballs with headcheese in it? Spencer says they might be good.

8:35pm BBt:Aaryn and Ginamarie in hoh Aaryn is eating dinner and says this is a stong onion it is burning my nose.aaryn ask Ginamarie if she likes chicken pot pie? she says yeah and aaryn says i will make it for your birthday thursday.

8:51BBt: In the cockpit is general talk about splinters and comps and in the hoh rm Ginamarie and aaryn says how good is it that there is no mvp any more and next week i have a 5 out of 7 chance to make it to final 3 .

8:53pm BBT: Aaryn saying we should have zingbot and otev comps soon and zingbot is always before otev. Ginamrie says isnt it cool that we wont leave this week. aaryn says thats why i had to win this week so we could be safe.

8:55pm BBt: Amanda is in KT making healthy ice cream for the have nots. She says i wonder if i should put it in papaer cups and elissa says yeah. elissa says i asked for a sifter for the protien to get the white out of it.

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9:00PM BBT: Andy McCrae, and Spencer and in the lounge room Andy is talking about summer camp.
Aaryn and GinaMarie are up in the HoH talking.

9:05PM BBT: Andy says that if he wins the 5k he want to travel, he's never been acrossed the ocean. Andy is saying he wants to give
Elissa one week of his commute to his job. Andy is saying that he told GinaMarie that he will do whatever it takes to win. Spencer says I f*** up the veto but it's cool.

9:10PM BBT: McCrae asked Andy why he hates Jessie so much, Spencer she knew her goose was cooked, I wonder what information she will
bring to Judd. Spencer is telling a sex dream now (go goodie) GinaMarie and Aaryn are still in the HoH just chillin out talking about hair. (Id rather listen to them talk about hair then Spencers sex dream)

9:15PM BBT: Aaryn is called to the DR, Amanda is making slop cookie now, Elissa is in the kitchen, GinaMarie is now in the lounge room.

9:20PM BBT: in the lounge room they are talking about the comp, and if the backyard will be open tonight (no) Andy wants acohol tonight.
humm Andy is saying in the competition they had to pull coins and something about Judd and Candices coins were not pulled out. He wonders why they didn't have
their coins in there has pass houseguesses. Maybe they are coming back. Asked Andy.

9:25PM BBT: GinaMarie is talking about what races of guys she will not date, Blacks and so on, they are talking about dating in the lounge room.
in the kitchen Helen and Elissa are cleaning and cooking.

9:30PM BBT: in the lounge room they are just talking, Helen asked Elissa about the Zigbot and what kind of competitions he does.

9:35PM BBT: McManda are now making out in the colorful room oh she complaining about slop muffins. Helen is talking to Andy about her fake allace with McCranda.
Andy is saying you are not going home this week. Elissa is in the colorful room with McManda. Helen is pitch Spencer leaving over Elissa. Amanda is telling Elissa to play hard for the veto.

9:40PM BBT: Andy and Helen are done talking Amanda is giving Elissa a pep talk about winning the veto, tomorrow in order to save herself. it's the only way to save her.
GinaMarie is eating slop. Helen is talking to GinaMarie about what they can do for her birthday on thursday. Spencer is called to the DR.

9:50PM BBT: not much is happening Amanda is still talking to Elissa, GinaMarie is compling about the slop, she doesn't feel good she has a fever, Andy is now in the color room. Aaryn is getting
ready to do her wash. they are having a nail party.

9:55PM BBT: Andy is talking to Aaryn, in the HoH about his talk with Helen, Aaryn says that's good, Helen walks in, Elissa says if they put Rachel in the house this week oh my gosh it's game on
and she gets the you are not allowed to talk about production.

10:00PM BBT: Helen really thinks that zigbot is coming tomorrow because Elissa loves to zig, and she is on the block. they are talking about the zigbot.

10:05PM BBT: McManda are now making out because Elissa left, Helen says her mom has no arm pit hairs or leg hairs.

10:10PM BBT: GinaMarie is sick from the slop she is farting a lot from it. and it's stinking up the room. Helen and Aaryn are the only ones having a nail
party in the HoH.

10:15PM BBT: McCrae has his hand in Amandas pants GinaMarie tummie is making grawing noises she is in the HoH room she has joined the nail party. They are talking about
the Bacherette.

10:20PM BBT: Elissa is called to the DR up in HoH they are talking about jury house. Spencer is in the HoH now.

10:35PM BBT: not much is happening just talking in the HoH talking about selling their BB key on ebay and would they do it or not.

10:40PM BBT: up in the HoH, Helen has been telling them what kind of foods her boys like to eat. Aaryn is talking about using aloe vera. Aaryn is saying that she wants Andy to fight for the veto.

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OK we have no one updating after 10:30PM and you know these idiot HGs don't start fighting until 2AM.

I don't understand. We have more viewers than ever before, yet less members posting.

If you would PLEASE post an update, we've moved on to Saturday, which will probably be without 24 hour coverage too,

Saturday, August 17 Live Feed Updates
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