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Monday, August 12 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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8:15am we have fish, so it may be time to wake the HGs for the day.

8:23am bbt back from fish, we have movement in the house, so far Helen, Elissa, Jessie are seen up

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Amanda is gathering dirty laundry, Jessie is up, Spencer still in bed. Someone is in the shower. Helen comes in from the BY in her blue bunny suit

Aaryn called to storage room to change her battery. HG's just general moving around, looking for food. Aaryn said she almost lost it last night. She was told not to use her pants as a pillow, then was told to "stop talking about production". She grumbles, and Amanda said "oh boo hoo.....welcome to the world of Have-Nots"

Helen and Elissa in HN rm, Elissa not comfortable because the armrests are in her back. Helen helps her get a more comfortable "bed"

HG's complaining it is freezing in the house. Amanda asks for it to be warmer in the house. Elissa jokes they will probably do it because she is "so diplomatic" (Amanda used the F word to ask)

Jessie out of shower doing ADL's

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McCrae called to DR. Wants to just sleep. Elissa and Jessie in KT, not much talking. GM still doing hair in WA Amanda outside by pool smoking and drinking coffee. Helen is running her laps. Said she is doing pretty well on Have-Not. Said last time she had 2 weeks back to back, and then Jeremy was yelling at her...she thinks that was what made it worse.

Jessie called to DR

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9:02 am BBT GinaMarie drying her hair, Elissa and Helen in KT, Amanda puts her feet in the HT. Helen starts her morning jog.

9:06 am BBT Helen decides to do stretches by the HT and talks with Amanda. Helen tells Amanda that Candice tried to get her to save Howard by threatening to bring the 4 (Helen/Elissa/Mc/Amanda) down.

9:15 am BBT Helen/Amanda continue to chat about loyalty. Elissa and Jessie head outside too. Jessie waves at helicopters going over.

9:20 am BBT Aaryn organized the WA. Jessie says she is very organized, she likes things in their place. But she loses her jewelry. Elissa/Jessie/Amanda talk jewelry.

12:30 am BBT Girls go inside to get ready. GinaMarie and Spencer talking about Candice. Girls in WA talking about sleeping in HNR.

9:37 am BBT Jessie goes to HOH to tell Andy that Amanda and Helen were talking and how they were loyal from week one. Andy says if he did it, he would lose the trust of 3 ppl (Helen/Mc/Amanda), they would now be gunning for him.

9:40 am BBT Andy says that he more loyal to Helen then Elissa, if Elissa has to go then he is ok. Jessie says if Elissa didnt have Helen she would be gone already. Jessie gets up to leave and tells Andy he has about 20 minutes (until POV meeting)

9:45 am BBT WA chat with Amanda/Helen/Aaryn and Elissa talk about huge name clothing stores.

9:57 am BBT General chat while the girls get ready. Spencer sitting on his bed chatting with Elissa.

9:58 am BBT Aaryn says who the F*** kind of ppl agree to live in a house where their every move is filmed?! Who does that?!

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Andy sleeping (with mouth open) in HOH rm. Helen and Amanda talking about Candice, how she told Helen she had to save Howard or she would come after her, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. Helen said that was when she knew Candice had to go. Talking about previous votes, and why they chose not to come after each other early. Have to chose your battles...what works best for your game and alliance. Make a deal and go as far as you can, then toward the end they will be playing for themselves. Amanda said Judd tried making big move early, now he is gone. Helen said they would be scrambling now if they had gotten Amanda out. Helen said it would be Helen, Elissa and Andy against McCrae, Judd and Spencer. She told Amanda that Andy was very loyal to Amanda, and said they could not turn on her.

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finally had time to check overnight... here's the main thing I found of interest...

Sunday late night, lots of general talk about movies...

1:43:30am bbt Andy/Amanda/McCrae sitting on the patio, Andy/Amanda discuss how easy/hard it is to evict people from BB...

Andy: The week I get you out is gonna feel really good haha... I know it's just a game, but it's like you are crushing someone's dream

Amanda: I don't look at it that way

Andy: But you're a cold hearted b!$@#

McCrae: I just focus on stuff I don't like about the person

Andy: Aaryn made a comment tonight that refocused me, so when the time to get her out comes, I'll be able to... we were talking about David, and someone made a comment about David being gay, and Aaryn said "That's disgusting!"... (Spencer joins them) What was that comment Aaryn made?

Spencer: I said if they casted David, Jeremy and Nick, because they had gay tendencies...

Andy: And she said "that's disgusting"

Spencer: I said what if you got in here and you turned David? And she goes, "that's disgusting"

Andy: I just got quiet, and Spencer noticed

1:45am bbt

Amanda: Have I ever said anything?

Andy: The only thing you ever say, and I don't think Aaryn's a bigot that hates gay people, but I was like, that's insensitive. The only thing you say that I don't like is 'retarded'

Amanda: I don't like saying that either! To be honest with you, I have family members in my family who are mentally challenged, and when I say it, it's like me saying, "It's so gayyyy!!"

Andy: right right

Amanda: Like, it's not what you say, quote me on this, it's your intent behind it.

Andy: Oh, and believe me, I was telling Spencer this, I completely understand this, yea

Spencer: I was saying earlier, I have a problem, I say the 'R' word, and I don't mean to... I've probably said it twice or 3 times in the house

Andy: But at the same time, I was telling Spencer it's pertinent to me, because I grew up with my cousin, who is mentally challenged, and my parents were like don't ever say that word.

Amanda: But so were mine, but I don't mean it in a negati... that's the whole thing.. you can say the 'N' word.. they're f^@%ing calling me a 'JEEWW', I make fun of myself.... for me, I'm the least racist person...

Andy: There's never been a time when I've been like 'AAARRRGGGHHH', like there's never been a time like that

McCrae: It's all about being sensitive, to the situation

Spencer: and what you allow yourselves, is no excuse for what other people should allow themselves, does that make sense? (umm not really?)

Spencer(to Amanda): I'm not getting on to you

Amanda: I understand what you're saying... wait, say it again?
Spencer: like, you didn't mind when Jeremy called you "Jew-girl"

Amanda: yea, I really didn't mind

Spencer: and you can call yourself a Jew, but there are people that are Jewish, that might not, be as ok with that?

Amanda: but that's their own f&*$ing problem

Spencer: yea, I know, but that's not how 'sensitivity' works (Andy/McCrae laugh along with Spencer)

1:47am bbt

Amanda: Anyone who knows me, knows when I call f&*#ing Andy "Faggity Andy", knows that I'm f*&^ing kidding, because I love Andy, more than most of the f$&%ing people in this house

Andy: yea, that's the difference

Amanda: So if you want to call me a bigot, because I call Andy a "Faggity Ann" and I'm just kidding around, then you can hate me. Hate me, because I'm not a hateful person, I love Andy, it has nothing to do with that, it's funny.

Spencer: Absolutely, I totally agree... and like y'alls relationship, in and of itself, is ok. But the fact that you're open to so many viewers, you have to expect them to form their own opinions, regardless of how you feel about each other.

Amanda: That I don't care about... Honestly, if people are going to watch and be like "oh my gosh, she said this", if they want to turn my words in to something else, a meaning that I didn't mean

Spencer: I couldn't agree with you more, however, if you go by the rule of, 1% of all the people that watch this, hear some of the things you say... not you, but any of us, at least 1% will have a problem with it.

Amanda: The reason that I believe people don't perceive me that way... look at when Aaryn says the word "Shaniqua", and look at live television, on the veto competition, and I say "Shaniqua" and call myself racist, in front of everybody, and nobody says anything about it, because they know I'm not racist. I'm not racist.

Amanda: I've had a black penis inside me at one point in my life, I'm not racist!

McCrae: oh that means you're not racist?

Amanda: It does mean I'm not racist! If I was racist, I would not f*&$ a black guy!

(Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks.")

1:48:44am bbt

Andy: I do understand there is a difference. With you and I's relationship, and me and Aaryn, if you had said "that's disgusting", I'd have been like "go f*&^ yourself Amanda" and I'd have known you were kidding, but I don't think Aaryn was.

Amanda: Aaryn is more sheltered than I am, it just get's down to that. I've lived all over the United States, from the melting pot, to Austin, Texas, you know what I mean?
Spencer: I think all of the United States is considered the 'melting pot'.

Amanda:New York City is considered the melting pot of the United States, and I have lived there, and I've been the only Jew in Austin, Texas, and had Christians tell me I'm going to hell...

Spencer: You're the only Jew in Austin?

Amanda: Literally, in my high school, I was the only Jewish person. So, I get it, I understand it, it's mostly Christian in Texas, where I live, and they were like, "You're going to hell", and like fine I get it, whatever, it doesn't bother, maybe I have a thicker skin, and I'm more wordly..

Spencer: Well I'll tell you, I consider myself a Christian, and I don't have the right to tell anyone where they are going in their afterlife. Anybody that has f*&^%ing said that to you, is just f*&^ing a lunatic.

Andy: Who is super-religious? Is Jessie?

Spencer: I'm not super-religious, I don't think she is either

McCrae: I think Elissa is the only one

Spencer: I just believe in a positive afterlife. I think that regardless of any type of religion, the main rule is to just be kind to one another, you know, and that's like my religion right there. My bible would be very short if I wrote it, it's only one page, just stick this in your back pocket.

Amanda: My only thought about religion, is that if it works for you, works positively in your life and gives you structure, then I commend to you, but for me, I believe that there's a God, but I believe that sometimes you have issues and problems that are beyond you, that you can't solve, and I'm such a f*&^ing solver and a controller, that sometimes you just have to leave it in God's hands, but who that god is, I don't f*&&^%ing know, but I believe that there's a God out there, and I would never, ever insult someone else's religion, unless it was inflicting harm on other people.

Spencer: It stands to reason that there is a creator, you know, like, it just does. I don't think that given, f*&%ing trillion and trillion of years, hydrogen could have done all this. Big Bang Theory doesn't make sense to me, in some ways, but even if that was the origin of life, something would have caused that bang. Something had to start it... and something had to start that too... I don't know, the universe and everything is so f(*&ing vast... people say God created Adam and Eve and that's where it started, and I'm like that's not where it f*&%ing started. You limit the scope of God if you only think he started, in 7 days created the earth and these 2 people. To me, a better God is one that created an environment that single cells organisms evolved into us. That's a smarter God, that's the one I want to be f*%&ing rooting for.

Amanda: That's the only thing I dislike about religion, the reason why I don't affiliate myself necessarily with one religion, because I think, not I think the facts are religion is the base of a lot of war, and a lot of hatred, and people use religion with hatred. If everyone just believed that if you did good things, for good people, and you were a good person, you would all go to a good place, and whoever thinks besides you is wrong.. it's all a belief... if you are going to base your life on something that isn't hard facts, to me that's just asinine.

Spencer: there is nothing more dangerous than the religious extreme, regardless of what the religion is, like the Westboro Baptist people, those people are nuts. Like the jihadists... religions extremists are the most dangerous people in the world, they think they are completely right in their beliefs, and they are willing to die for it, because they think there is only positive that will happen after that...

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10:09AM BBT: Most of the girls are up and doing their ADL's.

10:25AM BBT: Aaryn is still doing her hair in the washroom. Helen is making slop in the kitchen. Andy is wandering through the house. Not much to report.

10:30AM BBT: Helen and Elissa are doing dishes. Helen finds some cutlery with tons of bugs on them, and in true BB cameramen fashion, we get a close up of the cutlery and the bugs. They plan on washing every dish, and then spraying Raid everywhere in the kitchen. Andy is in the HoH listening to music and watching the spycam.

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10:40AM BBT: Andy gets called to the DR, but since he has his headphones on, didn't hear BB. Spencer heads up to the HoH and tells Andy. Amanda, Elissa and Jessie are in the washroom. Jessie compliments Elissa's dress. Elissa thanks her, and says she got it in Calgary, Alberta.

10:52AM BBT: Feeds cut to FotH then switch to trivia. Time for the POV ceremony!

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Just found this from last night as well...

1:48am bbt Helen checking in with Jessie... (ends up being Helen making the subtle case that she won't have Judd's jury vote)

Jessie: I know that Spencer is a really good friend of yours, so it's hard

Helen: yea.. every one is hard. Judd was really hard. I mean he lied, but I get that he may hate me...

(Jessie reminds Helen she doesn't have her mic, Helen retrieves it and comes back)

Helen: he's a good guy, and he's going to think it's my doing, but it was a cumulative doing... yes, Aaryn won the POV, and I was the one that talked to Aaryn about it... while we had conversations about the shadiness, she didn't know that was what we were thinking, not that day.. a couple of us thought, if the opportunity arises, let's see what we can do... and now I'm glad we did, it was sad that night, but...

Jessie: It seems more clear now

Helen: He was doing to much stuff, all over the place, he's a nice person, tried out 4 or 5 times, quit his job.. everyone has their thing, but that's not a reason to keep you here... reasons to keep you are you're loyal, trustworthy, I've told you things and they haven't been leaked.

Jessie: What can I do to strengthen my game with you, moving forward. I want to be someone you can count on moving forward. I know that's hard since there are people that have been loyal to you since the beginning

Helen: This week, I'm doing what HOH wants. Last week I did what GM wanted, but then with Aaryn, the house kinda pushed something on her. I'm not here to bully people, I'm here to support people too, just like some people support me, I want to give back. I don't want to just do Amanda's agenda, or Elissa.. sometimes it's my agenda, or Andy, or Jessie, you have to give and take, Aaryn said it perfectly, you can't just take take take, you have to do things for others too.

Jessie: I haven't had any power, except using POV on myself

Helen: Assuming you stay in the game, which is the plan, going forward, it's always stay loyal to the people you are loyal to, no matter who is in power. If someone else wins HOH and puts Elissa up... the people that have stuck with me... Andy is one of those people, so for me, he is HOH, I'm going to do what he wants, he's done so much to help me, I look at the game that way. I feel like things I do, helps the entire house. The Jeremy things helped exponentially... Judd, there's no running around, storage room things. People are afraid.. if you aren't going to do it, he's going to go to the end, he was playing too many people... he had Final 2 with 8 people... what was he doing? He may hate me forever, but he needs to realize his game was flawed. He's good at this, because he could lie to your face. But why lie here when you lied there, he didn't make a cohesive story... I don't blame him, good for him, lying is what part of this game is.. hopefully he forgives all of us for it... I don't want to make a ton of enemies, in my life, hopefully he won't hold this against me

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11:00am BBT: Hg are doing the PoV ceremony.

11:34am BBT: Feeds are back and aaryn is on the eliptical . Mccrae is walking in BY and jessie and Amanda are talking plastic off the pool table. Andy and Spencer walking in BY> Ginamarie in Kt talking to helen about hair dye.

11:37am BBT:Jessie and Spencer playing Pool in the BY. Mccrae throwing the little rubber duckies across the yard.Aaryn on eliptical. Ginamarie, Andy in Kt talking and andy says Ginamarie if it was the perfect hoh comp what would it be? Helen says dance dance revelution. Ginamarie says no i suck at that.She says maybe a balancing cord or something that would be my specialty i guess . She says i am not good at math or anything like that.

11:44am BBT: helen and Andu going to HOh rm. Andy says you are never never again to think i would do that to you. Helen says i know she was just walking around so confident. Helen says i did want to tell you that i talked to amanda earlier but i need to know that if Amanda wins next week that she doesnt do the wrong thing. She says she told Amanda when she was on the block for MVP that we could have flipped this house but we didnt we stayed loyal to you and that way she felt like that it was because of us that she stayed here.

11:49am BBt: Andy did not use the POV he left nominations the same.

11:54am BBT:Spencer comes in HOH rm and andy tells him they was just going over who might win HOh next week and what needs to be done.Aaryn and Mccrae in BY . Mccrae says that Spencer was trying to be Dr Will lastnight and i think he was just trying to be funny. Aaryn says i think he was trying to throw everyone off though lastnight cuz he might think he is the target. Aaryn tells Mccrae that he needs to watch Helen cuz she was the one that wanted you out not me. Mccrae says yeah i know.

11:58am BBT: Andy tells Spencer that this is his easy week that he is safe this week. In the BY amanda runs screaming that there is a bee chasing her and Mccrae laughs at her.

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12:04pm BBT: In the BY Jessie walks out and goes to smaoke as Mcay games i got you.

crae and Amanda are snuggling on the couch. In the HOH rm Helen and Andy are back to talking after Spencer was called to the DR. helen says i love Ginamarie but the things she said to candice was bad. andy says for ginamarioe to be such a warm and loving person that was wrong.

12:08pm BBT: Helen is telling andy that Mccrae want the blood of getting aaryn out of the house. Andy says really? Helen says yeah so he has the respect of Ginamarie.

12:18pm BBT: spencer is now back in the hoh rm with Andy and helen talking about past comps they have played in and how fun they was. In the BY amanda is screaming over every little bug that comes near her. Ginamarie is sitting there with a fly swatter telling the bugs if you want to play games i got you.

12:24pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in kt cooking food to eat as Helen Andy and Helen still in the HOH rm talking a past games they have played

12:40pm BBT: In the HOH rm Helen, Spencer, Andy and Jessie talking about board games they like playing and about candy bars and gums and how many different ones there is now compared to when they was kids. In the BY Amanda and Mccrae are eating .

12:49pm BBt: Just general talk in the hoh rm about checking in with your moms.and about movies.

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1:04pm BBt: Ginamarie and Elissa are in BY doing yoga. amanda and Andy in HOh. amanda says if Elissa comes into power then you can tell elissa that we have the power. Mccrae says Elissa is going to trust her no matter what. mccrae says Elissa is skeptical of everyone.amanda says i am not going to be in an alliance with Elissa till i have to.

1:08pm BBT: Amanda says i think if Helen or Spencer gets HOH then we will all be good. aaryn says i dont know why ya'll dont think Spencer wont go after me. amanda says we can talk to him.

1:16pm BBT:Aaryn tells Mccrae and amanda that she fears that Herself and Amanda will be put up together one week. Mccrae says dont hang out together. amanda says we havent hung out much at all. Mccrae says stay close to Ginamarie ok. Aaryn says i am.

1:25pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae talking about the three of them have to win the final 5 hoh and Aaryn agrees. amanda says all you can do is play the odds now and if we can win hoh and veto for the next 4 weeks then we are good. amanda says andy is the best statagist and Mccrae and Aaryn are the best physical and herself is the best mastermind.

1:27pm BBt: Aaryn says all this is going to spider web on me if i win hoh and send helen home. Mccrae is called to the DR. Aaryn says i dont think we need to turn on each other till the final 5. Mccrae says eventually it is going to come down to knockong each other out but you can take me out before amanda.

1:31pm BBt: Andy , Amanda and Aaryn going over past comps and who fell off and got out first. In the BY Ginamarie and Elissa are still doing yoga.

1:40pm BBT: mccrae says if Helen is in the fianal 2 then she has candice and Elissa . amanda says Helen in final 2? she is leaving hopefully next week.

1:51pm BBt: amanda and Mccrae telling Aaryn in hoh rm that the first couple of weeks they lied about votes. aaryn says yeah and i felt like an idiot then. mccrae says no you wasnt informed.In the BY Elissa and Ginamarie still doing Yoga.

1:53pm BBT: Andy says my best accomplishment was getting Nick out and mccrae says even in training i didnt like Nick at all/ BB gets on to Mccrae for talking about production.

1:57pm BBt: Amanda complaining that her key never comes out of the nomination box before Mccraes. Aaryn is going to go eat something.

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2:09PM BBT: Gina Marie is finished her workout. Aaryn is sitting alone on the BY couch. Amanda, Andy and McCrae are in the HoH. Amanda says that depending on how Elissa reacts to Helen leaving, she could make it to final 5. She's terrible at competitions. Andy says that the two of them and Helen have done nothing to make Andy not trust them. McCrae fears that Gina Marie is closer to Spencer than they realize.

2:17PM BBT: Amanda says that McCrae breaking up the moving company was huge. McCrae doesn't feel as though it was such a huge move. Amanda says that if they get a fast-forward, they need to evict the right person at the right time. McCrae says that it wont happen unless someone comes back into the house.

2:21PM BBT: Andy, Amanda and McCrae are trying to figure out the weeks left, and if there will another double eviction. They chat about Elissa allegedly talking about walking if she got evicted, and not going to jury. [Did that actually happen though? I don’t quite believe that...]

2:29PM BBT: Amanda and Gina Marie are in the kitchen cooking. Up in the HoH room, Andy thinks the entire house will be pissed if he opened a Pandora's Box.

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2:47 pm BBT In HOH: Andy/Mc/Amanda talk about past HG. In KT Aaryn is telling GinaMarie and Helen that Mung beans are good carbs. Its all general chat.

3:06 pm BBT Amanda/Aaryn just found some of Spencers clothes in drawers under the bed. Spencer forget he put them there, he says now he doesnt have to do laundry. Mc/Amanda start to lay down when Amanda gets called to DR.

3:15 pm BBT Helen/Elissa in pool, hard to hear them. Jessie asks Helen if its day 52, she says day 53.

3:25 pm BBT GinaMarie coaches Aaryn on applying eye shadow. Helen/Elissa talking about ppl saying the wrong things, ignorant things. How Candice was treated poorly.

(this convo needs to be transcribed....i am spreading green beans on a 6month olds face and cant do it.)

3:30 pm BBT Helen and Elissa say they dont like how Candice was treated, that GinaMarie went overboard with her comments. Elissa says that ppl will sympathize with how Candice was treated. Elissa doesnt like GinaMarie. Helen says she loves Candice but didnt like some of the things she said. she had a little bit of poor judgement.

3:40 pm BBT Helen had mercia real bad and didnt see much of her newborn for 6 months. Spencer says he had blood poisoning for over a year. Elissa says her husband had it too, he had something left in him after surgery.

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4:01pm BBT: Elissa and Helen in the hottub talking. Helen says she hasnt talked to her dad in so long and she wonders how he is doing and if the therepy works. Amanda and Mccrae in bed in color rm just messing around.

4:14pm BBT: helen and elissa are still in the hottub talking about their weddings.Andy in hoh listening to music. Amanda and Mccrae asleep in color rm.

4:27pm BBt: Helen and Elissa still in hottub talking about places they have visited and places they want to go like Rome and Venice.amanda and Mccrae in bed going to sleep and Mccrae rolls over and Amanda yells hold me and Mccrae says no i am hot but he is under all the covers with his back to Amanda.

4:37pm BBT: Helen and Elissa have now gone in the house to fry slop balls and make slop cookies .Ginamarie is going to go watch and learn how to make the slop cookies since she says that is about all she really eats.

4:43pm BBT: Spencer and jessie in chair rm going to sleep. Helen walks in and Spencer says he had a ton of laundry to do today and most of it is in the dryer now. He says i feel tires so i will kill time taking a nap.helen is under the covers getting dressed so she can go fry slop balls.

4:57pm BBT:Andy and Spencer out in BY talking about them being out of chicken in the house. andy tells Spencer he has to win HOh. Spencer says i want to bad real bad. Helen and elissa in kt cooking slop balls.

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3:40 pm BBT Helen had mercia real bad and didnt see much of her newborn for 6 months. Spencer says he had blood poisoning for over a year. Elissa says her husband had it too, he had something left in him after surgery.

It is actually MRSA.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that's become resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat ordinary staph infections.

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5:04pm BBT:Spencer and Andy telling stories about the people that helped him as he was being put on the show and Spencer says i have a story to tell you when we can talk about it.helen still frying slop balls and eating olives. most hg sleeping.

5:10pm BBT: Elissa and Helen talking about how many more days they have to be in the house and Elissa says how did we end up with the extended season and Helen says i have no idea. In the BY Spencer and Andy are talking about asking Ginamarie if she will be mad if they took jessie down and put up nicks hat and Spencer laughs.

5:13pm BBT: Andy telling Spencer that he really want to run out of his room and say hey who wants a margaritta party tonight. Spencer says that would be awesome. In the Kt Helen and Elissa are eating slop balls and talking about if you take to much B( it can be toxic but you have to really over do it.

5:20pm BBT: Spencer says that Jessie has slept all day and Aaryn is no where to be found and Ginamarie is always just walking around. He says the less people in the house the longer the day is. In the KT Elissa and helen are talking about cleaning the KT once again.

5:24pm BBT: Elissa says if i was in jury i dont know if they could keep me there it would be so temting to go home. Helen says i dont know if your allowed to i think it might be to late. Elissa says if you gave up your stipen. Helen says what about your vote? She says i think it would be to late to go home. Helen then goes out to By and andy says they are talking about Judd.

5:26pm BBT: Helen says i didnt get Judd out well i had to cuz he was coming after me and Elissa and when he became HOh he started the lies and i did trust him from week one but he was lying. Helen says i feel sorry for Kaitlyn. And Howard. Andy says i hope Kaitlin goes back and watches this and sees her eviction was because of Judd. helen says yeah.

5:37pm BBT:helen , Spencer and Andy in BY talking about how they counted the guys with jewelery in the have not rm one night to see who was with who . Andy says i called Candice a liar when she said she voted Elissa out and i told her she was lying. and Andy is laughing.helen says candice is smart very smart.

5:43pm BBT: Spencer, Helen, Andy and elissa in BY talking about the Hg that have been evicted already. elissa asked so who did Jeremy like more? Jessie, Arryn or Kaitlin? Spencer says Kaitlin for sure he really liked her.

5:48pm BBT:Spencer says he didnt know Mccrae was going to vote against the moving company. helen says yeah he was so stressed then. Spencer says yeah he was.

5:52pm BBT:Amanda and Mccrae are sleeping in color rm. Spencer, Helen and Andy talking about Elissa being MVP and how it helped alot.Andy talks about past hg and how good of a competitor they was in the games.

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6:07pm BBt: Spencer, Andy, Helen , Elissa and Aaryn in BY talking about how many more days they have left in the house. helen says Julie said 91 days she thinks. helen says it isnt fair if someone comes back in the house since they already got them out.

6:12pm BBt: Spencer saying he almost bets when Candice left thursday night and went to talk to JUlie that she probably said " i am just keeping it real julie i am just keeping it real" and Elissa is laughing hysterically.

6:18pm BBT: Spencer talking about Kristin and Haydens make out sessions and elissa says what about Mike Boogie proposing to Krista and what he did to Erika. spencer and Andy have now gone in the KT.they are eating Skittles and general talk.

6:22pm BBT: Helen, Aaryn and elissa talking about Mike Boogie and what the name of his resturaunt is and where he lives now. Aaryn talks about him having a mug shot and how he got in trouble with his buisness.Spencer and andy come back out and Helen says i think they should do a pawns BB and take all the people that were always pawns and never left the game to play against each other.

6:27pm BBT: Andy is saying he wonders how amanda is being portrayed. elissa says probably not very good. and they laugh. andy says for all we know the four of us can be the. And spencer finishes saying the biggest butt holes of the season.

6:31pm BBT: helen asking andy who do you think will get the Americas choice vote at the end and andy says well i would have thought Judd but i dont know. Elissa says i think i will get it i have the best fan support there is. spencer says probably so Elissa i bet you do get it. elissa says i cant wait to see the Zingbot.

6:36pm BBT: andy in KT getting Icecream. Jessie comes in to the KT and ask where everyone is. Andy says most are asleep but Spencer , Me and helen and elissa are hanging out in the BY.Spencer is switching laundry.

6:43pm BBT: andy is on the eliptical as Spencer and jessie andelissa and helen talking general talk about laughing in the house at other people.

6:47pm BBT:andy is asking about the wrap party and how it works. Elissa says the wrap party isnt in the house it is somewhere else just press day is in the house the final night and bb tells then to stop talking about production.

6:53pm BBT: Aaryn is now up and in the KT cooking Mung Beans.amanda , Mccrae and Ginamarie are sleeping and Spencer, Helen, Jessie, andy and Elissa are in by just general talk and Andy and elissa messing with each other again as Andy says he will put what they want in his blog tomorrow .

6:58pm BBT: Elissa says lets play a game. lets play andy has Hoh itis. andy says i do not have HOh itis Elissa says yeah you do look at the line of people waiting for the eliptical and you are still on it.

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7:03PMBBT: Helen walks into the KT and says to Aaryn "OMG I am about to have a havenot freak out. I just fell asleep in the BY, I never just fall asleep!" Spencer walks outside and says Helen is a liar, tells Elissa and Andy what she said and they both start laughing.

7:08PMBBT: Elissa is imitating McCrae in the BY. From behind, she does pass for McCrae. Andy asks who Rachel and Brandon would like best in the house, she says "Not you for sure, probably Aaryn or Jeremy?" She says she gets headaches from laughing too hard. Amanda is now awake talking to Aaryn in the KT.

7:12PMBBT: Andy, Spencer and Jessie in the BY. When Elissa was imitating McCrae she looked hunched over, Jessie said "You even have the hunch!" Elissa turned and snottily said "Thanks Jessie but I wasn't hunched over." They are laughing about it. They are all making fun of Elissa. Amandajoins them and they tell her what happened with the McCrae imitation. Elissa is telling the story in the KT to McCrae.

7:16PMBBT: The BY guys are telling Amanda and McCrae about the "keeping it real craze" and they are laughing. Amanda says she got lotrimin(?) for pain relief. She says she doesn't have ringworm it is something else. Jessie says "I am not a doctor but, I think it might be singles!" Elissa says "No it is not all over the body but Jeremy's was all over..." Amanda says "Ewwww oh don't even say that word!"

7:20PMBBT: An airplane is really loud going over. The HG in the BY are asking for BB to play the song "Christmas Shoes" in the morning. Spencer says "How cool would it be if Elizabeth Shue came in here and said 'Spencer, I am in love with you.'" Amanda cuts him off "Then there is an apocalypse happening somewhere!"

7:25PMBBT: Lots of BY small talk, giggles and laughing, BB tells Andy to put on his mic. In the KT Aaryn says she is cleaning it up so Amanda can just leave her dishes, Amanda says thanks. The SR is now open, Aaryn asks Amanda to grab paper towels and a sponge.

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7:43PMBBT: In the WA, McCrae is in the shower. Amanda is supervising, GM and Aaryn are talking about nightmares and dreams they have had recently and how freaked out they were. Elissa and Jessie are in the BY. Elissa is complaining about being a havenot. She is uncomfortable.

7:46PMBBT: GinaMarie walks into the KT and yells "Yippe caye ya Mother F**ker" She yells it to everyone as they walk through the house. She says she is the movie quote queen. Elissa was called to the DR. Andy and Spencer are now in the WA with McCrae and Amanda.

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7:53PMBBT: Aaryn is listing off recipes in the KT and what she puts in stuff. It has been a lot of small talk. GinaMarie is washing her hair in the HoH tub then says she will shower in the WA downstairs.
Helen has called the fish "mung fish" a few times tonight. Aaryn made mung beans and mackerel.

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8:03PMBBT: Spencer is now firing up the grill in the BY. McCrae is keeping him company. Aaryn and Jessie are in the HoH bathroom. Aaryn is now shaving her legs, Jessie is watching.

8:10PMBBT: Andy and Spencer are in the BY talking about wanting to masterbate and thinking of ways they could do it but know they can't in the BB house. Jessie and Aaryn are talking scenarios in the HoH Bathroom. Jessie is trying to convince Aaryn to flip.

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