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Thursday, August 8 Live Feed Updates


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12:02AM BBT Jessie and Elissa reading the bible in Hn. While in Hoh Ginamarie explaining her and Nick sleeping arrangement. Ginamarie said Nick should clear a week because she is going to tear his pants off.

12:07AM BBT Helen and Andy talking in the Br Andy said he would put up Jessie and Spencer but he wants to backdoor Judd. Helen said she would do the same. Spencer left Hoh and went to bed.

12:10AM BBT Andy and Helen in Sr Helen said that Amanda told her something and swears that Andy don't tell anyone. Andy think that Judd would put up Elissa and Helen.

12:15AM Amanda said she don't think anyone would put her up. Amanda said she thinks Aaryn,Spencer,Jessie and Ginamarie is target at the moment. Andy said he does not think Elissa would nominate Jessie.

12:20AM BBT Helen and Spencer talking in Br Helen said her family is very important to her so she stay away from drama. Everyone in Hoh wonders if Elissa would evict Spencer tomorrow.

12:26AM BBT Elissa and Jessie talking in Hn Jessie thinks that Aaryn does a good job looking like she is not evil but it comes out.

12:31AM BBT Jessie said she said that Helen and Elissa don't need the money out of anger. Jessie said she always voted with the house and what they asked of her, and she owned up to any mistakes.

12:35AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in Hoh alone, Amanda said that Judd has to go, Amanda thinks that Judd put her up the last two weeks.

12:41AM Amanda told McCrae that they need to keep Aaryn around so she can go after Elissa, She said Judd needs to go then Ginamarie. McCrae would like to keep Ginamarie around longer.

12:52AM BBT Amanda and McCrae is making out under the covers. Looks like McCrae is saying no and she continue to climb on top of him. McCrae reminds Amanda that the live feeds is on but she continues.

12:59AM BBT McCrae gets dressed and go to the Kt for water. Helen,Jessie,Elissa and Candice in Hn still chatting.

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1:05AM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie in the lounge, Aaryn said that Jessie jumped on the table today. Ginamarie said her fat a** almost broke it, Aaryn wonder how Jessie was raised she also wonders if she was raised on a farm. Aaryn said she hates Jessie.

1:10AM BBT While Helen,Jessie,Elissa and Candice talking in the Hn Andy came in and told them I love you all so much but can you shut the f*** up we are trying to sleep. Jessie left she told Candice that she loves her.

1:15AM BBT Ginamarie told Aaryn that she is worried that Candice would get the votes to stay. Aaryn said you can run but not hide clownie.

1:22AM BBT amanda still going on about no one would put them on the block becauseit will put a big target on their backs. Amanda said if they were both on the block who would get voted off. Amanda said she thinks McCrae would go before her.

1:29AM BBT Elissa and Candice in the Kt talking. Amanda and McCrae still counting votes.

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(I thought ever one was asleep by 2am but discovered Amanda/McCrae talking while half asleep. It's clear to me that Amanda being on the block has her awake still, while McCrae is falling asleep.)

2:12am bbt Amanda:Just giving you a little heads up, if I leave this house before you, and you share a bed with another girl, I may come back in Pandora's Box and strangle you to death.

2:13am bbt Amanda: Are you now not going to watch Judd to go? Well too bad cause he put me up for MVP 2 weeks in a row... honey... (no response from McCrae) Is this happening right now? Are you contemplating not getting rid of him?
McCrae: what do you mean?

Amanda: what do you mean 'what do you mean?'

2:14am bbt Amanda: Judd has to go... (no response from McCrae) Why aren't you talking?

McCrae: (incomprehensible, half asleep mumbling)

Amanda: He's lied to all of us

McCrae: (more mumbling that is hard to understand)
Amanda: Honey, he put me up on the block 2 weeks in a row!

McCrae: you don't know that for sure

Amanda: Yes I do know that for sure, and you do too! McCrae, really? I'm not arguing this with you. If you want to have him here more than me, then go for it. He's your final 2, right? He wants me gone! If anyone said that to me, about you, they'd be gone in a heart beat!

McCrae: Helen said it

Amanda: No, she said she wants me here longer than you, that's it. And don't make me regret telling you that, because, like, whatever...

McCrae: (laughing) you walked yourself into that one

2:17am bbt Amanda: I can't believe he put me up and contemplated getting me out for the past 2 weeks... (no response) hello? You're not responding to me.

McCrae: You didn't ask me a question.

Amanda: Yea? You should respond, "I'm not"

McCrae: No

Amanda: No?

McCrae: Yea

Amanda: Huh?

McCrae: Yea

Amanda: Yea what?

McCrae: Yea I'm not

(It's a cute exchange, watching her paranoia, trying to get assurance/sympathy from him, as he struggles to not fall asleep)

Amanda: Well you play your game however you want, because obviously it's the McCrae game

(Amanda is silent for a moment)

2:18am bbt Amanda: If anyone ever put you up, I'd be gunning for them like a mad woman. But you don't feel like protecting me I guess. He tried to get me out before jury! (no response) CAN YOU CONVERSE WITH ME PLEASE? I'm like baiting you, and you're not saying anything!

McCrae: why are you baiting me?

Amanda: Because I want you to answer me, and tell me that you love me! Talk to me, tell me how you really feel?

(On behalf of men, or the half of a couple that is trying to fall asleep when the other half is wanting to talk, I feel for you McCrae)

Amanda/McCrae are close to falling asleep again, each facing the outside of the bed, away from each other.

2:24am bbt Amanda: Honey? You're scaring me... I feel like you are going to try to go after me tomorrow.

McCrae: Why would I do that?

Amanda: Because you are afraid if we go up together, that you would go home. No one is going to put us up together. I'm scared now!

McCrae: I'm not going to evict you.

Amanda: Come here and comfort me...

(McCrae moans and rolls onto his back, then spoons her)

Amanda: Are you evicting me? Do you have a final 2 with me? Promise? Swear to God?

8:55am bbt First up today is Spencer... everyone else still sleeping...

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9:00 am BBT Spencer uses WC, changes his batteries and crawls back in bed.

9:32 am BBT FOTH Thursday wake up call. By the time they go to bed tonight there will be 2 less HG.

9:40 am BBT HG are awake. Elissa changing batteries, Helen in WA. Amanda rejoins Mc in HOH bed. Mc says his neck hurts, Amand says that so does Helen and Judds. Mc comes downstairs and Judd says Mc is up before 6 pm.

9:48 am BBT GinaMarie gets her pillow and goes to HOH. Amanda called to DR. HOH LD is in about 10 minutes. Amanda woke up to her period this morning, she hurts so bad. HG are getting ready to head to HOH.

9:53 am BBT at memory wall. Helen/Judd/Andy talk about being 2 less HG tonight. Andy says they are bringing Nick back. Elissa says usually if we talk about they dont do it.

9:59 am BBT Amanda just found out that there is a BB camera in the photo booth. Aaryn says no more photo booth cry sessions. In KT they are getting food around to take to HOH.

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10:02am BBT: amanda in hoh bed saying she didnt like the music this morning because it was to loud.Andy, Judd, Helen, Jessie ,candice and spencer in KT making food and coffe to take to the HOH LD. Helen is talking about her wedding cake and saving some of it and freezing it then eating it a year later and how geross it was . She says but it is tradition so we took a bite.

10:05am BBT:helen is now in hoh rm talking to Aaryn and Ginamarie about hearing things in the middle of the night. we now have foth.

10:09am BBT: All hg are heading to the hoh rm for a LD.

10:13am BBT: We are now on Trivia!

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12:40pm BBT: Hg leaving the hoh rm. ginamarie and Aaryn in color rm as mccrae and Amanda in hoh.mccrae talking about jessie moving in near him and it making him mad. candice and andy in WA talking as Spencer washed his hands and they are talkinmg about ninjas. Helen is running in the house for her morning run she missed earlier.

12:43pm BBT: Elissa is washing her a cup for her coffe and saying that BB was preparing for something big like Andy's eviction and then she laughs.ginamarie is packing her stuff to move out of the HOH rm and tells Mccrae she can carry all her stuff down.

12:45pm BBT: Judd is in the WA shaving his face as Andy and Candice are joking around with each other about beds. helen is still running and the Hg yell get it Helen dont stop.

12:48pm BBT: ginamarie is in the kt with Elissa cleaning up a little. most Hg in WA just general talk.

12:54pm BBT: Ginmarie and Aaryn have gone to bed and gone to sleep. amanda is going to the BR to pack and Andy is singing Christmas shoes and doing the hallow head contest. (Hitting the women on the head with a paper towel roll ), Candice giving dance lessons in the Wa with jessie and Andy.

12:57pm BBT: Amanda packing talking to Mccrae and asking why everyone is so happy today? Mccrae says i dont know and Amanda continues packing.

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#BB15 1:04 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae head to the cockpit after Amanda packs a bit. They snuggle under a blanket. Amanda says that she is so happy she got her period today. McCrae asks why would he care. Amanda says she was worried she was pregnant. McCrae says he has super sperm but he wasn't worried. Amanda then says something about an immaculate conception.

#BB15 1:16 PM BBT Amanda asks McCrae if he wants to go talk to the house to see if something is going on and she is going out. McCrae says he is just thinking. Amanda is bothered that Candice is so happy today. It makes her worry.

#BB15 1:26 PM BBT Helen called Judd into the WA for his comment to Jessie. (He told Andy that Jessie sounded like she was having a sex dream last night). He says that he was joking and didn't hurt her feelings. He then tells Jessie that she is the worst person in the house and did tell her to shut the **-up. He tells her to never speak to him again. They go back and forth about how he didn't hurt her feelings and she just wants attention.

#BB15 1:39 PM BBT Judd goes into the WA and apologizes to Helen and Candice for what he said. Says that Jessie only had crocodile tears and went off on him.

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#BB15 1:44 PM BBT Helen takes Elissa to the HN room. Helen tells her they need to get Judd out. She says she won't say who told her but that Elissa is supposed to be out before jury. Judd breaks in to apologize to Elissa.

#BB15 1:48 PM BBY Amanda in the KT with McCrae. She tells him that if she is his sugar Momma - he has to clean up after himself or they are getting a maid.

#BB15 1:53 PM BBT Elissa and Helen talking in the HN room. Elissa trying to talk her into getting rid of Amanda. Helen says that the guys would link together and take them out.

#BB15 1:57 PM BBT McCrae comes into the Hn room. Helen asks McCrae if he would be okay with taking Judd out (sounded like she said Judd). McCrae says yes as long as he doesn't have to do it.

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#BB15 2:3 PM BBT Judd, Helen, Elisa and Andy in the HN room. Discussing who each of them would put up. What different HG would do if they are HOH. Judd says he doesn't realize why Jessie is jealous of Aaryn and him.

#BB15 2:13 PM BBT In the HN room. HG talk about if Candice will have a job when she goes home. Helen says she no longer has a job. Now talk about if the game they practiced is a POV or a HOH game.

#BB15 2:22 PM BBT In the KT - talk about game shows and winning prizes. In the HN room, there is quizzing and training for comps and what comp was when.

#BB15 2:28 PM BBT Nothing major going on in the house. Eating in the KT (Andy is easting the top of Kaitlin's head from the cake). and ADLs in the WA.

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#BB15 2:30 PM BBT Judd is collecting his stuff in case of a DE so that it will be all together. After making lunch, Amanda has crawled back in bed.

#BB15 2:37 PM BBT Judd now telling Gina about the fight with Jessie and that Jessie sent Helen in to get him so she could fight. Gina says the girls are crazy.

#BB15 2:44 PM BBT In the BR - Judd, Gina, Spencer and McCrae are talking. Gina is telling them some things about women and sex. A little Jessie bashing as well.

#BB15 2:48 PM BBT Judd was laughing about Gina showing him Jessie's undies that had a stain. Gina says that it was funny. They were hanging out of the drawer. She tells Spencer about it. Judd aks where the stain came from. Gina says it was a bowel movement (okay - not the word she used but this is a family feed).

#BB15 3:01 PM BBT Judd joins Amanda and McCrae in the BR. Judd says he is only nervous about the 2nd one. McCrae says he wants to play the POV. Sounds as though they may know it's double eviction. Spencer says he has to pack as well from the other room.

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#BB15 3:07 PM BBT Helen cleaning the kitchen and gen chit chat with Spencer. In the BR, Andy, Judd, Amanda, McCrae talk. Juddis trying to tell Andy he is aligned to him. Here is the covo:
Judd: You are aligned
Andy:I'm a lion?
Judd: You are aligned!
Andy: I am a lying?
Amanda: You are a lion - roar.
Judd: never mind.

#BB15 3:10 PM BBT We have trivia!

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7:05 PM BBT Feeds are back. It does not appear like the HoH has been played. Lots of crying going on. Gina Marie "Some go out with class and some don't." Helen "It helps everybody's game. This was the biggest move so far in this game." Aaryn is called to the DR. Andy is sitting alone wiping away tears and Amanda says McCrae is upset because he was very close to Judd.

7:08 PM BBT Some basic discussion on the Summer School comp. McCrae still isn't talking to anyone. Andy about Candice "She left like she was in the house. She kept it real." Gina Marie "That's why she left, that's the way she treated everyone in here. It's disgusting." Andy and McCrae say almost simultaneously "That sucked" about Judd leaving.

7:10 PM BBT Helen says Judd's mistake was winning HoH that week. That's when all that stuff came out. Amanda says Judd wanted to get rid of girls and was pushing McCrae to distance himself from Amanda. They all tell Jessie that he was pushing to get rid of her too. Jessie "Wow!! All I can say is wow." Helen "He was very good at this game. He was very Fing good."

7:14 PM BBT Amanda with tears "He would kill to get here again. If someone from jury comes back it will be him. Everyone out there loves him." They all agree that Judd was definitely a floater and played a good game.

7:17 PM BBT More discussion in the BR about Candice and her flaming speech. Amanda was surprised that she wasn't Candice's speech target. Gina Marie tells her it was because she called Candice a rat. Amanda wants Jessie to tell her if Judd had told her anything. Jessie doesn't give her anything.

7:25 PM BBT Andy says that he wanted to keep Judd on a personal level but they would have regretted it later if they didn't get rid of him. Jessie asks Helen to explain to her why they kept her in the dark. They let him sleep in the same bed as him when he was trying to get rid of her. Helen "We couldn't tell you because you were so close. You would have turned on us. If you hadn't won veto he was sending you home."

7:28 PM McCrae tells Amanda and Andy in the cockpit. "That girl was here to play. She just won HoH and veto." Andy is upset he went so fast in the Summer School comp. "I'm sorry America that I suck at everything." Elissa walks in "What do you think about keeping it real?" McCrae "That was awesome."

7:31 PM BBT Amanda pulls Aaryn into the Have Not room. Amanda hugs her. She says it was a huge move. "I will never doubt you again. McCrae will never doubt you. Andy and Helen will never doubt you." Meanwhile in the KT the HGs are speculating that the next HoH will take place tonight. Andy "I am the worst HoH player ever." Andy hugs Aaryn "That was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done in this game."

7:35PM BBT Aaryn and Spencer are talking in the KT. She tells him that she didn't want to do that to him. Spencer says there is bound to be a shift soon. Aaryn said she wanted to keep it the same because no one would have voted against Spencer and Jessie would have gone home. She says too many people told her not to. She says Judd lied to everyone and had lots of final 2 deals.

7:38 PM BBT Amanda says out loud to the house. "Way to start jury off right. 2 people there that hate my guts." Helen assures her that Judd hates Helen and Elissa and at least Judd gave her a hug when leaving. Helen tells her that it was a huge move and Aaryn has earned her place there.

7:42 PM BBT A very shocked Jessie is talking to Andy in the BR. "He was just making out with me." Helen and Aaryn are talking about the old fake alliance with Kaitlin. They insist that Judd made the whole thing up. Andy tells Jessie he feels bad about his goodbye comment to Kaitlin because "she was telling the truth the whole time."

7:46M BBT McCrae, Spencer, and Amanda are in the cockpit. McCrae is still saying "this sucks". They all predict the HoH will be tonight because they can set the ball/board game up really easy. Amanda is talking about not doing well in the POV. McCrae tells Amanda that she is not good at following directions and she agrees with him. Amanda "He was definitely MVP. Without a doubt."

7:48 PM BBT Jessie says this may be selfish but is wondering if they are going to get to keep his cigarettes. He still has about 3 weeks left. McCrae said he will ask DR if they are going to get him some for jury house. They change the conversation back to Candice and Gina Marie's fight on National TV. McCrae "that's when I said this IS big brother."

7:54 PM BBT In the cockpit is Gina Marie, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, and Spencer. Gina Marie is really trash talking Candice. "She isn't a lady, she's disgusting." Aaryn "All that's going to come out of her mouth is we are monsters." Gina Marie "That's the way she acted, she fought with everyone. I don't act like a mutant." Aaryn "My parents probably feel like they failed as parents because I have done everything in the house I am not supposed to do. They are going to be freaking pi**ed."

7:57 PM BBT Andy and Spencer are both saying they really want pictures. Spencer would trade the letter for 2 more photos. Andy wouldn't. He wants to hear from home but that he sucks at HoHs. Andy "I'm going to get so much crap when I get home from my friends for sucking so bad." Andy "One thing that Judd and I had in common was our anxiety." They change the subject to speculating if they will have a Have Not competition or a food comp. Andy "BB, how about a food comp. Those have nots suck. We just went through a double eviction. Throw us a bone."

8:04 PM BBT Amanda and Andy are now alone in the cockpit. She tells him that this big move has really bonded her and Helen but says that McCrae, her, and Andy are still the 3 above all the others. Andy "yeah, duh." They speculate if Gina Marie wins she nominate Jessie and Spencer. Amanda "Jessie can NOT win HoH."

8:07 PM BBT Amanda tells McCrae and Andy that the only one she is afraid of is Jessie. Andy "I want this HoH so freaking bad. I want a win of some kind." Amanda "We need to make sure that you, me, McCrae, and Aaryn never go up on the block together." Andy tells Amanda about Jessie mentioning to him to get out Amanda this week. Andy says he has influence over her. Amanda "we can trust Aaryn because she has no one to turn to." Andy says he needs to start distancing himself from them and get in good graces with Helen and Spencer.

8:10 PM BBT Andy tells Amanda and McCrae in the cockpit that DR gives him a chance to talk about this. "Amanda probably thinks I'm just a big idiot that just does what I'm told." They are trying to determine the order they need to get people out. They think the need to get Jessie, and Spencer and THEN go after Helen.

8:14 PM BBT Most of the HGs are talking and eating in the KT. They are hoping for more generosity from BB in the competitions such as higher cash prizes. Amanda, McCrae, and Andy are still in the cockpit. Andy is just happy that he made it to jury because he will at least get thirteen grand. If he left before jury he wouldn't be able to pay his bills. Andy "I think it will haunt me forever watching Judd plead." McCrae "That will be my nightmare." Andy "If Judd had 4 days like everyone else he would have stayed. He was breaking my heart."

8:18 PM BBT Aaryn in the KT to Gina Marie and Helen "All the BB stars are aligned." In the cock pit McCrae, Andy, and Amanda are talking about BB Canada and Gary made it jury, came back, and made it to final 2.

8:23 PM Aaryn tells Elissa and Gina Marie in the KT that it was creepy that Judd kissed her on the mouth. "You don't kiss me on the mouth while making out with someone else." Aaryn is called back to the DR. Amanda suspects that since this is Aaryn's second trip to DR since evictions that they might be about to play HoH. Andy "I'm sick of being irrelevant in this darn show."

8:25 PM BBT Aaryn is already out of the DR. DR just wanted to tell her that they are preparing something for her for her HoH win. Helen has joined Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae in the cockpit. Helen refers to Aaryn as Janelle 2.0 and that if she was a spectator she would pull for Aaryn. They discuss that this is technically her third HoH win. Aaryn talks to Andy in the SR. She tells him that she is worried that she did all this and will then be on the block next week. Andy tells her she is safe and that she has never given Andy a reason to trust her.

8:30 PM BBT Jessie tells Andy that the Summer School set with all the desks was so cool. Andy "Yeah, even though you and I sucked it was neat." Helen is doing the math and determining that they have 9 more evictions and 9 more HGs so there can't be another double eviction.

8:38 PM BBT Jessie in the cockpit "Thanks Judd for being a good partner and not involving me in all the lies and stuff. He didn't even tell me about the Kaitlin thing." Helen "I think he was just playing every side of the house." Jessie "I just don't know what he was thinking." Everyone but Aaryn (in DR) is crammed into the cock pit. Helen about Judd "excellent player, by far the best player so far to leave the game." Spencer "He had all you suckers fooled." Helen "super good, super super super good."

8:43 PM BBT We have trivia. They might be getting ready to play for HoH.

8:54 PM BBT Still on trivia. Must be HoH competition under way.

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10:05pm BBT: Helen in have not rm calming down amanda as she is having a breakdown since she didnt win hoh comp. helen tells her that her time will come just as it did for Andy. Helen says you are winning not in the comp but in the game . she says look how far you and Mccrae have come.

10:10pm BBT:Aaryn telling spencer that she is going to look great by being on slop and Ginamarie comes in and says we are going to look great and eat protien everyday. aaryn asking what she can drink and Spencer says water then ginamrie says water, chocolate milk and iced tea and we will get helen to make slop balls so we will be good.

10: 15pm BBT: Amanda still crying cuz she didnt win to get to see her pictures and Spencer goes to give her a hug and she tells him she is just a sore loser. Amanda says it was just like a glimmer of hope that she might win something then she loses and she says i just want to win something.

10:20pm BBT: Andy and Spencer in Kt area looking at memory wall and talking about Judd being crap and how he stayed up late everynight. mccrae just getting out of shower and gives Amanda a hug and tells her it is ok and tells her that this could not have worked out any better cuz they still have no blood on their hands. amanda says ok i am sorry i dont want to be like this i am just frustrated and i am like when am i gonna win something?.

10:30pm BBT:Andy and Helen in color rm talking about judd and saying if he had 4 days to campaghn for himself then he never would have gone home we would all have felt bad about him. andy looking for Judds blanket to pack up since the hg have to pack his stuff for bb. Helen has found the blanket and is folding it to pack it up for Judd.Spencer just walking around the kt as Andy is washing a dish.

10:46pm BBt: helen telling Aaryn what they can and cant eat as a have not and what spices she can use. Aaryn is laughing saying ok. Spencer, Andy, Jessie and elissa and ginamarie in living rm talking about clint Eastwood movies.

10:49pm BBT: helen takes Aaryn to STR and shows her what she can and cant have in there to eat like salsa and olives and Ketchup she says she will make slop balls and elissa can make icecream for the have nots. aaryn is laughing and says oh my gosh.

10:52pm BBT: Helen tells Aaryn when you fry slop you use oil and i will show you tomorrow how to make slop balls and Aaryn says i cant wait for my cooking lesson.

10:53pm BBT:Talk in the Living rm is about Andy getting his HOPH rm and they told him he will get it tonight. Jessie says i will be in the color rm alone tonight. andy says holy crap that rm will be a ghost rm. Andy says he isnt letting anyone in his rm unless he inviotes then and Ginamarie laughs.

10:56pm BBT: helen tells elissa that they are giving aaryn a lesson in cooking and Elissa says cool. helen is frezzing pieces of cake that they got for the half way party. helen says i am excited for andy.

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11:02PM BBT Aaryn just receive her Hoh stuff. There is no food in her basket since she is Hn. She have pictures and a letter from her best friend Kaitlin.

11:08PM BBT Aaryn also got lotions,heels necklace and a mask from Mardi Gras themed.

11:13PM BBT Helen and Aaryn in the Kt going over Hn food. Elissa, Jessie in Lr Elissa said they are in the game till the end.

11:17PM BBT Mccrae alone in the Br reading the bible. Jessie,Helen,Andy,Aaryn, Elissa, Ginamarie and spencer in Kt general chit chat. Amanda is in Dr.

11:24PM BBT Amanda is now out of Dr she said the By is going to be open soon. Amanda also said she is now Mvp without power.

11:28PM BBT Ginamarie still complaining about Candice she said some people leave with class but Candice didn't.

11:30PM BBT McCrae is crying in the Br he is sad that Judd left the game. Amanda is consoling him. McCrae said he does not think he would make it to the end.

11:35PM BBT McCrae cannot stop crying, Amanda told him that no one would put him on the block and he will go far in the game.

11:51PM BBT Spencer told Helen that he can bet his life that Howard was not Mvp. Andy said he lost 2 friends tonight especially Judd.

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