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Wednesday, July 31 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT Feeds back and they're still running possible votes up in the HoH, explaining how they were using candy to predict the votes. Back down in the BY Helen and Spencer hug it out again. He thanks Helen again and hopes that everything can be put behind them. Helen says absolutely and he's paid his price. Helen says he was just playing the game and no one can blame him for playing the game. Her heart came out for him today. Spencer says it is a game and you get caught up in it. Helen starts to cry saying she left her friends and family to come here and she's dying to win this game...dying to win this game. She's sorry. Spencer tells her she doesn't have to apologize any more. Helen knows and says he's a stand up guy. Helen says people don't need to be yelled at like that in the game.

12:05 AM BBT Up in the HoH the crew is continuing to talk about Judd being sketchy and how Aaryn doesn't trust Elissa. Aaryn says Candice will get into their heads just like she did tonight. McCrae says if she really wants Candice to go home next week then he'll gladly do it. McCrae says he'd even put a vote out there to show her it's coming. Aaryn says she wants her gone as well. Amanda says Judd, Amanda, McCrae wants her gone. She'll go home next. Aaryn worries that Helen and Elissa won't want her to go home. Amanda and McCrae says that they'll go with the house. Amanda tells her that she can't run away from Candice and she needs to shut her down. Aaryn says she can't because Candice is so loud. "I don't understand...I just don't understand..."

12:09 AM BBT Andy comes back in and says Helen is coming up. Amanda says Andy will probably be in and he tells him that Candice is the target next week. Andy understands and is ok with it. Andy says he just told Helen that it's all BS and that Aaryn is upset that she doesn't trust her. Amanda and McCrae laughs saying that they have to go up to Andy at least once a day and ask about Helen and he's always turning around saying "I know, I know, I've talked to her and told her that's not ok.". They all have a good laugh. Aaryn tells GinaMarie not to bring up counting the votes with candy because then it sounds kind of sketchy. Apparently they're now wondering if maybe Candice heard them (Aaryn and GinaMarie) discussing possible scenarios while using candy while she was in the WA earlier.

12:14 AM BBT Aaryn tells GinaMarie not to bring it up. Even if she did hear them it was not a plan it was merely them thinking. GinaMarie says they were whispering so it wasn't even a plan. They ask where Helen is. Andy says she's talking to Judd. They question why he's acting so weird. Andy thinks he's having a slop freak out. Andy says he'll still trust Judd until a suspicious vote. McCrae agrees. GinaMarie says if she wins HoH she'll hang a sign on the door that "No CandyLand allowed!" Andy suggests going to get Helen and Judd.

12:17 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the lounge Helen is talking to Judd. Andy opens the door and Helen says she's coming. Andy tells her them that both of their presence is requested. Helen reassures Judd that they're alright and that they have to send Howard home and they don't want any votes to keep him. Judd agrees. Up in the HoH Helen says of course she heard this and she had to check it. Amanda wonders why she has this theory. Helen says she won't tell her where she got it from.

12:21 AM BBT Down in the hammock in the BY Candice and Howard are snuggling talking. Candice doesn't feel like Amanda and McCrae have been that close lately. Candice wonders if McCrae is using Amanda by having picked the most loud mouth girl that he can hide behind. Howard agrees. Talk turns to who MVP could be. Back in the HoH GinaMarie is swearing that she hasn't talked to Judd in 5 hours. Helen understands. Helen says she's so paranoid of Howard staying in this house. Amanda says Howard stood in the kitchen and told her "I'm going to **** the **** out of you when we get out of here." FoTH. Feeds come back and says he has no relationship with that man anymore. He's never going to talk to him again. Andy questions what he would do if he got chained to him for his last day in the house.

12:26 AM BBT Back in the hammock Candice is continuing to talk with Howard listening. Candice hopes she wins HoH next week. Running various scenarios. Up in the HoH McCrae is going to smoke. Amanda and Judd are following. Helen apologizes because she just wanted to get to the bottom of it. She didn't mean to cause drama but anything that could prevent Howard from walking out the door. Aaryn says Candice is the thing that could prevent that. Helen says she was sitting in bed thinking about going to sleep when she decided she was hungry and then she had this dropped on her.

12:31 AM BBT Down in the BY on the couch Judd, McCrae and Amanda are talking. Judd suggests putting Jessie up as a pawn so he can show that they're not together. He feels like she's sabotaging his game without realizing it. McCrae thinks it's a good idea. Amanda says she heard that Jessie through her name (Amanda's) out weeks ago about putting her up. Amanda says Jessie had no targets on her back this week. Judd says even if she's in conversations with people and peoples names get brought up then that just puts a target on her back. Judd says Howard and Candice are listening to them over in the hammock. He shhhh's Amanda because her voice gets a bit louder. Judd wonders where Jessie and Spencer are. He bets she's plotting. Amanda offers to go get a scarf to see. Judd says no. Judd points out that they're listening in the hammock again.

12:35 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy, Aaryn, Helen and GinaMarie are Candice bashing. Aaryn says it makes her sick that everyone is praising Candice, etc. Helen says she realized that may be bad. Helen says she feels bad for Spencer today. Candice called to DR. Down in the BY Amanda and McCrae head over to the hammock. In the WA Candice thanks DR for calling her while she looks like ahotmess.com. Elissa is out of DR. Judd whispers to Candice telling her that if she hears anything from Jessie about him that it's strictly her. He's going to try and distance himself from her. Candice appreciates that. Judd heading towards the bedrooms.

12:39 AM BBT Judd heads back outside across the BY to Amanda and McCrae and says he just talked to Candice. He tells them that he told her that he heard that Jessie is saying she controls his vote. Judd thinks he squashed that. Judd says Jessie is trying to be a power player overnight. Judd says you can't become Janelle overnight. McCrae says the next two weeks should be easy. You have Candice and Spencer left in the house...it should be two easy weeks. McCrae says there is no reason to do that right now. Judd says he'd vote Jessie out in a hot second.

12:43 AM BBT Up in the HoH Helen says everything is good. Andy says things are good until the votes aren't good...then he won't be good. Helen agrees and says that when votes get funny she gets upset (She'd get to feel how the other side felt the first two weeks!). Aaryn says they question whether she (Helen) would be able to put Candice up. Helen says it would be hard and she needs them to do that. Andy pushes saying she'd have to do that. Helen says she would but it would be very difficult. Judd comes in and Andy (without skipping a beat) says "We'll back door Judd, oh crap!" Helen agrees and says she'd do it. Judd: "Back door me?" Andy laughs and explains what they were talking about. Judd says Candice needs the money though. Helen says she left a job at home to come here.

12:48 AM BBT Helen says Candice went through 2 weeks of casting to get on the show. Helen says a fan of the show doesn't need to win the half million dollars. Aaryn and GinaMarie says they went through 6 months of casting. Andy questions six months and we get FoTH. Feeds back and they're talking about how lucky Aaryn was winning this HoH this week. Aaryn says there is no way anyone other than Howard is going home this week.

12:50 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the hammock Amanda and McCrae are talking but Amanda is obstructing her mic so it's hard to understand what she's saying. McCrae agrees (I'm glad someone does). Amanda says she'd probably put up Spencer and Jessie. McCrae says Jessie would probably go. Amanda says Jessie would be a vote for Spencer. McCrae hopes they're mending fences upstairs. McCrae wants Howard gone so bad. Amanda loves McCrae and he loves her back. Amanda says they talked too much game. Amanda is called out for obstructing her mic.

12:55 AM BBT All four feeds now on Amanda and McCrae in the BY. McCrae spots Helen coming downstairs. Helen and Elissa in the WA now. Helen tells Elissa that she feels bad for Spencer because he paid the price for TMC and she's done and she's apologized to him and told him that. Elissa says "Mmmhhmmmm...ok. I respect that." Helen feels he paid the price on national TV today. Elissa "Mmmmhmmm..." Helen has been so focused on going after him for so long now and she's done. Elissa "Ok....mmmmhmmmm...I respect that. I can't wait to put him up" She laughs and says she's ok with that and respects her decision. Helen goes into super whisper mode but I'm fairly certain she says that in the next couple of weeks she wants to go after Judd. She tells Elissa that she is the only person she is telling this to and if anyone asks they all love Judd.

01:00 AM BBT Elissa asks who Aaryn would put up if she wins HoH. Helen says Candice. Elissa questions if she would put her up. (Oh geeze...these two...). Helen reassures her that she would not put her up. She was just talking to Aaryn tonight and she is done going after her. Elissa says Aaryn rolled her eyes today at her for something. She hates that she is so unapproachable. Helen asks Elissa who she would put up and Elissa says GinaMarie and Spencer. Jessie comes through to use the WC and says she can't sleep.

01:04 AM BBT Elissa wants wine. Helen wants to go to SR to check. She's asked in DR twice today. Elissa tells Jessie that she's going to check on her medicine request as well. No wine. Helen says they're going to be locked down in the house for two full days and the feeds switch up the HoH. Andy is suggesting who to put up as HNs if they get to chose. GinaMarie says she shouldn't be put up on it for two weeks in a row. Andy says Candice already is. GinaMarie and Aaryn says they would put her on it for a third week in a row (Who here is surprised? Anyone? Anyone?). Aaryn says she deserves MVP this week. She was HoH then on the block two weeks in a row and HoH again. Andy says she was running her mouth though and that's why she was on the block.

01:09 AM BBT Aaryn says she was but then she came back and she's gotten better. Aaryn points out that the camera isn't looking at her. Andy says the camera finds him blowing his nose more interesting. Aaryn calls out GinaMarie's situation going on with her extensions. GinaMarie says it's difficult because of her cold showers. Andy asks if they (BB) flies them out for Vegas. Someone says yes. Conversation continues and BB calls Andy out for talking about production. Aaryn says GinaMarie needs a boy. GinaMarie says Nick isn't going to know what hit him. Aaryn bets money Nick won't have sex with her. They shake on a $100 bet that Nick will have sex with GinaMarie when they get out.

01:14 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy wants to blindside Helen next week. Talk turns to Clownie. Andy says he's always awake listening. Judd says he's like Howard. GinaMarie laughs and says Clownie is white. Judd does an imitation of Clownie being like Howard with one hand controlling Clownie and the other hand being Candice. Candice whispers at him and he'll look up at everyone before lowering his chin back to his chest. He does this a few times. Aaryn says no one in America can say they're jealous of Candice because there is nothing for them to be jealous of her (...).

01:20 AM BBT Down in the HT Jessie told a story about she was cleaning house one day when apparently her dog got a hold of a bag of chocolate chips and she had to take him to the vet to have them induce vomiting. Howard and Candice are in the lounge, cuddled up in Amanda and McCrae's spot.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @Bot_Dictionary: @mortystv, I've never seen 'continueing' in the dictionary! Try 'continuing' instead. - I'm only human! Sometimes typos happen when you're trying to quickly document things that are happening in the BB house! Thank you for the feedback!

01:29 AM BBT Aaryn wanders down from the HoH and goes to Amanda and McCrae in the hammock. Amanda doesn't want Aaryn to be stressed out about things that are pointless. Aaryn feels the same way about Amanda. Amanda laughs wonder when she gets stressed out. McCrae laughs. Aaryn says "It's Jessie's idea". She whispers it twice before wandering off (Jessie is near the HT). McCrae needs to fart. Amanda tells him to do it. McCrae laughs and says it's not ready yet. He wants it to be super loud. Amanda wants him to warn her so she can be prepared. She wants him to do it under the cover. Conversation turns to farting. So we'll jump up to the HoH.

01:32 AM BBT Up in the HoH Aaryn has returned and Judd is telling Andy that Jessie came up with that idea about the four of them voting to evict Candice. Judd is mad because he had no say in that. Andy is shocked and says he told Candice that Jessie is using his name without talking to him. Judd says it's putting a huge target on his back. Judd wants to go call her out for trying to make a power move in the house while ruining other people's games. GinaMarie comes in and Aaryn asks where the plan to flip the house came from when they were talking in the lounge. GinaMarie says Jessie. Judd is upset because she's sinking his game. Andy wonders if she's making other things up as well and tells Judd that other people have been coming up and telling Judd that he's acting weird. Andy told them it's just a slop freak out.

01:38 AM BBT Aaryn wonders how Candice found out about the plan. GinaMarie says Jessie had to tell her. GinaMarie starts to rant about Jessie saying she's desperate to get into a relationship in the house and she didn't need Nick and Aaryn didn't need David. Andy wonders why Jessie is doing this. GinaMarie says Jessie flipped the early weeks because she said she didn't want to be considered a flipper and GinaMarie says she called her out saying that she flipped on Jeremy, Kaitlin, Nick, and Aaryn to evict Nick. GinaMarie says she went from guy to guy and settled on Judd which they've all tried to warn him.

01:42 AM BBT Aaryn clarifies they were doing the votes with the candy and Jessie never said she wanted to flip the house but she wanted to get Candice out. Andy questions if she didn't realize it would flip the power in the house. Aaryn says that's why they shot the idea down (This makes much more sense now). Someone asks if Amanda, Helen and others know about it. Aaryn says no they didn't tell them. Aaryn says it was really awkward earlier when she went outside a moment ago. Aaryn says she feels like Jessie is drawing her down a rabbit hole which she wants nothing to do with. She's come too far in the game. She's been HoH twice and on the block twice. Aaryn says everyone would be smart to take her to the end because she hasn't done anything.

01:46 AM BBT Down in a darkened chair room Helen is talking to Spencer telling him that she is sorry for everything he has been through and she's going to try and get him to jury. She needs to mull over it and think of what she can do to make this happen. Essentially she's repeating the apology from earlier. Spencer thanks her over and over again. She says she didn't realize the grudge she had with him until he was called out by Candice today. Andy takes Clownie to DR. Aaryn says they need to evict Jessie so she can be in a showmance with Judd. Judd laughs and says he's down with that.

01:52 AM BBT Meanwhile there seems to be a crisis in the BY. Something crawled into a hole (a bat it seems). Jessie points to a crack between the main wall and the extended ceiling and says it crawled into there. Jessie repeatedly says it's in the house. McCrae and Amanda point out that the camera guys will have to deal with it because that's part of the camera track. Amanda and Jessie keep looking up into there with Jessie trying to scare her. Back in the SR Judd asks Elissa what's going on. Elissa tells him he will be the 8th HG evicted. Judd says he has a few weeks then. Judd questions her once more. Elissa says she talked with Jessie a bit about various things but Judd wants her to know that Jessie is throwing his name out there and it's not him talking. Elissa asks if they have a final 2. Judd laughs and agrees before whispering that he'll turn on her first. Elissa laughs and agrees.

01:59 AM BBT Judd, and Elissa join Spencer and Helen in a darkened chair room. Idle chitchat/playfulness going on. BB informs Judd that the lights must stay on. Helen apologizes to Spencer. He says he's awake. Talk turns to the carvings in the door of the WC. "Dan was here. Other HGs that barely lasted a few weeks. The Renegades. There's a few Dan was here. DG." All four feeds currently on the chair room right now. Helen wishes they had a HG book or a wall devoted to previous HGs allowing them to sign it.

02:02 AM BBT Elissa can't believe that girls carved their name on the door. She says it's only girls from their season. Aaryn, Kaitlin, Amanda and McCrae. Idle chit chat continues about previous seasons of BB and what they show. Someone doesn't remember seeing the WC camera (It's there! We've seen folks crying in there!). Feeds switch back to the HoH. Andy says he says there is a missing piece. McCrae questions who all was up there. Aaryn says it was just three of them. Feeds switch back to the chair room.

02:09 AM BBT **FlashBack Alert!** Feeds 1 and 2. Feeds switch back to Amanda and Jessie in the hammock. Jessie admits she told Candice that because she doesn't like her and she doesn't want her to feel safe. (Oh geeze...) Amanda points out that by doing that she's freaking everyone else out. Amanda knows and understands. Jessie says she doesn't understand why Helen and Jessie are still hanging out with Candice and she wants to make her feel threatened. Amanda says she needs to calm down because she's only putting a target on her own back. Amanda questions whether Judd has gotten to her yet. She says yes and Judd told her not to scheme. Amanda questions who came up with the idea. Jessie says everyone did but they shut it down. Amanda questions why she said it. Jessie says she's bored that's why. Amanda tells her to talk to Judd or McCrae or herself. Jessie says she's bored (she sounds incredibly whiny and childish right now).

02:14 AM BBT Amanda questions if Spencer and Judd came up to her with the idea. She says no. Amanda suggests scheming with Andy or Helen. Jessie understands. Amanda points out that she hears things. Jessie says she doesn't scheme against her. Amanda says she's heard things. Jessie admits in her dark past she did. Amanda understands. Jessie doesn't think she has a target on her back. Amanda says she doesn't and why would she say that. She should be saying she doesn't have a target. Amanda wonders why she would say that. Jessie says she's bored. Judd comes out asking if his cigarettes are over there. Amanda asks what his relationship is with him. Jessie says nothing. Amanda asks if they kiss and Jessie tells her no that he tries and she pulls away. Amanda wonders why Judd is always grabbing her backside and such with him. Jessie says because she is bored. Jessie says they have a flirtmance if anything.

02:19 AM BBT Amanda asks where McCrae is and Jessie growls/whines a bit saying she doesn't know. It seems he's up in the HoH. Speaking of which, up in the HoH they're once again Candice bashing. GinaMarie says she and Spencer timed her (GinaMarie) in the Keeping up with the Jonses' veto competiton and she only took 5 minutes. There's no way Candice beat her. Aaryn will freak out if Candice wins HoH this week and puts her up. Andy thinks she'll put up Spencer and Jessie. McCrae doesn't think she'll win it this week. They're expecting it to be a girl's endurance this week and Candice's center of gravity will be so far off because of her big backside she'll fall early.

02:24 AM BBT Back in the hammock Judd has joined Jessie and Amanda. Talk is about who has MVP. Amanda is certain that Howard doesn't have it because of who was put up as a replacement nom last week. He wanted Kaitlin to stay and by GinaMarie going up she would lose that extra vote in her favor to stay. Jessie is mad because Candice knows that Jessie hates her and she wonders how. Amanda suggests that Helen told her. Amanda points out that she also sat in a room talking to GinaMarie and Aaryn about votes. Andy comes outside. Helen comes outside to say goodnight.

02:32 AM BBT Talk in the hammock turned to being on LD for 2 full days (they suspect it'll be an endurance comp) and we get an extended FoTH. Feeds switch back to Elissa, Helen and Spencer chatting in the chair room. Current topic is about children. The hammock feeds switch up to the HoH where McCrae and Aaryn are talking. They question whether Judd knows or doesn't know they don't trust him. As if on cue Judd knocks on the door and Aaryn invites him in.

02:38 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH. Aaryn asks what's new. She asks if he talked to Jessie. Judd says he didn't talk to her. Talk turns back to Spencer and the things he's said about Jessie (the butter scotch comment). More idle chit chat.

02:46 AM BBT Down in the chair room Andy is whispering to Helen telling him that he doesn't trust Judd after tonight because he slipped up a bit ago and made the comment that he knew Jessie had started the thing about about trying to get Candice out. Andy said he questioned why Judd had blamed it on Howard then. Judd stammered and said he thought they were talking about something else. Andy says things aren't adding up and he wants to talk to him about it. Helen says absolutely but they need to do it after the vote on Thurs. Andy agrees. They out into the KT where Elissa is.

02:50 AM BBT Elissa and Andy trade playful jabs. He says he Elissa is always trying to crawl into bed with him to cuddle at night. Elissa said she can't help it with the things he wears. She said she's been trying to break it off with her husband since she saw him the first night with his cat shirt. Andy says he has to get up and go to the DR to get them to chase her out. This goes on for a brief period of time. Andy says he's going to evict her this Thurs. She giggles uncontrollably. Andy goes up to the HoH. Feeds switch to Candice and Howard in the lounge. Candice is whispering a saying of some sort. Switching feeds to the HoH Andy says things aren't adding up and someone told Candice of the plan to try and send her home.

02:54 AM BBT Jessie doesn't know how Candice found out. Jessie says no one was around. Jessie asks Judd if she told him. Judd says "Uh...I don't think so...maybe out in the hammock. Jessie asks Judd to clarify because it looks like she's shady. Judd says he said there was a conversation but he doesn't remember what it was about. Jessie says she never told him. GinaMarie says she must have heard bits and pieces of the conversation and tried to put them together, especially after seeing them walk upstairs together after leaving the lounge.

03:02 AM BBT Talk has continued on that she must have come up with it on her own before coming back around questioned whether Howard or Spencer came up with it. Jessie is kind of glad this happened because now she knows that how Howard and Spencer operate. She's only heard about their plans before and now she sees them. Amanda questions who initiated the thought to get rid of Candice. GinaMarie says no one did. They all were just running various scenarios. They question again how she found out about it. Amanda asks Andy for his thoughts because he looks like he has something to say. Andy says he trusts everyone in the room but something isn't adding up. There's no way Candice happen to come up with the same plan that the three of them came up with at the same time. Nor is it possible that she happened to hear parts of the conversation that was merely mentioned in passing.

03:07 AM BBT Amanda questions whether Jessie ever said that Judd would vote Candice out over Howard. Jessie says she doesn't know. GinaMarie isn't sure but she doesn't think so. Aaryn stays quiet. Amanda questions Aaryn. Aaryn says she's in an awkward position right now. She doesn't think she said it but it may have been insinuated. GinaMarie says the conversation happened in passing and not made official. "It's not like we had army tanks ready to go after her." GinaMarie says it was just normal talk "We hate Candice." Jessie hates the fact that this has been brought up because it was just a conversation that happened in passing. Andy says he's worried because Candice clearly found out about it and if it were a real plan he'd be on the other side of the vote which would be bad for him and his game. Amanda agrees. Andy says running scenarios is fine because he does it all the time.

03:13 AM BBT Aaryn knows what happened now. Someone walked out of the lounge leaving the three of them behind and they started talking about how much they hate Candice. Candice opens the door mid-conversation and Aaryn just knew she was outside the door and could see her and hear her pacing back and forth outside it (...and you're just now remembering this?). Talk turns to whether Candice is going to call another house meeting tomorrow. Aaryn isn't going to go do another house meeting that Candice calls. Amanda wonders how Candice's house meeting today effected her and her game. Aaryn says she just doesn't like how high and mighty she acts. GinaMarie agrees and says she should have pulled him off to the side and talked to him. Amanda disagrees saying this house meeting helped get the truth about Spencer out there. Aaryn agrees but says Amanda has never been attacked by Candice like this.

03:20 AM BBT Amanda points out that Aaryn complaining about Candice having the meeting today makes it looks like she has a deal with Spencer. She knows it's not true but it still looks that way. Andy wants to change the subject because he feels like they're going around and around in circles at the moment. But...they continue on. Aaryn says Amanda isn't mad about the meeting because it helps her and her game. Amanda points out that she's on the block and last week when Aaryn needed help Amanda helped her. Amanda is very upset with Aaryn for complaining about the house meeting when all it did was help the house especially with her being on the block.

03:24 AM BBT Aaryn isn't sure why they are still having the conversation (either do we...). Andy recommends changing the subject. Amanda says no one is upset with her for wanting to target Candice next week. Checking on the other feeds Howard and Candice are in the lounge. Jessie went outside briefly, looking upset. Jessie comes back upstairs asking McCrae for a lighter. Amanda says let's clear the air and be honest. They question Jessie whether she talked to Judd about it. Jessie asks what they're implying because it's making her look guilty. Judd tells her to slow her roll because he hasn't said anything. Jessie doesn't remember the supposed conversation had at the hammock. Judd says maybe he got confused with Helen.

03:32 AM BBT Andy questions Judd about the conversation he supposedly mentioned he had with Jessie. Judd seems to be getting upset and questions whether Andy is trying to throw him under the bus. Everyone tells him to call down. Andy repeatedly says he's not trying to throw anyone under the bus. He's just asking. They try to figure out when this supposed conversation actually happened. Judd questions Andy if he forgets when he asked him the first time about this conversation. Andy again clarifies that he's just trying to figure things out. GinaMarie asks everyone to raise their hand if they are voting out Howard. They all do. Judd says he wants Howard out more than any MFer in the house this week. Aaryn agrees that Candice must've overheard something.

03:37 AM BBT They are still trying to figure out how/when Candice heard/figured this out. They have finally agreed that they were all with each other during this time. Andy and Judd can vouch for each other where they were at the time. The three girls can vouch for each other as well. Aaryn says she must've overheard it and she doesn't want people to know that she creeps around in doors. GinaMarie belches in my ear (Thank you). Amanda says Candice has to go next week. They all agree. Aaryn says "For us the thought of her staying here for another hour is awful. Howard is going this week no matter what." They all agree Howard is the target this week and she will be weakened to go home next week. Jessie is glad she stayed up because she is afraid this whole thing almost came down on her head. She asks Judd to go outside and smoke with her. He says he'll be out in a little bit. She asks him to come out now. He asks why. She says she needs to talk to him.

03:42 AM BBT Out in the BY...we have Candice/Howard's mics and miss the first part of the conversation. Talk is about who had what conversation when. Jessie says she never would have said that "that" because she knows how he feels about Howard. Jessie says the house sees them as a couple. Judd says they shouldn't Judd says he doesn't bring her name up without talking to her first. Jessie says this is the first time something like this has happened which is forcing them to have this conversation. Judd agrees. Jessie says she never knows where Judd stands on things. Judd asks her if he should tell her about his BS deals. Judd tells her about the Howard BS deal he made because there was no way to flip the vote to evict Amanda.

03:48 AM BBT Jessie tells Judd that was brought up a few days ago. Judd says that's good because then it looks like it was a fake deal since she knew nothing about it. Jessie says she thinks the opposite. She thinks it makes Judd look shady. Judd says they're a flirtmance. Jessie says that's fine but if they're partners then they have to talk. Judd says the house is always questioning things but they don't have to know anything. Jessie says the conversation upstairs made her look bad because she felt like he was throwing her under the bus. He says he wasn't. Jessie feels like they're a hot mess. Judd says they're not. He's going to go back up the HoH to talk and asks Jessie if she's going to come. Jessie says no. Judd tells her to come anyway.

03:51 AM BBT Back up in the HoH Aaryn is complaining about Candice saying she doesn't like that she's getting in close with everyone again. Amanda says she's not. McCrae tells them both to settle down. Judd comes in and says he saw Candice has his blanket in the lounge. GinaMarie says she can't just take his stuff like that. Judd says he told her to make sure she put it back. Amanda questions what Jessie said. Judd says about stuff. She pushes asking if she talked about what was said tonight. Judd says yeah and that she felt like he was throwing her under the bus. Andy said he wasn't trying to throw Judd under the bus. FoTH. Feeds back and Amanda says it's annoying. She said she said it because she was bored and was laughing about it. Judd says she's mad because he wouldn't stay out there with her.

03:55 AM BBT Down in the lounge...Howard and Candice are cuddling. Candice thinks America is/has been the MVP the past couple of weeks. Howard says America was picking the MVP. Candice points out that Julie said to expect the unexpected. Howard agrees. Howard says as MVP you can't strategize because it'll create paranoia. Howard is done thinking about it and it's out of his hands. Candice wonders if Elissa and Helen are playing everyone and put her up and vote to evict her on Thursday. Back up in the HoH...we have idle chit chat. Andy gets called out for talking about DR. GinaMarie laughs. Amanda says tomorrow is going to be a long day. Aaryn says and it's all because of Candice. Andy tells her not to worry about it.

04:03 AM BBT Idle chit chat/Candice bashing in the HoH with Aaryn leading the charge. Down in the lounge Candice is explaining to Howard how the Spencer thing started this morning. He deflected something to her and she stood up for herself with five people out there.

04:06 AM BBT GinaMarie is now leading the charge about Candice bashing. Amanda wants to go brush her teeth. McCrae agrees. Andy says he feels like he trusts everyone in the room. Amanda says that sucks because he's going home next. Aaryn agrees that she trusts everyone. If she didn't she would have put whoever else on the block. McCrae asks what time it is. Amanda says it's time for the lounge (Bahahahaha! Candice and Howard are in there still.) They open the door and Candice tells them they can come in because they are about to go to bed.

04:11 AM BBT Up in the HoH Aaryn is saying that when there are three noms on the block everyone is going to evaluate all their options. Andy understands. GinaMarie apparently farted. Aaryn wishes she would hold them in. Aaryn doesn't trust Jessie. Aaryn says she can't make waves in the house and it makes her look shady. Aaryn says she had to hold her tongue when Amanda questioned her about who brought up Judd's name. GinaMarie thinks it's kind of sexy when Judd gets mad. Andy doesn't because he was getting mad at him. Judd says he just talks loud. Andy reassures Aaryn to not worry about Candice and Jessie. Andy says they're too close to jury to implode on each other and tells GinaMarie that her farts are awful. Andy is going to bed.

04:15 AM BBT Amanda is told to reattach her mic so we find her out at the HT talking to Jessie. Jessie says she's tired of everyone asking her about their relationship. She can do way better than Judd. Amanda agrees. Amanda asks if she thinks Judd has been acting shady these past couple of weeks. Jessie says he always acts weird. She says she had the conversation with him outside that if they are together then they need to start talking to each other. Jessie says going forward she would like to be seen as one person. She can't work with him. Amanda agrees that that's probably a good idea. Jessie feels stupid for talking to Aaryn and GinaMarie today. Amanda says not to worry about it because tomorrow it'll be something else (Truer words have never been spoken!). Amanda says they had to clear the air and find out that Judd and Spencer didn't start the plan.

04:19 AM BBT Talk turns to the fake alliance to evict Amanda this week and how Judd told her it was good that they kept her in the dark. Amanda proceeds to tell Jessie how she had to ask him three times to get the truth out of him. Jessie tells her that Judd just told her that if it were to come up that she was to tell everyone that Spencer wasn't involved. She doesn't know what that's supposed to mean. Amanda continues on with her tale that she doesn't trust Judd. Amanda tells her this is a private convo. Jessie agrees because her and Jessie are partners.

04:24 AM BBT Jessie says she doesn't understand what Judd is doing. Amanda tells Jessie that Judd wants Spencer to go to jury. Jessie says then maybe Spencer needs to go next week. McCrae comes outside and Amanda turns the conversation to how bad it looks when Aaryn is trying to complain about Candice's meeting today. Amanda says Aaryn has a bad case of HoHitis. Jessie says told her all she knows about Judd and that going forward she's finished with it.

04:26 AM BBT Up in the HoH Judd and Aaryn are chatting in bed. Judd says she needs to realize this is not showmance world it's BB. Judd is going to close Aaryn's bathroom door for her and she says her bathroom smells like GinaMarie's farts. Aaryn knows she'll be a HN this week if HoH gets to pick it. She wants alcohol later tonight so she'll have the chance to drink. Back out in the HT Jessie says the scariest part of tonight was that she almost lost Andy's trust.

04:30 AM BBT Judd comes outside and asks what's up. Jessie says they have about an hour left of freedom before they lock down the BY. Jessie can't wait for Candice to pack her stuff up because she has it all over the house. Jessie says she put her fedora down and Candice picked it up and put it on. Amanda says yeah that she's really bad about that. Jessie says she's going to smoke once more cigarette before going to bed. Judd tells her to sit her butt down. Amanda asks babe if he's ready to go inside. Judd wonders if she put his blanket back on his bed. He says he'll flip the lights on. They agree she's very inconsiderate. Judd asks her if she's mad at him. She says no, she's just tired.

04:34 AM BBT Judd once again asks if she's mad. She says just a little. Switching feeds Amanda and McCrae have moved into the lounge. Amanda says Judd is sketchy. McCrae tells Amanda she needs to stop being so aggressive. He says Andy, she and he all know what's going on that's all that matters. McCrae tells her she's making a huge target for herself because she never concedes the point. She admits she pushes too much at times. Amanda tells McCrae about the conversation she had with Jessie and how he told her to make sure if it ever came up to make sure she told them Spencer had nothing to do with it (Perhaps he's trying to take Spencer back off the radar?). McCrae admits that's pretty weird. They get quiet. Amanda asks McCrae to stop thinking game so much. She's on the block and she wants to enjoy time with him. She says he looks mad. He admits he is because she keeps pushing even while being on the block. She understands.

04:40 AM BBT McCrae says she was almost calling out Judd and they still need him. She says she was calling out Spencer. McCrae disagrees. In the house Jessie is passing through the KT. Back in the lounge...we have silence between Amanda and McCrae before Amanda speaks up and says tomorrow is another day. McCrae agrees. Amanda says there is still the possibility that Candice is just brewing this up. McCrae agrees. He doesn't understand why Aaryn is so pissed off about this. Amanda says she was pissed off all day.

04:44 AM BBT They can't figure out why Aaryn is so pissed off at Candice about the meeting. They hug it out. Amanda says she hates him right now. McCrae says he's just annoyed. Amanda says she said she was tired of talking game today she's been talking about it since she first woke up today. McCrae tells her that she jumped into the middle of it. Judd knocks on the door and says he checked on his blanket. Judd asks Amanda if she is mad because he got snappy with Andy. Amanda says he was just trying to clear things up. Judd explains that he got loud because he felt like he was demanding things. Judd says he doesn't have to explain every breath he makes in this house.

04:49 AM BBT Correction...it seems Judd is about to go turn the lights on to make sure his blanket was returned to him. He says there may be a show. He's going to tell them not to touch his stuff. Judd is heading to bed and leaves the room. Amanda and McCrae lies there in silence for the moment. Amanda doesn't like it when he thinks too much. She tells him to stop thinking and to love her. He says he does. They agree that they're both tired and that they're going to go to bed.

04:52 AM BBT It seems Judd's blanket is where it is supposed to be because clicking over, he's crawling into bed without anyone saying anything in the HNR. Back in the lounge McCrae stands up with Amanda following and Amanda asks what's happening. McCrae says he's getting some water.

04:54 AM BBT On that note I think we're done for the night. I'm sure Amanda and McCrae will start making out sooner or later. They'll rehash how much they distrust Judd. How much they want Howard to go and Candice to follow over the next couple of weeks. What more can be said other than the fact this house never sleeps at the same time. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk. Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

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7:20am bbt no surprise... they are still asleep...

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8:06 am BBT Clowny is keeping watch over the sleeping HG

8:43 am BBT Grab an other cup of coffee, take out the garbage. You got plenty of time. They are still sleeping.

9:30 am BBT guess what? yup...still sleeping

9:32 am BBT FOTH this could be the wake up call.

9:55 am BBT Amanda washing hair in the WB sink, Judd chatting with her. He wonders to the KT looking for something to eat.

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Guest 6Borders

9:55am BB Time

The feeds are up, Judd is contemplating in the kitchen as he cooks his morning Ramen. He mumbles something I didn't get about going to bed or the bed.

Amanda is washing her have-not hair in the sink to avoid having to take a cold shower!

There is a load groaning machine noise from somewhere {sounds like the zoo}!

9:59am BB Time

Judd wishes Helen a good morning. She says "good morning, it's workout time" pretty half-heartedly!

All cameras are currently on Amanda doing ADL's and Judd fixing his noodles and choc. milk.

10:02am BB Time

Judd puts about a dozen twists of pepper (I think) in his ramen.

Once again Judd calls out Good Morning Helen, what are you up to. Helen replies something I couldn't hear and Judd says I thought you did that yesterday.

Judd takes his meal into the cockpit lounge to eat.

10:04am BB Time

Helen can be seen jogging in the house. GM is sleeping in the Have Not room (I only know that because I see Nick's hat)

BB calls Amanda to the DR. Judd says "did you hear that Amanda"

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Guest 6Borders

10:11am BB Time

Judd finishes his food and goes to wash his dishes. Helen asks him what time he went to bed and he says 4:30 r 5 maybe.

Judd says he's going back to bed and Helen (I think) offers to wake him up..he says if he's not up by 1 or 2 but he doesn't think he will sleep that long. He goes back to the Have Not Room to sleep.

Helen is still jogging and Amanda has not materialized she is is probably still in the DR.

The rest of the house appears quiet!

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Guest 6Borders

10:24am BB Time

Amanda comes into the Light Room and snuggles down with McCrae.

There is horrible machine groaning and I can hear Helen jogging around the house but other than that it's like a morgue in there.

10:26am BB Time

BB calls Spencer to the Diary Room


10:28am BB Time

Feeds are back. Candace wakes up (sort of) and asks Amanda what time it is. Amanda says she thinks it's about 11...then says she may be off, it might be about 10:30.

Aaryn is up and around in the HOH room

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Guest 6Borders

10:36am BB Time

Aaaryn is up doing ADL's and nothing else is happening (at least on camera).

10:42am BB Time

BB calls Aaryn to the DR. Helen is still jogging!

Aaryn passes Helen on her way to the DR. Helen says "nobody is awake, just me"

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10:04am BBT: Amanda brushing her hair in the wa. Judd in cockpit eating his raman. all other hg still sleeping. oh and Helen is running through the house so they must be on lockdown.
10:12am BBT: Helen running in house asking Judd what time he went to bed lastnight. he says about 5am so he is going to go back to bed and tells helen to wake him up about 1pm. She says ok and keeps running.
10:34am BBT: Aaryn now up in hoh bathroom brushing her teeth. most hg still sleeping.
10:40am BBT: helen is still running from bathrrom through kt to livingroom around the table thne back to bathroom.
10:55am BBT: helen straighting up the cockpit and arranging the pillows then goes to the bathroom area and starts cleaning in there.Aaryn in the kt making cereal. all other hg still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

10:50am BB Time

Helen has finished her workout and is not cleaning, picking up everyone's dirty dishes and laundry...the usual routine.

10:556am BB Time Aaryn is out of the DR and eating/chatting with Helen

Helen discovered the curling iron was left on and says "we could have died"

11:02am BB Time

Aaryn is still eating and Helen is still cleaning.

(Fruity Pebbles is getting a lot of publicity this morning)

11:04am BB Time

Aaryn finishes eating and goes back to bed in the HOH room

11:09am BB Time BB thanks Helen for cleaning the mirrors

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Guest 6Borders

11:14am BB Time

Howard is up doing ADL's

11:43am BB Time

Helen is still cleaning and everyone else is still sleeping.

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11:03am BBT: Helen is now in the str looking at the suitcases that are sitting in there. then she gets cleaning products and heads back to the bathroom area. Aaryn still eating her bowl of fruity pebbles.

11:06am BBT: Aaryn has finished her ceral and goes to her hoh rm and goes back to bed.

11:13am BBT: Helen still cleaning the bathroom area and Howard comes through to go to bathrrom and Helen says hi Howard good morning. Howard leaves the bathroom and heads back to bed .

11:35am BBT: Helen is now cleaning and sweeping the kt. all other hg still sleeping.

11:50am BBT: Helen has finished her cleaning and has started a pot of coffee. She is now going to take a shower.

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12:07pm BBT: helen is now blow drying her hair as all other hg are still sleeping .

12:16pm BBT: Helen sitting at the dinning table drinking her coffee and reading the bible.

12:34pm BBT: Helen goes to the bathroom then washes her hands then goes back to the kt and rinses her coffe cup then drinks some water. She is now going to the bedroom and lays down with Elissa.

12:41pm BBT: helen is now in bed again and we have all hg sleeping.

12:57pm BBT: All hg still sleeping.

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1:11pm BBT: all hg still sleeping. Ginamarie stired around with nicks hat on but went right back to sleep.

1:27pm BBT: All hg still sleeping.(guessing BB is likeing the Quiet today)

1:29pm BBT: Helen is now up again and in the wa Brushing her teeth.

1:31pm BBT: Andy is now sitting on the edge of his bed and gets up and goes to the bathroom.helen says Hi how are you? Andy says i am good. Is anyone else up and Helen says nope.

1:34pm BBT: Helen stretches then lays down on the bathroom lounge. andy comes out is fixing his hair and rubbing his eyes. he now leaves the bathroom and goes back to the bedroom.

1:35pm BBT: Andy is now back in bed.

1:41am BBT: Helen is now in the kt after going to the str and getting bagels and things. she then fixes herself a cup of coffee. she is now going to read the bible again and eat a banana.

1:51am BBT: Elissa is now up and changing her battery for the day.She then heads into the kt where Helen is and says where is everyone. Helen says its been quiet everyone is sleeping. Elissa says no way that is crazy.

1:54pm BBT: Elissa goes and wakes up Mccrae and says guess what time it is. Mccrae says 12? She says guess again he says 2? she says yeah i have never slept this long it is crazy. Helen now heading intop the bedroom to look in her dresser for something.

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2:07PM BBT: Elissa doing ADLs in the bathroom area. Jessie is showering. Helen cleaning in the kitchen.

2:11PM BBT: Elissa and Jessie discuss babies and being pregnant. Elissa says she can't wait for Rachel to be pregnant.

2:13PM BBT: Andy and Helen in the storage room. They feel Judd needs to go next. Helen is concerned that Judd may be MVP next week.

2:15PM BBT: Helen concerned that Judd is working with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Helen says Aaryn should have gone last week.

2:26PM BBT: In the bathroom area Jessie tells Spencer about a dream she had. It was about her family and eating together. Spencer had a dream that he lived in another house then he does at home.

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#BB15 2:30 PM BBT Andy and Amanda now in the SR. Andy repeating his concern about Judd and Aaryn and Gina. Amanda says she doesn't think so. Andy says that they will see after the vote tomorrow.

#BB15 2:36 PM BBY Amanda heads to Aaryn (she wakes her up) and tells her that McCrae and Andy think she is working with Judd. Aaryn says that Judd thinks that but Judd wants Judd wants Howard out. She says Judd told her that he kept her because he thought he can work with her more so then Kaitlin.

#BB15 2:40 PM BBT McCrae and Andy talking in the cockpit. Talk turns to Judd again. Andy says Judd needs to be gone. Andy says Judd is the most dangerous person in the house.

#BB15 2:44 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn still in HOH. Amanda talking about others being sketchy. She says Judd wants Howard to stay in the house because he keeps the target off of Judd's back.

#BB15 2:48 PM BBT Andy joins the HOH room. Amanda tells Andy that Aaryn is not working with Judd. Aaryn says that she is only working with the three of them. Andy says he is loyal to the end. He says you won't find 4 more loyal people.

#BB15 2:56 PM BBT All cams on HOH room. Aaryn says that any info she gets she will tell them. Says that Judd thinks she is working with him but she isn't and she swears to God that she won't with anyone without telling the 3 of them.

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3:00pm BBT: Aaryn says i tell you guys for real i am not working with Judd at all. andy says ok we know that.
3:01pm BBT:Aaryn says if you ever start doubting me come to me and we will talk.Aaryn says Ginamarie sat there lastnight acting like she new nothing on what was going on and i wanted her to leave so bad so we could talk and i wanted to tell you that we talked and this is what was said then it got squashed.
3:05pm BBT: Aaryn says they wanted me to break a tie and vote candice out but i told them if i did it would make a bigger target on me. Amanda says who said that and Aaryn says Jessie and Ginamarie. they told me that when candice and Spencer are gone you are the target and i told them no at least if i do this it buys me 2 more weeks in the house.
3:10pm BBT: Aaryn says i thought Judd was Mvp since he was giving shoutouts and stuff. amanda says yeah why did he say thank you so he must be mvp.
3:19pm BBT:helen tells Aaryn that she wants to learn how to make the cake that Aaryn makes. Aaryn says she puts cinnamon in it.
3:27pm BBT: Helen says i spent my day talking to spencer yesterday and i am done. but i think if Howard leaves this week then we can get Spencer to do anything we want. Amanda says i really think Judd and Spencer are working together and judd wants Spencer in jury but after yesterday he said i hope you choke on your soit then he needs to go.
3:30pm BBT: Howard and Candice in the wa getting ready for the day. as Helen Amanda, aaryn and Mccrae in hoh still talking about judd and Spencer and repeating themselves.
3:33pm BBT: Helen says Judd will have to go soon since he was trying to take out Amanda this week. Helen says the have not rm is a talking room you can hide out in there and talk all the time and Ginamarie and Judd talk all the time in there since they are have nots.
3:36pm BBT: Aaryn says if we get Jessie out next week and then Candice gets hoh then who does she come after me and Ginamarie.
3:37pm BBT: Aaryn says well i think Cancice needs to go next cuz i feel like she is coming after me. Andy says but we have the votes to keep you so it doesnt matter. Aaryn says who else you have? And helen and Andy says Elissa.
3:39pm BBT: Helen says Candice feels alone in this game and if we make her feel apart of this group then she will do anything we want her to do.
3:43pm BBT:Amanda is repeating everything that has been said to Elissa trying to fill her in why they think Judd has Mvp.Down in the cockpit Howard is in the photobooth praying.
3:47pm BBT: Andy says in this rm we can solitify that these people are trust worthy and Elissa says yeah we have all been together since the beginning. Helen says we will get the 6 or 7 of us to jury.
3:50pm BBT: Mccrae and Amanda are now in the kt making food to eat.

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#Bb15 4:05 PM BBT Helen in the HOH talking to Aaryn about Jessie. Helen says Jessie was talking to her about what she would do with the money if she won. Helen says she already has the money spent. Andy in the room and says that there is no way Jessie will get to F2.

#BB15 4:07 PM BBT Amanda comes into the WA and whispers to McCrae something about not being alone. He gets up and heads with her to the KT. Howard is in the KT but I don't know if that is who she was referring to.

#BB15 4:09 PM BBT Candice in the KT as well now. McCrae and Amanda talk about the Pirates ride at Disneyland. Amanda tells McCrae that the sweatshirt she is wearing is so dirty.

#BB15 4:17 PM BBT In the HOH room talk of the finale. Helen and Aaryn want a picture with Rachel and Elissa. They want to be in the middle. Andy wants Regan Fox to come to the finale.

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#BB15 4:26 PM BBT In the K McCrae and Elissa tell Helen that there was a bat flying around by the pool last night. Amanda prepping a slop meal.

#BB15 4:36 PM BBT In HOH room Aaryn, Andy and Gina talk about the comments Helen makes. Gina says that they are not funny comments. Gina says her comments are funny but Helen's are not Now talk of Judd and how he pushes everyone's buttons.

#BB15 4:40 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina talk about comp tomorrow night. Gina hopes they are not going ot get wet. Talk about comps and Aaryn can't figure out why anyone would throw a comp

#BB15 4:44 PM BBT In the cockpit room Andy, Amanda and McCrae talk about they have a F3 deal. In the HOH room Aaryn telling Gina about convo with Helen. Aaryn says that Jessie was to hang out with her and repot everything back to Helen [this is per Helen].

#BB15 4:47 PM BBT Elissa and Helen are in the SR. Helen telling Elissa that they need to take out Candice otherwise the house wants Elissa out. Says that they are worried if Elissa gets to the F2, Elissa will win.

#BB15 4:49 PM BBT Amanda comes into the storage and says they need to keep Amanda. Helen says that she was told they want Candice out Amanda says no s Candice will be a larger target.

#BB15 4:57 PM BBT In the cockpit room Amanda tells McCrae and Andy about her convo with Helen and Elissa. Amanda admits she was listening at the SR door so she went in. Andy says that one night he listened to a whole convo with Helen and Howard in the SR.

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5:00 PM BBT in the cockpit Amanda is telling Andy not to worry so much about Spencer. She expects tomorrow's HoH to be endurance and even IF Spencer was ever targeting Andy he has zero chance of winning tomorrow. McCrae enters the conversation and they start talking about Judd again. They wonder if Judd has some master plan.

5:05 PM BBT In the cockpit McCrae and Andy are still talking about tomorrow's HoH endurance. McCrae agrees that Spencer has no chance of winning. He says the most ideal situation would be for Elissa to win it. Judd walks in.

5:08 PM BBT Judd, McCrae, Andy, and Amanda are still in the cockpit. Judd "Spencer told me that Howard was behind Candice's fiasco yesterday." Amanda is digging for information on how the flip situation got started and who was involved and why.

5:13 PM BBT In the cockpit Judd vents again about Howard implying Judd was too scared to play the game. Twice now Howard has been called by Harold, once by Amanda and once by Judd. When Judd leaves McCrae blows up at Amanda. "Why do you keep doing that? You keep interrogating the person that we need on our side." He tells her that she would have kept on drilling him if he hadn't interrupted. She apologizes and McCrae tells her that she always apologizes but she never quits.

5:18 PM BBT Spencer is now the topic of conversation in the cockpit. The mention Spencer's "choke to death" comment. Andy "It takes a lot to offend me, he offends me." Judd and McCrae basically agree that Spencer is a vile person who even made offensive comments about a friend who died. As the story is unfolding about Spencer's friends all four feeds switch to the kitchen where Helen, Gina Marie, and Aaryn are throwing out the old to make room for the new.

5:23 PM BBT when the feeds return to the cockpit Judd is venting "I get sick of having to defend everything I say." He then starts complaining about Jessie. He says that Jessie told him that they are considered a duo and need to run with it. He needs to tell her everything. Judd "Heck no, she's sabotaging my game. We are not a duo."

5:24 PM BBT Judd about Jessie: "She is telling people I will do whatever she says. B***h no, you do what I say." Andy says the reason that he and Helen works so well together is because she tells Andy what she hears and he tells her whether or not she can trust that information or not. Judd really hopes he wins HoH this time around. He is ready to rock the boat and willing to make moves.

5:29 PM BBT We still have McCrae, Andy, and Judd in the cockpit. They expect that the votes should be 8-0 for Howard to leave tomorrow. Judd mentions something Spencer told him "He is afraid someone will vote to evict Amanda just so they can frame him for it." McCrae and Andy say they will too. They then joke that they can't because what if others get the same idea. They may accidentally evict Amanda trying to frame Spencer.

5:32 PM BBT Andy says he wants to play in the POV next week. Judd "Don't worry, you'll be on the block so you can play." Andy "Nevermind, I don't want to play anymore." Judd "I want to get drew." McCrae "Who is Drew?" Judd "I mean drew to play." It takes them a moment to realize Judd wants to play as a token draw and not as a nominee.

5:40 PM BBT More talk in the cockpit between Judd, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy about the supposed plan to evict Amanda. Andy says he never believed it because he couldn't picture Judd aligning himself with Gina Marie and Spencer of all people. Amanda says that Spencer lies so well and that house meeting yesterday was actually very good for their game. They then rehash the house meeting again.

5:45 PM BBT Andy to McCrae and Amanda: "Everything thinks I'm an idiot so I just run with it." Amanda "Everyone thinks I'm smarter than I am." Andy "No one gives me enough credit." Amanda "Everyone gives me too much credit." Andy "After the fact I've taken credit for things I shouldn't have."

5:49 PM BBT Judd vents again about Jessie messing with his game. Andy tells him that she won't. Judd "she is trying big power moves now all of a sudden. It's too early for that." Andy "You just need to stay loyal and lay low." Andy tells him that making his alliance question him is detrimental with this many people still in the house.

5:53 PM BBT Judd, McCrae, and Amanda are still in the cockpit. Judd is trying to distance himself from Jessie because he says she won't keep her mouth shut. They don't understand why Jessie says so much that can hurt her. She mentions that they can still get Candice out after the big house meeting yesterday. She also went to Helen of all people and asked if it was time to target Amanda yet. Amanda "She really screwed up. I'm closer to Helen than she thinks she is."

5:58 PM BBT In the cockpit Judd is still trying to distance himself from Jessie even though she implies they are much closer than that. McCrae walks out. Judd tells Amanda that he thinks Helen doesn't trust him anymore. Amanda tells him it's because of Jessie. Jessie makes it look like Judd was involved in the plan to switch the votes to evict Amanda.

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6:01 PM BBT Meanwhile in the kitchen Helen, Gina Marie, Andy, and Aaryn and cooking, eating, and talking general chit chat. Judd, McCrae, and Amanda are still in the cockpit. The rest of the HGs are laying down or sleeping off camera.

6:07 PM BBT In the cockpit Amanda, McCrae, and Judd are talking about MVP again. Once again Howard is mentioned as the likely person. Judd thinks that maybe to counter Elissa getting MVP over and over that BB made it so the same person can't get it two weeks in a row. McCrae jokes that Amanda is MVP this week and put herself up.

6:10 PM BBT Amanda says she no longer thinks America is MVP. She says no way would there be a MVP twist leading to Elissa ending up on the block. Judd tells her that he knew it wasn't America when Amanda went up.

6:10 PM BBT Judd is talking to Amanda and McCrae about HoH. He says it's so annoying. You can't take a nap up there because people keep coming in and out over and over. McCrae "I'll lock the door next time I get it." Judd says you can't because then everyone will accuse you of being shady.

6:22 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house right now. Andy and Judd in the cock pit. Judd "I want Elissa to cut my hair tomorrow." Andy "NO, I want her to cut mine." Judd "Did you make an appointment?" Andy "YES." They compromise saying that they will make her get up early and take a snip at Andy's hair and then a snip of Judd's.

6:33 PM BBT Just general chit chat right now. I have learned that Judd bounces checks because he's awful at keeping a checkbook and hates to check the mail. That's all I got.

6:42 PM BBT Andy and Judd are now alone in the cockpit. Neither one of them are as upset with Candice as the rest of the house is. They both feel pretty safe with her. Andy is hoping to win HoH because he is ready to finally show people that he is willing to play. Judd wants it to shake up the house. Candice joins them. They all expect tomorrow's HoH will be endurance.

6:48 PM BBT In the cockpit Judd and Candice are talking about how their "partners" are hurting their game. Candice assures Judd that Howard has not said one negative thing about him. Meanwhile in the BR Amanda is beginning to pack her bags for eviction night. McCrae is telling her to pack assuming that it might be really cold tomorrow for the HoH, especially if it's endurance and they get wet.

6:52 PM BBT Candice and Andy are talking in the cockpit. Candice is venting that she has been hit with so much crap over the last 48 hours. She says it's all fluff.

6:54 PM BBT Candice is justifying the need for the house meeting. She just wants people to pick a side and stick with it.

6:56 PM BBT Andy jokes about his plans for the rest of the night tomorrow. He is going to have a late dinner with McCrae and Helen. Then he is going to go to work followed by a nap. He'll strategize and scheme tomorrow. Howard comes in and it's Candice's turn. Candice says she is going to pack tomorrow. Howard "Which means I will be packing for her." Candice "Yes, Howard will pack for me."

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7:02PMBBT Helen and Amanda are discussing Candice, scenarios and how to get Candice out next week. They are whispering in the chair room, lots of noise coming from the kitchen. Amanda is packing her suitcases.

7:06PMBBT Judd, Elissa, McCrae are in the KT. McCrae is shuffling around, Judd is telling them about a dream he had. Candice, Howard and Andy are chatting, some small talk in the lounge.

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7:11PMBBT Helen and Amanda are back to whispering. Amanda says Elissa is being too nice to people. They are trash talking Jessie as well. It is really hard to hear the whispers. Elissa is now in the chair room with them. Judd walks in they ask what he is doing, he says "Scheming." Elissa says "Dreamin' and Schemin'!" Elissa and Judd are hiding a shoe and stuffing the bed so it looks like someone is sleeping in it. Andy asks who it is. Amanda "It is Nick, Nick is back!" They are all giggling.

7:17PMBBT Elissa has her legs in the air again, she bends back while doing a headstand. Amanda, Elissa, Judd and Andy are in the chair room. Amanda is looking for somethings she is missing. Candice adn Howard are talking in the lounge alone. Judd is now stuffing beds in the cockpit room.

7:20PMBBT Candice has listed off how to find her on Facebook and everyone she knows. So, Howard can find her there, we keep getting FotH. She asks him what he wants to tell his sister, he says "Nothing, you aren't going anywhere." She took a deep breath. Aaryn, McCrae, Elissa, Jessie and Andy are in the KT. Amanda is still looking for her black sweatpants.

7:25PMBBT Amanda and McCrae are whispering in the cockpit. She wants him to go talk to Aaryn, he says "Not right now." He is heading to do dishes.
In the HoH room, Andy and Spencer are talking to Aaryn. Andy is talking about being a havenot. They are trying to figure out who is going to be a havenot next week. They don't think anyone should be a HN 2 weeks in a row or more. Aaryn says she would make Candice a havenot again. Andy says that Howard is going home this week in front of Spencer and Aaryn.

7:30PMBBT GinaMarie is talking to Helen and Amanda in the chair room. She says she has every picture any of her students ever gave her in a trapper keeper. She kept every one. She would like to open a school for modelling and talent, teach the kids the proper walk, dance, maybe some piano? Amanda sneezes GM says "Bless you" and just keeps talking. Amanda says she could call it "Gemz" because of GinaMarie's initials. Gm says "Ya! I could be all 'you could be a gemz!' and then do that wink at the end. She is now talking about her modelling training.

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7:36PMBBT GinaMarie is still talking. She has talked about her crown, what could be in her HoH basket, she wants everyone to go meet her family because they are just like her, talk like her, act like her... Helen "I don't think I could handle more of you! It would be sensory overload."
In the HoH, Aaryn says "You never know what could happen, you could end up sitting on BB with your clown!" She is holding Clowny, looking at the camera.
Judd is in the color bedroom with Jessie. She is lying down, Judd asks why she isn't talking to him. She says she just doesn't feel like it.

7:42PMBBT Jessie tells Judd she doesn't want to talk. It doesn't matter how she feels and he "shouldn't worry your pretty little head." He is confused, wants to talk about the conversation from yesterday and she says "It doesn't matter." They natter back and forth, Judd leaves and says "I am not playing your childish little games today" He is now walking through the house saying Jessie is being a big baby. Amanda, Elissa and McCrae are now staging a BB intervention.

7:45PMBBT Jessie says that she doesn't want to talk to anybody it has nothing to do with anyone. She tells Amanda to leave her alone. Amanda says that Jessie should just tell them what happened and stop her attention getting ways. Aaryn is in there now blaming Candice. Jessie says again she doesn't feel like talking. BB tells Jessie to put on her mic. Jessie tells them all to leave so she doesn't have to put her mic on. She doesn't want mics or cameras. Amanda says that is not in the contract. Everyone leaves but Aaryn and Judd. Aaryn asks if there is something she can fix for her.

7:50PMBBT Helen is now in trying to get info out of Jessie. She leaves and now everyone is comparing notes on when the last time Jessie talked to them was. Elissa says she seemed fine and this is all weird. Helen is telling her version on the Jessie story. Aaryn, Andy, McCrae, GinaMarie and Amanda are in the WA discussing. McCrae says he is pissed. GinaMarie "Ok well sometimes, us girls just get in moods" Andy wants the "briefing", everyone keeps asking if Candice did something to her.

7:55PMBBT Andy is now in trying to talk to Jessie. He says "I know a lot of stuff went down last night but that does not change how I feel about you" She starts to cry "I am afraid to talk to anybody, it messes up everyone's game." Andy is rubbing her back, trying to reassure her. She says she isn't going to talk to anybody so it doesn't bite her in the butt.

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