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Wednesday, July 24 Live Feed Updates


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Guest 6Borders

3:12pm BB Time

Candace and Howard are snuggling in the lounge. She is talking about "we have to break it up and then McCrae (something) and Amanda would be gone". Most of it I am not getting...Howard is half asleep and mumbling. Candace wonders what they are building outside. The proceed to snuggle and cuddle.

They discuss the comp and Candace thinks it's endurance otherwise why would they have to wear exercise clothes.

Howard want the comp to be some kind of physical activity but without resistance.

Knock on the door and Judd enters wearing shorts, sports jacket and one of McCrae's hats (he's dressed for "Spring Break")

Howard is relating the comp where you had to untie the ropes and step over. Candace says that was hard...who won, Brendon! Howard hopes it will be that kind of comp. They hope it won't be cold.

They go back to snuggling.

3:19pm BB Time

McManda and Judd in the bedroom. Judd has a pizza and he's going to put it in the oven and then take a shower.

McCrae whispers something but it's so low I can't hear it even with headphones.

McCrae is saying "that's a crazy plan" and "he's really good at covering his tracks too".

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Guest 6Borders

328pm BB Time

McManda are discussing their relationship (well mostly she is) . She says feels like such an idiot.. she had a BF at home and then she came here and fell in love with McCrae and ruined her life and his...she is saying something about the DR and you are supposed to be honest in there. Amanda is messing with her mic and it's hard to hear. {sorry I am giving up on this conversation} McCrae says "can't talk about it" and she says "ok"

Andy comes in and just then BB hollers "Amanda, you are not allowed to talk about production"

Andy laughs and says he's glad he walked in on that. Amanda asks him "anything new" and he says "no"

Amanda is whispering Kailin and (?) wants me to go home.

Andy says they say they are opening the backyard so it might be a practice and McCrae says awesome.

Amanda is whispering to Andy how ppl are throwing her name and she is sick of hearing her name and she didn't do it {I assume this is back on the blow up last night}. Amanda says there are other ppl in the house who need to go before them (McManda/Andy/?)

Amanda is whispering at warp speed and I didn't get most of it...!

Elissa comes in and Andy asks her about the backyard and she says no, she didn't know it. McCrae hopes it's some kind of golf thing and hopes it's a "Judd punishment". They are talking about past comps and what was cool.

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Guest 6Borders

Andy and McCrae are playing with a dinosaur "action figure" that was in the Mustache Room. They are going over how many points on the figure, how many ducks, how many balls and when they got what in the house. Andy is going over the days questions and Amanda says it's too early for that. Andy says yes but just going over it and McCrae says it's good to keep fresh (on the facts). They continue to go over which day what happened on. McManda are almost always off and Andy is correcting them. Amanda says "how do you know all that?" and Andy says "I go over them every day" {why are you sharing info dude, let them get it wrong -6Borders}

Judd goes to check the pizza and Andy, Elissa and Amanda continue to go over the days questions. Andy says "I shouldn't be telling everyone this if I want to win this HOH {Bingo!!!} Andy says he's hungry again but he doesn't want slop balls or macroni!

Andy is discussing how fun it would be to have a practice. Amanda says when they had the bowling thing Rachel stayed up all night. Elissa doesn't remember that. Amanda says Rachel won and Andy says "no Kathy beat her". They are discussing who got thru their challenges really quick and who was good at which comp.

Talk just continues about what the comp might be!

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#BB15 4:02 PM BBT Amanda and Elissa talk about who was MVP this week. Elissa still can't figure out how America voted her as MVP and then put her up. In HOH talk about who shares what birthday and if they know people with the same names.

#BB15 4:08 PM BBT In the HOH room - talk turns to the first bad word they ever said to their parents. Spencer said his was dildo. He now tells the story.

#BB15 4:1 PM Amanda and McCrae in the BR. Amanda wants to know if McCrae loves her. Says she likes that he called her his girlfriend today.

#BB15 4:15 PM BBT Andy in HOH says that restaurants that have birthday coupons he signs up with 4 different email addresses so he gets free food every 3 months. Aaryn tells the story where she got a Victoria Secret backpack and it ruined all her clothes by snagging them. She wrote them a letter and they only sent her a 30% off coupon.

#BB15 4:27 PM BBT Spencer explains to Jessie that he doesn't really decorate for Christmas. Aaryn said that her dad gave her a budget for Christmas and she decorated the house how she wanted to. She has done this since she could walk.

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#BB15 4:37 PM BBT We keep getting FOTH as in the HOH room they are all talking about family and brands of things they like.

#BB15 4:42 PM BBT Amanda, Elissa and McCrae in the BR. Amanda wants McCare to ask for wart remover. He keeps biting his wart off. McCrae says he is still waiting for Preperation H.

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5:00 PM BBT All four feeds are on the chair BR where Spencer, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Jessie are talking about movies. The HGs are stuck on indoor LD. Judd is tossing around the beach ball.

5:05 PM BBT Helen is called to the DR. Judd is bouncing the beach ball off their heads. Jessie tells them that she had a baby sitter make her poop in a cup because she refused to take her to the bathroom. Candice has terrible flash backs every time she is stuck in traffic because once she was stuck in traffic unable to go anywhere and could not go to the bathroom. More bad bathroom talk ensues.

5:09 PM BBT Elissa had a baby sitter that made her smoke a cigarette. Candice is picking a number between 1-100 and whoever is closest gets a backrub. In the kitchen Kaitlin, Gina Marie, and Aaryn are Elissa bashing in the kitchen. They think Elissa looks down on them. Kaitlin admits she grew up privileged and got everything she ever wanted.

5:19 PM BBT In the house the HGs are talking about their favorite songs. Of course they can't talk about songs without singing them so we are constantly in and out of FOTH.

5:23 PM BBT in the BR the HGs are talking about their cellphone oops. Judd sent a text message where he was talking horribly about someone and accidentally sent it to the person he was trashing in the text. Almost all of them have mistakenly sent messages to someone in error. Candice, in a game of would you rather, once said she would rather spend 24 hours in jail then let a guy friend go through her phone.

5:36 PM BBT In the house Elissa and Helen are playing chess on feeds 1 and 2. Feeds 3 and 4 are Kaitlin and Andy in the Wash Area. Kaitlin still thinks Elissa is the MVP. Andy is explaining how Elissa could have been put up on the block by America yet still get voted MVP every week. Andy says there hasn't been a speck of game talk today because everyone is stuck in close quarters. Kaitlin says she has just about given up. Even if she stays she will just end up defending herself week after week.

5:43 PM BBT Currently in BR Amanda is quoting the Princess Bride. She says McCrae looks like Inigo Montoya. "My name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die." "Inconceivable." Meanwhile in the Wash Area Andy is telling Kaitlin not to give up and that he will talk to people on her behalf after the BY opens back up. They are hoping that whenever BB gets whatever built they will put a big screen up and let the HGs back out.

5:50 PM BBT Crazy conversations in the BR between Amanda and Aaryn. Based on personalities they are trying to determine what everyone's private area should taste like. Morty's is a family friendly sight therefore the comments will not be posted here. Flashback to 5:45 PM BBT Camera 2 if interested.

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7:10PMBBT Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin are in the colorful bedroom talking. Lots of hackling happening. Amanda is in there now with them. The BY is still closed but BB says it will be open soon. Elissa and Spencer are talking in the KT. Spencer just woke up from a nap. McCrae walks in and says he can't wait to practice some of the games in the yard. He is now recalling past seasons of BB with these types of games.

7:15PMBBT Amanda "While I have you guys in here, I swear on my family, my life and my little dog, I did not make up that stuff from yesterday and I will never swear on my little dog." In the cockpit room Candice and Andy are talking about yesterday's events. Candice says she wishes she hadn't been asleep for the "town hall" that happened (the Elissa/Aaryn/Kaitlin fiasco)

7:22PMBBT Jessie and Aaryn are in the HoH room trying to wake up Judd. Aaryn "Juddy, I walked into Howard and Kaitlin talking and they looked like startled... I think you were right about that whole thing." Judd is half asleep (or pretending to be) and is saying "mmhhmm" a lot.

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7:25PMBBT GinaMarie and Kaitlin are whispering about Aaryn and Elissa. They think Elissa is insecure and that is why she "obsesses" about Aaryn. Kaitlin says Jeremy is probably watching saying "Don't do that Kaitlin!" The whispering commences again, Kaitlin is still trying to figure out the vote. GinaMarie is nodding in agreement.
In the HOH room Aaryn whispers to Judd and Jessie she knows the next 6 who need to leave. "Kailtin, Elissa, Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie then Candice. Can those please be the next 6?"

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7:35PMBBT GinaMarie and Kaitlin are still talking (complaining) in the colorful BR. GinaMarie says she doesn't care about money, she doesn't need it. 3 minutes later she is complaining about Helen and other HG, what do they need the money for? She needs a new car so bad it isn't funny.
Helen is in the HOH room listening to music.

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7:45PMBBT Jessie, Aaryn and Candice in the WA, chit chatting, doing ADL's.
GinaMarie and Kaitlin are still in a whisperfest in the colorful BR. Game talk, trash talk, girl talk.... it is all being covered and we have all heard it before. Judd has now joined them. They start talking game. GM says that if the 5 thing is gonna work then Kaitlin has gotta stay.

7:50PMBBT Andy wants to build muscle mass, he asks Howard what he should eat. "Lean chicken, lean turkey, think white meat." Andy asks "So I can't smother the chicken in BBQ sauce?" Howard says "No, not if you want to build mass." They are now discussing what could be in their HoH baskets if they won. Andy wants sour patch kids and skittles. Spencer says "Ask for some jerky for your friend Spencer!"
Elissa and McCrae are quiet in the chair bedroom.

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8:00PMBBT Howard, Spencer, Helen, Jessie, Andy are in the lounge talking. Howard is telling the HG about when his family's houses burned down. Once when he was 7 the trailer they lived in burned then the summer before 8th grade, their house burned down. Helen asks "Did you really live in a trailer for the first 7 years of your life?"
GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Judd are still talking about everything. GM says "OMG the vote could go 3-3-3 and you will have to decide!" Judd says "Well, in that case Gina I am sorry but you are going home." They laugh, Kaitlin says "If it is 3-3-3 screw it, I will self evict." Aaryn is now in the room with them, game talk is done.

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8:06PMBBT McCrae is in the chair bedroom, Judd asks if he is ok. McCrae says he has pain in his abdomen. Judd says "It could be your appendix." McCrae says it's not that bad just annoying. Judd goes into the KT and tells Amanda, she just kinda shrugs and says "Yeah." Jessie sings "Stop in the name of love" and we get a brief FotH. They are now talking about their last names. Aaryn still can't remember David's last name even though Andy has told her twice.

8:10PMBBT Judd is whispering to Elissa in the chair bedroom (I can not make out what is being said). She is lying in bed, breathing deeply. McCrae is sitting at the dining table, head down on the table. He says he thinks he is going to be sick. Aaryn, GinaMarie and Jessie were discussing hair dye and the ombre trend. Andy now has chocolate milk, he is happy. They are noticing some cups are put away dirty. Judd and Aaryn are now alone in the HoH room.

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8:15PMBBT "Judd you told Kaitlin that I said...." Aaryn looks horrified. Judd says he was messing with Aaryn. She is smiling but looks panicked. I am still not sure what he said (mumbled a lot of it) but it had something to do with what HG say when they are after someone they actually blame it on the HoH rather than say they are after people. We keep getting 15-20 seconds FotH. Helen was who he was talking to. Apparently Judd told Kaitlin what was going on, Judd is being sketchy about it. Jessie heard Judd say it was 50-50 of who was going home because "People are shady."

8:23PMBBT The Lounge talk is about McDonalds and who likes what. Spencer likes the McDouble, Helen is a filet o fish fan, Howard likes Popeyes apple pie. They are playing "Would you rather?" right now it is "Would you rather have a dream job with $25,000 a year or a crappy job at $350,000 a year?" The majority is a dream job. Unless you need the money. Helen keeps upping the crappy job amount.
Helen, Kaitlin, Andy, Howard, Candice, Spencer, GinaMarie are playing.

8:28PMBBT McCrae is now laying down on the HoH couch. He is telling Judd that it is going to be a split vote. Aaryn says that tomorrow a few minutes before the vote Judd should just tell people what to do. (Judd is really playing both sides of the house with this) Jessie is listening quietly.

8:36PMBBT We have been FotH for about 5 minutes now.

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8:55PMBBT Aaryn seems to be the only one encouraging the HG practicing. "Good job, Spence, just a little sooner." Candice gets up there, she says nothing til she misses "Ohhhh just a little later." Now it is Aaryn's turn. No one is saying anything. She missed 1, nearly got the second, missed the third. Andy got one in! Andy got two in. He misses the third (good thing or he would be a comp threat by morning!)

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9:00 PM BBT Houseguests are practicing for the HOH competition tomorrow night. They are all lined up behind each other waiting their turn. The houseguests must drop a botchy (sp?) ball down a ramp accounting for buckets in the way trying to land the ball into another bucket that is rotating on a spinning platform. The houseguests can move pails on the ramp and move pails on the spinning platform to try different techniques. (Seeing as all the houseguests are practicing for HOH, I doubt there is going to be much strategy talk as long as BB has the practice HOH set up.)

9:09 PM BBT Howard is softly speaking pointers to Candice about the practice HOH.

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9:15PMBBT When practicing for a competition everyone has an opinion. The game is all about timing. All 4 feeds are on the game. GinaMarie says her hand hurts.

9:20PMBBT Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to hear "Andy kicks butt at comps!" over the next couple of weeks. He is rocking this practice session. Even with the buckets moved he is getting some in and the misses have bounced of the rim of the bucket or the side.

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9:30PMBBT McCrae, Candice, Howard, Elissa, Spencer, Aaryn, Jessie are still practicing for the HOH comp.
Jessie is now in the KT with Amanda, telling her about Judd's earlier 50-50 comment about who is going home this week. Amanda says "Ok so we just give her a heads up." meaning Helen.

9:31PMBBT Practice is over, BB is locking down the BY. Gina Marie is out there looking for her workout bands. She found them, the door is shut.

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9:40PMBBT Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Candice are in the color BR. Kaitlin tells Candice about Amanda coming in and telling them that she had nothing to do with yesterday's rumors. Spencer yells from the KT for GinaMarie. She walks out yelling. It was about slopballs being eaten. Kaitlin thinks she should pull Helen in to talk to her. Candice says "Just let me talk to Elissa, get this into her head." Kaitlin "Thank you" Candice leaves.

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9:12 PM BBT Nothing's changed

9:14 PM BBT Judd is inside checking to make sure whatever Amanda has in the oven is done. Amanda walks in. Amanda: "I feel like this is going to be such a crap shoot." Amanda quickly runs back out to get her spot in line.

9:16 PM BBT Andy is joking saying the HOH competition will be True/False with Julie Chen asking, "How many buckets were set up?"

9:19 PM BBT Someone says, "GM, don't get your toes in there." She is barefoot near the end of the ramp where the balls drop.

9:20 PM BBT Judd whispering to Jessie and Amanda on the backyard couches as they smoke. Amanda asking Judd what happened. Judd starts to mention Kaitlyn and then says it's not a big deal as someone was going towards the couches. Jessie says it's a big deal. (not sure what they're talking about, sounds like Kaitlyn wanted to know if she was leaving). Judd thinks the whole house will get mad at him for some reason. The practice HOH is very loud when the balls drop making it difficult to hear.

9:26 PM BBT Amanda is once again in the kitchen telling Andy, "Apparently Judd did something bad." She doesn't know, and Amanda also tells him to let her find out first. Andy is folding laundry on the kitchen table it seems, and Amanda is cooking something. Amanda says Spencer was doing good "which is scary." Andy says he is going to stop for a little bit because he was doing well. Andy asks if anyone else is inside. Amanda says no, then Andy asks what did Jessie say. Amanda doesn't know and will let Andy know.

9:29 PM BBT Spencer believes BB is troubleshooting the game which is why the houseguests are practicing. Amanda walks into the backyard. She asks Jess to come inside to help her with the mashed potatoes. Jessie then proceeds to tell her what's going on.

Jessie: "Kaitlyn came to him and asked what was going on. He told her it's a 50/50 chance. She asked who was wavering and Judd said Helen and Andy." "Then he told her that he talked to Aaryn and said that." Amanda looks annoyed. Amanda: "What is she (Aaryn) asking what is happening?" Jessie: "Because she's staying because that's the plan." GinaMarie walks inside and strategy talk stops. Jessie pretends that they were talking about the comp. BB calls for an indoor lockdown and all the houseguests start pouring inside. Just general chitchat in the kitchen about the competition now from the majority of the houseguests.

9:33 PM BBT Andy has Judd alone in the colorful bedroom. Judd: "She (Jessie) is just freaking out over nothing." and the feeds switch back to the kitchen.

9:34 PM BBT Kaitlyn and GM are now alone in the room. Kaitlyn whispers, "I think I'm going home." "I'm like 100% positive I'm going home." GM, "I wouldn't think that yet." Kaitlyn says she believes Amanda has Jess because they have been so buddy-buddy. GM: "Why does Amanda believe she has so much power?" Kaitlyn: "Because people give it to her." Candice walks in the room, and conversation immediately turns to the practice HOH.

9:40 PM BBT Commercial just got finished and Kaitlyn is now whispering to Candice about someone being defensive, and when someone is defensive, they are the culprit. Kaitlyn: "I don't get why she would be campaigning for Aaryn to stay and why Elissa and Helen would go for it." GM walks out of the room.

Kaitlyn: "Should I pull Helen in here right now?"

Candice: "If you want to?"

K: "Or is it too early?"

C: "Let me talk to Elissa first because I haven't talked to her yet today."

Helen is now talking to GM saying that she loves her and so does Elissa. She is telling GM to just stay out of the drama and stay calm and she'll be fine. They then go back to the HOH comp saying it'll be luck.

Howard is called to the DR (just bringing it up because it's been a topic of conversation among the knockouts and the goof troop).

9:44 PM BBT Andy, McCrae, Jessie, Aaryn up in the HOH talking about the practice HOH and what they comp may be tomorrow. McCrae says Howard and Spencer did good. Aaryn says, "Kaitlyn won't even talk to me. I have no idea what happened or what was said to her but she won't look at me or talk to me." She leaves to go downstairs and Jessie and McCrae finish filling Andy in. McCrae: "Judd went in there and Kaitlyn said 'Who is voting for me to leave?' and he's like random people like Andy or Helen." Jessie: "He was tired after his nap. He wasn't thinking." Andy: "What? What?" Amanda walks in.

Andy: "Explain. What happened?"

Jessie: "Judd basically didn't like... Kaitlyn confront him and he just woken up from his nap and he didn't know what to say to her face. Like he was confused about what to say to her face and they were pressuring..."

Amanda: "Who's they?"

Jessie: "Her and GM. They were pressuring him for names like for who may be voting against him and he was like 'I don't know' and she was like 'Come on you must know something.' and he was like 'I don't know like random people like Helen or Andy or somebody.' And he was like 'basically if anyone tells you they are following what the HOH says, those are the people that are voting for you."

Amanda: "That wasn't a really good response."

Jessie: "I know"

Feeds switch to Helen and Elissa in the storage room. Can't make out the entire thing but they said Spencer was being good in the practice HOH. In walks Candice.

Candice: "Kaitlyn keeps coming asking me about votes. I don't know where everyone is voting."

Judd: "We need to ask Judd." "It's either of them."

C: "Y'all would prefer Aaryn to stay over Kaitlyn?"

H: "Here's the thing..."

C: "She's more of a competitor. I understand that."

H: "And Aaryn is always going around the house." "You, me, and her (Elissa) are probably all safe from Aaryn." "I'm afraid if Kaitlyn wins HOH, people are going to start kissing her ass and she's never going to get out of this house."

C: "I was thinking that too." "She's likable, super pretty, she hangs with the boys at night."

H: "But we get her out next week and GM next week." "She (Kaitlyn) never talked to us until Jeremy left." "What if she won HOH and her head got big?"

C: "I think Aaryn would do that. I think both would do that."

H: "Aaryn has no cards."

Candice thinks Amanda and McCrae will make an alliance with Aaryn

H: "What if she (Kaitlyn) wins POV next week."

E: "I agree, she needs to go. There's no telling who she's going to put up."

More talk of Helen convincing Candice Kaitlyn needs to go.

C: "I get everything you're saying. I just know she (Aaryn) is working with Amanda and Amanda doesn't like me." "I know Amanda and Aaryn are working together, so there's two girls that don't like me."

Commercial. RAWR

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9:56 PM BBT Helen, Elissa, and Candice are still talking in the storage room. Helen is still trying to convince Candice that Kaitlyn needs to go home.

C: "I can't believe y'all would want to keep Aaryn."

Elissa and Helen say they don't. Both need to go.

E: "It would make me sick to go before her (Aaryn)."

Helen say she can handle GM in jury, but not Kaitlyn or Aaryn.

C: "So you guys do not have a final four deal with McCrae and Amanda?"

H: "No"

E: "Who told you that?"

C: "I'm just asking."

E: "Who said that?"

C: "I've just heard it."

Elissa asks if it was Howard and she says no. She then says Aaryn said it.

Helen says Aaryn has to go next week no matter what.

Candice says she feels left out of their group because she now has her showmance with Howard. Helen telling Candice she would love to have the three of them plus Jessie go far in this game. Helen says Howard and Spencer broke her trust and she's still trying to get over it. Candice says she understands. Candice wants them to at least let Howard make jury with her. Helen says then they'll just focus on Spencer then. Helen then starts saying how much she doesn't trust Spencer. They continue to talk about other game talk that doesn't seem that important. Elissa: "I was really excited that Aaryn was going to go." They all walk out into the kitchen.

10:09 PM BBT Howard, Spencer, Judd, Andy, Jessie, McCrae, Candice up in HOH talking about the comp. Spencer says he believe he and Andy did the best in the comp. He also says Candice did really good. Spencer says it was the same conveyor belt in the practice comp as was in the Big Brother express (the HOH where Helen won).

Judd asks if anyone has cried yet in the BB house. Howard says Helen's letter and some stuff with Candice. Judd: "Why the shit didn't you cry over my letter?" They laugh. Amanda comes walking in. Talk is now about crying. Andy says he cries all the time, but it's happy cries. Judd says he hasn't cried in the BB house, nothing to cry about.

Feeds switch to bathroom where GinaMarie and Aaryn are. GM seems a bit stressed. She says the "blackness" is driving her nuts. I think she's referring to her hair roots as she keeps looking at it in the mirror. Elissa and Helen are in the kitchen cleaning up.

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10:23 PM BBT HOH crew is still talking about stuff you don't care about.

Candice: "I wonder if any other casts have been as sexual as us."

Jessie says her favorite Adult Swim show is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Talk has turned to cartoons and who are their favorites.

10:38 PM BBT Kaitlyn is asking Andy how he's voting. Andy says he is voting to keep Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn thinks she has Andy, Candice, Howard. Kaitlyn thought she was going home, and Andy says she's not. Kaitlyn also tells him that he is safe if she wins HOH

10:40 PM BBT Andy is now with Elissa and Helen in the lounge. They're figuring out who would nominate who depending who wins HOH. They're saying Kaitlyn is going to be shocked when she leaves tomorrow. Andy feels Kaitlyn is going to chew him out. Elissa once again asking to make sure Aaryn won't nominate Elissa. Helen and Andy reassuring her she is safe.

Elissa, Andy, and Helen have moved into the kitchen and comment that there is so much more food now that Jeremy is gone.

10:52 PM BBT Andy has made his way back up to the HOH with Spencer, Candice, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda. Howard walks out. Andy says he ate 4 or 5 cough drops because they taste like candy.

Elissa talking to Helen in lounge. Elissa seems worried about keeping Aaryn. Elissa doesn't believe Kaitlyn said she was going after Helen, but Helen counters saying Judd overheard her. Elissa suggests he may be lying, but Helen says others have told her the same thing. Helen saying they can push Aaryn next week and keep Howard for Candice. Elissa believes whoever is on the block next to Aaryn will be voted out because Aaryn won't be a threat. Helen is saying they'll have the numbers next week referring to Jessie, Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Howard. Elissa says she feels the odds of Kaitlyn winning this HOH is slim. Just more back and forth between the two. Helen has an answer for every question Elissa has. Elissa once again suggests Judd may be lying about what Kaitlyn said. She then whispers Amanda and McCrae run this house and will win this game. Helen then tells Elissa, "And just between you and me, don't say anything, Jessie wants her (Amanda) out and Jessie will vote to get her out." She also suggests Judd kinda wants her out but not to say anything. Elissa is worried Amanda is going after her, but Helen assures her that she is going after Howard and Spencer. Elissa keeps bringing up questions and saying she is worried about evicting Kaitlyn. Helen also brings up that Howard has gone to the DR so much that he has to be MVP.

That's the end of BBAD for tonight. Tomorrow, BBAD airs at 1 AM Eastern, 10 PM BBT

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09:58 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are pitching the idea for sending home Kaitlin this week in the SR. They are saying that Kaitlin is a very strong player and can win things compared to Aaryn. Candice says she understands and if that's what the house wants then she'll go with it. Candice warns that Aaryn has said she would flip on the house if she got HoH again. Elissa says she understands her concern and it makes her sick to think about keeping her around. Helen says keeping Aaryn in the house also keeps an extra target that could get put up on the block week after week.

10:04 PM BBT Candice asks Elissa and Helen if they have a final four deal. Both laugh and say no. Candice tells Elissa that Amanda told her that they had a fake fight the first week. Elissa clarifies that Amanda told her that was what she was going to do and she didn't have much choice in the matter. She says Aaryn also tried that with her and she says that she's just not a catty kind of girl. The girls splinter off. (After listening to that talk I believe that Kaitlin will be going home this week...ultimately we'll have to wait and see what happens when she explains it to Howard later on).

10:09 PM BBT Candice heads up to the HoH to wash her hair in the sink in Judd's bathroom. Jessie and Andy question if she can do that. Candice says Elissa said she did. Andy questions it again. Candice says to not make a spectacle of it. Andy questions it again with flair and Candice laughs, telling him to not ruin her game. Spencer and Judd are also in the HoH. They guys begin discussing the practice HoH game tonight. Down in the KT Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen are eating/cleaning up and chatting about the practice HoH game.

10:15 PM BBT Aaryn, Amanda, and GinaMarie are doing various nightly ADLs. Helen walks in and Amanda walks out. GinaMarie said she asked for her crown but she never got it. She guesses they'll give it to her when they give her the clothes she wasn't supposed to have. Switching feeds back to the HoH...Howard, McCrae and Amanda have joined Judd, Andy, and Spencer with idle chit chat. Candice and Jessie are still in the HoH washing her hair. Idle chit chat.

10:21 PM BBT Aaryn has joined the HoH crew. Idle chit chat continues. Spencer likes comparing sex lists with other people. Realization that this topic is probably on BBAD. Jessie lays on top of Amanda whom starts to begin making...interesting sounds. Meanwhile down in the KT Helen and Elissa are cleaning up. Helen says she makes the slop for the HNs and then they leave their plates for her to clean up. Talk turns to Helen's family. Aaryn comes down from HoH to join GinaMarie in the WA. Aaryn says it's overwhelming because there are so many people upstairs and there's barely any room to sit.

10:32 PM BBT Helen, Elissa and Andy are in the lounge chatting about talking to everyone tonight about getting rid of Kaitlin tomorrow. They tell Andy that Candice is on-board with it. Andy wonders what he's supposed to do if Kaitlin confronts him tonight about it (because Judd made the mistake of telling her earlier that Andy and Kaitlin may vote to evict her). Helen recommends telling her that he's voting to keep her but if the house wants to do it then he'll go along with it. Elissa points out that she doesn't hate Aaryn but she doesn't like her character and she can't work with her. That's as far as it goes.

10:38 PM BBT Andy pulls Kaitlin into the HNR and tells her that he heard whispers that he might be voting to evict her. Kaitlin says she's not saying who she heard it from but yes she did hear it. Andy says he thinks it's because he hasn't talked to Judd about his vote this week but he talked to his girls (Helen and Elissa) and they're pushing to get Aaryn out. (Again, the target really is Kaitlin. He's just trying to make the next 24 hours decent instead of tense).

10:42 PM BBT Andy is back in the lounge with Elissa and Helen whispering, debating on who to put up this week if one of them wins HoH. The oven dings so they head out into the KT. Down in the colorful room Kaitlin, Aaryn and GinaMarie are chatting while Kaitlin tries on an outfit for tomorrow. Feeds switch up to the HoH...and we have chat about how many times the guys pay attention to themselves in one day. McCrae says 4-5. Howard agrees. Candice seems shocked. Amanda says she's spent that number of times with a man before in a single day. Spencer says 10+. Andy...3-4. Checking in on the KT and we have chit chat about food.

11:08 PM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda continues to lead the conversation...topic...sex. Jessie is taking notes on giving men proper oral pleasure. Down in the lounge Helen and Elissa continue to talk. Back up in the HoH Amanda wonders if she's the only one that's horny. Judd wishes they'd stop talking about it or act on it already. They all have a good laugh.

11:20 PM BBT Up in the HoH, Howard, Spencer and Candice had all left the room so Andy used the opportunity to ask what to say if he gets questioned about who he's voting out for. Amanda replies to tell them that you'll vote for whatever the house wants but don't be the one dropping whoever's name first. Aaryn turns the conversation to Elissa and Judd says that Elissa doesn't even care about her. They all wonder why she's so obsessed with Elissa and her family. Aaryn laughs saying she can't help it, she dreams of them all the time and she collects lockets of hair. Spencer comes back and talk turns to TV. Down in the KT Howard is getting a drink.

11:32 PM BBT We've had idle chit chat up in the HoH. Most recent topic is how they're going to chose who goes first tomorrow for the HoH comp. Andy and Spencer says random draw probably similar to how they did the balls for the BBQ challenge. Down in the WA Elissa is working on Candice's hair and Kaitlin comes through panting. They ask what she's up to and she says she's working out.

11:45 PM BBT Idle chit chat around the HoH continues. Jessie called to DR (she was complaining earlier that she's only been to DR once and that was when Judd got HoH and apparently she told them to go fudge off). Everyone has a laugh about it. Candice is currently in the KT making something to eat. Elissa mentions something about goodbyes and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Jessie is whispering with Elissa between the chair room and the LR and Jessie is pushing to have Kaitlin evicted tomorrow. Elissa is still scared for what Aaryn is capable of doing to her game because now she's on Amanda's side. Jessie says Kaitlin going home this week may be merciful by sending her home before jury. Voices can be heard coming down the HoH stairs and it makes listening to them difficult.

11:45 PM BBT Idle chit chat around the HoH continues. Jessie called to DR (she was complaining earlier that she's only been to DR once and that was when Judd got HoH and apparently she told them to go fudge off). Everyone has a laugh about it. Candice is currently in the KT making something to eat. Elissa mentions something about goodbyes and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Jessie is whispering with Elissa between the chair room and the LR and Jessie is pushing to have Kaitlin evicted tomorrow. Elissa is still scared for what Aaryn is capable of doing to her game because now she's on Amanda's side. Jessie says Kaitlin going home this week may be merciful by sending her home before jury. Voices can be heard coming down the HoH stairs and it makes listening to them difficult.

11:51 PM BBT Jessie reassures Elissa that Aaryn told her she would put whoever they (Amanda and Helen) wanted to put on the block. Elissa is still worried. Jessie says if she doesn't then she's out the following week. Checked in on the HoH and Helen was talking about BBCA. Someone's name gets mentioned and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Elissa is called to DR. Jessie pulls Judd into the lounge. Judd asked what Elissa said. Jessie says she's going to vote out Kaitlin. Judd says she doesn't want to. Jessie says she understands why though.

11:56 PM BBT Judd grabs Elissa before she goes to DR and whispers to her asking if she's ok. Elissa says she understands. Judd mentions something about Kaitlin being a good person and we get FoTH. Up in the HoH and they continue talking about BBCA.

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