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Wednesday, July 24 Live Feed Updates


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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****This needs to go under Tuesday's updates...sorry for the delay, I was a bit tied up trying to get conversations************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:30-11:00 PM BBT - Over the past thirty minutes the HGs have been running around rehashing Elissa going off the deep-end tonight. Helen explained to Candice what had happened while she slept and Jessie was in the hammock with her. Candice and Helen says Amanda probably started the rumor. Jessie called to exchange her mic and she spoke briefly with Aaryn in the SR with Aaryn saying this was great because it puts larger targets on other people's backs. Andy up in the HoH telling McCrae and Amanda that Kaitlin is saying Amanda probably started this. Jessie comes upstairs and tells Amanda and McCrae that Candice is saying Amanda is the cause. Amanda wants to go down and call people out. McCrae says no it's a bad idea. Aaryn comes into HoH.

11:06 PM BBT Down in the hammock Candice, Helen and Kaitlin are discussing how Elissa could go off the deep-end the way she did tonight. Amanda called to DR. Feeds switch to GinaMarie and Spencer on the couch. GinaMarie thinks someone is shady, she wants to separate "them two". Amanda comes out. Spencer invites Amanda to sit down and join them because they were just having a secret alliance meeting. Amanda laughs and says apparently she concocted the whole thing (in a loud tone so those in the hammock can hear her) she walks back in to get something. Spencer mumbles "We know you did..." (He drops the c-word here). Amanda comes back out. People think I'm stupid!

11:12 PM BBT Amanda goes and confronts Kaitlin and Candice in the hammock and says "If you have something to say then say it to my face." Kaitlin says she hasn't said anything. Candice says she was directing it at Kaitlin because she can't direct it only at her for fear of her going off. Kaitlin says she tries to avoid the drama. Amanda can be heard talking back on the couch and Candice mumbles "Sure you aren't..." Kaitlin says this bad for her because she's on the block.

11:16 PM BBT Judd, Andy, Jessie and McCrae up in the HoH rehashing the event from earlier. McCrae says Amanda's name is going to be thrown around now as well. Andy says "Yeah I could tell Kaitlin that I masterminded the plan to evict her and she'd run and tell someone that Amanda got into Andy's ear!" Andy says he's been so quiet this season, he's ready to yell at someone. Jessie says she feels like all she does is yell at DR. FoTH.

11:21 PM BBT Amanda back in the HoH. McCrae is asking her what she did out there. Amanda says nothing because they won't talk to her. Everyone cries out "What did you do?!" Amanda says once more nothing because they wouldn't own up. Helen comes up and says she can tell them what was said. Helen says Candice thinks Amanda started the drama tonight. Amanda says of course she does but she can't say anything to her face. Helen says Candice is gunning for Amanda because she wants to take out Howard. Helen is terrified of Elissa spilling the beans about the alliance. Judd goes outside to smoke.

11:25 PM BBT Switching feeds. Kaitlin, Judd, Spencer, Candice, GinaMarie and Howard on the couch in the BY discussing Elissa going crazy tonight and that she's trying to draw attention from the fact that nobody knows who MVP is this week. Helen and Andy comes outside. Kaitlin says "Andy where were you? You missed another s**** storm!" Andy says "What?! I always miss everything!" Candice asks Andy who was in the HoH. He's honest and tells them everyone but says he was listening to music. Andy is asking what he missed. Kaitlin doesn't know where to begin. Candice doesn't wan't to talk about it. Judd asks Spencer and Spencer summarizes the hammock incident between Amanda, Kaitlin, and Candice.

11:32 PM BBT Amanda, Jessie, McCrae, and Aaryn are in the HoH. Amanda is ready to go off on 'her' for continuing throw her name out there. General Kaitlin and Candice bashing continues. Out in the BY we have multiple conversations going on at once. Talk includes when they're going to get called to DR for this among other less exciting things. Andy wishes his name could have been throw into this exciting alliance so he can finally get some DR time.

11:37 PM BBT Kaitlin wishes Elissa would have told her who started the rumor about the secret alliance. Candice agrees. More rehashing. Up in the HoH...more of the same. Amanda hates Candice.

11:42 PM BBT Amanda is heading out to smoke. Kaitlin goes inside and GinaMarie chases after her while dragging her mic. Amanda asks what that was about. Helen says GinaMarie and Kaitlin feel as if they're being picked on by everyone in the house. Amanda says let me get my violin. Kaitlin had also mentioned she gave up Jeremy for safety and yet she doesn't feel safe. Amanda says she doesn't need to feel safe. Nobody should feel safe in the house. Jessie comes outside. Talk turns to Helen wanting a cigarette and quitting after she got married and had kids. Amanda starts griping saying if she's upset about using the veto then she shouldn't have used it and she would've went home like Marcellas. Helen agrees. Aaryn said Kaitlin told her she was going to use it no matter what and she got something out of it. Helen said that's her bad.

11:49 PM BBT Helen can't believe they're being called to DR over this yet. Amanda says she was called to DR for her nicotine patch...or because she concocted this whole plan. Candice remains quiet. Switching feeds Kaitlin is up in the HoH talking to McCrae and Judd. Kaitlin heard she might go home this week and she wishes people would tell her to her face. Switching feeds again because we see Spencer and Amanda moving into the lounge. Spencer wants to know where this came from. Amanda starts to explain that Candice keeps throwing her name out and she's sick of it. Spencer says Elissa called everyone together except Amanda and McCrae and Candice because they were all sleeping. Elissa told people that she wanted to know who to vote for this week because she heard Kaitlin has a secret alliance.

11:54 PM BBT Amanda says Howard told her that he and Spencer offered a deal with Kaitlin. Spencer explains that they offered Kaitlin something because they knew Aaryn was the target and they wanted to make sure they were ok with Kaitlin in case she had a secret power. Amanda continues to Candice bash saying that Candice only whispers behind her back that's it. Spencer says Amanda has been known to whisper. Amanda says she's gotten better but Candice always throws her name out there. Andy and Howard join the lounge.

11:58 PM BBT Amanda wants to pick Howard's mind to try and figure out why Candice keeps speaking her name. Howard looks at the floor, not making eye contact with her that Candice is her own woman. Amanda says Elissa told her that Candice was telling people that Amanda and Elissa's fight the other day was staged. Howard says "Elissa said that?" Amanda says yes and maybe one other person. Howard wants to know who that other person was. Amanda isn't sure she doesn't remember. Howard says it might be important if she told two people. Amanda doesn't know and it's not important.

*****************************Begin Wed updates*************************

12:04 AM BBT Amanda continues push Howard to get Candice to not talk negatively about her. Howard again says Candice is a grown woman and it's up to her to play how she wants. Amanda says they're trying to protect each other and he's closest to Candice and he should bring her back in line. Howard says again she's her own person. They go around back and forth. Howard asks if the small group of them are an alliance. Amanda says we're in a protection. Howard offers to have Candice brought in to be a part of the conversation. Amanda says no because she's not in the original deal. Again they go around in circles. (Howard is beating around the bush but I feel Amanda certainly is as well). Amanda leaves the room and Andy whispers "WTF is going on today?!"

12:11 AM BBT Kaitlin knocks on the door and is invited in while brushing her teeth. She asks what's going on. Spencer doesn't know, he thinks everyone except he and Andy got crazy pills this morning. Kaitlin walks off and Spencer whispers something to Andy before Kaitlin returns. Kaitlin comes in flossing and tells them that Helen told her she may go home this week even though she was promised safety this week. McCrae and Judd also mentioned it as well.

12:14 AM BBT Spencer tells Andy that someone must've spotted him, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie hanging out late at night and thought they must be a new alliance. Andy explains how crazy Elissa was acting today by going off on he and McCrae because she thought they were making fun of her and her religion. Switching feeds for the moment since we're starting to rehash...and Helen, Judd, and Candice are in the BY chatting about...you guessed it...Elissa being crazy.

12:17 AM BBT Worthy of noting is that Howard was still in the lounge and hasn't spoken a single word since Amanda left the room. Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae are hanging out in the HoH with Amanda rehashing her conversation in the lounge. Back down in the lounge we have Aaryn bashing now. Kaitlin says Aaryn is a huge liar about things and she 'forgets' things that she says. Howard whispers something under his breath. Talk has apparently turned back to Elissa bashing.

12:04 AM BBT Amanda continues push Howard to get Candice to not talk negatively about her. Howard again says Candice is a grown woman and it's up to her to play how she wants. Amanda says they're trying to protect each other and he's closest to Candice and he should bring her back in line. Howard says again she's her own person. They go around back and forth. Howard asks if the small group of them are an alliance. Amanda says we're in a protection. Howard offers to have Candice brought in to be a part of the conversation. Amanda says no because she's not in the original deal. Again they go around in circles. (Howard is beating around the bush but I feel Amanda certainly is as well). Amanda leaves the room and Andy whispers "WTF is going on today?!"

12:11 AM BBT Kaitlin knocks on the door and is invited in while brushing her teeth. She asks what's going on. Spencer doesn't know, he thinks everyone except he and Andy got crazy pills this morning. Kaitlin walks off and Spencer whispers something to Andy before Kaitlin returns. Kaitlin comes in flossing and tells them that Helen told her she may go home this week even though she was promised safety this week. McCrae and Judd also mentioned it as well.

12:14 AM BBT Spencer tells Andy that someone must've spotted him, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie hanging out late at night and thought they must be a new alliance. Andy explains how crazy Elissa was acting today by going off on he and McCrae because she thought they were making fun of her and her religion. Switching feeds for the moment since we're starting to rehash...and Helen, Judd, and Candice are in the BY chatting about...you guessed it...Elissa being crazy.

12:17 AM BBT Worthy of noting is that Howard was still in the lounge and hasn't spoken a single word since Amanda left the room. Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae are hanging out in the HoH with Amanda rehashing her conversation in the lounge. Back down in the lounge we have Aaryn bashing now. Kaitlin says Aaryn is a huge liar about things and she 'forgets' things that she says. Howard whispers something under his breath. Talk has apparently turned back to Elissa bashing.

12:25 AM BBT Talk has slowed down in the lounge...Howard is explaining that he knows Amanda lied about a few different things tonight. He doesn't go too in depth here and says that Amanda gave him a few things to keep an eye out for over the next few couple of weeks. Howard catches Amanda whispering to Elissa all the time. Howard says Amanda never talks game to him. Howard says he has to win HoH this coming week or veto because he knows his days are numbered. Up in the HoH Amanda is rehashing the conversation in the BY concerning how Kaitlin was playing the victim earlier and she's tired of it. Amanda says Howard is a bad liar and disgusting. Howard thinks he's full of it. McCrae agrees. McCrae says they're all dumb.

12:35 AM BBT Candice is in a darkened chair room talking to Elissa. Elissa says Aaryn is an actress either here to make fights in the game or she's just clueless. Elissa explains that last night Amanda and McCrae brought up the secret alliance. Candice says she told Amanda that it was her but then she turns around and says that she didn't say anything to her because didn't want to fight. Candice goes to take off her wet bathing suit. Feeds switch to Andy and McCrae in the hammock whispering. Andy is asking if he's still close to Spencer and Howard. Spencer is giving him 12 hours to come up with an alliance name.

12:40 AM BBT Candice, Kaitlin and Howard now in the lounge. Candice is saying that Helen was HoH for only 1 week. Talk is now about how it should be a house consensus to send Aaryn home this week. Kaitlin wonders if it's still true. Candice doesn't know but if she finds out she'll tell her. Candice is going to investigate. Talk turns to staying on Howard/Candice's side of the house. Howard asks Kaitlin who she would put up if she won HoH. Kaitlin says she'd do what the house wanted. She's start with Amanda and then she'd put McCrae up beside her. She asks Howard what he would do but he avoids the question.

****Twitter Reply**** RT @RJSquirrels: @mortystv Howard is the quintessential bad boy gone good, trust me not your lying eyes.

12:54 AM BBT Things appear to slowly be calming down still in the BB house. Judd has joined Kaitlin, Howard and Candice in the lounge. Judd is trying to avoid the drama because it's too stressful especially with everyone yelling at each other. Out in the hammock Andy invited Helen over to join him and Spencer. One of them thinks Elissa went rogue today. Intermittent FoTH. Feeds back and Candice and Howard are talking alone in the lounge. Howard repeats the Amanda conversation from earlier.

01:00 AM BBT Kaitlin has joined Helen, Spencer and Andy in the hammock. Kaitlin tells Helen how Aaryn played a joke on her last night telling her that Jeremy was her brother and she used valid points that had her going. Andy asks about other funny things that have happened. Andy begins laughing and asks Helen about the time Judd told Helen her kids were on the phone. Helen came running and Judd was like "It's in the living room!" She got in there and he was like "Just kidding!" Helen says it was like day five so she didn't know Judd was a trickster. Talk turns back to Elissa going off the deep end again.

01:03 AM BBT Back in the lounge Howard and Candice continue to talk. Candice is telling Howard she thinks Spencer told Amanda that she was throwing her name out there because only Spencer and Jessie were around and Jessie went straight to the have-not room. Candice says this is Spencer's way of keeping the target off his own back. Howard is sorry. We have idle chit chat rehashing tonight on the hammock in the BY. Andy wonders who he should yell at tomorrow.

01:17 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the hammock with Helen and Kaitlin eating banana bread. Howard and Candice leave the lounge and feeds switch to Amanda snacking/smacking on something in the kitchen (thanks BB!). Feeds switch to Elissa and Candice in the WA chatting. Elissa comes towards the KT and Amanda says "I missed the action..." She mouths something towards her while nodding towards the WA and we get FoTH.

01:20 AM BBT Feeds back and Amanda smiles towards Elissa while continuing to much on her chips while watching/listening to the WA. Spencer, Kaitlin, Helen, and Andy all come in from outside. Elissa isn't sure where she heard it from but she heard there was a skinny dipping alliance. Amanda says she (Elissa) is in it. Andy says "You're up! How was your sleep so far?" and we get FoTH.

01:23 AM BBT Out in the BY we now have Kaitlin, Howard, Judd and Helen. Someone is smacking while eating. More intermittent FoTH. Howard looks as if he's about ready to play pool. Spencer and Andy make something to eat with Elissa standing around chatting with them about the overall decent kinds of food options America has voted them so far. Intermittent FoTH continues. Spencer moves out to the BY to eat.

01:32 AM BBT Andy goes up to the HoH to talk to Amanda and McCrae and just as he's about to tell them what Howard and Spencer said in front of him Kaitlin knocks on the door and asks to talk to Andy for a bit. Andy and Kaitlin head out to the hammock and Kaitlin tells him that Spencer and Candice both confirmed tonight that Amanda is campaigning to keep Aaryn this week. Kaitlin feels like she's going to cry. Andy says maybe it's because I'm close to you but they haven't told me that. In the lounge room Helen and Elissa are talking about one of Helen's high school friends and Elissa is listening saying her usual "Mmmmhmmm..."

01:38 AM BBT All four feeds now on Kaitlin and Amanda. Helen called to DR. Spencer (from across the yard) and Andy laugh saying "It has begun!" (referring to the DRs from tonight's drama). Kaitlin says Amanda is going to go talk to Elissa now. Andy laughs and yells to Spencer that now they know who started the rumors. Kaitlin continues whispering to Andy saying she's afraid of going home now. Andy says to get some sleep tonight. BB tells Elissa to move her hair away from her mic. Kaitlin says "See...she's in there talking to Elissa now". Switching feeds...Amanda and is talking to Elissa in the lounge.

01:43 AM BBT Elissa and Amanda are rehashing the conversations Amanda had with the different people tonight. Switching feeds back to the hammock and Spencer has replaced Andy with Kaitlin. Kaitlin is mad that Amanda has started this and she might go home because of it. Spencer asks what Andy thinks. Kaitlin says he's blown away. Andy is heading inside. Spencer says he doesn't trust Andy entirely. Kaitlin does but she doesn't tell him everything because she's afraid he will flip if he gets pressured.

01:47 AM BBT Meanwhile back in the lounge we have still have Elissa and Amanda whispering and rehashing. Judd comes out and joins Kaitlin and Spencer near the hammock and Kaitlin begins to tell him that she has figured out that Amanda started the rumor.

01:57 AM BBT Elissa and Helen are now in the lounge talking. Helen thanks Elissa for not calling out Judd during her revelation about the alliance earlier. Helen says part of the reason that Aaryn came to her (Helen) was because she doesn't feel like she can talk to Elissa. Elissa says that's because she doesn't feel like Aaryn tells her the truth and she's always running behind her back whispering things. Helen asks Elissa what started the whole thing. Elissa says she questioned Kaitlin about whether she was working with Spencer and Howard. She says Kaitlin got super defensive and said she would call them out in front of her. Elissa says Kaitlin is the one that was ready to make a big deal out of it.

02:04 AM BBT Helen says they need to do some damage control because they think Kaitlin is going home this week. Talk turns to that they need to make sure in the end Kaitlin is aware that she is a strong player. Helen says Howard and Spencer are very good liars and they can deny deny deny all they want but everyone says it's happening. Helen says now Kaitlin is campaigning to stay and Aaryn is flipping out because she thinks she's going to go home. Judd heads up to the HoH where Andy, Amanda and McCrae are. Andy starts rehashing the conversation he had with Kaitlin in the hammock.

02:09 AM BBT Feeds switch to Kaitlin and GinaMarie walking into the SR. GinaMarie drinks straight out of a bottle from one of the cabinets and puts it back. They laugh and head out to the hammock. Kaitlin tells GinaMarie to get ready to have her mind blown. Kaitlin starts telling her what she's been telling everyone else tonight. Back in the lounge Helen apologizes for not sticking up for Elissa earlier. Elissa understands. She doesn't like Aaryn as a person because of the things she's said, but Howard and Spencer have screwed them over before so she understands that Kaitlin should still be the one to go home.

02:19 AM BBT GinaMarie says if she wins HoH she plans on putting Amanda and McCrae up. She's going to ask who the MVP is and if no one owns up to it then she's going to put everyone's keys into a hat and pull them out one by one. The last two will be the noms for the week. Meanwhile in the lounge Candice comes in. Candice says it's been a crazy day. She wasn't up for the fight and yet she got dragged into it.

02:22 AM BBT GinaMarie and Kaitlin join Howard on the couch. He's waiting for Howard to play pool. Kaitlin just saw Candice. Spencer figures he's in the WC. GinaMarie doesn't trust Candice. Spencer does. Meanwhile back in the lounge Elissa and Candice are tired. Talk turns to how messed up their sleep schedules are going to be when they get out.

02:36 AM BBT Nothing new being brought up in the BY or the lounge. Candice, Elissa and Helen are called out by BB for talking about production. GinaMarie laughs and says "Yo dude, you're ruining people's games! Don't call people's names!"

02:43 AM BBT Howard and Spencer have moved to the hammock in the BY following their pool game. Spencer says he like Andy but he's such a floundering fish. Meanwhile on the couch in the BY GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Judd continue to rehash conversations and plan for winning HoH this week. McCrae comes outside to smoke and the conversation changes.

02:53 AM BBT Out in the hammock Spencer asks Judd what McCrae and Amanda told him earlier about who they would put up next week. Judd says they said whatever the house would want, but Andy was in the room so who knows how true that is. Andy is heading to bed. McCrae heads back inside. GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Candice are on the couch in the BY rehashing the day's conversations.

03:02 AM BBT Candice continues to bash Aaryn and Amanda on the couch while Kaitlin and GinaMarie listen and chime in. Out in the hammock Spencer is giving Judd a pep-talk telling him the house needs another power swing soon. He (Spencer) is on the out right now but he's ready to start swinging in the right direction.

03:14 AM BBT More of the same rehashing and repeating on the BY couch. The only thing worthy of reporting was Kaitlin told Candice that she did suggest Howard as a replacement nom when Jeremy was on the block. Candice understands. "You gotta protect your Boo!" Switched briefly to the hammock and Spencer was talking about his brother. Intermittent FoTH and all four feeds are now on the BY couch.

03:25 AM BBT More or less the same thing on the couch. Brief FoTH. Kaitlin is gone (DR?). Candice is explaining to GinaMarie why she doesn't like Aaryn (fish tank comment, bed flipping, Aaryn told her she doesn't like her, etc...). Back at the hammock they're having random chats about things outside the house.

03:30 AM BBT They guys join the girls on the couch. Judd is going to smoke. Spencer will stay up with while he smokes. Talk turns to the worst beds to sleep in because of lights, doors slamming, etc... Candice and Howard whisper softly to each other. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to what looks like Amanda, and McCrae sleeping together and Aaryn sleeping in her bed.

03:42 AM BBT Howard, Spencer and Candice are all going to bed. Kaitlin is out of the DR and isn't ready for bed yet. Judd hangs behind to talk with her. Kaitlin asks what the guys talked about on the hammock. He says they talked about life outside the house. Kaitlin says he's lying. He said he wasn't. Kaitlin asks how they didn't talk about any game. Judd says they were burnt out on game talk. Judd tells Kaitlin what he put in his blog and what he tweeted.

03:52 AM BBT Judd and Kaitlin talk a bit more. Judd tells Kaitlin she needs to win HoH this week. He's nervous because he can't play. At the very least he hopes he can play for PoV. Conversation eventually ends and Kaitlin goes into the WC and Judd heads up to his HoH room. On that note it looks like our HGs are going to bed early tonight!

03:56 AM BBT Well...we spoke too soon. It looks like Kaitlin still isn't ready for bed. She takes a seat near the edge of the HT and puts her legs in the water.

***Advert*** It's unlikely that we'll have any more game talk so we're going to turn in for the night ourselves. Today could certainly prove to be interesting especially if Kaitlin decides to confront Amanda regarding her supposedly campaigning for Aaryn to stay. Or, how will Elissa act around the rest of the house after her incident last night? We'll have you covered! Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net (New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat).%C2'>

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Guest 6Borders

9:44am BB Time

A disembodied BB voice tells the HG's it's time to get up for the day but we still have cameras on all 4 feeds, then we got some music just before we switch to FOTH! It's time for the BB Circus to begin.

{This should be a pretty good day on the feeds considering everything that went down last night -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:56am BB Time

The feeds are up but the HG's are not, except Andy who is in the bathroom

BB calls Aaryn to the DR.

Aaryn just sat up and is adjusting herself while Andy inspects his face in the mirror (he's popping zits and alternately blowing and making sure there is nothing in his nose...just in case you wanted to know.)

Aaryn wanders past Andy on her way to the DR (well, she is taking a long detour thru the bathroom) and wishes him a good morning. Andy is wandering between the bathroom and kitchen, then heads to the BY and makes a beeline for the hammock {I hear you have to get up early to get a good seat there}

10:04am BB Time

All feeds are on the hammock and Aaryn in the bathroom!

BB calls Judd to the DR {I guess they gave up on Aaryn and figure Judd won't stop to do his make up}

BB reminds everyone the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

10:06am BB Time

Helen is up and in the bathroom. She passed Aaryn but I didn't hear any exchange of greetings.

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Guest 6Borders

10:08-10:14am BB Time

Judd wanders into the bathroom and Helen wishes him a good morning to which he replies. {it might be my imagination but seems both Helen and Judd have ignored Aaryn on vice versa}

Judd remarks he has a harder and harder time getting up in the morning but there is no response.

Out in the backyard Andy is lying in the hammock (thinking maybe).

Helen is out of the bathroom and washing up. She is dressed for a workout, grabs some towels and heads out

(still no verbal exchanges with Aaryn)

In the backyard it looks like a bird flew close to Andy in the hammock (can't tell if it was real or a BB prob)

Helen is apparently picking up the backyard and complains about everyone leaving everything everywhere.

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Guest 6Borders

10:14am BB Time

Helen joins Andy in the hammock and they are rehashing last night.

Helen says Elissa says she needed to know the truth about that...Helen says she told Elissa that if you are playing with an alliance you talk to your alliance and if you are playing for yourself then you don't. Says she told Elissa she thinks Elissa she is playing for herself and says Elissa replied that she doesn't need anyone to protect her. Andy snorts at that!

She says Elissa wants to know why everyone was mad at her. Helen says we are in an alliance and we don't throw each other under the bus and that she made Judd look really bad because now Howard/Spencer are going to come after them.

Says Elissa was all "omg I didn't mean (for that to happen)..."

Helen says she told Elissa she needed to shape up and behave so your alliance will want to keep you.

Andy says she was an idiot.

Helen says Elissa felt bad and needs to apologize to Judd. Elissa told Helen she didn't think she owed Judd an apology and why didn't Judd stick up for her...Andy says she is like talking to a wall.

Helen says she advised Elissa to stay out of Judd's way if she is not going to apologize. Helen says Judd is key to Elissa being there, that he's stuck up for her and not voted her out. Says she told Elissa it's hard to play this game with her...told her not to mess up the plan and because of Elissa now there are targets on all of them.

Helen says she told Elissa if you want to play this game with me you need to talk to me before you make a move like that.

BB calls Aaryn to the DR.

Helen says Elissa feels bad about it...Andy says "does she" {I don't think he is buying Elissa feels bad}

Helen reiterates threatening Elissa, Elissa apologizes, feels bad...she's running over the whole conv. again.

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Guest 6Borders

10:21am BB Time

Helen says she has to detach herself from Elissa so ppl won't think Helen is supporting this behavior. Helen says she needs Elissa to go far in the game but if she is going to sabotage them Helen needs to cut her out.

BB says Judd.....please change your batteries.

Andy is relating Kaitlin coming to him and then to Judd about the alliance (with Howard/Spencer)...Helen said "do you think Judd made it up" and Andy says "no"

Judd joins Helen and Andy. Andy says he was just filling Helen in on what happened. Judd says it doesn't make any sense. Judd says the reason she (Kait) came up with those people (Amanda, etc) is because they always sit in the cockpit and talk and now it makes sense.

Judd says she said "I cracked the code" (I think). Told Judd Amanda has made this whole thing up and this alliance.

Judd says why his name and Kait had told him because he can't play for HOH. Helen says Kait is trying to figure out who started it. Judd wants to know what Elissa's explanation for everything last night. Helen says she doesn't think Elissa thought the conversation would have grown into what it did and Helen reiterates how she had to threaten her and Elissa put a target on all of them.

Helen says they could have taken Kait out with no blood on their hands and now (thanks to Elissa) there is blood everywhere. Helen relates how Elissa said she was there because (?) and Helen had to tell Elissa that she was only there because of the votes...that all these people voted to keep Elissa.

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Guest 6Borders

10:30am BB Time

Helen reassures Judd that Elissa is not throwing him under the bus, that she was just confused and threw Amanda under the bus. Helen is back on how she threatened Elissa that she will be out the door if she ever does this again.

Judd says he even told her not to say anything...Helen says everyone in the house (their alliance) told Elissa not to say anything.

Discussion about the Howard/Spencer alliance and Judd says it's true. Helen says it doesn't matter because they will never admit it. Judd says what if she calls another meeting. Helen says she won't, she knows she screwed up.

They say Kait is going to keep it alive another day and that is what they have to tame. Andy says Kait will be on the warpath today.

Helen keeps saying how sorry Elissa is and then says how Elissa just f'd up Helen's game and Helen was afraid Elissa would tell about the deal with Aaryn. She assures Judd that Elissa is now voting Kaitlin out. Judd is still worried that he can't trust Elissa and Andy says he can't tell her things.

Helen thinks Elissa will go with the alliance now...says Elissa is so mad at/hates Howard/Spencer right now, and that she hates Howard because she doesn't think he is prayerful.

Helen says I know they (H/S) think I am holding a grudge against the Moving Company. Andy says he only hates people on the spur of the moment. Helen says she doesn't hate anyone in the cast...Andy says he has never said he hated anyone in the DR. Helen says she didn't then says maybe about Jeremy

10:37am BB Time: BB tells them they are not allowed to talk about DR. Judd says "I knew that was coming"

10:38am BB Time

Judd says this is our life right now..this is just important right now. They can't do things like go to the store, see their kids, etc. so this is not really that important but it's important right now. Helen says it's important until Sept 25th or whenever.

Discussion that this (BB experience) is a special thing in their lives.

They discuss what place they might get. Helen says she would love to be America's Favorite but she's not getting that...she thinks it would be such a compliment to get Favorite Houseguest.

Judd is talking about being HOH and everyone tells you all these things you have to keep track of 5 days later.

Helen says she told Andy that he can't believe everything everyone tells you when you are HOH.

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Guest 6Borders

10:41am BB Time

Helen is giving advice on when you hear things you just have to let them go.

Discussion is Howard/Spencer...Helen says they would not be good alliance members.

Judd is discussing all his alliances but a couple of them are "un-named alliances"

Helen switches focus to Aaryn. She says Aaryn is going out and she doesn't want Aaryn to think she is part of this.

She says they need Aaryn to get Howard/Spencer out. Says they don't need an Elissa or an Aaryn causing drama for their side...one of them has to go and it's Aaryn.

Discussion about Amanda. Helen says they have to squash things that come up about Amanda. Judd says she put a target on her back, that before nobody was even talking about it. Helen feels bad for Amanda, and McCrae is prob shitting his pants right now. Helen says even if Amanda goes on the block they need to reassure her they have the numbers and she's not going anywhere.

Helen says she wants to win HOH for their side. Says don't get her wrong but she wants to win it twice!

Andy says he doesn't care who wins (as long as it's their side).

Judd is talking about Elissa will put up Howard/Spencer/Aaryn on the block with her HOH and MVP.

Elissa thinks Howard got the MVP and Helen thinks that also. She thinks Howard is a brother to Danielle from Season 7.

She thinks Howard would get MVP because Danielle's fan base is also big like Rachels.

Helen wants to know if Howard went to a casting call...Andy doesn't know and Judd says yes he did.

Helen is back on America picked Howard for MVP because of the black vote and Danielle's fan base.

Andy is convinced that America was the MVP!

Helen is going to go run, Judd gets up and heads to the BY lounge and says he's going to start running everyday but in the evening. Andy is going to pee and then come back out.

Aaryn and Helen join Andy on the lounge (so much for running) and Helen tells Aaryn she handled herself really well.

Helen advises Aaryn to remain calm...says Kait is going to be on the rampage today. Helen says they are going to kabosh the whole "who started what" thing.

Helen says she is sure Jeremy told Kait when he left to take her out of the game. Aaryn says she haven't heard that.

She says How/Spen are sure she's coming after them, which is says she is, because of the Moving Company thing.

Judd thinks that's funny!

Helen says when I hear she (Kait) is coming after me I can't take that chance. Judd tells Aaryn to quit getting in arguments with Elissa. Aaryn says she didn't do that...Judd says you dragged everyone in that room.

Helen says Kait told her what worries her is she tried to protect (Kait or Elissa?) that she is the #1 target.

BB says to please lower the outside blinds and Helen goes to do that since she is going to start running anyway.

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10:04am BBT: Andy laying on the hammock alone. Aaryn in wa washing her face.
10:07am BBT: Helen is now in the wa changing her clothes.Aaryn putting on makeup. andy still laying on the hammock alone in the by.
10:09am BBT: Judd is now up in wa helen says good morning Judd he says morning.
10:15am BBT: Helen goes out to the by Andy says is there anyone else up yet she says Aaryn is. Andy says did you talk to Elissa lastnight. she says i did i asked her why she said anything to kaitlin . she said i just needed to know the truth about what was happening.helen says Elissa said she doesnt need protection and helen told her she needs protection they are all coming after you.Helen says Elissa told her that her vote is her vote and helen told her that if they are in an alliance then they work together.
10:18am BBT: Helen says i told Elissa that she owes Judd an appoligy for going out and calling them all a liar.She says she does not owe Judd an appoligy.helen says i told her that she does judd is always keeping you in here and voting for you. she says she told elissa that they dont need any more targets on their backs and this will put a target on us.
10:20am BBT: helen says she told Elissa if she wants to work with me then think about what you are saying or come talk to me first. Helen says that one conversation with Kaitlin has damaged your game you went from a high in this game to a target now.
10:24am BBT: Helen says i need elissa to work with us but i feel that i am working for the alliance and Elissa is for herself but if she wants to be for herself then she needs to go before she outs us all when she gets mad at us she might.
10:27am BBT: Judd has now joined helen and andy by the hammock and they repeat what was going on lastnight. Judd says he still is confused about it.
10:28am BBT:helen saying she told Elissa that they could have takin Kaitlin out without blood on her hands but now we cant.helen says do we tell her tomorrow who to vote? Judd says i dont know. Helen says thats how we get Howard and Spencer to vote.
10:34am BBT: Helen and Andy and Judd still talking about what all Elissa had done lastnight. Helen says Elissa wont talk about it today but i think Kaitlin will keep it going and wont let it drop.
10:40am BBT: helen , Judd and andy still at the hamock repeating themselves alot and talking about the end of the show on finale . helen says i will take 2nd place. She says if Ginamarie makes it to jury i dont know.Aaryn is in the kt making breakfast for herself.
10:46am BBT:Helen says we have to make sure that whatever is said about amanda get squashed.Judd says being hoh your safe but you catch it all. Helen says i hope i win hoh again. helen says we all have to play as hard as possable.
10:51am BBT:Helen says i really think Howard is the mvp this week . she says i think he got the black vote and he might be daniell.s brother. Judd goes to the by couch to sit with Aaryn. helen says she is going to go run. she tells Aaryn that she did well lastnight when all the yelling was going on. Aaryn says thank you.Helen says Kaitlin is going to keep this going today so just stay cool today and keep quiet. Aaryn says yeah.
10:55am BBt: helen tells Aaryn that when she gives her word she keeps it but after lastnight she is going i cant do that. Judd says to Aaryn just stop aurguing with Elissa though ok? Aaryn says i did and starts laughing and saying Judd is starting crap and they laugh.

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Guest 6Borders

10:56am BB Time

Judd says his biggest worry is Kait wants to be told if she is going home and he can't tell her right now and that breaks his heart that she can't do it until Thursday. Says it's making him sick! Aaryn says "yeah".

Judd says Kait is a really good girl, kind hearted and stuff but it's a game and it's not like he's killing her!

Aaryn is saying she's been honest with everyone. Says she even told Elissa she is not going after her.

Judd says he owes Aaryn one for not putting him on the block or have Not when she was HOH.

Judd thinks this HOH will pick have-not's again. Aaryn says she want to win HOH to prove her loyalty but she does not want to make ppl have nots. Discussion about have any have not's been on the block...they figure only two (this season).

Aaryn says she will put Howard on the block and a have not.

They speculate on what the HOH comp will be, have not food. Andy says this has been his easiest week as a have not (the food was better)

Aaryn informs us that pasta starts turning to sugar as you are chewing it. Judd says slop makes you have to go to the bathroom {I heard other hg's in the past say it made them constipated}

They discuss the songs that BB played this morning...Brass Monkey and something I missed. Andy didn't know the first song and Aaryn says she didn't remember the other two because they were horrible. Andy thinks there were only 2 songs (total?)

Aaryn says last night Howard came in, made his bed and left and Judd came in and took a nap in the one bed that was made, which was Howards. Just general who-did-what nightly routine chit chat.

11:04am BB Time

Spencer is still sleeping on the airline beds {he was one of the last to go to bed this morning abut 4am when I was getting up}

All feeds are on the BY couch (Judd, Aaryn,Andy) or Spencer sleeping in the Have Not Room.

Helen is still jogging and Jessie has come out and gone into the kitchen..

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Guest 6Borders

Judd is relating something he told "him" at the 4th of July party...don't talk to me like that and if you are going to say something do something. He says something about cracking and egg and getting expelled (didn't get the gist of that...sorry).

Judd is talking about what he wrote in his tweets and blog, how they have to make their own fun and one of his most fun things was following a buzzed (semi-drunk) Andy around for a half hour and copying everything he did.

Jessie has joined.

Andy says he is going to change, he's getting hot but he doesn't leave because Aaryn is relating something similar (to what Judd did to Andy) that Rachel did to Danielle Donato. They discuss that Dani got voted out because she tried to allign with the new ppl and it didn't work. Judd says he liked Rachel that season.

Discussion turns to which people will get called back from BB15. Andy says it's too early to tell...maybe Jeremy or even Nick. Jessie can see Jeremy getting a 2nd chance because he didn't really get enough time. Judd said something about All Stars and that Candance will get called back. They all agree Amanda will get called back.

Discussion turns to Amanda's emotions...they say she is usually pretty calm and cool unless it's about her {now there's a newsflash}.

11:15am BB Time

BB tells Jessie to please center her mic.

Aaryn tells Jessie Judd is always talking about her body, how hot she is, etc. Judd relates (something I am not going to repeat) that someone says tastes like butterscotch and they all think that is so gross!

Someone says Butterscotch is a PowderPuff girl...Judd wants to know what they do, play football?

They decide that the Powerpuff (or Powerpuff) girls are Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles!

11:19am BB Time

General chit-chit and gross discussion continues (apparently it's confirmed that Spencer made those comments).

They discuss how bad this is for Marilyn (Spencer's fiance) to hear these comments about her on TV!

Judd is relating how Candace told Spencer he should get a 3 carat ring and it would be about 30K.

Jessie says she tired and fragile..Aaryn says she looks like she's lost about 15 pounds. Judd asks Jessie what are you going to do if you are a have not again...Jessie says "Judd....". Aaryn says you won't be if she gets HOH and she knows who she will put up. Aaryn says if one of them gets HOH to put her as a have not and she will raise her hand and volunteer because she's never been a have not.

Jessie says it was so dark in the room last night she ran into something and is going to have a huge bruise. Jessie is relating getting in bed with Judd last night and he took her hand and kissed it...Judd says "what???"

Chit chat about night time habits, tossing and turning and back to what the music was this morning.

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Guest 6Borders

Aaryn says she was first called to the DR and this one stupid camera always follows her around because she talks shit to it so she has to keep moving around to finish her morning routine (make up) and that's why it takes her longer {that explains the mystery of why the girls move from one mirror to another all the time}

Andy says he is going to make some slop and Jessie offers to show him which pot to use.

Aaryn says to Judd that GM wants Kait to stay. Aaryn says to Judd not to tell GM what is going on because she will tell Kaitlin. Judd says he has to tell her Thursday and Aaryn says just make sure you do it in a way so nothing will change.

Judd says it makes it easier on him and Kait had never even heard of the show until...Aaryn finishes the sentence and says "in a bar".

Aaryn says it's a good thing she didn't sleep with Judd last night...Judd says now he thinks he remembers Jessie coming in. Aaryn says Judd's shoes look like water shoes and he says they are "Docksides".

Jessie is back and Aaryn says she wants the day to go fast..just wants to sleep all day. Jessie is so over the airplane room.

11:31 am BB Time

Andy is talking with Amanda in the lounge. I can't pick up any of the conversation except she says "it gained our trust with Aaryn". Andy says it gets the blood off (his?) hands and gets Aaryn on their side. Andy says he still trusts Judd completely but maybe he thought this was best for everyone. They both get up to leave...Amanda to the bathroom and Andy to the kitchen

11:34am BB Time

Amanda is doing ADL's.

Andy rejoins the BY couch crew. They are relating the conversation Helen had with Elissa...that she was sorry and everything. Judd says "she's an idiot"

Jessie says this week 9 ppl, next week 8 ppl voting. Andy goes to check the slop water.

Jessie whispers Howard, Elissa, Spencer, Candace CANNOT win HOH.

Aaryn says she wishes the MVP would just go away. Jessie wants to know what the twist will be.

Helen is called to the DR!

Aaryn says if MVP doesn't go away and she doesn't get HOH she is going up.

Jessie asks Judd if he talked to Spencer and what did he say...Judd says the talked but not game.

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Guest 6Borders

Judd says he did say he (Judd) was supposed to explain it to Aaryn and Judd forgot to explain it. Aaryn says she was told Judd was HOH and in power and he says "I don't vote". Aaryn says but when you are HOH you put the people up and tell everyone who goes home {must be new HOH rules). Judd says those people are just trying to keep blood off their hands.

Aaryn says voting Kait out doesn't get blood on anyone's hands. Judd wants to know if Aaryn wants to talk to Kait about Spencer/Howard...or is that too much. Aaryn says you do it. Judd says just to secure the votes. Aaryn says she already has the votes. Aaryn says Elissa is not voting for me and Judd says she is supposed to...Aaryn says no way.

Judd says he thought Elissa was going to slap Aaryn last night and Aaryn says she was actually pretty calm in what she was saying. Judd says Elissa was sitting pretty good but all she accomplished was putting a huge target on her back now.

Judd says he won't tell Elissa anything she doesn't need to know so she won't call another house meeting.

He says Elissa came in and told him "you are all liars" and Judd told her (in this game) everyone has to lie at some point.

Aaryn says she has never lied. Andy said there is no point in talking to Elissa. They say Elissa will never apologize no matter if she is wrong or not. Judd says he thinks Elissa has just been babied her whole life and they say her husband is rich and he probably babies her too....said Elissa says she never had to work.

Amanda shows up and they repeat Spencer's vjay is like butterscotch comment. Amanda says that is so gross.

11:46am BB Time

Aaryn says it's sad because she and Kait were close and now Kait and GM are close..Judd says that's how groups of 3 girls are. Aaryn says "what did I do to get pushed out...?" rethinks herself immediately and says "yeah, well..." {maybe Aaryn has learned something after all}

Judd shows Aaryn that she clipped his toenails last night. She inspects and tells him he is cutting his toenails too short and he will get ingrown toenails. He says he gets them all the time and she said that's why. Judd says you have to cut them short so you don't have to do it so often.

McCrae joins and they tell him to pull his pants up (they are halfway down his shorts)

Amanda says McCrae's stomach was growling and she thought it was her dog because that's how he sounds. She says she got a little teary about her dog and that it was McCrae's f'ing stomach.

Discussion turns to their dogs. Amanda says hers is lazy. Judd tells how high his dog can jump. Amanda says she misses her dog so much and how cool would be if you got HOH and could have your dog. General discussion about dogs.

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11:02pm BBT: Aaryn and Andy and Judd on by couch talking about pasta and how it turns to sugar as you eat it and makes you tired. helen is running in the by. Jessie is in the kt making coffee.
11:05pm BBT: Aaryn is laughing telling Andy and JUdd that howard came in the rm lastnight and made his bed then left. Aaryn says Howard is always making his bed. and yesterday Judd went in the rm to take a nap and layed on the one bed that was made up and it was Howards. so lastnight after Judd got up he washed the sheets and thats why he was making the bed lastnight. Judd says he washed em after i took a nap and Aaryn laughs and says yes .
11:11am BBT: Judd is talking about what he put in his blog yesterday. he says he told in the blog about coppying everything Andy was doing and they are all laughing.jessie is now on by couch listening and drinking her coffee.
11:13am BBT: Jessie,Judd,Andy and Aaryn talking about danny danoto and how they liked her and how everyone turned on her in season 13.now talk goes to the fish in the tank upstairs. Jessie says dont talk about those fish it messes you up.
11:17am BBT: Aaryn says i want to vomit everytime spencer says things about your breast and your body. Jessie says he says things like that. Aaryn says yeah all the time. she says thats gross why does he do that? Aaryn says he always does.
11:19am BBT:jessie says i am going to pretend you didnt tell me that arryn. i wont even be able to look at him now. and Aaryn laughs.
11:22am BBT: Most hg are still sleeping. Aaryn Jessie and Judd are still talking in the by about spencers girlfriend back home and Jessie is talking about being on slop and feeling tired all the time. helen is still running in the by. Jessie says if anyone makes me a have not next week i swear i will get them back if i win hoh.Arryn tells Jessie if she wins hoh she wont put her on slop. She says if you win hoh next week please put me on have not i need to lose weight anyways and i have never been on it.
11:28am BBT: Amanda is now up and going to str to change her battieries. Amanda looks at the suitcases as she walks to the batteries.Judd tells Aaryn he has to talk to Ginamarie today. Aaryn says just make sure that things arent going to change. Judd says yeah i will. Amanda walks to the kt and says goodmorning to Andy and she says she got so sad this morning. Andy says why? Amanda says Mccrae's stomack made noises and i thought my dog was here.
11:33am BBT:Amanda and Andy in cockpit talking. Andy is just repeating everything to her, she leaves and Andy goes back to cooking his slop. Judd walks in and hugs Amanda. Helen is called to the dr. She says they always call me before i do my makeup.
11:40am BBT: :Aaryn and Jessie and Judd in by talking about who has the votes and who doesnt. Aaryn says if you tell Howard and spencer that the majority of the house is voting out Kaitlin then they will vote with the house. Aaryn says they said they will vote with the house.
11:50am BBT: general talk in the byabout dogs. Helen is in the kt putting dishes away.
11:52am BBT: Helen and Jessie in cockpit. Helen says after you went to bed lastnight everything got pinned on amanda. helen says she had a talk with Elissa but alot of people have been protecting you and if you want to work by yourself do it later but right now you put a target on your alliance. helen says she told Elissa that Howard and Spencer are going to win hoh and come after you now. she says Elissa says well it is my vote and i needed to know the truth.

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Guest 6Borders

11:52am BB Time

Helen and Jessie in the cockpit

Helen is relating (again) her conversation with Elissa after the escapade last night, how Elissa put a target on everyone, Elissa's whimpering defense and how Helen had to explain to Elissa that this is not her HOH and how they could have gotten Kaitlin out and not gotten any blood on their hands and now it's all foiled...more and more of same.

Helen says she told Elissa she has to play the game differently because she's not Andy coming into the house but someone who had a sister who won the game. She says Elissa just put the target on herself back up and Aaryn came out looking like an angel and Elissa looks like a schmuck.

Helen continues to tell how she had to threaten Elissa, that she can't do any more damage..(just more Helen hearing herself talk)

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#BB15 12:02 PM BBT Jessie and Helen are talking in the cockpit room. Helen says that she now has a huge target on her back. Helen tells Jessie that she (Jessie) is the reason they have gotten do far in the game. Helen says everything she did for Elissa was undone yesterday.

#BB15 12:11 PM BBT Jessie, Andy and McCrae in the BY discussing the finale and Jessie asking how many people are left on finale night. They are trying to decide when the 3rd person (3rd place) is evicted. McCrae says it is finale night.

#Bb15 12:PM BBT Judd joins the BY HG as they discuss who would be their targets if there is a double eviction. Andy says he would put up Candice and Spencer so that Howard may not get a chance to play and then backdoor Howard. Now general chit chat about how double eviction works.

#BB15 12:19 PM BBT Helen and Amanda now in cockpit room. Helen rehashing the Elissa story. Says that she told Elissa that she can't work with someone who has poor judgement. She says she told her that she is with Amanda and MccRae because they have good judgement. Amanda just keeps saying "umm hmm"

#BB15 12:27 PM BBT McCae, Amanda, Judd and Jessie in the BY. Talk of how Elissa is ruining all of their games. Amanda directing how things should be done next week since Elissa can't play POV. Andy joins in and says that he feels they may be playing a double eviction soon.

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#BB15 12:34 PM BBT Amanda gives the orders on who is supposed to stay close to who. She tells one of them to encourage Candice to turn on Elissa. Amanda says "When it doubt, blame it on Elissa". In the house, Elissa is up and getting dressed.

#BB15 12:55 PM BBT In the KT, Helen is making slop balls for Andy. She keeps saying that they won't be as good as they are out of steak sauce. Andy tells her he isn't going to complain.

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#BB15 1:06 PM BBT Amanda, Spencer and McCrae in the BY. Amanda is tired of everyone throwing her under the bus when she doesn't do anything. Amanda saying Howard throws her under the bus all the time. McCrae agrees.

#BB15 1:13 PM BBT In the KT, Helen is washing dishes after making slop balls. In the BY Andy, Spencer and McCrae talk about Howard's wardrobe. McCrae says he needs a good pair of sweatpants.

#BB15 1:17 PM BBT Amanda calls Candice in the cockpit room to apologize for her behavior and to swear to all that is holy that she is not targeting her or Howard. Candice says she hears her but Amanda's behavior last week causes doubt. Amanda says they never tried to get Judd to put up Howard.

#BB15 1:23 PM BBT Candice and Amanda still hashing out. Candice not backing down. Amanda says that things never happened. Candice giving her examples. Amanda says that she doesn't recall saying those things.

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#BB15 1:30 PM BBT In the BY Andy is asking McCrae if Jessie ever made jury. McCrae says no he didn't. Amanda comes out and says she made a true with Candice. Says she apologizes for everything in the World. McCrae says it was good of her to do.

#BB15 1:36 PM BBT Gina and Judd talking in the BR. Judd is whispering something about the 4 of them making it to F4. Spencer, Howard, Judd and Gina. Difficult to hear and Gina does not have her mic. We now get FOTH.

#BB15 1:42 PM BBT Amanda is in the BY smoking a cigarette. Judd tells her she isn't supposed to smoke with the patch on. Amanda says she doesn't care. [she had a cigarette an hour ago as well].

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#BB15 1:45 PM BBT Amanda gets up from the BY and runs inside. She is sick to her stomach. Someone is in the WC so she vomits in the sink. Jessie comforts her and then rinses out the sink for her.

#BB15 1:54 PM BBT Gen chit chat in the house. Spencer looking for cold water. Howard working out. Helen still cleaning.

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Guest 6Borders

2:15pm BB Time

Looks like all the HG's are in the BY enjoying the California sunshine (it's 84 there today and probably warmer on the Studio lot).

Elissa is running and Howard has been working out. Jessie is getting a piggy-back ride in the pool from Judd and the rest are sunning.

No game talk going on right now.

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Guest 6Borders

2:57pm BB Time

Andy, Jessie and Spencer being silly. Spencer says tomorrow in Aaryn's speech he hopes she says "a big FU the the Brenchel Army"

Andy says he can't wait to be on the block so he can say something really stupid.

Andy wants to know where everyone is...guess they are napping.

Andy says it will be boring today unless someone starts a fight!

Spencer thinks for the bachlorette party BB should give them as much alcohol as they want. Andy points out the 4 ppl who are have nots. He says Helen should not have any because she will says "ohh why is everyone fighting"

Says he does like Helen's change of game face.

Spencer says "America won't vote against a mom??" He says we are just pieces in a game. Andy thinks America hates Candace and they speculate who America hates the most.

Spencer relates a really weird dream he had (I didn't get all of it) but he couldn't find something and his parents had never been so disappointed in him in their lives.

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Guest 6Borders

3:05pm BB Time

Judd, McCrae and Elissa are playing with a beach ball. Judd is going to take another shower and says he doesn't get how people think the pool is the shower...Elissa says who says that? Judd says when David was there he never showered and just used the pool They think that is gross.

GM is still sleeping under the covers under Nick's hat. Judd tells them they can go chill in the HOH room.

Elissa asks McCrae "doesn't it feel like your brain is turned off in here?" He agrees and she says she needs something to stimulate her mind.

HOH room: Aaryn and is giving a lesson on how to do a "fishtail braid" to Jessie and Spencer. Helen is doing her toenails and Andy is watching. Judd comes in and says Jessie (I think) has a case of Judd Fever.

Helen remarks that Judd got more food (in his HOH basket) and Andy says 'we know who production likes"

Discussion turns to Spring Break and who went on a Spring Break tour. Andy has, and someone else (missed who) also did. Enter Amanda and Andy asks if McManda told them how he scared them hiding behind the door. Amanda proceeds to tell the story.

Andy asks what everyone is doing downstairs. He says McCrae/Elissa are hitting the ball back and forth.

They think they are going to have a practice because BB is building something and is going to let them out in the BY in a few hours (obviously they are on Indoor LD). BB reminds them they are not allowed to talk about production.

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