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Saturday, July 20 Live Feed Updates


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11:21AM BBT - Amanda says she's glad it's not her. Judd wants to just go play the veto and get it over with. They start discussing what type of veto it will be. Amanda thinks it might be a counting thing. Judd says he can't sit still for 10 minutes, so something like that will kill him. It's his biggest fear, it makes him nauseous to sit still for a long time. Kaitlin called to DR. Amanda speculates that Elissa won MVP and nominated herself. Aaryn thinks Elissa must really want her to go home if she's willing to risk that.

11:24AM BBT - Spencer, Jessie & McCrae in the lounge; general chit chat so I didn't stay on those CAMs. Back to Amanda, Judd and Aaryn. Amanda says Elissa's reaction has been very prevalent in the house. Judd asks what prevalent means, Aaryn says re-occuring. Amanda says it means very important to whatever is going on. Judd says Elissa keeps doing the strangest things. Can't hear Amanda whispering very well with background noise, but she did repeat that something about Elissa's behaviour is why she thinks Elissa put herself on the block.

11:26AM BBT - Aaryn doesn't think the twist has happened yet with the MVP. Aaryn thinks Elissa put herself up to try and scare Aaryn because she hates Aaryn and wants her out. Amanda suggests maybe Elissa knows the twist and that's why she nominated herself. Amanda recounts a conversation with Elissa about how she was afraid to go on the block before MVP was revealed, and that's why she thinks it was Elissa. Elissa was acting funny. Aaryn tells Judd he'll have to do damage control, Amanada cautions her not to talk game with anyone else because she already looks guilty; let everyone else speculate for her.

11:28AM BBT - Amanda feels like it wasn't Aaryn, and she can only go off her feelings. Aaryn says she swears, Amanda believes her and tells her to win veto. Aaryn wants to know how to prove it wasn't her, Amanda says take it one day at time. She's a good competitor, so compete. Judd and Aaryn whispering too quietly now to catch what they are saying; Amanda has left.

11:30AM BBT - Aaryn wants to give Helen something her dad gave her and tell Helen to keep it until she goes home and watches the tapes and sees Aaryn wasn't MVP this week and once she sees it, Helen can mail the item back to her. That's how much she trusts Helen. GM joins and swears she didn't do it. It's a waste of votes to put Elissa up. Amanda is back and tells GM that no one thinks it was her.

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#BB15 11:01 AM BBT Helen giving Elissa a pep talk about being on the block. In the HOH Gina is positive that Elissa put herself up and is MVP.

#BB15 11:06AM BBT Kaitlin goes to Elissa and tells her that she doesn't think Aaryn got MVP and put her up. Gina came down to give Elissa a hug. She likes Elissa and tells her so. Elissa says maybe Jeremy got to pick.

#BB15 11:10 AM BBT Judd comes in and apologizes for thinking she was lying about the MVP. Elissa tells him it's ok. They discuss who has the best chance of winning VETO.

#BB15 11:21 Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn talking. Aaryn says that Elissa being put up fames her. McCrae says he just wants to get veto over with. Amanda says that Elissa is acting and makes her feel she really has MVP.

#BB15 11:26 AM BBT Amanda is insisting that Elissa is acting and knows the twist. She insists that Elissa is the MVP. Aaryn tells Judd that he has to damage control now since everyone thinks she is MVP. Amanda tells her just to stay low and not game talk.

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#BB15 11:31 AM BBT Elissa spoke with Judd in the BR room. She tells Judd that she feels Howard has the MVP and put her up. She joins Candice and Howard in the HN room. Elissa tells them that she feels that BB changed something with the MVP. She asks Howard if he knows that his name was brought last week and she didn't put him up. He says he knows.

#BB15 11:37 AM BBT Andy in the cockpit room discussing the Christmas song "Christmas Shoes" and how it is the worst and most depressing song ever. McCrae agrees.

#BB15 11:39 AM BBT Amanda enters the cockpit room and tells Andy and MCCrae that Elissa nominated herself. Her gut feel sit and she is usually right. Says that Elissa isn't acting how she should.

#BB15 11:45 AM BBT Elissa and Candice continue to talk with Howard. Candice and Howard commit to Elissa that she has their votes. Howard says if he had it he would have put up Gina.

#BB15 11:48 AM BBTJessie and Amanda are in the cockpit room. Jessie says she is worried that people are going to start working with Kaitlin. Amana says she isn't going to. Amanda tells Jessie that Kaitlin is a much bigger target then her.

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#BB15 11:53 AM BBT McCrae is in the HOH room with Gina and Spencer. Telling them how strategic it is if Elissa put herself up. McCrae leaves the room. Gina and Spencer talk about how smart McCrae is and how Amanda is trouble.

#BB15 11:59 AM BBT Gin tells Spencer that maybe Elissa gets 20K for making it 4 weeks and the end of MVP so she nominated herself so she can go home.

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12:05pm BBT Conspiracy theories abound in the house. Dueling convos in HOH and HN room about who could have put up Elissa. Was it Elissa, was it Howard? None of the theories make sense all the way through, so they're very confused.
12:08pm BBT McCrae and Amanda working separate groups to get Howard backdoored if someone comes down.
12:10pm BBT Amanda joins the HOH group and thinks she has it all figured out. They think Elissa put herself up because she got some kind of special power and knows she won't go out.
12:14pm BBT Amanda does her impression of Elissa coming into the HOH last night. They all are sure she knows something. Kaitlin worries she can send both Kaitlin and Aaryn home.
12:15pm BBT Kaitlin doesn't want to come off the block because she doesn't want to vote Aaryn out.
12:16pm BBT Helen in Storage room with Aaryn. Says she and others know it's not Aaryn that put Elissa up and to be cool. Aaryn tells Helen that MVPs can put themselves up. Helen says she thought of that too.
12:27pm BBT McCrae tells Kaitlin he wouldn't take her down if he won POV. Kaitlin doesn't want to win it, but thinks she could get MPV if she won a second one in a row.
12:28pm BBT Spencer, Judd, Kaitlin, McCrae think the veto comp will be Dirty Santa. McCrae goes to DR, the others try to figure out who they know didn't get MVP.
12:31pm BBT Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, Helen, Candice in lounge room planning who gets the Masel in the next talk show.
12:35pm BBT Howard talking to Judd in Storage. He says he thinks MVP is Elissa and that she is trying to frame him.
12:37pm BBT Judd goes downstairs to take a nap because everyone is always in his HOH.In the Lounge room Helen says she'll do what the house wants if she wins POV even if it means Elissa stays on the block.
12:40pm BBT Spencer, Howard, and GinaMarie talking about Elissa having MVP. Howard again saying that she's trying to frame him. Candice joins them on the HOH bed.
12:42pm BBT Lounge room crew talking about the next comp. Candice tells Howard that she thinks it's Amanda. He doesn't agree.
12:45pm BBT Candice says, "Who are they going to put up?", and Howard points at himself. Says he's been trying to tell everybody that.
12:48pm BBT Howard and Candice look like they want to devour each other as they lay across the end of the HOH bed that Spencer and Gina are laying in.
12:50pm BBT Aaryn asks McCrae if he'll leave the noms the same if he wins POV. He says he has to. Aaryn looks very depressed. Helen and Amanda whispering at the chess board. Helen says Aaryn verified that you can put yourself up if you're MVP. Amanda says she thinks that she did too.
12:52pm BBT Andy joins Helen and Amanda. Amanda says that if he wins POV he can't use it.
12:52pm BBT Andy joins Helen and Amanda. Amanda says that if he wins POV he can't use it. Helen asks if she wins can she tell her Elissa the house doesn't want her to, that it's too risky? Amanda says yes.
12:57pm BBT Gina leaves HOH and Candice asks Howard and Spencer if they trust Gina not to tell Elissa what they said
1:04pm BBT McCrae talks to Elissa about the theory of her putting herself up. She says it's crazy and that would be a waste. He says for sure it wasn't Amanda because she would be screwing him.
1:06pm BBT HGs are feeling anxious about the upcoming comp.
1:11pm BBT FotH - Could it be veto time?
1:13pm BBT - yep, it's veto time. The feeds say the HGs are playing a game.

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2:03pm BBT: we are still on trivia as the hg are playing the pov competition.
2:28pm BBT: hg are still playing the pov comp. we will have the results as soon as the feeds are back on.
3:11pm BBT: we are still on trivia for the pov comp.

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Guest 6Borders

3:22pm BB Time

If you are still actually with us...THANK YOU

{comps seem to get longer every time these people play...personal opinion...just wanted to let you know I was still here}

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4:00 PM BBT The feeds are back. The HGs are wet and some of the ladies had already shed their shirts. I believe I saw Elissa with the POV around her neck.

4:05 PM BBT I rewound to 3:58PM BBT Camera One and yes, Elissa is wearing the POV.

4:08 PM BBT Aaryn is in the shower. Helen is wrapped in a towel waiting her turn. So is McCrae. In the Have Not room Candice is talking to Spencer and Howard. She tells Howard not to talk to Andy but to let her do it. She says she is closer to Andy and he will listen to her when she tells him that Amanda, McCrae, Helen, and Elissa have a final four deal. Candice tells them that Amanda will be coming after them because she can't control them. Candice "She can flash her **boobies** at McCrae all she wants."

4:13 PM BBT Candice, Spencer, and Howard appear to be preparing for Howard to be the replacement nomination. Candice tells Howard that they need to concentrate on Jessie and Andy this week and not to waste time on HGs that won't have a vote.

4:16 PM BBT Jessie is telling Amanda in the kitchen that they just need to stick to the original plan. It bothers her that they are talking about Howard going up when they had all agreed to the original three. Jessie "But, this is the twist." The POV competition involved a lot of mud and adding up totals. Helen said the most she would have been able to come up with was thirty one.

4:21 PM BBT Candice, Howard, Andy, and Gina Marie are in the BR. Gina Marie is repeating the rumors that Elissa may have put herself up to take the heat off her. Gina is now claiming that the game wasn't fair and that her time was wrong. "I know I didn't stop at all, I completed that crap in five minutes. I looked at my time and saw nine minutes. No way." It appears that many of the HGs took punishments yet McCrae (I think) took a five thousand dollar cash prize.

4:26 PM BBT McCrae, Amanda, and Andy are up in the HoH room. McCrae says he feels bad taking the money when everyone else got punishments. Amanda tells him that he didn't have the same options to take punishments. The twenty one was never on his side. Kaitlin comes out of the HoH shower and says they will be able to figure out more about the MVP when they see who the replacement is. If it's someone targeting Elissa then Helen will be next. Kaitlin "I can't believe America would put her up." Amanda "Something must have changed, something must have changed."

4:29 PM BBT Amanda, Andy, and Kaitlin in the HoH. They agree that if Howard goes up on the block then Elissa is definitely the MVP. Kaitlin wants assurances that Aaryn is the target this week. Amanda and Andy both agree, Aaryn is the target. More talk about Elissa putting herself up. According to Kaitlin Elissa did tell someone that the MVP could nominate themselves. Kaitlin "I find it odd that Elissa knew that rule." Amanda says McCrae is a wreck. He's afraid he will get put it since he took the money."

4:35PM BBT Candice, Howard, and Helen are in the BR. Candice "I don't understand why everyone is making a big deal about this. We all agreed that Aaryn is going and this was going to be an easy week." Helen "I think I'm going up. Whoever put Elissa up, I'm close to her." Helen says she is comfortable as long as everyone goes with the original plan to get rid of Aaryn.

4:38 PM BBT Candice to Howard and Helen: "We can't try to get rid of someone because one of us is afraid of them. It was supposed to be an easy week. That will be World War 3 too soon." Meanwhile in the HoH Elissa has joined Amanda, Gina Marie and Andy in the HoH. They ask who Elissa thinks put her up. Elissa says maybe Judd. She doesn't think it was Kaitlin because Kaitlin didn't care at all that she won POV. Andy "Who seemed to care that you won?" Elissa "Candice, Howard, and Spencer."

4:45 PM BBT Elissa leaves the HoH room to change clothes so she will be ready when DR calls for her. Nobody else in the HoH room thinks that Judd is the MVP. It just doesn't make sense to them. Meanwhile Aaryn is talking about the POV in the BR. She says she thought about discarding the nine but was afraid she wouldn't find a bigger number in those last two minutes. She probably would have found a two and got stuck with the punishment anyway. She was only four points away from a tie. Camera four in the colorful BR is fuzzy and cloudy. BB needs to fix that.

4:54PM BBT In the HoH Andy, Kaitlin, and Amanda are still talking about the mystery MVP. Kaitlin entertains the idea that maybe the MVP only put Elissa up hoping that increases their chances of getting MVP again. They all seem to come to the conclusion that Elissa has been acting weird this week and has most definitely nominated herself. Andy "Then that makes her a super scary player because she is lying to everyone."

4:57 PM BBT Elissa is talking to McCrae in the BR. Elissa is telling McCrae that up to this point all the abuse she has taken has been worth it because she knew the fans out there were enjoying her on the show. Now it's different for her. McCrae is telling her that maybe they just gave MVP to the #2 in the votes this week. McCrae reassures Elissa that Judd is not against her, he is just freaking out about the twist. Meanwhile, in the HoH they are still talking about Elissa but now they think she put herself up in order to get an even better power.

5:03 PM BBT Elissa is telling McCrae that she suspects Judd put her up because he has spent so much time in DR this week. McCrae says no, he was in DR a lot when he was HoH. It comes with the territory of being HoH. McCrae says the Knock Outs need to stay strong. He hugs her and congratulates her on her win. Meanwhile in the HoH they are still obsessed with Elissa nominating herself for another power.

5:12 PM BBT The new speculation in the Have Not room between Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Amanda is that Elissa did not nominate herself for a power. She did it to devalue herself so she can target another guy, a strong player, and not get blood on her hands. Aaryn says Howard is worried he is going to be backdoored. Aaryn asks if he is nominated will he be leaving. They tell her yes.

5:14 PM BBT In the HOH they are now talking about the competition. Elissa took the punishment of not playing in the next POV. Aaryn didn't get any punishments because she felt she had pretty big numbers and didn't want to give up any of those numbers to go back in and get stuck with smaller ones. Meanwhile Candice is talking to Elissa in the BR about Howard. Candice "I care about him, I can tame him. At least let him make it jury with me. That's all I want. He's a big guy. I know he's a threat." Andy walks in.

5:24 PM BBT After a brief FOTH we come back to Aaryn talking about Elissa. "I don't know why I keep taking crap about not getting along with Allyssa." Meanwhile Judd is locked up in the cockpit. He has three loaves of bread, water, slop, electrolytes, a pillow, a blanket, a toilet area surrounded by a curtain, a blindfold for sleeping, and a clock with a snooze button. Andy, Helen, and Jessie are talking to him on the other side of the floor. Helen mentions that when her 8pm curfew comes (a BB penalty from the comp) she will be thinking about him. Helen promises that they will keep him company. Judd didn't get any nicotine patches. Jessie is going to ask DR if she can squeeze him some under the door.

5:29 PM BBT Judd got eighteen points for agreeing to solitary confinement and came within just two points of Elissa. Helen says she is sorry she didn't win it for him. Judd says it's ok. He'll just pretend he is in jail. Helen "At least you'll get a lot of TV time." Judd "a lot of time of me sleeping and going crazy."

5:34 PM BBT Elissa bashing in the HoH room. "This whole game is about her. Elissa should have been penalized during the comp for taking a bunch of numbers to her side when she was only supposed to take one." Aaryn mentions seeing signs. Several said Vote for Elissa. McCrae saw one that said Vote for McCrae. Helen is whispering to Elissa in the BR. They are considering they need to backdoor Amanda. Helen tells her that Judd is upset with Amanda because he wants Aaryn out and she keeps pushing him about Howard. Helen says she told Judd this was his HoH, not Amanda's. Helen and Elissa are seriously considering Amanda as the MVP.

5:40 PM BBT Helen is going to get Jessie to talk to Elissa. They think Jessie is afraid Elissa is getting too close to Amanda when the whole house is starting to consider getting rid of her. They decide to take their meeting to the SR.

5:44 PM BBT Helen, Elissa, and Jessie are in the SR. Helen "We can't let Amanda know we are on to her. She didn't want me to use the POV on Elissa. Why? What does it matter if Aaryn is supposed to be going home." They also entertain the idea that Amanda is related to Evil Dick because she looks just like him. They discuss the need to backdoor Amanda and they can't let McCrae know. Judd will support them and so will Candice and Howard. Helen finds it odd that Amanda was pushing Helen to win the POV to keep the nominations the same yet McCrae goes and takes the money. Jessie "I don't like how she strong arms everyone and treats everyone's HoH like it's her HoH." Andy comes in so the meeting is over.

5:49PM BBT Everyone leaves the SR but Andy and Helen. Andy asks her what is going on. Helen says she is going to let him on a little secret but that he can't say anything. Helen tells him to be really careful with Amanda and that the entire house wants her out. He asks her why and it's because too many HGs have caught her telling her lies. Meanwhile Jessie and Candice are talking to Judd through the door. They ask him if the alarm has gone off yet and he says no. They expect it may go off every hour and it has a big snooze button on it. Jessie walks past the crowd in the kitchen "You all are mean why aren't you talking to him."

5:56 PM BBT Howard is talking to Kaitlin in the BR. Howard tells her that she is not going to go home because Amanda is going to offer her a deal. They discuss Elissa nominating herself to keep the blood off her hands. Howard tells Kaitlin that Helen and McCrae are good hearted people. They need someone who has a cut throat personality. Amanda is that person.

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#BB15 6:00pm BBT: Howard/Kaitlin in bedroom. Talking about Elissa, Howard trying to turn Kaitlin against Amanda. Candice/Andy in other bedroom. Candice trying to get Andy against Amanda/McCrae

#BB15 6:04pm BBT: Howard telling Kaitlin that Amanda stirs the pot and she controls everything. Candice joins them, Howard saying he wants to be honest with everybody

#BB15 6:07pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae in HOHR- McCrae says he doesn't care who goes up as 3rd nom, as long as it's not them. He doesn't care if Howard goes or stays, because he feels safe with Howard.. They feel they have Elissa and Gina Marie to be loyal to them

#BB15 6:13pm BBT: Elissa to Howard in bedroom, thinks Amanda got "Most Villanos Player", and she nominated Elissa. She wants to evict McCrae/Amanda and work with Howard/Candice

#BB15 6:16pm BBT: Elissa thinks Amanda is related to Evel Dick. And maybe she's getting paid to be there

#BB15 6:18pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae still up in HOHR alone, with no idea what is going on downstairs. Amanda saying she feels close with Elissa, and lets her know that she trusts her

#BB15 6:31pm BBT: Elissa (about Amanda) "I didn't think it was very good judgement for me to hang out with her that much, but she's funny"

#BB15 6:34pm BBT: Helen/Aaryn at chess table. Aaryn says she's not going after Elissa, at all. Helen says that she has other targets in front of her, so that may save her.

#BB15 6:37pm BBT: Elissa to Candice "guarantees" that Amanda is MVP and playing for money just to stir up stuff... why else would she be starting stuff

#BB15 6:45pm BBT: Candice/Elissa join McCrae/Amanda go up to HOHR to confront Amanda. Candice "Why did you tell Aaryn that she wasn't going home?" Amanda says that of course she was going to tell her she was safe- they don't know who the 3rd nom will be. Elissa asks who they think the other nom will be, they don't know. Candice saying it should be an easy week, on the week that people said racially derogatory things to her and Howie- if they one of them were to go home, it would be bad

#BB15 6:50pm BBT: Candice doesn't know why they would go after Howard. Amanda says that he voted out Elissa, and she put her neck on the line to make sure Elissa stayed. Candice thinks McCrae should be just as guilty as McCrae. Amanda says she appreciates her coming up to her, and confronting herself. Candice, again, says that because of the race comments, she would be upset if either her or Howard got nominated this week

#BB15 6:55pm BBT: Candice says if she wins HOH, she doesn't need anybody's consensus to do it. She doesn't play scary- she'll do what she wants. "It's supposed to be an easy week". Amanda says she got in trouble, because they can't tell someone specifically they're going home

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7:34 PM BBT:

GM Howard and spencer talking game. Main subject is kaitlin and how she talks too much and is too concerned with elissa. The then switch to amanda

7:35 pM BBT:

They all agree tht amanda should go and Gm says tht jeremy wanted her out. Howard says tht mccrae cant think for himself tht he does what amanda tells him to do.

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7:36 PM BBT:

McCrae, Candice, Aaryn and Amanda in HOH room chatting. McCrae says tht he would like to take judd some toys to have while he is in solitary. amanda says he cant have them he would get in trouble. Aaryn is wearing the crown. They are all just laughing and chatting. Talking abt amanda and mccrae wearing bandaids. McCrae says tht he is going to try and sell amanda;s bandaids on ebay. Back and forth about who owns the bandaids and mccrae says tht she would have to sign them he wonders how much money he could get for them.

Elissa comes i and starts doing handstands from the floor onto the sofa. They tell her how great an effort it is. They talk about her sixpack and candice says she wants one, etc......they talk about wokring out. Just chatting.

7:41 PM BBT:

Amanda says to candice that she thought tht aaryn and howard had squashed their issues. Candice says tht they just talked it didnt mean they had issues. something to that effect.

7:43 PM BBT:

Elissa and mccrae talk about tanning she doesnt tan her face he asks how she doesnt does she wear a hat she says no sunscreen at leat 100 SPF if she can get it. They talk abt socks elissa says they took hers because they had logos on them and she doesnt have any she is going to ask her for some. elissa says tht they are very picky abt what they let her do - moreso than anyone she says - mccrae says really? FOTH

7:45 Pm BBT:

Candcie says tht poor jessie wanted to sleep in hoh room and had to go to have not room and judd was in solitary. They laugh. Elissa asked aaryn if spencer says anything when they talk. Aaryn says no he just sits and listens. Candice said tht she hasked howard if he got mvp because he was in DR so much yesterday. Candice says no. They tease candice about she and howard and her mother. BB tells candice not to onstruct her microphone.

Candice brings up spencer again says tht he said oh yeah I might get mvp. They talk about who they think would get mvp and why.

7:51PM BBT:

GM relates to helen - who asked where is everybody - tht amanda and mccrae are in hoh and did not ask judd if they could sleep there. Spencer and howard are talking to helen about the alarm going off every 9 minutes. spencer says it will go off 140 times in 24 hours. ??? spencer wants to go outside.

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#BB15 7:00pm BBT: Amanda asks Candice if she thinks they're MVP, or just against Howard. Candice says she doesn't know- she's just talking. Amanda says she has nothing against Howard, and if she is the only one who votes to evict him, it wouldn't matter and it would be stupid. Amanda says she likes Elissa, and they have a personal connection and she wants to keep her (noted- Elissa isn't looking at Amanda while she's saying that)

#BB15 7:05pm BBT: Amanda thinks that maybe America had a say in MVP. Candice says it's something outside the house. Elissa "You think America put me on the block?" They all say no

#BB15 7:12pm BBT: Aaryn/Gina Marie in KT. Aaryn said she was getting really low numbers in veto, then started going over to Elissa's area and got high numbers. GM says "she definitely got MVP"

#BB15 7:21pm BBT: Aaryn walks into HOHR w/ Candice/McCrae/Amanda. Amanda confirms with Aaryn that she never told her that she was safe. Aaryn says that Amanda never said that. Aaryn thinks someone is trying to frame her as MVP.

#BB15 7:26pm BBT: Elissa/Helen whispering in hallway. Elissa wondering if an evicted HG got to name the 3rd nominee.

#BB15 7:28pm BBT: Howard/Spencer/Gina Marie in WA. Howard saying that Amanda has Kaitlin. Kait kept defending Amanda, and was throwing Elissa under the bus. Howard says he's trying to guilt-trip Kaitlin.

#BB15 7:30pm BBT: Howard says that Elissa is trying to say Amanda is MVP. Howard says it will all come out with who the 3rd nominee is. GM/Howard don't trust Elissa. GM says she can't talk to Kaitlin, because she talks too much

#BB15 7:37pm BBT: HOH crew remember that they forgot about Nick's memorial. Gina Marie makes excuses for why Nick's things need to stay. She put his chapstick in her bra for the veto comp

#BB15 7:46pm BBT: Spencer/Howard/Gina Marie talking about the votes to evict Amanda. GM doesn't think Andy would vote for her

#BB15 7:55pm BBT: Gina Marie to Spencer/Howard "She (Kaitlin) got scouted out at a bar. She'd never even heard of Big Brother... I know people who have been on the show, who gave me some tips" Feeds cut to FOTH

#BB15 7:58pm BBT: Howard tells Spencer/Gina Marie to work their magic on Andy, and just wait it out until after the veto ceremony

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#BB15 8:04pm BBT: Helen comes out of DR, as part of her punishment from the veto comp, she has a curfew of 8pm, and she cannot speak

#BB15 8:05pm BBT: Amanda is saran-wrapping Elissa in the HOH bathroom while talking about who the MVP may be.

#BB15 8:11pm BBT: Elissa to Amanda/McCrae "How can people lie this well? It's scary!"

#BB15 8:19pm BBT: Howard/Candice join Amanda/McCrae/Elissa in HOHR. Elissa is doing yoga while saran-wrapped, so she'll sweat more. Elissa asks Howard if there is anyway Spencer is MVP- Howard is saying there's no way.

#BB15 8:24pm BBT: Howard/Amanda hashing out the issue if Amanda guaranteed Aaryn's safety. Amanda says she did not, and Aaryn confirmed that.

#BB15 8:28pm BBT: Gina Marie/Andy/Aaryn/Kaitlin in WA. Aaryn telling them that Candice was grilling Amanda, and wanted to know why. None of them seem to know. Kaitlin says Howard went off on a rant with her earlier

#BB15 8:41pm BBT: Andy joins HOH. General chit-chat about past seasons, Andy filling them in on the terms of Helen's punishment

#BB15 8:52pm BBT: Gina Marie/Aaryn in WA, Aaryn painting her nails. Helen in bed for her POV punishment/8pm curfew. Judd in solitary confinement for his POV punishment. Kaitlin in DR. Amanda/McCrae/Howard/Candice/Jessie/Spencer/Andy/Elissa in HOHR

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BB15 9:00 BBT Spencer, Candice, Howard, Elissa, and Mcmanda are all in the hOhr Elissa is doing
excurses, Judd is in his room, Helen is in bed Aayrn and Ginamarie are in the WR Andy is getting mangos for
the hoh crew.

#BB15 9:05 BBT Up in the hohr Elissa is asking Amanda if you are suppose to eat the skin on a mango (that would be a no)
they are just sitting around eating their mangos talking. Judd is trying to sleep in his room. (I dont know how he does it with that alarm going off)

#BB15 9:10 BBT Spencer tells Andy that he sucked hosting the comp today, but it was ok the way he say Judds in the Mud. and Kaitlins getting dirty.
Aayrn and Ginamarie are still in the wr just talking.

#BB15 9:15 BBT Elissa asked why they called Kaitlin into the DR maybe shes mvp. Kaitlin comes in and tells them the BY is now opened.
They head out to the BY. well some do.

#BB15 9:20 in the wr Aayrn is talking to Spencer, shes saying how shes trying to start out anew, she is saying how shes just listen when she says something it comes
back and bites her in the A**. now whispering, Spencer is saying that theres something going around here. BB told them outside to close the blinds. Spencer says he thinks
he knows who the MVP is. its not Judd. Aayrn its Elissa. Spencer says the house wants Aayrn to go next, Aayrn why me? Spencer is saying because shes being seen as a bigett.
they go outside.

#BB15 9:30 BBT Ginamarie is telling Spencer that its not right they are all in Judds hohr. They didnt even asked the poor kid.
(and this is weird, we are getting fish on two cams but we can hear sound.) Spencer is now in the the hammock with Aayrn saying you can trust me.
Youre 22 and you think you know everything, Aayrn saying shes not the MVP. Spencer is now telling her the target could be Kaitling just dont give up hope.
Spencer is saying hes scared to even talk to her Mcamanda is in control now and shes gotten on their bad side now. He saying he hear that Amanda may go up. Hes not Mvp.

#BB15 9:30 BBT Ginamarie is telling Spencer that its not right they are all in Judds hohr. They didnt even asked the poor kid.
(and this is weird, we are getting fish on two cams but we can hear sound.) Spencer is now in the the hammock with Aayrn saying you can trust me.
Youre 22 and you think you know everything, Aayrn saying shes not the MVP. Spencer is now telling her the target could be Kaitling just dont give up hope.
Spencer is saying hes scared to even talk to her Mcamanda is in control now and shes gotten on their bad side now. He saying he hear that Amanda may go up. Hes not Mvp.
They think someone is lieing about the mvp. (no they arent)

#BB15 9:40 BBt Spencer and Howard are playing pool Amanda and Andy are now in the HOHr talking about Elissa and if shes lieing about being the MVP. Amanda is saying Candice is so annoying
Candice asked Amanda why everyone is going around saying that Aayrn is safe. and they go on and on with this. Andy is like I wonder if she got to Helen. and now Amanda is onto how Kaitlin said that she told Elissa not to
use the Veto. Andy says he will talk to her tomorrow dont worry about it. I will fix it. dont say anything else or shell know I said something. Amanda is just going on and on with this.

#BB15 9:45 BBT Spencer and Elissa are talking about church and Bible study groups, Spencer is talking about a precher he likes to watch on TV. Andy walks out of the HOH Mcmanda is in there alone Mccrea is sleeping.
Andy is in the BY. and Spencer is going on and on about God and the bible and so on.

#BB15 9:50 BBT Spencer asked Howard, howd that sound. Howard says that was good. Howard is now onto Candice and he says shes a live wire. And now hes talking about Andy. and Amanda is just sitting up in the hohr looking all mad. Mccrea is up
asked her whats wrong. and now shes off. about how no one believes me now and how people are telling lies about her and so on. (talking about Elissa). the cams are acting funny we are getting little lights on two cams now a blue and a white one for a few.
Candice says a fuse blew. the hg are told to go into the house now by BB something happened in the BY BB HG this is a lockdown please go into the House.)

#BB15 9:55 BBT Amanda is now going off about Elissa with Aayrn Jessie is saying she sorry to Kaitlin for coming after her. Kaitlin is saying that shes not freaken out because shes on the block
and Amanda is still going off about the Elissa Helen thing with Aayrn and the MVp.
theres something going on in the BY and the HG are trying to figure out what. Its the light. it appears it went out and its pitch black in the BY

#BB15 10:00 BBT Now Candice and Howard, are talking about Elissa, in the wr Candice is saying how shes trying not to look stupid (too late)
Judd alarm goes off every 9 minutes. Hes talking to Kaitlin. now in the LR Andy, Spencer Mccrea, and Kaitlin its Jessie talking to Judd. Ginamarie walks in

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11:10PM BBT Candice,Spencer and Howard in BR Howard told Candice to tell Spencer what she told Andy earlier in the game. Candice start explaining and Elissa came up and told them the four of them can do damage together if the align.

11:17PM BBT Amanda is dress like wonder woman Spencer told Amanda to stay dress like this for the entire night. Candice said these boys did not have s** for a long time.

11:21PM BBT Elissa talking to Ginamarie and Aaryn in KT, Elissa said she is a neat freak and she hates clutter and her son is not missing her while she is away. Elissa said she have to put her foot down because her husband grew up very poor.

11:25PM BBT Judd alarm started again. Aaryn said her parents divorced when she was younger and she was left alone to do most things on her own. Aaryn and Elissa really having a good conversation in the KT. Elissa said her family comes first before Yoga teaching.

11:31PM BBT Amanda really getting into the cowgirl outfit. Amanda said I have monster ogre feet. Amanda said she is in BB porn, Spencer said there is a Julie Chen look alike in BB porn. Amanda is changing into many outfits she is really trying to make Mccrae birthday fun.

11:39PM BBT Amanda is back to her original top she said she is sweating. She called herself Dominatrix. The girls asking DR for five minutes of music so Amanda can do her dance for Mccrae. Ginamarie doing Amanda makeup.

11:46PM BBT Elissa and Aaryn talking alone Aaryn just apologize to Elissa. Elissa said she did not put Aaryn on the block. Aaryn said she did not want to put Elissa on the block. Aaryn said she did not know anything about this game and she took the game too personal. Aaryn said the game got out of hand and she have no alliance. Sounds like she is crying to Elissa. Aaryn wants to team up with Elissa now.

11:53PM Elissa told Aaryn she did not put her on the block this week Judd did. Amanda is all ready for Mccrae birthday bash. Elissa told Amanda this is the sexiest BB ever. Elissa said she dress in he most outrageous outfit for her husband.

12:00AM BBT Everything Aaryn told Elissa she went right back to Amanda with it. They just storm the HoH with Mccrae.Howard and Spencer hold Mccrae hands in the air for Amanda to kiss his body 24 times. Amanda is now spanking Mccrae body with a rope 24 times while the other Hg sings. Amanda put Judd crown on Mccrae.

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