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Saturday, July 20 Live Feed Updates


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11:50PM BBT Aaryn,Ginamarie and Spencer talking about what car Elissa husband drive, they also discuss that Elissa and her family go away every weekend. They are hoping for a Mvp twist this week so the game can be fair.

12:05AM BBT Howard, Mccrae and Amanda talking about last week Mvp, Amanda said Mccrae took the fall because the house wanted Howard up on the block.

12:10AM BBT Candice,Judd,Elissa, Jesssie,Helen in Hoh talking, Candice said she did not find out she was adopted until she was 26, she did not know she was buracial before. Candice always wondered why she was born in Texas, she got stories that did not add up. Her mom told her she had a hysterectomy at 38 so Candice thought her dad had an affair.

12:20AM BBT Candice meet her birth mom on Oprah Her Birth mom was everything she wanted from dreaming and they both look alike.

12:30AM BBT Mccrae and Elissa talking they are wondering if Howard have the Mvp, because Howard was asking allot of questions. Amanda and Mccrae say they should not try to win the power and let everyone take out each other. Howard ask Mccrae and Amanda to team up with him and Spencer.

12:45AM BBT Amanda told Andy about her conversation with Howard, Amanda told Andy that Howard want Elissa and Helen out after Kaitlin,Ginamarie and Aaryn. Amanda also said that Howard want to protect Judd and Andy and get the protection back from them. But Howard does not want Andy in the Alliance with Mccrae and Amanda because Andy is too close with Helen and Elissa.

12:50AM BBT Howard and Candice playing pool Howard said all Ginamarie does is drink and eat candy all day, and that's why her teeth is black and jacked.

1:00AM BBT In the cockpit Amanda thinks that Andy,Mccrae are in a good position because no one is coming after them. Amanda thinks if Howard is backdoor by Judd they would not have blood on their hands. Elissa told Judd that she is worried that Howard may have the power this week. She said she did not get Mvp.

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1:10AM BBT Aaryn and Amanda talking Aaryn asks Amanda do yo think Elissa got Mvp again Amanda replied yes. Amanda told Aaryn to stop talking that much to people because people repeating everything she is saying. Amanda told Aaryn because she is on the block do not confide in anyone just listen.

1:20AM BBT Kaitlin and Judd talking Kaitlin said she thinks that Elissa had a different contract than them. Kaitlin said tha game is focussing on Elissa because Elissa does not want to be in this game for that long. They both think that she know what the twist is but cannot say.

1:30AM BBT Kaitlin said that Candice does not do anything to stay in this house and she wants her out. Amanda is now in Hoh she said word on the street is that Amanda is going up for Mvp Nomination.

1:45AM BBT Amanda and Elissa in SR talking, Amanda said she thinks that she is going to be nominated for Mvp. They are trying to figure out who is Mvp because Elissa is not this week. Elissa guess that America is voting Mvp. Then they both said maybe Kaitlin is Mvp. Then Elissa said Kaitlin could be related to Jeff from bb11 and bb13. Elissa said Aaryn told her this story before.

2:00AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae cuddling in lounge Amanda said I am very scared of being the third nominee, Mccrae said I am a little scared too.

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2:15AM BBT Amanda told Kaitlin that Aaryn told her that Amanda is the third nominee. Kaitlin is mad and want to confront Aaryn, Amanda said not now.

2:50AM BBT Ginamarie and Howard talking in Hoh with Spencer. Howard said they got all the blame for the moving company while Mccrae is not getting blame. They also said Mccrae would be more trustworthy if Amanda was not in the picture.

3:10AM BBT Kaitlin, Amanda and Mccrae in WC Kaitlin cannot believe Aaryn is throwing her under the bus in the game. Kaitlin thinks that Howard is Mvp because he was called in DR lots of times today. Kaitlin said she hope America is voting for the third nominee. Kaitlin said Aaryn told her Judd is in an alliance with Spencer and Howard. Kaitlin said she confronted Judd and he denied it

3:35AM BBT Amanda thinks that Elissa is lying about not having Mvp so she would not have blood on her hands when Howard get backdoor. Kaitlin told Amanda that Elissa was making a deal with Jeremy to put up Amanda instead of Jeremy as Mvp nominee. Amanda finds that weird. Kaitlin said she is not worried being on the block as long as Aaryn does not win Pov.

3:58AM BBT Judd,Amanda and Mccrae counting votesif Amanda is the third nominee not sure they can count Helen vote. Helen is more loyal to Andy than Elissa. Amanda does not think America would put her up. Judd said it would be good if America put up howard that way he would not have blood on his hands. Judd said he gets along with Elissa and she promised to be friends with him after the show.

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3:43 am Cam1 but use Quad - it looks like the alliance is flipping again. Howard and Spencer convinced Judd, Gina Marie and Kaitlin to switch. I was totally shocked. Howard made them "wake up" to see who has the power...Amanda, McCrae and Elissa and Helen. Howard said he has Candice on his side and Spencer thinks that Andy will switch with them. Judd (if he agrees to align) will talk to Jessie in the morning or today.

This came about much earlier when Aaryn told Kaitlin she think's its America's vote (which it is) and Amanda is probably going up. Amanda had a hissy. She confronted Kaitlin and of course poop hit the fan. After the nomination ceremony I think a house meeting is going to happen and they are going to confront Amanda/McCrae and Helen and Elissa. I am just in shock how quickly things are falling apart. It's 8:24 am and I beat...going to bed and hoping this is a nightmare...but of course it's not.

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4:10AM BBT Kaitlin,Spencer,Ginamarie,Howard and Judd in Hoh they all think Elissa is Mvp and she is lying and she does not want vlood on her hands. Spencer said he thinks Elissa got Mvp again and she might put up Ginamarie and Howard. Ginamarie said that Elissa was upset that Helen and Spencer did not switch teams during the HN competition.

4:15AM BBT Kaitlin and Ginamarie talking bad about Aaryn in Hoh. They said Jeremy and Aaryn ruin their games. Spencer made a commitment to Kaitlin in front of Howard, Ginamarie and Judd that he is keeping her this week.

4:25AM Howard said that it is sad that people in the house thinks he is using his religion in the game to go further. He does not like how he had to apologize in front the entire house. Then Mccrae and Amanda lie to his face and they made him swear on the bible that he would protect them in return. Kaitlin looks very exciting to join forces with Howard, but he warned her do not have the numbers.

4:45AM BBT Howard,Spencer,Ginamarie,Judd in Hoh Spencer said Mccrae, Amanda,Helen and Elissa think they are running the house. Howard said that Amanda running into bed with Mccrae because he was Hoh does not show loyalty. Howard and Spencer told Kaitlin they have her back and they should get Aaryn out this week and regaining power of the house.

4:57AM BBT Spencer,Howard and Judd alone in HoH, They asks Judd if he have any deals with Amanda and Mccrae. Judd did not reveal anything. Howard and Spencer said they should rally and make big move. Spencer told Judd that Amanda and Mccrae and Helen and Elissa should be broken up because they have too much power. Spencer told Judd that Mccrae was lying about being Mvp last week. Judd told them that Amanda and Mccrae wants him to backdoor Howard.

5:03AM BBT Spencer and Judd is alone in Hoh Howard left Spencer said to Judd if they can rally up the troops they can overthrow Amanda and Mccrae and Elissa and Helen and ride it to the end. Spencer said it is simple send Aaryn home.

5:15AM BBT All Hg are alsleep now.

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Guest 6Borders

8:15am BB Time

Someone is up in the house (maybe Jessie) and we have FOTH so it might be time to get up for the day.

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Guest 6Borders

8:29am BB Time

Judd is awake and up in the HOH room

BB says "Rise and Shine" and more forcefully "I said... it's time to get UP for the day"

{BB means business this morning obviously}

Judd and Jessie leave the HOH room, Howard is in the storeroom changing batterie.

Elissa is sitting up in bed yawning and McCrae is getting dressed. Helen and Elissa comment that it's so cold and Helen says it's because Elissa hogged all the covers. Helen is still trying to snuggle in bed and get warm.

The HG's are wandering around the house preparing for ADL's {everyone looks a little pensive this morning}

McManda retreat under the covers for a last morning snuggle. Amanda is making no attempt to get out of bed {I expect BB to holler at them any minute now!}

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Guest 6Borders

8:37am BB Time

McCrae asks Amanda for the 2nd time "are you ready". I can't hear her reply, she is under the covers with no mic.

In the Have Not Room Howard and Spencer are conspiring. Spencer says what would be really good if Judd puts up McCrae (replacement nom?) then Aaryn will owe them. He lays out the plan for the next few weeks and says "all the way to Jury". He lays they have to keep Judd focused. Spencer says after the veto they will know which direction to go..doesn't want to get Judd upset right now. (Their conversation is hard to get because they are moving mics and creating lots of static). Howard says "sweet".

McManda are still in bed but awake. Spencer has come in and they are all taking about how cold it is.

They are speculating on the MVP and why nobody knows who has it. Spencer says Andy was called to DR a lot.

BB hollers at Amanda not to obstruct her mic {about time}.

Spencer asks if it's Saturday and it's confirmed. Spencer says "I wish I got it (MVP?) and I think says I'll just say I got it.

He says he needs a chiropractor. Andy says it gets easier...he slept like a baby last night. Spencer says he just needs to figure out which way to sleep. Discussion about the best have-not bed position.

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Guest 6Borders

8:46am BB Time

Elissa and Candace are doing hair/makeup in the bathroom and discussing the comp. Water running makes it hard to hear. Sounds like they are discussing acne cream and not game.

Back in the bedroom McManda, Spencer, Andy, Helen are discussing (sounds like the MVP). Someone says "she was lying about it". Helen says she asked Elissa if she got it and they decide it's America voting for the 3rd nom. They say "America, this week the MVP is you" {amazing, they got that practically word for word}

Discussion about Season 1...McCrae says Will won season 1 and 2 but different Will's {wrong, Eddie won Season 1 if I recally correctly and Will Kirby won Season 2} Andy wants to know how it worked and McCrae says America voted...or maybe they didn't.

Spencer explains that two HG's were nominated and then America voted. General discussion about Season one.

Conversation switches and Amanda asks McCrae if she will be a good parent.

BB interrupts to tell Amanda and Kaitlin to change their batteries.

Helen says she is going to "lie back down until..."

Spencer mumbles something about drawing players...Andy asks if anyone went to the DR yet and nobody replies.

Everyone is just lying there lost in thought.

Amanda comes back and says "she" was freaking out yesterday...not sure when "she" went to DR.

{not sure who she is talking about...could be Elissa because she was getting really upset that BB hadn't told her she had the MVP yet}

Amanda snuggles back in bed and everyone is just sitting and staring!

8:56am BB Time

Bedroom: someone asks about DR (muffled from under covers)

Andy says he has "no idea..they are building something right" (or something like that..conv is very hard to hear this morning)

HOH Room: Judd is assuring Jessie she is not on her radar. Judd says don't tell Spencer. Jessie says why does she want Spencer...then says Howard, out so bad. Jessie says "she's not even HOH" {must be talking about Amanda}.

Jessie is doing make up in bed. Someone comes in and asks to use the bathroom (didn't see who it was).

Andy comes in and asks how Jessie slept last night and she said "terrible". Andy asks if she ever got good sleep in there (have not room) and she says yes. Andy says hopefully it was just a fluke. Jessie says she prob needs to take some more Advil.

BB asks Kaitlin (2nd time) to change her batteries.

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Guest 6Borders

9:02am BB Time HOH Room

Spencer says he is ready for this veto. Judd comes back in,,,says it's cold in here and Spencer says not as cold as the have not room.

Discussion about something organic in Judd's HOH basket and berries, tea leaves...Spencer is sure they can come up with a recipe from all that.

Spencer asks Jessie if she slept ok, she says no. Spencer tells her she was talking in her sleep.

Andy jokes that she game the order of how she wanted ppl to leave the house in her sleep.

Jessie collects her hair items to head downstairs.

Spencer says they could do sit on the living room couch. Andy complains that BB tells them to get up and ready and then they don't do anything until noon. Andy says he's really nervous about the MVP and if America is voting its nerve-wracking because they don't know how they are portrayed. Andy says "or else if could just be Elissa and she is lying about it" Spencer says that's more likely but she did lie about it for the last 3 weeks. Spencer says it was awfully odd that she guessed the twist.

Spencer and Andy discuss who is liked in the house (by America). Spencer says Andy is probably well liked...Andy says I don't know because I never talk strategy in the DR {BB must be otherwise occupied because there is no reminder not to talk about production}

Discussion about it will get easier to sleep in the Have Not Room

McCrae says this is so weird, Elissa is so weird. Andy thinks it's weird that last night Elissa was freaking out, then went to the DR and was fine. Judd says she was laughing and saying "you'll find out...hehehehe". Judd says if she is working against him there is no reason to keep her there.

Andy says all night Elissa was grilling everyone about what they talked about in DR and now she seems fine. Judd thinks it was strange. They say they will just have to wait. Judd asks Andy if Elissa said anything to him and he said just that she said she didn't have it (MVP).

Andy says he is tempted to go to Helen and say "Elissa told me she got it". Judd says he will do and and Andy says it might be risky...Judd says why would it be risky?. Spencer says if America is the MVP it would have been announced. He is speculating that if they play MVP and America votes for someone who is nominated does America vote real quick. Andy {correctly} says it would be the next highest votes. Spencer says how far does it go...down to the 4th highest votes...that's a little ridiculous.

Discussion turns to shoes and that it feels good in here (HOH) right now, and temperatures in the house.

9:15am BB Time

Just general ADL's and chit chat

Howard is showering and Candace is whispering to him but there is no way to hear the conversation over the water.

BB tells Candace to put on her mic {better late than never}

Back in the HOH room Judd is listening to his CD 9or trying to)...Spencer says the MVP thing is weird.

Lots of yawning going on.

Howard and Candace are still whispering at the shower. I can't hear and BB tells Candace not to obstruct her mic

{obviously this is a lost conversation to eavesdrop on}

9:22am BB Time FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

9:26am BB Time

Judd is talking to Elissa. She says something about them doing something to screw with them. Judd says what would they have done and do you know something and you just can't say?

BB tells Elissa to put on her mic

Elissa whispers something that sounds like "they tell me everything and I helped produce the show" {if that's what she said she better be kidding}

Judd says he's been really nice to her...want so know why she's acting so bizarre. He says every time he asks her something she smiles...she says she's just excited to find out what the twist is.

Judd says "I'm just disappointed in you"

Elissa says she can't help it...just can't {she's got a cat swallowed the canary expression on her face so if I were in the house I would be suspicious too -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:31am BB Time

Judd leaves the bedroom and heads for the kitchen for coffee. Jessie is cleaning (again).

Camera switches to the HOH Spencer is listening to Judd's CD.

Helen is making beds and Aaryn is fixing food in the kitchen

McManda are still in bed. McCrae says he needs to wake up.

Judd comes in and tells McManda that Elissa is pissing him off. He said she is always smiling and he told her that if she is not taking this seriously he will have to backdoor her. Judd says he is trying to get a normal or serious reaction out of her. Judd says why would be be excited and smiling from ear to ear??

BB calls McCrae to the DR.

Amanda whispers something to Andy but I can't hear them (too much noise from the kitchen).

Andy says we'll just see when the 3rd nom comes in. Andy tells Amanda he wants to walk up to Helen and say Elissa has the MVP. Judd comes back in and ask Andy if he heard any of that...Andy says "she" (Elissa) is just acting weird and she has been since last night.

Judd and Andy leave. They say is it too late to backdoor Elissa and Judd says no and she's not giving him any choice.

BB tells Elissa to do something but the water is running so I missed it.

9:38am BB Time HOH:

Judd tells Spencer that Elissa is freaking him out. Spencer says there is something shady going on and it has "something to do with those 4 and the MVP"

Judd says if Aaryn takes herself off he will put Elissa up and backdoor her.

Judd relates his conversation with Elissa..Spencer says "dude it's fine with me"

Spencer says whoever wins it and pulls theirselves off or if one of their allies or Judd wins it do the same thing and then Aaryn will owe them.

Spencer says last night he was going over senarios and was thinking McCrae because Amanda would go nuts.

Judd says if Elissa gets MVP she will come after him. Spencer would like to see her walk. Judd says he wouldn't...he's friends with her. Spencer relates his conv. with McManda about Elissa's MVP and that the Elissa camp says they don't have to tell him shit. Spencer says they think you are an idiot and they control you like a puppet.

Spencer tells Judd Howard has your back.

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9:03am BBT: hg are up and getting ready for the pov comp . Andy and Jessie and Judd in hoh talking about sweet tea and organic tea. Mccrae and amanda laying in bed not talking.

9:07am BBT: elissa and Judd in str. Judd asking her if she got mvp she says no maybe america got it this time i dont know then judd leaves and goes to dr. spencer and andy in hoh rm talking about the pov comp andy wants them to hurry up and play it.

9:12am BBT: spencer, judd and andy in hoh talking about the mvp nominee. spencer says i think if america was voting they would have told us and announced it so you couldnt retaliate against america .he says we did our nominations yesterday so if it was america i think we would have known yesterday. in the wa downstairs candice and Aaryn are doing their hair and makeup getting ready for the day.

9:20am BBT: Judd was whispering to spencer saying jessie was mad about something amanda said then judd gets up and says he has to go down to the str and see if the pepto bimol is there yet.jessie is in kt cleaning and aaryn in kt eating. Howard is in the shower and candice is doing her hair. judd now goes to color rm and tells ginamarie and kaitlin to get up and get ready they say we are ready we are just resting and we get foth.

9:25am BBT: Judd and Elissa talking and judd says are you with me she says yeah he says you aint lying to me then she says no i dont have mvp i dont know whats going on.elissa says everyone keeps asking me things i dont know about.jessie is cleaning the kt and talking about making slop.

9:28am BBT: judd is telling elissa that he hasnt ever said anything mean or hateful to her and wants to know why she is treating him this way. she says i like you but i dont know any more than you do i am just excited Judd says about what she says about this twist to see what it is. Judd says i am dissapointed in you. elissa says why i havent done anything. judd doesnt say anything

9:32am BBT: judd is now in kt getting coffee he says i cant pour this coffee pot.jessie says judd you crack me up. he says about what? she says you been on slop for a week and aaryn is cooking it up and you opt for a cup of coffee. he says i dont eat alot of breakfast.judd goes to talk to amanda and mccrae and says elissa is making him mad cuz she isnt taking all this serious and it is important to the rest of us.

9:39am BBT: judd goes back to hoh rm and tells spencer that elissa is freaking him out. spencer says dude something is going on. judd says i hate to do it but i might have to i asked her what was going on and she told me i am a mole in here. spencer says dude thats fine with me you do it.spencer says whoever wins pov and have them pull themselves off and put elissa up and they will owe you. judd says i might have to pull aaryn off and put elissa up. spencer says man lastnight i was thinking mccrae and break up amanda and mccrae but dude you do what you want this is your hoh.

9:47am BBT:in the lounge rm helen and jessie are talking about andy and others being mad at howard . andy comes in the rm and talk stops. jessie leaves to go get coffee.andy says what was that about helen says she was nervouse and i was telling them you have to trust people on your side.

9:50am BBT:back in the hoh rm judd and spencer still talking about things that are told to you as hoh. Judd says this hoh is everyones so eat what ya want take a shower listen to music do whatever you want.Judd now goes to the bathroom saying his stomach is so upset today. spencer lays on the bed waiting for judd to come back out.

9:54am BBT: jessie, andy, helen and candice all in the cockpit tslking about jeremy leaving. helen says i did jeremy for the house everyone was happy about it and i didnt want jeremy here for another week winning comps and everything. candice says yeah.helen says people told me things i didnt even want to know but i stick it back in my brain. candice asking if elissa got mvp and helen says not that i know of and she tells me everything.

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Guest 6Borders

9:51am BB Time

It's panic and paranoia in the BB House this morning.

Helen is relating her conv. with Judd yesterday..tells Andy as of yesterday am Judd was going to put her up because of stuff Aaryn/Kaitlin said.

Helen is expounding on the key to being HOH..says you can't believe everything people tell you, it's amazing, people tell you things you don't want to hear.

Candace asks if Elissa has MVP, Helen says as far as she knows no and that Elissa has guessed and Helen thinks she is right that America will vote. More discussion about how they are portrayed. Helen has to explain that it will be the next highest votes if the highest votes are for ppl already on the block.

Candace can't wrap her brain around it...says America doesn't know who is nominated.

Helen says it's scary that this twist might stay and then "we" can't control the game.

Candace is saying she has not been the most positive person in the DR...they are scared about the twist.

They speculate that maybe Elissa was not told (she had MVP) until this morning. Andy relates Elissa was very anxious before her DR and she was normal afterwards.

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Guest 6Borders

10am BB Time

Discussion about Elissa will have to rediscover herself in the game and the MVP was her lifeline. Helen says she needed the MVP so it gave everyone a chance to love her. Helen still think they might tell Elissa this morning.

Discussion about the after-effects of yesterdays comp. Helen just wants the BY open so she can run for an hour.

Candace hopes she gets to play, Andy says he hopes he doesn't so he can host.

Andy does not understand why BB wakes them up so early. Helen says it's because the girls take forever to get ready.

Helen says "we are at their beck and call"

Judd is called to DR and Helen says "here we go...now it's time".

Helen says Elissa only told her she had MVP the 2nd week and Elissa will hear ppl out but does her own picking {wrong} and that she's picked well.

Andy and Candace whisper they think Elissa really did get MVP. They are worried Elissa will put up Howard.

Andy says he hopes it's not me, or you or anyone I like {that would be just about everyone in the house with Andy}

Andy is really hoping he will host.

Candace says "something really weird is going on" and Andy says he feels out of the loop.

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Guest 6Borders

10:08am BB Time

Religion talk between Helen and Elissa in the kitchen and general sillyness that Elissa could be Jewish, married to Amanda's brother, wrinkles and calling in Dr. Will (for some botox).

HOH room: Helen is lecturing Jessie (it's hard to hear with the water running). It sounds like the same old rehash about Jeremy, Judd's noms....!

Color Bedroom: GM, Candace,Howard and either Jessie or Kait; discussing noms/votes...GM says she's "over it",,,they say one person doesn't get any votes.

GM says if they still had MVP it would be nice..ppl would have their families etc to vote for them and someone different would get it every week.

GM says once "that thing is over everyone's eyes are going to bugg out"

Candace says America could be the MVP...GM says 3 on the block is just too much.

Candance thinks it might be a double eviction.

Lots of silence going on today.

10:17am BB Time

Candace asks GM how she handles stress in her life...GM says she doesn't have any, she has a happy life and happy friends...says she doesn't make a lot of money {wait until she gets out and finds she isn't making any}.

Candace says she travels. General chit chat.

HOH Room:

Helen is saying she never wants to eat frozen yogurt again. McCrae (I think) says he calls it "frogurt"

Discussion about McCrae's shoes.

McCrae says he hopes he gets picked...he wants the chum bath so bad. Helen asks what chum is and is told it's chopped up fish guts and says ewwwwwww. They hope it's a comp with prizes.

10:20am BB Time BB announced they are not allowed to talk about production

General talk about disgusting food comps.

10:24am Brief FOTH

HOH Room:

Andy is nervous waiting for POV, Helen discusses if BB is more like Chess or Poker. McCrae says a combination of both.

Helen is pitching playing cards to BB. Spencer says he never plays cards and Helen says she will teach him {when does she have time for all this at home???} Helen is explaining different board and card games.

10:30am BB Time FOTH

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10:02am BBT:judd is pacing back and forth in the house and stops to talk to mccrae . judd is telling mccrae he doesnt know why elissa is acting the way she is acting. mccrae says put her up. Judd is now being called to the dr.
10:05am BBT: helen says did judd just get called to the dr? candice says yeah and helen says i am gonna go sit on the couch cuz i think it is fixen to happen.(pov picking players for comp) elissa is cooking and jessie is washing dishes and amanda making food.
10:08am BBT: amanda and helen and elissa in kt talking about different religions and the difference between judisum and christians.
10:11am BBT:helen and jessie in hoh bathroom talking about jeremy being the target last week and that it didnt matter that he was the target and amanda was mad that i wouldnt put up howard but the target was jeremy. helen says if your hoh you take out who you want to take out.helen says tell judd he needs to do what is best for his game.
10:15am BBT: ginamarie laying in color rm floor talking to candice as kaitlin sleeps in the bed about the pov comp and how many people are left. candice says we have 13 people left and only 9 weeks left in the game so i am just worried.jessie comes down from hoh and goes to have not rm to change clothes.helen and spencer are on the hoh bed talking mccrae enters now and ask whats up. helen says didnt the frozen yogurt taste bad yesterday, Mccrae says it was gross, helen says i hope the pov comp is questions today.
10:21am BBT: helen and mccrae talking about eating the flavord frozen yogurt yesterday and how gross it was. mccrae wants to play in the pov for prizes and wants to take a chum bath. helen says what is chum. mccrae and spencer tell her it is fish guts like they use to attract sharks. helen says gross i almost wish i hadnt asked. andy comes in and they talk about gross things they had to eat on fear factor.
10:24am BBT: amanda and arryn in kt talking to elissa as she washes dishes.they are talking about jewish and greek weddings. elissa went to a jewish wedding and how they stomp on glasses to break them.
10:30am BBT: judd comes out of the dr and yells i need everyone to gather in the livingroom. they ask is it time to pick players for the veto comp and judd says yeah and we get foth.

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Guest 6Borders

10:47 am BB Time

The feeds are back.

GM is saying she totally believes (whatever happened happened). She's rambling on and someone (I think Kait) tells her to just shut up (actually stronger words)

Helen, Candace, Howard are consoling Elissa. Howard says it doesn't matter...just have fun in the comp.

Helen is saying something I can't hear and BB tells her to put on her mic.

Candace is hugging Elissa...Elissa says she's not surprised.

Lounge: Aaryn is telling Amanda she will do anything this week.

Aaryn is freaking about having to win the veto because otherwise they will find a way to vote her off.

Aaryn is saying America thinks she is egotistical {well, that's not exactly what America thinks about you}

McCrae says he is convinced "she got it" (Elissa MVP?)...{it's going to take a while to sort out what really just happened}

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10:49am BBT: helen is hugging elissa in the chair rm candice comes in an mccrae comes in.andy and amanda in cockpit talking.andy tells amanda you cant use it and amanda says yeah. mccrae and amanda now in cockpit. amanda says do you think elissa nominated herself? mccrae says she wouldnt do that.
10:52am BBT: arryn comes in cockpit and tells amanda and mccrae and says who is mvp and put her up she will think i did it and i will go home. amanda says no you wont win pov. aaryn says who won mvp and put her up?
10:56am BBT: candice is telling elissa it is ok you have a good life outside the house but you are still here and you have to sit and be quiet and pray about it but you wont go home. helen comes in and says its ok you arent going home everyone in here loves you you wont go home.

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Guest 6Borders

10:57 am BB Time

Kait and Judd in the HOH. Kait says this is going to sound stupid but she would have worn heels if she knew she was going on...she would have been way more dressed up. Kait says "can the MVP put themselves up?" and Judd says I guess.

Kait says she knows the twist or why would she have put herself up? {sounds like America put Elissa on the block}

GM comes in to HOH and says Elissa thinks GM got MVP. GM says she went to hug everyone and Elissa tells her not to touch her and told GM "you put me up". GM said Elissa said she just wants to go home cos everyone puts her up all the time. Kait says she thinks Elissa put herself up to prove to ppl she didn't have MVP. Kait says did you see Jess/Candaces faces when Elissa went up...they looked like she was going to cry.

Kait says Aaryn doesn't have a chance of winning veto.

They say if McCrae wins veto he will take Elissa off. Kait repeats that Elissa would have been much more dressed up...GM says, no, it's an act.

Kait thinks Howard has the MVP, GM says it's gotta be Elissa...Judd says maybe it is America and they say that would never happen, that she is the star of the show and America wouldn't nominate her. GM says everytime she is up there she never gets voted out. Judd says he needs to apologize to Elissa.

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Guest 6Borders

11:05am BB Time

Spencer and Elissa discussing who put her up. Elissa thinks MVP was Howard...Spencer says Howard would have told him.

Kait tells Elissa if she had MVP she would have told Elissa.

GM comes in and tells Elissa she has not f'ing idea. Elissa thinks it was Aaryn...she says she's obsessed with my family.

GM is telling Elissa how much she likes her and that she's never stabbed anyone in the back and never will.

GM tells Elissa every time she goes on the block everyone has her back and saves her. GM and Kait both swear to God it was not them.

Lounge: Amanda is now talking backdoor Kaitlin.

Andy tells McCrae if you win it just don't change it.

Amanda says either GM, Kait or Aaryn put up Elissa...Judd says it was not GM, she would have been jumping up and down all day (if she got MVP)

Andy wonders if the MVP is in the house..they say America would never put her up. They think Elissa put herself up...say that would be a brilliant move. Amanda says it is "most valuable player" and McCrae says it's most popular player.

McCrae thinks Elissa would have consulted with someone and someone else would know.

Amanda is back on why Elissa was so weird before her DR yesterday, so calm after, and different this morning...says Elissa has to know something.

Amanda says if America did vote for a special power you know who would get it....McCrae says if she did get one she would not be able to talk about it.

McCrae thinks Aaryn got MVP! Lots of back and forth speculation on every senario possible.

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11:10AM BBT - Judd, Kaitlin, Gina & Elissa are talking about Elissa being on the block. Kaitlin thinks the twist gave Aaryn a special power (Aaryn mentioned it the day before) and wonders why Aaryn, of all people, would be given a power over everyone else. And Aaryn's special power must have given her the power to nominate Elissa.

11:13AM BBT - Judd assures Elissa she's not going home. They wonder if Howard is MVP, but they dismiss this. Kaitlin is afraid if Aaryn wins veto, she'll go home. Judd says then he'll have to backdoor whomever the target is. Elissa suggests Howard.

11:15AM BBT - Aaryn comes in; the group breaks up and only Kaitlin and Gina remain. Feeds switch to SR with Judd, Helen and Elissa. Helen tells Judd if she wins POV, she'll do what he wants her to do. Judd says take Elissa off and see who the MVP nominates as the replacement nom. Helen leaves, Andy comes in. Judd apologizes to Elissa, he was mad at her because he thought she was lying to him earlier. Andy says it has to be Aaryn who is MVP. Both Judd and Andy say it's not MVP. Elissa says Julie said to expect the unexpected, so maybe that's how Aaryn got it. Elissa says Gina swore on the bible. Elissa says she knew she was going up. Andy says they have the numbers to keep her, she's not going home.

11:19AM BBT - Aaryn tells Amanda and Judd she'll swear on anything they want that she did not get MVP and put Elissa up. She says she hasn't lied yet in this house, why start now? She tells everyone everything, that's why she's in trouble. Amanda believes her. Amanda tells Aaryn she or Kaitlin HAVE to win the veto.

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Guest 6Borders

Judd, Helen and Elissa in the storeroom: they think Aaryn or Howard got the MVP

They say as long as Aaryn doesn't get the POV they are good. Elissa says GM swore on the Bible to Elissa that she didn't put her up. Elissa said "I knew I was going up anyway". Andy asks why she would think that. He tells her as long as Aaryn doesn't win POV it doesn't matter.

Andy is sooo excited he gets to host the POV. GM teases him that he's going to suck at hosting.

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