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Tuesday, July 9 Live Feed Updates


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12:07 AM BBT Talk turns to cellulite between Gina and Aaryn. Meanwhile back in the HNR Elissa and Helen are chatting as Elissa puts on makeup. Helen says if she (Elissa) makes it to the end how awesome would that be because of the target she has on her back. Talk turns to Evel. Elissa says Evel was smart and manipulative. Jeremy isn't either of those things. Feeds are beginning to freeze up on me. Aaryn and Gina head up into HoH acting silly. Back down in the HNR Elissa is continuing to get ready (for a DR?).

12:15 AM BBT Back in the HoH Gina tells Aaryn that Howard asked her about why Kaitlin was being mopey today. Aaryn tells Gina that the next time she gets HoH Kaitlin is going on the block. She's over it. Gina asks if there's a chance they can make amends. Aaryn doubts it. Jessie comes in brushing her teeth and game talk stops. Down in the HNR Helen can't wait to sleep in a bed. Either can Elissa. She leaves the room and flips the light off for Helen. Feeds switch to the KT where Kaitlin, Jessie, and Nick are. Kaitlin wishes she stayed in bed. She's bored. Jeremy is ready for bed. Elissa walks in and takes a seat at the counter, talking to Kaitlin briefly.

12:21 AM BBT Jeremy asks Kaitlin if she's ready to play pool. He leaves. Kaitlin begins filling a cup with water and he walks out. Elissa asks Kaitlin if she's ever dated someone like Jeremy before. Kaitlin says she's never dated someone like him before and clarifies that they're not dating. Kaitlin says he has about 8 years to grow up first. Aaryn and Gina wander downstairs. Elissa asks Gina if they got wine. Gina says no. Elissa says she hopes they get it tomorrow. Jessie comes in and asks Elissa about tea that's in the house. Elissa says BB bought it for everyone. Elissa offers to help her make it because it's loose tea. Feeds switch to Andy and Gina in the colorful room with Andy helping her attach her extensions. Andy apologizes for farting (I almost fell out of my chair...he was so polite when he did it).

#BB15 12:27 AM BBT Feeds switch to Jeremy and Kaitlin playing pool. Jeremy says he's lost focus. Kaitlin asks for explanation. Jeremy says he just lost focus. He says she makes him loose focus and puts his stick up and heads inside. Kaitlin says "really?" Feeds switch back to Elissa and Jessie making tea in the KT. Elissa whispers to Jessie asking her if she's going to vote out Nick and Jessie says yes. Elissa whispers that he had to go some time. Elissa called to DR. Feeds switch to BY where Kaitlin and Nick are playing pool and chatting.

12:33 AM BBT Talk between Nick and Kaitlin about Jeremy waking her up and then going in to go to bed. Talk turns to Kaitlin being a bartender and the late shifts that she works. Nick says his roomie was a bartender and he did it once but he was awful at it. Nick proceeds to tell a story about "Toshie" and his bar that was shady. He got a job that he knew he would be able to get because the guy and his place was shady. The story goes that he got behind one night and was trying to pop caps off bottles and he did like three bottles in a row and on the third one he managed to break the top off the bottle and slice his finger up. They both love the work because of the money but regardless Nick is bad at it.

12:46 AM BBT Out in the hammock the crew are doing impressions of (...otherwise known as making fun of) their housemates. Including themselves. Back in the house Helen is walking into the WA.

12:49 AM BBT Feeds switch to Gina and Judd playing pool with Spencer, (Jessie and Andy?) sitting on the couch. Back on the hammock general HG/production chatting going on.

12:53 AM BBT McCrae says he'd flirt with a gay guy. Amanda and Aaryn laughs. Amanda wonders who he is. McCrae says says free drinks are free drinks. The problem is gay guys are usually prim and proper so they don't buy him drinks. Talk turns to practicing for upcoming trivia that may get asked in HoH (Of the HG who would America say is the hottest). Aaryn keeps trying to steer the game into "Would you rather?"

12:58 AM BBT Gina and Judd continue playing pool. Back in the hammock they suggest to play a different game because feelings are getting hurt (America apparently would find Gina a better housewife than Amanda and someone else would have better hair than McCrae).

01:02 AM BBT Feeds switch to Nick and Jessie chatting in the darkened colorful room about working in the NE. Howard grabs Nick and they head into the cockpit to talk. Nick says they're talking about him being on the block. Howard says Jeremy and he are getting worried that Amanda may figure it out. Howard says McCrae thinks he can control Amanda. Howard says he told McCrae that Amanda is using him and it's fine for her to talk game without him around but he can't talk game when she's not around. Howard says he walked in on the girls talking earlier and they dispersed. There's mic static/interference which is making it difficult to hear. Howard says 7 people are going to vote to keep Nick.

01:12 AM BBT Back and forth between Nick and Howard (again, very difficult to understand due to mic static/interference) and Nick goes onto tell Howard what he told Andy earlier in regards to throwing a bit of a smoke screen up by telling him that he hangs out with a group of 5 people in the house including Kaitlin and Jeremy. Brief FoTH. Feeds back. Jeremy called to DR. Howard says Amanda has to go no next week. Both agree that if they get HoH they have to get her out. Nick says his problem is right now that he has to get into a situation where he can build trust with people. For the first time in 17 days he is talking game in the house. Andy asked who he would put up if he won HoH. Nick told him Candice and Howard. People are getting close to their room so Nick switches position so it looks less like they were whispering and talking game.

01:17 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY Helen, Spencer, Judd, and Andy are chatting. Talk turns to bed assignments tomorrow night after their restrictions are lifted. Judd wants to share a bed with Jessie. Spencer tells Andy he's an alright dude but he doesn't want to share a bed with him. Andy agrees. Back in the cockpit Nick is building trust over the next two days. Nick says Andy will go wherever the power goes.

01:22 AM BBT Spencer walks in and tells Howard that he told someone that he was studying his bible. Nick tells them to switch. Nick tells Spencer that they are discussing him being on the block. Nick explains to Spencer that he's building trust with the house. Spencer tells him he has nothing to fear about going home this week. Nick knows but he wants to make sure that it's a landslide victory. Nick says he's going around telling everyone that he's playing fake game. He's acting like he's a part of Blondetourage without directly saying it. He says they think that anyway.

01:31 AM BBT Spencer and Nick have continued to whisper game in the cockpit. Nick says the Blondetourage knows he's scheduling time to chat with him about being on the block but when it comes to MC they're talking MC stuff. Talk is going back and forth. Nick says Andy will follow the power. Talk turns to Amanda getting way too close to discovering the truth about the boy's alliance. Spencer says McCrae told him today he doesn't want Amanda going home yet because she's going to be in trouble with her boyfriend which leads Spencer to think he's too emotionally involved with her.

01:37 AM BBT The hammock crew comes running into the house shouting at the top of their lungs. Back in the cockpit Spencer and Nick continues to discuss how they can further MC. Amanda and Aaryn have to go. A male comes in and Nick says Spencer and he should switch, that they're caught up. They agree that if anyone asks that Nick was just talking to Spencer, trying to make a deal and telling him about his family. Spencer says Amanda may follow McCrae when he comes into the cockpit.

01:44 AM BBT Elsewhere in the house. Jeremy pulls Kaitlin into the LR to tell her that she's been negative for a few days and it's draining. That's why he left mid-pool game on her earlier. BB calls McCrae to DR. Back in the cockpit Spencer tells Nick Andy is cool but he just has to feel safe. Nick says the numbers for the vote are much too close to keep him this week. Spencer knows and if the roles were reversed he'd be just as stressed. They rehash that they need to get Amanda out. Spencer thinks Aaryn going home first would make it easier to get Amanda out.

01:50 AM BBT Meanwhile back in the LR Jeremy continues to try to calm Kaitlin telling her the game is messing with her head and she needs to relax a bit. They kiss. Back in the cockpit Spencer and Nick continue to whisper evaluating the house and the HGs (nothing new, just rehashed from previous conversations).

01:55 AM BBT Nick says Gina should go soon as well. Spencer asks when will he be ready to do it? Nick says tomorrow. Preferably before jury because then he can run to whatever alliance will take him in because he will be alone. Talk turns back to McCrae and Amanda again.

01:59 AM BBT Feeds switch to the BY where a majority of the HGs are sitting around chatting about the various things that have been said that are borderline racist/derogatory in the house. Feeds switch to Aaryn and Gina sitting in the HoH watching the spy screen (Amazing feed work there. Go BB go!)

02:03 AM BBT Feeds switch back to Nick and Spencer breaking up their meeting. Nick tells him to close the door and leave him locked in there. Meanwhile back in the LR Kaitlin and Jeremy are chatting. Gina and Aaryn enters the cockpit and talk to Nick. Aaryn asks Nick how his chat with Spencer went. Nick says Spencer beat around the bush and he can't really get a good read on him ever. Aaryn thinks he doesn't want Nick to tell Elissa that she's going home. Nick says that's a good idea.

02:14 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda are in a darkened bedroom. Amanda complains that she hasn't been touched today. She tried kissing him 4 times. He kisses her now. Meanwhile feeds switch to a darkened HoH room with Jeremy and Aaryn. Jeremy is saying he talked to Kaitlin today and told her to try and keep her cool. People are going to talk about 'it'. Aaryn is tired of talking about it. Aaryn thinks McCrae and Amanda are legit and she wants to work with them. Jeremy thinks so to. McCrae tells him that every time he sees him.

02:26 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk has turned to how they can't complain about their lives right now because BB is great. "We get alcohol when we're good...we get to play games..." Jeremy says one year he only earned $11,000 and he's earned almost half of that already. Down in the BY bandanna balls continues.

02:35 AM BBT Bandanna ball continues in the BY with Nick, and Judd playing and Gina officiating. Other HGs can be heard chatting on the couch. Feeds 3 and 4 show Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin sleeping in the HoH bed together.

02:46 AM BBT Bandanna ball ongoing in the BY with Howard, Andy and Spencer watching. Judd wins.

02:49 AM BBT Candice was also outside as well, laying down on the couch. They decide to head in and go to bed for the night. Nick is pouring himself a bowl of cereal. Judd is disappointed that everyone is heading to bed. Howard says he can't take a 6 hour nap during the day like Judd does. Judd says he doesn't take naps.

02:53 BBT Spencer tells everyone goodnight. Candice and Howard head off to bed shortly thereafter. Gina is doing nightly ADLs and Judd is trying to clean a red scuff mark off his shoe. In the KT Nick is finishing off his bowl of cereal.

03:01 AM BBT Judd whispers to Nick and asks how he feels. Nick says he feels better now but he's going to finish talking to people today and then probably talk to everyone one more time before the eviction. Nick washes his bowl out and heads in to the WA to brush his teeth.

03:09 AM BBT Gina starts to come inside and Nick says he was just about to head out. He asks if he wants to sit and chat for a bit. They sit on the couch in the BY. He tells Gina great job today. Nick says he doesn't know what he's going to say to McCrae and Amanda today when he talks to them. Gina starts coaching him telling him to praise McCrae for his competitions and that he'll have his back.

03:17 AM BBT Gina and Nick move to the hammock so Gina can watch the backdoor. Gina starts coaching Nick about how Amanda and McCrae work as a pair and how Amanda knows a lot about the game.

03:23 AM BBT Nick is talking to Gina about a conversation he had with Jessie earlier and mentions that he's going to to stay in Manhattan and Gina acts surprised. Nick tries to cover his tracks a bit by saying he doesn't want to live there for the next 10 years. Gina doesn't seem impressed. Nick says he was thinking he could stay in the tri-state area. Talk turns to different places to live.

03:28 AM BBT Gina continues coaching Nick on how to deal with Amanda and McCrae. Jessie gets up to use the WA. She comes outside and sits down next to the hammock and says "Oh my gawd...I had the craziest dream ever that woke me up..." Nick and Gina try to hurry the story along telling her that they're fading fast. Nick seems to be laying on the niceness thick to Jessie "Is this real? This dream sounds so crazy!" FoTH (The dream was about an ex-crush or something making out with someone and some other <r word>. She was using names and/or it's possible she may not have her mic on.

03:34 AM BBT Feeds back briefly with the story apparently over. Nick asks for guy's name once more (Tark?) and we go back to FoTH.

03:37 AM BBT Feeds back and Jessie is back inside. Gina tells Nick that Jessie wants to always be the center of attention. Gina says Jessie tried talking to McCrae about what'll happen when Amanda gets voted out and Amanda put that in check quickly.

03:45 AM BBT Gina telling Nick about why Aaryn hates Kaitlin (because she can't win anything) and is annoyed with Jeremy because he is so cocky and refuses to talk to her about it.

03:55 AM BBT Gina continues to coach Nick on the (gossipy) politics of the house. Gina asks Nick how he can look at her without wanting to kiss her. Nick says they can't because they don't want to turn into Amanda and McCrae. Nothing like a little awkward one sided flirting to finish this night off. They agree to head to bed. Gina is going to go pee first.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @jewelk: @mortystv Gina again uses the N word. ---It's getting to the point that it doesn't even register any more!

04:00 AM BBT Nick and Gina are crawling into bed. We should have four cams on sleeping HGs momentarily.

04:30 AM BBT We've had snoozing HGs for about 30 minutes now.

04:48 AM BBT We've had sleeping HGs on all four feeds for just over 50 minutes now. On that note we'll call it a night. Have a great day everyone.

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7:15am BBT sleeping HGs... Yesterday Howard observed the house goes 2 or 3 days non-stop, then the HGs need a day to sleep in/recover. Today may be that day... let's see when they wake up this morning...

7:53am BBT We have our first HG awake today... it's Helen, who is up to use the WC... and then goes back to the HN room and lays down again...

8:30am BBT We have BB music playing, not wake up music and we don't have FOTH on the feeds and the HGs aren't budging...

9:00am BBT Still have this BB music playing on the feeds(and in my head-if you have the feeds you know what I mean!) Howard is up and in the WA, will see if he stays up...

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Guest 6Borders

8:10AM BB Time

We have some restless stirring under a few covers but otherwise it's all quiet on the Western BB Front.

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Guest 6Borders

8:32am BB Time

We have music but I can still see everyone in bed...maybe the FOTH screen is broken!!

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Guest 6Borders

9am BB Time

I must have something wrong with my feeds because I never got FOTH Fish, just all feeds of everyone still sleeping, and the BB Theme song we have all come to know and hate!

Howard got up to use the bathroom and (I guess) went back to bed.

Someone (looks like GinaMarie from the bed she's in) is stirring and looking dangerously close to falling that {that would start my BB morning right...lol}

Stirring in the Have Not Room as well but nobody looks promising for getting up just yet!

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Guest 6Borders

9:20am BBT

I am finally getting fish...could BB actually be getting ready to wake them up????

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Guest 6Borders

9:37am BB Time

Good Morning BB Fans. We (finally) have ignition in the BB House.

Helen is sorting something in the Have Not Room and then goes to (I think) the storage room, Spencer and Andy are on the hammock!

Andy is talking a mile-a-minute...same old stuff..."are you really going for Candace" "am I dead weight"...says GM is honest with Andy but Jeremy is such a hot-head...Andy says it's just soooo stupid to get rid of Elissa right now and get rid of a guaranteed vote {how many times has a "safety-net..guaranteed we can get rid of that person" sat you on the Sit 'n Cry Couch next to Julie???..as a former skater it's called the "Kiss 'n Cry area" but Julie shakes hands so I call it like it is...-6Borders}

Spencer says Jeremy is so sure he's going go get MVP...Andy says yesterday Jess and Helen, who cleaned every dish in the kitchen, and Jeremy walks in and set his dirty dish on the counter..it's all driving Andy nuts, he knows he needs to get his emotions in check but...I know I know and if this MVP think sticks we all have a chance of making it so far.

More senarios at warp speed. Andy says if he votes to keep Elissa his head is on the block and everyone will be gunning for him...but at the same time (basically why not keep Elissa is the gist). Andy will vote with everybody...says he trusts everyone but doesn't know if he can...everyone is getting paranoid and he is the only one who isn't {Andy...dude try it from our end -6Borders}

Andy wants to go far with Spencer, Helen, Howard...why get rid of someone who is such a guaranteed vote...and we have FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

9:48am BB Time

Back and the talk is "why get Elissa out"

Andy says the way "they" treat Elissa (and ppl in general) makes him sick {me too but Andy is just looking for Rachel fans MVP votes for himself..personal opinion here}. Andy says he will cry during the live show if she gets voted out!

Andy is on the "Elissa is so bullied" campaign. Judd does not get why Candace is a target...Andy says he doesn't know either. Andy things Aaryn might be moveable because of the Jeremy/Kait thing and that Aaryn is trusting him a lot.

Andy is worried if they vote out Elissa he and (pretty much everyone else I guess) will get the brunt of it.

Andy says GM will be out for blood. Judd related Season 9 obsession (as the equivalent to what is going on)

Judd says you have to lie to people...Andy says this is our strength. Andy is on Jeremy wiping his butt with Elissa's hat.

Andy says what is your reservation about keeping Elissa. Spencer says something about the other side.

Andy is back on Elissa to stay. Spencer says he is not scared of Jeremy and Andy says then way not vote to keep Elissa.

Spencer says Jeremy does not intimidate him and Andy says he's not scared of Jeremy {oh really???} and is not scared to make this move against him {oh really times 16 HG's??}

Andy says they (the other side) is going to scramble once they realize (Andy & Co) are against them.

Talk is Jessie has no allegence..Andy says he just wants to shake her, says he had some one-on-one conv with Jessie.

Andy says if evil prevails he is going to be so sad.

10am BBTime we got to FOTH

Talk is how many times/how long Jeremy is in the DR.

Andy says it's no big deal that Elissa lied about being MVP...but Elissa tells Helen everything

Andy says Elissa told him that once she gets rid of all the people she wants gone she is fine with them (Andy, Helen, etc)

making Jury!

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Guest 6Borders

10:05am BB Time

Andy's paranoia train rolled in early this morning and is still full-steam ahead.

If Elissa leaves they will be gunning for him but if Elissa stays (and he's planning to vote for her to stay...last count)...

Andy gets out of the hammock to go find Howard!

10:07am BB Time

Jessie is relating another weird dream about College Station (that's in Texas by the way) and bunch of ice skaters and her mom was there and Jessie knew she (mom or Jessie..take your pick) would be hung over, and her mom sat down at the table and Jessie asks if she is hung over and Jessie orders 4 ice teas and they were just sitting there and whatever {I swear I did not make that up but I sure had a hard time following it and I have no idea what it means -6Borders}

10:10am BBTime

Jeremy is now in the hammock talking to Jessie...makes a typical "J remark" about helping her stretch and don't get your V in a knot...says he was sleeping with 2 girls way before this show {thanks for sharing that Jer}

Jessie is telling him about her "perfectness" {she said it I didn't and never would}

Jeremy is now telling about a dream he had about taking care of a Mexican boy who tells Jeremy he is going to be President and then his mom comes to pick the kid up and Jer starts "playing with her boobies"

{honestly I don't know what is going on with these people or how long I can keep updating these people before I get a certified Psychology Degree or become certifiable myself...-6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

10:16am BB Time

Andy and Howard in the lounge. Andy is back on if I vote Elissa out I am in the line of fire, but even if I go up Elissa will {they, at least Andy, are apparently assuming Elissa will be MVP for her entire time in the house and they can control the MVP vote and keeping Elissa gives them their "pawn for the season"} vote with them. Andy says they have gotten to put up whoever they wanted and gotten rid of who ever they wanted.

Andy wants to stand up against them for the way Elissa has been treated because no one should be treated like that {sorry Andy, nice guys finish last and rarely to Jury in the BB House}

10:21am BB Time

Back in the hammock Spence asks Jer if he really wiped his ass with Elissa's hat. Jer says he did. Spence says it shouldn't be a big deal since Jer had just gotten out of the shower.

Jeremy says two of our ppl are on the block and can't vote...Jer says if we all vote the way the house wants it puts a target on our back. Spencer says it's crystal clear. Jer says with 2 of our ppl on the block we lose numbers.

Jer sings the baby back ribs BBQ sauce song...BB eventually says stop singing {maybe the BBQ ppl are sponsors and don't mind???}

Jeremy is spotting Andy lifting weights. Andy says he's fine!

Helen is jogging in the BY

Jeremy asks if someone (Aaryn?) wants a bagel sandwich...she says something and Jer says "just an egg?"

Andy says "just keep thinking midnight tonite girl" (until they get off slop). They are going to start cooking pizza at 11:59pm

Aaryn tells Helen she is so small.

Helen says they are going to be eating (food fest) tonite.

Aaryn thinks there will not be have/have not but a food comp...14 ppl left

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10:01am BBT: arryn, kaitlyn and jeremy still sleeping in hoh rm. andy spencer and judd in by talking about voting out nick this week.

10:03am BBT: andy saying i am just worried that people will flip and i dont want that to happen.judd says i am just weighing out both options. andy says me too

10:06am BBT: jessie goes outside and looks for towels andy and judd say they think howard carried them all outside and started them washing lastnight. judd says there arent any on the bathroom and jessie says i didnt look.now jessie is telling about a dream she had about goinhg to college.

10:09am BBT: jeremy now up and joins everyone in the by on the hammock he says bb started waking them up at 7am this morning.andy now in the color rm changing his shoes.

10:14am BBT: howard and andy in lounge rm talking about maybe keeping elissa and andy says it makes him nervous to keep nick in this week.

10:26am BBT:judd and jeremy in kt. andy helen and arryn in by working out just general chat going on

10:36am BBT: judd is in the shower, andy in the wa talking to judd about taking a shower tonight when he can have a hot shower. helen still running in the by arryn working out in by.and jessie working out.

10:47am BBT: andy, jessie,and jeremy in kt jeremy is making food just general talk going on arryn on the elipptical and helen and howard running in by .

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#BB15 11:03 AM BBT Jeremy making scrambled eggs. IN the BY HG working out.

#BB15 11:10 AM BBT Aaryn, Judd and Andy talk about their childhood. Judd said that in school he wouold get paddled if misbehaved. Aaryn says that is horrible. Aaryn takls about a time that she almost got hit by a car for running when she wasn't supposed to. Says her parents really never got angry at her.

#BB15 11:17 AM BBT Andy and Helen are in the WA talking about kids names. Andy likes Harper, Rocco and Gideon. Helen likes traditional names.

#BB15 11:23 Aaryn in HOH telling Kaitlin that she was just told that Gina and Nick had a hook up last night. Aaryn says she doesn't believe Judd. Jeremy says that she (Gina) is a typical Austin girl. Austin girls are wierd.

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[Once again, had issues accessing the fan forums :(]

9:25AM BBT: Feeds were showing all the housemates sleeping and were playing the FotH music. Now it is a complete FotH.

9:45AM BBT: The feeds are back and some housemates are awake! Andy and Spencer are on the hammock chatting. Andy says there is a safety net with keeping Elissa. Andy says he woke up early to talk to Howard. He plans on picking his brain to see where he's at. Spencer says Jeremy is so sure he's going to get MVP. Andy says some things Jeremy does drives him crazy.

9:53AM BBT: Feeds go to FotH, and when they come back, Judd has joined Andy and Spencer by the hammock. Andy says he only knows about the hat issue was because he talked to Elissa right after producers talked to her. Andy says Jeremy might not be smart, but Aaryn is. Andy says that Aaryn might be moldable, she's already expressing concerns about Kaitlyn. He feels she's starting to trust him.

9:59AM BBT: Andy says he wants to trust Jessie so bad, but Judd and Spencer say no no. Judd says she has no allegiance. Andy wants to shake Jessie and say she's better than this. Andy says he feels they're at the cusp of Good vs Evil, and if evil prevails, he's going to be so sick next week.

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#BB15 11:39 AM BBT Helen and Andy talking in the WA about who has what votes. Helen says that they can go all the way with Aaryn. Talking about wining her over. Andy says it doesn't matter if they have Elissa.

#BB15 11:55 AM BBT Jessie and Jeremy in BY talking. Jessie asking Jeremy how long he will stay in Houston. He isn't sure. He has to finish school before he goes anywhere. He has 20 hours left of school. He is studying interpersonal communications.

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12:03pm BBT: jeremy in hoh telling arryn and kaitlyn that bb woke him up at 7am for a dr session. aaryn complaining about jeremy keeping her awake all night with his snoring.helen in kt cooking.

12:13pm BBT: arryn and jeremy talking in hoh. arryn says if they throw out bandanas and kaitlyn grabs them then i might as well quit cuz if i get one bad person on my team its over. jeremy said you had amanda on your team once already arryn says yeah thats true. arryn says if we dont win it qill suck. she says it will suck if she has to sleep in that airplane rm and take cold showers it will suck.

12:16pm BBT: jeremy says we got numbers and the only ones who arent with us is helen and andy. arryn says i got andy.jeremy says helen isnt no threat right now.so i aint worried. andy and howard and kaitlyn in kt kaitlyn is making food.

12:20pm BBT: kaitlyn ask helen what she is cooking , helen says slop muffins. jeremy and arryn in hoh jeremy saying he cant be around negative people he will drop them like fast he cant stand negativity.

12:24pm BBT:jarryn says she asked judd who he was with in the house if he was making any deals and judd told her that he wasnt making any deals. she says why does he want to talk to me so much. jeremy says he wants to be on your side so you wont put him up. jeremy says judd and spencer have a weak alliance.

12:28pm BBT: jeremy says i will brak bones before i fall off any compitition. he says he got off to get that have not pass because he was gonna be here all summer and he wasnt gonna do slop all summer.arryn asking if there is a comp where you have to go on so many days of slop to win the veto does that mean you lose your pass? jeremy says i was wondering the same thing but i will give up that and eat slop as long as i can have my bed and hot showers but i can eat slop.

12:37pm BBT: kaitlyn , arryn and helen in kt. kaitlyn cooking and helen just took slop muffins out of the oven. howard is eating at kt table. jeremy in hammock and jessie in the pool. just general talk going on.

12:44pm BBT: jeremy laying in hammock he says i dont want to grow up and be a man. arryn comes out to the pool. jessie says she is falling out of her top jeremy says keep them things in that swimsuit. helen sitting at kt table looking at the memory wall.

12:49pm BBT: jeremy goes in the house to hoh comes back down and asked arryn did you lock your room arryn says no i didnt jeremy says well its locked . kaitlyn says that happened to mccrae too. arryn says go to dr and have them unlock it. candice, helen and andy in kt andy says this week has gone by fast. helen tells candice she made slop muffins. amanda and mccrae are in bed looking at each other.

12:55pm BBT: amanda and mccrae getting up for the day . andy comes in talking to them . just general chat.

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#BB15 1:05 PM BBT Andy and Amanda compare the TV show Real World to BB. Andy says Real World used to have intresting people with real stories. Now it's just people who want to have sex, do drugs and yell at each other.

@BB15 1:10PM BBT In the pool are Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard and Jessie. THe girls are on the guy's sholders and they are doing chicken fights. I the KY Helen makes some fried slop for her and and Elissa.

#BB15 1:21 PM BBT IN the BY Spencer and McCrae talk about Candice. She worries them. Says she is always creeping around. McCare says he doesn't care who goes.

#BB15 1:24 PM BBT SPencer asks McCrae if he likes AManda. McCrae says he does but hje is here to win. He knows BB and not going to get sidetracked.

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#BB15 1:30 PM BBT Spencer just told McCrae he used to have to roofie girls to get them to sleep with him. He followed it up with "just joking". Now talk about what HG would be an easy cut because they arent BB fans.

#BB15 1:33 PM BBT Nick and Amanda talk in the pit. Amanda tells him that she doesn't believe he is related to anyone. She tells him that he is plating very much like Dan.

#BB15 1:38 PM BBT SPencer is talking about Aaryn losing her sweetheart staus. Says he wishes Aaryn was called.. and we get brief FOTH.

#BB15 1:48 PM BBT Nick and McCrae whispering in the pit room. Difficult to hear. It sounds like Nick is telling McCrae about the conversation he had with Amanda.

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#BB15 1:52 PM BBT Gina and Amanda talking. Gina is talking about all she has gotten is a kiss on the hand [talking about Nick].

#BB15 1:58 PM BBT The HOH camera is outctures are being taken around the house.

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2:03 BBT: spencer, jeremy and howard playing pool in by. nick and gina in br talking about having braces and having to tighten them with a key.

2:05pm BBT: 2:16BBT: hg taking pics and getting dressed to go lay out at the pool.just general talk going on.

2:18pm BBT: arryn in kt telling jeremy she went to hoh rm and did her blog. he says you got to blog they give you a laptop? she says yeah. he says do you get to choose if you blog or tweet she says both. and she tells him she put in her blog that she wouldnt be able to blog if it wasnt for jeremy. jeremy says awww you made my heart melt then he laughs.

2:30pm BBT: hg taking pic and the hg are gonna be past hg mccrae is ian spencer is willie and jeremy is joe they are reinacting the fight that got willie exspelled from the game. pic is now taken, arryn and amanda now pose together for a pic.jessie is sitting at the pool alone.

2:40pm BBT: arryn and gina are in hoh. kaitlyn is in hoh wa doing her makeup. arryn says i have a cute picture idea. gina says like what arryn says i will tell you when you come out. gina says alright. most of the hg are in the kt general chat going on.

2:54pm BBT: spencer jeremy and howard in lounge rm repeating everything spencer had repeatedearlier to andy and judd. most hg in the pool or laying out by the pool.arryn was called to dr.

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#BB15 3:05 PM BBT Kaitlin, Gina and Jeremy in the KT. Jeremy saying his body is used to junk food. Kaitlin says they eat because they are bored. Nick and Kaitlin say they are always hungry.

#BB15 3:10 PM BBT Aaryn goes into the pit room and talks to Jeremy about her HOH blog. Says that she did a hashtag jeremyforthewin. Also says that she made a comment about nothing becomes her and her BB game -hashtag zing.

#BB15 3:17PM BBT By the pool, HG chatting about past seasons and how the HG did in the finals. Helen and Amanda enjoying the sun.

#BB15 3:21 PM BBT HG sitting around in the pit room discussing anal sex. We get FOTH on occasion. Aaryn now telling Gina what she did in her blog.

#BB15 3:29 PM BBT In the BY Gina and Jeremy talk about the weather in NY. GIna says that the hurricane destroyed her roof and all sorts of issues. She is 2 minutes from the beach.

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#BB15 3:36PM BBT Howard and Judd discussing the new sleeping arrangements. Seems Judd might be sleeping with Jessie. Now discussion about the types of mattresses they have at home.

#BB15 3:44 PM BBT In the BY discussing about 9/11 and people in the WTC. Amanda's aunt lived very close and could see everything.

#BB15 3:55 PM BBT In the BY Gina blasting Candice a bit who has just gone inside. Daying she isn't social. Otherwise the HG are just gen chit chat.

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4:33 PM BBT Amanda has been called to the DR. Elissa and Kaitlin are primping and most of the rest of the HGs are laying around and talking about their lives outside of the house.

4:44 PM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the BY. They are trying the "Dirty Dancing" lift. They are getting better at it with each lift.

4:47 PM BBT Kaitlin to Jeremy in the BY "My Mom is very critical. I don't think she is liking you on TV." Jeremy "If your Mom the is the Catholic Mom then she has more important things to worry about then how I am dressed."

4:50PM BBT Amanda has joined Aaryn in the HoH room. Amanda is telling her that people are starting to talk about her being a racist. The example she is using is about the color of the fish in the tank. Amanda "one person jumps on the racist bus and you know" Amanda is telling her to be mindful of what she is saying. Amdanda "I know you are kidding and are not a racist but...." Aaryn "that is most obnoxious thing I have heard." Aaryn "I have not made a joke like that in front of anyone."

5:54 PM BBT Aaryn "Candice is just starting things." Amanda "Just be mindful of it." Amanda "I don't think it was said with malicious intent." Aaryn "I mean, they always like are going to assume that when you have blonde hair and blue eyes." Aaryn "I have nothing to do with anything. I'm sick of being grilled about my life. People don't believe I am who I say I am."

5:00 PM BBT Amanda "People aren't looking at it as a joke. From a friend be more mindful of it." Aaryn "I haven't said anything racist at all so it is words being put into my mouth." Amanda "I wouldn't even make funny jokes. It can be relayed in a really racist way." Amanda tells Aaryn that Candice made mention of having a black President when talking about Aaryn's remarks. Aaryn "well, I didn't vote for him." Amanda "but that's because your from Texas." FOTH.

5:07 PM BBT Aaryn racism talk has turned into Elisha bashing. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Kaitlin are awfully cozy on the BY couch.

5:15 PM BBT all 4 feeds on Amanda and Aaryn in the HoH BR. They are talking about Spencer. Neither of them trust him and they both think he is lying to them. Amanda "No one trusts him."

5:22 PM BBT McCrae has joined Aaryn and Amanda in the HoH room. They are watching Spencer and Helen at the chess board with the spy screen. They assume they are strategizing and watched the conversation end with a handshake on screen.

5:26 PM Kaitlin and Jeremy are trying to hide their tongue wrestling behind his red ball cap. They are not successful. Not even a little.

5:33 PM BBT Andy has joined McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryn in the HoH room. They are discussing how it is assumed the women play the game emotionally. Meanwhile Kaitlin is either tasting or licking Jeremy on the BY couch.

5:37 PM BBT Andy "Elissa is starting to suffer from Have-Not Zombie syndrome."

5:44 PM BBT Amanda wants Andy to find out about the secret conversation between Helen and Spencer she witnessed on the spy screen. Andy "Helen tells me everything." Andy tells Amanda that his gut is to get rid of Nick this week. He says that Nick confessed to him that he is aligned with Gina Marie, Kaitlin, and Jeremy.

5:48 PM BBT Amanda telling Andy that she has been told that Helen wants her out. Andy is trying to assure her that Helen wants Nick out really bad. Helen is not after Amanda. Amanda isn't going to rest until Andy reports on the spy screen deal.

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5:53 PM BBT In the HOH Amanda asks Andy who he would put up if he won HoH next week. He said "If I were to assume that Nick was gone, then I would put up Kaitlin and Jeremy." Amanda "that's not smart." Andy "It would assure at least one of them went home."

5:56 PM BBT Okay Elissa fans. Andy is seriously making his pitch to keep Elissa. Andy "I think it is incredibly stupid to get rid of that power. America loves Elissa." Meanwhile Aaryn is in the BY telling Jeremy about her racism conversation with Amanda. "I had been asleep. It was like good morning racist."

6:00 PM BBT Spencer joins them in the HOH room. He tells Amanda that he just had a very wicked game of chess with Helen. He asked her if she was able to see any of it. Amanda tells him the screen was on the kitchen until very recently and she didn't see anything. (NOT!!)

6:03 PM BBT Andy and Spencer are now alone in the HoH room. Andy expresses his frustration that they have a fool proof plan to get rid of a powerful player and keep Elissa who has a power that can help them. He tells him that everyone's distrust with each other (particularly Amanda and Spencer) is the only reason everyone doesn't go along with it. Spencer tells him that Amanda's distrust of him is directly because of Helen. He said Helen did him wrong by relaying a "what if off the cuff scenario" to Amanda about him trying to get rid of her.

6:07 PM BBT Aaryn has rejoined them in the HoH. She tells Spencer that Candice is the one starting the rumors about her being a racist. She feels like now she has to cover her butt every time she says anything. Spencer "One thing no one can defend themselves against is being called a racist." "It's ridiculous." Aaryn thinks she is being stereotyped as a racist because she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Spencer "If it makes you feel any better no one is believing the poison that she is spreading so don't even worry about it." Aaryn "She's scared. People are always trying to make me into an ugly person." Spencer "It's a curse of beauty. They want you to have an ugly personality."

6:30 PM BBT upstairs in the HoH room Aaryn just told Andy that she thinks Nick is potentially gay. "If he's not gay I think it is going to happen eventually. I don't think there is any way that you would be a target for him."

6:40 PM BBT Jeremy, McCrae, and Spencer are around the hammock. They all agree that Brenchel fans will tweet like crazy to get Helen MVP after Elissa leaves. Jeremy "I can't believe her fans support Elissa. She sucks." He calls us twitter nerds. [i take offense to that!!]

6:48 PM BBT Jeremy to McCrae and Spencer. "No way we aren't making it to final five. I control my side. You all control your side." They are making plans that if they are against anyone not of the MC in final two then they will all vote together in jury.

6:50 PM BBT Candice in bedroom to Helen about Aaryn "Even though she is HoH she still isn't happy. You are 22 and beautiful so be happy."

6:57 PM BBT in the bedroom Gina Marie is talking to Andy. Gina Marie "I can only be Gina Marie. You just be Andy. People don't like bullies and bitches. We make people laugh. People like that.

7:00 PM BBT Amanda and Howard are in the storage room. She wants to make sure that she is not be associated with Aaryn in regards to the racist comments he is hearing because she occasionally says some risqué remarks. He assures her that he finds her comments as funny. "It's different when you say it behind peoples back.... she is saying it mean and playing the victim."

7:05 PM BBT Howard "it breaks my heart that I can't defend her (Candice)." "It's a game. I really want to but I can't. Stuff like that tends to have some Karma. God says revenge is mine. What goes around comes around. It's a culture thing." Amanda "Hopefully she'll be more aware of it now." Howard "as long as feels she is in power, she's young too a kid, if she was grown it would be harder."

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