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April 22 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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9am All HG still asleep.

9:05am Andrew is lying in bed staring at the cam. No other movement.

9:10am Alarm sounds & evry1 but Gary jumps out of bed. Gary moves a bit but stays in bed

9:20am Cam 1 is black. Evry1 up & doing ADL's

9:20am cam 1 still black. Cam 2 giving us behind the wall shots then back to Andrew making coffee in the KT. Gary & Jillian walk in & Andrew says good morning.

9:30am Andrew eating in the KT. Jillian casually chatting with him. Emmett in HOH shower. Garyin WA. Andrew says he feels a roller coaster of emotions. He's upset because he feels they're going to get rid of him but then he can't do anything about it so 'whatever'. Jillian says if there's a twist or another double eviction they're s no way to say what's going to happen.

9:40am Talla & Gary in WA. Emmett & Andrew on KT couch. Gary goes into the KT. Gary complaining about HN bed. Evry1 pretty much silent right now. Just odd chatter. Gary talking about best pizza place near him. Andrew mentions Greco's pizza & Pizza delight. He & Emmett mention donairs pizza sauce.

9:50am Gary says that when one place is good others hear about it & copy it. He mentioned restaurant makeover & we get SotH for a min. Gary says he wants to open his own restaurant. He's worried that the stress of it would tear his family apart. Emmett asks Gary how it is sleeping with his ball & chain. Gary says it twists & scrapes his ankle. Andrew says they can hear Gary coming a mile away with that thing on. Talla doing her make up in WA. Andrew says he thinking of cutting his hair. Says what are they going to do, take his veto away. He doesn't want to have his eviction interview with his hair like that. Cam zooms in on Talla toes in WA. Talk turns to how many punishments Gary took to win the veto.

10am Talla enters KT & Gary leaves. She's trying to put her mic on the back of her pants & Andrew says he puts his in his pocket. Emmett said they turned his BR light on in the middle of the night. Talla says creepy. Emmett said he asked for it to be turned off. Gary walks back in carrying his ball & asks if Jillian is upstairs. Can't hear the answer but he heads up there. She's in the WA there & he asks if he could use her make up. Gary in BR doing his make up. Talla & Andrew talk about the weather. It's nice today.

10:10am Andrew saying how long they've been there. Emmett says how bad it must have been for AJ being in jury for so long. Andrew doesn't think it would be that bad. They're still part of the show. The guys liken it to prison & Talla takes offense saying prison is so much worse. They say that they only mean that they're stuck there & can't leave & where else can you make that comparison. She says an island. THey say you can watch tv & communicate on an island. Emmett asks if they've seen the movie 'the Rock'. He explains the movie to them. Talla asking why they would put a prison there. He explains that it was said to be impossible to escape from. Jillian offers a facial to Andrew. He says removing his dead skin will leave him like skelator. Andrew leaves to join Jillian in the WA to prepare for his facial. Emmett left listening to Talla talk about how smoking affects her skin. Talla goes OS. Talla gets OS & says it's so pretty. She talks to herself & says she's trying to figure out her situation. She's talking to the moose. She says she'll figure it out & goes back inside. She gets into the hammock & shouts ow.

10:20am Cam 1 now working. Jillian & Andrew washing their faces. Talla in hammock says she's so tired. Her mouth is moving but no words. (must be thinking). Emmett watching Andrew & Jillian. Andrew says that he does moisturize after showers. Jillian asks how Emmett slept & tells her about how BB turned the BR light on & how it p!ssed him off.

10:25am Andrew announces to Emmett & Jillian in WA it's day 61. Single digits left. Talla sleeping on hammock. Jillian says she's going to grab a coffee & go up stairs to brush her teeth. Maybe play ches & asks if they want to come. They follows her. She says she needs to loose 5lbs.

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10:30AM BBT: Talla gets buzzed for sleeping in the hammock. She gets up and sees Andrew on his way up to the HoH with Emmett and Jillian and says to herself "Oh look Andrew is going up to make a deal for him to say." Andrew says to Jillian and Emmett "Let's have a little talk about this week, obviously you're putting Lala up. We're in an alliance so you're obviously voting to keep me." Jillian quietly agrees. Andrew says him and Jill need to win HoH. Andrew says "That's the thing about us, it's all about winning we aren't about getting others to do our dirty work." They talk about the POV, Andrew says "Lala said she buzzed in for the head shave" but he doesn't believe her.

10:35AM BBT: Talla is at the HT area alone talking through what she needs to do to stay this week. She doesn't know what Andrew is saying to Emmett. "I just have to convince Emmett that "Andrew will not take him." Up in the HoH Andrew wonders if this Thursday will be a double eviction. Andrew asks Emmett if Talla has said anything to him. Emmett answers "She's just talking about staying." Andre says "So she is campaigning like she said we shouldn't do."

10:50AM BBT: Hg's very quiet at the moment. Talla laying silently at the HT. Emmett and Andrew are playing chess with a few words here and there about their chess game. Jillian left the HoH room and is no longer in camera view.

10:57AM BBT: Talla sits up and says "I need to talk to Jill." She mumbles a few other words.

11:02AM BBT: Talla looks at Marge the Moose and says "Henry are you going to talk to me or not cause I'm gonna go in. Am I gonna be OK?" I guess Henry answered yes because she says "Aww thanks Henry." She says "Play my cards right?! OK. Thanks good talk. I've totally lost my mind I'm talking to a moose, no offense." She gets up and heads inside saying "See ya Henry."

11:06M BBT: Talla goes up to the HoH and finds Jill in the WA and whispers "I wanna talk later." Jillian complain how bad her face is and how she ripped off the skin yesterday while waxing her lip. Andrew goes downstairs and tries to get in the DR. Talla sits on the sofa and Emmett gets in his bed and puts the headphones on.

11:13AM BBT: Andrew is now in the shower. Talla joins Jillian in the HoH WA. Talla shows Jillian a spot that hurts and Jillian tells her that's her ovaries. They discuss her period and if she is on the pill. (She is not). Talla says her eyebrows look really good today. Jillian tells her that she loves her eyebrows.

11:21AM BBT: Talla starts dancing in the WA. She says it's her exercise for the day. "Oh dear I have to go to the washroom really bad but I will not go up here." She heads downstairs. Andrew comes up and asks Emmett if he wants to go (to the HT). Emmett says give me 3 minutes. Andrew heads out.

11:30AM BBT: Jillian now alone in the HoH doing her hair as Emmett heads out to join Andrew in the HT. Talla is cleaning dishes in the KT. Gary still doing his makeup in the BR.

11:36AM BBT: Emmett and Andrew speculating, Emmett says the pro's of keeping Andrew is then they will have Andrew and Jillian in a mental comp. The positive for keeping Lala is that it doesn't matter who win HoH, just fighting for the veto would be easier. "I'm not saying that's what's happening I'm just sitting here being man to man and I would except the same." Andrew says "I don't like it, We have this (final 3) and if that means nothing that's fine. But you're HoH so you have that option. I'm just being honest with you too." Emmett says I'm pretty sure you're fine big guy."

11:44AM BBT: Talla goes to the HoH and talks to Jillian about Andrew. Talla asks what he has said. Jillian says he said "I know you guys are going to vote Talla out." Jillian says "You need to not make a connection with Gary. Anything you give to Gary he will give to Emmett." Jillian tells her "Emmett isn't going to choose Andrew over you." Talla says "He (Andrew) is a way bigger target them me and I know Emmett knows that." Talla can't believe Andrew thinks he is staying. Jillian says "He is going to the jury house so you have to keep him thinking that."

11:51AM BBT: Talla heads downstairs, Jillian says she will join her in a minute. The guys at the HT are very quiet.

11:55AM BBT: Emmett says "Imagine BB says on Thursday that Gary was only in for a week and they told Jillian to vote for final 3. Andrew says "I don't want to be bitter at the game but I'm just pissed off." Emmett says "That's how I felt man, yea I wasn't going home but I was dq'ed and lost out in 10 grand."

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Posted for Sayre:

12:00 bbt andrew and emmett are in the hottub talking Gary and talla are in the kitchen talla talking about scrubbing the sink Gary is putting tape on his ball, jillan walks in

12:05 BBT not much is going on gary is emptying the slop bucket talla and jillan are in the kitchen jillan making eggsand em and andrew are now talking about hoh comps

12:10 Bbt looks like its lunchtime for some of the HG Gary says he has to wear his outfit until the end of the week the guys are still in the hottub

12:20 BBT Gary is having slop for lunch talla is making chicken and jillan is having eggs exciting isnt it

12:30 BBT the lunch making continues the guys in the hot tub are now talking about who said what lie in the game and what all they will do when they get out and andrew is saying how he is going to look himself up on the internet, em is saying how the people who are left are being themselves now even talla.

12:35 BBT jillan and talla and gary are talking about scary moments in their lives Gary is telling them about the time he was in a store when it was being robbed

12:40 SOTH

12:50 Bbt the feeds are back the guys are now in the kitchen having lunch with the rest of the HG

12:55 BBT the HG are worried about gary only having a half a cup of the slop a day they dont think thats enough they are telling him to try a snake now gary and andrew are starting a chess game

1:00 BBT emmett and gary are talking game gary is pitching a final two to emmett who says hes talking gary to the final two they are talking about talla going next gary is telling emmett to stop testing him, emmett is telling gary to stop fighting him, that he is fighting the wrong fight, em is telling him that he knows how its going and that he know he is talking him to the final two. They have a deal the only person he loses aganist is talla

1:05 BBT gary and em continue the game talk em is telling gary not to let talla win hoh she needs to go next gary is like right

1:45pm BBT Andrew tells Gary about Peter and his Chaos Theory. Gary says he kust wanted to be witty for the camera. Andrew says just because you wear glasses doesn't make you smart. I have 2 pair. [uh, Andrew, maybe you should try wearing them]. Andrew says he knows Gary has something against him but Gary says no, coming back into the house is a fresh start, all slates wiped clean.

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1:53 PM BBT - Andrew and Gary are out at the HT, Andrew is telling Gary what the final HOH comp is like. Emmitt and Jill are in the HOHR playing chess. He giver her some tips on what plays she can make.

1:58 PM BBT - Andrew is telling Gary about the last season of BBUSA and the coach twist. he says his biggest fear coming into the house was someone would get an instant eviction. Gary says he was sooo glad when Su nominated Tom and Emmitt and Andrew agrees. Andrew tells Gary he is not going to watch the show right away, he is going to Florida. Gary says he will take a vacation, maybe around Christmas. Andrew tells him he needs to decompress, but Gary says he just wants to stay on social media and such, connecting with his supporters.

2:03 PM - Talla goes to HT. She thinks its nerve wracking with all the people watching. Andrew says there's that inkling in the back of your mind, if people are being negative about them. Tall tells him there is nothing people can say - she can handle it, she is one tough cookie. Emmitt and Jillina are still playing chess in the HOHR.

Andrew tells Talla she is a wordsmith and calls her a mathelete (HA!) . She asks him why there is no ceremony, Andrew thinks it's later. They wonder what's the point of evening holding the ceremony, obviously Gary is going to use it on himself. Andrew tells Talla he asked gary what he would have to do to get Gary to use the veto on him. Gary told him he'd have to promise a final two. Andrew says - ya, like I could do that...

2:10 PM BBT - Andrew mentions that AJ has been in the Hury house for 25 days. Talla thinks it is so intense. They chat about diet pop and beer. Andrew remembers when he was a kid and his dad was having a beer, Andrew said he'd never drink it. A few years later, his friends are like - hey, let's have some drinks. He was having beers thinking "I enjoy you!".

2: 15 - Andrew and Talla are still at the HT. They are guessing what the temperature is until Andrew farts. Talla is grossed out and says she doesn't fart anymore - she "used the all up" Andrew farts again and laughs. Talla calls him disgusting, he tells her she is! Says him mom calls him a vile individual. Talla claims her pet peeve is people burping and farting, but whe she does it - it's ok. She is cute so she can do it. Andrew interjects - "I am cute so I can do it, too!" Then we get SotH.

2:32 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Andrew is in the BR in bed. Jillian and Talla are on the couch in the BY. Jillian tells Talla that Andrew is stressing. Just then, Gary decides to leave the HT and interrupts the ladies convo. Jillian asks Gary - Do you love laying in the heat and the sun? Gary says - Yes! She asks him why and Garys answer is that he gets dark. A red black, beautiful color like a black cranberry. He even uses baby oil, but his skin bubbled an peeled off the next day.

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2:35 PM BBT - Gary is talking about black people having something in their skin, that when they are in the sun, the chemical is released to their blood and it makes them stronger. So, no - they don't stay out of the sun because they don't want to get darker.

2:37 PM - Jillian and Talla made it to the WC to finish the convo Gary interrupted. Jillian whispers to Talla that Andrew is starting to feel good, but he thinks that Emmitt is starting to sway. Tall tells her it is so stressful, then tells Jillian what Andrew said about trying to ask gary what he'd have to do to get Gary to use the veto on him. The ladies laugh about "how dumb" that would be. They leave the WC, Jillian goes to make coffee.

2:45 PM BBT - Gary is in the HN room, laying in bed. Jillian and Talla in the kitchen, Jillian asks Talla if she thinks there will be a double eviction this week. Talla says yes, then tries to get Jill to go outside with her because it's so nice out. Jillian informs her that BB is kicking them out soon. Jill heads upstairs to HOHR to do her nails and Talla heads outside, does some laundry, goes to the HT and talks to herself and "Henry". The house is now quiet - even Talla!

3:06 PM BBT - Emmitt is now out of the DR, Andrew gets called in. Em talks to himself that he can't talk to Gary too much or Gary will start thinking. Emmitt goes up to the HOHR and flops on the bed with Jillian.

Emmitt says, "you wanna hear something funny? If I put you up....Gary wouldn't think we are as close as we are, Talla too. But it's a big risk". Jillian tells Em that they would know that that is what Emmitt is trying to do. And what if there is a big twist?

Jill says she is going to talk with Gary, saying she doesn't feel safe going to final three with them. She thinks Emmitt is going to throw her under the bus. Emmitt asks, you're going to try and make a deal with him? They make some scenarios of how to play Gary. Emmitt tells Jillian he just likes bugging her. It was a play he thought of, but they would have had to do it earlier in the game. They continue to talk over how to tell Gary, maybe using Dan as an excuse. That Dan said somethings to them....

3:16 - 4:00 PM BBT - SotH

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6:08 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett finish their game and have a kiss. It appears that there is something Jillian does not want to talk about. She is refusing to speak. "Don't want to talk yet?" Emmett asks. "Not really." she replies. "Touchy subject? Too soon? Don't want to bring it up?" Talla asks her as they head into the KT. "No. Not yet." Jillian replies.

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6:17 PM BBT

Emmett is making a sandwich for a snack and will have steak for dinner later. Jillian is making her Diet Pepsi flat. She's poured it into a big glass and is stirring it. She wants to puke from drinking it.

Gary is saying he will never be the same. He's going to leave them all in misery. Haven't heard a word about the POV ceremony yet.

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6:31 PM BBT

Talla is eating dinner. She hates cheese. So does Jillian's sister. She doesn't even like it on pizza. Which leads to a discussion as to whether pizza is healthy or not.

6:33 PM BBT

Andrew and his mohawk are up. The guys are going to work out. Jillian can't imagine working out. They all just realized it's Monday.

Talla made an appetizer for her pre-dinner meal. "It's broccoli and cheese." Andrew says looking at it. "No it's not. It's got other ingredients. It's broccoli and a word..umm it's spelled g-r-a-t-i-n." "Broccoli au-gratin?" Andrew nearly laughs "You know what that means right? Broccoli and cheese." "Whatever.." huffs Talla.

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6:45 PM BBT

Andrew is complaining that he is not allowed to cut his hair. He got the hair cut and so now BB said if he cuts it they can evict him. "So what? These bastards in here are going to do that anyways!" he laughs.

6:52 PM BBT

Gary Hollers "EMMMMMETTTTT!" from the other room and we get SoTH. It's short lived and we are back to Gary saying that silly is annoying him and that the chicken is kind of cute.

6:54 PM BBT

Talla called to DR. Gary going to force himself to eat slop because he has no choice. He's going to add the peanut butter flavoured protein in it.

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7:05 PM BBT

Silence reigns as Jillian and Gary play chess. Talla trying to listen to Gary. Emmett and Jillian upstairs. "Huh, look at that. They are probably going to vote me out." She talks really loud with Andrew about going out back to talk strategy. She heads into the WCA and sits on a stool. "Oh big brother." she sighs then heads into the WC.

7:10 PM BBT

Talla having a monologue with herself. She's pissed off and screaming as she puts her feet into the HT. It sucks being on the block but she has faith and she knows you do to. She is in a showmance with Henry the moose.

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Talla and Andrew reminisce about the other people in the house. How it sucks to be on the block but there are so many others who aren't even here, who aren't on the block because they aren't in the house.

7:32 PM BBT

Emmett and Gary talking about nothing in the HOH room. Gary paid $105 a ticket to see The Raptors play The Celtics in Toronto.

7:37 PM BBT

Jillian is back and they are playing chess again. "This is like two girls, one cup." Gary says of their game.

Outside Andrew tells Talla that the move of Gary coming back screwed their games, one persons anyways, but it's not Gary's fault. What was he supposed to say, "No, no, I'm good."?

7:39 PM BBT

"Too bad we didn't win." Talla says

"Yeah, it's good that you went for all the other ones. You got the slop pass right? You went for all the other ones." Andrew says.

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8:04PM BBT - Gary and Talla making dinner. Andrew on the KT couches. Jillian meandering about, giving advice.

8:20PM BBT - Andrew and Emmett working out. Gary called to the DR.

8:23PM BBT - Andrew can't get over Gary being back; it's ridiculous. It's a rewind, obviously.

8:25PM BBT - Jillian working out away from the boys. Talla comes out to show them the steak. Andrew asks if it's cooked, Talla says it's bloody but that doesn't mean it's rare. "Of course not. You have to cut into it," Andrew tells her. Talla heads inside. Andrew wonders what portion of their day is shown on after dark, earning him a "Houseguests, please stop talking about production," from BB.

8:30PM BBT - Gary done in the DR; he heads out to HT area. Primps in the mirror.

8:34PM BBT - Gary starts singing. Jillian tells him he'll get yelled at. He keeps going, switching to making up a song about Jillian. Andrew calls to BB to tell Gary to shut up.

8:36PM BBT - Gary tells Emmett "I want to listen to your iPod." Emmett nods agreeably, and Gary says he loves Emmett.

8:58PM BBT - Emmett, Jillian and Andrew still working out. Talla in the hammock, Gary in the HOH room.

9:15PM BBT - Emmett is done working out, goes to HOH room. Gary is doing his nails while listening to music. Emmett warns him to ensure the cap is on when he is done; the other day he didn't replace the cap and it spilled, making Jillian angry.

9:22PM BBT - Andrew and Emmett head to the HT. The rooster crows to keep Jillian and Talla awake. Startled, Talla falls off the hammock and moans about the heat making her sleepy. Jillian goes to fill her water bottle and then sits on the KT couch.

9:25PM BBT - Emmett and Andrew trying to figure out what other possible twists could be coming. They discuss Jessie (Mr. Pectacular) and whether he is a good or bad guy (wrestler wise). Andrew says it's the 'gift of gab', how he is promoted. They discuss ways to make their muscles bigger, and what lines they would or wouldn't cross to do so.

9:36PM BBT - Talla joins the HT crew, and they discuss BB US and who they did/did not like.

9:45PM BBT - All 3 are out of the HT. Talla whispered briefly to Emmett about Andrew backstabbing her, saying he learned in from Dan. Talla assumes Andrew is going home and she is staying. Emmett recounts that entire conversation to Gary.

9:49PM BBT - Andrew in the pool. Jillian laying beside the pool. They are talking too quietly to hear.

9:54PM BBT - Emmett and Gary playing chess in HOH. Emmett now listening to his iPod.

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10;00PM BBT Gary and Emmett engaged is silent chess game. Andrew drying off having climbed out of the pool. Jillian enters HOH after finishing her yoga workout. Talla not on camera.

10:02PM BBT Andrew now in the shower. Silent chess continues and that is all the feeds we got folks, not a word being said on camera. Then suddenly Jillian calls out for Emmett from the HOH shower. He takes her something and returns to the game telling Gary he is in check.

10:04PM BBT Now Talla in the hot tub on two feeds. She is swearing and says she can smell smoke. She tells no one that straight out tomorrow she is working out. Tallatini awwwwwwwww. Naming a drink for me that is amazing. [Her mind must be a real maze, not amazing mind you just a maze. DRG]

10:07PM BBT She sighs then says that she smells vodka then that she is feeling feisty. The boys make a remark or two about the game then fall silent again. Now Talla yawns. Emmett laughs quietly and Gary makes a move and says check.

10:10PM BBT Andrew comes into the HOH and asks what is the word on booze. He asks Emmett if he is having some steak and then asks Jillian the same question. Talla calls out owwwww for no apparent reason. Andrew has gone back out of the HOH presumably to begin work on the steaks. Talla kicks her leg out then complains that she splashed herself all over her face. Gary saying to Emmett that he can't kill the check and Jillian comments from the bathroom that Emmett gets this evil laugh. As if on cue Emmett comes out with an evil laugh. Gary says fuck him, I am not in checkmate. Talla now talking to the moose again.

10:15PM BBT Talla says to Henry that she is not campaigning so hard because Andrew is a bigger threat than she is. She turns on the jets again and shrieks when they start running. Gary now cross with Emmett and asking how many moves he is going to go back? Jillian calls out the Emmett is a chess cheater. Emmett now has Gary in checkmate and tells him he is toast. Gary says it is not easy. Emmett asks to play me? and Gary says No to play me fucker. Emmett says that Jillian gave him a better run for his money than Gary did. Gary asks if it is almost bedtime and Emmett says yes, but Jillian says no.[Do we get a vote? - DRG]

10:19PM BBT Jillian now on Emmett's lap in the bathroom. He is cornering her against the tub telling her to leave her mouth alone. Talla still in tub and setting a new personal record for how long she has been silent. Jillian says she feels like they will be up for a few more hours and she does not like doing workouts because then she has to do her makeup twice. Talla says Fuck just because she can. Gary and Emmett now getting ready to play another game of chess. Gary accuses him of setting up his pieces wrong and he probably did as Emmett says King goes on his color when it should be the Queen.

10:23PM BBT Jillian putting on her face, Talla amazingly quiet in hot tub and the boys engaged in another silent game of chess. Talla slips down the seat and screeches. Now she says awwwwwww and climbs out announcing that she will be back and she looks gorgeous as she pulls her wedgie down. Wit a towel wrapped around her she crosses the BY yelling out What is everyone doing. She encounters Andrew in the kitchen who says he is cooking. He asks if the potatoes are up for grabs and she affirms they are. He asks how was tubbing and she says she was not done yet, but she just got called in.

10:26PM BBT Emmett asks Gary if he is trying to pull the same shit on him and Gary replies no. Andrew frying something on the range top in a wok. Chess continues, Talla in DR (at least not on camera anywhere).

10:30PM BBT Jillian now joins Emmett on the couch in the HOH and puts her legs over his. She is laughing and talking about how pissed she was the other day when Emmett did something during their game yesterday. Emmett says she is going to go home and study stragegies but the more she plays me the better I will get. Jillian laughing says no she will play people on the computer. Jillian announces that Pepto Bismol pink is her favorite color, then she tells Gary she cussed him out yesterday. It is about him not closing up her nail polish. Andrew now starting to fry steaks in a pan on the stove then goes back to the wok and samples its contents. Jillian asks Gary if he likes being the light pieces in chess compared to the dark and he says he can see better.

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10:35PM BBT Jillian complains that Emmett hurt the bone in her ankle and she gets up to go downstairs where she tells Andrew that they are now playing their second game of chess. She asks where is Talla and he tells her the DR. All feeds now on silent chess or sizzling frying pans. For a major change of pace, Andrew is now washing out the Wok in the sink. Jillian returns and he tells her to let Emmett know that his steak is ready. Jillian goes up to make the announcement then returns to the kitchen. Andrew says he has some steak for her but they were weird little steaks that are so thin. Apparently it was onions and peppers in the Wok which have been put on top of the meat. He is sitting at the counter and asks her if there is a glass of milk over there as he picks up his plate to move to the dinning room table. Jillian guesses that Emmett is going to want a glass of milk as well.

10:42PM BBT Chess continues. Andrew wonders what Talla will say on Thursday night, she is not the best when it comes to that. Jillian asks, what under pressure. Andrew thinks it is interesting what some folks do in that situation and points out that Jillian has not been in the position to make a speech. Talla comes out of the DR and she and Jillian enter the SR. Talla talking a mile a minute about someone backstabbing her. She is now in kitchen asking Andrew how his steak is and commenting on the fact that he is drinking milk and diet soda at the same time. He says he likes to mix them. Talla now wants Pepsi, no I don't, yes I do, I will work out tomorrow. She asks Jillian to pass her a Pepsi and an ice cream. Talla says she has a date with the moose (Henry) and she is going back out to the hot tub saying she thinks he is going to ask her to marry him. she stops just outside the door to screech. [Apparently if she is quiet too long the pressure builds up in her head and has to be released. - DRG]

10:47PM BBT The boys decide to take a break from the game to come downstairs so Emmett can eat. Andrew comments about how funny it is the different stuff they get to eat. Emmett pours himself some milk and takes his plate of steak to join Andrew at the table. Gary is sitting at the end away from them. Emmett eats in his usual fashion inspecting each piece of meat before he puts it in his mouth. Gary is talking about his make-up brushes. Emmett says he will be done in a few seconds and they can go back up to finish as it will only take about fifteen minutes. Andrew asks if Gary if playing slow or fast and he says he is playing fast and not really paying attention. Gary really wants some coleslaw from Chicken Joy which he says is better than the slaw from KFC.

10:53PM BBT They are now debating the legality of two restaurants with the same name. Gary is carrying on about the differences and BB tells them to stop talking about brand names. Gary says he wants fried chicken and fries and cole slaw and Emmett says and water melon. Gary says yes he wants all the Black people food. Emmett asks what is black people food vs. white people food. Jillian comes in now and they talk about how well done Emmett's steak is. Gary is not going to wait for Emmett he is getting up from the table now. He asks Jillian for her makeup and can't go up to the HOH to do it because he needs the lighting from the main bathroom. Jillian gets the makeup for him. Jillian says she only started caring about her clothes last week when she had no clothes to wear.

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10:10PM BBT: It's eerie when the feeds are this quiet and everyone's awake. Talla is in the HT. Andrew is taking a shower. Gary and Emmett are playing chess while Emmett listens to his iPod. Haven't seen Jillian in a while.

10:25PM BBT: Andrew is cooking in the kitchen. Jillian doesn't like working out because then she has to put on her makeup twice in a day. Talla gets called to the DR.

10:45PM BBT: Andrew has made himself a steak dinner. Talla comes out of the DR and debates having a pepsi. She say's she'll just work out tomorrow. Andrew says sure she will. She heads back out to the hot tub.

10:55PM BBT: Andrew also made a steak for Emmett. Emmett and Gary come down to the dining room from the HoH room. Gary talks about a favourite restaurant back home in Scarborough, and BB tells them to stop talking about brand names.

10:59PM BBT: Andrew and JIllian are in the kitchen. Andrew says he can't fake talking to him. Gary annoys him at times. Andrew says that even though Gary is on slop and can't make any food, he still manages to make a massive mess.

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10:58PM BBT Jillian and Andrew now alone in kitchen and she asks what am I going to do with this chicken. They are now wondering why emmett took the steak off one plate and put it on another leaving the first plate on the counter. Andrew is complaining about the mess Emmett and Gary leave. It is good that Gary is on slop because he can't leave as much around. Gary is in the main bedroom sitting in front of a mirror. Andrew is cleaning up in the kitchen and chatting with Jillian. They are talking about why BB did not want us to see her complaining about the boys mess the other day. Jillian has decided she is going to say something to the little monkey. Andrew now back on his soap box about Emmett and how he is acting. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch. Jillian asks where Emmett is and Andrew says in the DR. Gary still working on his face in the main bedroom.

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11:04PM BBT Andrew asking himself what was that thing I was going to do now that he is alone in the kitchen. Jillian returns and he tells her 61 days. She replies its pretty nuts. Now he is complaining about Talla being self-absorbed. He is now changing the garbage bag and taking the full one to the SR. He returns and says he is saying all this stuff but then he looks in the mirror and has this fucking mohawk. Talla enters from outside and asks are the lights dim. She says she has been waiting outside for them all night. she is going to check on the status of the lighting in the bedroom. Andrew remarks if her ploy is to drive him nuts it is working. Jillian says it is to get fame. Andrew says the greatest thing he has seen today is a tube of lip balm and goes on to say he has carried one just like it for twenty years. Talla returns and announces it is not dim in the bedroom so she is going to return to the tub. She tells Jillian she left her yellow shirt somewhere. Andrew asks if she is done with the broccoli that she left on the counter and she indicates that she is not finished with it. Jillian says it is 11:09 and Talla now can't decide whether to go outside or go to bed. She is going to finish her pop first and goes to the BY saying she is not going back outside.

11:12PM BBT Andrew eating an ice cream bar. Talla calling for him from the BY. He says he doesn't hear her. Talla has her feet in the pool and tells him it is so nice out after he said he was not coming because it was too hot out there. Gary on enters the HOH with Emmett and they go back to their game of chess.

11:15PM BBT Jillian says she may have made the biggest sandwich ever and Andrew tells her no, every sandwich he has ever made was bigger than that. Jillian calls out hey whatcha doing to Talla. Andrew says he could not even fake what she is doing right now and she says she has younger sisters. Andrew now running down their names and ages with her. He opines that parents these days seem to want their kids to have the weirdest names and they name them whilst totally baked. Emmett taunts Gary a bit. Jillian thinks Andrew has a good memory, certainly better than Emmett when it comes to his family. Andrew says that having a conversation with Talla is taxing and Jillian says in the least. Andrew starts talking about what he has said about Talla in the DR and BB calls him in. Jillian says if she is not here when he returns she will be up in the HOH.

11:19PM BBT Andrew is off camera but BB tells him to Stop that, apparently the DR door would not open when he tried it. He asks Stop what? Re-entering the kitchen he says high there to Jillian. He says stop what and says it makes him angry. Jillian says it makes her angry when they do it to her too. Andrew asks BB if they really want to see him because he might be busy and we get FOTH.

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11:24PM BBT Feeds back with no visible changes. Gary and Emmett playing chess in HOH. Andrew and Jillian sitting and talking and her family at the kitchen counter. She keeps telling him he has a good memory as compared to her at least. We get a brief flash of Talla sitting with her feet in the pool just to reassure us that her silence does not result from her drowning. She now enters the kitchen and Andrew is once again called to the DR. Gary and Emmett are now arguing about the chess game and Gary says he wants a piece back. Andrew returns and says his being called to DR was a mistake. Andrew delivers some medication to Gary and says tells him he has some drugs here. Jillian says they should all go up to HOH and Andrew says lets not. Talla is now telling Andrew to get away from her she likes her space. Andrew says he is looking forward to going to bed and Talla thinks that is hilarious. They wonder if there will be a task this week.

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11:31PM BBT Andrew thinks he had the most difficult task of all. Making the terrible meal and having to get them to compliment him. they think Talla's task was clearly obvious. He says making a meal for her is difficult and cleaning up of too, look at all your shit that is over there sweeping his arm toward the counter tops. Andrew continues to claim that her Talking with Talla was totally obviously a task from the get go. Emmett now laughing at something going on in the chess game. Gary has only two pieces left on the board and he pronounces that he is going to fucking take his time next game. Kitchen crew still talking about tasks now Alec and the quotes. Emmett out of HOH and they are all talking over each other. Andrew has to ask Emmett if his task or Talla's was more difficult and he says Andrews by far. Jillian calls Emmett to the kitchen to point out all the mess he has left in the kitchen. She hugs him and says she thinks he is messy. Andrew and Gary now start a game of chess.

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11:37PM BBT Jillian Talla and Emmett now talking about what and when to talk to Andrew. Emmett says they can throw him under the bus if they must but not to do it like that. Could not make out their whispers over the running water of the sink. Talla now heading to bed after giving Emmett a hard time about wiping his hands on her towel that was wrapped around her. Jillian now asking if Emmett will not like her if she said mean things about him in the DR because she said a lot. He says he will start ripping on her in the DR and she says her dad will not like him then and asks if he doesn't want her dad to like him. Andrew comes downstairs and says we made two moves and he beat me. He announces that he clearly is the worst and even Talla could beat him. He announces he is heading to bed and leaves. BY is now dim as Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub. Gary says he can't go in the hot tub but he will sit with them. Emmett says he is trying to bargain with BB to let them keep the chess board after his HOH is over. Talla in the WA flossing without talking even though Andrew was in the stall.

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