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9/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:10pm :ian asking if kara took a bear? dani says no. dan says i think the american flag should become a permenant fixture in the bb house. ian says i agree

8:15pm dani likes her bb bag and doesnt want to sell it after the show. dan says ok lets talk about what you would use it for. she asked dan if she carried it would it be bragging? ian says i dont think so.

8:20pm dani talking about selling her bikini on ebay.dan says that annie sold hers for alot of money. ian says i know i bought it then he laughs and says not really.

8:24pm dan asking dani if she would fly someone to go to a party and get paid for it would she do it? dani says yeah to get paid to do it yeah.

8:30pm hg talking about selling swim wear and what will happen when they leave thew house and if they will ever do bb again. dani says she dont know . ian says he will do it again. dan says shut up ian you wouldnt if you was planning a wedding with taylor.

8:31pm : ian says that he was told that janelle signed a contract saying in jury her baby could come in with a nanny and they she couldnt wear the penelty outfits. ian says i dont think it is true.

8:35pm dan asking dani if when she gets married 5 years down the road will she watch bb with her hubby? she says yeah everyone has a past. dan says what if your kids see it what will you tell them? she says i will tell them it is my ex or a showmance o whatever.dani says i can see me and shane being together after this show i really can. ian says i hope so.

8:37pm ian saying that bb 13 was very mean spirited. dani says oh yeah it was. dan says why you say that? ian says they were mean to each other. dani says i cosign that one.

8:41pm hg talking about the coaches entering the game. dan says damn brit for hitting the button. dani and ian say they know that dan hit that button. dan says you will see when you get the tapes and see it. dani says dan i know you hit that button i was your only player i know you did. she says look at that grin i know you did.

8:43pm dani says i am glad the coaches came in the game i would have liked to have kara back but i did not want jojo back. dani says i would have put her up.

8:48pm dani says lets not talk about shane or brit i will get sad. lets talk about frank. ian says he was an ass. dani says he wore his hair all big like annie. ian is talking like zing bot saying " frank annie wants her hair back"

8:55pm ian asking what mike said about him when he was a dog in the house. dani says he said why would i want a kid on my team that rather take a dog suit instead of a trip? ian says well i took the dog it was made to piss people off and i took it and had to eat from a bowl ghet over it i am here and he isnt.

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9:09PM BBT: Danielle, Ian and Dan are in the LR chatting about things that have happened in the BB house this season.

9:19PM BBT: Dan is asking Danielle "Favourite ______". Ian is out of camera presumably making food, as he was looking for good chicken earlier.

9:34PM BBT: During Dan's questioning, Danielle admitted she's taken someone's golf clubs to concrete. She doesn't think she could ever bust someone's windshield. Danielle has lived with someone, and she took the dining table set and still has it. Dan doesn't think he could ever live with someone outside of marriage. Danielle is now asking Dan 20 questions (or whenever they run out of questions)

9:50PM BBT: Dan is talking about Chelsea. She let him come play a possible 80-something day reality tv game, and he left her to take care of everything in a house by herself. He is missing/missed his 1 year anniversary while being in the house. Danielle says she can't wait to meet her.

9:57PM BBT: Danielle asks Ian if he thought Boogie thought she wasn't attractive, and he says no, that Boogie never said anything like that to him.

9:59PM BBT: Dan doesn't think they can make the have-not beds any worse than they were this season. They talk about how they didn't like it. Ian says he never had an issue with it, except for the first night.

[This was by far the most boring hour I've ever covered so far this season]

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10: 08pm hg are now talking politics for a breif moment then talk turn to shane and dani wearing shanes sweats. ian asking if bb gave shane his pills. dan is laughing . ian says what are you laughing about it isnt funny. dan says it is just the way you said it. and laughs more.

10:12pm ian says everyone is watching showtime right now. dan says they are poking their eyes out with a rusted spoon right now. dan says they are watching dani right now. ian says he wonders if his old teacher is watching right now.

10:20pm dan calls ian to the kt to look at his water bottle. ian is standing there looking and dan goes to sit on the couch in the lvr he sends dani for a cheese puff. dani is now looking at the water bottle. dan says go to danielle murpheys websight to look at her pictures. dani says you putting my personal life on there now.?

10:23pm ian is talking about how ash would get mad when he would lay on the hammock with brit. dan says she was jelly. dani asked dan why he didnt get the m&m's so dan gets the m&m's and dumps them on dani on the couch and says its raining. dani says dan that went down my shirt.

10:25pm dan says does anyone care if i drink alone tonight? dani and ian says no. dan says i have to put a little weight on for chelsea. dan says can we get some pokamon cards bb. dani says no not all 3 of us will play. dan says you can be a prize doll. dan says have you ever had a m&m shower before? dani says no but i never had my panties froze either. dan laughs.

10:34pm hg are playing table topics but dan says instead they are playing dan topics he is adding things to the questions on the cards.

10:48pmhg still playing question games.

10: 52pm dan asked if you were asked to spend a year in the bb house alone and the sr gets stocked every thursday and at the end you get a million dollars would you do it? ian says do we get dr? dan says yeah. ian says i would do it for a million dollars. dani says no no way.

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11:06 pm BBT Dan continues to ask the trivia questions. He asks a question about politics and Dani has no interest in playing because she knows nothing about politics. The question is murder? Ding? or Marry? She has to pick a political figure for each. He changes it to Former BBers Dani would "ding" Dominic, Marry Hayden, and Murder Chima.

11:16 pm BBT Dan asks if they would stand by ther person they love it it was that person's duty to murder someone once a month. Ian compares it to being moral like Dexter from the show "Dexter" . Ian continues by saying he would if it was moral like that. Dani says yes if it were moral yes.

11:29 pm BBT last question. You are having a conversation with someone and you know in 5 mins that there will be a laser on their head and they will get blasted. If you tell them then someone else innocent in the area will get blasted as well as the person. If you don't tell them you get 150k and the person gets blasted. Either way the person gets blasted. Ian says no brainier money and save one person. Dani agrees.

11:40 pm BBT Dan brings up his masters thesis about studying karate with an Okinawan man. Ian asks how many pages it was. Dan says 12. Ian says he did 80 page lab reports on the bi weekly. Dan says he hates pointless homework that will just get thrown away in a month like that.

11:43 pm BBT Ian farts and Dani compares him to Frank. Ian says dont ever compare me to him! Dani says then quit! Ian says he has just gotten more comfortable since there are less people and quickly changes topic to one that gives us fish.

11:49 pm BBT Ian farts and Dani compares him to Frank. Ian says dont ever compare me to him! Dani says then quit! Ian says he has just gotten more comfortable since there are less people and quickly changes topic to one that gives us fish.

11:55 pm BBT Dan takes a robot up to the balcony and tries to make him walk off the balcony BB tells him to stop. He gets tired of that game and throws candy off the balcony . Dani and BB tell him to stop but he doesnt. BB finally asks him what part of stop he does not understand and he stops.

11:57 pm BBT Dan and Dani are turning Ian into a mummy. He begrudgingly sat at the KT and allowed them to wrap him from head to toe in toilet paper. It's the most entertaining they have been in days

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12:13 am BBT Dan is on a rampage now trying to find the craziest thing to do. Dani says " do you think if we fall asleep we will get tortured?" Ian says "yeah" Dan goes to the fridge and finds some nasty bad carrots and acts like he is going to poke Dani with them. Dani says he will be hurtin if he does it. He then goes and gets the creepy monkey Dani hates and puts it in her face. Ian is clearly annoyed and telling him to stop he doesn’t want to wreck the monkeys neck anymore then it already is.

12:30 am BBT Ian has gotten ready for bed and in now walking around the house in his underwear. Dan and Dani laugh at him and say he is acting like a kid fighting sleep. Ian heads into the SBR and turns out the light. Dan and Dani head up to the chess board and Dani says she cant believe he (ian) is here. She is sick of him. Dan says she needs to start playing the semantics game and start saying things that make Ian think a certain way. Dani asks “what did you think was going to happen by keeping him here?” Dan says I know you can beat him in part two. Dani says she doesn't and this could have been so much easier against Shane. She feels she is playing for third.

12:40 am BBT Dan and Dani now playing chess in silence.

12:50 am BBT Dani is now flipping out on Dan repeating all the things that made her angry at last nights live show, Dani is saying she has done nothing but trust Dan and he has just stabbed her in the back. Dan is laughing more hysterically the madder she gets. Dan tells her he can get Ian to do whatever he wants and not Shane. Dani says so it was selfish and you didnt care about my feelings? Dan says not if it gets you to the final two with me I dont.

12:59 am BBT most awkward chess game ever. Dani just keeps laying into Dan about how mad she is and how he thinks its funny cause he is in an amazing position. Dani says what are you going to do Dan, how will you make sure Ian takes me over you? Dan says we wont have to do that after you win part 2 tomorrow. Dani says so you dont care about my feelings? Dan says as your coach I am doing everything I can to get you to final 2 . Dan says that he said day 1 to check your feelings at the door and he stands by that because look at the results. Nothing is appeasing Dani. Dan laughs everytime she thinks she is saying something hurtful.

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01:09 BBT

Long minutes of silence while Dan and Danielle play chess. Dan won and started walking away. Danielle says, "Why are you walking away?" Dan says, "It was more dramatic that way."

Danielle is still mad at Dan - feels like he used her in regards to Shane. Dan tells a football analogy to try to calm Danielle down… "Moral of the story… listen to the coaches." Danielle is annoyed by his story and says she never realized he had a problem w/ them going to the final 3. Dan says he did what he had to do to keep in control of the game, b/c if he didn't, they'd be in trouble.

Dan says, "Outside the house it's different, but in the house, your word is the only thing you can use to dupe people." Danielle says she doesn't agree and Dan says that's b/c she's a good person. Dan says, "The reason we got here is because we worked together." Danielle is annoyed that Dan keeps saying he needs to be in control of the game. Dan says, "I do, b/c otherwise it wouldn't work."

Dan says, "I told you I would get us to the end. I didn't say how I was going to do it. I didn't say you were going to like it. I just want you to know that it's my goal to get us to the final 2, and that's what I'm going to do." Danielle says, "I just want you to know, that Ian really thinks you're taking him to the final 2. He told me not to trust you." Dan says, "And that's why I'm such a good player."

01:20 BBT

Danielle says she doesn't like being blindsided and she wished Dan would've just told her he wanted Shane out. Dan says she wouldn't have cut him if she'd known but it had to be done. Meanwhile… Dan's almost won another game of chess.

Dan looks over the corner of the balcony and whispers, "What the f… are you doing?" (Not sure who he's talking to though since Danielle is right next to him and Ian is sleeping.) They go back to playing chess.

01:30 BBT

Danielle says that Ian thinks she trusts Ian more than Dan. Danielle tells Dan she's mad and hurt but she can handle it. They go back to playing chess in silence.

01:40 BBT

Dan and Danielle are still playing chess in awkward silence. Looks like Dan is winning.

The conversation now consists of Dan saying, "Check… Check… Check…" and Danielle saying, "Wait, how is that Check?" Dan heads downstairs to use the bathroom (the HOH is locked for the rest of the season).

01:50 BBT

Dan comes back upstairs. They start talking about what the competition might be tomorrow - Dan thinks it'll probably be the face-matching game and he gives her pointers on how to win based on what he did wrong on that game in his season.

Danielle is whining again about how mad she is at Dan. He shrugs and says in a week they'll look back on this and laugh. Dan says he had to win first round of the HOH b/c Danielle would have an easier time beating Ian in round 2. They go back to playing their chess game.

02:00 BBT

Dan wins again. They head downstairs so Danielle can take a shower. Dan says, "That's my favorite camera," as they walk down the stairs. Danielle says, "Why?" Dan says, "I don't know. Cuz it's the one nobody ever notices." Danielle wishes they had a washing machine (they're still on IDL).

Dan asks if she would ever come back and do the game again w/ Shane. Danielle says, "No never. I would only come back in the game with you." Dan jokes, "I cut 'em up and you stitch 'em up." Danielle says she trusts him and wonders if he ever doubted her. Dan says only one time - during the Draw Something game - for like a half second.

Danielle says she's tried so hard to play honorably. Dan says "That's fine, we can't both be the bad guy." Danielle says, "Yeah but if you're the bad guy, then I have to be the bad guy, too." Dan says, "No. Not true." He says it's nearly impossible to win this game twice, but he's almost got her there.

02:12 BBT

Dan gets his mischievous face on again (re: stabbing Ian in the back) and Danielle says it's fine if he pulls a move to stab Ian but she wants to be in on it. He launches into a very elaborate plan on what she needs to say to Ian and how it's going to go down. He also gives her clues as to how to get more jury votes in the end.

Dan says, "I want to cut him (Ian), but I don't want him to know it's coming." Danielle says, "Why?" Dan shrugs, "I did it to everyone else in the house. Why should I spare him?" Danielle says, "You're the deadliest player in this game, Dan."

02:22 BBT

Danielle is annoyed b/c Ian always thinks he's such a good player. Dan says he knows and says Ian hasn't done anything; that his problem is that he can't read people and he doesn't know how to manipulate people. They discuss Ian some more and what Danielle's going to tell him tomorrow.

02:33 BBT

Dan heads to bed. Danielle is taking a shower.

02:42 BBT

Danielle is still in the shower. Nothing more to report at this time.

Danielle's out of the shower now and popping her pimples in the mirror.

02:52 BBT

Danielle heads to the MBR in her towel to find her PJs. She gets them and heads back to the WA to put them on (stopping along the way to swoon at Shane's picture on the Memory Wall).

03:00 BBT

Danielle is done getting ready for bed. Face washed. Contacts out. Now she's standing in front of the memory wall staring at it.

03:08 BBT

Danielle is done looking at the memory wall and now she's standing in the storage room behind a cupboard door, reading something (can't see what).

Danielle wanders slowly into the SBR. Dan quietly slaps her high five as she walks by his bed. Ian is sound asleep. Danielle gets into bed in the far corner. And… now that everyone is tucked into bed… here I go too!! Good night everyone!

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10:54 AM BBT

Dan is up and in the Arcade room. "Now I'm awake." he says, then yawns. Danielle, still in bed, is asked to change her batteries. Dan is laying on the lounger staring at the camera and then around the room. Silence reigns.

10:57 AM BBT

Dan asks someone to tweet @ralphmacchio and tell him Dan from Big Brother says, "Hi" and to send him a link to Big Brother on Wikipedia (http://bit.ly/U7dRlb ) because he doesn't know what it is.

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11:07 AM BBT

Dan wonders how St Mary's football is doing and if they played last night or right now? He wonders if the new red field got put in. He hopes Parker and his brother in law are doing well. That the linebackers and defense are doing well.

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11:11 AM BBT

Danielle up and changed her batteries. They played two Weezer songs this morning. Danielle thought it sucked and wanted it to be over already. They played another song that Dan has never heard in his life. "Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday" Dan counts down. "It's almost done"

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11:21 am BBT Dani says why are they still Building ? (In the BY) What is this ? ( as in kind of Comp for HOH Part 2)

11:26 am BBT Dan and Dani Jedi Training in the WA , also going over specific features on past HG's faces

11:30 BBT Dan getting ready for a shower ... Ian told the 3rd time now.. to go change your Batteries

11;32 BBT Dani says I'm not Hungry my stomach is upset (Comp Nerves creeping in ?)

Ian still in Bed and haven't seem him stir a bit

11:35 BBT Dani says she's stressing out as Dan hands her a Pop Tart

11:45 BBT Yea Ian .. He's up and got Fresh batteries .. Now he's getting "Pushy (Ha Ha !!) and hollering out "What time is it guys?"

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11:33 PM BBT

Dan heading into shower, Ian called to SR to check his batteries, and Danielle lounging in bed. Dan points out that it's 11:30 exactly. Danielle wondering if it's still going to be the morph if they are still building outside. "You've got to expect anything" Dan reminds her.

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11:39 AM BBT

Danielle loudly chomping on whatever she's eating as she waits for Dan to come back with some morning drinks. He comes back, heads into the shower (finally) they talk about friends of theirs. One of Dan's friends has an old school Detroit Lions logo as his Twitter pick. He's going to try and set him up with Danielle.

11:46 AM BBT

Ian gets out from the blankets to go to SR for a battery check. In his underwear. He goes into KT to ask "So what time is is guys?" no one answers him, he checks the stove clock and heads back to bed and the tent of covers.

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11:51 AM BBT

Danielle asking if Kara could have handled everything Dan dishes out to Danielle as well as Danielle does. She doesn't think Kara would have been able to handle it at all. Dan says he could have pushed her buttons, not as much as Danielle's but he could have done it.

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11:55 BBT Dani wants us Live Feeders to create an animation of a Monkey with Cymbals crashing them into Dan's Head constantly (Dang wish I knew how to do it )

12:00 BBT Dani's Naming names from back Home so we are getting our dose of Fishes and watching Ian in bed with the covers over his head and his snake hanging out .. Stuffed snake I Mean

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Dani and Dan still talking in WA, Dan is done with his shower. Ian wiggling around in bed.

Dan and Dani talking about how Dan got stern with her a couple times. Dan tells Dani she is not always nicey nicey to ppl. She says so you saying I am mean to ppl? He says no, everyone thinks she is one way but she is another. She says she is getting offended by this. He says she acts like she doesnt have the best hand in poker but she does. Dan says she has these ppl fooled, she is capable of Dan like things.

12:15BBT Its day 71 in the BBH. Dan and Dani move to the livingroom to chat. Dani says you boys have to clean up today. She will take care of her stuff but she cant live like this she will go nuts.

Dani starts talking about some guys that havent signed releases and we get all 4 cams on Ian sleeping.

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Dani says she will go to Vegas, why not. She really doesnt know if she could do this again. If she comes back everyone will know who she is. Dan says it will probably be easier for her w/o him. Dan says he would like to say this is his last whoo rah. Its a grind, think of spending half a year in this place.

Dani telling Dan how she was screaming in her head during his eviction of Shane. She knew he was going to say Shane when he said there was something major in the house that needed broken up.

Dani telling Dan how she was screaming in her head during his eviction of Shane. She knew he was going to say Shane when he said there was something major in the house that needed broken up.

Dan asks her what percent she thinks she and Shanes chances outside the house are. She says depends on how he reacts to all this. She says maybe 20% 23%. Just cuz she told Dan stuff doesnt mean she didnt care about Shane. She cared about him in the game but not as much as she cared about Dan. Dan says Shane was expendable, Dani says she wont say that.

Dani wonders how different her life will be after this. Dan says it will be different for a few months then go back to normal. Depends on how much she wants to be involved in BB stuff. Dan says this time coming off will be different for him, he got no slack last time.

Dani tells Dan about her DR the other day when she was so heated. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame me. Fool me three times, makes me just a dumb a$$.

12:42BBT Dan asks Dani what its like when some one dies. She starts to tell him about when some one coded and we get Ian sleeping again.

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