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8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:04 PM BBT

Britney and Danielle finally make it out of DR and into the Arcade lounge. Just as they sit down Danielle says she has to go to the Bathroom. They try on their way past to talk to Dan in the HNR. "Dan! Dan are you in there?" NO response."I think they took him out of the ceiling!" Danielle says."He must be sleeping" They ask Joe when they talked to him last. Dan is just laying around in the HNR when we see him next.

Britney points out what looks like "Shart" on Frank's carrot bottom.

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9:21pm BBT Joe tells Brit her coffee is ready. Ian, Brit and Dani are discussing The Amazing Race. Joe is chopping up cucumbers. Brit says Russell Hantz was asked to be on BB and he turned them down because the prize is only $500k. FotH. Shane and Ian say that's probably why they got Willie. FotH. Brit says Hayden met Russell at a reality tv event and gave Russell Brit's number and she went to the Survivor finale party and met him there. They agree that they look alike but more so sound alike. Ian says they are on schedule with Season 6 in terms of evictions.

9:25pm BBT Ian predicts this will be a normal week and then next week will be a double eviction week. Dani tries to do the math and now all of them are working on the calendar, except Shane who looks lost. They are figuring out that there has to be a third double somewhere in order to get down to 3 by the last weekend. Dani thinks it will be a weekend eviction after this week's eviction. Brit says the Fast Forward double evictions are the most entertaining for viewers. Dani asks if it was 2 hours last thurs? Ian says no, thas the fastest hour of my entire life. The worst hour of my entire life.

9:30pm BBT Joe done in the KT, now changing clothes in the Sneaker Room. Dani says the chain is heavy, a real chain, no plastic. Holy hell, says Ian. Ian's glasses are a prop from another comp. Frank still has his chum bath to come. Ian says they will stage a comic taping of it with him getting out and running to the shower. Ian wants to go Hot Tubbing tonight and that gets Shane excited. Joe back in the KT with Ian who has a pop in his step. With a rattle & hum, the shackle girls make their way into the KT. They are waiting for the BY to open up.

9:32pm BBT Ian says going on a date with someone who pokes you on FB is skeeve city. Brit makes fun of people who poke on FB as being stalkers. Shane alone in the WA. Frank is in the DR. The HG are anticipating his first chum bath soon. Brit says the nom cerem with 4 ppl left is so pointless. Ian says he will just pick someone random his nom speech will be that this is a complete farce and not personal. Brit takes off her hat and suggests she and Dani move to higher ground. But not upstairs. Then where? They talk about going to talk to Dan but say he's asleep.

9:35pm BBT Ian goes to the HN Party Room and asks if Dan is asleep. No response, so he decides Dan is sleeping. The Shackle Girls rattle back to the WA and Shane says that's so pathetic. The three are back on the WA couch. The camera looks at Joe's mem wall picture and then at Joe at the DT. Joe tells Ian that going back to Tulane will be weird. Ian agrees. There's about 7000 students and Ian thinks it will be a higher percentage than world wide. Brit starts to tell us the comp story.

Drew players for veto and everyone played but Joe. Ian was host. It was the BB Art Gallery. It was the app Draw Something. They had to buzz in when you guessed the drawing and then you would be given points for completing an unknown punishment. If you chose not to take the punishment, you would be eliminated from the game. For 2 points, Frank got an avocado bath. Dan had to eat nastiness for 6pts. Jenn had to burn the clothes that she was wearing for 4 points.

Brit got to choose a HG to be shackled to for 24hrs and everyone else said no so she picked Dani, no one else wanted it but her (Dani says not true). Frank decided to go for a chum shower, every time the buzzer rings he has to go outside and get chummed. 7 points. Frank next took a carrot costume for a week for a measely 3 points. Dani accepted having the others throw paint on her for 6pts. Frank too the Bench, which means he can't compete in the next 2 HoH comps for 10 points.

Dan got a trip to solitary confinement for 24hrs for 8 pts. And then for 11 points, Jenn is on slop for the rest of the summer, the next 25 days if she stays the rest of the time, which won her the Golden Power of Veto.

9:53pm BBT Dan sleeping through the HN Party Room music loop with light balls flashing. Joe goes up to HoH to use the WC. Jenn is up there listening to Frank's CD. Ian, Dani, Shane and Brit discussing the rooms of the house. They don't like the WA o r the bedrooms but the LR is nice. Ian starts talking about the Survivor camps in Africa. Brit says when you to on a safari in Tanzania you don't get to pet the animals. Dani wants to pet an elephant and a baby tiger. Ian's friend did a safari in Botswana. He's gay and found it it was illegal to be so there.

9:56pm BBT Brit telling a story of a doctor she went to in NY who went on a safari and woke up one morning with animals right outside his patio door, hyenas and such. They are huge, tall, disgusting creatures, she says, really terrifying. Ian thinks it would be a completely different show if you could see the cameras behind the mirrors. He is making funny faces to the camera. Brit and Dani send him to check for libations, say he's like Mall Police. Frank is out of DR. Shane has fallen asleep. How with Brit's incessant talking, I don't know.

9:59pm BBT The WA is the only place they can sit and prop their feet up. They are looking forward to his chum bath and Frank's light heartedness goes away. Ian is dancing in the Music room listening to the music coming from Dan's HN Party Room. Dan is asleep so it's nice someone is enjoying the music. He tosses his Golden Veto Ball up in the air. He is jonesing to get out side and into the HT. Dani says by Day 7 Jenn will want to kill herself after being on slop. They wonder if America will vote new food for her each week.

10:01pm BBT Frank thinks Mozzarella and Matzoh is not great. Brit says it's better than cod and candy cane. The brain trust in the KT and WA decide you can melt the mozzarella with the salsa and use it as a dip with the matzoh. Brit says she used to eat Mozzarella sticks for dinner. Frank, Ian and Joe sitting at the DT, Frank talking about a restaurant that has huge Mozzarella sticks. Ian likes the ones at TGI Fridays. Brit and Dani have a fun task going on - Brit is picking out Dani's white hairs. They come from stress.

10:06pm BBT #BB14TFI Dani died her hair black once and it looked terrible. Frank and Joe talking about Tennessee, Memphis, Knoxville. Brit whispers this is a chance to get him out of here. Dani says I am so excited, I want him out so bad. Don't know who HE is. Brit yells she's been to Gatlingburg, saw a black bear. Joe says for $5 you could feed a bear a coke. Brit is whispering, steal your dollars. For 10 Veto points, would you make out with Frank? No, says Brit. Even if you were on the block? I am on the block. How about Shane in the KT in front of everyone? Yes.

10:09pm BBT Dani says that's an easy question, we've already kissed twice. Brit calls it a regressive showmance, he hasn't kissed her in 23 days. Jenn is out of the DR. Jenn delivered a message for Frank and we get FotH as Professor Ian attempts to explain what it means. Didn't hear what Jenn said though. Ian whispers to Frank that he was scared that Dan would win Veto. Frank agrees. Ian says I thought it was Wrap City. FotH.

10:12pm BBT Blame Brit and Dani humming for interrupting Frank and Ian at the DT. Ian puts on the Power of Veto just so he can feel what it looks like. It feels good, man. Jenn comes in and he puts it back up on the wall. He just wanted to wear it for 10 seconds. All Ian got was the Rubber Ball of Veto. Jenn and Frank can't believe Dan is sleeping with that music. Brit drapes Dani's hair over her head to see what she would look like with brunette hair. She doesn't think this matches her skin tone. Brit doesn't have enough hair to see how Dani would look as a blonde.

10:15pm BBT Fank tells Jenn, Ian that with Dan gone, maybe he won't have so much heat on him. Jenn heads back to the WA couches to check her nails. They start singing Champagne in the Membrane and FotH. Ian talking about Porky Pokeys. The girls talk about how Dan has never seen Braveheart, Pearl Harbor, The Patriot. They say he has to move out of the country. Frank says he has to skip 7 and 6 (HoHs) and win 5 and skip 4. Apparently someone is having a party nearby the studio lot which is why Frank's chum baths have been delayed.

10:19pm BBT Shane is called into the DR. He wakes up and uses the WC before washing his face. Joe feeds Frank something he made, says it's bomb, right? Frank says he's eating too much. Shane says he told them if he laid down he'd fall asleep. Only for 15m. They remind Shane to ask BB for beers. Talk of DR can mean only one thing. FotH. Ian joins the girls in the WA. Brit asks if Ian thinks this week will be endurance? Ian says sure, seems like the right time. For the second week in a row they will end a live show in athletic gear and no quiz. Then it will be a crap shoot game.

10:22pm BBT Ian thinks the crap shoot game will be a one shot for enough points. Brit grooming her eyebrows. Joe folding a paper label he tore off a bottle of tobasco sauce. Jenn clipped her nails, now filing them. Hayden was in solitary confinement her season. Dani says this will be the end of week 7, 21 episodes. Ian goes over to the memory wall to check his key - he can't believe it's still there after 50 days. The shackle girls think ratings must be through the roof. Ian tries to show Joe how he snaps but Joe can't do it. I can't either.

10:27pm BBT Ian telling a story of Doug's Intramural Posse dip. They dipped Skoal. Ian had Skoal in his house, his brother's friend did and Ian hid it in his nightstand drawer. Guess that secret's out. Ian graduated HS in 2009. Shaler Area HS. He lived in the same house all his life. He picked to Tulane to get away from home, it seemed warmer and a fun city. Ian says watching the snow melt in Pittsburgh was the most amazing thing, he tells a story of a huge rain storm and the bus couldn't leave school - the route was flooded and Ian was trapped at school. His dad found a way to get there to pick him up, had no idea the roads were flooded. Dani has to go to the WC with Brit standing outside. No one can put the toilet seat down, they complain. Remember chicks live here, says Jenn.

10:30pm BBT During the summer, Ian enjoys riding his bike next to the Monogahela River. Dani washes her hands. Jenn joins Joe and Ian at the DT. The Chain Gang rattles their way to the KT area. Jenn says they are so cute. They head through the LR to the SR where they find no alcohol. it looks like all the stuff from the HN room are in bins in the SR. Dani grabs some cocho-chip cookies. Jenn starts talking about something Production might do tomorrow and we get FotH.

10:34pm BBT CG rattle their way to the DR but Ian reminds them Shane is in there. We get a look at the HN Party Room where Dan was sleeping in the quiet. Now he's sleeping with them music playing again. He lifts his head and turns it to the other side. In the KT, Brit jokes how do they handle their BF situation? They will have to date a polygamist. Dan moves his feet, but not to the beat. Brit says they would have to work from home. And marry the same guy, Dani says. Yes, a polygamist, says Brit. Shane is out of DR and says the beer request is in. He tickles Dani as he walks past her into the KT.

10:37PM BBT Joe tells Shane he has to step up, the girls need a guy in between them. Shane says he's up to it. They are out of paper towels so Shane makes an exit. Packed with fresh snacks, the CG head to the LR. Jenn is laughing at the absurdity of everything right now. Jenn said she could hear Dan's HN Party Room music in the Dairy Queen (DR). Brit joins Joe, Ian and Jenn in at the KT. Dani is not with her. Somehow they became unshackled. Joe says he and Jenn should do a DR and talk about the girls they are going to date later.

10:40pm BBT Ian says he needs to shave his chest and pits again. They are laughing at Ian's burn from the hair removal cream. Ian says he got some lidocaine from DR but they were laughing at him too. It was a close call, Brit said, he almost lost his arms. Sounds like BB has upped the volume in the HN PR. We get FotH again.

10:48pm BBT Shane was sneaking around somewhere and looked like he was trying to surprise someone then FotH. Shane sits at KT table and asks what for 5 days? and we get FotH. Dani walks past the DT. They are unchained for some reason. Brit, Jenn, Shane, Ian and Joe are talking movies. Ian talking about Vote for Pedro shirts, Pedro Sucks t-shirts and Pedro lacks political experience t-shirts. Suck it, they joke. Shane says that's what he calls his little guy, Pedro. Brit asks if he puts a little sombrero on it? Dani wonders how that would work? What, the sombrero?

10:51pm BBT Brit called to the DR. I am guessing that is why they are unshackled. The music raves on in the HN PR. Shane eating cereal since he just woke up. Dani, Jenn, Jenn discussing how a threesome would work, what if one of the parties wanted to take a break. Ian in the Music Room examining some lotion from his HoH basket. Ian says the tiebreaker in the POV comp was worth 12 points so it had to be big. Like maybe a tattoo. He would get a tattoo for a veto. A BB right on his bicep. Sara (Joe's wife) would not approve, he says.

10:54pm BBT Joe shows Jenn the special bottle of cucumber slices he made her for HN. So much better than pickles, she said. Dani took advantage of being unshackled from Brit to use the WC, says that BB told her not to shower because they wanted that on camera. Shane asks if she is going to put a bathing suit on and FotH.

10:57pm BBT Joe, Shane, Dani, Ian and Jenn around the DT waiting for the BY. Frank is probably taking root in HoH. Brit is in DR. Frank comes in and sees Dani and says where's Brit? He woke up in HoH and saw Dani on the spy screen and said WTH, have I been asleep for 24hrs? Dani says they are doing Before DRs. Carrot Top is in HoH munching on his snacks. If I recall, the last time Frank was HoH he was in the Spiritard. Jenn is going to give Shane a haircut on Thursday. Shane says Mohawk City. Dani suggests Jimmy Neutron. Shane doesn't want her touching his hair - it's already thinning.

11:00pm BBT Jenn says Boogie told her that Jenn was a nurse. Dani asks if he thought she was Miss America too? Frank is downstairs now. They can't get into the BY until the outside party is over. The music is back on in the HN PR. Frank asks everyone to stay up with him as he gets chummed. Dani says she has to do whatever Brit's doing. Joe says he's going to stay up to keep Dan company if he's doesn't sleep through the night. Dan is doing a terrific imitation of a log. Frank, Joe, Jenn, Ian, Dani and Shane around the DT and Brit in DR.

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11:09 pm BBT Jenn mentions she wants to go outside and it sounds less loud then before. Frank says he's glad its taking longer. The longer they take the longer the chum takes for me.

11:14 pm BBT The KT crew talking about other reality shows. They get stuck on the show solitary that was on fox reality channel. Ian says it was way worse then BB and for only 50k. (I just finished the series a month ago it is intense)

11:23 pm BBT Brit and Dani are now reshackeled. they check on Dan who does not respond as he is half asleep. The girls make some coffee and talk about taking a shower. They decide to take their shower upstairs, thinking itll be easier.

11:33 pm BBT Dani waits for Brit to pee outside Hoh Bathroom door. They finally realize there is a pants problem with the shackles they decide to unshackle and re shackle for those. Two feeds are on Dan sleeping in HNR and two feeds are on the girls showering.

11:38 pm BBT The girls in the shower are making small talk about what they plan to do tomorrow and how much weight they have gained or lost from being in the house.

11:43 pm BBT The KT crew talking about getting in trouble. Joe says he has a 20 min rule with his kids. They talk about it for 20 mins then he says something funny and they get over it cause adults make mistakes kids make even more. He gets it.

11:53 pm BBT Shane Ian Jenn and Joe are talking about finale night and the Vegas bash Joe wont go if his wife cannot. The girls are trying to get changed in the shower without cams seeing. it isn't going so well. They head into the hoh WC

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12:05 am BBT Had Foth for about 3 mins come back to a less then savory conversation at the KT. Ian talks about Boogie and Erika's relations during S7. He then discusses the rumor about Will and Nicole season 2

12:17 am BBT The shackled girls have joined the KT crew and are going over the house and how its really a sound stage. They have a talk about how the house would be different if a crew was following them. We of course get Foth

12:29 am BBT Brit suggests going around the table and stating a fact no one know. Ian says he co hosted a school television show called against the grain. Brit mentions being in theater as a kid, she goes over roles she had done. Dani has a lot (shocker) she was on the district board for her school and she traveled all over the state for it. She goes into another one but Brit tells her to save her facts (thanks Brint) Shane invented something but never got the funding for the patent, Joe and his friend John gunther have always wanted to start a boys ranch for juveniles, Ian says he spent 24 hrs in Pittsburgh cold to get an Xbox 360

12:35 am BBT Brit's mom buys an sells things on E bay and Amazon and makes a lot of extra money at it. Dani Scrapbooks and loves photography. Shane knows how to redo cars and build body kits. Joe decided that he was running away at 18 the BY opens and the story ends. ts time for the chum bath!

12:40 am BBT Frank takes off his carrot outfit stands in the chum, takes the bucket, and pours it all over his head and in his face. He then jumps in the shower that is outside and is super freezing. Jenn Ian and Joe are begging BB to turn on the HT.

12:46 am BBT While Frank showers off in hoh shower. Joe talks about what a stupid move it was to bench the two hohs. Shane says if he makes it past the next two weeks he deserves to win the show.

1:00 am BBT Joe and Shane are at HT going over what the next Hoh will be. They dont think Jenn will use veto but know Dan will try hard to get her to. Jenn comes out and all talk stops. all we hear is Ian swinging in the hammock

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1:05 am BBT the shackle girls go over what nail polishes they have at home and what ones bb took away from them. Brit liked Karas that she came in with.... Foth

1:17 am BBT We come back to Dani saying she will throw the next hoh to Brit but she is worried about Brit not putting Frank on the block.. Brit says she wont immediately. Brit says no one wants Frank here so anyone will use it to get him back doored. Brit is telling Dani to make sure Jenn isnt using veto. Dani said she did. The foghorn sounds and Frank has to take another chum bath.

1:25 am BBT Danis hands have cuts on them so Jenn runs into the SR to get her band aids. The girls try to gauge how tired each other are after finding out how late it is. The guys in the HT are recapping the veto comp. The hot tub still hasnt warmed up so Jenn gave up.

1:32 am BBT Ever the good sport Dan taps his toes along from under the blanket as the music for his Solitary party starts again.

1:49 am BBT The girls fold their laundry and walk around cleaning the mess they made from their snacks and nail polish at the KT. The guys in the HT are talking about cars. Pretty small stuff her tonight.

1:52 am BBT another chum bath for Frank!

2:02 am BBT The girls are going to lay down in the SBR . They tell Shane to come talk to them when he is out of the shower. Brit wants to recap Jenn not using POV and wants to tell him to throw Hoh for her next week.

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10:51 AM BBT

Frank up and talking to us in the BY. He's in his carrot costume. He sends a shout out to Mike. Jenn and Ian come outside. Jenn asks if he's talking to himself, says he always does. Frank points out he's talking to SuperPass. "Oh, right, people are watching us!" says Ian.

Frank was woken up at 2, 4 and 7:30 then 10:30 for chum baths.

Dan up and listening to the music quietly. Occassional big sighs.

10:53 AM BBT

As a reward for talking to us about his overnight chum bath experience, BB Production sounds the alarm. Frank goes inside to get his swim trunks on. Ian rocking in the hammock by himself.

10:58 AM BBT

Frank takes his chum bath and Ian laughs as he runs over to the shower. "Thanks for the support Bubba." says Frank as he throws some chum at Ian. "Oh, that was for Thursday"

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11:00BBT "Joe, Daniele, Britney please change your batteries." (Some one doesnt want to get up today.)

Brit/Dani got the three legged walk down pretty well. Dani in WC while Brit waits outside. Frank tells the girls that BB was easy on him, he got 2 hrs of sleep between chum baths. Dani/Brit get back in bed and Dani smacks her head on the cabinet above the bed..

11:12am BBT Frank has the carrot suit on, he's rolled it up over his wet shorts, on his way up the stairs to HOH he says Ow, OW...gets in the room and pulls a piece of glass from his foot.

"Joe, go change your batteries!" Ian in hammock swinging and talking to himself...FOTH

The only words I can hear from Ian start with the letter F. If Joe got up he went back to bed. Dan still has the white noise ( a constant buzz that would drive me more nuts then the music)

11:25BBT Squeech, mumble, squeech, mumble, squeech, HOH compete, squeech...from Ian. From Dan its rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr FOTH....Frank pulls another splinter from his foot, says it wasnt glass just a turf splinter.

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Ian and Frank take breakfast to the patio. They say they are glad Dan is in Solitary, they dont have to listen to him for a while. At home Frank drinks his morning coffee while watching taped Letterman. Ian says when ever you go on vacation the best thing to buy is a coffee mug, then when its cold and snowy out you can drink coffee and remember your vacation.

Frank lets out a huge burp, says Excuse me. Ian says all good. Frank says you have to say Excuse me for the feeders out there.

Ian says he tried to get Dan to throw it. Never gave Dan the definitive on using his POV on Dan. Ian isnt going to do anything that puts Brit in risk. Dont think Jenn would have gone on slop for the rest of the season if she wanted Dan to come down.

11:45BBT Dan gets up, eats some cake (he is eating the middle out of the cake), gets some water and some more cake and goes behind the curtain.

Frank and Ian talk past comps. The backyard the other day was a mad house, everyone was yelling at each other. Shane got mad at production for beaning him with balls. Frank says it will be a good epi.

11:51BBT The Dance party has started back up for Dan...bring on the music. He paces back and forth wrapped in a blanket.

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Ian says they actually strung two together but he F'd his all up. Just like Howie did. The past comp talk continues. They also guess at what the next comp will be.

Frank says Ian prob wont take him to F2. Ian says it depends, doesnt think he can win against him. Not that he doesnt care about Frank but his family comes first. His dad will never be able to retire unless he wins it.

Frank thinks the only person that would take him to F2 might be Shane. Ian says Shane has played a mostly honest game, a little pot stirring but not like Joe.

Frank says the only person for sure that would take me to F2 is gone. Ian says Mike probably wouldnt have won it, he already won once.

Ian says nothing against Frank, will be upfront with him. But his dad comes first. He goes to get some OJ and Frank reminds him to take his cereal bowl in.

12:09BBT Horn blows for Franks chum bath, he says at least they waited till their convo was over. Ian say, nothing going on, they would have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Frank heads upstairs to put his suit on...he yelps and says its COLD!

Frank has a system, take off the carrot suit, take off his t-shirt, puts his hair in a pony tail, climbs into the tub, dips the bucket, pours the red chum over his face, down his front and back, then heads to the outdoor shower. He gets as much off as possible, even opening his trunks.

Frank and Ian talk about getting 2 more beers, then they would be golden. they wonder if Joe will give them his then give him some back later.

12:23BBT Frank heads to WC, comes out and ....time for another Chum bath. He says he just got out of this thing.

12:29BBT Meanwhile in the rest of the house....Dan is back to the white noise and everyone else is sleeping.

Ian called to DR. (my ears TY BB) Frank roots around in the fridge for "that tuna stuff"

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Frank puts a towel down on the patio couch and starts giving shout outs and talking to us...... Love you mom and nana. No one will take me to F2, if he can get Shane there it might be different. Shane might not be that good at the last comp, maybe the other person will say I cant win against Shane but I can against Frank. He continues: Ideally Dan goes home this week. He needs Joe to win an HOH and put up Brit and Shane or Shane and Ian. Frank says He needs Ian out of the game, he wont take him to F2. That little s**t made a bad move on Thurs, not cuz he is against me but cuz it was the best for him. Ppl are saying he is the best player in the game. Ppl dont want to take the best player to F2. He got a bit heated but thats his passion to the game. If he can send 3 ppl home this week it would Dan, Ian and Brit with Dani after that. Frank says his F5 would be Him, Shane, Joe, Jenn and Dani. He goes on about who should be going out in what order and who needs to get hoh. Frank says thats alot to go his way but he has had a lot go his way, hope the cards keep falling his way.

12:56BBT Frank says ok he has plan. Was told not to think to far ahead but its Sunday and there are only 3 wks left. Need to talk to Brit and to get Dan to tell Dani to work with him. Will cut her throat eventually but I got to, she wont take me to to the end.

Franks game depends on a guy who has never won a comp to win HOH (Joe), the guy gets anxiety attacks before every comp.

1:00BBT Ian out of DR, Frank called to DR. Ian climbs into then out of the pool, puts the water hose in the pool then climbs back in.

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1:02 BBT ...As Frank is Thinking forward about Comps, Noms to come the thought is starting to come to him that basically he needs to NOT be backdoored ... To be put up and be able to compete in the POV's .... As Dan continues to keep his sanity..held on too ,,,, While Ian splashes around the Pool

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1:40 BBT Just destroyed my mental Picture of Dans Torture when I found out from Dani and Brit eating ceral by the pool talking to Ian .... To find out that Dan had cotton to put in His ears while in the "Party Room" / HN Room ..... Whoops there Goes Franks Chum Semi-Truck Horn again...... Brit Cheering Frank on During his Chummie Bath "GOOOO Frank"

1:45 BBT After Frank is done with His Chum Bath He does a Cannonball into the Pool soaking Brit and Dani .. Hi-Liarious ... Brit laughing cause Ian said is Frank an idiot or what ?

1;48 BBT The Techno Music (Yuck) is back for Dan .... The Chain Gang Couple are doing there faces up in the WA ,,, still to Change into there Swim Suits ... Jen Pops in and says aaahhhh My 2 Fav ladies........... Shane now up .. Sounds like he gargled with gravel when he speaks

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2:24 BBT Sounds like someone is giving a Speech outside the BB House by the swimming Pool ..... Most exciting thing going on

2:30 BBT Brit talking about how awesome and Weird it was when she did Her Interview for BB , she could see the outside of the BB House ..... Frank and Shane talking in the KT now Jen enters and Shane heads out to the Pool

2:32 BBT Jen eating her slop from now to the end of Her game while drinking a Glass of Blue something ?

2:34 the Chum Horn beckons Frank again for a delightful bath of orange Goop... Ow Ow Frank gets hardcore this Time and even dumps the Chum on his head/hair .. Ha Ha says Dani and then sorry Frank .. Can't help myself

2;38 BBT Ian trying to talk to Dan through the Door .. No Response .. The Chain Gang Girls said Dan hasn't responded since a 1/2 hour after he went in .. from there earlier convo

2:40 WBRB ??? AAAAA .. An ILD

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3:08 PM BBT

Britney explaining how young girls should wear cheap make up while they are young. They can go to WalMart and buy their stuff. They don't need the expensive stuff until they are grown and will take care of it. Danielle also says not to buy them a good brush set until they are in college either because they won't take care of it.

Shane just watching them and making jokes about the wrinkles on his forehead.

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1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT

  • 1:03-Frank says the #6 HOH is important For Joe to win. He wants Jenn to win an HOH & get Britany out. Ian is out of the DR. Frank is called in next. Ian goes & gets in the pool & splashes around & plays alone. He is having fun. Dan is still in the HNR listening to music. He is laying on his stomach & seems to really be thinking. Everyone else is napping.
  • 1:09-Ian is having fun all alone in the pool. He gets out & then jumps back in & continues to splash around. He has the water hoes in the pool & is spraying it around.
  • 1:15- Ian is still palying in the pool alone. Dan is reading his bible as the music continues to play. Britany & Dani are asleep in the SBR & Jenn is in the other bed in there asleep also.
  • 1:24-Ian is having the best time jumping& splashing around in the pool. He keeps mumbling to himself but I cant hear what he is saying.
  • 1:26-Britany is awake in the SBR but is just laying there because she is still shackled to Dani , who is still asleep.
  • 1:34- Britany & Dani are awake & heading to the WA complaining about the chain being shorter because its tangled.
  • 1:40Britany & Dani go to let Dan no what time it is but he is asleep & doesnt hear them. The head to the KT to eat some Fruit Loops & go outside to eat their cereal by the pool. Frank is out of the DR. & says he is going to get in the pool after he eats something. Ian is in the pool talking to them about Dan being locked in the HNR.
  • 1:45- Britany & Dani are talking to Ian about Dan not hearing them. Britany wants to know if Joe ever picked a side. Ian says no. Britany says Joe cornered her last night about why Frank wanted her to win the veto so bad. Franks chum siren goes off. Britany & Dani cheer him on as he chums himself.
  • 1:48-In the HNR, the music starts back up & Dan doesnt seem to notice.
  • 1:51- Britany & Dani have decided to put on their bathing suits & lay out. They are in the WA talking about dreams. Britany says isn all her dreams since being in the BB house she is so tired she cant see whats going on in her dream. Jenn, Shane,& Joe have finally got up.
  • 1:56-Out @ the pool, Frank Ian & Jenn are talking. Ian & Jenn both say they wont use the veto on Dan. They like Dan but agree he needs to go. Noone wants to waste an HOH on Joe but they agree someone wil have to to get him out.
  • 2:01- Britany , Dani, & Joe have joined Frank, Ian, & Jenn out @ the pool. Frank tells Britany not to wear the flip flpos she has on . Janelle & Ashley both wore them & they are both gon.
  • 2:17-Lots of chatting about salt water pools, the weather in Florida, the differences between Chicago & New York. Britany loves New York. Joe says the people in NY are not as nice as the people in Chicago.
  • 2:25-Joe is talking about his son. He thinks he is model material.Frank is inside eating. Ian gets out of the pool & goes inside. Britany & Dani are in the cahairs by the pool. Joe is tanning by the pool. They cant believe it is Day 51 in the BB house & start talking about how long it has been since they held their keys.
  • 2:27- Britany asks Ian why Ashley fell on him when she was evicted Thursday. Ian says he stepped on her foot.
  • 2:35- Frank & Jenn have been talking in the kitchen about how empty the house feels & they are inerested to hear Dan s pitch to the to use the vetos.
  • 2:45- Jenn is sitting @ the KT Table. She looks less than thrilled w her protien shake. Shane is cleaning the KT. Britany & Dani are in HOH changing out of their swim suits. Dan is still in the HNR with the music going. Ian is fixing his lunch.
  • 2:55- Dan is awake in the HNR & looks very bored & alone. Britany ,Dani, & Shane go to the WA chair to put make-up on. They have a little difficulty getting situated . Shane sits between them & looks like he is on the chain.

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3:17 PM BBT

Dan finishing off his cake in the HNR. Folding his clothes neatly by the door. Re-wraps himself in a shoulder toga. Stands in centre of the room. Lies down on his stomach and closes his eyes.

In the Sneaker Room the others talk about nothing. [Dan in his solitude is far more interesting. - ZuZu]

Britney talks about a book called , "The Glass Castle."

3:25 PM BBT

The book involves an alcoholic father. Joe shares that his Father used to steal and do stuff to his Mother and blame it on Joe so he could answer where all the money went out of the family bank account. Says his father used to do speed and other bad stuff. His Mom was ready to send him to a military school she was so convinced by his Dad that he was trouble. Joe says he and his Mom should write a book but no one would believe the stories. Britney keeps telling on and on about the book, not really acknowledging what Joe is saying.

3:27 PM BBT

Danielle telling a story about a Princess who is always the prized something or ever who can never escape. She was a virgin and he was rich and they end up falling for each other but denying each other. {Sounds like your garden variety Harlequin Romance - ZuZu].

Britney wants to know about the most serious relationship that Shane has ever been in, the girl he loves the most in the world, when she looks like crap - does he know it or does she always look great? Shane says nope - she always looks great. Britney asks the same question of Joe and his wife. Joe says he tells his wife when she looks like crap. Britney hollers out to Frank and he answers that it depends on the girl. How she reacts.

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3:42 PM BBT

Britney learns that she has high blood pressure and sleep apnea and other health issues. "I got diagnosed yesterday!" she laughs. Danielle says that someone in the DR told her this stuff.

Danielle wants to go back to sleep. "How can you want to sleep? We only got up 2 hours ago?" asks Britney. Ian just out of the shower. Britney wanting him to allow them to put make up on him. Guaranteed TV time she tells him. We also learn her little sister is allergic to nuts. And has bad eczema. Her older brother has it on his hands and knees.

They've decided they are really bored and want to play poker but they will wait for Dan to come out because he'd like that.

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