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8/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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9:08 PM BBT Brit/Dan talking - Dani joins them. Brit says they should have a pow-wow. Dani says she is constantly followed.

Jani walks in on Dan/Brit and says there is wine. Brit tells her she could have it. Jani burps and walks out saying she feels disgusting.

9:13 PM BBT Brit tells Dan/Dani that Jani hates Fran because he sees what she is doing. In the BY Shane and Joe exercising.

Boogie/Frank and Ian talking in the arcade room. Frank says he has been trying to get one on one time with Dani. Boogie telling Ian to be careful because he will be the next target. Jenn is in the room too. Boogie giving pep talk.

9:19 PM BT Jenn says that tonight she will set up a nice opportunity for Frank to talk to Dani. Boogie suggests they should use the arcade room to talk. In the BY Joe continues to walk and Shane cont to run.

Ian trying to tell his team what the possible games HOH will be this week. He feels if it was endurance they would already be on ILD. And we get FOTH

9:25 PM BBT Frank leaves the arcade room. Ian is saying something about Ash cant be that dumb. Boogie says she is that dumb. Ian says you have to be smart to get into Penn State.

Frank and Wil talking to Ash about Jani and how Wil feels about what Jani said to him and made him feel like he wouldn't be there except for her. Frank is tired of the Trixie stuff.

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9:31 PM BBT Frank pulls Dan into the shoe BR to talk. Dan asks him how he feels. Frank says he feels good and should right? dan says yes. frank says that he hasnt got to talk to Dani. Boogie joins the talk. Frank wants to make sure that he is doing what he should. dan says its looking good. Not to stay to far away but dont crowd in.

9:35 PM BBT Wil and Jani and other HG are talking about bar hopping in NY and Miami.

Boogie says if Frank walks out the door and one of his team win HOH - he won't allow anyone else in the HOH room...says there is nothing anyone can say.

Ash telling Wil and Jani and Joe in the kitchen that she believes in them so much! They clink g;lasses on it.

9:42 PM BBT Jani telling Wil about Bo. Says he gets paid to party and drinks every night. she says he is a promoter and and parties every night. He was a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Frank asks Dan what he should do in talking to Dani. He wants to make sure what he should do. Dan tells him to see if Dani is alone and just sit and shoot the crap with her.

9:48 PM BBT Frank tells Dan that Wil told him that he is trying to vote the way Dani does. Frank says that Dani tells him they are solid - she doesnt seem the type to tell porky pies.

Jani/Wil/Ash talking about hair extensions and what they cost. Wil naming off who's hair he has. Now talk about which HG had extensions.

9:56 PM BBT Frank continues to go over scenarios and who would vote for who. Boogie rejoins Dan/Frank. Boogie telling them how Brit manipulated Joe into making her dinner.

Frank says he saw Brit wash a dish last night. Boogie said he called her out on being at the sink twice. Brit told him that she is god for August.

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2200 Top of the hour brings the kitchen crew (Wil, Jani, Joe and Ash) talking about hair extensions and the shoe room crew (Boogie, Frank and Dan) talking about there possibly being an endurance comp and letting Dani win.

2204 Shoe Room crew talking about a player returning. They are throwing around ideas about one of the newbies coming back, or the coaches coming back in and when it might happen. Shane and Wil head up to HOH. Ash joins shoe room crew. Wil and Shane talking about being able to work Jenn if she wins HOH. Shane says Dani will vote however he wants.

2206 Ash leaves Dan and Frank alone again and they continue to strategize and talk about joining together. Wil and Shane talking upstairs…Wil says he went to Frank and told him that he has his vote, to try to make Frank think he’s safe. Shane says Dani is doing the same, but everyone wants Frank out cause they don’t trust Boogie.

2211 Wil says he is not afraid to let Joe go next week. Shane says if you have to tell Frank he’s safe, wait til later in the week. Shane says if Frank finds out and starts to go nuts, he’s going to come up to HOH and just stay in there. Wil says they need Boogie’s team to be crippled. Wil leaves and Shane goes to shower. In shoe room, Dan, Frank and Boogie continue to strategize.

2214 Frank says Jani told him that producers said she wouldn’t be in jury house, and she was good because she didn’t want to be away from her baby that long. Boogie says he asked the same thing and was told basically to expect the unexpected. Jani and Wil now in arcade room and Jani is crying because she really cares about him and doesn’t want anything to happen to him in this game.

2217 Frank thanks America for the salmon. Now they talk about how slick America was in doing that. Wil and Jani talking about how well they are doing in the house. Jani says if he ever leaves the team, they won’t be a team (???) Wil says Jani and Ashley will do great without him anyway. Dan asks Boogie about Ian and where he is in the game. Boogie says he told him not to speak game with anyone. And FOTH.

2220 Shoe room crew continues to bash Ian. Meanwhile in arcade, Jani and Wil talk about Wil wanting to stay in touch and know what’s going on….and FOTH again. Feeds back and Wil is saying sometimes fresh ideas are good. Jani says she doesn’t want him to feel like an idiot and he says he felt like an idiot last night. He was angry at the twist, not her.

2225 Shoe room crew talking about they feel bad for Jodi only getting 5 hours in the house. Then they laugh hysterically (???) Wil and Jani whispering about telling Frank that he’s safe. Jani saying he’s going to freak out. And so is Ian. Talking about how he might flip out like Willie. Wil says he doesn’t want Jani or Joe to get blindsided by it. Jani says he’s a powerful player and he needs to go.

2226 Boogie and Frank heading to the kitchen and Frank starts singing “The Boys Are Back In Town” and we get FOTH.

2234 Ash, ,Brit and Dani in Brit’s HOH. Idle chit chat about what the men are talking about. Jani and Wil still in the arcade room rehashing strategy over and over again. Dan comes and asks to speak to Dani and Brit says to Ash “I don’t know what’s going on in this house” Dani and Dan stealth whispering again <Man they’re good at that> Jani telling Wil that she’s going to back off him a bit.

2240 Dani and Dan now in arcade room whispering. Most everyone else is in the kitchen talking about going to the movies and what was the last thing they saw. Dani says everyone is trying to get her to do what they want, but they are all making her mad. Dan orders her to stop liking Shane. Jani joins Joe out in the BY at the HT. Says she told Wil she will back off so he can play his own game. Dani says she isn’t losing 500k over Shane.

2244 Dani says she isn’t going to lose 500k over Shane and Dan says she is flirting with losing it. Says you can’t let your emotions rule you. Dani says she isn’t, but that Jani and Ash are making little jabs at her and it’s so annoying. Jani and Joe out chatting about Wil not liking the coach twist. Joe says let him do what he wants as long as he votes out Frank Thursday.

2248 Dan tells Dani she needs to play like an assassin…she says she is PMSing. Joe and Jani still talking about who is on board with the plan to get Frank out. Jani says if Dan goes against her and the coaches DO go back in the game, he’s in big trouble. Jani thinks they aren’t going to go back in and we get FOTH.

2250 Joe asks Jani what to do if him and Wil are the last hanging on in the HOH comp. Jani says Joe should take it. Dan and Dani talking about Britney. Can’t make out all they are saying. Joe asks what Wil and Shane talked about. Jani tells him that they talked about the votes and they are good. Dani tells Dan she is scared of the next HOH comp. Shane comes in…they say they wanted to talk to him but Ashley is stalking her.

2258 Shane repeats Wil conversation from earlier to Dan and Dani. Wil joins Joe and Jani at the HT. Same conversations repeating over and over again. Brit enters arcade room. They talk about testing Ash to see if she repeats something to Jani.

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11:06PM BBT Brit says testing Ash is a good idea. She says it's pretty obvious that Ash tells Jani everything. Brit warns the group that no one can be trusted, watch what everyone tells you because things are being made up out of thin air. Ash sticks her head in the door and everyone says hello. She walks back out and Brit says "Watch, Janelle will be heading in here soon...just watch..." Meanwhile out in the BY Jani and Wil are chatting about their family. Jani says her mom watches the feeds and updates for sites, and her dad watches the show religiously. Joe comes out and gives an update as to where everyone is. Some at the KT table and the rest in the Arcade room.

11:10PM BBT Back in the Arcade room Dan, Shane, Brit and Dani continue to make discuss possible scenarios for next week. Brit asks Dan if he thinks the coaches will get dropped in the game. Dan says he does think it will happen. Dan says Jani and Boogie will try to gather all 4 coaches because the normal HGs will all come after them, especially Jani's team.

11:12PM BBT Jani and Joe in the BY talking about how smooth Frank is. "If Dr. Will is a 10 Frank is an 8.5." Wil says Frank made a huge mistake last week by walking around the house all cocky and loud. Joe agrees and says Frank is a gentleman when he's on the block. Wil says Frank's second mistake was making a deal with Willie the first night.

11:16PM BBT After a brief FoTH Ash comes out into the BY and Joe says there has been sexual tension in the house all day. Ash tells everyone that Boogie and his team are together in the house and Brit and Dan's team are together in the Arcade. Jani mentions that her goodbye message was not nice to Frank and Joe says Frank told him to be nice with his goodbye message and we get another wave of FoTH.

11:21PM BBT Feeds are back and in the Arcade Shane tells Brit he was surprised that even after Willie left the game he was surprised that Frank continued to target her team regardless. Brit says she doesn't believe any of the things she heard that Jojo supposedly said that was duragatory towards other HGs last week is true because there is no source. Everyone just points fingers and says that they heard it from other players. Out in the BY it is silent briefly before Joe says "Do you know what I'd do for a fifth of vodka right now..." Wil and Ash head inside.

11:24PM BBT Soon as the backdoor is closed Jani says Wil is still upset. Joe agrees. Joe says every time Frank's name is brought up you can see it in his eyes. Joe suggests limiting Frank talk for the time being as to not upset him anymore. Joe says he is worried, just a bit about Wil's vote. But he thinks Wil is smart enough to realize that if he votes to evict me that there will be a witch hunt in this house for him and he'll lose the jury votes as well. Jani says she is headed into the house to talk to Brit and Dan. She wants to know what Booger told them.

11:29PM BBT Back in the Arcade room Dan swears that he isn't throwing competitions "and even if I were why would I tell her that?" Brit says Jani told her again yesterday that you are throwing comps. Brit says Jani is going to get busted with all of the things she's running around doing right now. Meanwhile in the SR Frank shows Jani his stash of cashews and nuts. Frank comes back out and tells everyone at the KT (Ash, Boogie, Ian, Jen, and Wil) that he showed her cause he's a nice guy. They're left over from his HoH basket.

11:36PM BBT In the Arcade room there is silence briefly before Brit asks Dan if he was told anything useful earlier. Brit tells Dan that Jani was complaining to her that Dan always takes her information but never shares it back. Dan says "Of course I don't, she's a liar and I don't trust her." Brit tells the group that yesterday when Jani and her were in the HoH Jani mentioned that "Frank had said he was going to backdoor Wil last week didn't he Ash?" and Ash said yes and looked down. Today Brit asked her about that and Ash said "I don't remember him saying it but Jani says I told her that last week so I must've said it...."

11:45PM BBT Back in the SR Ian and Jani are talking. Just random food chit chat. Ian puts a red pepper in the crisper so it exists on Thursday. Ian also says he should have looked up how to make vodka from potatoes before he came in the house because he totally could've done it. In the Arcade Jani bashing continues. Brit says she was excited week 1 when Jani wanted to work together but then the following week she wouldn't even talk to her. Dan shushes Brit because he heard Boogie asking where they were. Jani bashing continues briefly in hushed tones and after a few minutes Boogie knocks on the door and asks to come in and hang out. He went up to the HoH looking for them. Boogie tells the group that out at the table Team Boogie and Team Jani are hanging out chatting. Frank told us how he fingers women and Brit asks if this was before or after the 9th grade. Boogie says after. Boogie then goes onto say Frank says he's not able to finish when receiving oral from a girl and Ash said she makes sure guys finish. Boogie then gets a goofy look on his face and says "...and Ian says well that sounds exciting..." Brief FoTH.

11:49PM BBT Feeds are back and they're talking about Lasik surgery. Boogie and Brit had it. Dani's brother is planning on getting it. Jani enters the Arcade room and they begin to talk about Botox. Jani says Botox is dangerous for women looking to have kids because there aren't any studies yet. Boogie asks the group if they knew that Dr. Wil had liposuction before coming into the house during Season 7. Jani says spotted his scars one day while he was working out and called him out on it.

11:55PM BBT After another brief FoTH. Back at the KT Frank says he's not sure if has a record for masturbation in a single day. Ian says 5 times a day. Wil mentions 8 times in a single day and everyone cries out in disbelief and we get more FoTH. Joe says 3 times in a day. Ian asks where the craziest place everyone has masturbated. Frank has to think about that. Frank doesn't want to answer that question. Someone suggests craziest place to have sex and Ian agrees....Frank and Jen agree that they should wait until after 12 (when BB After Dark is over). Joe says in a department store changing room.

11:58PM BBT Ian points out that Showtime will be over in 3 minutes. Jen suggests everyone to go buy the Superpass if they want to hear the rest of this conversation. Wil says "Buy the feeds if you want to hear Frank's crazy sex story...." and we get FoTH again.

12:03AM BBT Feeds back briefly before going right back to FoTH. Feeds back again. Back in the Arcade room Boogie is being asked if he'd want to have a girl as his next child and Boogie disagrees saying girls are a harder road. Dani says her father raised her and always treated her like a boy. Jani says she had the same probably. Dani says her father bought her a hand-gun for one of her birthdays that he and her brother had wanted. Brit wants to have a girl.

12:10AM BBT Back at the KT there are multiple conversations going on. Wil tells Ash that Ian was quacking at the mirrors and she told him to stop but she had no idea. Everyone is having a laugh at her. She says she is officially annoyed now. She thought he was talking to the mirrors. Ash looks genuinely annoyed (I'm not entirely sure what we missed...but the reaction of everyone was hysterical. Jani walks out of the Arcade room and heads towards the Stereo Room and says she's heading to bed and Ash says she is as well. Ash and Jani lie down on the bed and Ash begins to rant to Jani that Wil called her out for lying about knowing whether Ian was quacking at the mirror. Jani is now trying to console her (So much for the humor!) Wil comes in and Ash apologizes to him.

12:16AM BBT Ash says she will Ian to his face that he's a loony bin and he's always making faces in the mirror. Back in the Arcade room Dan and Dani are the only two left and Dani is whispering about someone grabbing about Dan's ass during photos today. Brit and Boogie walks into the Arcade room with a fake $100 bill and tries to use it on the grab machine in the room. They comment about how cool it would be if there was a golden power of veto in the bottom of it. Ian gets back behind the machine and unplugs it and we get more FoTH.

12:20AM BBT Arcade room now consists of Boogie, Dan, Shane, Dani, Ash and Brit and Ian. Brit hates the decor of the Arcade room. Ian loves it. Brit says the Cabana room from her season had much more use. Ian says he had a very nice date in this room, didn't I Ash? She doesn't respond. Ian mentions doing the cat makeup for Thurs and someone says "I thought BB wasn't going to let you do that..." and we get FoTH.

12:26AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house Jen is headed into the SR humming something. Dan is called to the DR. Jen says she ate too many snacks today. Jani now in the shower and Frank is in front of the mirror doing ADLs. Back in the Arcade room and Ash is telling Ian that she had no idea Ian was quacking. Brit says she's confused how his quacking turned into something (As are we...). Ash says she's just tired and heads off to bed in a relatively better looking mood (compared to 15 minutes ago). Ian says he just likes ducks and Brit has a bit of a laugh. Conversation turns to favorite animals in the Arcade room. Brit says she hasn't had this conversation since elementary school.

12:30AM BBT Wil and Ash chatting about Ian and his quacking still. Wil says he's sorry he didn't mean for it to sound the way it did. Wil says he's going to read his book before going to sleep. Ash says she's also heading to bed, she's just tired. Meanwhile back in the Arcade room (Brit, Shane, Dani, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Jen) and they're laughing about the quacking. Boogie says the Quack alliance. DR gold. FoTH.

12:36AM BBT Feeds are back and Jani and Dan are in the Have-Not room. Dan tells Jani "I don't ask you about when you go and talk to people in the corner." Jani says "Who do I talk to...Joe? We're talking about food!" Dan says your fine, you have to trust me even though I beat your ass in chess. Dan tells Jani that people wouldn't trust him if he were staying away from them. Meanwhile in the BY Joe and Ash are talking trying to figure out what Boogie and Frank offered Dan and Danielle earlier.

12:39AM BBT Feeds back and he's telling Jani that this is the way he plays. Jani asks Dan what Boogie and Frank offered him and Dani. Dan says just hypothetical stuff. Jani pushes for more information "Like what if the coaches come back in the game?" and Dan says "No, basically what you guys are offering me. Dan and Jani fist bump before separating. Wil and Jani crawl into bed in the Shoe Room.

12:46AM BBT Jani called to the DR. Brit heads out into the BY and asks Ash if she's alright after her little quack quack controversy earlier. Ash says she is and she's not mad at Ian and Wil kind of caught her off guard. Joe asks Brit if everything is alright for Thurs. Brit agrees. Brit asks if everything on their end is ok. Joe says it's alright and even though Jani and Wil had their fight they seemed to have mended broken fences tonight. Jani and Brit now heading into the HoH.

12:51AM BBT Jani confirms that she and Wil are alright. He is upset that he can't play the game the way he wants to play because of the coaches twist. Jani says she won't pressure him with coaching any more. If she senses he's in danger or hears something she'll point it out in the future but that's in. Talk turns to Boogie and Frank's deal they offered Dan. Jani rehashes that Dan wasn't forthcoming with information.

01:01AM BBT Jani says she's thinking about heading to bed soon. A voice comes over the HoH speaker from prod telling Brit "Hey Britney this is..." and we get FoTH. Dan taking a shower and threatening to squirt lotion or soap on Dani because she tried to sneak up him and dump a bowl of something on him. Brit walks around the corner and Dani says Brit would probably do it. Brit grabs the bowl and says sure and advances towards him. Dan lifts up the bottle of lotion or whatever and Dani helps grab hold of his hands resulting in lotion/soap squirting from the bottle. Brit then takes advantage of the window of opportunity and throws it on him. They go and refill the bowl and return. Dan twists off the cap of the bottle of whatever he has and says "You got me once, let's call a truce." Ian warns Dan he can blind someone with whatever he has and the girls throw the bowl on him again, laughing hysterically. Dan flings lotion or shampoo all over the floor. Ian comments that it looks like someone just came on the floor. Brit and Dani bolt for the HoH.

01:07AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH Shane, Brit and Dani are talking about how they can't trust Ash. Shane asks Brit if she thinks the coaches are coming back into the game. Brit doesn't know but Jani keeps telling her all sorts of things that makes her wonder. Down in the WA Ian and Dan chat it out. Ian thought he would be bored in the house all the time but he hasn't been. Dan continues to shower and occasionally sing random clips from random songs.

01:15AM BBT Dani, Brit and Shane in the HoH discussing Jani. Brit says today Jani told her today that she wanted to say that Shane told someone that Frank wanted to backdoor Wil last week. Brit said no way, don't use Shane's name like that. Someone came into the room and broke up the conversation. Brit ran upstairs to warn Shane but only had 30 secs because Ash came into the room soon after. Dani says it sucks that Frank has to go this week but he's a dangerous physical threat in the house, but on the other hand by sending him home that leaves 3 poisonous snakes on Jani's team.

01:15AM BBT Ash and Jani chatting in the stereo room. Jani asks if she he's cute and she nods. Jani bursts out into a fit of giggles and Ash gets called out by BB for obstructing her microphone which results in another fit of giggles from the girls. Jani says "The thing is you...you can sleep up in the HoH with him...and she can't..." Ash ask why Dan is so against showmances and Jani says because it'll mess up her game. Ash asks why and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Jani and Ash are still giggling and whispering. Jani says "You think he's cute...but you wouldn't fall in love with him would you?" and Ash says no. Jani says they can use that in three weeks and tells Ash to keep hanging out with him little by little but wait a week just because Dani will get mad and they really need her to vote their way this week.

01:23AM BBT Brief FoTH again and we come back to the two of them still giggling. Back in the HoH Brit, Shane and Dani continue to talk trash about Jani and Ash. Dani says she's not a fake person and she gets into a bad mood when they're around. Dani says Jani is always counting people trying to keep track of them. Brit agrees. Dani says they make them really nervous. Brit and Shane agree. Dani asks Shane why Jani was pushing Ash on him today. Shane wasn't aware she was. Brit says she thinks Jani likes making people feel uncomfortable. By pushing Ash on Shane she thinks it'll make Dani feel uncomfortable. FoTH.

01:30AM BBT Feeds back and Britt says she's trying to figure out if Ash is good at the game and lying to her about being clueless...or if she just is clueless. Dani thinks she's a liar but she does not think she's good at the game. Dani and Britt pointing out that Jani has had her HGs make cookies and breakfast for the HoH each week. Meanwhile out in the BY Dan and Ian are chatting. Dan asks Ian if he's thought about how Thursday can play out. Ian says he has and he's scared if Frank goes home because he's weak as shit. Ian says he'll be next. Dan asks why. Ian isn't sure. Ian says he thought he might go up as a replacement nom this week. Dan asks why. Ian isn't sure. Dan says there has to have been something that gave you reason to think that. Ian said the tone of the house had changed prior to the ceremony.

01:33AM BBT HoH crew continuing their Jani/Ash ranting. Down in the BY Dan asks Ian what's the most interesting fact he's learned about someone in the BB house. Ian says "Joe apparently coined the phrase 'I can't believe it's not butter'". Dan asks him if he believes that (with a hint of amusement in his tone) and Ian says I'd like to believe it, why would you lie about something like that. Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Dan asks Ian what cork is made of and Ian says he's not sure. More FoTH.

01:39AM BBT Feeds back and Dan asks if Latrobe (spelling?) is near him. Ian says it is and he drove through it once. Back in the HoH Dani tells Brit that she thinks her and Dan should come in to the game. Brit agrees and says her and Dan will. Brit tells Shane and Dani that Jani thinks the coaches will come into the game this week and be invited to go get on whatever the HoH comp this Thursday. Brit says Jani is 100% certain that the coaches are coming back into the game this Thursday. Brit says Jani is telling her things that just makes sense. Dani asks what and Brit says it's stuff that she'll get buzzed by production for saying.

01:47AM BBT Brit says she thinks there will be a coaches competition in which only the top two coaches will be allowed to enter the game. Shane and Dani agree that that would make more sense. Meanwhile out in the BY Dan is probing Ian for who he would put up on the block if he won HoH. Dan appears to be coaching Ian...telling Ian how he should respond when people ask him who he would. put up. "It just depends on how you feel about the person that asks you." Day says. Ian says he doesn't want to start writing checks that he can't cover. Dan responds "Right but if you don't pull out your checkbook that makes people even more nervous. Ian just wants to make it to jury for the money. Dan asks how much that would be. Ian says $7500 plus the $3000 he got from Boogie. Ian's mic sounds very scratchy...and then it dies. He says something that we can't hear and we get FoTH.

01:52AM BBT Feeds back and Ian is gone briefly. He returns and his mic sounds much better. Dan says "So you'd have about 10K...7K after taxes..." Ian says it would help him financially so much. Dan asks Ian what if someone were to take him that far in the game and then ask him to sacrafice himself. Ian asks why. Dan says just to get you to that point with the money" Ian disagrees saying no he'd fight to stay if he made it that far in the game. Dan asks Ian what if he won America's Choice. Ian says he'd be thrilled.

01:55AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH Brit, Shane and Dani continue to discuss possible ways the coaches could enter the game. Dani says Dan would have blood coming out of his eyes before giving up during an endurance competition. Dani lays her head on Shane's chest. Shane says this is why he can't sleep at night because there's always scenarios running through his head. The camera over the door whirrs into position looking down at them and Dani says "Of course..."

02:00AM BBT The camera turns away and they comment about the camera being bored. Dani and Shane throw the covers over their head and Dani says "Oh hey Shane let's make out". They stay under the cover for less than a minute before they pull the covers back and Dani looks up realizing the cam didn't move back to them. Meanwhile down in the BY Ian and Dan continue to chat. Dan asks Ian why he doesn't feel like he could go long term in the game on his own. Ian says it's because he feels like the weakest player in the house. Dan says "But the chip competition was 60% physical and you came in second place which throws your previous statement right out the window..." FoTH.

02:05AM BBT Feeds are back and Ian says Shane is strong. Dan agrees. Ian says he doesn't have 3 vetos to his name. Dan agrees but says that you don't have to be large to win. Dan tells Ian that they have to work on his confidence level. Ian says he doesn't have killer instinct. Dan says that can be taught with the right coach though.

02:06AM BBT Thank you for the kind words! RT @ForPaulasTweets: @mortystv Great BB coverage

02:11AM BBT Dan asks Ian if he thinks the coaches will be coming back into the game. Ian says he's thought long and hard about this and to a point yes. Jodi going home the first night was pretty extreme. It sounds like Ian was beginning to elude to something production said and now we're getting flashes of FoTH. Feeds back and Ian says Boogie has been telling him to not be nervous as much as he is. Dan says what kind of things can you do to not be nervous? Dan goes onto say that he thinks Dani's game has really stepped it up because of his coaching. Ian says he thinks he's become a way better player as the weeks have gone on. Dan asks Ian what if he were to start working with some of the coaches if they came in the game (Now we see where Dan's head is at....)

02:13AM BBT Dan asks Ian what he thinks the general consensus of the house is regarding the coaches coming back in. Ian says the other HGs have mostly dismissed it. Dan tells Ian that he agrees and he doesn't think the coaches are coming back in either. FoTH.

02:18AM BBT Back in the HoH Shane is rubbing Dani's back. Dani says Frank is not going to leave her alone tomorrow. Shane says maybe she should have a showmance with Frank before he leaves the house. Dani gets defensive saying he doesn't hug her or anything because he doesn't want her to think she has a showmance. She says she won't think that and thinks his use of the word is absurd, she's not that kind of girl either. Meanwhile out in the BY Ian and Dan continue sit on the couches, chatting.

02:21AM BBT Flipping back to the HoH cams and Shane says he doesn't want to fall for Dani because she lives in Alabama and he lives in Vermont (the look on his face and his tone can be described as almost disinterest...however Dani seems extremely flirty still). More playful giggling and what not between the two of them. Dani asks about Shane and his long distance relationship that he tried and we get FoTH.

02:24AM BBT Dan gives a shout out to Uncle Glen. He tells Ian that shout-outs generally only get picked up in the middle of strategy talk because when multiple shout-outs get dropped randomly... Ian finishes his thought by saying "because they get bored and flip the feeds?" Dan agrees. More FoTH.

02:28AM BBT All four feeds now back on Dani and Shane in the HoH room. Shane says he came in to the game to play and not to meet someone. He's glad that he made a friend out of Dani. Dani says it's funny that you're trying to control life and wants to offer him a piece of advice about dating. After her previous relationship she swore of dating and things but you can't do that. Shane and Dani laying in bed, Shane playing with his mic.

02:33AM BBT Dani continuing to push Shane to at least be friendly to her and let life happen. Shane continuing to refuse. Dani rubs his shoulder and Shane says it hurts. Dani offers to give him a massage and he says no thanks. Dani says why are you so scared of me touching you. Shane says he's not. She starts to rub his chest and claws him with her nail. She says you don't have to be scared of me. He said he's not. She says she is intimidating. He says maybe your butt is too big...

02:35AM BBT Cams 3/4 finally switch back to Dan and Ian in the BY (Thanks BB!). Dan walks out with a bowl of something to eat. Dan says to tweet his sister, she's probably up and watching the feeds. Ian starts to give a shout-out to someone and we get FoTH. Feeds are back and Dan is laughing saying "You have a friend named Fish Face?" does he have a fish face?" Ian says no and we get more FoTH.

02:43AM BBT Feeds are back...and all 4 feeds are on Dani and Shane in the HoH bed. Dani tells Shane that he can't keep his secrets to himself and Shane says he will. The one-sided flirting continues. Cams 3/4 switch back to the BY and Ian is talking to Dan about his season rehashing each week by week. In the quad cam Dani can be seen putting on her shoes and gathering her things, standing at the foot of Shane's bed. She leans in and gives Shane a hug before flipping off the light in the HoH and exiting the room finally.

02:49AM BBT Ian now saying he has the Have-Not record. Dan agrees but says Jerry holds the slop record. Dan says if you're going to Dangheesling.com you should probably go to bed. Dan says he hasn't done a book give away yet today...if you tweet my wife now at 5:30am and tell her I love you you'll get a copy of my book Punch It In.

02:55AM BBT Dani in WA washing her face. Ian now talking to Dan about previous seasons of Survivor. Dan trying to remember J.T. from Hero's Vs. Villains. Ian trying to jog Dan's memory. Dan gives a shout-out to Rob Cesternino and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Dan is telling Ian that he has America's Player in the bag. Ian disagrees and says Wil has that. Dan asks Ian if he's going to stay up and give shout-outs to folks. Ian says no. Dan says he'll be disappointed if he gets out of the house and there isn't a Tulane..." and we get FoTH (Whatever it is is what is causing FoTH, this is the second time I've heard Dan/Ian mention the person/place/whatever and we've gone to FoTH).

03:02AM BBT Dan and Dani in the WA. Dan removing his contacts. Dan asks what Dani has been up to. Dani tells Dan they were upstairs chatting about possible scenarios how the coaches will enter the game. Dani asks to see Dan's leg. Dan says he's already taken care of it. Dani asks why he has so much gauze on his leg she told him how to cut it. Dan laughs and says he likes it dramatic. Dani asks Dan if he'll stab her in the back if the coaches do enter the game. He laughs and says no. Dan whispers to the cams once more before walking into his room "Go to Dangheesling.com". Dan whispering to Ash and Dani in the Stereo room something about the three little bears. Ash wakes up and starts spouting off about sister bear being thirsty. They all have a bit of a giggle. Ash gets up and grabs a glass of water.

03:05AM BBT Ash heads into WC and exits, washing her hands before heading back into the stereo room to crawl back into bed.

03:09AM BBT All HGs now accounted for in their beds. While we finally have a moment...as a reminder there's still time to vote in the Morty's Poll and let us know if you think the coaches should enter the game or not. http://bit.ly/N2baM6 If you've already voted, we thank you for your time!

03:12AM BBT Spoke too soon! Ash back up and headed into the WC once more.

03:16AM BBT Ash back out of the WC and stops to wash her hands before heading back to bed once more.

03:58AM BBT All HGs continue to sleep quietly.

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10AM BBT - Frank and Boogie are up. They are talking HOH scenarios. They are on indoor lockdown and it is pretty noisy outside. Boogie said that he was suprised that the other show (Glass Houses?) put people in hotels on the weekend. Immediate FOTH.

Joe is up as well.

10:10am BBT - Feeds are back but all of the feeds are on sleeping HGs. You can hear Frank, Joe, and Boogie in the background.

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9:00 am: BBT Frank & Mike up talking in the kitchen, saying, it's going to be an endurance because of a long lock down (I think they may be locked down already ). They move to the Arcade room for privacy. They are saying that Ian will not do well due to how sick he is from being a have not for so long.

9:04 am: Frank is saying that if he goes he will say who has made alliances with him before he goes.

9:09 am: Mike saying he hates Dani, that she just won't come out and say what she is doing.

9:10 am: Mike & Frank are talking about Ian always rocking, Frank asked him if he has a rocking chair at home & he says yes.

9:16 am: Frank just said if he got HOH and nominated will then he could backdoor Shane & Wil would be grateful...& FOTH.

9:27 am: Must be morning wake up call, we have fish. After listening the Mike & Frank earlier I think Frank realizes there is a good possibility that he may get evicted tomorrow night.

9:34 am: Feeds come back on with Mike & Frank at the kt table saying it must be endurance. Mike want Shane & Dani to go up next so then they will control the votes. They are going over who is the best to take out. Frank says he feels Dan is a really trustworthy guy. They are trying to figure out who Ash would put up and Mike says it would be 2 of "mine".

9:40 am: lights are on through the house but Only Mike & Frank up & around. they are into some heavy game talk at the table. From what Frank has been saying it sounds like he is more than willing to go back on his word to Shane. Mike Says they are playing nice, but Britt has better be careful.

9:43 am: Mike tells Frank he should threaten Britt saying mike has been playing nice and not trading (has he won a coaches comp?) but Frank should tell her that if he goes out the door that Mike will turn into a beast.

9:48 am: They are saying that anybody can beat Ash. Frank said everyone is at work right now with headphones on watching the live feeds (can he see me?!?!?!) and Mike gives us the peace sign.

9:54 am: They are saying they love this game, Mike says it was a great twist this year...well maybe not for you he tell Frank. Mike is saying that Britt has to be afraid of him in the coaches comp. He says he has won 2...I guess I need more coffee this morning. They are saying they love Ian but he is as bad as Ash, that he doesn't know how to play this game & if he was sitting in the final 2 and crying like when mike gave him the 3 grand he may get votes. Mike says he couldn't see the girls voting any other way. Mike thinks Frank & Wil could beat him because they know how to talk & Ian is not a good talker

9:58 am: They are saying that Wil will play ball, Frank said he thinks Will wants to play with him, but he can't. Mike tells Frank to just look at the board...if we could get rid of Shane & they list who they would have left. Mike says their plan would make them cruise to the final 5.

10:05 am: Mike says it sucks that he can't go to Jen before the coaches comp and make deals in case he loses. Mike says it's not about a sushi party now, Frank saying Dan winning is not the worst thing, they can still get out Shane. Joe just got up & went to get his mic batteries. Mike says I wish he would sleep more, he is always around. Mike says the board is ripe for the picking. They tell Joe that there is major construction going on (they are on lock down) Joe said he was up earlier at 4:30 and it was already happening then. Joe goes to the BR to do ADLs and we get fish.

10:10 am: feeds are back and all on the bedrooms but you can still hear the boys chatting in the other room, just not loud enough to be sure what they are saying.

10:16 am: Mike, Frank & Joe are talking at the table now, Mike says it's too bad we couldn't just cut 3 days out of the week. They are telling each other what time they & everyone else went to bed last night. They are saying that when the have not ends Joe can eat at 9:00 BBT. Frank gets up and asks if Mike wants eggs and they are up getting breakfast supplies. Franks asks Joe if he noticed that the orange pans are Rachel Ray and Joe says yes & he likes them, he says he would rate them in the top 5 for home use.

10:21 am: not lots going on right now, but earlier they were saying Ian is the worst for picking up and cleaning his dishes, they had said it is a good thing they have their names on them.

10:30 am: Joe figures he lost at least 7 pounds, he is in the kitchen with Frank & Mike. He says his body is in total shock from being a have not. Mike said he wonders if anyone eats raw salmon thinking it's smoked and Joe says more often than you would think, he said they go do food shows and they put out raw food that looks cooked with sign that say "do not eat" and some fat F*ck always grabs some and then goes "mmm that's good", Joe says they will have the runs for a week and then the bag ladies come after and take it when they're done & mike mocks them (nice compassion).

10:32 am: All other HG still sleeping with the lights on.

10:35 am: The boys at the table can hear noises & voices, Mike asks "is that outside?" and Joe replies "yes". Mike said he thought it was in the house....I could hear it too.

10:42 am: Frank, Mike & Joe just having a general chat about nothing worth noting at the table & kitchen.

10:48 am: Frank & Mike are saying how they both have to pack & BB will put their big bag in the Storeroom. JUST A NOTE: IF THEY ARE ON LOCK DOWN ALREADY THEY HAVE 2 FULL DAYS TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE TOGETHER. Frank is explaining what vitamins he takes, some he doesn't know what they are. he says he splits them in 1/2 so his body will absorb them, he just said America likes to see him take them altogether (who told him that?) so he does. Mike freaks out and asks how many he just took and Frank tells him 8. Now he is stirring fiber into his water and chugging it.

10:50 am: the boys say they feel bad for America right now because this is all we have to watch. Joe says it will get better today and they say Wednesdays always do.

10:55 am: Frank Mike & Joe at the table still, all other HG asleep still.

10:59 am: Frank is talking about the movie Slevin, he says it's a pretty funny movie to watch. They are talking about who played in the movie. Then they switch to being intimate with themselves. we are not going into details on this.... SORRY TALKING ABOUT IT!!, NOT DOING IT NOW.

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11:13am joe is in ther kt alone fixen to cook something he has gotten out avacodos ,oatmeal, cookies, sugar, butter, cool whip, honey and eggs he is now putting the cookies in the blender to chop them up real fine

11:16am Frank comes into kt from wc telling Joe he learned alot about toxic shock syndrom from the tampon box he said it was something to read Joe tells him he is making avacado cheese cake

11:27am 4 egg yolks go into the cream chesse one at a time cream cheese must be soft joe says are we ready in the bb kt its time to get ready frank is putting the cookie crumb crust in the pan Ian walsk through they say goodmorning to him

11:31am joe says time to fold in one cup of cool whip now gradually add one cup of sugar pour this in a little at a time if it all goes in at one time it will be grainy and you dont want that next step is get sour cream ready here is the trick guys do not whisk the sour cream key to sour cream is fold in the cream cheese to the sour cream

11:33am joe puts frank folding in the sourcream to the cream cheese mixture joe says here is the tricky part of the bb house there is no knives we have to use the butter knife

11:34am frank and joe say do not over work it america sour cream swirls are good . joe says we are going to add the avacodo in then soak the cvake in a water bath in the oven

11:37amFrank now pouring the avacodo into the cheese mixture while joe turns the oven on 325 dani is now up frank says you almost slept till noon

11:42am frank puts the mixture in the crust and joe runs his finger over the bowl and licks his fingers of the creamcheese and coolwhip mixture (isnt he on food restriction) then joe gets a spoon and gives frank a bite then gives dani a bite

11:45am Wil and Jenn now up heading to the wc joe says i have 4 fresh white egg whites here if anyone wants to use them

11:51am Dani and ash in bathroom talling about having nightmares all night jenn is tweezing her eyebrows in the kt joe gave jani a taste of the cheesecake mixture she said it was awesome jani now in bathroom brushing teeth

11:54am hg on ld frank saying they are building early says maybe it will be some big spinning thing hg are sure it will be an indurance comp tomorrow night since they are already locked down today Joe telling ash this might be his last dinner to cook so he is making salmon cakes for dinner tonight

11:59am dani saying she has a feeling she isnt gonna get to wear a dress tomorrow aJEN says yeah i think this is going to be indurance joe walking around telling everyone what he is cooking for dinner tonight and that if he is leaving he is going out in styler Boogie Frank and wil in lvrm reading the bible and talking about shows they watch

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12:14pm General talk in the lvrm with Jani Frank wil and Boogie Dani in bathroom doing makeup Joe walks in and sits down beside her and pats her on the leg Joe says its gonna be a lockdown day are we ready for this

12:22pm Boogie is now reading from the bible the Lords supper to Joe as Joe plans the meal for tonight as he fears he is the one leaving tomorrow

12:27pm Joe pointing at Boogies toes telling everyone to look that his toes look like fingers Joe ask what size shoe Boogie wears Boogie says a 13 he calls them clown shoes

12:32pm dani ash and jani in bathroom painting nails Jen, Wil, Joe, Boogie frank in lvrm talking about movies they want to see and movies they have seen

12:41pm Hg in the lvrm keep talking about music Frank and Jenn start singing and we get a brief forth then they start talking about music again Ian is in the bathroom brushing his teeth jani and dani talking about what to wear for an indurance tomorrow and what the indurance might be

12:55pm the cheesecake is now done joe takes it out of the oven and lets brit and jenn try a bite he says it will go into the cookbook jenn says yeah its really good

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1:08BBt Danielle Janelle Britany Ashley sitting at KT table talking about flying & different trips they have taken.. Shane Jenn Joe cooking. Ian now sitting at table listening.

Jenn Wil Ian & Ashley around KT chatting about egg yolks & different foods. Most other HGs in KT eating breakfast/lunch. Boogie & Frank cant be seen.

1:28BBt Janelle in sneaker Rm reading Bible. Wil & Danielle in bathroom on big chair talking about her ex-boyfriend. Dan Britany Asley Ian Frank at KT table chatting. Shane still in KT cooking turkey bacon. .Jenn sitting at bar eating . Lots of random chatting.

Wil & Danielle were taking about the best way to blindside Ian & Jenn so they will lose HOH tomarrow.

Jenn Ashley & Danielle in Arcade rm talking about her ex boyfriend. They laugh at people coming back to play the game so often. They are all tired of being in ld. Dani says she hates being the girl that crys all the time.

1:45BBT Frank Dan Shane Britany Ian Wil all at Kt table talking about being in sequester before the game. Britany says she knew who the other coaches were before coming in the house. HGs keep talking about production & getting in trouble with BB. We keep getting FoTH because of it.

2:09BBT Britany goes into the sneaker rm & throw pillow at Dan .She says the DR just asked her about gift giving. HGs are laughing & chatting . Frank moves Ted the teddy bear to the couches in the LR.

Janelle & Britany in bathroom talking about the HOH tomarrow. They agree that they have to try to hang on as long as possible. Britany asks if Boogie would go in & Jani says definately. They think Boogie will be tough to beat. They discuss that he will be blindsided tomarrow when Frank leaves.

Jani & Britany move to Arcade rm to keep Jenn from listening to them. Jenn just walked into bathroom, Britany says Dan was down playing coaches coming into game to everyone.

Britany doesnt think Danielle is super smart. They think Shane is good athletic wise but not game wise . They feel Ashley will probably surprise them in the game . Talk moves to working on getting Boogie Ian & Dan out. They think the competetions will get harder.

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2:31BBT Janelle & Britany feel that Dan & Boogie have a deal. They discuse getting Boogie out next week.& not trusting Dan. Jani feels she definately has Joe & Ashley. In the LR, Dan Frank Joe Ashley Ian & Shane talk about previous endurance comps.

Ahley says that Ian & her have broken up because he made duck noises..

Britany & Wil in HOH . Wil listening to shane's CD . Britany says she will check it out later. In the LR , the dicussion has moved to rats. They say New York has really big one's.. Talk mves to jobs they have all had & gross stories about the jobs.

Joe get word from the DR & a warning about the HNs not being able to taste their cooking when cooking for everyone else.

Wil & Britany in HOH, Wil wants to work w Shane & Britany w/o Janelle & Ashley knowing. Wil wants them to make a deal w Boogie.

2:56BBT Wil does not like the way Janelle plays the game & wants to play for himself. He also does not trust Ashley. Wil thinks that Janelle sucks up to everyone & that it is catching up w her. Ian gets on their nervous. Wil says agian that he wants to work them . Neither feel that Danielle is not going anywhere soon & they feel they can trust her.

Random conversation in LR. about pizza , movies, how lazy they are & how much Boogie sleeps.

3:03BBT Ash asks Ian what the quack means, Ian says its just a quack. Joe asks if he could give up the quack for Ash. Ash says She doesnt want him to change, keep quacking. Joe suggests other sounds, like a purrrr.

Brit thinks the Coaches comp will be part of the HOH but doesnt know if they will be able to save or trade. Frank asks her if he goes does she think Mike would trade? She says but you arent going.

Frank says if the Coaches comp keeps going this or next week will be the last. In LR Jenn says she was glad to see some eye candy in the house, says the guys were too right? But she wont be that kind of girl on national tv.

3:13BBT In HOH, Wil and Frank talk about Jani, she's played the same technique this time as before and it didnt work before. Frank called to DR and says he will let Mike know Wil is down for it. He leaves, Wil puts on headphones, covers eyes with a blanket and says...teeehee.

Frank in DR, Wil in HOH, Jani and Mike sleeping, the rest in LR chatting.

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4:03 PM BBT

Shane and Britney laying in bed talking about who they should work with etc. Different "What if" Scenarios going on.

In the KT Frank, Ian, Joe, Danielle talk about what other culture they wish they'd be born into. "Somalian pilots" jokes Frank. They are quizing each other "Where would you travel. What Site would you most want to see in person." etc. Where would you want your ashes spread?

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3:20BBT HG are going to play keep away from Frank using Ted.. Brit takes him upstairs and hangs Ted from one of the openings upstairs.

Frank comes out of DR, asks where Ted is, sees him. Brit tosses him down stairs. and the chase is on. Brit ends up with again and things calm down.

Brit reads the clothing restrictions from the rule book. no whites, no home made messages etc. She continutes: you abandon any rights to personal items left behind.

Frank and Mike in crane room. Mike says Jani seems depressed, she must know she is losing Wil. Frank says it great that they are all sitting in the LR not talking game. Mike says the LD is great, not many places to go to talk game.

Mike and Frank talk food then come out of crane room. Brit still reading rule book. Frank talks to Jani, she is missing Violet. Joe comes in, Jani says she was just having some alone time. Its snack time for everyone else.

4:01BBT Brit goes to talk to Shane. Brit says if he wins HOH he will go after Janis team. Shane says he talked to Ian, he asked him what if Mike told him to put Shane up, Ian hesitated.

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4:02BBT Brit has gotten along with Ian, others are kinda picking on him. She feels sorry for him, she thinks he doesnt think about things before he does them, like the quacking.

Brit says if the coaches do come in the game she is throwing HOH to Ian. Jani keeps telling Brit she has to win it, has to win it. Jani wants Brit to keep her safe.

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1:00 PM BBT- 3:00PM BBT - 1:09PM Janelle, Danielle, Ashley, Britany, & Ian are @ the KT table talking aout flying & different trips they have taken. Shane, Jenn, & Joe in the KT cooking. Joe keeps tasting the food w his fingers 1:25PM Janelle in sneaker rm reading the Bible. Wil, Danielle are on the big chair in bathroom talking about her ex-boyfriend, Trey. Ian, Ashley, Dan, & Britany are chatting randomly @ KT table. Shane is cooking turkey bacon. 1:30PM Wil & Danielle , still in bathroom, are talking about the best way to blindside Ian & Jenn so they lose in the HOH tomarrow. Danielle, Ashley, & Jenn are in the Arcade rm discussing Danielle's ex. Danielle says she hates to be the girl in the house that always crys. They all hate being on ld inside. All three laugh about former players coming back to play so often , Janelle-3times, Boogie-3times, They then laugh @ Boogie saying he would come back again if Dr.Will came back too. 1:46PM BB keeps having to tell the HGs to stop talking about production. Britany, Dan, Wil, Frank, Ian, & Shane @ KT table talking about being in sequester before the show started. Britany says she knew then who the other coaches were. 2:07PM Britany comes out of the DR & goes straight to the sneaker rm & throw s a pillow @ Dan. She says that the DR asked her about their conversation & her feelings on gift giving. She feels that it will now end up on the show. Frank moves Ted to sit on a stack of pillows on the couch in the LR . 2:15PM Janelle & Britany discuss tomarrow's HOH. They both feel that it will be an endurance comp & agree that they both need to hold on as long as possible. They think Boogie will be hard to beat in the game & talk about how blindsided he will be tomarroe when Frank leaves. 2:25PM Janelle & Britany move from the bathroom to the arcade rm to keep Jenn from listening to their conversation. They don't trust Jenn or Ian . Britany does'nt think that Danielle is super smart Both think Ashley will surprise them & agree that neither like Ian. He annoys them. They believe that Wil is good athletic wise & game wise but that Shane is only good athletic wise. 2:30PM Talk in the arcade room has moved to getting Boogie & Dan out.. Janelle & Britany dont trust either one & feel they have a deal. They want to get Boogie out next week. In the LR, Ashley, Dan, Joe, Shane, & Frank discuss previous endurance comps. 2:35PM Ashley says Ian & her have broken up because of his constant quacking. 2:45PM Joe comes back from the DR & says he got an offical warning from BB about tasting food that he is cooking for others. As a HN, he has broken the rules for eating anything other than what is ruled for the HN"s. 2:50PM Wi & Britany are in the HOH. Wil tells Britany he would like to work w Shane & her w/o Janelle & Ashley knowing. Wil doesnt like the way Janelle plays the game & feels that her sucking up to people is catching up w her. Wil also does not trust Ashley .He says she will tell him one thing & someone else another. 2:57PM Wil & Britany agree that Danielle can be trusted w/o Dan & dont think she will be going anywhere soon. Ian gets on Wil's nerves, too.

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4:17 PM BBT

Danielle is still reading the questions from the cards. They must have gotten them in prep for an upcoming game. The kitchen group is getting to know each other's answers while Brit and Shane circle around the same thing they've been talking about for 3 days.

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4:23 PM BBT

"What's the most beautiful you've ever seen?"

Ash - Costa Rica / My Mom's belly

Ian- Fiji a sunset

Ashley - Venice

Wil - Any fun time with my family

If you could have front row seats to any concert what would it be?

Wil - Shania

Ian - Calvin

Frank- Tupac

Wil - Lolapalloza

Dan - Van Halen

Should the individual or society be of primary importance?

Dani - Society

Wil/Frank - Individuals - Joe agrees it's too much to govern if it's all individuals though

Ashley isn't into politics

What one question would you ask a pyschic about the future?

Wil - Will I win Big Brother?

Mike - When will I die?

Janelle - yeah I need to know I'm a planner

Frank - what's the name of my soul mate? Frank replies - it rhymes with Jill

Dan would ask how they justify in their head how they justify making shit up and reeling people in. Then - what country is going to push the red buttong first.

Dani - I would ask if I was ever going to find the right person

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4:31 PM BBT

What's the worst way you'd want to die?

Fire! Snake pit! Drowning! Slowly tortured. Wil makes a joke that in case any serial killers are watching his biggest fear is dying comfortable in bed with a syringe that lets him fall asleep.

Most emotionally evocative song?

Jani - I fall to pieces by Patsy Cline - it was her Grandpa's favourite song and he's passed away

Wil - I remember by Deadmouse (he laughs)

Dani said Rascal Flats - These Days? Elvis - Always on my mind

Boogie - Oasis - Don't go away he made a slide show at a funeral and sang to it in a British accent.

Frank - Tonight Tonight -Smashing Pumpkins

Wil - Moon River - he sang it to his grandmother as she was passing away. She died as he was singing it and a year later he was making a cheers to her and the piano in the bar started playing

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Is justice or forgiveness more important?

Wil - forgiveness can kiss my ass

Janelle - JUSTICE!

Dani - forgiveness because then you'd be filled with hate all the time

Janelle brings up the example that what if someone killed your baby? Are you supposed to just forgive them?

Dan says but if they kill them in front of you do you feel any better? It doesn't bring your baby back.

They decide that forgiveness lets you heal.

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4:46 PM BBT

Brit says to Dan "What if she (Julie) says you can compete to go in as a player or chose to stay in your coach position" "You mean compete to stay in and not all of us get in?" They talk about it being a challenge where they all compete to play but the risk is that the first person to lose is evicted from the house. The others get to stay.

Brit thinks it's going to be endurance. She's never lot. Dan is worried that it would be weight bearing competition. Then Mike and Janelle would be out first Brit points out.

They mention that it's a big deal to cut out those speeches (not sure which ones they are referring to). Brit says if they are asked to wear athletic gear tomorrow they'll know for sure.

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4:55 PM BBT

Brit , Dan, Shane announce that there are no eviction speeches tomorrow - they are getting right to the eviction. "We are going into the game, it's obvious. Get your game face on Dan. It's on." says Brit

Brit thinks that if Ian wins HOH he's going to put up Janelle and Wil.

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5:16 PM BBT

Brit reliving all of her endurance comps. She`s convinced that it will be an endurance comp for the coaches tomorrow.

Janelle is downstairs doing her nails at KT table. The KT group is discussing what actor/actress they'd want to be.

Which language would you want to speak?

Frank - Spanish

Ian - Chinese/Mandarin

The question cards continue and they are really getting to know each other.

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5:42 PM BBT

Lots of talk up in HOH about previous seasons - who did what - who won what. Nothing new to report.

In KT the questions were still going around the table. Nothing overly revealing there either.

We now have WBRB.

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5:49 PM BBT

Joe is cleaning the skin off some salmon for dinner. There is raw fish everywhere. Boogie heads upstairs to HOH to go listen to music.

Ian and Danielle in lounge.Upstairs they discuss movies, Downstairs they discuss TV.

5:52 PM BBT

"Give a shout out to Willy Bowl" Britney says they all shout out to him. A loud cheer. We get WBRB.

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