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7/29 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 PM BBT: Ian, Joe, Wil, Jenn, Ashley and Frank are in the music room talking about what they think the jury house looks like. They're debating whether or not JoJo is in jury. They're now talking about the twist in the game. Ashley thinks that there might not be a twist, and that is the twist

9:06 PM BBT: We’ve got FoTH.

9:10 PM BBT: Britney talking about selecting players to coach. Britney says her biggest surprise was Willie. She thought he was golden, and was lucky to get him. She thought she had the best team ever. "A few headbuts and a shoulder thrust later..."

9:00 PM BBT: Janelle's biggest surprise was Ian. He skiived her out at first, but after they got talking, she realized he's a pretty cool guy and know's as much as she does about BB, if not more.

9:14 PM BBT: Dan's biggest surprise is Danielle. When he first drafted her, he thought she was straight forward and knew what she wanted. But as the game went on, she's gotten wiser. She's surprised him by how open she is and willing to learn.

9:20 PM BBT: Ashley, Joe, Frank and Wil in the kitchen. Ashley starts singing and we get FoTH. Ashley and Wil seem to be in a positive mood. Wil just realized that SHOtime just started, and starts dancing.

9:22 PM BBT: Ashley says she's going to chug her beer because there isn't a point unless she chugs it. Frank is debating whether to shotgun his beer. Ashley and Wil now having a dance party in the kitchen! They' said they need to teach everyone else the dance.

9:25 PM BBT: Everyone in the BY upset that the HG inside are drinking their alcohol. They can hear 'CHUG CHUG CHUG". Britney toasts to Jodi, and Dan says "You did not just say that!" then everyone toasts her.

9:29 PM BBT: Wil says it's one of the best birthdays ever. Wil holds up the wine and yells "HAPPY FUCKING SUSHI PARTY". Ian is wearing only his boxers and a pair of sunglasses.

9:31 PM BBT: The sushi party are talking about what is real and not real in the BY. The real party is inside...

9:00 PM BBT: Wil says that he never thought he'd be in the BB house on his 25th birthday in his underwear on SHOtime. Wil making fun of Britney in a mocking voice about how she's always talking about her wedding.

9:35 PM BBT: Wil says that he never thought he'd be in the BB house on his 25th birthday in his underwear on SHOtime. Wil making fun of Britney in a mocking voice about how she's always talking about her wedding.

9:42 PM BBT: Ashley in the kitchen doing a handstand and doing cartwheels. Ian now wearing a bowtie to complete his outfit of boxers and sunglasses.

9:49 PM BBT: Janelle lit a cigarette with the fire from the firepit, and mocks BB "Janelle, stop that. I said, knock it off". The kitchen party are now mocking BB with "Houseguests..." sayings.

9:53 PM BBT: The sushi party heads indoors and brings in dessert for the others. Cake fight ensues between Jani, Wil, Ian, and Britney. Britney stuffs cake down Ian's boxers. Wil now jokingly complaining that there's now cake in his shoes.

9:58 PM BBT: Jani and Wil are now cleaning up the cake off of the floor. Dani and Dan are in the music room whispering. Danielle comments that everyone in the house thinks that her and Shane have a showmance. They talk about how much they enjoyed the sushi party and leave to join the other HG's.

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10:02 BBT Wil and Dani do a dance. Wil in his underwear and captains hat and she still dressed up. Lots of screaming and laughter going.

10:05 PM BBT Wil does a stripper type dance while the HG cheer him on. Now chanting "shot"

10:11 PM BBT Jani and Wil taking turns doing shots of wine. jani now going to take a shot off of Wil's belly. Wil lays across the KT counter. Now chanting streak and Ian walks thru with just his privates covered but his backside is bare

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10:14 PM BBT Now playing spin the bottle. Ash and Britt kiss. Shane spins and they push Dani towards him and they quick kiss. Frank has to kiss Jenn

10:18 PM BBT Wil gets Boogie and kisses him on the cheek. The game has run its course. Wil call Nat from BB12 a name and mocks her for saying she was younger then she was.

10:22 PM BBT Wil says that they should each put on lipstick and kiss the bottle. Now they break into gen chit chat.

10: 24 PM BBT Dani and Jani in WCA discussing Shane's kiss. Dani wondering if it looked like he wanted to or k=not. Jani tells her it looks like he wanted to. Dani says it was good.

Ashley tells the girls she ouwld rather of made out with Frank instead of Ian. The girls drag her out and start chanting Frank. He kisses her and everyone cheers.

10:28 PM BBT Boogie checks the SR and finds another bottle of wine. Jani says I get first dibs - I asked for it.

Jani/Brit and Wil are doing shots of wine. Wil does a toast about "peter in peter out" Frank yells for BB to give them more beer. Guys are now taking shots.

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10:35 PM BBT Dan pulls Dani away from the wine shots and tells Jani/Brit and Wil that she is going to sit for a bit. Frank complains 1 bottle of beer for 12 people. They yell for the BY to be open and Ian tells them it has been open. Wil says he is going to skinny dip.

Wil is naked and runs through the BY into the pool. He covers his bits with the captain hat and now wraps the towel around him.

10:40 OM BBT Dani and Brit now rehashing the kiss. Dani getting paranoid about her kiss with Shane.

10:43 PM BBT The Hg outside smoking. We now have audio but no video. Frank says when someone come out they should all be quiet and then scream at them. Ian is smoking his cig like a cigar.

Brit and Dani dissecting the kiss again. Dani going to talk to Shane after everyone goes to bed.

10:49 BBT Brit changes into a half shirt. Dani tells her she looks hot. Brit says she wants to look casual not hot. She also pulls her pants low around her hips. Dani tells her looks hot again.

10:54PM BBT Ash gets in the shower. Jani brushing teeth. Boogie washing up as well. In the BY gen chit chat about the sushi party and how nice they all looked.

10:57 PM BBT The Hg asking Ian if kissing Ashley got him excited... Brit wants to know if he got a pudgy. Ian says no.

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11:04 pm BBT All HGs except for Ash talking and sharing stories out back by the firepit Ash had a shower is getting dress will soon be outside im sure

11:15 Pm BBT Wil and Boogie say they acted like monkeys and gave us watchers a great show for a while. Wil is very thankful for the ease in tension for his bday and that he gets to remember everyone in the house is a good person (for the next few hrs)

11:19 pm BBT Wil get called to DR and as he gets up he almost gouges his eye out on an onning over a window in the BY

11:32 pm BBT Joe talking about how he wants to expand his business after the BB house. Ian and Jani making small talk in WCA about Ian getting in the house his first try. Ian says his mom is for sure watching right now and if he ever wins Hoh he wont get a letter he will get documents saying his parents have disowned him

11:41 pm BBT in WCA Frank is washing his face and Wil calls Frank a metrosexual. Frank gets loud and shouts "hey do not mistake good hygiene for being a metrosexual!"

11:51 pm BBT Jani and Wil discussing next Hoh , they are both convinced its endurance. Wil says he wont sleep for 24 hrs then goes into a story about over training for a marathon he ran

12:02 am BBT Sneaker room shows Boogie and Frank game talking. Boogie saying that if the trade rule still applies that he may trade Jenn for Shane. Frank seems on board with the plan. Boogie says his biggest fear is if Jani wins and saves Wil. Frank says Wil is burning bridges though.

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12:07 am BBT Wil says to Jani in hammock, it would be a risk for Shane not to work with Jani this week. Wil continues by adding that Frank was trying to get info from him earlier . Wil says he told Frank he has no intention of putting him up.

12:10 am BBT Back in shoe room Boogie tells Frank he thinks Dan is trying to cruise to the end using Jordans strategy from BB11. Frank says that Dani would have to go against a floater in the end. Boogie says there two of six other people to choose from that are floaters.

12:16 am BBT Frank saying he wants Wil out next week then the following week he wants Jenn or Ian to win an Hoh and get Shane out so Frank gets no blood on his hands.

12:28 am BBT Sneaker room consists of Jani Wil Frank and Boogie. They are recapping the kisses that happened this evening and Boogie says he felt a spark when he kissed Ash. He says that he likes that she will be the same weather she leaves the house tomorrow or wins the whole show. Dani enters and they all start talking about production...you know what happens when they talk about production

12:40 am BBT On couches in BY Frank and Jenn speculating about twist. Joe says its about to get ugly in here its about to be a big uphill battle thats going to be nutty. Then Joe switches and says or are we preparing for a twist that wont happen?

12:49 am BBT Lights are out all over the BB house Ash and Dani are recapping about the days events and how nice it was. Ash recapping Boogies kiss and says it was not good and was too forced. Ash says her kiss with Ian was nicer and that Danis kiss with Shane was sweet

12:53 am BBT Joe in the BY with Jenn, He tells her that all the girls need to get together and stand aside so the guys can duke it out with each other. Joe says he would be one of the girls.

12:57 am BBT Jenn tells Joe that Dan is the best coach in the game and Dani is lucky to have him. They both agree they wanted to be on team Dan at the shows start.

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01:04AM BBT Ian in the BY legs hanging over the edge of the hammock. He's mumbling something very softly himself while hugging random pillows against his chest. While he's doing this, he's making clicking and swishing noises with his mouth.

01:06AM BBT Jen and Joe head inside, saying goodnight to Ian as they do so. Ian says he'll head in after his DR session. Lights appear off in most bedrooms in the house, with Ian being the only one on Cam 3 in the BY. Noise making has stopped and now he's just swinging himself back and forth, chewing on his nails as he looks around the back yard randomly.

01:10AM BBT Ian now talking to himself psyching himself up to win HoH this week. Says he doesn't want to put Ash up. Noises with his mouth continues as he swings himself back and forth. He lies down and sits up, lies down again, sits up again. Now he's making snapping and clapping sounds with his hands. He leaps up off the hammock and says "What time is it?!" He walks inside and says (to production) "I'm going to bed in half an hour...so if you want to get a DR session in please do it soon. I'm tired and everyone else has gone to bed."

01:17AM BBT Brief FoTH and we come back to a shot of the showers and WC door. Ian exits the WC and washes his hands and then begins to brush his teeth. He heads into his room for a moment and asks Joe if he can turn the light on. He gets ready for bed and flips the light back off before crawling into bed.

01:30AM BBT All HGs now sleeping peacefully in their beds. Stay tuned here for exciting WC breaks throughout the night!

01:39AM BBT While we're waiting for the first WC visit of the night.

02:20AM BBT HGs continue to sleep peacefully in bed.

02:44AM BBT Joe is up and headed for the WC. After exiting the WC he pauses in front of the sinks and...looks at his back (instead of washing his hands...) before heading to the KT. He pauses briefly and looks out into the BY, scratches his armpit and takes a sip of his drink before heading back to bed.

03:07AM BBT Frank up to use the WC, washing his hands afterward. He stops and gets a drink of water before heading back to bed.

04:32AM BBT You haven't missed much folks. The HGs continue to sleep soundly in their beds, exhausted from the day's events.

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7:30 am BBT Boogie is up and Lounging in the BY

7:39 am BBT U can tell Mike is sooo Happy, He's getting to run Laps in the BY

8:24 am BBT Well that was a Hardcore 45 minute Run and Push Up Session .... Nice Job Boogie

8:28 am BBT Dang Now he's doing stretches, AB's, Lifting Weights and Back exercises ( Think Boogie Knows the Coaches are coming back into the game ? DUH .. No Doubt in My Mind - LoneTWolf)

8:52 am BBT as Mike continues His Workout , He's keeping one eye peeled in the direction of the back Door, so as to not "Get Caught" working out this Hard Core.

8:58 am BBT All other HG's are still in Bed and Last Sunday they didn't call Wake UP till late, so will see

9:00 am BBT That 32 Minute Workout is through and Mike through some stuff, he had been wearing in the Washing machine . Now he's headed inside To the WC to clean up.

9:09 am BBt Jani came into the WC .. saw Boogie in the shower .. he said he was doing Laundry and if she had some and She said No, then headed back to bed.. Mike outta the shower and doing Laundry out Back

9:12 am BBT Now Boogie is back where he started at 7;30 BBT ... Relaxing in the BY AAA But first KT Duties ... protien shake, refill ice trays , although he still hasn't made any coffee ...... So Just Chill Towning it in the BY now

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9:18 am BBT Joe is Grabbing up His clothes and Shoes and leaving out of the HN room

9;23 am BBt Joe has noticed Boogie in the BY but He's still Putzin' in the KT and then the WC

9:27 am BBT Joe heads out to the BY and he and Mike exchange Pleasantries and Talk a Lil about last night , then how did you sleep Joe ... Like a Rock on a Rock (Ha Ha!!) Joe headed for the hammock to relax

9:33 am BBT A Dog is barking its Head off ... Joe screams "Shut your Dog up" and it works, mostly

9:44 am BBT If it wasn't for the Airplanes flying over ... you'd swear that the Feeds had stopped .... absolutely Nothing going on except for the occasional Joe Moan and groan

9:55 am BBT Joe comes into the KT and gonna make some Honey Dujor Salmon for him and Mike .... Nuttin like waking up to the smell of Fish cooking in the morning (Stinky )

10:07 Brief WBRB Feeds back ... Joe is Gonna offer himself up in 2 weeks to go Home if he (Shane) will let him stay now ... HUH ? (I don't get it either)

10;12 BBT Frank up in WC doing his ADL's

10;17 BBT I Knew Frank would make the Coffee , Salmon's in the Oven, Mike on the Lounger, Joe is dipping his toes in the Pool and "Father" Dan makes his way to the WC

10:20 am BBT Frank joins Mike on the Double Lounger ... Small chit-chat going on

( OK I'm Out for Family Activities, see all of U for the Show tonight )

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8:10BBT Mike is the only one up. He's jogging around the BY. (Can hear a train in the background.)

Mike still the only one up, still working out.

9:00BBT Mike finishes work out, gets into the shower. Jani stumbles to the WC, she starts to a load of laundry. Mike tells her to go back to bed, he will do it, he has some things to go in too.

Mike laying on the big lounger outside. Joe is up doing ADLs.

Joe checks the water in the pool, tells Mike its warmer then normal. He lays in the hammock. There is a lot of back ground noise today. Trains, plains, engine noise, dog barking. Mike yells "shut your dog up" it stops.....for a sec.

Mike searches the SR for new protein powder leaving doors open when he leaves. He cant get the inner seal open as he hits it with is knuckle, a bottle of something and finally a knife then gets ice thru the ice dispenser. (sounds like he is trying to be the BB wake up call...He is not quiet at all.)

Joe is making honey mustard salmon. He feels like a new man with the sleep he got last night.

10:12BBT Frank is up, brushes his teeth. He saves water (and my ears) by turning the water off while brushing.

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Frank joins Mike on the lounger. They say its a beautiful day. (clear and 77F in Studio City, CA) Dan is up now too.

Dan giving us a run down of events. Ian kissed Ash, Ian streaking, Shane kissed Dani that Dan had to put a stop to. Wil was OOC (out of control) and as far as the game--Joe is scrambling right now.

Dan also tells that both Ian an Ash read a reality tv book before they came in.

10: 34BBT Tell my wife I love her & TY for punching in. First person to tweet that he will send a copy of his book to....(Does Mortys get it?)

Dan admits the pool was taken away from them for 3 days while they cleaned the glass out of it.

10:36BBT "Attention HG, its time to get for the day." FOTH

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Mike tells Dan Joes plan to stay in for 2 more weeks. Joe comes out, talk changes to ants and flies.

Joe and Frank talking about hand cat fishing (KY Hillbilly Fishing) Wil says he doesnt remember a time he woke up after his Birthday w/o a hang over.

11:00BBT Ian and Ash share a WA mirror. He is brushing his teeth she moved over to do mascara beside him.

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11:08 AM BBT: Talk in the BY changes to wrestling and UFC, and the differences and rules of the two.

11:12 AM BBT: Joe talking about how his son is small and got taken down in football. His son is in some kind of fighting course, and how his confidence rose drastically after enrolling in the program.

11:16 AM BBT: Brit in the kitchen talking about how people evicted in the first 3 weeks are usually forgotten about. Brit jokes around that there will be a HoH comp called 'Guess The Jodi' and that there will be a conveyer belt with people and if they guess the right Jodi then they'll get HoH.

11:21 AM BBT: General chit chat in the BY. Joe talks about how he dreamed that Boogie made out with Ashley, and Wil got naked. They're all surprised that BB gave them another bottle of wine last night.

11:34 AM BBT: Joe comments that Sunday's are pretty relax, and a lot of 'them' are off, and we get FoTH. Jenn in the kitchen making food. Wil and Jenn says that if they were outside of the house and they all got drunk, then they would be in jail or in New Mexico.

11:41 AM BBT: Brit and Shane up in the HoH. Brit says Jani's team is scrambling, and that Wil and Ashley don't get along. Brit says Jani is desperate and wants to make a deal. Brit leaves to do her laundry.

11:46 AM BBT: Dan moving around in the pool. Joe, Ian, and Danielle are lounging beside the pool. Brit and Ashlety are sitting in the shade. General chit chat. Jenn, Frank, and Wil are in the kitchen. Again, general chit chat.

11:50 AM BBT: Ian talked about getting called into the DR late last night, and we get FoTH.

11:57 AM BBT: Everyone in the BY talking about how BB calls them. They're mocking the BB voice now.

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12:00 - 14:00BBT 12:03 HGs are outside sitting or tanning around pool talking about party last night. Jani & Jenn inside in KT eating. 12:06 Jani & Wil in the KT , Janie says that last nights party was the best BB party she has been apart of. 12:15 Dan in pool, Danelle, Shane & Ian tanning. They are talking about their favorite reality show being on CBS. 12:25 Lots of random chatting. Dan Shane Joe in pool. Danelle & Ian tanning. Britany & Frank running laps around backyard. 12:45 Inside in the KT, Britany Wil Janie talking about Lady GaGa. 13:01 Britany Wil Janie & Ashley talking about season 12 & the possiblity of another All Stars. Danelle Shane Joe tanning . Dan eating in lounge chair by pool . Frank running laps he says he is doing 200 because of party & not being able to work out since Wed.. 13:08 Britany Wil Janelle & Ian wondering about twist. They think Julie will tell them something Thursday. They debate on if JoJo is in the jury house. Jenn joins Joe Shane & Danelle outside to tan. 13:25 All HGs outside tanning or sitting in lounge chairs by pool. Boogie is asleep on couch outside. Frank finally done with his work out & running laps. 13:45 Random chit chat outside between HGs about sports teams, chickens & the heat. 13:55 Ashley & Frank in Pool. Ashley is floating on beach ball. Joe sitting on steps of the pool. Britany, Shane ,Dani, Wil tanning. Dan & Ian sitting in lounge chairs by pool. Janelle is doing laundry. Boogie is still asleep on the couch outside. 13:59 Just random chit chat as the HGs enjoy their sunny & hot Sunday afternoon.

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2:38BBT Most of them are in the pool counting how many hits they can keep the ball in action. So far the highest count is 24. Frank climbs into one of the metal decorative lawn balls and Joe has to stabilize the ball for him to get out.

Dan & Ian running laps inside the pool. Looks like lunch time for some, others still sunning.

Frank is a bit sore from climbing into the ball. They splashed so much water out of the pool that Dan gets the hose and is playing with it in the pool to help refill it.

2:57BBT Jani and Wil going to work out in the LR. General sunning, chatting, working out, doing nothing.

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3:06pm :jani and Wil still working out in lvr Frank and Shane in kt eating and general talk about cooking salmon

3:17pm Jani and Brit on by couch talking about making different foods Jani wants to start eating more healthy Wil in kt fixing his lunch Ash cleaning kt

3:24pm Jani and brit talking about fall colors that will be hot this year and about skirts and dresses joe was in the shower Frank laying down for a nap

3:34pm Boogie is now up from his nap in kt making food Ash still cleaning Jenn in kt getting a drink Joe preparing salmon for the oven he says he might become a salmon before the end of the week he says if you see me floating around whatch out but i have already lost 4 pounds Ash says to bad we dont have any ducks to feed the bread to and wil laughs

3:43pm boogie walks outside and joins Dan and Brit on by couch brit says i thought you was evicted boogie says i was self evict but i came back it was a good good nap today Boggie says what have you 2 been doing dan says swimming brit says i got in the water too boggie says cool i havent seen that yes then talk goes to teachers and school starting soon

3:49pm Boogie says earlier today joe says i am going to the kentucky derby with wil joe says wils parents are super wealthy and we will get news coverage Joe tells him yeah the bb crew goes to the kentuky derby boogie wanted to tell him you wont be famous you wont be recognized and brit laughs

3:52pm Boogie says joe also jow told him he figured a way to stay another 2 weeks then i will leave brit tells boogie that jow gave him a pitty story lastnight about him needed to stay here so his kids dont get hurt and that she is the only reason joe came on this show he seen the friendship that lane and i had and he wanted the same thing brit screams and says something just pooped on her

3:55pm Boogie says joe told him that his son was training for wrestling and to be excepted he cant get in unless you beat 3 kids before they get you brit is laughing boogie says joes dad was on the run hiding for years he says Jenn got it all told to her lastnight everyone went in the house and jenn was the last one out here

3:57pm Brit telling boggie that frank got in the ball today boggie says how did that go brit says he felt like he was stuck in there forever Dan says i thought about pushing him in the pool while he was in that ball and boogie says oh shit

3:59pm Jani sitting in kt with her team telling about her season and the nerd herd

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4:07pm :Shane and dani laying in by in the sun shane tells her she can use his bathroom anytime she wants to she says yeah tonight i might to shave my legs you can talk to me i wear my bathing suit anyways he said yeah ok i just dont want jani to know we are working together dani says right

4:17pm Shane and joe heading to hoh to talk joe says ok brother i am on a life line here shane says yeah i need to further myself in this game joe says if a person is hanging off a cliff well i am on a cliff and i am going home janells team wants to follow you to the final 4 i have a favor to ask i want to stay just a couple of weeks i want my kids to see me here

4:19pm joe says frank is the strongest person in this house and you are second and i want you to save me in this game i aint telling you who to put up but i want you to use the pov on me and phase 2 i want to go with you to the end here jani will take wil as far as she can but in the next 2 weeks teams are gonna fight in here teams will have to go to each other

4:21pm joe swears on his kids his wife and his mother he says this is life or death for me he says you hear stories all the time about this and i will not wavier he tells shane you couldnt put a bullet in my head to make me turn and i will go mout of this game for you i will fight for you shane says honestly joe you were not my target this week it was wil but he got saved

4:25pm Joe says frank was mad that they didnt backdoor you last week shane says so mjanelle is ok with us backdooring frank this week joe says yes jani hates him shane says this is a game changer joe says it is a big one

4:27pm Joe says he is all for this team of three you me and dani shane says are you ok with taking out your own team joe says oh absolutly

4:30pm shane says i wont even tell brit about this unless you want to talk to both of us tonight joe says yeah i will shane says i dont want anyone coming after me next week

4:37pm Joe comes outside offers everyone some salmon he made some run in to get salmon brit says i wonder where the jusry house is this year joe says i dont know but i bet jojo knows

4:41pm Ian says he thinks after this week he is done with havenots he says its time for a bed and food next week brit says you just wanted the record and not the tital she says ok next year if someone beats your record i wont feel sorry for you Ian says if someone beats my record i will come back again and take it back

4:55pm general talk in by dani laying down for a nap

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5:05 PM BBT: Boogie, Ashley, Brit, Dan, Ian, and Joe and Wil in the BY talking about movies.

5:15 PM BBT: Brit says this week's HN's is good. Salmon and cereal. Ian likes that there's a wide variety of cereal to choose from.

5:18 PM BBT: BY talk changes to fast food. Joe says that the 6 piece McNuggets are in a tiny box, and they're so small that they'll all fit into his mouth. Ian says he ate

50 McNuggets and a fry in one sitting, and his friends had taped him.

5:21 PM BBT: Dan and Shane are in the HoH. Shane asks Dan if he trusts Boogies as a coach, and Dan replies that people don't change their stripes. Shane said they were initally going to put up Frank and Joe. Shane tells Dan that Joe poured out his heart out to him and brought up family. Shane says Wil wants to talk to him tonight, and he wants to talk to Ian and Jenn tonight to have a chat with them as well.

5:25 PM BBT: Shane glad he won POV because he can control who goes home this week.

5:28 PM BBT: Brit says that of all the guys in the house, Ian would be the guy she'd go for. She says her type is the smart-guy type, and that intelligence is attractive. Ian says that if he was in BB12, then he'd go for her.

5:35 PM BBT: Shane and Dan in the HoH talking about how people get split up once others know they're in an alliance. Dan said no one knew that he and Memphis had an alliance in his season.

5:42 PM BBT: Dan thinks that JoJo not here helps Shane's game. Dan says that people think they're safe. The mood of the house is calm.

5:44 PM BBT: Dan says that a few people (not on his team) had come up to him for advice. He says if someone comes up to him asking "how do you think I can win this game?" or "how do you think I'm playing?" that he'd offer his advice.

5:49 PM BBT: Jani and Ashley in the arcade room whispering. Ashley likes playing week to week better and Jani agrees. Jani says playing that way wont mess with your mind as much. Joe and Wil join them in the arcade room. Wil says that if they align with Boogie's team and get out one of the two other "and I'm not naming names" it'll be easier to further our team.

5:51 PM BBT: Joe says that he's going to get a grammy, and will name Jani in his acceptance speech. He says [something like] "if you see someone on the edge of the cliff, and they're about to fall- thats me. You are the hero, and you can save me from the clutches".

5:56 PM BBT: Shane, Dan, Ashley and Frank in the HoH. Ashley says that they keep focusing on where everyone is in the house, what they ate, who they talked to, ect.

5:58 PM BBT: Jani is getting sick of Frank. She says he needs to be slapped and shouldn't be talking to girls like that.

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6:06 PM BBT: Frank says that he thinks if anyone was coming back, it would have been last Thursday. Talk changes to if there's anyone in jury.

6:31 PM BBT: Shane, Brit, Frank, Dani and Wil in the HoH. Dani upset that she misses everything when she's in the DR; Boogie making out with Ashley, volleyball today...

6:36 PM BBT: Brit says that they should get all gussied up and go out. They want to go out dancing. Brit asks Dani if she'd rather eat out and go to the movies, or go tailgaiting and go to a footbal game. Dani chooses football. Brit asks Dani if she'd rather get $5000 and go shopping, or go home to see whoever is in her house for 2 hours. She chooses the shopping spree.

6:41 PM BBT: Wil says it's frustrating that he can't talk to his family about how their days were, and if everything was ok. Brit says that BB sticks with her forever. She was staining a fence and thought to herself, if this were a competition, how fast can I stain this fence? What would my strategy be? Shane thinks that they'll lose their phones immediately once they're out of the house, and jokes that he'll have forgotten how to text.

6:45 PM BBT: HoH room is talking about life after the house. Wil, Frank and Dani ask questions and Brit tells them her experience when she got out.

6:51 PM BBT: Brit talking about when her house burnt down the morning of the finale of her season, and we get FoTH.

6:55 PM BBT: Dani's parents owned a house an hour and a half away from where they lived, and the renter didn't want to rent the house anymore, so he burned it down. Her dad went out to check out the property, and it was a big pile of ashes. The renter didn't even tell them about it.

6:58 PM BBT: Boogie in the BY taking a shower, then jumping into the pool. He says there's a 15 degree difference between the shower and the pool, and from the pool into the HT.

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7:02pm Wil in hoh talking to shane and Brit Wil says he will not target Frank or shane he says he will go after joe or ashley but if someone comes off the block then frank might have to go up

7:10pm shane telling wil he wants to talk to everyone indavidualy without any coaches before pov ceremony Brit says i am gonna get some fried chicken real quick and will be right back

7:13pm Brit says i think Jani would flip out if she knew you was up here saying get rid of Ian instead of fran she would crap her pants wil says yeah she told me not to say that

7:19pm brit telling wil that her team is in a situation that her team is powerless its just shane and no one else

7:20pm Wil says i think i can sway Jenn she trust me but she keeps to herself all the time but we are alike

7:26pm Ash comes in and ask if she can have a few game moments brit says you got 90 seconds dinner is almost ready ash got upset brit says kidding ash says i wanted to let you guys know i have been with my team since the beggining and i want to work with my team even though i cant trust them i want to though and i know they want to work with you shane but regarless if joe stays or not i want you to work with wil and i to take out boogies team

7:27pm ash says shane obviously your the number 1 player in bb shane says no more like the number 1 target ash says no but i want to work with you

7:32pm Brit saying joe started everything with willie cuz joe kept telling frank that willie wanted him to go and willie was telling frank that he didnt want him to go ash says joe says he is in an alliance with jenn she says jenn would never make a deal with joe brit says joe starts everything and joe has to go

7:37pm Shane tells Ash Jani has 3 players left and boogie has 3 left Brit and Dan are screwed and its all because of joe all beacuse of joe

7:40pm Ash says joe told me that frank said that u was a number thats all they care about shane says what sucks is joe pulled you mout of the bag brit says you want to stay loyal to them so bad but it sucks that you have to stay loyal to someone that isnt loyal to you you see how your treated and its bad

7:42pm ash says joe told me he said frank said you was a floater and you are the first to go out of the six shane said frank really didnt say that though ash says no joe said it brit says all joe does is go around and lie to people if we was to start telling he would implode

7:44pm dani comes up brit ask her if she needs a game talk too she says yeah but not right now ash gets up and leaves to go check on dinner

7:46pm brit says everytime i come up here to get away from gametalk everyone is up here brit says i have no idea where your head is Dani says jani told her if i tell you to vote for a certain player would you vote and keep your mouth shut shane says she wants you to vote ash out dani says yup she wants joe here

7:47pm Dani says i am so tired of people trying to corner me Shane says wait till your hoh Brit says if you get hoh can i come up here dani says ya'll better come up here brit says can i sleep up here in your bed dani says sure you can

7:54pm :joe wil and ash talking in crane rm wil tells joe that it doesnt look good joe says what you mean wil says ash went up there ash says they said joe stirs up everything in here and they shut me down and said they didnt want to talk game no more joe says what you mean i stir up wil says when willie was here joe says they blame me for that

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8:06pm general talk about willie in by with Boogie Jenn and Ian all other hg in kt eating fried chicken or in bdrms napping

8:10pm joe goes outside jenn and Boogie head inside leaving Ian in by with Joe everyone else eating dinner in kt with general talk and shout outs

8:24pm HG sitting arounf kt table talking about different things frtank washing dishes Joe nd Jenn in by with feet in ht

8:48:Jani thinks coaches will come into the game next week and there will be an indurance comp

8:50pm jani says dont think that going to the end with boogie and dan is a good idea at all brit says no did you see them in the coaches comps they are a beast

8:52pm brit tells jani that frank loves you he wants to buy you dresses jani says he is an idiot to say that to a married woman brit says how many newbies do we have left jani says 8 she says you have to get frank out he will win hoh and he is coming after me and dan first he has to go

8:54pm jani and brit talking about dan sayinmg he threw them coaches comps and he is saying he isnt any good cuz he is protecting dani jani says he threw thaem comps he could have won

8:55pm Brit says here comes dan he walks in and says oh sorry i can come back brit says ok jani says i been telling you we are coming in this game thursday no one is coming back people come back in this game every three years so no one is coming back

8:Jani says this is why we have to start working together now boogie is a beast and we have to work together to get him out Brit says you think we will have shane to roll but shane could go with frank and boogie brit says if we backdoor frank he will be pissed and running all over this house being an asshole and boggie will be pissed at the world jani says you have to stop these people from getting what they want

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9:03 PM BBT Brit questioning Jani if she really thinking they are going into the game. Jani insists they are - they have key holes.

9:06 PM BBT Joe/Wil and Jenn talking about going out. Joe says that Shane told him the plan was Wil. Jow says that Shane is blaming him for the Willie incident and he won't get Joe's vote.

9:10 PM BT Jani still trying to talk Brit into putting out Frank. Jani says she hasnt told her team that the coaches are coming - they would freak out. Jani says she has to talk to Shane.

9:15 PM BBT Jani tells Brit that Jenn and Ian are throwing comps. She doesnt want Brit to tell Shane about the trust of the coaches coming in - she thinks it will freak him out.

9:17 PM BBT Jani says she knew about the coach twist coming in when they asked her to come and we get FOTH.

9:22 PM BBT Joe and Jenn talking about advice Boogie has given her and she keeps in mind. Joe just nodding.

9:28 PM BBT Jani still trying to sell Frank to Brit. Ash putting on make up in the WCA.

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