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7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Janelle and Dan talk alone. Janelle telling Dan they have to get Frank out, because she is sure coaches will enter next week and Frank told her hes coming after the coaches.

Dan doesn't think they're coming into the game because it didnt happen tonight.

Janelle tells Dan that the two of them are especially screwed because they aren't in good with Frank.Dan says she has to get to Brit before Boogie, and Dan can't because he has nothing to offer.


Janie and Wil talk alone. Janie thinks they need to offer 2 weeks of safety for Shane. Wil is not comfortable with offering 2 weeks of safety. Wil saying they should say 1 week of safety for just ONE person from Janie's team to go up.


9:17 BBT Joe and Wil say they are not letting Janelle doing their negotiating for them, it's THEIR game, and they will do what they want and negotiate how they want to negotiate.

Joe doesn't think Wil or Joe are Shane's targets. "I damn sure don't want Janelle doing anything for."

Wil: "Fuck no."

They don't want to make a deal with Shane.

Wil thinks Shane is stupid enough to put Frank and Danielle up.

Reiterating that they won't make a deal with him, or go running to the HOH room tonight. Wil wants to go to him tomorrow morning, and tell him that anything Janelle says isn't THEIR thoughts, they are making their own deals, and Wil doesn't want Ash to go with them because she'll go and tell the whole house.

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Danielle tending to a wound on Dan. She's talking about how she fixes up her kindergartners when they come off the playground and have a "booboo."

Danielle saying all the different types of band aids she has for her kids, and she thinks her students just say they're hurt to get a band aid.

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9:45 BBT

Not much strategy happening right now. Shane asked for a blink 182 CD.


Dan and Boogie chatting a little bit, Dan telling Boogie it wouldn't make sense for Shane to put 1 from each team up.

Boogie says Joe will start trouble if he's nominated, but Boogie wants to play this one cool this week. Boogie tells Dan he's in a good spot that now he has a nice quiet girl to blend into the background. Boogie asked Dan if the speech was coached, Dan says no the speech was all her.

Dan and Boogie just talking about the live show, and what Julie asks Frank.

Joe tells Brit (in front of Boogie and Dan) that Joe wants to make a royal breakfast for the new HOH


Dan: how many people do you think watched tonights episode?

Boogie: 7 million?

Dan: that's a lot of people.

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10:00 BBT Top of the hour and most of the HGs are lounging on the couch in the LR. Dan and Joe throwing a ball back and forth, Dan counting how many times it's been thrown. Ian and Dani in kitchen cleaning. Wil is at kitchen table watching. Correction, it's an orange. They are up to 67. Jenn now laying on couch in bathroom with Dani.

10:08 BBT Jani joins the bathroom crew. Jenn and Jani now talking in bathroom. Jenn says the ball in the HOH comp felt lighter than the ones they practiced with. Jenn is mad at herself for not doing better in the comp. Jani wants the HOH reveal to be over and done so she can go to bed. She thinks this week is going to be a regular week, can't be a twist every week.Top of Form

10:12 BBT Jani tells Jenn that the newbies have their work cut out for them getting rid of someone like him (Shane, presumably) Jenn says she would love to win SOMETHING. Jani says "You will" Jenn says "Shane's a social guy. Its a good way to do a lot of work" They are both anxious for Shane to come out of the DR with his key. Meanwhile in LR, orange toss continues with general chat.

10:15 BBT Back to talking about body functions and other maladies in the LR. UGH. Hemorrhoids? Really??? Wil rejoins Jani and Jenn in the bathroom again. All of them wanting the HOH reveal to hurry along. <The conversation in the LR is really gross. Flashback if you're interested>

10:21 BBT HOH REVEAL!! Shane gets Fruity Pebbles, Pic of sister, Shane tells Ian not to make moves on her. Everyone looking at the pics. FloRida CD. Vermont Cow Poop??? Jumbo cashews. Nutter Butters. Brit in her side of the room reading a letter from her hubby. Shane got cosmic brownies.

10:25 BBT Shane gets letter from home. So proud of you. dogs miss you, especially Dozer. Everyone doing well. Maintain confidence, we have it in you. You deserve to win, always remember that you always have the best Big Brother of all (God). We love and miss you. No more Faux Hawks. Love Mom and Dad

10:29 BBT Brit's letter: Hey babe, if you're reading WOO HOO. Mom misses you. Going to gym every day. Noticed you've been working out. You have lots of stress to relieve. Try not to get stressed out. Patio furniture coming along slowly. Its a mess in the garage and hard to work in 105 degree heat. Puggles the dog is doing great. Tricked her with tuna to give her meds. I love you and can't wait to see you. Work hard but play harder.

Shane got pajama pants. Dan asks "For the single guys in the room, what's your sister's status" She's happily in a relationship. They are all chowing down on cow poop and pecans. Brit says she got some nuts too.

10:31 BBT Shane got some Pino Noir. So much crunching!!! Brit re-reading her letter. Apparently her mom watches the feeds all day and her husband texts her mom for updates while he is at work. Frank feeding the fish. Brit and Shane exchange congrats and he says "Now we can all go to sleep, and we have Coaches Comp tomorrow so we have to get up early…good luck Coaches!"

10:40 BBT Shane tells everyone he appreciates them coming up and staying up. Everyone really looks tired. Joe and Dan tell Shane he missed the orange toss game. Shane says everyone is welcome to eat from his HOH basket and listen to his CD. Jani talking about her wedding ring. Shane says he should have asked for protein shakes.

10:41 BBT Brit goes downstairs to get some of her toiletries. Wil leaves as well saying he's going to bed, followed by Boogie, Frank and Joe. One of the guys is singing the theme song from "The Jeffersons". No FOTH. They don't know Sherman Helmsley died…..kind of ironic.

10:43 BBT Brit and Dani upstairs talking about Brit's wedding pic and what kind of flowers she had. Brit heading back down to get more stuff. Wil and Boogie exchange good night greetings as Wil heads off to bed. Ash in HOH listening to music. Everyone but Ash and Ian have gone downstairs and is getting ready for bed. Jani telling Wil he can sleep with her.

10:46 BBT Joe and Jani talking and Joe says Shane is going to put up him and Wil. Wil says he should nominate who put him on the block, but Wil doesn't think he's smart. Jani says "We can't let Boogie win Coaches Comp or Frank win POV. I'm going to go to Brit and make up with her." Joe says we can't show our cards first. They should come tell us what they want to do.

10:55 BBT Ash leaves HOH and Brit is alone attempting to take her boots off. FB to 1049pmBBT Feed 1. Meanwhile, Wil is sick and tired of certain people in the house and wants them to shut up. Frank and Dani play wrestling in the bathroom. Jani talking about winning Coaches Comp and Joe asks how she knows who to save. She says she doesn't know and leaves the room to change into her pajama

10:58 BBT When Jani leaves, Wil tells Joe "She always takes my ideas and says they are hers" Says he is not going to make a deal with Shane, cause he's going after him. Joe says he will be nice, but not going to kiss ass. But if he (Shane) says "I'm putting up Frank and Dani", then he gets a little grace. Joe and Wil trying to figure out who will vote how, who will be on the block. Shane and Brit upstairs alone watching the screens. Everyone thinks there is a fight (from the wrestling in the bathroom) and goes running to the bathroom. Now Dani is up in HOH with Shane and Brit.

10:59 BBT Brit explaining to Dani that she is VERY IMPORTANT this week because she is the swing vote. Dani says she will have to pull Dan up there to talk about this, Shane says she can make her own decisions.

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11:07 pm BBT Ash goes to Hoh asks Shane a question about snacks then leaves. Shane looks at Brit and Dani and says she and her team have been up here every minute. Brit says of couse its convienent for them to talk to you now. Dani says Shane should put one up from each team to make Jani and Boogie battle it out

11:11 pm BBT Frank and Jenn is shoe room discussing why Frank put Shane up last week and that he doesn't think Shane will put him up. Joe walks in. Joe says that he thinks he and Wil are going on the block and Shane may backdoor Frank.

11:17 pm BBT Frank and Jenn shut out the lights in shoe room. Jenn says Janis worried, Frank agrees and thinks they are safe.

11:20 pm BBT In Hoh Brit says that Wil has had a bad attitude since Shane won Hoh. Says last week he was singing and playing and this week he looks miserable.

11:25 pm BBT Dan enters Hoh , says that he is worried house thinks Shane and Dani have a secret alliance and that they will put the two of them up when given the chance

11:27 pm BBT Jani and her team at HT all worried. Joe thinks Shane has a deal with Frank because Frank is too at ease. Jani says they all should go into Hoh and throw Frank under the bus. Joe says he wants to see what Shane is thinking first

11:31 PM BBT Wil tells Jani he would volunteer to go up if it was against Frank. Joe says its not a bad idea and that he thinks they have the votes. Joe thinks they can even steal Jenn away from Boogie

11:35 pm BBT Dan and Brit in Hoh agree that Frank needs to go he is a big player and has to go. Shane is on the fence. They also call Joe the BB queen say all he does is get info for Jani

11:47 pm BBT Brit comes up with the plan to nom one from Boogies team and one from Jani. She says that allows the two teams to fracture as well allows Shane and Dani to make alliances with one team and have no one know Shane and Dani are working together.

11:50 pm BBT Wil in HT is trying to get Jani to save him if she wins coaches comp. Ash thinks she should too but Jani seems iffy, Hoh crew talking about weather or not they can convert Ash to their team or Jenn to their team. Dani thinks Ash is too wishy washy

11:57 pm BBT Hoh crew agrees that the biggest four that need to go home are Frank Wil Ian and Joe they are waiting till after Coaches comp to see who of the four they want gone the most.

11:59 Pm BBT another shout out from Jani thanks Janelle!!!! she even says she loves us we love you too Jani

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Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit were chatting, running scenarios. Seems Shane really wants Wil out.

Joe and Janie approached the room and came in, Brit and Janie went to go get wine. Dan and Danielle hid. Danielle came out of hiding immediately and left the room.

After she left, Joe asks "is anyone else in here?"

Shane: no...nope. You can go check if you want

Joe: oh ok I just didn't know if Dan was in here...

In reality, Dan was hiding in the bathroom the entire time.

Shane basically said he didn't want to talk til after the coaches comp, Joe wants to target Frank but will touch base w/ Shane after coaches comp. Joe admits that Shane probably would have gone this week if he didn't win HOH. Shane appreciates his honesty, and also appreciates what he did for JoJo (saying to her that she was a fighter).

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12:03 am BBT Ash says she keeps trying to be nice to Frank but it just isnt working Jani asks her whats wrong with him? Ash says "I dont know he is just a butthead"

12:10 am BBT Every single awake HG is by the HT so get ready for some chit chat and no game talk. (Frank Boogie and Jenn asleep)

12:17 am BBT So many people talking at once. Jani talking about her old season and whne they announced who was in Jury. Dani saying the twist cant be someone comming back it would ruin the season.

12:32 am BBT Dan pulls Dani into arcade room for his pep talk. Says when they pull you into Hoh asking who to put up thats when you got em (refering to Brit and Shane)

12:36 am BBT Dani tells Dan that Jani thinks she can win with Wil and that Joe is nothing to her. Dani says that all Ash does is follower her around just to see what she is doing. Dani thinks her only competition at this point is Ian and that he is catching on to how smart she is. They agree Frank didn t throw veto and that he just isnt good at comps. Dani says Wil thinks Shane is his biggest threat and Dan ithinks Wil and Frank have F2 deal

12:41 am BBT At HT Joe Wil and Jani are alone again, Joe says its either himself or Wil going up against Frank. Wil says if Jani picks have nots then she should pick people that have not done it yet then volunteers to be a HN

12:49 am BBT Dani tells Dan that she thinks Brit is being upfront and she trust Brit is more trustworthy then Boog or Jani. Dan is iffy. Dani says why not Joe now and Dan says it would be a waste of an Hoh Joe is weak . Dan says she has to get Shane to put up Frank.

12:54 am BBT Dan sends Dani to get Brit. Dan tells Brit that he said bad things about her to Frank earlier because Frank told Dan that Brit was pushing hardcore for Dan to go. Dan tells Brit he wont be in Hoh much he dosent want it to look like they are working together. Brit says she doesnt want to tell Shane to keep Frank around because Frank is too likeable and is just not trustworthy.

12:58 am BBT in Hoh Dani is telling Shane that they have to get rid of Frank. Shane tells her he has a deal with Frank to not put him up. Dani says they can trust Wil more then Frank and Frank is just to strong in house

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01:06BBT Dan and Brit in the Arcade whispering about how Jani wasn't there for Brit last week but then wanted a hug tonight. Brit says she should have been a better coach to Willie "I shouldn't have told him 'No don't do that' so much".

01:09BBT Wil and Jani out in the BY with their feet in the HT discussing why Brit is in the house. Jani says Dan played the best strategic game ever in BB, I (Jani) was final 3 twice. Boogie won All-starts. Wil says Rachel would have been a better choice for a HG this season.

01:12BBT Correction for previous update. Wil thought Rachel would have been a better coach than Brit this season. Jani says she sees why Rachel and Brit didn't get along during her season. Jani now questioning why Brit gave her a hug in the season. Wil says she gave him one as well. Wil calls Brit a wimpy player.

01:14BBTIn the Arcade Brit and Dan are discussing the last Coaches competition. Brit says it was hers to lose and she lost it. It's not even that she lost it while carrying a stack of money, she lost it while trying to pick up a stack up.

01:18BBT Joe, Jani and Wil in the BY chatting about another HG being tired of not being called on by Julie to be spoken with during the live show. (I missed who they were speaking about and came in on the tail end of the conversation.) Jani and Wil agrees that it's almost bed time. Jani heads in to take off her makeup and asks Wil if he'll wait for her so they can go into the room together. Joe and Wil not chit chatting in the BY.

01:21BBT Meanwhile Dan and Brit's chat in the Arcade room has ended and Brit heads upstairs to the HoH. Dani and Brit chatting about who to trust this week. Brit rehashes to Dani that Jani hugged her. "She touched my flesh!" Dani says Jani is going after Boogie. Brit calls her a liar and Dani nods her head. Cams switch to Jani and Dan chatting in the WA.

01:21BBT Jani asks Dan if anything is said as to who is going up this week. Dan denies knowing anything. Jani says she doesn't trust Frank. Dan says he doesn't trust anyone. Jani again drives it home that she doesn't trust Frank. Dan now heading to bed. Passes Joe and Wil in the KT. Jani still removing her makeup.

01:27BBT Joe heads into the WA, Jani brushing her teeth and Wil exits the WC and washes his hands. Jani offers Wil her Mary Kay, he says no thanks. Jani feels disgusting about what she ate today. Meanwhile Brit and Dani are in the HoH room and Dani is saying Frank has to go home this week. Brit says she knows and expects him to win the game if not taken out before the end. Brit goes onto say that Frank is so far up Jani's rear that they won't be able to pull him out.

01:29BBT Brit tells Dani that she's fiesty tonight (she certainly does seem to have fire in her now!). Dani says Frank has to go home this week. Brit asks what if Frank wins PoV. Dani says Ian goes up next to Wil and Wil goes home.

01:36BBT Brit and Dani continue to bash Jani in the HoH. Shane downstairs get some Gatorade and heads back up to the HoH. Brit, Dani and Shane now the only ones awake it appears. Cam 1 has Frank and Jen sleeping. Cam 2 is another angle of Frank sleeping and Joe's bed in the distance. Switch back to Cams 3/4 and Brit, Shane and Dani continue to chat about today's competition and their distaste for Jani.

01:41BBT Shane tells Brit that Joe already came up campaigning to get Frank out of the house. The 3 agree that war will break out between Jani and Boogie's team when word gets out to Frank. All 3 agree that Frank has to go this week. Shane says he has to give Frank the chance to play for PoV since Frank gave him the chance last week. Brit agrees. Brit continues to complain about Jani hugging her tonight. "It kind of hurt..."

01:48BBT Brit says Frank is a beast. Shane takes faux offense saying "More than me?" Brit asks if he saw Frank doing pushups the other day. Brit says his pushups were the quite amazing to watch. Chat goes back to Jani bashing. Brit says Jani told her during last week's Coaches Competition that Jani mentioned having to pick who to put on slop and Brit asked who and Jani said "Your whole team..." Brit says she tried to make the defense that Shane was on slop the week before and Jani looked like she might change her mind but then said "Boogie will hold it against me if I don't...."

01:53BBT Dani tells Shane that she's going to go to bed. Shane says he'd normally let her stay the night but he's looking forward to sleeping alone in a good bed by himself for at least a week. Dani and Shane hug it out. Before Dani goes Shane mentions he'll bring her bag down tomorrow. Dani pulls out her shorts from the first HoH competition and shows them of to Shane and Brit and complains how short they are and how her rear hangs out of them. They all have a good laugh. Dani says she's going to try and sell them after the show. "It's the only reason I hung onto them!"

01:56BBT Dani heads down to wash her face. Brit continues to wash her face in the HoH bathroom. Brit asks Shane if he's happy. Shane says he is happier tonight than he was this morning. Brit says the power flip tonight is why folks watch this show. Brit and Shane says they agree with Dani that they need to set Boogie and Jani's team against each other this week. But Brit says she wants to make sure they don't waste this week and align themselves for next week as well.

02:01BBT Brit finishes washing her face and says to keep this between the two of them but Dani is the perfect person to take to the final 2. "You will demolish her Shane." Shane agrees and thanks his coach for the advice. They want Dani to win HoH next week so they can get Shane some safety. "You stand a good shot at winning this game." Brit goes onto say that Jani always blames the fact that she has no control over her team so she can't do anything. Shane mentions the fact that her team has meetings every day. Meanwhile downstairs Dani crawls into bed with Ash.

02:07BBT Shane flips the lights off in the HoH room and Brit finishes brushing her teeth. She heads into her coaches room and spends a moment looking at the wedding photo of her and her husband. She begins reading his letter once more, the camera panning in slowly and tightly to her face looking for tears (not this time it seems).

02:09BBT Brit puts the letter away, clearly lost in thought and she picks up the photo of she and her husband once more and looks at it for a short while before sitting it down on the stand next to her bed and getting up and turning off the lights. She crawls back into bed and you can hear her sniffle a bit.

02:12BBT On that note all HGs are currently asleep, tired from the day's events and ready to move on to the next day's events. I just brewed another pot of coffee so stay tuned here for all your exciting late night WC trips and snoring alerts!

02:34BBT Frank is up and headed to the WC.

02:37BBT Frank exits the WC and washes his hands before crawling back into bed.

02:41BBT Joe now up and headed into the WC.

02:43BBT Joe exits the WC and fails to wash his hands before heading back to bed.

03:13BBT All HGs continue to sleep. Cam 1 is on Frank and Jen in the Shoe room. Cam 2 is on Brit (I believe) in the Coaches HoH. Cam 3 is on Frank/Jen and Joe in the distance. Cam 4 is on the Spiral room.

03:46BBT Joe up and headed into the WC again.

03:50BBT Joe skips washing his hands again and wanders over to the backdoor, glancing outside. Joe then reaches into a can of nuts and grabs a few (having not washed his hands after using the bathroom twice mind you...) and wanders around the kitchen aimlessly looking into the mirrors. He grabs himself a cup of water and pours himself a handful of different kinds of nuts.

03:52BBT Joe continues to wander aimless around the kitchen lifting various things and putting them back down before taking another swig of water and heading back to bed.

04:49BBT All HGs continue to sleep soundly. Stay tuned for the results of the Coaches Competition and possibly the nomination ceremony later today!

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5:39 am BBT Like Persch just said all are sleeping BUT I couldn't help but notice that Ian is sleeping on the Metal Bed in the HN room .... after getting off being a HN last night at Midnight BBT ..... What a Trooper for doing so with the lack of Beds in the Shoe BR and the Boom-Boom BR or just not wanting to hop into a double bed with any Ol One ?( Ian living out the values he speaks of ... Big Props to him .- LoneTWolf )

6:00 am BBT Ashley makes her way to the WC and while Leaving to go back to bed... she passes Joe who Checks the back door and the HG's are still on Lockdown ... Joe finishes his WC visit and heads back to Bed ..... Also spotted Frank tossing and Turning in his Bed and look up, so now the Folks who are no longer in Power seem to be restless .. here in the Wee Hours of the Morning.

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7;14 am BBT Boogie up and headed to the WC, Brushes teeth and back to bed (Thought he might stay up, has been an early riser at times)

7;21 am BBt Boogie back up and Grabs some clothes and heads for the SR to change batteries , Get water, make coffee, stretch , have a protein shake, yadda, yadda, yadda ... Y'all know by now his Morning ADL's routine (Grin) BY is still Locked Down

7:31 am BBT Mike is INTENTLY staring at the Picture wall and U can, just see, the wheels in his Head calculating a Plan , a Strategy . (Look out Shane )

7:44 am BBT Mike gets up from the KT Table for a Moment and checks out the Arcade Room, obviously to see if anyone is there ... Stand by when he puts on his Mic , cause I think He will be having a CHAT with us Feed Watchers ? Now back at the KT Table and "Staring down" that Picture Wall, like a Gunfighter waiting for his opponent to Draw His Weapon first.

8:00 am BBT Mike Jumping Rope in the KT without a rope ( Looks as silly as it sounds ) Then does some running in place, now back to get more clothes from his drawer in the Boom-Boom Room and heads to the WC, now doing some Jumping Jacks and Push Ups back in the KT. Really giving himself a workout,( He may be thinking Coaches challenge will be Physical ) He justs keeps repeating the exercises over and over .. already mentioned , with stretching in between. Now on the Floor doing AB workout and lower back stretches

(Ha the Workout looked so good I decided I'd join him and do another "Shake Weight" workout myself this morning) <Grin>

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8:20 am BBT Mike completes his 20 minute workout ... Blood Flowing and Mind sharp now .... Joe is up and in the KT and WBRB .. NAW not this early for a Wake Up Call ... YET ???

8:24 am BBT Lights aren't on but Jenn is getting up in the Dark, after her WC Visit she goes back to bed , so I believe no Wake Up Call has been done cause lights are still out in the BR's ... No Talk between Joe and Boogie yet other than "Morning" to each other.

8:36 am BBT Boogie taking a shower and saying how Gross it was in there .... Now I know why Joe is up ,,, Last Night he said I am making a Big Continental Breakfast for the HN's ... He's really doing a LOT of Prep work ... others last night said he was doing it to Kiss Fannie (LoL) (If your a Chef with a Big Mouth.... ya gotta work with whats kept ya, so far in the House (Ha Ha) )

8:44 am BBT Joe cooking away while Mike lounges on the LR Sofa reading the Bible

8:49 am BBT Joe has made bacon, Eggs, toast, Pancakes, cantalope, and a Glass of OJ and is preparing a tray to deliver it to Shane and Ian I presume ... He heads up to the HOH room first .... Shane is shocked and sys "get the hell outta here and Joe says this is my apology Breakfast and Shane says TY Man and Lights are on and Shane is eating ... Shane keeps saying this is ridiculous and then says Thank You Sooo Much

8:55 am BBT I was wrong this is not for the HN's (Poor Ian) ... Joe is serving up the other Breakfast to Brit or the Queen of the House as he calls Her . Brit is all dazed and confuse but does mutter TY and heads to the HOH Bathroom

8:57 am BBT Joe is Doing the Dishes in the KT , Shane is CHOWing down Big Time and Brit and her room aren't on Camera

8:59 Shane finishes of that Breakfast in 9 Minutes Flat (Ha Ha) and heads in the HOH WC ... No Brit , so whatever ... She may be eating or back to sleep ... whatever .. "Queen of the House" and WBRB

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9:15 am BBT Why Mercy Me.... it's Wake Up Call and HG's are Bouncing around in a Fog .... Lights may be on in the House but not Mentally for those who are just waking up (Smile) .... "HG's Lights must remain On" WBRB .. So Far I've seen Mike Joe Shane Frank up ... OOO Dan is sharing Cuddle time with Ted on the LR Sofa

9:19 Ashley sloppily Brushing her teeth ... while Jenn and Dani lay on the LR Sofa and of Course WBRB

9:23 am BBT we are getting these WBRB's cause a Few Females who shall remain nameless keep Humming and singing lines from Songs ... Joe says he heard a Crane in the BY

9:25 am BBT Gang in the LR is having an impromptu Bible study/talk (Cover your ears Billy Grahamn ), .. Cause the stuff there talking is so "Far out" it's like one big HUH ? for me

9:28 am BBT Shane has finished his Shower in the HOH and struting around in his underwear like a lot of males are this season .... ( Come on Ladies, isn't it time you saw for yourselves .... Get the Feeds right on Morty's Homepage)

9:37 am BBT "PLEASE Stop Singing" (I second that) which lets U know we keep getting a Bunch of WBRB ..... GGRR can't catch any decent conversations

9:40 am BBT An just so things are Ironic Shane, is sitting up in HOH Listening to His new CD ... (Sorry don't remember the name of it) and hasn't uttered a word of it. OK Feeds are back

9:43 Frank showing Mike how to seperate the Whites after cracking the egg by moving the egg back and forth from shell to shell ( are we positive Boogie owns restaurants) .....Ashley "PLEASE Check the Storage Room" ..... 9:46 Whoop-ti-doo There's a new gallon of Milk in there for her

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9:52 am BBT .... NO Game talk Yet .... Just Puppies and Kitties and Family talk !!!

9:56 Brit finally awake and eating Her Breakfast in Bed from Joe .... Really just nibbling and now she crawls back under covers to sleep some more , as Shane is bugging her light heartedly and Brit says Why did Joe have to come up so early (GGrrr ) ... The Plate of Food is barely touched and still laying on the Bed ( Give ya 8 ta 5 odds Brit knocks it off the bed )

10;02 am BBT Dani in the KT doing the Dishes, While Frank is Drying them

10;05 Shane has joined the LR crew with Joe Mike Dan and Ashley and Talk of How Joe has his kids do chores all Summer , exciting I know and then talk of How to get the Pump in the Hottub to regulate correctly

10:20 more Mis-Quoting from the Bible and some Folks are not so pleased by the attempt at humor .... Dani going up to HOH to shower

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9:05am Joe has made Shane a big breakfast as he said he would lastnight Shane is sitting in bed in hoh rm eating his breakfast now

9:23am Boogie laying on couch in lvr reading a bible Shane Frank and Joe in kt as Joe is cleaning Bb says lights must remain on during the day Shane heads to hoh rm to turn the lights on Frank starts to sing and we get foth

9:27am Frank joind Boogie in lvr Dan and Dani are also in lvr general talk and talking about music and we keep getting foth

9:32amJoe telling everyone in the lvr that bb has been drilling outside since about 6am and that it sounds like they have a bunch of cranes out there Jenn comes in asked Frank how he slept lastnight he said goodtalk turns to the bible and movies

9:36am Joe giving his kids a shout out Shane listening to music in hoh rm Dani asking frank if there is any milk in the kt frank says we are out sweet cheeks dani asking if anyone requested it so she is checking sr for milk Frank says ash uses all the milk Ash says i dont drink milk Frank said you do in your protien shake baby

9:39am Frank starts singing in the kt" hey Willie dont be afraid" and we het foth

9:45am Boogie and Frank in kt seperating eggs they only want egg whites for breakfast Boogie asking what frank put in his eggs he says a lil pepper a lil musturd so hot sauce boggie ask if there is any more sausage links frank says yes bb says check the sr Dani runs and says thats me she is hoping for more milk

9:52am Dani got her milk and is now eating cereal Boogie and FGrank still cooking ash Joe and Dan in lvr general talk about dogs and cats

9:57am brit is now awake in hoh rm eating her breakfast that joe prepared for her still general talk in lvr with dan Ash and Boogie

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10:06am Dani and Frank washing dishes Dan comes in to get a drink and says damn this fridge always smells like raw fish dan now getting a pan to cook himself breakfast

10:20am Boogie reading scriptures from the bible to dan Dani comes and says read proverbs boogie says where do i find it so dani goes and turns the pages to proverbs for him

10:34am most hg sitting in lvr talking about movies Boogoe give a shout out to lonnie moore and we get foth

10:54am still general talk in lvr most hg are sitting in there Ian still sleeping in hnbr Jani and Brit still sleeping

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11:06 AM BBT

Most of the HGs have a rousing discussion regarding various diets (low carb, no carb etc) in the LR. Danielle getting out of the shower. Wil lets us know that he no longer bothers to put on shorts or pants on when going to the WC at night. Shane agrees. "I can't be bothered, I just go in my boxer briefs."

Mike and Brit discuss how Sweet Caroline would be a good wake up song. They sing a bit. We get WBRB. Ian wakes up - thanks everyone for the pillows his have not bed was better. He can't remember if he is allowed a hot shower or not.

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11:13 AM BBT

Dan asks Ian what the record for being a Have Not is. He thinks some people have gone 3 weeks but not straight. "At least I'll have something" he laughs. Brit says Enzo was a "Have Not" for 3 weeks but not in a row "But let's face it," she says "He cheated the whole time." we get WBRB.

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11:14 AM BBT

Brit also tells us that Enzo would eat in the refrigerator all the time. He'd take bites of stuff when the door was blocking the camera.

Joe thinks he's alowed a hot shower right now. He goes into washroom area and knocks on WC door "You going number 1 or number 2?" he calls out to the occupant "Oh, sorry" he says to whatever they responded. We can't hear over the whine of Danielle's hairdryer.

Brit has been having lots of dreams where she can't breathe. She is swimming and breathing in water and can't make it to the top. [Kind of like your team huh?- ZuZu]

Frank says "Okay I've got to be honest with you I've been holding a pillow over you at night but I just can't do it." they all laugh.

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11:23 AM BBT

Britney and Joe both telling wedding/hotel stories that they think is funny that no one is really laughing at. Wil telling how his parents wedding had a spiked (not with alcohol) punch bowl and they had some serious freak outs. WBRB.

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11:36 AM BBT

Boogie and Brit talking about life outside the house. They joke about outdoing each other with Christmas cards. Janelle and Ian sitting at KT table. She couldn't look more bored as he talks. It is constant WBRB after flashes of the house.

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