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7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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11:39 AM BBT

Joe made food. Shane talks about his CD it doesn't have "Apple Bottom Jeans" on it.

Mike flipping through bible pages as everyone talks about the Eminem CD with Love the way you lie on it. They all agree the woman that sang on the CD should have her own album by now. Jenn tells them about that singer and her background.

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11:53 AM BBT

Wil wonders if Jodi will be silent revenge on the house as a twist. Jani hopes if the coaches go in something changes because they will get picked off one by one.

Wil's biggest pet peeve is people that don't take responsibility for their actions. Shane's biggest mistake was not voting with them the first week. They wanted to work with them. He will tell Shane that they had no choice but to get off the sinking ship (team Brit) and they tried to extend an olive branch.

11:58 PM BBT

"Fuck her says Wil. talking about Brit and how he tried to talk to her this morning and she just ignored him and gave him a snotty look. Jani says she can't believe how negative Brit is. Thinks she was a mean girl in High School and that Brit's know it all attitude is annoying. "Exactly," says Wil "Don't tell someone who just had a baby how to give birth. "

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2:07 PM BBT Dan/Jani/Dani in stereo BR talking about how many HN there will be and how many beds will open up.

2:09 PM BBT Brit/Ian and Boogie talking about when the HG had the comp in BB12 where they had to be in the stocks.

2:10 PM BBT We have gone to trivia - coach comp about to begin we are guessing.

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3:05PM BBT We've had trivia for approximately 1 hour now.

3:35PM BBT Coaches competition is ongoing. We'll update soon as we get know the results!

3:45PM BBT While we're waiting for the results of the Coaches Competition...Morty's TV wants to know what you think about this week's America's Choice.

3:55PM BBT Wendy on FB said: "I would like the coaches to leave , and the only way to get rid of them quicker is to let them back in the game. or I would like Dan to win again. and get rid of Janelle, then Brit, then boogie."

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4:45 PM BBT We had a quick blurb on the feed. The HG were sitting against what looked like lockers. You could hear someone say "My number one rule of coaching is you Always take" and we get trivia. Sounded like it may have been Dan

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5:45 BBT : Shane says he has 45 minutes before noms

Brit chose the have nots, Janelle won the competition and kept Wil safe.

Joe and Janie pitching to Shane and Brit. Brit saying it's pointless to have conversations of safety until after the veto.

Meanwhile, Boogie telling Frank and Dan that Joe is digging his own grave, and he's pretty sure the target is Joe, and he'll be gone because Danielle will vote with them.

Up in HOH, Janelle pitches to Brit and Shane alone basically that Willie was the cancer, etc.

Shane/ Brit alone

Brit: "Joe knows he's going up."

Frank entering the HOH room.

Frank saying he doesn't want to go up, but if that's what they have to do...

Shane saying Janelle winning and saving Wil messed up plans.

They basically tell Frank that he needs to go up as a pawn, because it doesn't make any sense to put 2 players up from the same team. Brit says everyone is expecting Frank to go up on the block because he put Shane up, and not putting Frank up is very fishy.

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5:51pm BBT - Brit Shane, Joe, and Jani - in the HOH room - Janelle asks if Shane and Brit are looking at putting one up from team Boogie and 1 from her team or are they gunning for Joe. Brit and Shane agree they are going after no specific target this week and the house was against him last month - Joe brings up the fact that Frank put Shane up and made him the target - Joe says remember this thought " it boils down to somehow for you and us and myself that we need to come out with numbers. If you come out of HOH with numbers you did a good job. you have to come up with what best fits that."

Britney - Making Officials deals is pointless until the veto is completed. There is no one off limits.

Joe - Except Will

Brit - Except Wil. Shane got burned this weekl

Shane - I will take what everyone says into consideration.

Brit - It was the good days when in the begining before Willie freaked out.

Shane - Frank would be gone, Kara would stil be here.

Britney is reminding them that it was 6 people against them last week.

Joe walks into the HOH and Shane asks frank to give them a few and Frank leaves.

Joe asks Shane if he can do anything to come to him before nominations and to let him know.

Shane says that Jenn and Ian have not spoken any game to him since the game started

Joe says that Ashley is floating as well. (Wow he just threw his own teammate under the bus)

As they breakup Brit apologizes for making Joe a Have Not again.

Janelle stays behind after Joe leaves --- Jani says that a few people were talking this morning and they need to be aware that people may go back on deals and that Boogie is pissed because he thinks America likes Shane right now. Jani says her team is open to working together. Jani says she wishes they could have done great things together week one but Willie was a cancer to the alliance.

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5:30 PMBBT We are back. Boogie is trying to sell Brit/Shane to put up Dani. Jani won and made Wil safe. Boogie asks Shane if he is comfortable with Joe going home. Shane says he is.

Based on listening to the dialog, we believe Jani has won the comp and has saved Wil.

Wil's key is on the memory wall. He is safe and Jani has won. Waiting for confirmation for the HNs

5:42 PM BBT Boogie tells Shane that he is okay if one of his is up for noms as long as the target is Jani's team. Jani in HN room talking to Dan. Tells Dan/Dani that Shane is terrified of Dan. She tells Dan/Dani that Shane will put up Ashley and Joe. Jani wants to go to HOH and push that Boogie's team is put up.

5:44 PM BBT The HN got salmon and Joe is definitely a HN. Joe tried to get into HOH and was turned away. Boogie leaves the HOH room.

5:47 PM BBT Brit just told Joe she was sorry that she had to put him as a HN so it appears she chose. Ian volunteered again as a HN. Joe says that he is there to see what Shane was doing. Jani says that they have always worked well together. Last week was them trying to get rid of Willie. Jani says they are open to working together again.

5:50 PM BBT Boogie downstairs telling Frank about his convo upstairs. Boogie telling him that it will most likely be him and Joe with Joe going home.

5:52 PM BBT Joe says that no matter what happens - Shane needs to remember - "we need to come out somewhere with numbers" . Jani: Which players do you trust more - us or them?"

5:54 PM BBT Boogie telling Frank that Dani will vote out Joe and Frank will be safe. Boogie tells Frank to go up to HOH - they asked for him.

5:58 PM BBT Joe leaves. Jani tells Shane that Joe is nervous. She reminds them that she and Brit have a great working relationship. She hugs them both and they congratulate Jani on her win.

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Frank saying if Ashley is the backup plan if Joe wins the veto,why can't Shane just put up Ashley and Joe from the start?

Brit saying they need people playing in the veto to win the veto.

Frank pushing HARD for Joe and Ash to go up on the block.

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6:00 PM BBT

Ian and Boogie talking in HOH

Janelle and Joe talking. "I'll do anything to keep my players safe." Jani says. Joe says he'll work with them, he guesses. Joe sounds irritated. Jani says Shane is a physical threat but he's loyal. Jenn is a wild card, Frank is a wild card. Joe saying anyone could beat Frank in a vote in the final. "We'll have to deal with him later." Janelle says she doesn't really seem to agree with Joe's assessment of Frank.

Janelle hopes that Joe wasn't upset with her, she really wanted to put it out there that she really wanted to work with them. She thinks they are more open to working with them than Boogie. Janelle really hoping that Joe isn't mad at her, she just did what the HOH wanted.

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6:04 PM BBT

Janelle will say anything to keep Joe safe. He said they'll know something is up if they don't put him on the block. He'll be honourable about it.

In the other room Frank is saying that he'll play ball either way. He's just trying to stay off the hot seat as much as he can. Odds are he'll play in the POV anyways, what with it being houseguests choice. "OMG that could burn us so bad!" Britney says. Frank says he doesn't care about making it known he's switched sides.

Brit says that Shane is in a bad situation this week and he'll have to cut a deal this week. They don't know that we cut a deal last week. We aren't going to cut a deal with Janelle's team (this week) the deal is already done.

Frank pointing out that Joe plays the game that he's against Shane. Brit reminds him to consider who is always his best friend when he has power.

Joe is making dinner. A little more loudly than usual.

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6:09 PM BBT

Frank does not want to go on the block. Brit keeps saying that she doesn't want to put Ashley up. Frank pointing out that Boogie might get upset about this plan. He can't control him.

Frank promising he'll vote their way. Brit pointing out that she knows he doesn't want to go on the block but a) it guarantees he'll play for the veto and they want him to play for the veto.

Shane is planning on winning in the POV so their plan works. Worst case scenario says Shane we put up you and Joe and you come down and it's Joe and Ashley and we get rid of Ashley. "It's stupid to get rid of Danielle, she's playing all alone." Brit says "What if we put up Ian and Joe?" Frank says even with that there's a risk. He thinks it should be Ashley and Joe.

Shane says that people are expecting him to put Frank on the block. "One good thing about putting Ash and Joe up is that one of them goes home for sure then you end up with me, Ian and Jenn competing against each other." Frank says.

Ash has come in the room to talk, Danielle has come in the room to talk and they've both been turned away.

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6:17 PM BBT

Shane worried that Frank will leave the room and go tell everyone downstairs that he made a deal.

Janelle and Wil talking in lounge. Joe comes in and asks what happens if he wins veto from them? Janelle says that Frank will win veto for them. Joe couldn't even get a sense of what "they" are planning.

Brit and Shane want to get into Danielle's head. Shane flirts with her a bit but he doesn't really know her. Frank is close with her. They suggest Frank figure her out. "She's really grateful for last week." he says. Frank telling Shane to start thinking final 2 not just the week ahead. They guess who Joe will pick if he gets the POV chip that let's him pick who to play - Danielle? Ashley?

Frank admits that he gets along with Janelle but he knows she's thrown him under the bus. He only trusts her as far as he can throw her.

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6:23 PM BBT

Wil joins the HOH room. He's not hiding anything he's wanted Frank out since week one.

Brit what we are telling everyone who comes up until the POV is played we aren't making deals, until that is played it's all talks. Obviously, we need a deal this week. We need a deal to keep us safe at the next HOH comp.

Shane points out that he doesn't have anyone to go after directly this week because EVERYONE was after him last week.

Wil points out that getting Kara out was all with an aim to get Willie out. He didn't like him at all.

Brit asks why he voted to get JoJo out - I went with the house he says.

Wil says he'll talk again after the POV.

They ask him to send Danielle up.

Danielle comes in. "Janelle is telling everyone that you are afraid of Dan. I'm supposed to be all scared and everything. Dan is like What the Fuck?" she says. "Say fuck again" flirts Shane.

Shane and Brit saying that Janelle's team threw them under the bus week one. They ask her not to let it slip that they are working together.

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6:34 PM BBT

"Franks gotta go up on the block. It sucks but that's how it is." says Brit. She gives her reasoning.

Dan points out that Ashley is listening outside.

"Should I let her in? She's been waiting." Shane says.

"I've got to talk to Ashley really quick." says Shane

Britney pointing out that they keep covering their partnership with Dan and Danielle by saying stuff like "we don't have her vote" and those two have to start acting like they are the swing vote.

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6:37 PM BBT

"You know where I stand," Ashley says " I keep ending up on teams by default and in alliances by default and unfortunately JoJo was the one who knew me the most. I don't want to be known as a Joe or a Shelley and coming up here and talking to you guys and going and telling everything to everyone else. "

"I think I trust you, I just don't tell Janelle." says Shane "She's just going to keep at you about what did they say what did they say..... Janelle and Boogie are obviously still working together and I have to be really smart this week because after this week I've got no one"

Brit reminds her that they aren't going to talk until after the veto.

"I know and it's like.I'm in that situation where I like you know I..." Ashley says

"Did Janelle tell you you had to come up here and talk to us?" Brit asks.

"No, I was uh, going to come up here to say hi and stuff. No I was waiting to talk to you guys. I was planning on talking to you guys."

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6:43 PM BBT

Ashley is upset that Wil is there, it's all about Wil now. She was also upset a moment ago because Boogie made fun of her for saying her spiel, for being too happy go lucky. "I'm playing the game." she sulks.

"Are you looking for a way out of your team?" asks Shane

"It kind of sucks that you guys have to be nice to me because I'm too much of a pussy to stand up for myself." Ashley says

Brit goes on about all the reasons they like her as a person despite the fact she votes against them.

Ian wanted to come up her with Ashley, she didn't want to do that, she wanted to be alone. Why does she always have to be accompanied? What if at the next twist Janelle trades her, then she's got nothing.

Brit says they really like her.

Ashley says she was telling everyone the story about how she was mad a Wil and then Boogie made fun of her and Janelle said "Why because you can't talk?" and she responded "ouch that's harsh".

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6:52 PM BBT

Ian is next up. He's 3 grand richer they joke. "Where's your head at?" They ask him

He's flirted with some ideas. Not really sure where he is yet.

Shane saying that it's a tough spot he's got to nominate two people.

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6:55 PM BBT

The money is a few months rent for him. They are all happy for him.

Ian says he's flirted with the whole idea of working together. He's really non-commital. "I like that kid." Brintney says "He's smart." Shane agrees.

Jenn is up next. She asks Shane where his head is at "He's got to pick 2 out of 6 he's giving people an opportunity to tell people what they are thinking because after this week he needs to work with other people because he's not safe. What is she willing to do to keep him safe next week?

Jenn came up to offer up a vote, whatever she can do. She likes to lay low and play the game that way. One thing she can certainly offer to him. If she's one of them then she's one of them but if not if there is one of them that he really wants out then she'll offer that to him, a vote for that person.

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7:03pm Boogie and Frank goes back into hoh room to talk to brit and shane again boogie says one last plea here brit says jani came up and said things brit says jojo saying things about dani having big leggs and being fat is a lie it never happened

7:04pm Boogie saying we will never vote out Ash Brit says we are scared to put up 2 of janis people cuz you guys will go down and turn on us and have all the votes and we have to protect ourselves thats the only way

7:07pm Frank says we dont want jani's player to control the vote and if you put up me and joe and ash wins pov takes joe off then jani's team has all the votes

7:08pm Frank says he will open the door and tell everyone he is working with shane if thats what they want him to do brit laughs and says no thats not what we want boogie says if you put him up talking about frank he will go home is that what you want?

7:14pm Brit says i cant throw away shane to protect your team do you see what i mean boogie says i see what your taling about frank says i will go out and tell them i am rolling with shane and shane is rolling with us

7:18pm Frank says i like to be solid and stand on solid ground brit says i just feel like its a bad place for shane to be in if he nominates you your going to be pissed Boggie asked if his reputation didnt proceed him would you feel better she says no its about shane but i dont want jani to have the option to team back up with ya'll

7:19pm Shane being called to the dr and we get trivia nominations are beginning

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