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7/25 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:05 PM BBT: JoJo and Shane in the HT barely talking. Jani and Danielle in one of the bedrooms. Danielle wants chocolate, cookies and milk. Jani offers to make cookies, and Dani repies that her cookies are fattening. Jani starts to disagree, but Dani gives her a dirty look and says she adds 4 cups of sugar, and lots of butter and Jani agrees.

8:10 PM BBT: Jani says she's going to end up like Kathy in BB12 and be a sloth. Jani and Dani go onto talking about how Kathy was always laying around chain smoking in a snuggie.

8:11 PM BBT: Janelle and Danielle complaining about how their size 26 jeans are getting tight. Janelle asks when Dani is having a kid, and Danielle says she has to find the guy first. "Mr Right has always been Mr Wrong". Asks her if she has any hot guys in mind.

8:17 PM BBT: Scratch that, 10 cans of beer. Brit, Boogie, Jenn, Joe, Danielle are in the kitchen trying to divvy up the beer and wine.

8:23 PM BBT: Dan hopes he'll look as good as Boogie when he's 42. Says most 40 year olds don't look like that. Dan asks Jani if she drinks a whole bottle of wine at home, and Jani laughs and says that she's not going to admit it.

8:24 PM BBT: Dan asks what the difference between wine and champagne. Jani says that champagne is like bubbly wine, and it can't be called champagne unless it's from the champagne region in France. I learn new things every day in the BB house!

8:28 PM BBT: Shane, Brit and Wil sitting at the kitchen table. Shane says that if a coach puts him on slop next week, he's going to freak out. His back is messed up from the beds. He says that it's a good game plan for others because it takes him out of his game.

8:42 PM BBT: General chit chat everywhere. Brit, Danielle, Wil, Shane and Jani in the kitchen. Frank, Ashley, Joe sitting in the BY. Boogie working out with the weights. Boogie says he doesn't really know what he's doing without his trainer.

8:45 PM BBT: Frank now trying to coach Boogie on working out. Talking about different exercises and weights. Brit, Ian, JoJo, Dani and Jenn in the BY talking about emails. JoJo's old email and screen names used to be 'exoticaitaliana'.

8:48 PM BBT: Ian says he thinks he sees someone behind the mirror, and JoJo is surprised that the cameras aren't just recording. I'm surprised we don't get FoTH.

8:55 PM BBT: Frank and Dan giving Boogie exercises to do to get an ab workout. Jani, Ashley, and Ian in the kitchen making cookies.

8:59 PM BBT: Jani just put the cookies in the oven. Party in the hot tub! Brit, Dani, Joe, Shane, JoJo, Jenn and Wil are in/around it chatting and drinking if they have alcohol.

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9:05 PM BBT Dani has to chug the wine because she doesn't like the taste. Joe is already giggly. Discussion about how good the margaritas were during the comp the other day.

9:10 PM BBT upstairs - Frank/Dan playing chess. Boogie sits and chats with them.

9:16 PM BBT In the HT discussion about the girls breasts and if they like them or not. Joe says his are real.

9:21 PM BBT Now the HG are telling love stories of their first dates. Due to personal stories, we get FOTH on and off.

As Joe begins his story, feeds are all moved to the chess game.

9:27 PM BBT We have 4 feeds on 3 guys playing chess.

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9:35 PM

BBT We still have all 4 feeds on the 3 guys. TO many stories going on in the HT - BB may be concerned with names.

9:37 PM BBT Brit asked to use the bathroom in HOH and instead stole one of Boogie's beers. Boogie catches her - Brit tells him it was extra. Boogie says fine.

9:42 PM BBT We have moved to hthe BY - we still have all 4 feeds on the same thing - now Ian and Jani playing pool.

9:50 PM BBT oe launches into the story of his daughters first kiss behind a bus at band camp and we get FOTH

9:53 PM BBT Joe tells about his 14 yo daughter and her BF. Joe expects the boy to do a "Fly by" first and not just grab...and his 11 YO son is dating the best looking girl in school. He is proud of him.

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10:07BBT Ash, Brit and Danielle in kitchen. Talking about Dan confronting Danielle about being drunk. Jani out in BY grubbing smokes. Discussion in BY about "grubbers". Dani, Brit and Ash heading up to HOH bathtub. General chit chat.

‎10:09BBT BY talk about which beds are the most comfy. Upstairs in HOH, Ash, Brit and Dani in the tub drinking, giggling and waiting for water to fill. BY crew now talking about who doesn't dump ashtrays, and what makes people not return to restaurants. Meanwhile….bathtub crew having a hug-fest.

FOTH from 10:10BBT until 10:13BBT. Feeds back and JoJo and Shane in the arcade room talking and we get FOTH again. Feeds back and JoJo and Shane still talking. Brit in tub talking about missing her hubby. JoJo telling Shane she's proven that she can be loyal.

10:20BBT JoJo and Shane talking about her going to Frank and telling him how loyal she is, put the past in the past etc. Says she's proven herself. JoJo and Shane continue to strategize. Talking about how Ash needs JoJo. Meanwhile, girls in bathtub now talking about their favorite sex positions and childbirth.

10:28 BBT Girls in the bathtub start talking about DR sessions and we get FOTH. JoJo and Shane continue talking strategy and getting votes to get Danielle out. Brit now in tub talking about why she picked who she picked for her team . Meanwhile, JoJo and Shane continue to strategize. JoJo and Shane now talking about Danielle and her lack of game.

10:33BBT Frank called to DR. In the bathtub, Brit asks Dani if she thinks she's going home. Dani says she wants to stay. Ash says she thinks Dani is staying, but then says she really doesn't know. JoJo and Shane still talking in side room and we get FOTH

10:37BBT JoJo and Shane now leaving side room. Boogie and Jani in kitchen. Feed returns to BY and Joe talking to Wil. Bathing beauties still floating in the tub and giggling. Boogie comes in and Brit tries to con him out of a beer. Joe saying he'd love to talk to his wife.

10:45BBT Frank comes into HOH, as Joe leaves BY. Ian and Wil in BY talking about family. Dani gets out of the tub, leaving Brit and Ash. Brit and Ash saying SOMETHING…moving mouths, no sound coming out! Joe and JoJo now talking. Joe telling her she needs to calm down. Tub girls coming out as Frank says he's getting ready for bed. Joe tells JoJo that if she distances herself from Willie she will be OK

10:47BBT JoJo says Willie is GONE, how much further can she get? Joe tells her she needs to say she's sorry and that she made a mistake and she will be fine. She says she did. Joe says the vote is about 50/50. JoJo asks what are the benefits of keeping Dani in the game. He says she has to throw Dani under the bus and not be scared to.

10:49BBT JoJo telling Joe that the guys are going to need a strong girl. Boogie, Ash and Brit in HOH talking about how they are going to get fat from Joe's cooking and Jani's baking. Joe continues to tell JoJo that she needs to come across as not JoJo but as a team person. Meanwhile, in BY Dan and Dani sitting at the HT with Jenn talking about who drank what.

10:53BBT Chit chat at the HT with Jenn, Dan and Dani. Joe continues to "coach" JoJo. Tells her not to go "all Staten Island" on everyone. Tells her to wake up and fight. Says she has his vote as long as she fights for it. The hug it out and head out to rejoin everyone. Jani and Wil join the HT crew.

10:56BBT Joe and JoJo go to HN Room where Shane is sleeping, Joe promises her his vote if she works for it tomorrow. Joe leaves and leaves Shane and JoJo in HN room. Joe heads out to BY crew. JoJo gives Shane a recap of the conversation with Joe.

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11:07 pm BBT Shane tells Jojo Frank isn’t playing in hoh it's his comp to win and Jojo says she doesn’t get why Dani is here and how they campaigned more for Kara then Dani did

11:14 pm BBT Boogie talking to Frank in Hoh saying Wil doesnt like Joe very much can tell that team is getting a little less "one happy family"

11:20 pm BBT back to HN room Shane talking to Ash about the noms being a bad situation no matter how you look at it Dani is his friend but Jojo is his alliance says it also depends on where the votes fall. Shane tells Ash that he doesnt trust Wil In Shoe room Jani tells Brit it looks like as of now Jojo is still going says its 5050

11:23 pm BBT Brit telling Jani in sneaker room before feeds cut to Hoh that they should get rid of Dani this week because everyone likes Dan so much

11:30 pm BBT Boogie talking to Frank saying Jenn doesnt know how to play the game cause shes never watched the show and Ian just wants to make friends has too much emotion in it says that the other side would most likely put up Jenn but he can save her says he needs to keep them together Frank says Shane or Dani are going home next week and that if Shane wins he will prob put up two of Janis Players

11:36 pm BBT in sneaker room Brit tells Jani that Boogie doesnt trust dand and then says Dan is not trustworthy. She tells Jani that Dani has no target on her and that they both are throwing competitions. In arcade room Jojo is selling herself to Ash saying both her and Shane are loyal only dropped Willie because they had to he was a sinking ship and that them leaving him is what made him snap keeps repeating that she wants to stay so bad and that its not her turn to go out . Ash says she needs to sit with her team and Jojo switches topics and says Ash is her favorite girl

11:43 pm BBT Jojo says that Dan does all Danis campaigning and that she wants to stay cause of words shes said not anyone else she wants to get the votes not her coach. Tells Ash that she can trust her and Shane says that if they keep Jojo they get Shane too they get two votes in house instead of one

11:53 pm BBT In WC Shane and Dani are arguing about Shane taking off the last of this eyeliner from being Shayna. Jojo recapping her convo with Joe to Ash also bith agree Wil lies a lot for no reason. and arent Sure on Joe. Ash says she is supposed to be on a team but talks game with other teams more feels left out again

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12:09 am BBT Dan in WC asks Ian how to make explosives which makes Ian go into an intelligent rant that i think only he understands then start quizzing him on periodic table. In arcade room Jojo and Ash going back over how Jojo and Shane went to bat for Kara comparing Kara to Dani saying its just like this for Dani not campaigning for herself

12:19 am BBT Big bathroom party going on as we get Foth prob from one of the 20 different conversations happening. Wil and Jenn playing corn hole while Joe and Britt watch

12:28 am BBT feeds come back to bathroom party being broken up with only Dan and Jani left on the couch in the WC talking about coaches entering the game. We go back to Foth

12:39 am BBT Ian talking about why he fidgets says he has to be moving at all times calls it stimming feeds still going in and out

12:44 am BBT Feeds back all feeds on Wil and Joe playing corn hole and Jenn watching Joe is winning.

12:53 am BBT cornhole ends Wil loses and is now talking with Jani in Hammock tells her that he doesnt stand a chance against Shane in physical comps and that he trusts Frank while Jani doesnt . Wil doesnt see Dani and threat and wont put him up if she wins Hoh so he wants her to stay

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1:01 am BBT Wil doesnt want Jojo to stay he is telling Jani that if Jojo stays that on more person against Janis team in Hoh comp Wil says if Dani stays and wins she wont put up Will joe or Ash

1:15 am BBT In WCA Dan and Ian talking about Ian asking women out and the normal outcomes Ian receives. Foth for a few. Come back to Ian heading to bed. Dan moves to arcade room to give Dani a pep talk. In BY Joe recapping his cigarette convo with Jojo . Jani switches topics to coaches re entering. She tells Joe Boogie working out three times a day makes her nervous Boogie thinks he is coming into the game. Joe tells her that means she is going back in too. Jani responds by telling Joe that Boogie beat her before

1:30 am BBT in arcade room Dani telling Dan that Britt said she doesnt care if Jojo goes . She then tells Dan that Ash told her not to worry if Dani sees her Talking to Jojo that Ash is voting for Dani to stay. Dani says best case scenario is Shane wins Hoh or she herself wins Hoh second best scenario is Ian wins Hoh . In BY Janis Wil and Joe are talking about Ash being a liability. Jani stands by Ash saying shes trustworthy and that she will tell Ash to stop talking game with people she isnt working with

1:44 am BBT Joe tells Jani that in the future they could probably work Jenn over for her vote, He says shes sick of Frank and Joe says she would prob be willing to vote against him. in Arcade room Dani says shes gotten in good with everyone in the house and that she doesnt ask anyone for info or game talk they divulge it to her

1:52 am BBT Dani says that Joe said Frank wanted to make a deal with her and the only thing that worries her about that is that Frank has not had a talk with her about a deal. Dan then says he wants Britt to feel the heat of being down to one player. He says Britt will crumble and that he cant be around her so much and that Britt is so negative

2:01 am BBT Jani Wil and Joe all agree they dont want Ian to win Hoh and wouldn't mind if Shane wins because Shane will go after Frank. Then make small talk about previous seasons. Dan is telling Dani how to play the next few days. Tells her not to talk about about Jojo and ig nore anything bad Dani hears Jojo is saying. Dan and Dani head to bed

2:04 am BBT Joe Jani and Wil only ones left awake speculating on future comps.

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8:30am bbt - Jojo went back to bed... as of now, everyone is still sleeping

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8:42 am BBT Jo Jo Back up and in SR changing batteries ..... Has then stoped along the way to the WC, to Check Herself out in 5 different Mirrors , now in the KT brewing up Coffee .... Unless feeds kept repeating themselves , as been happing a lot since the Weekend, Jo Jo Put up and took down Her hair 5 times (Ha Ha) Now she has started her Breakfast of Champions ... Perparing to make a cup of coffee and undoubtedly getting ready to go Have a smoke .... Which lets U know that the HG's are NOT Lockdowned !!

9:00 am BBT After making Her Coffee, Jo Jo Takes the time to sit at the KT and stare at the Picture Wall, undoubtly trying to count votes and schemeing to see if she can get more .... and now she heads out Back to the Couch area to smoke

9:01 am BBT WBRB ...... Possible WAKE UP CALL .... Saw Jo Jo's neck while sitting there and she does have a Large Bump on here Lower Neck,,,, Front and center ... sure wouldn't be the first time a HG has had Breakouts on there skin from the Stress or laundry soap or even not as good a hygiene regiment as they normal have , although Jo Jo did say she was caking on the Make-up yesterday , a lot since being in the House and as any Woman will tell you,,,, that clogs pours leading to breakouts

9:12 HG's are Up and stumbling around the House especially close to the coffee pot

9:15 Jo Jo opening up the Awnings in the BY ... while Sane and Wil are cleaning the WC Mirror .... Good Ol Cleaning Day in the BB House for tommorrow's show ( Think Jo Jo is smart enough to use one of the oldest Ploys in the BB House .. Which is Bonding with others on the Cleaning Crew ??)

9:17 BBT Joe and Shane hanging in the BY talking "probably be locked down half the day" ..... Wil, Frank, and Bo-Bo Boogie hanging in the KT giving a shout out to Day 19 in the BB House ... "Commenting on how Cloudy it was Outside"

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9:20 BBT Ashley has re-appeared in the KT after magically disappearing for a few minutes <Smile> Dani has joined the KT Crew, under good coaching orders to be in the Loop around others without giving out Info or starting a controversy ... Under Coach Dans direction.... Ashley says "There's a brand new Ashley Today ... "Not open Mouth insert Foot and Actions speak louder than Words"

9:31 another WBRB , Second round of HG's "Get up for the Day" ... Ok now Feeds are back ... Dani can't drink coffe, cause of too many Kidney problems .. HHmmmm Swear I have seen Her drink alcohol, but I could be wrong

9:35 BY Crew consists of Wil, Joe, Mike, Shane and , Jo Jo ... Jo Jo Talking about having her dog neutered but he needs to get laid at least once (LoL)

9:40 BBt Shane say Vermont has a few Bald Eagles and they've been reported to have swooped down and snatched up Puppies (OK)

9:42 RETRACTION from earlier statement "Saw Jo Jo's neck while sitting there and she does have a Large Bump on here Lower Neck,,,, Front and center " It looks now like a Diamond stud cause I don't see a Necklace and it's not dangling around

9:49 am BBT Just Lots of Morning Chitter-Chatter .. not to interesting , as U can tell by the simple Convo's I've already reported.... Mike was first lured out to California to be a Tennis Coach and said you make Friends fast and they become your Family.

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9:02am Jojo sitting outside smoking alone we get foth maybe wakeup call

9:13am Feeds are back Joe Wil and shane in kt making coffee Frank heads to hoh to get his bag of coffe says if they make that they might have some good coffee Jojo outside fixen her hair in the mirror

9:19am Jojo shane and Joe in by smoking and talking Boogie Wil and Frank and ash in kt talking and yawning

9:29am Joe telling Jojo and shane he told everyone he is voting with the house he tells Jojo to get the votes and let him know Boogie walks out side and says he and ash are going to workout today and they bb is going to lock them out soon

9:39am Hg in by talking about bull dogs and their gass problems and how bad they smell shane ask Jojo if she knows why tyhey call bull dogs bulls dogs she says no he says cuz they used to kill bulls shane tells joe that jojo has a pit bull and he has a bull dog

9:46am Boogie and Shane in by talking bnoogie says i just want to update you.. brit came up and made a plan for jojo and i told her your still in the game and there is a chance your man can work with people he says brit says well ok and then walked out of the room

9:47am Boogie says loose lips sink ships and when brit gets drunk one sentence can screw up a months worth of work shane says yeah i know then talk goes to shanes sister selling a house when joe joins them outside

9:52am Danielle saysa there are 55 days after tomorrow left in the bb house wil says there is no time for a double eviction now that willie is gone Wil says maybe the twist are over danielle says yeah she ask wil what he thinks the coaches are going to do Wil says i dont know they might get to come back in the game but i dont know

9:59amShane tellinjg boogie that wil and joe came to him yesterday and sais you are not our target boogie says they are saying that because they know you can win the hoh on thursday and we get foth

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10:35 am BBT Lil Blurbs about Game Talk and Hooking up with who, after they Find out who wins HOH Thursday .... Frank , Joe and Wil still on board to vote out Jo Jo ... Ashley walking in BY like a 50 YO women .. she is still a bit injured ... Mike working out as well ..... Wil and Joe in the Arcade room saying "they are not Liking Jani and Ashley as much as trusting goes" ... They feel Jani is being selfish and Ashley is a Liability cause she is floating and talking too much about everything and promising votes. Joe and Wil wanna form a alliance of Them, Frank, and Ian

11:00 am BBT Brit is up and her and JO Jo are talking 50 different scenarios about who to hit up for votes ... Brit Says let me talk to Jani and Frank and Keeps repeating to Jo Jo not to make deals and throw people under the Bus but emphasis that.... that person is not her target. Brit thinks Her selling point is to get rid of 2 people Dan and Danielle, just in case Coaches do come Back. o be Honest, we all know Brit's Coaching Job so far and it seems Brit doesn't have her finger on the Pulse of the House and the scuttlebutt going on .... cause NOOne besides Brit is Talking , getting rid of Dani, just so they can get rid of Coach Dan, too ( if i was on Brits team I'd have to Question Her Game Strategy cause Brit is a Great Social Player ,,, but not much of a Game Changer to get Folks switched to Her side and way of thinking - LoneTWolf)

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10:05am Joe says he is planning for dinner and schemming Wil is cooking breakfast Frank is washing dishes boogie going in for more coffee shane and dani in by talking dani asking whats going on with votes he says right now its 50/50 he says we are friends and jojo and i are friends and honestly i havent made up my mind

10:06am shane tells dani that its more so everyone wants dan out not her Boogie comes back out and dani says it sucks not to have a pool

10:17am ash in by stretching fixen to work out with boogie shane telling her diet is important wil and Joe in kt talking about food wil says chicken always gives him the shits

10:23am Wil and Joe talking in crane room wil says we will have to see who gets hoh we have to talk to shane and then ash needs to go soon and i think dani will vote with us for sure and then get out shane if he doesnt get hoh for sure

10:31am general talk in by ash and boogie working out wil doing dishes

10:42am still general talk in by about working out and what to do while working out

10:50am shane and jojo in havenot rm dani and joe in by joe tells dani to go talk to people today the vote is still up in the air Wil comes out and joins them in by dani says what to do joe says i want to go swimming but dan screwed that up for us

10:56am Brit tewlling Jojo she is gonna have to start working with other people to get the votes to styay tomorrow night Jojo says ash wants to work with her and shane she doesnt want to work with joe or wil

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11:21 am BBT .... Wil Jo Jo and Brit on BY coach and they are talking Numbers of HG's and how long a HG would have to be in Jury sequester if things stay the same .... Then Wil brings up an interesting Point .. that if its only a Juror of 6 then America could be a Vote .... Much like when Chima left

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11:06 AM BBT Brit, Dani, Wil and Jojo on the BY couches. DIscussion of large coffee cups and how much Brit loves them. Gen chit chat about sleeping well etc. Dani says they played the "Meow" song. Brit says they played it her year too.

11:10 AM BBT Dan, Joe and Frank begin to work out. Boogie and Ashley already have and are resting on the chaise. Brit says she will work out later.

11:16 AM BBT Wil and Brit discuss the alcohol - Brit going over who she owes and how much she will have. Will pulling at his weave. Brit wishes they were on a cruise ship.

11:18 AM BBT Brit and Jojo discuss how long they were told to expect to be there. Sept. 19th and we get FOTH.

11:24 AM BBT Joe and Frank continue to work out. Brit/Jojo/Wil discuss Brit's season and why she voted for Lane.

11:28 AM BBT Jojo crawls back into her HN bed. Ian attempting to stretch and wake up.

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11:33 BBT Folks still waking up ... Ian and Dan now in the KT .... Ashley is Chopping up Veggies after her workout this morning .... Last i saw jani about an hour ago ... she had climbed into the HOH Bed ( Of course Joe Jani and Wil where the last ones in Bed .... at 2:05 am BBT) Geez O Pete's (Maybe Ashley) someone turned on the Blender and I thought it was the Vacume Cleaner (Ha Ha)

11:52 BBT Brit called to the DR , Maybe time for Her to get some coaching from Production ( OOO Come on , lets not be niave and thinks this doesn't happen often, to players.... and coaches in this case -LoneTWolf)

11:55 BBT Wil on the BY Couch just Laughing and Giggling away to himself,,,,,, Maybe at some folks working out, maybe just being Goofy Wil again ... Joe has now Joined Wil in the BY

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11:35 AM BBT In the KT gen chit chat about sleeping etc. Outside Joe and Frank still running. Can't hear if they are saying much as Joe's mic is hitting against his chest.

11:45 AM BBT Ashley/Boogie talking in the KT. Ashley says she makes dream boards to achieve her goals. That's how she accomplished getting an iPhone.

11:47 AM BBT Wil and Brit talking in the BY about singing. Wil says he isn't sure anyone would want to hear him sing - it could be scary.

11:57 AM BBT Gen chit chat in KT with Boogie/Dan BY Wil speaking about clubs and shout outs. Not making a lot of sense.

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12;00 BBT Brit back from DR and on her usual spot.... the BY Couch .... she mentions maybe they will give a game to practice tonight (Maybe inside info?)

12;04 Dani working Her subtle game ... Shes on the sitting Ledge with Shane in the WC smoozing up with him while doing her make-up ... she's being Southern Belle Flirty (trust me on this one, I Know it when I see it) with Shane, so that if/when Jo Jo leaves... the Door is wide open for her

Jenn, Ashley and Jani up in WC doing there ADL's .... Everyone in House expecting a DR call ...... Shane says , in that case i need a Cold ass shower ( A HN , Remember?)

12:13 BBT Shane being a Smooth Operator ... telling Dani he will let her know if she's going and that obviously she is one of his best friends in the House (Since When ?)

12;31 BY crew consists of Ashley Mike Dan Joe and Brit and Dan was amazed at a few Months back ... going to an Estate sell and How cheap stuff was and then they go in to the Guy who traded up statring with a Paper clip and evetually wond up with a House.. Joe talks about checking with the State on unclaimed Money that long last relatives who died and there property goes unclaimed. and how to claim it ...... Mike starts talking how Short sells work if the bank agees on the House to sell

13:33 BBT jani and Dani now talking in the WC,, on what to wear for Eviction Night .... Dani wants to wear a strapless dress ... Ashley now crawls up with them on the sitting area to Join in and there talking curling hair, french braids , etc etc

12;37 FOLKS if you haven't see the latest Video on Morty's Main Page "hot guy pumping iron" ... Be Ready to smile !!!!!

12;39 Ashley Braiding Dani's hair ... its kinda Hot ... Ashley said she learned in Girl Scouts .... Jani On looking, as if she's trying to learn how to do it ... Dani now putting Foundation on Her Chest cause when Rachel did DR's she always looked so shiny there

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12:53 By Crew consists of Shane Ashley Brit Mike Jenn Dan and Ian .... Mike talking about all the free liquor he gets and he gives away most of it , cause it sucks.... Someone (A Male) pops in with Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker .... WBRB for a moment ,

then we are back

(Promise not being sexist but if someone would cover jani and dani in WC there is Game talk but too Girly for me at the moment, so I have switched to BY- LoneTWolf) HHMMM Wonder where Jo Jo is ? Since this is her final Day to Make an impression for a Vote ?

1;13 BBt Dan Please come to the DR ..... Remember today is the day of Good Bye Messages , as well as any other last minute sneaky plans that HG's have in mind .... so CBS stays on top of things for the Live Show

1;18 The Mystery of "Where has Jo Jo Gone" ? has been solved .. She crawled back into the Have not bed for a 2 hour nap... As She explains in the WC to Dani and Jani

1;21 BBT Brit called to the DR ... By Crew who now includes Wil as well ... keep talking about young Movie stars that I haven't heard of . Dan asks "Do U Pay the Stars to come to the club" ... Mike says hell no ... They pay for EVERYthing which makes them want to be there even more....... Mike and Dr Will do a Canada Tour after BB7 All-Stars and there treated like Rock Stars at this convention and the Crowd is Like "In-Sync '99" (LOL) Then Will rips open shirt and the Women GO WILD and it's all Women and they do autograph's and there was all kinda notes like "I'm married but not this weekend" and they are escorted out in a Bus with the Women Going Wild.

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1:31 BBT ... KT Crew consists of Wil Dani Frank Jani Jenn and Joe and now there laughing over "what if Willie was America's Player" ? and he says on Winners Night ... Hey America told me to be an Asshole (LOL)

1:34 BBT Does Frank really Like Wil ... they slept together already and just now Frank says U can go up to HOH and use MY Shower HHMMM Not judging just wondering (Outloud , maybe to Loud <Smile> )

1;38 Wil says I Like a "Hard mattress" and starts to giggle really hard and says I'm not a slut or easy sleazy peasy.

1;45 BBT Boogie descring how it was in the "Grandpa days" as brit says .... in BB2 season ... No POV so after Nom's .. 6 days to do nothing ... Tuna fish with no Mayo as the Losing Prize for food comp and a Luxury comp to be able to get Laundry done

1;49 BBT HG's in BY speculating in that Jodi has been in sequester and that must suck (Of course they don't know she's Tweetering , Hi Jodi )

2:02 BBT Brit says the make-up thing Shane did,, was embarrasing yesterday ... Jo Jo says NOOO ... Brit says we live on 2 Different planets Jo Jo.... You live on Planet Polly Positive and i live on Planet Negative Nancy (Yep your the Coach i would pick Brit , Put down Willie, for being upset ... now you Put down Jo Jo and Shane .... How about , Brit you join Club acceptance - LoneTWolf)

2;11 BBT Ashley and Jani working out ... doing Lunges in the LR .... Mike, Dan and Frank up in HOH watching Spy Screen saying how gracefully Jani is and what a Kook Ashley is ... Now there wondering who created the workout ... Some Drunk Girl in Cancun ... Ashley to the DR and Mike says why did BB stop that and He says keep going Jani ... Great Bodies and Comedy all in one

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13:00 - 14:00 BBT HGs mostly sitting around talking about random topics and eating lunch. Talk goes from older versions of BB to international BB"s and the competitions there, to people the HGs are missing on the outside and how little food is left in the house. BB seems to be calling all HGs into the DR today .

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2;23 Brit has Joined the Boys up in the HOH room and apparently they can see jani working out and we can't but this could have been brit's time to Talk Game but Dani Pops in Then Leaves but I can hear her voice in the distant background but I don't think she's in the room , Ashley has rejoined jani working out, maybe Dani joined them so lets see what Brit does.

Boogie is all excited "saying Shake what your Mamma gave ya" Dani is definitly working out ... Mike said dani has no Balance

2:28 BBT Feeds are on HOH and BY , so we are NOT seeing the Jani Ashley Dani Brazillian Butt Workout as Brit named it

2:30 BBT Shane and Jo Jo in the BY Hammock giggling

2;32 BBT Brit Frank Mike and Dan in HOH room and after watching the (Workout) the talks turns to Sex and I am not reporting this but it is worth gigling if you have the feeds .. if U don't have the feeds ... get them Here http://bit.ly/OxVD6G

Ok this Must be "That time" cause Shane and Jo Jo in the Hammock, while HOH talk is going on....there Talk is getting Sensual

2:43 BT Shane and Jo Jo doing some Brit bashing that She sucks as a Coach and if they both stay ... Brit isn't in there plans to listen too ...... Tons of Game talk but it's all useless unless Jo Jo gets a couple more votes

( HEY Those of you who are on the Fence about being Live Feed Updaters. I'll share something REAL Private with ya ... Updating in some sorta Symbiotic Way ....makes you almost feel like your in the House and REALLY a part of the game .. Watching and reporting for all to know as well ... It is definitely a GREAT WAY of being totally involved, almost like you have a Show on Superpass <Grin>)

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