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7/28 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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general chit chat, ok Lawon has Porsche in the have not and he is telling her he will not vote for Dom, even tho they got close, and right now he trusts noone, and he says Brenchel has been good to him, Porsche has not said who she is voting for and he tells Porsche that he has her back, Porsche does say she would feel sooo bad to vote against Adam as this has been a dream of his and Dom has other things to do on the outside, and now she says he is not getting a pity vote from me, and she thanks him for not hounding her

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Kalia now talking with Dom, but I did not get in on the first of it, Kalia says she is soooo emotional, repeating that she just cannot play with someone like Brendon, going on and on about Brendon, andhow they meaning J/J feel about Daniele, then Kalia says she has no idea why Dani wanted to do what she did, then she says she told Jeff she did not think that Dani was not trying to hurt them, Dom saying that he wants ppl to quit the bsing ( this is BB Dom)

Kalia saying she does not care what deal they offer she will stay till the bitter end (this I gotta see)

Kalia says she has no plan to ride anyones coattails to the end then says "I gotta win HOH"

(OK I am out for a bit, someone pick it up if you are out there)

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(I've only watched off and on for the past hour)

Some HG's starting to get ready for the Live show tonite.

Some were in kitchen eating what they could throw together.

Some idle chatter.

Kalia expressing some of her jitters and frustrations with being

on the show.... mainly with Lawan and then Dani.

Some HG's under the covers and trying to relax I guess.

(didn't watch for awhile - then came back twice and ...)


(psst... did you know that Veto was introduced in Season 3 ???)

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Dani asks Shelly if she's alright. Shelly says she's not going anywhere. Porsche wonders if it will get cold and Jordan (with no jacket) says she'll be ok. Shelly offers her jacket and how she'll go all night, the girls will go all night. Jordan agrees, saying she won't let her boyfriend go home.

Jeff saying something about his mic? Says his feet don't fit on the stand too well and the others, who are smaller, are fairing better.

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7:26 PM BBT

Brendon falls "Come get some money for that wedding!" yells Shelly.

7:27 PM BBT

Up on the skis Jeff says "If that don't get that 10 grand I'm going to be pissed." Brendon was toweling off and shaking hands with Lawon/Adam. No sign of who has the money yet.

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7:20 PM BBT Kalia is looking rough. She is leaning against the pole handle with her head down. Most of the skis are falling off the foot platforms or have already fallen off. Rachel jumps into the middle of the snow to make a snow angel. She tells Brendon she loves him no matter what.

7:25 PM BBT Brendon jumps down and Rachel brings him a towel. He heads to collect his snowball and we get TRIVIA. (Jeff looking fabulous in his pink jacket-Goldylucks)

7:33 PM BBT Feeds return. Jeff has gottten rid of the pink jacket. Everyone looking real good except Kalia who is still leaning on her pole like she can't stand up straight for too long. Shelly is smiling from ear to ear saying she is staying up for her pictures and letter.

7:35 PM BBT More snow. Shelly says "I'm seeing my kid tonight. Bring on the snow". Jeff is complaining about his abs hurting.

7:40 PM BBT Jeff jumps off and flops to his bottom. As he heads to the snowballs we get Trivia. (Clearly BB does not want us to see what's in the snowballs-Goldylucks)

7:48 PM BBT Jordan jumps down and heads for her snow ball and WBRB.

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7:36 PM BBT

He was so close, says Jeff, why'd he have to go out like that?

Jeff now has his jacket off. Snow blowing at them.

Two of the downed HGS holding up Have Not signs to hide themselves from the snow blowing Adam & Brendon it looked like.

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Lawon after he fell off

Just some varied shots not sure how to do this anyway

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7:54 PM BBT

It's down to Porsche, Dani, Kalia and Shelly.

Rachel: Good job everybody (in a Paris Hilton type voice)

Porsche: Girls rock

Rachel, Brendon: Good job Shelly, You're doing awesome Shelly

Kalia: I'm having a hard time with that stuff because of my hair (the snow)

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7:52 PM BBT Snow again. Kalia using her hair to block the snow.

7:54 PM BBT Porsche and everybody on the ground are cheering for Shelly. (Shelly looks like she could do this forever. Probably from all that scouting in the woods-Goldilucks)

8:00 PM BBT Shelly with a smile says "Finally having no butt and being tall has its advantages".

8:07 PM BBT Porsche falls.

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"Oh look, they are bringing in more boxes -round two!" one of the girls says

Dani hasn't said a word throughout this whole thing.

Porsche: You know what's weird about competitions? You know your whole family is watching on the live feeds. You know how much not having a booty is an advantage in this competition?

8:02 PM BBT

Dani asked a question by Porsche "Yep" is her only answer as she stares forward in grim determination. Porsche starting to tired chatter and Kalia is leaning almost all the time for support.

The annoyance of the squeak of the pivot is added to by Kalia whistling in time to it.

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8:06 PM BBT

Dani and Kalia now chatting. Leaning into each other. Adam will dress as an elf, Lawon for Have Not, Brendon got Have Not just saw them all talking off the mountain. Can't hear Dani and Kalia over the sounds of the pivots.

8:08 PM BBT

Porsche slips.

It's down to Shelly, Dani and Kalia.

Rachel and Brendon cheering for Shelly now, no one has cheered Dani/Kalia on. Porsche crying/out of breath. Jordan and Jeff cheering Shelly on. Dani and Kalia amusing themselves.

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8:12 PM BBT

On can 3/4 we see the inside of the house - the KT area. HGs coming inside.

Adam says "We need veto to pull one of you off."

8:16 PM BBT

Kalia says to Dani "I have gas."

Dani: Oh please don't, that's sabotage. Kalia's trying to fart me out.

Kalia: I am not, I burped.

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